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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  October 11, 2015 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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two people on board. and tot we're learning: it wa small plane slams into a house in south lake tahoe killing the two people onboard tonight we're learning it was registered to a bay area man. >> now the names of the victims have not been released but the faa says the plane belongs to an oakley man named konrad yu. the plane went down after taking off from lake tahoe airportment a couple was inside the home with their dog when the crash happened. they had just sat down to have some wine when they heard an explosion. the house shook and they saw tree branches falling and flames. they got out of the house and saw the burning wreckage a few
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feet away. they feel lucky to be alive. >> we were thinking 10 feet this way, 20 feet that way and it would have come right into the house. it was pretty scary. >> investigators are looking into what went wrong. a cyclist is dead after being struck by a muni bus in san francisco this afternoon. happened about 3:30 on mark street between sutter and battery. police are still on the scene at this hour. there aren't a whole lot of details what happened exactly but you can see a big police response. the bike was still lying in the middle of market street. the biker's body was over by one of the bus's tires. police have not said when the street will reopen. tonight cal admits one of its own professors violated the school's sexual harassment policy with students. park kelly found out the professor is a celebrity of sorts in science world. >> this new solar system.
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>>reporter: for cal professor jeffrey marcy after launching to the top of the as trombley profession sexual allegations could blow it out of this world. the weekend the new york times reports that four of the professor's former students accuse him of sexual harassment including groping them, kissing them and touching or massaging them. this summer cal administrators put the finishing touches on an internal investigation into a number of harassment incidents former students say happened between 2001 and 2010. here on cal's campus dr. jeffrey marcy has been a rising star in the as tron my department. administrators are allowing the professor to keep his job. a cal spokesperson told can -p i 5 he agreed to a expectations concerning his future interactions with students. if he failed he would be
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immediately be subject to sanctions including u.s. intentional or dismissal. he said did he not agree with each complaint that was made but he also wrote, i take full responsibility. mark kelly kpix5. >> he was not available to talk with his. his wife says she supports her husband. governor brown has vetoed a bill that would force california colleges to set tougher -- reporting campus sex crime stalking complaints. he has signed other new laws to address campus assaults. he did sign off on a bill strengthening mandatory vaccine laws it requires daycare workers to be immune knifed against the flu whooping cough and measles it requires daycares to keep immunization records for its employees and its volunteers. california is the first state in the makes to ban schools
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from using the team name -- the bill goes into effect in 2017. still a handful of public schools that use the name they are going to have to change it. now the biggest debate in washington, who will be the next speaker of the house. tonight it's still anyone's guess. but a bay area congressman tells our ann ann mack victim it could come down to a small group of local conservatives. wisconsin representative paul ryan isn't alone. last week majority leader kevin mccarthy shocked washington by suddenly withdrawing from the speaker's race moments before the vote. that's two weeks after current speaker john boehner announced his plans to resign. >> the electorate is getting pretty frustrated and i think that's being reflected by what's going on in congress right now. >>reporter: republican presidential candidates are weighing in on who might be the next leader. ryan is the only consistent
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name to come up. >> i think he doesn't want it very badly but you never know maybe he's playing one of the great games of all time. >>reporter: it's prestigious but 6 much of the speaker's job is getting -- to compromise. >> this small group is basically extorting the governments of the united states of america. >>reporter: democratic eastbound congressman spoke on kpix5 sunday morning. >> these people like attention and they are sort of political arsonists who get to go watch their work and put on tv. >>reporter: president obama took jabs at the republican party in san francisco this weekend. >> part of the reason that they have to make stuff up is because they are running on the very same policies that caused all the problems in the first place. >>reporter: the vice chair of california's republican party
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says california's delegation is staying above the fray. >> you can't get anything accomplished without compromise in politics that's the name of the game. >>reporter: current speaker john boehner had plans to leave congress on october 30th, but he's told republicans he will stay on until a new speaker is chosen. in the newsroom kpix5. >> congress is on a one week break right now. paul ryan is spending that time at home in wisconsin discussing his job prospects with his family. to the race for the white house. the democratic presidential debate is two days away and brian webb tells us a if you poll shows the same issue dogging both parties front runners. >>reporter: latest cbs poll shows they have trust issues with hillary clinton and donald trump. hillary scored 35% for being honest and trustworthy on the republican side trump comes lower at 33%. >> i happen to be an honorable guy. but one thing that's very
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important. when i go to new hampshire iowa and south carolina where i have very good numbers in terms of favor ability, you know why? because i'm there a lot. >>reporter: trump is still top dog in the republican race at 27% considered the strongest leader. but he and jeb bush have the highest unfavorable ratings among the republicans with bush dropping 11 points since august. ben carson running second to trump gets the best republican numbers for being honest and caring. carson told john dickerson why he believes congress is so dysfunctional. >> over the last few elections a lot of people have been sent to washington with the thought that maybe some changes could be made, and i don't think anyone is seeing any changes, despite her struggles clinton is still far ahead in the democratic race. holding on to 46% of primary voters compared to 27% for sanders and 16% for vice- president joe biden. if biden rubs he'll have a head
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start honor city finishing ahead of the candidates at 61%. clinton sanders and three other democrats will square off on tuesday in las vegas in the first of 6 scheduled debates. two men were shot to death in oakland last night just hours after president obama delivered this message at a san francisco fundraiser. >> we don't have to have young boys in oakland getting shot every day. we don't have to have kids in mass rooms feeling threatened because somebody's got an ak- 47. we don't need to have that. that's a voice we make. >> last night's shooting happened near 36th avenue and foothill boulevard. both victims died at the scene. police say they have a possible suspect but so far no arrests. east bay residents might notice their water tastes or smells different over the next few days. san francisco puc will be testing a recently repaired back up supply. the lower cherry ago which duct
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system was badly damaged in the rim fire a couple of years ago. starting wednesday customers will be getting some of that water so the utility can make sure the system is fully functional. still to come the planes are there but passengers can't get on. the computer glitch slowing southwest airlines traffic to a crawl tonight. >> maybe they should have booked a flight with the blue angels no slowing these guys down. another look at the stars of fleet week after a break. ,, ♪ great change comes from doing the right thing. like the radical idea
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that health isn't an industry. it's a cause. so we do things differently. we combine care and coverage. and believe prevention is the most powerful of cures. so forgive us for not going with the flow. we just think the flow should go with us. which makes us rebels with one cause. your health.
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officials say a computer prm is forcing them to check in passengers manually -- causg longer wait times. the company is . officials say a computer problem is forcing them to check in passengers manually causing longer wait times. the computer is urging customers to arrive at least two hours ahead of schedule. >> about an hour in the express line. so it hasn't moved in the last 30 minutes. so, going to be a long day. we decided that we might just good to the bar and drink for the rest of the day. >> so far the glitch has
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delayed about 500 flights nationwide including a few out of oakland. southwest is working to fix take problem. >> there were plenty of other planes in the skies over san francisco today. it was a little cloudy but the angels came through in fine style. the family us native jets performed this afternoon for a huge crowd gathered along the waterfront. the airshow is one of the highlights of the annual fleet week celebrations. and if you missed them today you'll have to wait until next year. fleet week wraps up tomorrow with ship tours running from 9:00 to 4:00. meanwhile in san jose it was music, face painting and food trucks for the city's festivities. the event was born in comp why as a way to fight crime by bringing communities together it translates to streets alive or long live the streets. the city shut down 6 miles of major thursday fairs for the event. the largest street closure in
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san jose's history. >> we call it open streets because this is not about shutting streaks streets down it's opening them up to alternative uses. >> another big attraction 9ers and raiders 8 combined lombardi trophies part of the super bowl l tour which brings the trophies to a different bay area location every weekend. with fleet week in town this is about the only thing moving on the streets of san francisco today italian hurt heritage on parade when we come got. >> we have pretty good weather as we see fog creeping in over the city right now. on the other hand a big warming trend. we've got the details after the i break. ,,,,,,,,,,
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francisco today. it started at fisherman's wharf -- and ended in north . the parade rolled through the streets of san francisco today it started at fisher man's wharf ended at north beach. floats on horde honored the accomplishments of italian americans. many north beach restaurants offeringal fresco dining. >> i wish i could have shown up. as we look toward the golden gate bridge low clouds and fog through the bridge. berkeley hills right out through the golden gate. you can see on this time lapse the fog creeping in through the bay. didn't spoil the show but it didn't help either. as we look toward the golden gate bridge this view towards
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the france america pyramid. concord 85 degrees. oakland 69 livermore 87. san francisco 62. still warm in santa rosa. 81 degrees. still have a pretty good rip current tonight. national weather service down at their beautiful home in monterey extended the beach hazards warning through tonight for rip currents because of that large northwesterly swell the product of hurricane 0 ho. be careful have a storm out there by ocean beach stip son beach to watch the sun sink slowly in the west. for tomorrow with good reason the the computer models high pressure is building in so it should swish the marine layer, swish that's meteorologistology 301 i think. marine layer out of existence. whether we're expecting is a double barreled high. the build in give us warm weather right through wednesday. high pressure warm temps, pop
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out of the mid-90s on tuesday but then latter half of the week. reasserts itself low clouds along the shore we'll cool to the 80s inland on thursday last flirtation with pretty warm weather in the bay area. heating up on monday. 95 degrees. inland by tuesday and cooling off by thursday, friday saturday. but we'll have one more hot spell coming up. travel forecast if you're heading down 99 to fresno, 95 degrees down there. 74 yosemite. lake tahoe 9 degrees. fog up there by eureka monterey overnight. overnight lows for us temperatures in the mid 50s for the most part with the sun coming up at 7:14 tomorrow morning. forecast highs warmer than usual for this time of year. 78 in the city. 88 in concord. 85 for san jose. down in the south bay it's warm. temperatures will be in the mid 80s tomorrow. eastbound the numbers are going to be mostly upper 80s near 90 degrees. 92 at fairfield 93 degrees at brentwood 87 degrees -- more
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sunshine tomorrow than we had to start out our sunday morning and it wasn't bad this morning at all. 90 in santa rosa. 87 for san rafael tomorrow. plenty warm in clear lake. clover dale 92 and 92 at windsor. extended forecast we're going to be looking for numbers to warm until tuesday we hit the mid-90s for wednesday thursday and friday we finally begin to really cool it off back into the low 80s. and speaking of really cooling it off, ladies and gentlemen mr. o'donnell. >> i'll give you some good news if you're an a's fan. a former athletic columns up big in baseball's postseason and charles woodson takes on peyton manning not once but twice would it translate into a raider victory the answer and reaction next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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. dennis did promise us good news but that's a little later on. >> i really felt that this was a game that the raiders not could have just won but could have started taking the football home in the bay area with the 49er problems right now. peyton manning joined the broncos denver has out scored the raiders 222 to 85. but could the guard be changing in the afc west. derek car coming off a disappointing loss in chicago. 1st quarter carr has time to throw and hits michael crabtree
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for gain of 25 yards. half of crabtree's catches for the game. the drive stalls. sebastian janikowski call. this should be automatic from 38 except it's blocked and the game stays scoreless. 3-0 denver. 2nd quarter marcel reece peeled off a blocker car found it raiders take 7-3 lead. somebody take a picture of the scoreboard because they don't lead very often. halftime panning throws a bad pass intended for daniels. picked off by charles woodson. they were drafted in the same year year. vaughn miller sacks car forces a fumble led to a field goal for denver. 9-7 broncos in the third woodson was getting greedy with interceptions. manning's pass throats towards the sideline woodson races in to make the interception. sea bass came in to kick a 40- yard field goal and this time
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he misses left. denver holds on to a 9-7 lead. 7 minutes ago 4th quarter back breaker by carr. he threw off his back foot into the hands of chris harris,, jr. 74-yard pick 6 for harris to give denver their first touchdown of the game. and they win 16-10 and extend their winning street to 8 against the raiders. >> there's no more or less victories for us. we feel we can compete with everybody, and we feel like we can win games, but we're young and we're learning. so we got to continue to grow now. >> i wouldn't say we kept up. i think that we played aggressive as a collective team. and we'll see them again. you know, so it's not over w. they may have won the first game but there's still another one. >> terrible news for the chiefs. jamaal charles suffers a torn acl and will miss the rest of the season.
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1st quarter jay cutler with a play expect out of jay cutler. sacked in the end zone. fumbles on his way down. wilson falls on it for a touchdown. but cutler would get the last laugh today. he hits matt forte for the game winning score with 18 seconds left. cutler throws two touchdowns in the final four minutes. the bears come back to beat the chiefs 18-17. seahawks richard sherman exchange,ing words with pete carroll in cincinnati what a shock. 3rd quarter seattle leading 10-7. thomas . marshawn lynch was hurt. 69-yard run. seattle led by as much as 17 points. bengals rally back. it's 24-21 mike nugent 31-yard field goal on the final play of regulation, and we're in overtime. in ot this for the win for nugent. it's up, watch it hits the bar, goes in and the bengals are 5-0 with a 27-24 victory.
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the astros hosted their first playoff game today since george w. bush was president. dallas keuchel on the mound 15- 0 at 'em this season. he made one mistake in 7 innings against kansas city. lorenzo cane solo shot over the signs left royals up 1-o. but the astros offense -- houston leading 3-1. there's a former athletic. chris carter. home run to make it 4-1. he was 3 for 3 in the game. houston wins 4-2 and they lead that series now 2 games to 1. president's cup south korea came down to sang-moon bae. bill has father's day was captain. he needed to win the hole for the international team but it rolls all the way back to him.
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haas sets him up for tap in birdie take gave the americans the win. they win 15.5 to 14.5 for their 6th straight president's cup title. nascar in charlotte putting on a show in the air as well as on the track. joey logano was biggest show pan of them all. he led 227 of the 334 laps enroute to his -- win of the year and logano takes over the lead in the points cup standings. >> that was nolan ryan. >> that was. >> you get so used to see him in your mind's eye. saw the pitcher on the mound. you go wow. >> he pitched until he was 90 years old. >> he was 47 wasn't he 47? >> was he that old 47? >> i think he pitched until he was 47. >> the weather and news guy telling the sports guy. thanks a lot. >> all about numbers. >> thanks for watching we'll see you back in in half an hour. cbs news is next.
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good night. ,,,,,,
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>> glor: new warning signs inthe latest cbs news polls show both frontrunners are now viewed negatively by more than half the public. also in politics a rare television interview with charles koch. trying to reach the communities cut off by the flooding in south carolina. a councilman in texas is tased by police while on his knees in the same town where a woman recently died in custody. and debut day for the national women's hockey yeah!. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news." >> good evening, i'm jeff glor with a western edition of the broadcast. a new cbs news poll out today shth


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