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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  August 27, 2015 1:37am-2:13am PDT

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>> live, from the cbs bay area studios. this is kpix5 news. >> murder on live television. new details about the gunman
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who killed two former coworkers, his disturbing manifesto and his ties to the bay area. the victims never saw it coming. >> reporter alison parker and photographer adam ward were shot in cold blood. they worked at wdbj-tv in roanoke, virginia. >> the suspect, a former reporter at the station, vester flanagan who used the name bryce williams on air. mark kelly takes us through the tragic event. >> reporter: the reporter photographer team was in the middle of an early morning live shot. they had no idea it would be their last. alison parker and adam ward were conducting an interview this morning when their former coworker ambushed them. both died. the woman they were interviewing, the local chamber of commerce president was badly wounded but is expected to survive. police say vester flanagan shot himself as they closed in on his car about 200 miles away. he later died. vester was a long-time television reporter who used
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the name bryce williams on the air. >> live in henry county, bryce williams. >> reporter: wdbj fired him in 2013 and police had to escort him from the building. >> toward the end, there were issues with temper and an inability to work with others. >> reporter: someone claiming to be vester faxed a letter to abc news. in what he described as a suicide note, he says he was attacked for being a gay black man. he said i have been a human powder keg for a while waiting to go boom. he said the shootings were retaliations for the church massacre in charleston, south carolina. he said what set he over the top was the church shooting. he referred to dylann roof saying you want a race war, bring it. alison parker was 24.
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her photographer was 27. he was engaged to the manager of the control room. parker had just moved in with anchor chris hurst. >> we wanted to get married. >> reporter: her family said though her life was brief, she was so happy with it. he is taking the action of the photographers quite personally and misinterpreting their words. mark kelly, kpix5. the gunman grew up in oakland. graduated from san francisco state university in 1995 with a degree in radio and television. he worked here at kpix5 in the 90s as an intern and a production assistant. christin ayers is in vallejo tonight where she tracked down some of his friends and family. >> reporter: the flannigan house is very quiet tonight. his friends and family, his
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family mainly not speaking tonight as new information and some haunting new video surfaced about the gunman who sometimes lived here. >> some law enforcement officers have concerns. >> reporter: vester flanagan is seen clutching a machine pistol on his reporter resume tape, an image that took on a chilling new meaning after the shooting. vester's family is not speaking publicly, though a family friend shared this statement outside their home. >> our thoughts and prayers at this time are with the victim's families and with wdbj television family. >> reporter: vester grew up in the area. his family and friends still live on this block in vallejo. one friend after another say they could not reconcile the smart driven man they knew with the gunman who executed a news crew. >> vester? little vester? no. i can't wrap my head around it. it is a nightmare. >> this is unlike anything i
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would expect him to do. >> reporter: herven grew up with him. they went to middle school together and later san francisco state. he said his friend was well liked and intelligent. >> he came from a wonderful family. his mother was a wonderful person. this is just unexpected to me. >> reporter: vester's father was an athlete, a football player from humboldt state who was drafted by the packers. vester excelled at san francisco state. >> he was doing well, he was very smart getting his journalism career going. i don't get it. >> reporter: after college, vester fell out of touch today. it wasn't until today that hirvin learned his old friend's life had taken a dark turn. >> i am still blown away. i haven't processed it yet. >> reporter: he came to live here with his family when he
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was between jobs. contrary to what employers said about his temper, they said he was a gentle giant. christin ayers, kpix5. among those who remember vester from his time at kpix5, barbara rogers. she says she didn't know him very well, but remember l him as a young eager kid who wanted to be on avenue and do a good job. he is now on tv but in the worst possible way. fire tears through a south bay trip mall. tonight, there is little left but rubble t. flames fed for hours by a busted gas main. kpix5's andria borba says a hit and run driver might be to blame. >> it was like dominoes the whole place went up. >> reporter: it was ten until 4:00 when a woman drove through a fence and tapped this gas meter with her car in santa clara. >> we are not sure whether it immediately started the fire or it found an ignition and then
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caught on fire. >> reporter: flames zipped through the attickingly was told to get out of the building. >> reporter: leaving firefighters to dump thousands of gallons of water to put it out. even when the fire was extinguished, it shot flames into the sky as pg&e crews worked feverishly in the parking lot. >> they are trying to find the right line. obviously, we can't shut it off at the meter. >> reporter: through layers of asphalt and dirt, crews were searching for a one-inch gas line to crimp it off and turn off the flames. but finding the right one was key. >> they want to make sure they get the right line to avoid shutting off the gas. >> reporter: pg&e crews got the gas line clipped around 8:0 this evening but santa clara firefighters will be out here putting water on the building to make sure no hot spots flair
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up. andria borba, kpix5. >> tonight, san francisco police and city leaders are telling tourists you are safe here. this comes after a man from thailand was robbed and shot on lombard street. and earlier, kate steinle killed at the waterfront. city leaders had this message for crooks targeting tourist. >> anybody else thinking of coming here and doing this, don't do it. this is what is going to happen to you, we will have officer antny randolph waiting for you some where. lazar and his team in the crime lab are going to find you and there will be retribution for doing that. >> the city and police department have been meeting to discuss changing patrols. more officers could be added to the force as well. we learned the bullet that killed kate steinle might have ricocheted during testimony at
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the preliminary hearing. lawyers for juan francisco lopez sanchez are arguing that the shooting was an accident. the da wants lopez sanchez to face murder charges. the hearing resumes in the morning. well, it has happened again. a gun belonging to a law enforcement officer stolen from a car in the east bay. it happened this morning. this time, it was near the fruitvale bart station. oakland police confirmed the theft, but didn't know which agency that weapon belonged to. just a few days ago, someone broke into the cal police chief's car while she was jogging at point isabel. they stole her loaded gun, her badge, her work laptop, and a diamond ring. tonight, more trouble for the 49ers. a star player and his former teammate have been charged after a wild party. betty yu is in san jose for us tonight. betty? >> reporter: veronica, this development comes months after that party. ray mcdonald is now out on bail. and now, authorities are waiting for him to turn himself
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in here at the main jail or the sheriff's department around the corner, amon brooks. two ex-teammates both accused by the same woman for taking advantage of her the same night. ray mcdonald has been indicted for raping a drunk person and current 49ers player ama'am brooks is charged with one count of sexual assault. >> ultimately, the testimony of the victim. that is essential. and that is the core of the case. >> reporter: today, the santa clara county da said it spent the last eight months mostly corroborating this woman's story. represented by gloria allred in a civil lawsuit, the woman says she fell and hit her head near mcdonald's pool at a party. she didn't remember anything after that until she woke up in his bed the next day. mcdonald said nothing illegal happened. >> whatever the evidence may be, we are absolutely convinced that the jury will believe that
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mr. mcdonald is responsible for raping the victim in this case. >> reporter: today, mcdonald was also charged for violating a domestic violence restraining order back in michigan now, if convicted, he is looking at up to eight years in prison. amad faces up to six months in jail. the 49ers say they are aware of this incident and say he will not play in saturday's game. live in san jose, betty yu, kpix5. first, he insulted latinos. now, what donald trump is saying about asians. >> a flea epidemic hit it is bay area. tonight, we are learning why so many dogs and cats are getting infected even if they are on medication. >> this california guy is a hero for stopping a terrorist. so why the mayor of his ,,,,,,,,
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>> well, it is thursday morning in asia and the stock markets
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are mostly way up after the big turn around on wall street. the dow jones shot up almost 600 points. it is the largest single day gain. so what turned things around? >> the head of the new york federal reserve said the case for an interest rate hike in september now seems less compelling than it was a few weeks ago. bill dudley said what we are seeing is not a u.s. problem. >> but the markets may stay volatile for a while. fall is typically the most volatile season on wall street. after riling some latino voters by kicking a prominent univision anchor out of a news conference, tonight, donald trump has a new target. asians. >> you know, negotiates with japan ... negotiating with china ... they say we want deals. >> a gop front runner offered up that sort of broken english interpretation during a speech in iowa last night.
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he was trying to tout his negotiating skills. a hero is back home in san francisco. anthony sadler tackled a heavily armed gunman on a train in france. >> reporter: the applause and cheers of awaiting son of sacramento anthony sadler. he spoke for the first time since coming home. >> after such a crazy few days, it feels good to be back on american soil. but especially in sacramento. i didn't expect all of this to happen. >> reporter: he spoke only 30 seconds before stepping away from the mic. he added no new insight into the heroic effort he and his sacramento childhood friends made stopping an alleged terrorist before an apparent massacre. mayor johnson praised sadler and then gave him a good natured ribbing. >> all of the picture of you over in europe, you had on a
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laker jersey. a laker jersey on. >> reporter: so the mayor presented sadler with a sacramento kings jersey in front of cameras here. now, sacramento has a parade to plan. >> well, i thank them so much for their heroism and thank them for being the best of sacramento. >> reporter: no date is set. they are working on the route expected to end in the capital and include a military jet flyover. sacramento's pr expert has been in some of the early talks and says california's celebration must at least match france's. >> it will be the parade to end all parades. because, these guys deserve it. >> reporter: a sacramento hero is home. the celebration is just getting started. in sacramento, steve large, kpix5. the pet boarder caught on video throwing the dog to the ground will face her own
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punishment. they will file animal cruelty charges against linda lavac. her attorney says it is all a misunderstanding. she is actually training the dog. she is due in court tomorrow in redwood city. this will make your skin crawl a little bit. there is a flea epidemic in the bay area. a lot of dogs and cats are scratching like crazy. why is it so bad right now? that is what our mark kelly went to find out. >> reporter: all the dog tricks in the book. couldn't do anything to cure benny of the fleas. >> he wasatching a lot. had a rash. >> reporter: one cause, the warmer months in san francisco. august through october it is like vacation time for fleas. >> what do we do about it? >> reporter: we took that question to veterinarian jennifer scarlet.
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>> there are great products on the market. there are some you administer orally, some are topical. >> reporter: the fleas are ultimate survivors and some flea medicines just aren't getting the job done like they used to. >> we are seeing more of the products lasting a smaller fraction of time. whether or not that is resistance or flea load, we are not sure. >> reporter: and the fleas spread so quickly. at a dog park like this, theque cialy jump from one dog to the other. >> they will jump onto another animal with high enough flea loads. >> reporter: double check other flea dogs are on medicine. amber switched to an oral pill and now her dog is flea free. mark kelly, kpix5. tonight, a guy try to take a selfie with a rattlesnake and now he is in danger of losing his hand. >> i'm shocked that he would have that thing around his neck. it could have bit his neck and that would have been it. >> the guy's mom wonders what
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her son was thinking when he wrapped a four-foot rattler around his neck. the snake bit his hand which swelled up. he is being treated with antivenom. note to self. hmm. maybe no selfies with rattlesnakes. >> yeah. you have to watch out. >> rule number one. >> if the rattlesnakes don't get you, the fleas will. vallejo 61 tonight. we have to talk about the tropics. you will be hearing a lot from erica. it is the atlantic ocean heading toward puerto rico. look at where it potentially is heading. the cone covers most of the state of florida or a turn to the north into georgia or the carolinas. watch out for erica if your travels will take you back east to the southeast over the next
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several days. very amplified weather pattern. a huge dip in the jet stream. a big rise in the jet stream to the east. we are dominated by the ridge of high pressure. did you feel it? hot outside. sunny in san francisco. we will do it again tomorrow. if anything, it will be warmer tomorrow. some of you inland may touch 100 degrees. the warmest day of the week will be thursday. and then friday. we may drop to the upper 40s , low 50s in the north bay. likely going to miss out of the rainfall, but a taste of fall when it comes for temperature. latest on the rain, it brings it down a little closer to us. we may see some showers in north sonoma. lake and mendocino county sunday. the majority of the bay area will be bay free. warm friday, a few shower ins the north bay saturday. after that, several days of fall-like temperatures. concord tomorrow, not fall- like. summer like. 95. san jose, 91. hot in los altos, 92.
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close to 100 in pittsburgh. fairfield, vacaville. san rafael, 92. cloverdale, 93 degrees. we cool off a bit friday. much bigger over the weekend. next week, we may not even hit 80 away from the water. so, not winter, not that. but it will be markedly cooler. >> you are chomping at the bit. >> starting to go into fall. >> can't wait. >> love that time of the year. >> thanks paul. a dell whale washes up in an unusual place. bay area experts are not sure how to get rid of it. >> coming up on the late, late show ... [female announcer] during mattress price wars at sleep train, save up to $400 on beautyrest and posturepedic. get interest-free financing until 2018 on tempur-pedic. plus, helpful advice from the sleep experts. don't miss mattress price wars at sleep train.
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>> it is not something we see everyday in the open estuary. >> a whale carcass wedged under a dock in alameda. now, juliette goodrich says what are they going to do with it? >> it is shock. it really s. it is not anything you want to start your day. >> reporter: christina wright works at the mariner's square where the dead whale surfaced this morn. >> it is something to see and smell. it has gotten worse. >> reporter: researchers tried to measure the dead whale, duh it is too difficult to access. it is actually stuck underneath this dock. in fact, you can see how it is lodged in between the pier here and underneath the dock as we pan over. you can see how the whale's tail is on the other side of the dock. the tide brought the whale in at about 6:00 this morning.
2:03 am
in the last few months, dead whales have turned up on the california coastline, but a dead whale here is a first. >> we get harbor seals once in a while, the whale is definitely nothing we expected. >> reporter: juliette goodrich, kpix5. >> all right. got a whale of a sports cast for you. >> we have had rattlesnakes and dead whales. now we are going to talk about the 49ers. oh, i didn't say that. relax. [ laughter ] >> you just can't take shots like that. come on. come on. colin kaepernick steps in front of the camera. get this. the camera loved him. and the giants, they are going to have to tape up the players moving forward. anything to stay with the front running dodgers. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> baseball up top. 36 games left. squeeze is on the giants to stay with the dodgers. they had to deliver tonight. hosting the cubs, it didn't look good here.
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to avoid the puckoff, matt duffy turned his ankle at first base. stayed in the game. scored later. buster posey, a shot chris coglin had no chance to get. it's a gaper and it scored brandon belt and the giants were rolling. jake peavy gave them six in the third. hunter strickland picked him one a key strikeout in the 7th inning. giants win the game 4-2 and they stay two-and-a-half behind the victorious dodgers. mariners pitcher felix hernandez looking for his 21st career win against the as . they made sure he got it. seth smith had a hand in the go ahead run. seattle had the go ahead win in the game. in case you department know, the new madden video game is out. guess who stairs in the
2:07 am
commercial for it? the 49ers now thespian colin kaepernick. >> he plays blank slade from the movie the scent of a woman. it won al pacino the academy award in 1993. >> they told me when i got to do the part, that they called al pacino and had to get his approve for it. it was a great honor to have him okay it. i haven't gotten my reviews yet, but hopefully, he will approval. >> we will leave you with this one. american runner jenny simpson running in beijing. 600 meters to go. lost her shoe. but she didn't quit. she finished 11th out of 12 and had a bloody foot for her effort. she won the event in 2011. >> wow. dedication. >> all that training.
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when you get to the moment, you have to finish no matter what. i always say. like this sports cast. >> we will be right back. [ laughter ] , when account lead craig wilson books at settle in and practice his big pitch. and when craig gets his pitch down pat, do you know what he becomes? great proposal! let's talk more over golf! great. better yet, how about over tennis? even better. a game changer! your 2 o'clock is here. oops, hold your horses. no problem. la quinta inns & suites is ready for you, so you'll be ready for business. the ready for you alert, only at
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>> madame secretary is coming up next. >> rest easy. madame secretary is on the job. our next newscast tomorrow morning at 4:30. see you then. >> have a good night! >> have a good night! >> captions by:c,,,,,,
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