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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  October 1, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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on leave with one officer going on a rant on an online video. kpix 5's mark sayre live with more on this investigation. reporter: one of those deputies the one who posted the youtube video is a union leader at the santa clara county main jail. in the video he is cautioning other deputies to be cautious in their dealings with sheriff's administration. >> this harkens back to the salem witch trials from 1692. >> reporter: now, sources confirm to kpix 5 one of the correctional officers on leave is lance scimeca. he is shown here in a youtube video he posted as president of the santa clara county correctional peace officers association. in the video, he criticizes sheriff laurie smith and her investigators for re-opening dozens of past complaints and he urges officers not to be coerce need turning over their cell phones to investigators. >> know your rights regarding personal property. if they do not have a warrant
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to take it, don't just freely give it. no one has the right to your personal property. >> reporter: scimeca had no comment on why he had been placed on leave but we did learn it's because it may be linked to a new investigation into officers exchanging racist texts. in an earlier interview sheriff smith praised her correctional deputies said they are professional and gave no timeline and made no excuses for re-opening past complaints. live in san jose, i'm mark sayre, kpix 5. more rain is expected today in the bay area. this is a look at some wet weather on the golden gate bridge yesterday. of course, it's just a drop in the bucket compared to what's needed to ease our drought conditions. but we'll take what we can get. the wet conditions are linked to quite a few traffic accidents in the bay area. in vallejo, the driver of an suv spun out on the redwood parkway yesterday. the vehicle went off the road. and it was so hectic, the oakland chp office posted this on twitter, quote, we have lost
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count on home crashes we have already responded to today. police slow down in the rain ." >> that first rain is always brutal. all that oil slick stuff on the roads. showers throughout the day today lingering into the afternoon commute. a moderate band of showers off to the east. much of the area is getting a break but if you zoom into the north bay you notice we do have some scattered showers light rain moving on. this is likely associated with that front that's moving onshore as it does most of us will see more showers throughout the morning and into the early afternoon. right now, temperatures out the door are nice and mild. 62 concord. santa rosa 56. and your weather headlines show morning clouds and showers a slight chance of rain in the
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afternoon. and warmup into the weekend. here's liza with traffic. >> nothing else to add? >> nope. [ laughter ] there is a big rig that stalled out near the high-rise section westbound 92. possible debris in one of the lanes westbound so expect to see a brief delay just at the high-rise. at the toll plaza still looking good for the westbound san mateo bridge commute. a brief delay at the bay bridge toll plaza. just a few of those cash lanes. fastrak just rolling through there. remember, there is roadwork in the eastbound direction of the bay bridge between treasure island and the oakland side. that will be there until 6:00 this morning. silicon valley freeways looking good still no delays heading to and through san jose. that's a look at "kcbs traffic." back to you guys. 5:03. a plan for high speed bus lanes in santa clara county hit a roadblock. the valley transportation authority voted yesterday to give the proposal another look. the plan would put new bus lanes down the middle of el camino real from palo alto down to san jose.
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but drivers aren't happy about it, with more than 1,000 issuing complaints. a vote isn't expected on the proposal now until early next year. it's a big day for millions of californians driving on suspended licenses because of unpaid tickets. they can now settle those debts at a discount. kpix 5's anne makovec joins us live from the bay bridge toll plaza to explain how this amnesty plan is supposed to work. anne. reporter: yeah. since this does affect millions of california drivers, there's a good chance when you're driving, say, across the bay bridge here behind me, that you're likely driving next to one of these people. today is their lucky day. the cost of traffic tickets has skyrocketed in california over the last 10 years. and for many drivers who get a ticket, they don't immediately pay the fine, the court fees and penalties have snowballed. the new ticket amnesty program beginning today will give drivers a chance to settle for a fraction of what they owe. but they are not getting off
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scot-free. >> you're still getting the point violations on the dmv record, which means that for every point that you're taking you're still taking the 30% insurance increase over the next 39 months that that point remains on your record. >> reporter: the program only applies to tickets gotten before 2013 depending on the driver's income, fines could be reduced by half or up to 80%. it does not apply, thought, to reckless driving, dui or local ordinance infractions, things like parking tickets. the amnesty program only lasts about a year and a half. people who qualify for it will be getting notifications in the mail. anne makovec, kpix 5. the hayward unified school district superintendent will keep his job. he is accused of losing it at a recent meeting but as kpix 5's mark kelly shows us, the school board and the parents rallied behind him in the end. >> perfectly clear that that
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regrettable action did not [ indiscernible ] [ applause ] >> reporter: with the crowd's clear support, superintendent stan dobbs will keep his job with hayward schools. happy with the decision? >> yes, very happy. >> reporter: but school board member dr. luis renoso isn't smiling. [ inaudible ] >> reporter: at tonight's meeting he told schoolkids and their parents that he stands by his police report, claiming the superintendent cursed at him and chest bumped him during a closed-door meeting two weeks ago. we caught one renoso before tonight's decision. >> he needs to go. we need to set an example for safety of our employees and students, that this is zero tolerance for violence. >> reporter: kpix 5 obtained the letter the superintendent wrote to the board apologizing for his language. he never mentioned any physical contact. but he did say his behavior stemmed from a medical procedure he had that day. the preparation for the procedure left me with little sleep or food and i left the
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procedure medicated." some in hayward say that's no excuse. >> sit there and bully the board members and they do nothing about it but accept an apology?! then what are they, frightened of him? >> reporter: the superintendent spoke briefly tonight assuring the room he will serve hayward schools with diligence and dignity. >> dobbs is a great person. he has made great changes in the district. and i respect him and i'm glad. >> reporter: dobbs was made superintendent here two years ago. many parents tonight credit him for the progress hayward schools have made in the last few years moving up from the very bottom of alameda county schools. in hayward, mark kelly, kpix 5. a proposal in san jose aimed at deterring crime is instead provoking criticism. it would allow police to notify landlords when one of their tenants has been arrested for a serious crime like assault or selling drugs. the landlord could then evict the tenant even if the tenant is never found guilty in court.
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opponents stay it could cause a wave of evictions for people who have never been convicted of a crime. the plan is being proposed by city councilman johnnie kenneth. >> if anybody is remotely related to your house whether it's like a guests or somebody in your house, um, even gets arrested, they don't have to get convicted, then you're evicted. >> if i'm renting you my property i want you to behave and if your children are not behaving and causing my property value to be decreased, shouldn't property owners have a right to remove criminals from their midst. >> the councilman says he believes the program would reduce crime and hopes to have the full city council vote on it in late october. time now 5:08. the email controversy surrounding the clinton campaign is growing. who we're learning tried to hack into her private server coming up. >> plus, california's historic drought is forcing water customers to cut back. how using less is causing a big stink. >> and a break in the showers for much of the bay but more
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rain is on the way. details coming up. >> and bay bridge roadwork could cost you time on your drive into work. the westbound commute though at the toll plaza still in good shape. i'll have an update on this i'll have an update on this roadwork at th,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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welcome back. cloudy skies over san francisco. a break is on the way. we'll time it out coming up. hurricane joaquin closing in on the central bahamas. it's a category 3 with maximum sustained winds of 120 miles an hour. the united states much of the rain soaked east coast bracing for a direct hit. state of emergency already declared in virginia where heavy rain is forecasted throughout the weekend. in california lack of water has been a problem for years and in some places it's causing problems with sewer systems. a sacramento county sanitation expert says with less water going into the sewer, the waste people produce is not move as quickly to treatment centers. >> we have more odor complaints both in the pipeline system as well as out at the treatment plant. >> in some cases workers are
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using high pressure hoses to push sewage on its way. sitting sewage turns into sulfuric acid and it eats away at materials like concrete. accusations surface that the secret service is retaliating against a republican congressman. allen martin tells us how agents tried to embarrass him. >> don't let anybody -- >> reporter: as head of the house oversight committee jason chaifetz has investigated misconduct by the secret service including an incident in march when agent drove drunk on white house grounds. a department of homeland security security inspector- general report says in retaliation, some at the secret service sought to embarrass chai fits by accessing his -- chaifetz to access his 2003 application to be an agent. his file is protected by the privacy act. according to the report assistant director ed lowry wrote in an email some information that he might find embarrassing needs to get out. days later it was leaked to the
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media. the report says at least 45 members of the secret service viewed chaifetz' application. the inspector-general conclude the the conduct was simply wrong. >> i don't trust 'em. i really don't trust 'em. >> reporter: chaifetz says it discloses deeper problems at the agency. >> if they're doing this to me, who knows what else they are doing t really is scary. >> reporter: allen martin, kpix 5. >> the secretary of homeland security has now apologized to the congressman for a second time. jeh johnson says, quote, activities like those described in the report must and will not be tolerated. [ sic ] 19,000 pages have been made public from hillary clinton's private email server. the latest batch from 2010 and 2011 show russian hackers try to pry into clinton's account by sending emails disguised as speeding tickets. she never opened the attachments. the state department says at least three emails in the latest batch should have been classified. another email released is shedding light on how hillary
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clinton felt four years ago about gay rights. unexchange with her staff shows her exploding over plans to replace mother and father with parent one and parent two on passport applications. "i'm not defending that decision and disagree with and knew nothing about in front of this congress. i could live with letting people with nontraditional families use another viper." >> she says her position on gay rights as "evolved" over the years. a new national polls show three political outsiders remain one, two and three in the race for the republican presidential nomination. donald trump leads at 23% according to a suffolk university "usa today" survey. ben carson and carly fiorina are tied for second with 13% each. and they are followed by marco
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rubio in fourth at 9% and jeb bush in fifth at 8%. today is the 125th anniversary of yosemite national park. it was on this date back in 1890 that president harrison signed legislation making yosemite the country's third national park. yosemite attraction about 4 million visitors each year. the ceremonies are planned today at yosemite valley visitors center. good morning, everybody. it's looking good on the roads. we have a brief delay on the san mateo bridge this morning. a big rig stalled out in that westbound direction approaching the high-rise. so one lane of traffic is shut down there. the traffic though leaving the toll plaza heading towards midspan still flowing well. you can see right here from our live pictures. but do keep in mind if you plan on leaving the city in the next 45 minutes or so, there is roadwork now which will slow you down in that eastbound direction on the bay bridge.
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a few lanes are shut down for construction until 6:00 this morning. and it has caused some delays on and off throughout the night. three lanes of traffic are shut down eastbound on the bay bridge until 6:00. now, the westbound commute is getting busier out there. you can see the delays in a few of the cash lanes. westbound traffic is going to be slow from about the end of the east parking lot just in those lanes. westbound traffic at the fastrak lanes are still looking good and 80 is rolling well through berkeley into emoryville. the 880 drive approaching the oakland area still moving well. if you have to catch a flight at the oakland airport so far everything is good outside that exit. and keep in mind for later today if you plan on driving anywhere near s.a.p. we are expecting delays, a big scorpions concert. they are going to rock you like a hurricane, frankie, at 7:30 tonight. the scorpions are playing at s.a.p. so expect delays on 280 and the guadalupe parkway. >> good to know. >> that's a look at "kcbs traffic." [ laughter ] >> just checking if you were paying attention. here's julie. >> i always am. >> thank you, miss liza.
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[ laughter ] he always s all right. so frank, pay attention to this, okay? weather watchers we are checking in with them. rain totals not real impressive yesterday. everyone reporting returns under a tenths of an inch, most people about .01" some about .08." we are checking in with antioch where we can see 62 degrees and we have some showers in antioch right now. most showers are off east. we are seeing showers in the north bay through santa rosa, the band of moderate showers though just pushing to the east of that i-5 corridor. what you will notice is this low offshore, it's going to be moving in today. as that front moves in, i do think we'll see another round of showers so a brief break right now with more rain on the way grab that umbrella and keep it handy throughout the day. we could see lingering showers into the afternoon hours. what to expect out the door? morning clouds and showers.
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a slight chance into the afternoon. it was a brief warmup friday and saturday. it's going to feel like a completely different season by this time tomorrow. well, maybe by tomorrow afternoon. i don't know about this time tomorrow. but it certainly is a change-up in the forecast. 63 pacifica your high today. 71 san rafael. 72 in vallejo. 77 your high temperature in fairfield. but take a look at the five-day forecast. so showers today, cool temperatures below seasonal norms. tomorrow we are bumping up into the mid-80s so back to seasonal for september which is generally one of our warmest months here. 80s for saturday and sunday. another chance of showers a slight chance right now. we are going to see how that plays out sunday. and then monday into tuesday, back to more seasonal norms. >> if you don't like the weather, wait a day. >> welcome to the bay area. [ laughter ] we are seeing warm weather, julie, most of alaska is like this. so much snow has fallen that classes are canceled for many schools and half a dozen
5:20 am
highways are closed. thousands are also without power in alaska this morning as crews work quickly through the weather. the red cross has opened a warming shelter for residents. it is 5:20 on a thursday. up next a new list is giving parents a jump-start on the best used cars for their teenagers. why bigger might be better when, ♪ ♪ hush my darling... ♪ don't fear my darling... ♪ the lion sleeps tonight. [snoring.] ♪ hush my darling... [snoring.] ♪ don't fear my darling... ♪ the lion sleeps tonight. [snoring.]
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good morning. westbound traffic at the bay bridge toll plaza is beginning to get crowded now. we have backups in those cash lanes to about the end of the east parking lot. fastrak looking good. and once you're in the city, san francisco freeways moving at the speed limit. i'll have a complete look at your drive into work with "kcbs traffic." new survey is out on the safest cars for teens. as don champion tells us it appears bigger is better for the younger drivers. >> right here. >> reporter: tony iglesias and his 17-year-old son are on the hunt for a used car. kevin will start driving next year and will need his own wheels. >> it's not working. spend a lot of money for a teenager, just don't have much experience. >> reporter: he plans to spend about $5,000 while he is looking for something affordable, he also wants something safe. when it comes to used cars for
5:24 am
teens, the latest report from the insurance institute for highway safety found bigger and heavier vehicles are the saferrest. vehicles like the volvo f-8 0, ford taurus and suvs like the ford flex made the institute's recommended list. the institute found parents should look for used cars that feature electronic stability control systems which help drivers maintain control on curves and slippery roads. the report also warned parents to avoid buying cars that have high horsepower which may tempt teens. kevin has already gotten a warning from his father about speeding. >> i don't want to drive not too fast, no. >> reporter: you're going to go the speed limit obviously? >> i have to respect the law. >> reporter: vehicles on the institute's recommended list cost under $20,000. don champion, cbs news, new york. the oakland a's are again on the cutting edge hiring the first female coach in major league baseball history. justine siegal is working the
5:25 am
a's instructional club in arizona for a couple of weeks. she may be hired full time. siegal has worked with the a's before but not as a coach. she threw batting practice for the a's in 2011 as well as five other teams. play of the day, how about some baseball? we have the cards and pirates and defensive gem. by jason heyward and the cards it's a leaping catch at a chain- link fence. there it goes. there he goes. going back, he is going to jump -- boom! he has it. he had a grand slam in th game. the cards'100th victory of the season. giants and a's won last night too. 5:25. still to come, get ready for a change in the checkout line. details this morning on how this chip on your card will protected you from fraud. >> and more deputies on suspension here at the santa clara county main jail in an ,,,
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just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at a bay area school leader accused of going on a foul mouthed tirade will keep his job. what he says fueled that bad behavior. >> and a ticket amnesty program begins today. i'm anne makovec live at the bay bridge toll plaza where a lot of drivers will soon be off the hook. >> and it's looking like rush hour at the bay bridge pay gates. traffic is already delayed from the end of the east parking lot. we'll have details. >> we have a break in the rain for much of the bay right now but more showers are on the way. details are coming up. >> thank you. good morning. it's thursday, the 1st day of
5:30 am
october if you can believe it. i'm frank mallicoat. >> and i'm michelle griego. eight santa clara county jail deputies are on leave this morning amid a widening investigation over racist texts. now one of those deputies has posted an online rant critical of the department. kpix 5's mark sayre is live with more this morning. mark. >> reporter: michelle, that deputy is a union leader. he himself has been suspended and he is cautioning fellow deputies in how much information they give to sheriff's administration. >> this harkens back to the salem witch trials from 1692. >> reporter: sources confirm to kpix 5 that one of the correctional officers on leave is lance scimeca. he is shown here in a youtube video posted as president of the santa clara county correctional peace officers association. in the video, he criticizes sheriff laurie smith and her investigators for re-opening dozens of past complaints and he urges officers not to be coerced into turning over their
5:31 am
phones to investigators. >> know your rights regarding personal property. if they don't have a warrant to take it don't just freely give it. >> reporter: scimeca it no comment on why he had been placed on leave but we learned it's because he may be linked to a new investigation into officers exchanging racist texts. that brings the number to 8 correctional officers who are now on leave including three who are now charged in the beating death of inmate michael tyree. >> we have the finest staff in the state. >> reporter: earlier this week, sheriff smith emphasized that the majority of her staff is trustworthy and law-abiding, still investigators are thoroughly looking at 100 complaints from before and after tyree died even ones that have been closed. >> what happened a few weeks ago was i hope an anomaly. the investigation is continuing. but we have highly educated highly motivated and dedicated people that we're real proud of. >> reporter: of the eight deputies who have been suspended two are unrelated to the tyree case.
5:32 am
there is no timeline as to when this investigation will be complete. reporting live at the main jail in san jose, i'm mark sayre, kpix 5. a live look now overlooking the bay bridge there and it looks pretty nice. >> some slick roads out there, though. the bay area is in store for a little more rain today, too. much like it did yesterday. let's take a look at some of the wet weather on the golden gate bridge from yesterday. of course, it wasn't a whole lot but it certainly helped. the wipers were working overtime a little bit. slick conditions on the roads are linked to quite a few local traffic accidents, too. in vallejo, the driver of this suv spun out on the redwood parkway yesterday. the vehicle went off the road there. and there was so much going on at one point the oakland chp office posted this on twitter. we have lost count on how many crashes we are already responding to. please slow down in the rain." good advice in the rain today i imagine. >> you have to change the way you drive in the rain. you think we would get it by
5:33 am
now but no. >> no. >> we just don't. more rain is on the way today. hopefully some of the slick roadways that oil has been washed off so the roads won't be quite as slippery but they will be wet today. a live look at doppler. you will see much of the bay is getting a break in the rain. that band of rain is off to the east. north bay seeing some showers right now. if you zoom into san jose you can see showers passing through san jose as well with some more just off to the west. these will be moving in here briefly. temperature-wise we are mild. 62 degrees in san jose right now. 56 santa rosa. livermore 64. more rain is on the way after this break morning showers, slight chance of rain into the afternoon hours. crowds at the bay bridge toll plaza where westbound traffic is backing up from beyond the end of the east parking lot actually backed up
5:34 am
now from the 880 overcrossing and looks like bridge officials may have switched on those metering lights. it got crowded very quickly now at the bay bridge toll plaza. and do keep in mind eastbound it's counter-commute but it did cause some delays leaving san francisco near the island. three lanes of traffic are shut down on the bridge. this is for roadwork and it will be shut down until 6:00 this morning. i'll have another look at "kcbs traffic" in just a few minutes. millions of california drivers can get a break starting today. they will be able to pay off their traffic tickets at a bargain price. kpix 5's anne makovec is live at the bay bridge toll plaza to explain who will qualify for this amnesty program. anne. reporter: good morning. this is going to affect a lot of people who may have gotten the traffic fine in the past maybe didn't pay it right away since they couldn't afford it or they just forgot about it and eventually, those fines and all the court fees just snowballed. traffic fines have skyrocketed in california since lawmakers
5:35 am
tried to offset budget cuts during the recession. the result? nearly 5 million californians have lost their driver's licenses because they were unable to pay a ticket. >> they can bump up to $238 to 550-plus. >> reporter: but a new ticket amnesty program beginning today will give drivers a chance to settle for a fraction of what they owe. the program only applies to tickets before 2013 depending on a driver's income, fines could be reduced by half or up to 80%. and it does not apply to reckless driving, dui or local ordinance infractions like parking tickets. >> you're still getting the point violations on the dmv record which means that for every point that you're taking you're still taking the 30% insurance increase over the next 39 months that that point is on your record. >> reporter: this ticket amnesty program lasts a year and a half. it will in effect until march 2017.
5:36 am
people who qualify will get a notification in the mail. anne makovec, kpix 5. a multi-million dollar lawsuit is expected to be filed today in san francisco alleging discrimination aboard the napa valley wine train. staff on the train removed 11 women in august after passengers complained they were laughing too loudly. federal lawsuit seeks $11 million, one million for each of the women. they all belong to the same book club and all but one of them is are black. opponents of the vaccine mandate in california have failed to get enough signatures for a referendum. they needed 365,000 signatures and only got 200,000. the deadline is october 8th. that means the law will likely stand requiring children without medical exemptions to get all their shots before enrolling in school. two weeks ago school board member claims dobbs cursed at
5:37 am
him during a closed-door meeting. a letter the superintendent wrote to the board apologizes for his language. he said his behavior stems from a medical procedure. many parents credit dobbs for turning the district around in the last two years. >> dobbs is a great person. he has made great changes in the district and i respect him. and i'm glad that he is going to stay. >> dobbs was made superintendent two years ago. since he took over hayward school district has moved up from the very bottom of the alameda schools. leaders in oakland want to help residents find affordable housing so the mayor is creating a special cabinet to do just that. kpix 5's christin ayers has that story. reporter: mustafa solomon lost his home three months ago. >> right now we don't have a place to go permanent. >> reporter: he says he has lived in oakland for 33 year bus his landlord wanted him out to bring in a tenant who could pay market rate. now mustafa can no longer afford to rent in oakland. >> that's what we need affordable housing in oakland. >> reporter: it's a story that oakland's vice mayor rebecca
5:38 am
kaplan has heard countless times. >> there are tenants who are losing their homes for illegal reasons. >> reporter: oakland leads in job growth but lag this is house. the city has a housing equity road map plan. it was at a special meeting on affordable housing. the plan would build more housing using money from developer fees and require new developers to contribute to affordable housing and it would look into making use of public lands and vacant lots. but opponents say it doesn't do enough. following the same script that san francisco followed for decades isn't the right solution. >> reporter: critic says they should transfer vacant lots with tax liens on them to developers who could build affordable housing on them. it's a strategy that's mentioned in the plan. kaplan says she intends to take action but first, she wants to fix oakland's relocation assistance program and quickly house those facing homelessness. people like mustafa. >> we need to enforce the laws we have so that existing
5:39 am
tenants aren't displaced from oakland en masse. >> reporter: in oakland, christin ayers, kpix 5. one of the men who founded twitter is expected to be named as the company's new ceo today. jack dorsey has been running the san francisco company on an interim basis. he will take on the role permanently. he held the position before from 2006 until he was ousted in 2008. twitter has got a lot of attention over the years but has never made a profit. a new survey by aarp only 9% of consumers believe they are very knowledgeable about how social security benefits are determined. >> it can be confusing so let's chat. cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger joins us to go over some of the key elements. >> how do you qualify for social security retirement benefits. >> reporter: he have to have worked at least 10 years but the age at which you can draw full benefits varies based on when were you born. so generally speaking, if you
5:40 am
are born after 1938, you will probably see 66 or 67. if you are younger those ages start to creep up. now, you can claim benefits as early as age 62. but remember, the benefit will be permanently lower. for some that's as much as 25% less. and that can also negatively impact a nonworking speaker of the house's future benefits. now, conversely if you wait to claim until after your full retirement age, you are entitled to something called delayed retirement benefits. it amounts to about 8% a year more for each full year that you delay. we max our social security benefits out at age 70. so if you can wait, you get more money. >> divorced people could be leaving money on the table. >> reporter: yeah. nearly three-quarters of divorcees said they didn't know the details of how to claim social security on their ex's record. here are the rules with that. you have to have been married for 10 years before you got
5:41 am
divorced and you must currently be single. that would also include being widowed. now, presuming that you meet those requirements, you can claim one half of your spouse's benefits if it's larger than your own full benefit. here's a little good news in case you had a contentious divorce. claiming an ex's benefit doesn't require you contact him or her nor does it diminishing the ex's benefit for him or her when he claims. for more on why we are getting failing grades on social security, go to it's very confusing. i'm going to take you off the hook on this one. >> i agree. [ laughter ] >> i agree. >> we both looked at each other like, hm. jill schlesinger, thank you. it's 5:41. a big change for retailers and consumers after a series of high-profile breaches, new liability rules take effect today regarding credit card fraud. so that means you may have noticed credit card machines at major retailers are a little different. you also may have gotten a new
5:42 am
card that has a chip embedded in it. >> it's the biggest change in the way we have used credit cards in decades. >> people aren't ready yet. there's a lot of confusion out there. >> the good noose for the consumer is nothing really changes. the only difference you might notice is you're not going to swipe your card at the new reader you will shove it in and wait. just check with the cashier at the store before you use it. time now is 5:42. changing the way we enjoy oysters in the bay area. why this iconic business may be forced to shut down. >> let's take you outside as the commute is in full bloom at 5:42. a look at highway 880 over in oakland. liza can't wait to talk about traffic. she is coming up. she is coming up. and got a little bit of rain ,,,
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here's a live look at your commute on the golden gate bridge. no rain on the bridge right now but not the case for long. details on the forecast coming up. californians are doing their part to save water amid the ongoing drought. the water resources control board says people in the state have met a mandate to save water this month. details will be released this morning. another oyster business in marin county is fighting to stay open. tomales bay oyster company [ indiscernible ] it will be illegal for the owner to operate as s the regulations limit the hours of operation to a half day on fridays, saturdays and sundays. the business has to remove 84 picnic tables. >> it will be hard not to have picnic tables and grills because then you basically would just pick up the oyster and go elsewhere so you don't
5:46 am
have the community or the settings anymore. it just becomes a roadside stand. >> the owner says more than half his business is from people who enjoy oysters on site which won't be available after october 16. the u.s. and russia will hold military talks as soon as today regarding russian air strikes in syria. russian oleficials say the attacks damaged or destroyed targets linked to "islamic state" militants and other groups. the u.s. defense secretary ash carter -- [ choking ] >> -- ash carter says the areas russia target didn't include isis locations. some speculate russia is trying to protect syrian president bashar al-assad by targeting groups trying to ouster him. meanwhile, the government will keep running as normal at least for now. last night president obama signed a spending bill preventing a shutdown. the short-term bill gives congress ten more weeks to draft a long-term budgeted
5:47 am
plan. the white house issued a statement saying americans deserve better than last-minute legislation. can we have water at table 5? >> i need water. [ laughter ] >> we got a few -- julie will deliver now. >> you're a gem. i love you. thank you. sorry. [ laughter ] >> you get that thing in your throat. >> it always happens right in the middle of a read. >> here to help out. >> anyway. >> here's the traffic gal. [ overlapping speakers ] good morning, everybody. we are going to talk about highway 4 where it is beginning to slow down. you can see some of the red there. westbound traffic is crowded leaving hillcrest in antioch. stays heavy to "a" street with another pocket of slow traffic from railroad avenue approaching the concord area. meantime if you plan to make the northbound 680 commute right at the transition ramp to highway 24, there is an accident in the clearing stages. it is off to the right-hand shoulder of that transition ramp. it may cause just a brief delay
5:48 am
getting through there. meantime, over at the bay bridge toll plaza, it got crowded quick with the metering lights on, traffic backed up already from the foot of the maze. so expect a 19-minute drive time between the carquinez bridge and the maze in oakland. traffic so far is looking okay through berkeley and emeryville on westbound 80. now, over at the san mateo bridge, westbound traffic has been fine. the earlier big rig we had at the high-rise has been cleared out. and it's a 13-minute drive time across the bridge between 880 in hayward and 101 in san mateo. so looking good for the san mateo bridge. it's also moving well right here at the golden gate where all the roadwork we had overnight just north of the span has been cleared up. all lanes are now open between the waldo tunnel and the golden gate bridge. that's a look at "kcbs traffic." here's julie. well, liza, as we can see in the live shot the golden gate bridge is getting a brief break in the rain but we'll have more showers heading our way. here's a live look at hi-def doppler and you can see currently showers passing through the north bay and the south bay, as well. central bay area though just
5:49 am
right in between the two bands of rain. here's light showers passing through, light showers in san jose. more significant rain pushed east. but more is to come as this low pressure the associated front moves onshore today. we'll likely see the showers pick up once again today so carry that umbrella with you throughout the day. scattered showers again. not a total rain. morning showers and slight chance lingering into the afternoon hours and a brief warmup in store for friday and saturday. tomorrow is going to feel like a different season than today. we'll go ahead and take a look at your sunrise-sunset. sunrise 7:05. sunset 6:53 this evening. and we could still see a few lingering showers around sunset tonight. stay tuned. high temperatures today definitely below average for this time of the year. once again 77 fairfield, 77 concord. 71 san rafael.
5:50 am
63 pacifica. the extended forecast shows showers ending after today. tomorrow really high pressure builds back in so it's really significant changes in the forecast. 86 for your high tomorrow. some of the warmest locations. sunshine continuing through saturday although we bring back the chance of showers on sunday and then temperatures a bit below seasonal norms with lingering clouds monday into early next week. back to you guys. >> thank you. a menlo park mainstay has shut its doors forever. >> kind of nostalgic. foster friese hosted a farewell party yesterday enjoying dancing and ice cream on oak grove avenue. some took photos in front of the famous sign there. the shop has been around for almost 70 years. >> every play date we would come here as a fun thing to do. our moms would take us and get our chocolate dip cones and
5:51 am
dads would be jealous they didn't get one. >> my grandpa came here. >> babysitters used to bring us here. older sisters. after little league games. >> the owner says he is packing up because it's too expensive to do business in menlo park. he kept the ice cream prices low though over the years. low though over the years. just two ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:52 am
5:53 am
5:54 am
how many gasolines clean better tthe answer is a big fat zero. chevron with techron. care for your car. good morning, welcome back. time now 5:54. we are getting a break in the rain for some in the bay but more showers are on the way. here's a look at hi-def doppler. i'll have your forecast coming up. chp is clearing up an accident right at the heart of the walnut creek interchange. so this is on the ramp from northbound 680 to highway 24. an accident blocking the left- hand lane. so far traffic seems to be doing okay. i'll have the complete look at "kcbs traffic" coming up. starting today amtrak is charging passengers more for the extra bag. anyone with more than two carry-ons and two personal items must pay $20 for each additional item and bags over 50 pounds cost an extra $20, too. a convicted murderer scheduled to die by lethal injection in oklahoma has a
5:55 am
temporary reprieve. richard glossip got a stay late yesterday from the governor for 37 days while state officials determine whether the new drug being used is legal. the execution date is now november 6. yesterday's order came about an hour after the u.s. supreme court turned down a similar request. this morning oakland police are looking for new leads in the killing of an artist. there is a growing memorial near the scene where antonio ramos was shot and killed painting a mural. his mother collapsed at the vigil and was taken to the hospital. others promised to finish the painting and dedicate it to antonio. >> four killers in 24 hours? it's sad. it's really sad. >> several witnesses saw antonio ramos get into an argument with the shooter but
5:56 am
there have been 4 homicides in 24 hours in oakland and the odds are long in solving all of them. last year oakland police solved just 35% of those homicide cases. bill cosby has been stripped of another college degree this time in the bay area. the university of san francisco says it will rescind an honorary director it gave him in 2012. he faces sexual assault allegations from more than 50 women and he has admitted in a deposition to some inappropriate behavior. usf says this is not aligned with school values so it will take back an honorary degree for the first time. a crime fighting proposal is drawing huge opposition in one bay area city. why they say it would force innocent people out of their homes. >> more deputies put on leave at the santa clara county main jail as an investigation widens. i'll have that story,,,,,,,,
5:57 am
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good morning, everyone. it's thursday, october 1. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it is clock on this thursday. problems continue to mounted for santa clara county jail. 8 correctional officers are on leave amid a widening investigation with one of those officers now posting an online rant. kpix 5's mark sayre is live with more on the investigation. he joins us with more. >> reporter: well, frank that officer is actually a union leader. he is the one who posted that video and in the video, he is cautioning his hello correctional deputies from providing too much information to sheriff's administration. >> this harkens back to the salem


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