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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  October 5, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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officer in the hospital. fternoon, . san francisco police have yet to find the burglary suspect responsible for putting an sf police officer in the
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hospital. hi, i'm -- [ indiscernible ] >> i'm michelle griego. the officer is recovering from serious injuries after he was pinned from two cars overnight. kpix 5 has more on the dispatch calls. [ indiscernible ] a high-rate of speed. -- heading into the -- >> the call came in around midnight. a possible car burglary in a neighborhood. >> and i went oh, my gosh, that is our neighborhood. >> and considered very safe and quiet around here. >> reporter: san francisco police show up. one officer gets out to investigation and that is when -- investigate and that is when the suspect inside the white bmw drives into the officer, pinning them. >> oh! help! [ indiscernible ] code 33. >> reporter: she heard the whole thing happen. >> i heard it like revving and then a crash. >> reporter: merrill avenue is
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no easy street to maneuver, narrow with cars along the street. despite that, the suspect tried to get away and hit the police car. he was arrested shortly after. >> and it was shocking and close to me house. >> reporter: for the officer who was pinned by the car, he suffered broken ribs and some leg injuries. the police tell us he's expected to be okay. in san francisco, kate for kpix 5. and two other people have been detained for questioning. the city of san jose struck out. today, the supreme court announced it would not look at the city's antitrust case against major league baseball. mlb refused to allow the as to relocate to the city. the giants claim that santa clara property is part of it. >> and we have so much in the revitalization downtown and to take advantage of this moment as we have from tech companies and entertainment centers and i
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think this is a great opportunity. >> he added while the city is not seeking other professional sporting teams, it would consider using the space for a stadium if the team paid for it. a suspect in a high-profile abduction will be arraigned on kidnapping charges this afternoon. the 38-year-old is accused of breaking into a couple's home in march and restraining the man and abducting the woman. at first, the police thought the whole thing was a hoax. and the community -- is open today but not for classes and students and staff will be able to retrieve belongings. the authorities are still investigating thursday's mass shooting where a gunman killed 9 people. yesterday, the community came together to pray for the victims and show their support for the survivors. >> and we did not want to be a part of the sandy hook club, but we're new members.
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the senior members are taken care of. >> and police say the shooter gave an envelope to a student. law enforcement officials have not released anything found on the flash drive. and today, students return to school in tuolumne the first time sheriff's investigators had a list of students and staff to shoot and the four have confessed and today is being held with the entire student body to talk about what happened. today, the community of santa cruz is remembering mattie middleton. and she's murdered in july. the festivities begin at harvest west park at 4:00 p.m. they will feature a petting zoo, face painting and -- [ indiscernible ] and 16-year-old nolan
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buchanan is accused of killing his father, the fiance and his half-brother. and newly released surveillance video shows a violent home invasion in san francisco. the images from last monday show a man struggling with an armed robber in a garage. the victim finally managed to snap the handgun from the robber who was able to run off. and police hope someone will recognize the suspect in the video. and four firefighters sharing their experience last month and that they were forced to take shelter. they struggled to get out of their branches. the heat was intense, it melted and they had to share branches. and all are expected to recover. and meanwhile, the mean set aside is going unspent.
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property owners paid more than $300 million but the fiscal year ended in more than $40 million is left leave. some say the state is holding on to it despite a class-action lawsuit filed by critics who say that fee is an illegal tax. >> and can they do it again? the golden state warriors begin their quest for back-to-back world titles -- times. here's more on that preview of the night's event from san jose. >> reporter: and the war areas will be showing a lot of love tonight with the first 10,000 fans through the door at sap center and getting a bobble head doll of seth curry. why not? the world champion warriors will be suiting up the first time since the big win. at the end of last season, the last time we saw the team was last week where is they said the offseason was sweet and they suspected visiting schools, volunteering and doing community service for green, and winning the championship was amazing and so was the
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wedding of the teammate. >> and going to his wedding was the most fun i have had in a long time and that was pretty amazing. >> and it was the first time we had been together since the championship. >> reporter: the tipoff is at 7:30 tonight. >> san francisco's 35th annual fleet week is underway. and they arrived in oakland yesterday. >> and fly in extremely close formation and that takes a lot of practice.
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>> they delighted the crowds yesterday in san diego. and fleet week kicks off today and you can catch the blue angels friday through saturday and takes place on sunday and next men. devastating images out of south carolina where the state is experiencing some of the worst floods in their history. we'll take you there. >> and pricing at disneyland could change. they could save you a few bucks. >> and from our kpix weather center and some blue skies for the blue angels and we have your weather forecast as the news continues here on kpix 5. they deal ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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flooding in state hi . south carolina's governor is warning people to stay home as they deal with some of the worst flooding in state history. several people had to be rescued from submerged cars and flooded homes and there is concern the number will rise. 1300 national guard troops are responding and a vessel believed to have sunk near the bahamas was carrying 33 people and at that point, joaquin was a category four tropical storm. the coast guard found survival and lifeboats and no sign of survivors. and chewers have something to worry about. the main cables are vulnerable
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to corrosion and these run diagonally from the top of the tower. rain water has been leaking and a -- that photos show white rock, indications of a protective coating that it might be wearing off. >> the problem is that when you have corrosion, you have lots of metal. >> and caltransreleased a statement saying, quote, corrosion protection is an issue on every steel brim and all cables that hold up all bridges are vulnerable. the decision can come down on whether corporate shuttle buses are here to stay in san francisco. the buses that bring ems to the work places have gone a -- got 18 a number of complaints. the report is due to be released later and shows the program has exceded concerns and the agency will decide whether to make the program
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permanent. a good day for the market and you can see the dow is up about 305 points. >> i know. >> and american a pairet filed for bankruptcy protect. the company lost customers in recent years and over accusations of sexual harassment. and disney might be taking a queue from shooter. >> and under the demand based structure, tickets would cost less on slower days and extra or more restrictions on busy area days and all in an attempt to help make the park less crowded. they have been in record levels in recent years. >> and we they could help make it more affordable for middle class families if they're willing to visit on slower days
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and weekdays as well. >> and keeps getting more and more expensive. >> wow. >> yeah. >> and hi, roberta. >> and -- okay. you know when i know it's a good looking day outside, when i have few weather watchers looking in and let's look at the numbers. we're checking in from steve at 75 and dana checked in from novato at state and -- 78 and that it's perfect weather now and can you see that? it's flat. the 60s and 70s and this is the scene from our mount ham cam and lots of clear skies and the coast is clear and this is some haze in the atmosphere and as we head into the university of
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california and berkeley, lawrence hall of designs looking into the bay and it was simple. a tinge of hayes in the atmosphere. otherwise, mild temperatures over the weekend and yesterday alone, thousands and thousands of lightning strikes and we have light precipitation and so, this area of low pressure gradually eases to the east and the high pressure filters into the west and 80 degrees to the state capitol; 77, fresno and a mild day in the central valley. and 89 degrees and ready and shaving off 24 minutes and that is a sun up at 7:10 and this is
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your temperatures tomorrow. sixtys and 70s, the 70s in the inland areas and some low 80s. and this is your extended forecast and bumping the temperatures up on wednesday and the forecast is never too early to start talking about what? the weekend. the temperatures are 74. the blue angels and they take flight across the bay area. i want you to join me. you can be one of my weather watchers. watchers to find out what you need to help me out. i need you,. >> and they were all playing today? >> perfect weather. >> and i ask them to write observing as. as dana was in novato, perfect
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weather and bye. >> right? >> thanks so much. and as you go through college caring for a sick parent. >> we'll introduce you to this student riding the bus. next. >> and questions about the health and well-being. we'll have the pet expert give you an answer every friday at noontime. we'll be right back. here at humana, we value sticking with things. when something works, people stick with it. more people stick with humana medicare advantage. because we stick with them.
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humana medicare advantage. the plan people stick with.
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you might imagine. ents . growing up poor and being the first in the family to -- the first in the family to go to college is hard to imagine. >> 2/3 leave school. one student rising above school but did it while caring for her dieing mother. >> melissa -- [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: when melissa graduated from san jose state, the one person she wanted to share it with was not there. >> i think i lied in the fantasy she would always be there sick, but there. and then one day she wasn't. >> reporter: graduating assuma cum laude was the beginning of her accomplishments and she
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went into a good job at a pr firm. her biggest achievement may have been during the first year of college when she became the caretaker for her mom. >> her memory was not the best toward the end and so just making sure she took her meds want she had to take them three times a day. >> i have every in seen anything like that or someone her age. she was 19 and she was literally doing the hospice care for her mother. >> reporter: this was the first time she was with her mom at the hospital. just a baby in her arms. they were poor and living month- to-month in downtown san jose. she was 14 when the doctorsel to her mom she didn't have long to live. it was an immune disorder. >> melissa's mom came to the church and she was really looking for a family for her daughter. >> reporter: she found that family in javier and lorna luera and their kids.
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>> she loved her daughter so much, she wanted to make sure that melissa was going to be okay. >> she would tell me over and over you have to let people in. you have to let people help you. because they don't know how. >> reporter: tammy lived long enough to see her daughter graduate from high school. she died in 2011. >> she was my best friend. that was the worst day of my life. >> reporter: but melissa did have a family. >> it meant the world that, you know, a family would take me in and love me as their own. >> reporter: and in her last year of college, melissa entered a student film contest with the five-minute film on foster kids. the film won honors in the national campus movie fest. it was sent to hollywood and it was shown at the international cannes film festival. >> indescribable. there are no words. >> reporter: her film is called
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"more than a number." wendy takuda, kpix 5. >> to help students like melissa go to college and beyond, go to >> we will switchgears now. and fall is a great time to add a bit of festive flavor to your meals. >> we have more on pomegranates and how to make the most of them while they last. >> and think the day -- today is going to be a pomegranate. fall is in the air and it's one of the words that come around for three or four months during the fall and then they go away and come back. the pomegranates are out and they're big by now, wonderful and loaded with juice. it's important. when you buy them, the red around is important. if it has a little cracking to them, it's okay. the seeds are littered with juice and heavy for the sides. when you bring them home, store them on the counter. they hold them well but they're messy. they are and they can stain a
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few items. let me tell you. the best way to cut them up, cut them in fours, open it up inside the water. all of the seeds will go to the bomb bottom and it will float to the top. get a cool ander and scoop up the seeds. that is it. it's simple. pomegranate, a super food. they're great for us, too. i'm tony tantino, your grocer. a quick tip for the juice on the kitchen counter, run hard. you will hear the seeds break up. a knife, 52ec a knife and put a -- poke a knife and push out the juice. >> too much work? >> no. >> and if you have a consumer problem or question, e-mail our hotline at ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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flight from san francisco to michigan. the door flew off the plane mid- flight! hea fr a terrifying emergency on a flight from san francisco to michigan. the door flew off of the plane. you can hear the frantic moment the pilot realized what happened. >> have a good one.
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>> ridge: thomas? >> caroline: i'm so sorry. >> ridge: no, i don't believe any of it. that's my son. he wouldn't do that, i mean... you wouldn't do that to me. >> caroline: i'm so sorry. >> thomas: do you think i'm proud of myself? >> steffy: i have no clue what to think. you punched our dad in the face. how could you do something like that? and do not say it's because dad was hard on you.


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