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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  August 26, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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northbound 280 in san jose. it happened just before 10th street slowing down traffic normally bound for downtown. this big rig accident is off to the right-hand shoulder. they tell us at one point a couple lanes were shut down so they are working to clear this up. since it's so early traffic is still light approaching the scene. and heading for the bay bridge it's nice and quiet. we like to see this on a wednesday -- on any morning really we like to see light traffic at the bay bridge. and right now it's not too late to beat the backup there. it's looking good leaving oakland. tourists just wanted to take a picture near a san francisco landmark. he was robbed and shot instead. it happened just after noon yesterday near the famously crooked section of lombard street. police say a thai tourist was walking a block and a half from the iconic san francisco street when a man grabbed his camera and ran east on lombard. the tourist chased him and the suspect fired two shots one hitting the victim in the shoulder. the suspect fled in a waiting car.
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back at the crime scene other visitors thought the evidence markers might be fake. >> actually thought it was a movie happening so we came down, and actually realized this was all actually quite real so, yeah, wanting to head back to the hotel and start packing. >> the victim is a pilot in the city on vacation from thailand. he was released from san francisco general hospital last night. the two suspects sped away from lombard street with police chasing them across the bay bridge to the oakland- emeryville border where they crashed. police say their burgundy cadillac slammed into a tree near 60th and herzog in oakland and they tried to flee. a witness saw motorcycle cops pull alongside one of them and order him to get on the ground. hours later the second suspect was wheeled into an ambulance. both were arrested and taken back to san francisco. >> less than two months ago
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kate steinle was killed on pier 14 in san francisco. a hearing continues whether there's enough evidence to try francisco lopez-sanchez for the murder. during testimony a police detective said a tourist claimed to have pictures of a man walking away as people rushed to help kate but none of the pictures showed sanchez's face. san francisco's sanctuary policy is under fire since kate's death. the suspect is an under documented immigrant who had been -- undocumented immigrant who had been deported five times. sparks at the montgomery bart station in san francisco. crews were doing welding work under an escalator at 2 a.m. when the fire started. firefighters quickly put it out. it appears some sort of trash caught fire. no one was hurt and bart service won't be affected. plans are now in the works in sacramento for a parade to honor the hometown heroes who took down a gunman on a train in france last week. cbs news' teri okita shows us the reaction when one of those three men returned to northern california looked like this. >> reporter: anthony sadler is finally back home in sacramento
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safe and sound days after he and his two childhood friends helped foil a suspected terror attack on a train headed to paris. the soon-to-be sacramento state senior managed to slip past reporters at the airport tuesday leaving college friend john dixon, who was on board the same flight, to speak on his behalf. >> yeah. he is exhausted, yeah. so he has been getting a lot of attention the past few days so he just wants to get some sleep. >> reporter: other passengers on board described being star- struck. >> everybody was very proud. people got up during the flit and shook his hand. >> reporter: last friday sadler along with airman spencer stone and national guardsman alek skarlatos helped to overpower ayoub el-khazzani. french prosecutors say he was carrying over 200 bullets and looked at a jihadi video on his cell phone just minutes before the chaos. sacramento mayor kevin johnson says plans are in the works to
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honor them. >> this is patriotic. these young men gave us something to believe in. >> reporter: skarlatos remains in germany with stone as stone continues treatment for injuries sustained in the attack. teri okita for cbs news sacramento. >> a fourth american has been identified as another hero in the train attack. virginia native mark moogalian was the first to meet the gunman. he was shot as he tried to wrestle the gun away. his wife was also on the train and described what happened. >> it was his voice. he say i got the gun. and then it was very fast. a few seconds after i hear a shot, you know, maybe one or two, i'm not sure. it was very loud. and then i saw my husband just like two seats that way, i mean, very close to me. >> moogalian is still hospitalized but will receive his own french medal of honor after he recovers. investors are expecting another unpredictable day on wall street. right now stocks are mixed in asia and mostly down in europe
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but dow futures are up. yesterday, the dow lost all of its gains before the closing bell. and experts say the worst could be far from over. a feud between donald trump and univision is heating up. hannah daniels shows us the confrontation between the republican presidential candidate and a reporter from the spanish language network. >> sit down. sit down. go ahead. >> i have the right to ask a question. >> no, you don't. you haven't been called. >> i have a right to ask a question. >> go back to univision. >> reporter: univision's best known personality hooray ramos was removed from donald trump's news conference after ramos fired questions about immigration while trump was still talking. ramos was allowed back in and continued his line of questioning. >> so here's the problem with your immigration plan. it's full of empty promises. >> reporter: but trump aimed most of his jabs at gop rival jeb bush. >> jeb bush doesn't have a clue. >> reporter: earlier at a rally in colorado, bush dismissed trump's plan to build a wall
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along the mexican border. >> it's a great sound by but it's not defensible in terms of a practical policy. >> reporter: with trump leading in most polls, his opponents are having a hard time standing out. >> it's a real problem for them because they need that oxygen, that attention, to break into front-runner status and with trump getting all the headlines they can't do it. >> reporter: trump continued his criticism of fox's megyn kelly with a series of tweets late monday. fox news chief roger ailes called the comments disturbing and said an apology was in order when trump responded it was kelly who owed him an apology. hannah daniels for cbs news. >> the ceo of univision said the network would still like to sit down with an interview with jorge ramos. some evacuation in kings canyon are going back home. firefighters have managed to protect homes and other structures holding the fire lines they have already created. on tuesday some of the 100 residents of a christian camp
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were allowed to return after evacuating last week. >> it's great to be back. we fell so blessed by god. i mean, right now, they are letting residents back not the general public, but i mean, it's amazing to be back. it's a long campaign, fire is dynamic. we just hope that we can work at it as much as we can and get in out as soon as possible. >> a k through 12 charter school had to delay the start of the academic year but is set to open monday. now at 7 minutes after 5:00, won't come as news to you. the bay area has some of the worst traffic in the nation. and now a new study pinpoints just how much time some of us are wasting. >> and the ceo of the napa valley wine train is responding to allegations of racist treatment toward its customers. >> and partly cloudy skies to start the day. plenty of sunshine warmer temperatures later on. but we may have some rain on the way. details coming up. >> and the chp is working on this accident in san jose. northbound 280 just before 10th street involving a big rig i'll give you details on this and a
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time now 5:10. here's a live look from the transamerica building. partly cloudy skies out the door but warmer weather later today. we'll talk about the highs coming up. today damage at an apartment building red-tagged will be assessed by an
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inspector after an earthquake in the east bay. the building had a walkway collapse on monday. the collapse was because of a crack caused by last week's quake. the property owner has said she would fixed it. >> that's an earthquake, boom. >> it could take two months to fix. the red cross housed people for a couple of nights but not after today. the ceo of the napa valley wine train made a public apology after a group of mostly black women were kicked offer the train. that's not all he is doing to make things rights. >> reporter: the ceo is apologizing for kicking 11 members of a book club off the
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train for being disruptive. >> we were laughing while black. that's what we believe. >> reporter: lisa johnson and her ten friends from 39 to 85 years old boarded the wine train over the weekend expecting to have a good time. >> we ready to get on the y wine train. >> reporter: but the group was kicked off the train after being warned they were too loud and disturbing others. >> it felt like stories that i would hear my grandmother talk about in her experiences of not being able to go into places. i don't think we were loud. i think when you have a group of 11 there's a certain amount of noise that comes with that. >> reporter: the ceo agrees and admits his staff was in the wrong. >> we didn't afford them the privacy, you know, enough space around them so that, you know, they wouldn't have interfered with somebody else's experience. at the same time, we didn't provide that space for our
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individual passengers so that they could have the experience that they expected. >> reporter: the ceo has offered up to 50 members of the book club and their friends to come back on the train in a reserved car as his personal guest. >> the ceo says his staff will also go under -- have more training. commuters in san francisco wasted an average of 77 hours in traffic just last year. that's according to a new report from texas a & m. commuters in washington, dc had the longest delays. l.a. was second worst followed by san francisco and san jose with the fifth heaviest traffic in the nation. overall cities with fast growing economies and strong job growth tend to have the worst traffic. 13 minutes after 5:00 on this wednesday morning. time for a look at the road head. here's liza. >> good morning, everybody. speaking of san jose, we are going to start off there where traffic is going to be very slow later this morning if the chp isn't able to clear up the
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accident. big rig accident double trailer northbound 280 before 10th street could cause problems for the morning commute approaching downtown san jose. two lanes were shut down. it's been pushed off to the right-hand shoulder. that's the only accident out there. bay bridge commuting still looking good leaving oakland heading into san francisco. westbound traffic moving well through the cities of berkeley and emeryville heading towards oakland. 19-minute drive time between the between the carquinez bridge and the maze in oakland. the golden gate commute still holding steady light traffic. no major roadwork overnight for marin county so all lanes are available to you and traffic is very light for that southbound drive. no delays between 580 and the golden gate at this hour. now, the richmond/san rafael bridge, we are seeing more traffic these past couple of months out there. westbound traffic this morning looking good wide open heading all the way across the bridge towards marin county out of richmond. the san mateo bridge both this and the dumbarton bridges are in great shape so good options for the drive out of the east
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bay towards the peninsula. and the altamont pass, take a look at all that red there. traffic down to 20 miles per hour leaving the 205 interchange. no accidents this morning just the usual slow traffic to about vasco. it's not delayed as of yet approaching the dublin interchange. this was a test commute yesterday where we had all those accidents. no accidents so far this morning and no delays for the bart system. the "ace" train or caltrain. . >> we are off to a partly cloudy start. the headline for today is warmer temperatures but changes are on the way outside right now mild temperatures to start off the day. 57 pacifica. 59 redwood city. 61 your current temperature in oakland. 59 in fairfield. the high pressure remains our major player in fact increasing over the next 24 hours and increasing temperatures along with it. however, later this week a trough will cool things down and bring with it a chance of showers for some folks in the viewing area.
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in the meantime we are talking seasonal weather slightly above average in terms of temperatures for this time of year, a mixture of sun and clouds and some high clouds. increasing clouds closer to the weekend. plenty of sunshine later today warmer foremost spots anywhere from three to five degrees warmer today. here's a look at those highs around the bay. 69 pacifica. 84 mountain view. 92 fairfield going to be in the low 90s for the warmest spots inland. 86 in santa rosa. you continue to see 90s in the forecast increasing temperatures today and tomorrow. then decreasing or friday our transition day throwing in a chance of showers say the mainly north of the golden gate and i'm going to stress chance of showers but hey, we'll take anything we can get. sunday dry and increasing sunshine and temperatures actually remain mild below average sunday into the beginning of next week still going to be beautiful but
5:17 am
cooler than the last few days. >> julie watts the hardest working woman in show business. >> oh, you should talk, young man. >> but you were working for paul last night. >> i did. unfortunately, paul is under the weather. so i filled in for him last night. but he will be in today. developers have revealed the plan for oakland's coliseum city. this is what it looks like a mix of retail and homes that would go around the proposed stadiums for the raiders, the a's and the warriors. the city needs to buy the land from the county first and, of course, the warriors have plans to move to san francisco. the developer says the odds of keeping any of the teams in oakland are much lower without the full plan. >> without the development of the stadium for the raiders the expansion of a ballpark for the a's, the ability to provide a site for the warriors is not economically feasible. >> the city is the one negotiating with the teams. kephart thinks oakland has about 2 months to convince the
5:18 am
raiders to stay. it is now almost 5:16. more claims of illegal activity by ridesharing companies. why they are accused of creating extra congestion at sfo. >> and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, a video that has gone viral and it's the one the nfl doesn't want you to see and can the giants keep pace with the dodgers? pennant race the latest coming up. >> in this morning's jobs report, jill schlesinger has the qualities you want to look for in a boss. reporter: a good boss will not only make your work life more enjoyable, he can also impact your entire career. bee asked 14 successful entrepreneurs to share how bosses made a difference in their former employees' lives. respondents said, good bosses can expose employees to different situations, permit them to sit in on important meetings, give them the opportunity to make presentations, and allow
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employees to take innovative risks. good bosses demonstrate support for their employees not just through compensation but also by continuously communicating that he values your talent and believes in you. and despite being unsettling, getting fired isn't always bad. a young entrepreneur said he was fired because his boss believed he was overqualified for the job which allowed him to leave and start his own company. if you're a new business owner check out the bay area chapter of the entrepreneur organization, it's a great way to connect in this area. log on to i'm jill schlesinger,,,,,,,,
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we have slow traffic already leaving the altamont pass area westbound 580 slow from the 205 interchange approaching and passing grant line. it's slow to vasco. the good news you see the green it's not delayed through pleasanton as it was this same time yesterday morning because of all those accidents. no major accidents on bay area roads. an earlier problem in san jose is cleared out. i'll have more "kcbs traffic" for you in just a few minutes. good morning, everyone. it is becoming increasingly apparent that the giants's best path to the post-season is winning the national league west. this young guy taking the word selfie to an end entirely
5:23 am
different level. matt cain taking a pounding. cubs up 3-0 in the fourth when miguel goes to right. cubs 5-0. the giants begin to rally bases loaded in the 8th inning. suseck a 2-2 pitch and he empties the bases. the giants suddenly within 8-5. last chance, runner on 3rd. justin maxwell struck him out. cubs win 8 -5. the giants are 7.5 behind the cubs in the wild card race 2.5 back of the dodgers in the west. former 49er linebacker chris borland in an espn article said at last season's rookie symposium the former player told the rookies they needed a fall guy to avoid trouble. the player is hall of famer wide receiver chris carter. listen for yourself. >> and just in case y'all not gonna decide to do the right thing, if y'all got a crew, you got to have a fall guy in the
5:24 am
crew. [ laughter ] >> now, i lit me home boys know y'all want to keep rolling like this, that i need to know who gonna be the fall guy, who gonna be driving, because y'all not going to all do the right stuff now. all right? so i do the to teach y'all how to get around all this stuff, too. if you gonna have a crew one of them fools got to know he's going to jail. we'll get him out. >> carter works for espn. they have not condoned those remarks. the nfl has pulled that video. and chris carter has apologized. i'm dennis o'donnell. see you tonight. >> all right. now for our play of the day. let's go back to at&t park where it looked like the giants defense could have used a little help from a fan. the cubs hit a foul ball into the upper deck and an alert fan made an excellent bare-handed catch while leaning over the railing. cubs won 8-5 but that catch wins our play of the day. 5:25.
5:25 am
a major push again today to reduce smoking in california. the proposal that supporters say is a win-win for the state. >> reporter: and a woman is stuck halfway down a cliff surrounded by her two dogs. how rescuers are going to try to get her out of this situation next. ,,,,,,,,
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by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said, "that was me, mom." [ laughter ] one of the men who stopped the attack on a french train is back in northern california. what the city of sacramento has planned to honor the heroes. >> and a heated confrontation involving donald trump. why he had a spanish language tv reporter physically removed from a news conference. >> cloud cover this morning not
5:29 am
nearly as extensive as the past week or so. a sign of warmer temperatures this afternoon. how warm? that's coming up. >> traffic volumes are up leaving oakland. i'll give you a complete look the your drive into work in a couple of minutes. it is wednesday, august 26. i'm maria medina. >> i'm brian hackney. frank is off today. we have breaking news in daly city. a woman is stuck on a cliffside along with two dogs. anne makovec is at thornton state beach to bring us the latest. anne. >> reporter: the difficulty is that the two dogs that are with this woman are pit bulls and they are in protector mode. the rescuers don't want to really approach her until they are getting a better idea at least of what they're dealing with. you can see one of the emergency vehicles here. i'm at palisades park in daly city near thornton state beach. the woman is on the side of the cliff with one of the dogs and another dog is 30 feet away from her and a coast guard helicopter is on the way to see what they can do about this
5:30 am
situation. the woman is apparently okay. she is communicating with rescuers. it all the started about 1:15 this morning. a man and woman were walking their two dogs when they fell down the cliff about 150 feet. the man fell to the beach below. he pulled himself up and went to find help. emergency crews then spotted the woman and the dogs about 150 feet down the cliffside. the woman is about 50 feet up from the beach. again, one dog with her, another one about 30 feet away. they are trying to first see if the coast guard can rescue her and at least just lower this woman down to the beach. it's a work in progress here in d.c. the man was injured. he is going to be okay mainly just banged up from that long fall. live in daly city, anne makevoc, kpix 5. a tourist just wanted to take a picture near a san francisco landmark. he was robbed and shot instead. it happened just after noon
5:31 am
yesterday near the famously crooked section of lombard street. police say a thai tourist was assaulted. the tourist chased him and a suspect shot him in the shoulder. the suspected jumped in a a waiting car and took off. the victim is a pilot with the thailand military in the city on vacation. he was released from san francisco general hospital late last night. the two suspects sped away from lombard street with police chasing them across the bay bridge to the oakland- emeryville border. that's where they crashed. police say their burgundy cadillac slammed into a tree near 60th and herzog in oakland then the men tried to run away. a witness saw a motorcycle cop pull alongside one of them and order him to the ground. hours later, the second suspect was strapped to a gurney as paramedics wheeled him into an ambulance. both men were arrested and taken back to san francisco.
5:32 am
the first of three americans who helped stop a gunman on a train in france is back in sacramento. the young man wearing a great hooded sweatshirt and carrying a backpack touched down yesterday. a worldwide hero. they avoided media at the terminal but plane passengers knew who he feels. one man waited until they landed to thank him. >> when i got off the plane i made it a point to say hey, anthony, thank you so much. well done, man. he's like, thank you! he was recool about it. >> sadler graduated from rosemont high school in sacramento in 2010. he is about to start his senior year at sacramento state. let's turn to julie now. you are stressing there may be rain but it's exciting still. >> yeah. any rain especially right now is -- that's my headline. even if it's a couple of sprinkles for one city it's still exciting news. most of us seeing increasing temperatures out there. temperatures warmer today than yesterday and warmer still
5:33 am
tomorrow. outside not as cloudy as you head out the door as we have seen lately a sign of warmer temperatures later on this afternoon. 59 concord. 61 oakland. 62 livermore. 56 out the door in santa rosa. by lunchtime clouds dissipating, sunshine by 2 p.m. 72 in san francisco today. 70 by 5:00 heading home from work and increasing clouds overnight tonight. coming up in a bit we'll talk more about when and who might see that rain. that's coming up but first liza has traffic. >> we are seeing slow traffic on the altamont pass, julie, and good morning everybody. happy wednesday. we are going to talk about the slow traffic approaching the altamont pass. you're going to see the backups from the 205 interchange. a breakdown at grant line adds to the delays. the bottom line is those backups are growing, westbound 580 heavy now from beyond the 205 interchange approaching vasco road. another pocket of slow traffic you can see that in the yellow
5:34 am
there right at the dublin interchange. meantime, over at the bay bridge toll plaza, if they haven't done so already, they will be switching on the metering lights. we have backups now on this wednesday extending almost to the 880 overcrossing. but the good news is that the eastshore freeway still very light with a 19-minute drive time between the between the carquinez bridge and the maze in oakland. once you're in oakland if you plan on heading towards 880 and catching a flight at the airport, that is wide open with no delays just outside of hegenberger road. that southbound 880 light traffic stays with you towards the approach to highway 92. you head towards west 92 and that's moving very well for the san mateo bridge all the way across the span heading towards the peninsula. once you're in san mateo county both 101 and 280 are good options for you between the silicon valley and san francisco. local transit looking good. we haven't had any bart delays so far this morning. so they are on schedule. still problems for the ferries -- no problems for ferries,
5:35 am
caltrain and altamont commuter express. the courtroom was packed with police to see a suspect. mark estrada faces murder charges in the death of scott lunger in a traffic stop. the attorney says the 21-year- old is a good kid from a good family. he could face the death penalty. today taxi drivers will once again gather at sfo to protest rideshare companies. cabbies claim drivers for companies like lyft and uber violate airport rules by cruising around the terminals and waiting at the curb for pickups. they are supposed to stay in a separate waiting area until called. taxi companies say that adds to airport congestion and gives their competition an unfair advantage. a new pension deal is on the table for the san jose police department and the city hopes it will bring officers back. the city council approved the agreement yesterday. officers will receive raises and bonuses. those who left the force are eligible to get the bonus if they return. the department once had 1400
5:36 am
officers. but after the pension reform measure passed in 2012, the city went down to 900. >> we have a real opportunity at this moment to do what many in our police department and many in our community have long- awaited, which is to begin the rebuilding process in our department. >> san jose expects to save $1.7 billion over the next 30 years with the agreement. a judge still needs to sign off on the deal. today support he is of a tobacco tax will be at the state capital to call for change. save lives california is calling for urgent action from state representatives on cigarette sales. it would increase the cost of a pack by $2. they say the bill would save thousands of lives and billions of dollars. donald trump once again dominating the headlines on the campaign trail. this time, a confrontation with a latino journalist. >> i have the right to ask a question. >> no, you don't. you haven't been called. >> i have the right to ask a
5:37 am
question. >> go back to univision. >> this was the scene moments before jorge ramos was removed from the room. ramos had tried to set up an interview with the presidential candidate but trump repeatedly declined so he went to iowa to talk to him. he says this is the first time he has ever been kicked out of a news conference. later he was let back in and asked his question. he says he was just doing his job. the latest poll shows trump with a 20-point lead over the rest of the republican pack. but in a separate poll of latino voters, 65% say that they view trump unfavorably. well, early indications are positive today for the stock market. but wild swings are still possible. no kidding after what happened earlier this week. jill wagner of joins us. >> reporter: good morning. a mixed day in asia as china's shanghai composite closed down 1% today after yesterday's interest rate cut. japan's market rebounded so we could be in for another wild ride on wall street. futures are pointing to a higher open. of course, they pointed to a
5:38 am
higher open yesterday and that's when we saw the dow finishing the day down 205 points. the nasdaq fell 19. those closing numbers definitely don't tell the story. stocks surged at the open. at one point the dow was up 441 points. the rally was wiped out by a stunning sell-off in the last hour of trading! investors are still concerned about china's economy and whether a slowdown there will spread across the globe and they say the markets haven't had a correction in four years and in some ways they say we are due for one not that that makes anyone feel any better. >> all right. we are going to switch gears here. there's been a sharp rise in the number of water parks during the past decade. have you been to one lately? >> clovis lakes near fresno. >> now there's a warning, jill. >> reporter: that's right. this summer a lot of parents take their kids to waterslide to cool off. there are about 30% more water parks than a decade ago but some experts are warning that visitors need to be more careful when it comes to safety especially in shallow water.
5:39 am
they say about 4200 people a year are taken to emergency rooms because of injuries from water slides. so not to be debbie downer, water slides are fun. >> i know. >> be careful. >> from world markets to water slides there's danger everywhere! >> reporter: we got it covered. >> absolutely. jill wagner of, thank you. it is now 5:39. why whale watchers off the california coast are getting the show of a lifetime. coming up. >> reporter: what would happen if you put together an ambitious high performance work team made up mostly of women? one local university did just that and the initial results are surprising. i'm kiet do with a live report
5:40 am
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welcome back. uv index today at a nine. sunscreen a must. use soviet union pf30 plus. fire crews are trying to get a handle on a fast-moving fire in washington. the oaklanding in a began fire has charred over 400 square miles the largest of several fires in the state. additional help from australia and new zealand have been called in but rising heat and winds could cause the fire to spread. silicon valley getting heat for lack of women in the field. now as kiet do tells the us, a tech college is trying to change that with some new recruits. they are mostly women. >> welcome to our 7th annual gsb closing [ indiscernible ] seminar. >> whoo! [ applause ] >> reporter: it is graduation night for the graduate student
5:43 am
program at singlarity university where they are showcasing their big why the to change the world. [ indiscernible ] >> urban farming. >> reporter: look closely at the teams. what you're seeing is no accident. >> we have more than 50% women in this class. >> whoo! [ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: thanks to a $1.5 million grant from google, cingularty gave scholarships to everyone with a strong emphasis on diversity. there are 80 students from more than 40 countries. for the first time, there are more women than men. >> a lot less drama than in past years. >> reporter: ceo said he noticed a change with more women. >> more collaborative with a nice flow between them. this is probably the most connected easily directed and flowing class. >> reporter: you got a sensor in your bra? >> yeah, i put it outside to
5:44 am
show it. >> reporter: alicia chung whose startup aims to put health sensors in bras says having gender balanced teams makes business sense. >> better solutions. [ pause ] [ no audio ] >> reporter: -- getting better slowly for women in silicon valley. >> i think we are reaching a critical threshold right now where we might have just enough women in several areas in tech so that it makes a difference and the environment is not as segregated. >> reporter: on their quest to impact billions of lives, the class of 2015 started with perhaps the most important one. themselves. [ applause ] >> reporter: and so singularity says that the value of having diversity on your team is that you have a respectful battle of ideas with everybody focused on
5:45 am
what the real problem is and finding the most powerful and impactful solutions to that problem. >> kiet, does singularity say anything about having too much diversity? >> reporter: there can be too much of a good thing. too much diversity means that the group can be chaotic and there is too much infighting. the group doesn't gel so they basically become unproductive. so really the key here is to find the right balance of diversity. how you do that, who knows. live in san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. >> thank you. whale watchers are getting a show right now. there's a whole lot of the marine mammals turning up closer to show the new norm off the monterey county coastlinewater is about 10 degrees warmer than usual causing whales to come closer to shore .to look for food. >> it wants to eat everything. >> with the warmer waters, big shark sightings are up because they are also looking for something to eat.
5:46 am
. the gang's all here. it's wednesday. >> you know, julie and i were having a little debate on monday about how warm it was going to get this week weekend guy said near 90. you said mid-90s. and it's going to be mid-90s. so i'm giving you the honorary little cinnamon bite. >> thank you so much! >> and i bow before your superior meteorological -- >> that's what happens when you call out a fellow meteorologist on the air about their forecast. [ laughter ] i'm going to have some of those in just a minute. bay bridge toll plaza metering lights are on, trafficked backed up from about the 880
5:47 am
overcrossing and past the metering lights does okay across the bridge heading into the city. 880 looking good no big delays as of yet for that southbound drive a brief delay for moshe 880 approaching fifth in the oakland area and heading for the san mateo bridge, that's fine. westbound traffic 14 minutes between 880 and hayward and 101 into san mateo. meantime if you plan to head for san jose, it's been a problematic morning. this is our second accident northbound on the guadalupe parkway just before the 280 interchange. so you can see it is beginning to slow down traffic and drive times are now up for the guadalupe parkway. northbound traffic 11 minutes now leaving highway 85 approaching 101. all other silicon valley freeways are moving at the limit. bart is on time. no problems reported so far for caltrain or the altamont commuter express. we are looking at a nice forecast today.
5:48 am
warmer temperatures although this morning, out the door, mild to start, 57 pacifica. 59 san francisco. 61 your current temperature in oakland. and 59 in fairfield. high pressure firmly in place moving in, increasing temperatures, thank you very much, this is my gift for getting the forecast right. although i can't take credit for this. i have to give it up to our weather producer billy poon for helping me with the forecast. back to the forecast. high pressure building and we are going to increase temperatures today and continuing on into tomorrow. this trough though moving in this week is going to start to decrease temperatures even throw in a chance of showers for this weekend. so today seasonal weather. a mix of sun and clouds for us. and here's a look at what to expect as you head out the door. starting off with morning low clouds, not nearly as many clouds as we have seen lately. plenty of sunshine today. warmer for most locations. sunrise this morning 6:35. sunset 7:48 this evening. high temperatures today a bit above average for this time of
5:49 am
year. 69 your high in pacifica today. 72 san francisco. 92 fairfield. yes, those warmer spots inland will be low to mid-90s. 77 oakland. 86 santa rosa. 85 your high temperature today in napa. a look at the extended forecast shows temperatures continuing to increase today and tomorrow. tomorrow peaking and then friday our transition day as that trough starts to really take hold. increasing cloud cover, a chance of showers on saturday. mainly in the north bay not a rainout. we are going to throw it in the forecast for you. exciting if we get any rain at all. sunday getting rid of some of the clouds. mild by comparison to what temperatures could be but definitely 80s is much cooler noticeably cooler than what we have seen over the last couple of days. that will take us through the end of the week. back to you. coming up, graffiti is a common problem around the bay area.
5:50 am
now one city is taking a novel approach to stopping taggers. >> and this may make you think twice about your next selfie. why this man may lose a hand why this man may lose a hand after snapping a picture. ,,,,,,
5:51 am
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welcome back. 5:53. cloud cover not as extensive as we have seen over the past week or so for the early-morning hours a sign of warmer temperatures this afternoon. i'll detail those coming up in just a bit. >> and it's getting crowded at the bay bridge toll plaza. traffic is stacked up beyond the 880 overcrossing with the metering lights on. there's also a new accident in san jose on the guadalupe parkway. i'll have details with "kcbs traffic" still ahead. san francisco -- [ signal breakup ] $30,000 in cash. surveillance video shows him walking the aisles at the produce market on fillmore street before noticing the office door is open. once inside he pokes around for a few seconds and eventually finds a boxful of cash. he stuffs his pockets and leaves. san francisco is trying a new approach in its battle against graffiti. for the first time the city is
5:54 am
taking taggers to civil court. there they may be forced to pay thousands of dollars. the first tagger being tried under the new law goes by the handle cozy terry. she may owe the city more than $50,000 if the city wins in court. >> we're hopeful that it's going to work and we think if people are hit in their pocketbook they might think twice both as a deterrent for future vandals and people who are serial graffiti taggers that they might think twice about not doing this again if they have to pay for the damage they have done. >> the city feels it's easier to get a conviction in civil court than in criminal court. this is the first time this new law is being used. today a colorado judge will formally sentence james holmes. he killed 12 people and wounded dozens of others back in july of twice in a colorado movie theater when he opened fire. [ signal breakup ] [ please stand by ] from the just when you think you've heard it all department, a southern
5:55 am
california man to tried to take a selfie with a rattlesnake is now in danger of losing a hand. alex gomez of lake elsinore spotted a 4-foot snake in a field by his family's ranch and then he put the rattlesnake around his neck. he was bitten on the hand which then swelled up. his nephew said the snake it given plenty of warning. >> a neighbor called 911. now gomez is being treated with antivenin but his mother says the skin on his hand is already rotting away. >> but it was really thick, and had ten rattles on it. it was rattling. it was pretty bad. >> could have bit his neck and that would have been it. that's just being a fool. >> a neighbor called 911 and now gomez. the skin on his hand is rotting. 5 minutes before 6:00 on your wednesday morning. in the next half-hour, a big surprise for a man being hailed a hero. one of the sacramento men who stopped a heavily armed gunman on a paris bound train now back in california. how the city plans to honor him. >> reporter: a woman is stuck on the side of a cliff with her two dogs as we speak. rescuers are trying to figure out how to get to her.
5:56 am
we'll tell you about the we'll tell you about the challenges they face com,,,,,,,,
5:57 am
leave early go roam sleep in sleep out star gaze dream big wander more care less beat sunrise chase sunset do it all. on us. get your first month's payment plus five years wear and tear coverage. make the most of summer... with volvo.
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good morning, thank you so much for joining us. it is wednesday, august 26. i'm maria medina. >> i'm brian hackney. breaking news in daly city this morning. a woman is stuck on a cliffside along with two dogs. anne makovec is at thornton state beach with the latest. >> reporter: good morning. rescuers did not know if they were going to try to rappel down to try to get her or if the coast guard was going to bring its helicopter and get her off this cliff. it's 150 feet from where we are standing straight down the cliff. she is standing there now with two dogs. it turns out it looks like the coast guard is going to get her in about 30 minutes once the
6:00 am
sun comes up. they are going to rescue her by helicopter. a man and woman were walking with two dogs when they fell down the cliff. the man fell to the beach below. he pulled himself up and went to find help. emergency crews found the woman and those two dogs about 50 feet up from the beach. now, one dog is standing there with her. the other is a few yards away. and crews on the ground have been waiting to see what the coast guard might be able to do. >> if they can get to her before we can then they will remove her from the cliffside. if the not we are setting up for -- if not, we are setting up for a cliff operation. we are going to lower some folks down, grab her and hopefully the dogs and lower her to the beach where she can walk out with police officers. >> reporter: the man was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. he is expected to be okay. those dogs are said to be pit bulls which has created a challenge for


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