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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  October 11, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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into the house they were in. to e was . two people narrowly escape death in tahoe when a plane slams into the home they were
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in. and tonight we learn the plane was registered to main in the bay area. >> the crash happened about 5:00 yesterday just after the plane took off. the faa says the plane belongs to can rad yu of oakwood. martinez couple was inside the home when the plane went down. they had just poured themselves a glass of wine when they heard an explosion. they say the house shook the trees burned outside. when they made a run for it they saw the flaming wreckage of the plane practically there the front yard. >> we were thinking 10 feet this way, 20 feet that way, and it would have come right into the house. so, yeah, it was pretty scary. >> the two people in the plane were killed. names have not been released. the if it southbound is looking into the cause of the crash. a close call for some passengers heading from las vegas to fresno. one of the engines on this
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allegiant plane caught fire. firefighters had already doused the flames. passengers said they could see the fire and the crews putting it out, but the pilot told them nothing was wrong. no one was hurt. the passengers were put on another flight. that engine fire comes one months after an engine on a british airways plane caught fire in las vegas. investigators think an exploding compressor is the cause. the british airways jet was moments away from taking off for england. the fire erupted sending spoke and debris to the air. four years earlier the faa warned boeing there was a problem with the type of engine on that plane. now airlines are required to conduct regular inspections. a bicyclist is dead tonight after a collision with a muni bus. the crash happening before 3:30 this afternoon on market street between suter and battery. there was a large police
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response as officers closed on the street for the investigation. there's no word on what caused the collision. an astronomy professor at cal name up for a nobel prize is under fire for violating the university's sexual harassment policy with students. mark kelly has that story. >> this new solar system has an interesting architecture. >>reporter: after launching to the top of the as tron my profession its could blow all that hard work out of this world. this weekend the new york times reports that four of the professor's former students accuse him of sexual harassment including groping them kissing them and touching or massaging them. they put the finishing touches on an investigation students say happened in 2001 through
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2010. he has been a rising star in the astronomy department. administrators are allowing the professor to keep his job. a cal spokesperson told us that professor marcy agreed to abide by clear expectations concerning is future interactions with students. if he failed to meet those expectations he would be immediately subject to sanctions that could include suspension or dismissal. >> the first snapshots of these other plan et cetera -- is just this week he wrote to his colleagues that he did not agree with each complaint that was made, but he also wrote, i take full responsibility. in berkeley mark kelly kpix5. >> professor marcy said he was not available to talk with us. his wife told us she supports her husband. police at uc davis are investigating what they are calling a hate crime. 11 vehicles were vandalized early saturday morning in one of the university's parking lots. 8 tires were slashed five other cars were keyed with offensive
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religious slurs. a suspect was seen running from the area waving a black hoodie and black pants carrying a messenger style bag. people in the east bay may notice smelly tap water in the next few days. that's because starting today the sf public utilities commission will be using water exclusively from local reservoirs as they test a recently repaired back up supply. the lower cherry aqueduct system was badly damaged in the rim fire two years ago. starting wednesday customers will be getting some of that water so utility can make sure the system is fully functioning. if you didn't get a chance to see the blue angels this weekend, chances are you heard them. >> there was some fog in the bay but the blue angels still managed to put on quite a show for the thousands and thousands of people who gathered to watch. the airshow was part of san francisco's annual fleet week. for the second day in a row the team performed their
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aerobatics without a hitch. they run from 9:00 to 4:00. the super bowl mobile tour of champions exhibit made waits to the south bayda. but the trophies were almost an afterthought. julie water tells us about the festival that resulted in unprecedented street closures in san jose. music face painting an food trucks all the signs of a great community event. but this isn't your typical street fair. it's via kai a san jose. >> we're closing down the streets for the day to tell people to take back their communities they can be safe you can walk, you can bike. >>reporter: gut da explains it originated in colombia as a way to fight crime by bringing communities together. it translates to streets alive or long live the street. the events closed 6 miles of major san jose thoroughfare stretching to the business district and downtown to st.
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james park. event's organizer says don't use the word closed. >> we call it open streets because this is not about shutting streets down it's about opening them to alternative cryes. >>reporter: >>reporter: it allowed bikers skaters and families on foot to enjoy all the city has to offer. >> just enjoy the communities, the community itself. it's very cool. >>reporter: at the end of the route st. james park. the cornerstone featuring the super bowl l tour in a different spot every weekend. it hosts plenty of happening tilts including the imagination playground for kids for the grown-ups champions of the bay. the only place you'll see all 8 bay area lombardi trophies three from the raiders and five from the 9ers all in one location in a show of unity fitting since that was the organizer foresee acai a san jose say this event is all
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about. julie water kpix5. coming up a team name offensive to many is in the process of being phased out. in california any way. that's story's coming up. get ready to check your super lotto tickets. tonight someone in the bay area suddenly $15 million richer. ,,,,,,
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for team and mascot names. governor bro california the first city in the nation to ban schools from using the name redskins for team and mascot names. governor brown signed the bill this morning. the name is widely recognized as a racial slur that promotes discrimination against native americans. the bill goes into effect in 2017. a handful of public schools that still use the name will have to change it. the governor also strengthened california's mandatory vaccine laws this weekend. he signed a bill that requires people who work or volunteer at childcare centers to get certain shots. all workers must have the flu, whooping cough and measles vaccines and daycares must keep immunization records for all workers and volunteers. one very lucky canis now a hill air after hitting the super lotto plus jackpot.
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the winner yet to claim the $15 million prize. the winning ticket was sold to the safe way store in san jose. the owner gets a piece of the action $75,000 for selling the ticket. get your tickets out. here's the winning numbers. they are 21, 28, 33, 34, 37 mega number is 17. >> good luck. well like a scene from the movie jaws good luck with that once in a lifetime chance for a group of people out in a boat in the bay. a picture perfect ending to a beautiful day in the bay area looking live from mount vacca. another heat spell on the way for the bay area maybe some rain after that. we'll see after a break. ,,,,,,,,
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they saw a shark make a meat of . a rare sight for young kids on the bay they get to witness fates in action up close. they saw a shark make a meal out of a sea lion by alcatraz. joe vazquez finds out how often it happens in the bay. >>reporter: this is the south end rogue rowing club. i actually swim out here in the bay. beautiful area right here. but you know, in fact they host alcatraz swims of what we heard a little shocking. yesterday around noon a great white shark attacking a sea lion. >> holy. >> it probably came from the bay. >>reporter: some of the video is too graphic to show on tv. a family of tourists on the san
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francisco bay shot this cell phone video yesterday and posted it to youtube. you could see the blood in the water. then the fin of the great white begins to emerge circling. a younger member of the party gets excited about seeing a shark eat a sea lion. >> a frenzy. that's a great white. >> it's extremely way to have this on a white shark. the first one that's ever been record. >>reporter: the on profit group shark stewards say it's not unusual to see but not unusual to eat a sea loon. >> that is their natural prey. 90% of humans that get bit survive shark attacks. >> that's the best thing i've ever seen in my life. >> it's exciting for someone
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to witness but also it's a sign that the bay is getting healthier that when you have pre-dayss that means the ecosystem is becoming more balanced. >> it worries me it's a sign they might go after humans. >> its extremely rare. you and i swim in the san francisco bay all the time. there's never been an attack on a swirl. th odds much higher getting hurt falling after your bicycle or in your bathtub. >>reporter: there you have it. the last time there was a shark attack in san francisco was baker beach 1959. so, it is extraordinaryly rare for them to attack human, s. my wife who's watching i will continue to exercise here because juliette what's worse, not exercising right. that will kill you in many other ways. >> i'm going to call mrs.
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vasquez right now. maybe you can stick to running or jogging. those kids will never forget that experience. a sneak peek of safeway championship pumpkin way off. they are preparing for the competition when the gigantic gourds hit the scales. the pumpkin weighed 2300 pounds from gem any last year. if someone can beat that weight they will walk away with $30,000. >> it's that time of year again. we've got heat wave coming in just in time for all the festivities at half moon bay. time lapse shows low clouds coming through the golden gate throughout the day. this time lapse from the east bay hills. you see very shallow marine layer indication that high pressure is putting a lid on it, but it isn't extinguishing it completely. it's less foggy now than it was an hour argue ag. cop cord 84. oakland 65. livermore 84. san jose very pleasant 74
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degrees. still have a strong rip current hazard present at the shoreline because of the aftermath of what was a hurricane well offshore from california. but the effects being felt in terms of northwesterly swell. future cast shows that we've got just a few patches of low clouds due in tomorrow. a warming trend really i is what's overall. high pressure over the desert southwest coupling with high pressure offshore. means it will continue warm in fact even warmer on tuesday than what we'll see tomorrow. plenty of sunshine around. cool it down finally on thursday back into the 80s inland but between now and then it will get a little bit hot. tomorrow we begin to heat up. it will be up to 95 degrees inland on tuesday. we'll cool it off by thursday but maybe the last heat spell of the season we shall see. travel weather forecast, 94 at redding 93 sacramento 95 degrees in fresno. overnight lows tonight we're going to be looking for readings mostly in the mid 50s sunup at 7:14 and for tomorrow
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the numbers little bit warmer than we're used to this time of the year. 88 concord san jose 85 degrees oakland 81. and for the south bay tomorrow sunshine and mid 80s for the most part. 84 palo alto. san jose 85 degrees. over in the east bay it will be nice near 90 degrees tomorrow. plenty of sun. north bay sunny few patches of low clouds near the shore line and we'll still be in the 90- degree range for clear lake. in the extended forecast i said any hint of any rain that ladies and gentlemen was merely a tease. there's not a hint of rain anywhere in sight as far as the eye can see. sorry about that. but you watched. >> i was waiting for el nino. when is that coming? >> you'll have to wait until november. >> former athletic comes up big in baseball's postseason. and charles woodson picks off peyton manning not once, but twice. would it mean a victory in the answer and reaction is coming
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up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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raiders 222-85. but could t guard be changing in the afc we . since peyton manning joined the broncos denver has out scored the raiders 222 to 85. but could the guard be changing in the afc west. derrick car coming off a disappointing loss in chicago. 1st quarter carr has time to throw michael crabtree gain of 25. half of crabtree's catches for the entire game on that drive. the drive stalled. so bring out sea bass. this should be automatic from 38 yards out. instead it's blocked by sylvester williams and the game remains scoreless. 3-0 denver. 2nd quarter marcel reece peels
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off a block carr finds him raiders touchdown. lead 7-3. before halftime manning throws a bad pass he's looking for owen daniels but it's picked off by charles woodson. manning and woodson were drafted in the same year 18 years later woodson gets his first pick off manning. 3rd quarter vaughn miller got the pressure and sacked car forcing a fumble denver takes over deep in raider territory led to a field goal. denver within one point. it's 9-7 broncos 3rd quarter. woodson getting greedy with interceptions manning's pass toward the sideline look at charles woodson second pick off manning. sea bass in for 40-yard field goal. this time wide left. denver continues to lead 9-7. that would end up being critical. 7 minutes to go 4th quarter. back breaker, car off his back foot into the hands of chris harris, jr. 75-yard pick 6 and denver scores.
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they win 16-10 to extend their winning streak to 8 against the raiders. >> there's no moral victories for us. we feel we can compete with everybody, and we feel like we could win games, but we're young and we're learning how to do that. and so we got to continue to grow now. >> i wouldn't say we kept up. i think that we played aggressive aggressive shall aggressive as a collective team and we'll see them again. so, it's not over with of it they may have won the first game, but there's still another one. >> seahawks richard sherman exchanging words with pete carroll in cincinnati. 3rd quarter seattle leading 10-7. thomas recalls in for injured marshawn lunch. 69-yard run. seattle led by as many as 17 points in this game. monster game for that pan. but the bengals rally. down 24-21. mike nugent 31-yarder to end regulation. and this game is going to effort. in ot nugent with a chance to
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win. his kick goes off the upright and through cincinnati scores the final 20 points of the game and they win 27-24. the bengals are 5-0. baseball the astros hosting their first playoff game today to george w. bush was president. houston had their 8th dallas keuchel on the mound 15-0 at home. made one mistake to that man lorenzo cane. royals up 1-0. but 2 astros offense picks up. houston led 3-1 with chris carter used to play with the oakland a's traded him for jedd lowrie. i don't know about that one. carterrer had 3 hits houston leads 4-2. sang moon bay american bill hobbs. here's bay needing the win the
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hole for the international team. he duffed it. rolls all the way back to him. as for haas third shot out of the bunker sets him up for a tap in birdie and take gives the americans the win. they win 15.5 to 14.5 for their 6th straight president's cup title. charlotte putting on a show in the air as well as on the track. joey logano the biggest showman of the day led 227 of the 334 laps enroute to his fourth win of the year. logano takes over the lead and the point standing. 11:30 recap the 49ers deal. >> when you talk about nolan ryan the astros the astros are the team that jim bowden pitched for. you're absolutely right. did you read. >> it was a great book. >> did you really? >> i would see you strictly an
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astronomy guy. >> where the stars align. they align for the 49ers tonight. >> coming up tonight at 11:00 after lookeding everything in the butte fire. a woman said she had to send back her equipment or she would be fined. that story much more coming up at 11:00. >> 60 minutes is next. hear what president obama has to say about vladimir putin donald trump and hillary clinton. that's next. ,,,,,,
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captioning funded by cbs and ford. we go further, so you can. >> kroft: there is a perception in the middle east that the united states is in retreat, that we pulled our troops out of iraq, and isis has moved in and taken over much of that territory. the situation in afghanistan is very precarious and the taliban is on the march again. >> i think it's fair to say, steve, that if... >> kroft: let me just finish the thought. they say you're projecting a weakness, not a strength. >> you're saying "they," but you're not citing too many folks. >> kroft: no, i'll cite... i'll cite if you want me to. i'd say the saudis. i'd say the israelis. i'd say a lot of our friends in the middle east. i'd say everybody in eur... everybody in the republican party. >> ( laughs ) >> kroft: well, you want me to keep going? >> yeah. >> kroft: as you'll see tonight, president obama was happy to keep going, taking questions about politics, putin, trump, hillary's emails and a lot more.


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