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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  October 8, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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that the 3 suspects arreste the murder of a marin county hiker.. have also now been rested in the murder just moments ago, we learned that the three suspects arrested in the murder of a marin county hiker have also been arrested in the murder of a young tourist in golden gate park. >> we're getting our first good look at the three suspects described as drifters. these are their mug shots just released tonight. 24, 23, and 18 years old. they are all being held in an oregon jail tonight.
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police arrested them yesterday coming out of this community dining hall in portland upon receiving notification that three suspects had been taken into custody. investigators flew out to portland. they found property in the suspects' possession belonging to 23-year-old audrey carey. she was found beaten to death sunday morning. she was here on a backpacking trip. the suspects are also charged with the murder of a marin county therapist, steve carter. a slow and thorough search sir francis drake boulevardn fairfax this morning. victim's >> reporter: a slow and thorough search of sir francis drake boulevard in fairfax this morning. a good samaritan found the victim's wallet, and volunteers are hoping to track down more
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evidence. investigators found a handgun used in the murder when officers arrested the suspects in portland, oregon, yesterday. >> it is my opinion that this was a crime of opportunity, as opposed to one directed at the individual of >> reporter: they still don't know yet suspects shot and killed steve carter, hiking with his dog on a pop urm trail. investigators say after they killed him, they took his wallet and drove off with his car. aside from video, it was the gps technology that led them to the suspect in portland. the suspects are drifters and don't have permanent addresses. >> it appears that we have three lost soul. >> reporter: they feel for the victim's wife, fighting breast cancer. >> i can't even begin to express this. the family was already experiencing tragedy. to have this event on top of that, just unimaginable.
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>> reporter: it's unknown how they obtained the gun. all three are facing a number of charges. >> ure sister station in portland reports the suspects have signed extradition waivers and will be brought back to california. spencer stone who helped stop a terror attack is recovering after he was stabbed in a brutal bar fight. joe vasquez is live for us in sacramento. >> reporter: sacramento police say they want to make it absolutely clear that had nothing to do with terrorism and nothing to do with his heroic deeds in france. instead, this was a bar fight that spilled out into the streets of sacramento and was caught on camera. ved on a french >> reporter: in the surveillance video, you can see the brawl break out into the street. that's spencer stone in the white shirt. he was with a group of people
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but appears to be fending off several men all by himself. >> it was like six on one, they were fighting back and forth. >> reporter: dodges and some punches, lands some of his own. one of the men gets behind him and lunges. this appears to be the man who stabbed him. spencer continues to fight off his attackers, apparently unaware that he had been knifed. you see a dark blotch growing on his own shirt. a few more punches, then spencer walks away. when police arrived, he was losing blood, and they were worried at first he was going to die. >> subject laying on the ground. stab wounds. >> reporter: spencer is still recovering from the other stab wind, the one he received on a french train last month. >> he just kept pulling weapons left and right. >> reporter: the sacramento police released this video showing two men that might be the suspects getting into a
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black toyota camry. the suspect was so anxious he almost drove off without the other guy. police are scouring midtown sacramento looking for more surveillance video and hoping to talk to more witnesses. >> reporter: spencer was stabbed three times in his upper body. he underwent two hours of surgery. he was sedateded but it looks like -- sedated, but he's going to pull through. another employee of the liquor store across the street saw the whole thing he want told reporter nick james it started when airman stone stepped in to defend a woman. >> i was standing out front. i heard an argument going of >> reporter: working the late shift at a&p liquor, eric stood on a street corner watching an argument turn into a fight. >> they left the club together or knew each other.
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>> reporter: it looked like a young woman was fighting with her boyfriend. the liquor store employee figured the fireworks were just about ever. >> arguing, hem laws fighting, but we didn't think they were going to fight. then i heard the hit. >> reporter: he says the guy hit by the woman with a bag punch herd in the face. spencer stone got in the middle of it. >> the big dude, the white guy stood up and got in his face of >> reporter: an ensuing brawl, stone was outnumbered and stabbed several times. he didn't cry out in pain or stumble. >> he didn't look hurt at the time. he was walking with his arms up. i saw on the back of his shirt, a big red mark. and there was another person who walked by, and said i think you got stabbed. >> reporter: the woman got into a car and left, not with
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stone but with a suspect. >> the suspects are still on the run. stone's first brush with death came in august. a get shot i'm dead." the suspect ended up stabbi stone with a box- cutter. sn >> this guy just kept pulling weapons left and right. pulled another handgun. it seemed like he had pointed it backward and clicked it at my head, it wasn't working together. >> the suspect ended up stabbing stone with a box cutter. stone was hospitalized with injuries to his neck and thumb. stone's friend and fellow hero alex skarlatos tweeted "everybody send prayers to the stone family" q. a bay area dad accused of crashing his car, running from the cop, and leaving his badly injured child behind. the chase started in san leandro and ended in oakland where he crashed and ran.
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his child will need surgery. no word on what he was wanted for. hearing for months that a whopper of an el niño is on its way this winter! >> forecasters say there's almost no doubt that el niño will persist through the winter and into the spring. specifically a 95% chance that it will be around all the way into march and likely weaken after that. the southern half of the u.s. gets more rain. the northern half of the u.s. not as much. we're the dividing line in northern california. a nudge either way, and the track of incoming storms can make a huge difference. and we're waiting on an important update on the latest long-range presip forecast to give us clues about what to expect. cipforecast to give us clues about what to expect. water officials in the
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east bay are warning thousands of megawater user, they're going to find you and fine you. the limit, 1,000 gallons a day. go over and you get penalized $2 per unit. >> the penalty is meant to bring home that message that we're in a drought, there is a limit. and really our focus is on making sure that we have enough water. >> east bay mud expects up to 5,000 customers will face fines. the rivalry between lift and uber is getting nasty. new allegations a top executive at lift helped attack uber's driver database. someone used a security key to download important data for 50,000 drivers. two anonymous sources are telling reuters, the ip address comes back to lift chief
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technology -- lift's chief technology officer. but there is no way to confirm that. uber is not commenting. lift tells reuters it looked into this and concluded there's no evidence that anyone at lift has anything to do with the breech. these two men are behind bars in santa clara, accused of stealing an ipad, backpack, and drone last month from a store. you can see them running in and clearing the shelves. they were able -- police were able to recover the goods. a man who pulled out a houdini-like escape from the santa clara jail has been on the run for more than 30 hours. he somehow got away from them and ran off, still in
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handcuffs. police searched the area for hours but couldn't find him. house republicans are scrambling to find a replacement after kevin mccarthy left them speech little. >> i think i shocked some of you. >> house republicans had gone into a closed door meeting when the frontrunner told them he was pulling out. >> if we're going to unight and be strong, we need a new face to help do that. te and be strong, we need a new face to help do that. >> we would have gotten 90%. >> speaker john boehner who had thrown his support behind mccarthy has postponed the vote to replace him for now. boehner announced his resignation under pressure from conservatives. he is scheduled to leave at the end of the month. mccarthy says his comments linking the benghazi select committee to hillary clinton's poll numbers helped lead to his
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decision. >> that wasn't helpful. >> his decision ends a race that now has no clear frontrunner. >> our conference is going to have to do a lot of deep soul- searching. >> colleagues say his endorsement will be closely watched. >> i believe he's going to be the most influential voice as to who we can get to 218. >> he is expected to stay on as house majority leader. john boehner will stay on until a new speaker is chosen. >> boehner asked paul ryan to step up and run but he is not interested. a suspected cat-napper arrested in san jose. neighbors tell us his dad used to be on the city's police force. >> questions tonight about airport security. how did a san jose guy mag manage to get through f, if o
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with 100 pounds of pot and not get caught? ,,,,,,,,
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tonight in the murder of a n county therapist. police have ame a stunning new development tonight in the murder of a marin county therapist. police have just arrested the same suspects seen here for the murder of a tourist in golden gate park. they were taken into custody yesterday in portland, oregon. police say they have items belonging to 23-year-old audrey cary, a canadian backpacker found beaten to death in golden gate park over the weekend. homicide investigators from san francisco flew to portland after noticing accelerates between the two cases. including that both victim were shot and both were shot and killed in wooden areas. new details about the
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arrest of a serial cap-napping subject tonight. >> reporter: the suspected cat- napper was arrested here in the hillsdale avenue parking lot. neighbors tell us he's the same man seen in surveillance video trying to steal more cats. [ crying ] >> reporter: miriam martinez is talking about her cat, reserved nine years ago. her face is on posters all around the neighborhood. yesterday she got a call from san jose police. thumper was found dead in a parking lot nearby. >> knowing somebody could have tortured my poor cat. [ crying ] >> reporter: miriam fierce this man may have something to do with her cat's death. police arrested robert farmer in this home depot parking lot
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early this morning. he was sleeping inside his car, next to a dead cat. investigators say he matches the description of a cat-napper seen in this video. this tabby hasn't been seen since. >> it seems like terrorism by somebody killing people's fishes. that's what cats and dogs are. >> reporter: it's happened more than once on camera. >> he had come into a neighborhood down the street and was trying to stuff a cat into a backpack. the other cat got out. >> reporter: those cats are safe. miriam is waiting for the necropsy results. >> i speak for a bunch of cat owners. we need some closure. [ crying ] >> reporter: robert farmer has been booked into the santa
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clara county jail on one count of felony animal cruelty. neighbors tell us that his father is a retired officer with the san jose police department. ken from an animal in san francisco, a hunt for this stolen puppy taken from an animal shelter. his name is louis. he's only two months old but somebody swiped him this afternoon. here's some surveillance photos. she was accompanied by this man. anybody with information asked to call animal care and control. a san jose man coming from sfo was busted in boston with 100 pounds of pot. according to authorities, this drug-sniffing canine detected the nairn in the man's luggage after they got a tip. police later found the pot packed in heat-sealed plastic wrap. he was arrested on suspicion of
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trafficking marijuana. if you were in san francisco today, surely you heard, yep, that sound! the blue angels. back for fleet week. and this time they come with a band. the buzz will be enforcing a no drone zone around the air shows. violators could be fined $10,000. the airmen are looking forward to wowing the crowds with their aerial acrobatics. >> you have so many opportunities to fly down in awesome cities all over the country. and to go to an iconic place like san francisco is amazing. >> there was a brief scare in the air today. one pilot had to touch down at oakland airport after reporting engine trouble but it turned out to be nothing serious and hewent right back up.
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in south carolina, a bear caught wandering through a neighborhood. >> crystal cruz tells us it is the second time in a week. >> reporter: a bear in a tree brought out all the looky loos. >> it's a bear, i said don't go outside. they won't bother you. >> reporter: the bear hung out for a few hours at robert's home. >> went to the pool, drink of water, went behind the garage. i thought it was great. >> reporter: just last week in this same neighborhood, jules, the french bulldog, went toe to toe with two bears! >> she was relaxing on the porch and taking naps. and next thing you know, two bears come in the yard. and she wasn't having it. >> reporter: her owner posted the video online and the dog became a sensation because she
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live the up to every bit of her breed, showing the bears who's boss. >> she plays with lizards and chases butterflies and hangs around with peacocks. i don't know where you were at 6:42 pm tonight. our photographer in san jose caught this beautiful shot of the final approach to the san jose airport. and another one of our crews was looking at san francisco. the skies beautifully painted there with high clouds being ripped off the subtropics and moving over the bay area today. the numbers tomorrow will be warmer than today by a tick or two. and that's about it. if only the bay bridge looked like that every day. [ laughter ] >> pretty clear right now. high pressure still in command of the eastern pacific. they're
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getting rain up in seattle this time of year. by the time it gets to the bay area, the breath has been knocked out of it. high pressure, warm temperatures, staying through the weekend. cooler on saturday and sunday. no tremendous changes. the numbers come down a little bit. warming up again on monday and tuesday. the high clouds out of the picture. temperature, increasing sunshine, and maybe a few low clouds along the shore. aside from that, more sun and warmer temperatures for friday in the bay area. here's how we will sum it up. warm tomorrow, warmer monday and tuesday next week, no rain on the horizon. forecast highs 72 in the city. concord 86. warmer than average with temperatures in the mid-80s in the south bay. a very pleasant
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day on the way for the bay area tomorrow. we'll cool it off a little bit on saturday and sunday. overall, fairly typical october weather. net flix raises its prices, and the new ways to share how you really feel on facebook. >> and on the late show with steven colbert, kate blanchet, and the dartmouth college football delegates. ,, it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer. but only a few commands to master depositing checks
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at chase atms. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank.
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the los gatos- based streamg service is raising the costf its st netflix is kicking its prices up a notch. the streaming service is raising the cost of its standard plan from $8.99 a month to $9.99. current subscribers won't see prices go up until next year. angry, excited. [ laughter ] >> facebook is rolling out a new feature that lets users do something like this. >> it goes beyond the like
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button. they call it reactions. users can use emojis depicting things such as love, happiness, sadness. reactions is only available in spain and ireland right now. but we could see it in a couple of weeks. 49ers will be without one of their key players for sunday's game in new york. an ex49er comes up big on thursday night football. ,,,,,,,,,,
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minister... toronto star and former athc josh donaldson left the gamt the blue jayed played their first playoff game since kim campbell was prime minister. [ laughter ] >> josh donaldson, concussion negative on that. the rangers line a solo home run off david price. texas wins game 1, 5-3. houston and kansas. no home cooking so far.
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not go as well as the astro indy's frank gore scores fr three-yards out, he ran for8 and the colts be texans' night did not go well with the astros. frank gore scoring. ran for 98 yards on 22 carries. the colts beat the texans 27- 20. ahmad brooks will miss sunday's game after his sister passed away after a battle with lupus. 23rd ranked cal will visit utah on saturday in a match-up of the only undefeated teams in the pac-12. >> when you get coffee in the morning, maybe those people are nicer to you than they used to
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be. >> he's not paying for coffee. [ laughter ] >> if he wins this saturday night, he won't be paying for dinner. if they win, they shoot up the rankings. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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our next newscast is tomorr
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