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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  October 3, 2015 1:37am-2:13am PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix5 news. what was going on at the santa clara county jail? tonight two more guards have been arrested. kpix5 has learned about one guard's alleged connection to the hells angels. >> our lynn ramirez is outside the jail tonight. >> reporter: he was arrested this afternoon for allegedly accessing a law enforcement computer database illegally. he was allegedly doing that to look up the confidential records of people he knew.
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sources tell kpix5 that correctional deputy ryan saunders has loose connections with members of the hells angels motorcycle club through his son. he's been under investigation for the past several weeks after an anonymous tip that he was illegally accessing the criminal justice information computer database allegedly doing searches on people he knew. >> he was just accessing information that we consider to be personal. >> reporter: he was arrested on eight misdemeanor counts. sources say he's believed to have been checking into his son's associates. >> it was not part of his job duties, what he was looking at. >> reporter: in a separate case correctional deputy mark navarrete was arrested for two felony fraud charges. he allegedly filed a false workers' comp claim. >> he had came to work and claimed that he had been injured on the job of. >> reporter: but a sheriff's investigation found he really injured himself during an off- duty softball game. although the two cases are unrelated to the recent in custody death and abuse cases, they are part of what insiders
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are calling a housecleaning at the santa clara county jail. >> if there was a crime committed, we will take those appropriate actions like we did in this case. we believe a crime did occur. the sheriff's office arrested those people and we booked them into our jail. >> reporter: with the two arrested today that brings the total number of correctional deputies that have been arrested in recent weeks to five and the sheriff says that these develop going investigations will continue and that there could be even more arrests. reporting live in san jose len ramirez, kpix5 news. tonight police have identified the nine people killed during a shooting rampage at a community college in oregon. among the victims, the class professor and we're learning one woman survived because she played dead. let's go now to chris martinez who has the latest from roseburg, oregon. chris? >> reporter: we also now know that the shooter was himself a student here at this school. his victims also including a mother and three teenagers. these are the faces of the nine people who lost their lives
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thursday in the umpqua community college shooting, assistant english professor lawrence levine was 67, the oldest victim. 19-year-old lucero alcaraz wants to become a pediatric nurse of 20-year-old trevoren anspach, one of the -- treven anspach, one of the youngest. >> i don't know how we'll move forward with our lives without equipment. our lives are shattered beyond re-- without quinn. our lives are shattered beyond repair. >> reporter: the gunman was enrolled in the class where the shooting happened. investigators recovered 13 letters from the shooter suggesting he may have been depressed and angry. cory boylan was in a nearby building when the gunman shot
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his sister. she survived. >> he started asking people to get up. she didn't move. >> reporter: they are friends with the clark sisters who were shot five times. a steady stream of people stood in mine for hours to donate blood -- line for hours to donate blood, a soon of a community coming together to heal. as for the school itself, it was shut down today and school officials tell us it will stay that way through next week. no classes here at all at least through next friday. live in roseburg, oregon tonight, i'm chris martinez, kpix5. tonight 1 student who was in the classroom is being called a hero. 30-year-old chris mintz, an army veteran, his family says he was shot seven times trying to stop the gunman. he survived. >> fried to block the door to -- tried to block the door to keep the gunman from coming in, shot three times, hits the floor. looks up at the gunman and says it's my son's birthday today, gets shot two more times. >> chris will be okay, but
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faces a long recovery. a gofundme page his family started requesting $10,000 for medical expenses has already raised more than half a million. also tonight investigators are piecing together a portrait of the gunman as an angry loner who chose violence to make his voice heard. our sharon chin has that part of the story. >> reporter: investigators describe what they're calling chris harper mercer's manifesto typed on computer several pages philosophical sometimes racist written by someone mad at the world. he talks of not having a girl friend and going out in a blaze of glory. mercer joined the army in 2008 but got discharged a month later for not meeting army standards. the 26-year-old moved to the roseburg area with lis mother in 2013. a neighbor said -- his mother in 2013. a neighbor said his mother told her he was depressed. >> the mother mentioned now he stays on his computer behind
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his closed door in his room all the time. >> reporter: after the killing of the two virginia journalists he concluded on social media seems the more people you kill, the more you're in the limelight. forensic psychologist dr. chris mohandi says it's no surprise this shooter like others left a manifesto. >> these are people that at least part of their purpose is to be remembered where they felt insignificant. >> reporter: in his social media accounts the gunman praised the irish republican army and criticized organized religion. former fbi profiler mary o'toole calls it equal opportunity hatred. >> that means he hates everybody. it's not just women or christians. these kinds of individuals have a hatred for the world. >> reporter: investigators say mercer had the same kind of steel plated body armor worn by police plus a host of weapons, seven found in the apartment he shared with his mother, six more at the crime scene, all of them bought legally by him or a relative.
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>> sharon, thank you for that. america's epidemic of mass shootings exploded on the campaign trail today with a comment by jeb bush, a comment that was then passed on to the president himself. >> it's very sad to see, but i resist the notion and i had this challenge as governor because look, stuff happens. there's always a crisis and the impulse is always to do something and it's not necessarily the right thing to do. >> reporter: how would you react to governor bush? >> i don't even think i have to react to that one. i think the american people should hear that and make their own judgments based on the fact that every couple of months we have a mass shooting. and in terms of -- and they can decide whether they consider that stuff happening. >> now following that event mr.
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bush told reporters his comment was not a mistake and that he was not referring specifically to oregon when he said stuff happens. tonight a new development in a story at christian ayers -- that christian ayers first broke about a secretive plan to transport coal through oakland and other east bay city ofs. you've been on this story for months. what's the late -- cities. you've been on a man for months. what's the latest -- plan for months. what's the latest? >> we filed a california environmental quality act lawsuit against the city of oakland today. >> the lawsuit filed by the nonprofit environmental law group earth justice could derail a secret plan to bring up to 10 million tons of potentially foxic coal per year to an export terminal at oakland's army base. the man behind the plan, prominent oakland developer
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phil tagami. earlier phil told us the plan has undergone extensive environmental reviews. sequa is the calf environmental caught act -- california environmental quality act. there's just one problem with that review. >> none of those documents mention the possibility of coal being transported to the army base development. >> reporter: in fact, the lawsuits alleges the developers assured the public on multiple occasions including in face to face meetings that coal would not be shipped through the terminal. as a result, the environmental review did not study any of these effects of transporting coal through oakland. earth justice says those environmental and health effects would be very real and very harmful and communities along the rail lines -- in communities along the rail lines and when the coal is burned abroad. >> we're adamantly opposed to coal coming to oakland, california. >> reporter: after a raucous public meeting last week the city announced it would wait until december 8th to vote on the coal project. >> the question then what's at
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stake if the coal project is halted? $53million that four counties in utah agreed to invest in the terminal if oakland agrees to move coal through it. so without that money developers are saying the whole project could be in jeopardy. an east bay man is in jail tonight accused of stealing packages off front porches. police arrested 42-year-old david price wednesday when someone spotted him in north concord. he is the man seen in this video going up to a concord house grabbing a package and taking off. the homeowner ran after him and fried to stop him. stop-- tried to stop him. nearly a million people are expected to jam into golden gate park this weekend for the hardly strictly bluegrass festival. here's the overhead view this afternoon as the crowds began to pour in. all the fun and free music all weekend means a lot of traffic. andria borba went to golden gate park tonight and says
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police supera message. supera-- have a message. >> reporter: it's that time of year when golden gate park pulls on its cowboy boots and takes bluegrass for a spin. >> i love bluegrass, but i think that any live music is amazing of. >> reporter: harm strictly bluegrass, a san francisco -- hardly strictly bluegrass, a san francisco since 2001 is known for two things. it's free and big crowds with up to 750,000 expected this year. >> i always like variety because it kind of eases into the weekend. you don't come out and you're suddenly faced with hundreds of thousands of people. you kind of get eased in. >> reporter: in the midst of a car burglary epidemic citywide sfpd sent out this tweet warning music lover they won't be the only ones converging on stages scattered around golden gate park and don't want anyone singing the first concert blues. with over 100 bands slated the
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festival has become a tradition for some. >> my dad started taking me and he come up once in a while. >> reporter: and a reason to celebrate for others like this couple. >> me and her just got married on monday, yeah. so we kind of plan it actually around hardly strictly. we love it because it's free. it's beautiful music, beautiful people. >> that was andria borba reporting there. 1,800 bucks to rent this bunk bed, where is that money going and what the san francisco landlord is admitting to us tonight. >> they survived the valley fire, but now time is running out for a lot of these lost pets, the deadline to save their lives. >> a new app that's like yelp but for people. you can rate friends, even your ,,,,,,,,t is it a good idea?
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a bunk bed in a shared room
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going for $1,800 a month. a few weeks ago we were the first to show you san francisco's latest housing trend. after the landlord saw our piece he finally agreed to sit down with mark kelly in order to as he put it set the record straight. >> i have zero to do with any of that. >> reporter: fergus o'sullivan said he knew nothing about what was going on in his own building in san francisco's mission district until he saw our report. we found 30 people bunging together in tight -- bunking together in tight quarters, many four to a room. the building administrator told us she couldn't confirm the room's size or not because inspectors couldn't go in and inspect unless there's a complaint. >> for san francisco housing guidelines that is not within their housing guidelines of. >> reporter: he said he's
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going to see to it that his tenant victor who advertises the bunk beameds on airbnb removes any excess -- beds on airbnb removes any excess beds. we wanted to ask victor about that, but he wasn't home and no one could tell us where to find him. >> the only thing he cares about is money. >> reporter: but what about karen towers? she blames fergus for forcing her out on the streets when he bought the building. >> there is clearly no reason why this lady should be homeless. >> reporter: he paid her and two roommates the highest real estate buyout in san francisco history and we confirmed this. >> she was fully aware of her rights. the squeaky wheel gets the grease and she clearly, clearly got the grease. >> reporter: something karen doesn't argue with. >> i wasn't going to high tail it out of there for nothing. >> reporter: some tenants left much faster. >> some were happy to take it to move out of town, even buy a house in another part of town. it would help their downpayment. >> tenants take buyouts because
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they feel they have no more options. >> reporter: jennifer weaver is with the san francisco tenants union. >> we've heard a lot of stories about harassment and sort of bullying tactics from him. >> reporter: she estimates fergus' multiple real estate transactions have displaced more than 100 lower income residents. back on south van ness version fergus told us he expects to have no problem renting out the last three units in karen's old apartment building for 10 grand apiece. >> will they be kids or something? i don't know. we don't discriminate. anyone can rent it. >> reporter: in san francisco mark kelly, cbs5. >> so how much money is a landlord making off this hacker house? $30,000 a month and once the last three units are rented out he will be making $60,000 a month in rent on that building alone. well, there is a new app out there that's like yelp for humans. it's called people and betty yu shows us it allows viewers to
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give one to five stars to anyone they know, personally, professionally or romantically. >> we want you to get those rock star comments by all the people that love you of. >> reporter: san francisco- based co-founder julia cordre and her best friend nicole mccullough created the app because they wanted a way to research strangers. >> you're going to be able to really find out who someone is before you invite them into your life. >> reporter: set to release next month the app allows people to create a profile for themselves or anyone you have a cell phone number for. anyone can post a rating or comment to that profile positive or negative, though bad reviews aren't immediately posted. anonymous reviews aren't allowed. >> freedom of speech is cool, but at the same time i feel like you should respect people's space and i feel like this is kind of a little intrusive. >> reporter: this week critics slammed the app online for encouraging cyber bullying.
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all the negative attention even caused the app's website to crash yesterday. >> i think the people who are most motivated to write a rating about you is someone who doesn't like you and that could be trouble. >> reporter: cnet senior editor bridget carey says that could mean defamation or lie bell. you can't compact -- or libel. you can't exactly say anything. profanity and racism and sexism are banned on the app. >> everybody is judged on a daily basis, so you have to. i think it's just human nature. so maybe this is the next step. >> reporter: julia insists people is a positivity app. constant complainers will see their own star ratings drop. >> kind of encourage you to be a positive person. you're pointing out good attributes of other people. >> reporter: in san francisco betty yu, kpix5. >> wow. just wow. >> the founders say the controversy has actually attracted some potential investors.
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good luck. weather time, friday night, knocking on the weekend's door and we have ourselves a beautiful sun set to show you. i would give a good rating to this, take a peek outdoors show you a view from the golden gate, yes, there's a marine layer out there. some fog may encroach on the coastline later today, but we are clear right now, great shot of the pyramid, nice start to your weekend, concord 55, santa rosa 51, san jose 57 degrees tomorrow. maybe you're heading to tahoe. it is going to rain there this weekend, a chance of showers tomorrow evening, highs upper 60s, better chance of showers sunday morning 64. things are changing and even if you don't get the rainfall, you may get the wind in the north bay hills starting this time tomorrow night, sustained winds 30 to 40 miles per hour, some downed trees, drought stressed trees, could go down tomorrow night as a result of the wind. what's going to cause that? not this ridge of high pressure that gave us the calm weather
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today and will again tomorrow. it's going to retreat off to the west and a new area of low pressure will slide down interstate 5 and make it to the bay area tomorrow night, sunday morning. here's what's going to happen. saturday sunny, mild, calm. sunday, cloudy, cooler, breezy to windy and also a chance of showers in the morning, so a big difference between weekend day no. 1 and weekend day no. 2. the better day to get outside will be tomorrow because it will be a hold onto your hat sunday. highs tomorrow really comfortable. san jose sunshine for you, 80 degrees, san mateo 72, union city 74, fremont 75. danville 76 sunshine, pittsburg 82, martinez, benicia around 80, 67 bodega bay, 82 degrees clearlake. chance of showers sunday morning. next week we dry it out, 70s near the bay with 80s inland but hold onto your lats on sunday.
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all of our legendary racing heritage. all of our pioneering four wheel drive experience. come together in one amazing new vehicle. this is the all-new gle coupe. a mercedes-benz suv with the heart and soul of a race car. well, tonight the clock is ticking for all the dogs, cats, the livestock that survive the valley fire. >> they survived the flames but may not make it out of the county animal shelter. lake county animal control has set october 17th as the deadline for owners to pick up their animals. unclaimed pets will go into the general population to be adopted out or euthanized. >> everything is going to be done working with the other organizations to try and make sure that all these animals get
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rehomed. >> lake county said it will do whatever it can to put down fire rescues, but the shelter has a 46% kill rate. animals that can be adopted will be available the end of the month. >> let's hope somebody gets up there and gets those little kitties and doggies out of there and they find good homes for them. absolutely. speaking of homes, giants and a's are finding some early vacation homes for a couple of days, playing at the string saying adios to the season this weekend and how is this for 49er body language? >> anquan boldin, torrey ,,,,
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bank of the west sports report is next on kpix5. >> baseball up top, show's over this weekend. it's giants, a little unfinished business, matt duffy congrats, rookie named most inspirational player better known as the willy mack award winner. visiting rockies scored five runs in the 3rd inning. that didn't help. nolan arenado the beneficiary, 4-1 colorado and corey dickerson went deep. classic two-run blast. rockies won the game, final of 9-3. barry zito, what's his post baseball future? a's in seattle, 2-2 8th inning and then danny valencia said
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oh, yeah? two run big fly. final week started off for the a's a 4-2 victory. football 49ers, what now? eight to 10 point underdog to the packers sunday after a loss to the cardinals. coach tomsula says yeah, the team is disappointed, but we don't have time to dwell on it. >> what do you want me to tell you, there's no frustration? i'm not going to lie to you, buddy. i walk through the door. i'm frustrated. you're frustrated. everybody is frustrated. it's where you go with it. some people have the ability to go all week being frustrated or get into wednesday being frustrated. the bottom line, the guys in this building don't have this luxury. >> you know who is not frustrated? the raiders. they're in chicago now for sunday's game. they are a road favorite. the raiders are a favorite on the road. i didn't stutter.
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first time they've been favorites on the road since september of 2012. >> all right. >> i'll be joining them. >> somebody is going to win this sunday. we know that. >> that's right. >> we'll be right back. have a good trip, by the way.
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the late show with stephen colbert is up next. colbert is up next. >> have a great weekend! ,,,,,,,
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