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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  August 19, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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work. >> a couple. it is wednesday, august 19. i'm maria medina. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. let's talk about traffic and weather on this wednesday. good morning, sir. how are you? >> good morning, mr. mallicoat. maria, how are you? >> good morning. >> starting out the same way we did yesterday. as the fog does its thing, the numbers as we look at the transamerica pyramid we have temperatures in the low 60s for the most part. it has been an unusually warm august. will that hold true as we get into this weekend? look at the numbers how high they are. we'll have the forecast in a minute. >> we had an accident in san jose which briefly shut down lanes. guadalupe parkway is now open and 880 rolling well in both directions right here through the oakland area. i'll have more "kcbs traffic" for you in just a few minutes. san jose police are still looking for the third suspect in a homicide at a san jose office building and police have released surveillance video showing the moments before it
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happened. kiet do is live in san jose and kiet, the video shows just how dangerous these guys really were. reporter: that video shows the chilling moments just before the homicide on lundy avenue from exactly a week ago. in that video, you can see the accused killers armed with tec- 9 style weapons creeping around the corner. the victim runs into the suspects and puts his hands up. police describe it as a horrific ambush. >> the suspects were running after and intimidating and terrorizing the victim. >> reporter: police identified two of the three men in the video as 29-year-old matthew castillo and 40-year-old richard jacquez. police shot and killed castillo. jacquez was chased by police. he reached for his waistband so cops shot and killed him.
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his family held a memorial last night and we asked them about the surveillance video. >> the man in the middle is that your uncle? >> yes, it is. >> they released this image from the video where they say he is seen in the video killing somebody else. >> he didn't kill anybody. he didn't kill anybody. i know he didn't. it may have been the other person. he didn't kill anybody. >> reporter: police have been urging the third suspect to turn himself in. he was last seen wearing all black, 5'10", 6 feet tall heavy build and armed and dangerous. kiet do, kpix 5. about 200 active duty soldiers will begin training today to join crews battling wildfires in the western u.s. national guard troops are already helping now with more than 90 significant fires burning right now. the biggest concern is near
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chelan washington. lightning sparked fire that destroyed 75 buildings and burned 170 square miles since last week. so far they are doing well in terms of personnel and resources despite fires in the state in california. fresno county fire forced 1,000 people to evacuate. the fire has burned more than 23,000 acres. so far there is zero containment. it was also caused by lightning. >> reporter: we are getting a better idea of the economic impact of the drought costing farmers and companies $1.8 billion this year. 10,000 jobs were lost, up 30% from last year. the central valley is hit hardest. the report from uc-davis warns the economic costs will rise if the drought doesn't let us.
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. >> we'll see. in the meantime this morning we have fog and low clouds to deal with so we are back into a fairly typical summertime pattern. as we look at the numbers, concord 61. san francisco 61. san jose 63. this afternoon, the numbers will be much milder. we'll be mid-80s inland, 74 at the bay, coastline 64. more low clouds today. it will cool to the mid-80s inland and remain mild through the weekend but we'll see some of this stuff some high clouds and low clouds at the shoreline. we'll have the extended forecast in a few minutes. here's liza. >> busy overnight. chp just giving us word they have reopened highway 1 which was shut down in the southbound direction because of an overturn accident approaching capistrano. both directions of highway 1 are open. earlier accident on the
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guadalupe parkway is gone. lays are open there, as well. you can see still some slow traffic residual delays. northbound 87 approaching julian backups. 4:35. investigators are looking into the cause of a fire that heavily damaged a bar and convenience store in san francisco. the fire began shortly after 10:00 yesterday morning at the riptide bar and the great highway market on taraval street. it was controlled in an hour. damage is more than a million dollars. no injuries. this morning firefighters are going through what's left of a motel in washington state to make sure no one is trapped inside. an explosion happened last night at the motel 6 in bremerton destroying the building. 15 minutes earlier police had evacuated the building for some sort of gas odor. then it blew.
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firefighters responded to the gas leak -- firefighters responding to the gas leak were blown back 20 feet. one couple visiting from australia just left the motel to grab a bite to eat. >> i was having dinner and saw the smoke. wonder what that is. we come back and looks like half the motel is blown up. >> police say a gas company employee had severe burns. hillary clinton responding to questions about her use of personal email server while secretary of state. she was asked about it yesterday in las vegas. clinton insisted that what she did was entirely legal. but the democratic presidential candidate did not directly answer questions about whether she ordered the server to be wiped clean. >> what, like with a cloth or something? well, no. we turned over everything that was work-related. every, single thing. >> clinton says she only used it for unclassified messages but the state says more than 300 emails on clinton's private
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account have been flagged out of concern they may have contained classified information. the server was given to the f.b.i. last week. a growing number of businesses are fed up with san francisco. christin ayers explains why the companies are packing up and moving to oakland. reporter: patrick's team at the startup 99 designs is still getting settled into their new oakland digs. they moved here in june partly a financial decision. >> the fact is this is significantly cheaper than it is in the city. >> reporter: partly a space issue. they are growing and the old san francisco office was 6,000 square feet. >> we are currently in over just 40,000 square feet and we have an option to take the rest of the floor which would get us to 26,000 square feet from 14,000 square feet. >> there is a trend with design and advertising agencies going to oakland. >> reporter: an oakland ad
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agency is one of them. >> we'll like there was more opportunity and momentum on this side of the bridge. >> reporter: most of the moves are driven by money. the california institute for regenerative medicine is moving from san francisco, which would ren for $1.5 million a year, to this office in oakland, which is renting for less than half. and they are not alone. real estate company colliers international crunched the numbers for us and found out in the past three years, businesses have leased more than 470,000 square feet of commercial space in oakland creating about 3300 new jobs. the biggest move? brown and tolland medical group which left san francisco to lease 58,000 square feet downtown. stein says it hasn't been all rosie. some of the san francisco workers feared moving to oakland. >> they wanted lunch brought in every day because they would be afraid to leave the office. once you're over here that goes away. people are very comfortable. >> reporter: in oakland, christin ayers, kpix 5.
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it is 4:38. damaged water drains after this week's earthquake. what's being done to avoid some future problems. >> and what's cool about your school? email your nomination to us at we may come and feature your school on the show. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,
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there's a connection to another pipe bomb explosion in that city. that happened yesterday at a pier in bangkok. no one was injured in that blast. investigators are looking into the possibility of a politically motivated bombing campaign. the u.s. navy says it is preparing to allow women into the ranks of its elite field team. the navy's chief operations officer says if women can pass the demanding training requirements, they can compete to try and join the seals. it's not clear exactly when that will happen. meanwhile, two army soldiers are about to become the first women to graduate army ranger school. a growing health scare at yosemite. state health officials have confirmed a second person who visited the park got the plague. just before that two plague- infected squirrels were found near tuolumne meadows. they are closed now until friday as the area is treated with a flea killing insecticide. earlier this month a child got
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the plague after going to yosemite. that child recovered. nine water mains broke on monday because of the 4.0 earthquake. what would happen during a larger quake? kpix 5's mark sayre takes a look. reporter: when the ground shook on monday morning, it did more than just shake up animals and people. east bay m.u.d. says at least 9 water lines broke including this one on hazel avenue in richmond. the good news? they were all smaller lines and only about 100 customers in all loves water service. >> they were older 1920s, 1930s cast iron brittle pipes. >> reporter: but when a big quake hits the entire water delivery system could be hit. most comes from the sierra nevada range through aqueducts. after the loma prieta of 1989, the water agency started on a $350 million program of seismic
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improvements. one of the signature accomplishments, the massive claremont water tunnel that crosses the hayward fault and will actually flex in the event of a big quake. >> that it can move with the fault line. so if there was a large jolt on that fault, we should be able to withstand it or at least not have the level of damage we would have without the improvements. >> reporter: east bay m.u.d. relies on five local reservoirs which hold a six-month supply of water. in a disruption in the main aqueducts that bring water in from the sierra. >> we don't know how long we'll have water when the big one hits. >> reporter: major earthquake infrastructure improvements are also under way on the hetch hetchy system that crosses the hayward fault near sunol. that project also includes replacing huge pipes next to the dumbarton bridge which bring water to the peninsula and san francisco. mark sayre, kpix 5. a stockton woman was surprised while fishing in the
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delta. this is what she caught. not one but two pakus. it's similar to a pirhana. >> it was a big pan sized perch. it was huge. i go this looks like a piranha kind of sort of. something isn't right. >> so wildlife experts think someone dumped the fish into the delta. they are native to south america and illegal to own without a permit. the fish may look intimidating but are not considered dangerous. >> yeah. >> until they bite you. >> i water ski out there on occasion and not sure i want to meet those little guys. >> rio vista -- it's like a little chinatown out there in the delta. fascinating region. fog and low clouds to starts out your wednesday morning. things will remain relatively
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cool inland. out the door this morning numbers in the low to mid-60s. cloudy and drizzle along the shoreline and later in the day things cool inland as we have low pressure now finally sinking south and high pressure easing off so we have comfortable temperatures and southwesterly winds through the weekend. we are back into a typical summertime pattern. here's the computer model of how they should behave the rest of the day. by 3:00 this afternoon, you can see they are still packed in along the shoreline. more low clouds after sunset. tomorrow morning we start off with more fog and low clouds. 80s inland today, mild through the weekend. extended forecast: fog and low clouds through next week. numbers in the low to mid-80s inland. around the bay low 60s for the most part and at the shoreline, we'll be in the mid-60s. as we peer into monday and
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tuesday, we see no great changes ahead. so the first time in a long time there's no distinct heating or cooling trend. we'll just go with "stratus quo," the usual. although i bet there will be surprises on the road ahead. here's liza. >> good morning. we're going to talk about the altamont pass. we have slow traffic already. there was roadwork overnight for 580 through livermore and pleasanton but we'll start off with the 205 interchange where you will see some delays this morning. brake lights from that point approaching vasco but the good news is all the earlier roadwork we had that delayed a lot of the traffic for westbound 580 that's been picked up so all lanes are now open for you as you move your way through the livermore area bound for pleasanton. also heading for the rest of the commute if you plan to drive the 880 nimitz southbound traffic still fine leaving oakland heading into hayward but expect some delays closer to lunch hour. we have an a's game scheduled for today so that will certainly delay some of that traffic on the nimitz.
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bay bridge toll plaza westbound traffic rolling well leaving oakland heading into san francisco and mass transit looking good still no delays for the bart system. that's a look at "kcbs traffic." guys? bart wants to make it more convenient for cyclists to ride and bike. the transit agency opened a bike parking station yesterday at san francisco civic center. there are more than 200 spots both covered and open. for the security spots cyclists are charged 3 cents an hour to keep their bikes in the storage room. the open spaces are provided free of charge. civic center is the sixth bart station to have a bike station. a northern california tech startup developed a videogame that might one day be used to treat people with adhd. and the healthwatch, adrian moore with how it works and the concerns that come along with it. >> reporter: a few swift keystrokes and our producer may have just helped improve her memory. that's the claim from luminosity one of several
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online gaming services focused on the brain and improving cognitive skills. it's a growing industry worth $1 billion and expected to make $6 billion in the next five years. >> if we jump forward without due diligence we disconnect from the goals. >> reporter: the neuroscientist at uc-san francisco is one of 75 scientists who signed a letter to the brain gaming industry criticizing exaggerated claims about staving off memory loss. >> we need a lot more basic research to figure out how these things work and if they work. there is something here that this field is based on a solid foundation. >> reporter: unlike his scientific counter parts who signed the letter he is working with bay area tech startup akili to develop videogames that could improve a person's memory. this one is called neuroracer and focusing on multitasking. the player drives a car through a 3d course. sounds easy, right?
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well, at the same time, the player must respond to the road signs and the game gets harder as you get better. the chief science advisor for the game, which was originally used to help seniors improve their memories, says this kind of challenge could have a positive impact on people of all ages. >> since the game is active at improving cognitive control which is fundamental ability, it could have impacts on populations outside older adults. >> reporter: he hopes it can be used to treat a range of psychiatric disorders including adhd in children. >> is that music on your ipod? >> no! >> that was adrian more reporting. the doctor hopes to test his hypothesis by putting the game through the fda approval process for medical devices. ♪[ music ] 4:50. the old bay bridge may go out
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with a bang. caltrans wants ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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[music] no, no, no, no, people are both soft and strong... yey! which is why our products are too. angel soft. welcome back on this fine wednesday morning. average temperatures today. south bay temperatures 79 at santa clara. palo alto 78. redwood city the former home of the national weather service, 79 degrees. 58 for pittsburg. 8 -- 85 at pittsburg. 86 antioch. 86 brentwood. 83 dublin. 77 vallejo. santa rosa 81. 64 stinson beach. if your travel plans take you to bodega bay it will be 64 today. beautiful wednesday on tap. go out and have a fabulous one
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if your early-morning commute plans take you to the bay bridge toll plaza, it's wide open. smooth sailing across the bridge into san francisco. chp reporting no major accidents out there. i'll have more "kcbs traffic" coming up. part of the old bay bridge span may go out with a bang. caltrans is asking for permits to blow up one of the old span's piers. federal officials are holding hearings on the plan. environmentalists are expected to argue this could harm wildlife. caltrans says a controlled implosion could minimize impact. if approved, it could happen in november. the family of a bank robbery hostage killed in a shootout is suing the city of stockton and its police department. it happened last summer. police fired more than 600 shots at the suspect's suv. when it was over, hostage misty holt singh was dead. she died from police bullets. her family filed a lawsuit for negligence, battery and
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violations of civil rights. >> we believe the right thing for the city to do is to continue to accept responsibility and get this matter resolved to not do so was wrong to paul, to miss huber and miss kasoya and is a disservice to the police officers involved and the community. >> the city employees department has not commented. battle over "deflate-gate" not over. lawyers for the players union and, in fact, heading back to federal court today. brady is appealing a four-game suspension for his role in the team's use of under inflated footballs in january. tom brady and the commissioner roger goodell have not reached a settlement yet. chelsea manning has been found guilty of violating prison rules. she is serving 35 years for espionage and other offenses for sending classified
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documents to wikileaks. now she is caught with a copy of "vanity fair" with caitlyn jenner on the cover and an expired tube of toothpaste. manning faces three weeks of restrictions limited access to the gym and library and outdoor activities. hackers released personal data of people who allegedly used the adultery website ashley madyson. hackers said they would release information gained from the breach if the site was not shut down. and yesterday, they revealed customer names and credit card numbers. reports show as many as 15,000 customers were registered to. [ indiscernible ] addresses. the risks and benefits of female viagra and why doctors don't want to us call it that. >> reporter: i'm kiet do live hat san jose police headquarters where officers are defending their actions. shooting and killing two
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homicides suspects by releasing surveillance video. surveillance video. that's,,,,,,,,
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good morning. it's wednesday, august 19. i'm maria medina. >> i'm frank mallicoat. it is "hump day." good morning. it's 5:00. the hunt continues for a third man suspected in a homicide at an office building in san jose. police have now released chilling surveillance video of the moments before the crime. kiet do is in san jose with more from investigators and the family of the suspect killed by police. reporter: police have released that surveillance footage and say it shows the chilling moments just before the homicide on lundy avenue from exactly one week ago. now, in that footage you can see those suspects arming themselves with tec-9 style type weapons as they creep
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around a corner. the victim 38-year-old christopher wrenn runs into the gunmen. then puts his hands up. police said it was an ambush and described the actual killing as horrific. >> the suspects were running after and intimidating and terrorizing the victim. >> reporter: police identified two of the three men in the video as 29-year-old matthew castillo and 40-year-old richard jacquez. police shot and killed castillo sunday night. they had been trailing jacquez monday night when he realized he was being followed and led police on a chase. he crashed and tried to run. he reached for his waistband so they shot and killed him. his family had a member yell last night and we asked him about -- memorial last night and we asked them about the video. >> the man in the middle is that your uncle? >> it is. >> they released this image from the video where they say he is seen in the video killing somebody else. >> he didn't kill anybody. di


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