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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  October 12, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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attacks a sea lion near alcatraz we talk to the family who shot this video, next. ,,,,,,
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area in a stolen car.. retun sheriff' tonight the three suspects who left the bay area in a stolen car return to face double murder charges when are learning they could get the death penalty. >> let's get to mark kelly outside the marin county jail. >>reporter: juliette police have characterized all three murder suspects as drifters. but their days of roaming from place to place seem to be coming to an end. because tonight all 3 are locked uptight here in the marin county jail. driving at a good clip around 5:30 this evening unmarked vans from the sheriff's department roll up to the marin county jail after a long drive from
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portland oregon. inside those vans three murder suspects. 24-year-old shawn mikaelian gold. 23-year-old morrison lamply an 18-year-old lila scott alligood police trapped down all three in portland oregonian brought them back to the bay area tonight to face the district attorney's charge of first degree murder. chopper 5 bass flying over the jail when deputies led the first suspect hands seemingly cuffed into jail. the second suspect wearing a red jumpsuit follows shortly thereafter. but for an unexplained reason nearly an hour passed before deputies took the thirect out of the van. the trio is charged with murdering two people. 23-year-old audrey carey a tourist and 67-year-old steve carter a well-known pa ryan county therapist both found dead in the woods in two different countys. a hiker found carer's body
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monday. carey's body was found face down in golden gate park hours after a big music festival wrapped up. in the end gps on carter's stole he car and this gas station surveillance led police to the suspects outside a dining hall in portland. now they will only be dining in the marin county jail. also the suspects are charged with what is called a special circumstance allegation an example of that would be multiple murders and serious charges like that could lead to life in prison without parole or even the death penalty. live in marin county mark kelly kpix5. >> a creepy discovery near los gatos a i'm skull found near sherrys way and months vino road. cadaver dogs were brought in to sniff out any more possible remains in the area. the santa clara county sheriff's department is telling us they are not sure from the
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skull belonged to a male or female or how long it had been there. so far investigators have not found any other human remains. it is october, but temperatures are heating up. much of the bay area saw highs in the 90s today and paul says more hot weather is on the way. >> absolutely right. not finished with the 90s just yet 95 the out spot in the bay area. livermore. 94 in saratoga of it he san leandro hit the 90s today and nearly 90 degrees in menlo park nearly a record high today 86 degrees in san francisco. let's talk rainfall. this is some good news. long-range outlook late october early november wetter than average for much of california including the bay area. as a matter of fact, we could see some rainfall over the next 7 days. find out when in the next 10 minutes. right now this fire in kansas city that has killed two firefighters is still raging a battalion chief says the firefighters were clearing an area where part of the roof had
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caved in. the rest of the building collapsed and landed on them. two other firefighters were her. they are expected to survive. caught on camera a double murder in oakland. this one comes as the city's homicide rate is spiking. gun violence has gotten so bad that even the president is taking notice. only on 5, kristen airs with a story that may be difficult to watch. >>reporter: 9:21 p.m. saturday night. a car with two cousins inside mapped bay and mustafa. one of the cow since hops out and walks to the corner to meet someone. we've chosen not to show the moment the person he's meeting opens fire. >> bam bam shoots him. >> watch as the man who is shot return injured neighbors run and he stagers by. then seconds later collapses on the sidewalk. the shooter isn't done. he runs to the car and raises his gun again. we're not showing the moment he shoots the other cousin at close range. both muhammad and mustafa died.
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>> this seems like it was planned out. >>reporter: oakland city couple man says neighbors in the fruitvale are sick of the violence and scared. >> nobody wants to say anything because of retaliation. >>reporter: homicide have in oakland have skyrocketed this year up 26%. president obama talked about it when he visited san francisco this weekend. >> we don't have to have young boys in oakland getting shot every day. >>reporter: the shooting happened here in east oakland right next to a peace mural. children had made to protest the violence the mural had been vandalized last week. the solution to cold-blooded killings was supposed to be ceasefire. >> it was directed at the gang activity in west oakland but we have activity here in east oakland that needs to be addressed. >>reporter: so far there have been no arrests though it seems from the surveillance video that this suv and this sedan
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may have served as get away cars. oakland needs a long tell me solution because the community is losing hope. >> they have lost trust and faith not only in our police department, but in our city government from the mayor's office down and rightly so. >>reporter: in oakland kristin airs kpix5. >> police do not have a motive in the double homicide automobile the council man investigators told him it is not gang related. several students woke up to their tires slashed with religious slurs carved in the hoods of their cars all directed toward jews. this is the second time the jewish community has been targeted this year on the davis campus. a jewish fraternity had swastikas painted on their house. no arrests have been made in either case. tonight california is the first state to ban the name redskins for teams and mascots. redskins is widely recognized
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as racially insensitive toward native americans. only a few public schools including one in calvares county use it. those schools need new names and mascots by 2017. it won't be cheap. a coach at calvares high says switching logos to run $300,000. tonight parents demanding protection for their kids at an east bay school. the issue, a third grader who has forced classrooms to go on lockdown. andrea bosch a tells us the boys boy's parents say the district has failed him irk inside the mounts diablo school board meeting frustration after mount diablo elementary went object lock down and had 30 parents pull their children out of school over they claim the actions of one. >> daily behaviors include kicking hitting pinching biting, throwing chairs desks were tipped over and some students were afraid to go outside because of this student. >>reporter: the parents of the 8-year-old third grader say their son isn't getting the
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individual edge playing plan every prescribed from the school in vermont and the districts inaction is the root of the problem. >> education for services with every passing day there were more concerns about his a degrees. >>reporter: the family has filed a complaint with the state board of 'em indication change the district is out of compliance with state and federal laws and causing great alarm to the child and has only been notified of one behavioral problem. at the packed meeting parents and teacher said there were more instances of trouble by this student and they want a safe environment for all children to learn and the district to do something. >> the child that has a plan or needs a plan he has a right to an education and i don't feel like he's getting that. we absolutely feel like other kids in the class are getting that same right. >>reporter: while the district has been silent on the issue citing confidentiality the superintendent said this tonight. >> it is a district policy to
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provide appropriate personnel to support all of our students, and it is also our policy to give appropriate consequences for students who act outside of the school district behavior expectation. in contra costa county an dray a bosch a kpix5. >> the fell spoke to us last week but they have no comment from here on out. it's morning in iran and the waiting game continues for a bay area native convicted in espionage trial. jason rezaian works for the washington post. iran accused him of spying. state run media reports a revolutionary court found hill guilty but didn't give any details. the state department says it still hasn't seen any official confirmation of a verdict and that the u.s. government is still calling for iran to release him immediately. >> what i know is jason is innocent. the idea that he should be held in risen because of something that somebody else did here in the united states when he was over in iran just doing his job
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as a journalist is offensive to me. >>reporter: the washington post calls the conviction quote an outrageous injustice and contempt able and says it's working with jason's family on an appeal. jason is 39 years old. this is his 448th day in custody. democrats turn urn to dike it out hillary clinton will take center stage. there's a contingency plan in case vice-president joe biden makes a last minutes decision. democratic presidential candidates say they are he's are information tomorrow night's did he gate. >> i'm looking forward to the democratic party finally joining there game and having a debate how we solve our nation's problems. >>reporter: martino mally jim webb and lincoln half he hope to grab some of the spotlight from hillary clinton and bernie sanders. >> what we need are answers for the problems not just campaign rhetoric. >>reporter: the latest cbs fuse poll shows clinton has
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increased her lead over sanders. but a separate poll indicates the front runner has some work to do. it shows that only 35% of primary voters see her as honest and trustworthy. two points ahead of donald trump. some of that skepticism was on display during a stop at a no labels events in new hampshire for voters from both parties. >> i don't think that you're a friend to woman. >> i knew i shouldn't have pick her. >> but trump does have a strong base of support there the a party i'll tell you about the tea party. these are people in all fairness because you can't really -- these are people that love this country. >>reporter: that base is helping him maintain a wide lead over the gop field. >> cnn is hosting tomorrow night's debate in las vegas. it has a podium waiting for joe biden as we say just if casey decides to jump in the race. a cal professor apologizes for his behavior towards women
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that's just the beginning. what the university did next that has the faculty revoltinging tonight. revolting tonight. i'm driving home drunk. >> she broadcast the whole thing on live streaming video. escape from alcatraz then what? well tonight there could be new evidence these three men survived. we'll show you the christmas cards.
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. you shouldn't have to empty it's right there, mom, right there!! . tonight we have some new video that shark in the beta has a lot of people talking. >> right there. right there.
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>> kids captured video of a great white shark feeding on a sea lion off alcatraz on saturday. just a few feet away a san antonio boys choir that kept their feet out of the water. >> it's pretty crazy. it was like this massive pool of blood you see the fins come out it's like anything you would imagine in a movie. >> it was right there a few feet from us. >> marine biologists tell us this kind of scene is fairly rare in san francisco bay. in fact seeing great whites in the bay is pretty rare as well but they are common in waters off northern california coast. a sexual harassment scandal is unfolding at uc berkeley the university is also under fire. faculty and students say the professor is catching a break. betty yu has the story. >> you only do the work that you feel driven to do. >>reporter: he's one of the biggest names in astronomy
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jeffrey marcy is used to publishing restephen search not apologies in an open he wrote while i do not agree with each complaint that was made it is clear that my behavior was unwelcome by some women. i take full responsibility. those complaints came from four women his former students. buzz feed reports that between 2001 and 2010 marcy repeatedly engaged in inappropriate physical behavior with students, chug unwanted massages, kisses and groping. a campus investigation found that marcy violated sexual harassment policy. marcy still has his job. today cal said in a statement that the university has imposed real consequences on professor geoff marcy by establishing a zero tolerance policy regarding future behavior. >> it's even worse to have the university say yeah, he did it. we know he did it he admits he
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did it, but here's how little we care. we're just going to slap him on the wrist and say you know, don't do it again. >>reporter: today the astronomy faculty agreed and called on the administration to reevaluate its response. they don't believe marcy should be on staff. this grad students works in his department. >> it's very disappointing that the university has not taken any actions on him. >>reporter: marcy declined to do an interview with us and told us he wasn't available via e-mail. his wife also declined. she did say that she fully supports her husband. in berkeley betty yu kpix5. >> cal is saying tonight. >> cal said tonight under existing university policy administration does not have unilateral authority to impose discipline on members of the faculty. a florida woman thought it was a good idea to broadcast her wild night out on the town then she did this. >> i'm driving drunk let's see
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i get a dui. i think i will. >> dozens of people were watching whitney beal on the live video app periscope. some started calling police to reports her. one officer downloaded the app and used it to figure out where whitney was on the road. police caught her slapped her with a dui. in san jose drivers say they are getting mixed signals from a crosswalk system. >>reporter: the new system is called the hawk or high intensity act veyed crosswalk it's to help people get safely to and from come park. the lights are completely dark when not in use when a pedestrian push is a button single yellow lights begin to flash and two solid red lights come on on the top. that's a mandatory stop. after a few seconds the red lights begin to flash and drivers can continues on as
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long as the crosswalk in front of them is clear. >> it's a good thing but it's just like people don't have enough knowledge about it. people are not sure what to do because sometimes people stop and sometimes people just break and it scarce people. >>reporter: at the moment there's only one other like it in the bay area on slope boulevard in san francisco. it's not familiar to many bay area drivers. >> i think drivers will get used to it but no doubt we need to educate folks on this new light. >>reporter: other bay area cities are looking at these signals as well. including santa clara oak ladder and berkeley. in san jose marek s kpix5. new evidence in one of the most famous prison escapes in history. >> the 1962 escape is the greatest unsolved mystery in the 20th century. >> that convicted bank robbers clarence an lynn his brother john and frank mares all broke out of alcatraz and cried to cross the bay on homemade rafts. they haven't been seen since.
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the history channel recently interviewed the they have usf the an lynns had and they are claiming they have a photo of the brothers from the 1970s. and the an lynns sent their mother christmas considered three years after their escape. al car tracks search for the truth airs on the history channel. the mystery continues. >> yeah. >> or is it? >> i'm not sure. rainfall continues tell you what it's been four years and counting we're not going to see much over the next couple of days but rain will get close to the bay area. were you outside the evening? toasty. it is still in the 70s in san bruno oakland livermore even san francisco 70 degrees and san jose 71 overnight tonight. many of you staying in the 60s for your eventual low tomorrow morning. 61 for both oakland an san francisco 60 in livermore vallejo and san jose. low pressure gave you thunderstorms a couple of weekends ago wind and felt uncomfortable outside saturday early sunday. that low is not gone yet.
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10 days after a low passes by it's over england or denmark. in this case it went over the desert southwest. cloudier and cooler weather after another hot day tomorrow. this change happens on wednesday. a near miss to the south. how about a near miss in the other direction to the north. a front will likely drop some rain follow close as the north bay with a couple of rain showers on saturday it will likely be near miss number 2. widespread rainfall for the bay area. although two different systems will get close. five days worth of data here. notice the hole without rainfall over the central valley and much of the bay area but the north bay may see a few showers on saturday. for everybody it gets cooler after a warm day tomorrow. cloudier and cooler starting wednesday. rain will get close again saturday but likely be a police for most of us. tomorrow 17 degrees above average for oakland your high 87. 90s campbell los gatos san
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jose. redwood city los altos 90 or warmer tomorrow. danville 92 antioch 93. 82 again in san francisco warm one berkeley 85. napa you'll be in the 90s winds clover dale lake port you're in the 90s as well. cooler much cloudier wednesday stay on the cool side for the week. highs not hitting 80 on saturday and sunday slight chance of a north bay shower on saturday. things are getting closer. not there yet. >> all right. kind of a tees. >> on our way. >> thank you. coming up on the late show with steven colbert carey muscle began elvis costello and darlene love. we'll be right back. ,,,,
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mets fans got alot more than that.. o the . they chanted we want utley. met fans got a lot more than that. ruben tejada waved to the crowd two days after having his leg broken on a slide by chase utley. but here's how you get revenge. travis d'arnaud. yoenis cespedes hit the shot from clear to los angeles. someone should said we should forgive our enemies but not before they are hanged. the mets hung a 13-7 loss on la. the thrill of victory for
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carlos correia in houston. gave the astros a 5-2 lead looking to close out kc but then the royals hit and they hit, and they hit. and kendrick morales possibly inning ending double play booted by correia. tying run scores the royals eventually win 9-6. correia experiencing the agony of defeat. cubs cardinals game 3 tied at 2 in the 5th rookie chris bryant tell it good-bye a two-run shot cubs win 8-6. they lead that series 2 games to one. the hats were big ranger bats weren't big enough in texas. josh donned son got the party started another athletic. they rocked him for 6 runs two innings. jays win 8-4. they force a game 5. monday night football. steelers go for the win instead of the tie. >> wildcat bottom of the
11:31 pm
screen. he fights to the goal line. he's in for the touchdown at the gun. the steelers win. mike tomlin rang the bell at crunch time. >> le'veon bell and the wildcat formation how do you like it pittsburgh stunned san diego as time expires 24-20. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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