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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  October 12, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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cam up on top of kpix 5 studios. good morning, it's monday, october 12. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm frank mallicoat. it is 4:30 on the nose. let's get a little weather out of the gate. roberta? >> any people sleeping in, temperature wise, 50s and 60s out the door, relatively clear skies with some clouds next to the seashore. numbers to face taking up to 74 in pacifica once the morning fog lifts, upper 70s, though 80s bayside. 80s across the peninsula and up to 92 degrees while inland. we will talk about the holiday forecast in detail but right now let's say good morning to giana. >> good morning. we should have lighter conditions on the freeway systems we expect less vehicles. no delays toward the bay bridge toll plaza, traffic is clear, most of the bay area is accident free. san mateo bridge good in both
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directions. parents will confront and east bay school board about a student. >> 30 parents have stopped sending their kids to class and say monty out below elementary has because -- mount diablo elementary has become too dangerous because of one third- graders actions which include kicking, biting, throwing rocks and other things that student in teachers. >> we just want the district to listen and to make a safe, healthy learning environment again for everybody. >> without the right trained individuals in place he can get very frustrated. some of those may manifest itself in aggression. they have filled our son, they have filled the community, they have failed parents and other children. >> the father says when the family moved to clayton recently they gave the student an individual education plan to help the boy thrive but the district did not give the special needs student extra help.
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>> southwest airlines is urging passengers to arrive at airport two hours early today as it tries to recover from a major technology glitch over the weekend. delays were minimal yesterday at san jose, oakland and san francisco, the problem caused major delays at other big airports like us biggest and outlay. -- like las vegas and la. >> we decided we just might go to the bar and drink the rest of the day. >> southwest is using backup systems to check in travelers who don't have printed or mobile boarding passes. passengers are encouraged to print their passes before going to the airport at home, southwest says there is no indication if the result of packing. california will become the first state in the nation to ban schools from using the name redskins for teams and mascots. governor. brown signed the bill yesterday. the redskins name is widely recognized as a racial slur against native americans.
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the few public schools that still use the name will have to change it. the ban goes into effect in 2017. the bay areas pro football teams, not what you'd call a big, fun weekend. for loss. oakland, raiders took on peyton manning and the broncos, silver and black made it close, chris hairston junior interception made it 22 yards for the touchdown, allowing the broncos to escape with a narrow win, 16- 10 the final period and the niners on the road in new jersey to face the giants, they needed a clutch performance by eli manning to win this one, it was manning all weekend. he through this td pass to larry darnell, the giants win, 49ers made a close, to but have lost four in a row and cal, pretty tough time with utah, too. >> not good for bay area sports this weekend. >> kind of stun gun actually. how about weather, roberta? >> that's why i'm cheering on
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the cubbies. good morning, take a look at the clear skies out towards levi stadium and minetta international airport. we'll keep you apprised of the possibility of any delays especially with southwest airlines. temperature wise in the 50s and 60s, extremely mild. the winds are pretty much nonexistent and they will pick up out of the west at about 5 to 10 later today. a hint of some stratus around the san mateo coastline and sunset district well into pacifica but that will burn off quickly. temperature wise, boy, we continue with this unseasonably warm streak of weather here around the bay area. ever try in san francisco 70, one with temperatures in the 70s, convert 91, san jose in the 80s, 66, the cool spot at have mobile day, otherwise 70s at the beaches. good morning those gaydos at 85 degrees, going up to 95 degrees in gilroy and east of the bay,
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temperatures up to 95, brentwood, tracy, mountain house, warm day to downright hot in many locations. 45 in danville and black hawk and north of the golden gate bridge, temperatures span with a clearing of the skies, mid- 70s, lots of sunshine across toledo, ample sunshine at 83 degrees, we've got the seven-day forecast coming up in just about a few minutes but right now let's say good morning to gianna. good morning. so far we are accident free, that's the good news. no delays as you work your way out of marin county into san francisco. here's a live look at the golden gate bridge, traffic is fairly light, 14 minutes from 582 the golden gate bridge toll plaza. those directions of san mateo bridge looking good, no delays between hayward and foster city east and was found. bay bridge off to a good start,
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some construction but overall pretty quiet, look out for closures as well toward the bridge, across, everything good in san francisco. live look at 880 in oakland, no delays north and southbound, southbound looking good as you work all the way toward haworth, a first look at the altamont pass, some yellow on the sensors, slower speeds as we work out of tracy but overall picks up just a bit at the top of the altamont pass and your clear to the 680 interchange. same with antioch, no delays toward the east shore freeway. a couple had quite the close call. >> when the plane came crashing down right outside their door. kpix 5's maria medina spoke with a couple who narrowly missed being hit at the house they were renting in south lake tahoe. >> and then all of a sudden the whole house shook and there was a bang and it felt like an earthquake. >> reporter: their images rod mcfadden and his wife will
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never forget. >> it was scary. it was obviously very scary. >> reporter: rod says around saturday night he heard a crash, looked outside and saw branches falling and then the flames. >> that's when we decided let's get out of the house. i thought maybe a powerline fell down. >> reporter: when they walked outside the quickly realized it was a plane. neighbors tried everything they could to save the two people inside. >> there was just no way. the flames were too high. >> reporter: investigators have not released the identities of the pilot and passenger but kpix 5 found a beech single engine plane registered to conrad oakley. >> very nice guy, sad to think something like that happening. >> reporter: neighbors described conrad as a retired chemical engineer and an experienced pilot who flew planes in the vietnam war. >> a very, very nice neighbor. >> reporter: jesse cruz says last week conrad told him he was working on his plane.
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it's a shock to jesse who knows conrad as a meticulous pilot. it's now up to investigators who were on the scene sunday to figure out what went wrong. >> we feel badly about the tragic thing that happened but on the other end, we feel that we are lucky that we got to walk away from it. >> reporter: rod says the plane missed the home by 10 feet and codify before firefighters put out the flames. conrad looked alone according to neighbors, no one answered the door when we got by. in the newsroom, maria medina, kpix 5. >> the plane crashed less than a mile from the south lake tahoe airport where it took off from. investigators are looking into a deadly accident in san francisco involving a muni bus and a bicycle. the cyclist was killed when he got between two muni buses and ended up wedged beneath the bus. >> at some point the bicyclists loss control and fell into the side of the vehicle.
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>> traffic on market street was backed up for blocks while officers and the coroner's officials tried to move the bus and remove the body. and east bay dad is in custody after allegedly crashing his car while running from police leaving his injured child behind. kevin golvad surrendered yesterday, officers tried to pull him over in connection with the robbery, they ended up chasing him to oakland where he crashed and eventually ran off. his six-year-old daughter was still in the back seat. she was injured in the crash but is expected to be okay. today, several presidential candidates from both parties are going to new hampshire, the event comes a day before the first democratic debate in las vegas. as don champion reports, president obama is weighing in on the 2016 campaign. >> reporter: new polls show tuesday night debate could be the most important one of hillary clinton's career. the latest cbs news poll shows 45% of primary voters view her as honest and trustworthy. during an interview that aired
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sunday on "60 minutes", president obama weighed in on clinton's ongoing email controversy. >> she made a mistake and acknowledged, i think the way that it has been done up in in part because of politics. >> reporter: still, democrats overwhelmingly believe clinton has the best chance of winning the general election next year. but, far more believe vice president joe biden is more honest and trustworthy. when pressed on whether biden might announce his candidacy, the president said this. >> you know, i'm going to let joel make that decision. >> reporter: president obama was more candid on donald trump, in the late cbs news poll, 84% of voters believe the republican front-runner has strong leadership qualities. >> he knows how to get attention. he's the classic reality tv character. >> reporter: trump will address undeclared voters in the key state of new hampshire along with clinton's biggest challenger, bernie sanders.
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don champion, cbs news. the floor house speaker is still up in the air, republican hard-liners say they will look favorably on paul ryan if he runs. so far ryan says he does not want the job. speaker john boehner had planned to leave congress at the end of the month but told republicans he will stay on until a new speaker is selected. 4:41. a former red county man has been convicted in iran. jason rizayan is a reporter with washington post to has been detained in iran for more than here on charges including espionage. he has been convicted but provided no further details, he is eligible to appeal the conviction within the next 20 days. meanwhile people in turkey continues to grieve after the worst terror attack in the country's history. at least 97 people were killed saturday when a suspected suicide bomber set off two explosions at a peace rally. turkey's government suspects
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kurdish rebels or isis militants were responsible. time now is 4:41. a new plan to increase response to california's firefighters raising controversy. who is being considered to join the front lines. we want to know what's cool about your school. email, we might come out and feature your school on the show. we'll be right back. ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,
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prison walls, fighting wildfires. the idea is raising concerns about public safety. curren only minimum-sec california is considering allowing inmates with violent backgrounds to work outside prison walls fighting wildfires. the idea is raising concerns about public safety. currently only minimum-security inmates with no history of violent crime can participate. the proposals to add inmates convicted of violent offenses like assaults and robberies would only apply to those with years of good behavior. a month after the butte fire ripped through the sierra front hills communities, many victims are trying to rebuild their lives. they include one woman who got
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no sympathy from their satellite tv provider which called to let her know she lost her home. julie watts with the story about a disastrous policy that went disastrously wrong. >> we just cried, it's horrible. >> reporter: losing her home in the butte fire was hard enough. but, gayle mendoza said that dish network added insult to an already horrible injury. they said she insisted she returned her agreement or she would be charged. >> nothing survived. >> she even sent pictures of her burned-out home. >> they even wanted the remotes back. it's unbelievable. >> reporter: lost or damaged equipment fees vary from company to company but most have a standard exception for satellite and cable equipment damaged in a natural disaster. comcast says it, quote, would not seek to recover equipment or fines, and directv at&t says it has something called a quote natural disaster code that prevents charges from destroyed
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agreement and will waive the early cancellation fee. what about dish network? in a statement, dish says it's responding to customers affected by the california wildfires and says it will waive increment these for lost or damaged equipment which is what they have now done for gayle. she just wishes she did not have to call a tv station first. >> in a crisis, they have to have a heart. >> reporter: dish later updated the statement to say in this situation regrettably the agent assisting the customer did not follow standard procedure. julie watts, kpix 5. it has been a hazardous holiday weekend for swimmers along parts of the southern california coast. wife guards have been busy pulling hundreds of people out of the water because of rip currents. crews had jet skis and both some water waiting to swing into action. >> i was out there with my fins, once you get just past that wave, the rip tides pope
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you are really quick. >> in my 30 years of life guarding, this is the busiest weekend i've had in my career. >> temperatures were in the 90s so beaches were more packed than usual with people trying to cool off. like the weekend here, too. the blue angels put on quite a show for three straight days and more of the same, another hot day, right? >> it's going to be hot in the baby keeping with that whole rip currents been, we had that in effect along the north carolina coast, that statement has been allowed to expire today but nonetheless we have swells 7 to 8 feet in santa cruz, temperatures at 82 degrees but be mindful if you are heading into the water today on this columbus day. it's a holiday so many will be flocking to the beaches. right now if you're in the san jose area, clear skies at minetta international airport, also at levi stadium where the air temperature stands at 58 degrees. temperature wise in the 50s and 60s heading out the door. we only have a sliver, a hint of some coastal clouds.
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clouds will clear out. remember on saturday it was pretty dense and we did have that fog advisory in place. same story again today, but the clouds back, it's not as deep as it was over the weekend. ormer temperatures again today and layer air masses, relative humidity tumbling. we will have those unseasonably warm temperatures coming, coast will be clearing out under high pressure, we will have the temperatures, above average temperatures, continue for days, all week long for the most part. temperatures in the mid-90s throughout the central valley, 95 in writing. we will talk about 77 throughout monterey bay and carmel. 94 today, lots of sunshine in uliah, not rain drop of sight in colophon you. pacifica, 74, spectacular. nearly 80 in san francisco. across the baby will top off in the low 80s from oakland through emeryville, mid-80s in mountain view.
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95 is the outside number, it'll be 87 in san rafael. string of 90s condemning prettily, we see temperatures in the mid-80s all the way through sunday with the coastal fog lingering. by the way, today, the fleet week celebration continues. they are putting on the high school band challenge at 10:00 a.m. at golden gate park if you want to take the kids out today, lots of sunshine and 73 degrees. i will see you there. john, it's going to be a lot of fun. you know how i love music, gianna. >> that looks like a blast. good luck to those participating. taking a look at the roadways out of the golden gate park area, looking good, san francisco both directions, 19th avenue, no delays. everything good out of marin county, out of san francisco, easy ride. san mateo bridge looks good both directions between 880 and 101, pretty easy ride right now, 12 minutes out of hayward toward foster city, taillights headed toward westbound. also looking at the bay bridge,
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so far off to a good start, all approaches to the bay bridge are clear for the most part. heads up there are spots of roadwork westbound 580, right around 980, and 24 as well, 5:00, some roadwork. some connectors but coming off the car keenest -- carquinez bridge , northbound clear all the way into opened, cell phone, pretty easy ride as we head out of fremont and into the south bay, traffic clear lung the nimitz freeway. westbound, altamont pass, the only place we are seeing brake lights, westbound out of tracy as you work your way down, looks pretty good. back to you. quite a weekend, thousands of people gathered over the weekend in san francisco to watch the blue angels perform their aerial acrobatics. despite a little bit of fog on the bay, the highly skilled
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navy pilots put on a great show as part of the local fleet week celebration which wraps up today on the holiday with ship tours along the san francisco waterfront. it was perhaps the biggest street closure in the history of san jose for a festival including the super bowl mobile tour of champions exhibit. 6 miles of city streets were open yesterday only to pedestrians and people on bicycles. it stretched from downtown to the east side. the purpose of vivacalle sj was to bring people together and explore the city in a different way. >> just enjoy the community. community itself. this is a fun filled environment. very cool. >> as st. james park downtown people had a chance to enjoy the touring football exhibit as part of the lead up to super bowl 50 which takes place in the santa clara and right here on kpix 5 including the lombardi trophies won by the 49ers and riaders over the years. a lucky person who bought a super lotto plus ticket in san
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jose is a winner. the millionaire has 180 days to claim the $50 million prize. the winning ticket sold at a safeway store on bradham lane, there are the numbers, 28, 38, 33, -- mega number 17. if you bought a ticket in san jose, go check it. good for you. time now 4:52 on this monday morning. caught on camera, scary moments when letters go flying as a tornado ripped right through a postal truck. close call for that mail carrier, when we come back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning, everyone, taking a look at the temperatures across the bay area, we will be unseasonably warm anywhere from the coast,
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half moon bay will be the cold spot in the 60s, otherwise 70s common across pacifica into the sunset district. 70s and 80s across the peninsula, and good morning, san jose, your temperatures in the 80s. east of the bay, temperatures soaring into 95, 90 in pittsburgh, another warm day to the east, to the north of the golden gate bridge, 70s, toward sonoma and napa, good morning, clear lake, you are high, near 90. if you are hitting the roads early this morning, you are in luck, good conditions at the bay bridge, both directions out of the san francisco area, we do have roadwork between sf and treasure island we do have roadwork. a tornado ripped a postal truck to shreds, a cell phone video shows pieces of mail scattering everywhere. incredibly the driver walked away uninjured. witnesses say the whole thing lasted a few seconds but the
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twister did damage to a nearby construction site. the emissions of cheating paula continues for volkswagen. the german automaker is calling more than 1900 he so vehicles in china to correct the engine software. the company says the recall applies to tiguan vehicles and passat sedan, 11 million cars worldwide have the bogus software which illegally switches on pollution control when cars undergo emission tests. started today, dell is expected to announce the largest takeover in the tech industry. dell is said to take over emc for a deal worth more than $50 billion according to sources. dell plans to pay $25 per share in cash. they have been talk about raising nearly $40 billion to finance the purchase. people in the east bay may notice a smelly tapwater humming out of their faucets this week, the sf public
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utilities commission started using water exclusively from local reservoirs as they tested the recently repaired backup supply. the lower cherry aqueduct system was badly damaged in the rim fire two years ago, starting today, customers will be getting that water so the utility can make sure the system is fully functioning. a local school board is about to get an earful from parents upset about the behavior of one third-grader. coming up, we hear from them. major computer glitches with southwest airlines is causing them to warn everybody to get to the airport early this morning. i'm kiet do, we've got a report straightahead. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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and i'm frank mallicoat tonight parents will confron chool board about good morning, everyone, it is monday, october 12, i'm michelle griego. >> and holiday to boot. hi, everyone, i'm frank mallicoat. it is nearly 5:00 on this
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monday. parents will confront and east bay school board about a disruptive child. the third-grader has been attacking other students but the boy's father state the school is partly at fault. kpix 5's dan -- is that elementary school where 30 parents have pulled their kids from school. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. a lot of these kids will not be attending class here at the school today either, all because of the actions of that one third-grader, and then the school's lack of response according to the parents. some of those actions include biting and kicking other children, throwing rocks and things that students and teachers, the behavior force the principal to lock down all classrooms here at mt. diablo elementary. several times. most recently last monday. >> it makes me really scared because sometimes he runs around the whole school and if he sees you looking im


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