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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  October 15, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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tired of this shot. >> gorgeous, especially on your friday. >> on my friday. yes. >> got a day off tomorrow. >> i do. it's thursday, october 15. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. happy thursday or mini friday in your case over here. it is 4:30. got the gang in for a little traffic and weather. roberta is off and we'll say hi to julie watts. >> it is an active morning. doppler is popping. if you have been out the door this morning you may have seen a couple of sprinkles. >> i spoke to said it was raining when i walked out the door. not widespread. most of the activity over the last six hours or so mainly to the south a lot of thunderstorms but as i zoom into the bay area scattered showers around i bay right now so you could see a shower out the door. most of the showers are south of us. we are seeing showers though now in saratoga. los gatos, campbell. a moderate shower in san jose over the past hour. we'll be tracking this rain on
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hi-def doppler all morning long. we'll tell you what to expect later today and we'll locate the next round of showers coming up. but first, any effect on the roads yet? >> i only have one accident now but it is an overturn vehicle and i drove through that area this morning south 280 at 380 and i do have some sprinkles julie so we may have some slick surfaces out there. use caution on the roads. southbound 280 connector, emergency crews are on scene. the rest of the bay area quiet. no troubles on the san mateo bridge. a large sinkhole is blocking a major intersection in union city and it may take days for crews to fix it. kpix 5's kiet do joins us from the scene where a section of alvarado boulevard is closed. kiet. reporter: we have a lot of crews out here from the city of union city. they have pg&e trucks, a lot of guys wearing hardhats and safety vests out here. at last report the sinkhole was
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about 10 by 12 feet. it's hard to say how large it is now because crews have cut away a significant portion of the asphalt to get to the sinkhole to try to figure out how this happened. so check out these photos taken yesterday. this happened over a couple of hours starting around lunchtime. it shows alvarado boulevard sagging in the middle of the intersection at new haven street. late afternoon it grew to about 10 by 12 and three feet deep. crews had no idea what caused it. and then later on in the day it started filling up with water and getting bigger. one homeowner tells us it's causing problems with his water at his home. >> my son was in the shower and i saw water turned yellow. i say stop, stop! >> krauze worked for the day to -- crews worked for the day to figure out what happened. no one knows why it caved in. it's causing a major traffic headache in the area which includes a lot of shops, restaurants, homes. alvarado middle school and the
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community center and also a fire station. traffic is shut down on alvarado boulevard westbound at sierra ranch road so at last report we heard crews won't be here until sunrise but a lot going on here in union city. we're live, kiet do, kpix 5. lieutenant governor newsom wants to give california voters a chance to strengthen gun laws. he is proposing a 2016 ballot initiative to make california the first state in the u.s. to require background checks on all ammo purchases. it would also require gun owners to give up high capacity magazines and to report lost or stolen guns to law enforcement. today he will speak at 101 california in san francisco site of a mass shoot inning 1993 -- shooting in 1993. three men briefly appeared in court. a judge in san rafael postponed their arraignment yesterday. prosecutors say the drifters killed a woman in golden gate park and a man on a hiking trail near fairfax. the postponement allows time
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for two of the accused to find attorneys. morrison lampley, the alleged triggerman, also has representation. today the man accused of torching a halloween display at a san leandro walmart is due in court. the suspect is 40-year-old an point alexander johnson -- antoine alexander johnson from oakland. he was seen pushing a shopping cart containing a leaking bottle of lighter fluid on tuesday morning. he allegedly set halloween costumes on fire. smoke filled the store. employees tried it put it out before firefighters arrived. damage from the "valley fire" in lake county is likely to surpass $1.5 billion according to a preliminary insurance estimate. the wildfire burned 76,000 acres, destroying nearly 2,000 structures, killing four people. cal fire says it's one of the costliest wildfires since 2007 and one of the largest in state
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history. all right. julie watts in for roberta this morning. >> the forecast is unsettled and muggy today. we are seeing scattered showers out there. most of the showers on hi-def doppler well to our south over the monterey region even into the central valley. you can see over the last six hours thundershowers popping up. cells right now over berkeley, light showers towards oakland, north beach, san francisco, seacliff, ocean beach all seeing a little bit of light showers not a lot this morning but you can't expect spring -- you can expect sprinkles from time to time on the roads out the door. current temperatures mild across the board. 60s and 70s for the most part. we'll talk more about your extended forecast coming up. but first, gianna, any problems on the roads yet? >> yes, we have a trouble spot as you work your way into san bruno this morning. southbound side 280 to 380 reports of an overturned vehicle. waiting on tow crews to arrive on scene but chp and emergency crews are there. there are injuries reported. they have shut down the
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connector southbound 280 connector to eastbound 380 completely shut down until they get this cleared out. 280 itself looking good southbound as you make your way both directions north and south along the peninsula. a new accident westbound 80 at 680. injuries in this wreck, as well. it is off to the side in the center divide so expect some activity as you approach the scene. once you get to the bay bridge though via eastshore freeway so far, so good no delays as you head out of oakland into san francisco. this morning, a key airport computer system is up and running after crashing last night causing major flight delays. passengers were stranded for hours. the problem was in the computer system that checks airline passengers against terrorism watch lists. a department of homeland security official says a router went offline. travelers say it was upper chaos. >> it was crazy. crazy. people were crying, waiting for hours. >> officials say there is no
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indication the service disruption was malicious. u.s. secretary of state john kerry plans to travel to the middle east amid growing tensions there. in recent weeks the violence between israel and palestine have killed nearly 40 people from both sides. kerry plans to meet with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and palestinian president mahmoud abbas. >> the united states will continue to stand shoulder to shoulder with our closest ally in the middle east israel as they confront these security threats. um, but at the same time, we recognize that it is in the, um, national security interests of both israel and of the united states to try to resolve this conflict. >> it's not clear yet when kerry will make that trip. police in sacramento have released new surveillance pictures in the stabbing of a hometown hero. spencer stone who thwarted a terror attack in europe was stabbed earlier this month outside a bar. pictures show a dark color toyota camera believed to be
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the getaway car. the photos were taken less than an hour before stone was stabbed three times in the torso. he is now recovering. a cal professor apologized but it wasn't enough so yesterday he resigned. kpix 5's cate caugiran reports on the sexual harassment scandal that brought down one of the top astronomers in the world. >> i think it's completely inappropriate. i wouldn't even think that that would exist here. >> crazy. i didn't -- i didn't see -- i don't see how that could have happened here. >> reporter: in the world of astronomy geoff marcy was a star. after the scandal broke wide open last week he vowed to continue on and the university was going to let him. but in the end of the pressure was too much and the professor called it quits. cal emailed every student and faculty member defending how it handled the situation saying, "it is important to understand as berkeley's leadership consideredy the palestinian nair options we didn't have the -- considered disciplinary options we didn't have the
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authority to unilaterally impose sanctions. he was found to have violated sexual harassment policies. some complaints as far back as 2001 about marcy inappropriately massaging female students and talking about his own sexual experiences. >> i'm not thrilled by it for sure. it definitely doesn't seem like enough. >> uc-berkeley is a very, um, generally progressive campus. um, they would crackdown on that right away and that they didn't and they didn't makes me uncomfortable. >> reporter: in berkeley, cate caugiran, kpix 5. >> the professor's resignation came two days after a majority of his astronomy colleagues signed a letter calling for the university to fire him. time now 4:39. a bay area church in hot water for making too much noise.
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the bitter battle brewing between the church and neighbors. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the former pro basketball pr sive tuesday, this more lamar odom is on life support in a las vegas hospital. the former pro basketball player was found unresponsive tuesday at a nevada brothel. the sheriff's department got a search warrant to get a blood test to determine if he has drugs in his system. meanwhile the department released excerpts of the 911 call. >> somebody just came up to me and said he apparently had some cocaine on him -- that did he this on saturday. he's been alert and -- couple questions. guys, since that happened on saturday, he has been awake, alert, conscious? yeah. >> the hospital that's treating odom has not made any official comment on his condition. time now is 4:42. singing in church a tradition but now some people in oakland -- a public nuisance.
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kpix 5's christin ayers has the story of a church that's been ordered to tone it down or pay the price. reporter: a meeting that began with music. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: to talk about music. specifically, the gospel music that comes from this church in west oakland. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: some people who are new to the neighborhood have complained it's too loud. the church was slapped with a "cease and desist" order from the oakland city administrators office. >> kind of hard to believe because we have been here about 65 years in the community and all of a sudden we get some concern about the noise. >> reporter: the letter threatens hefty fines, a $3,500 nuisance fee and $500 per day if the noise doesn't stop, which they can't afford. >> freedom of religion ought to be respected. >> reporter: the oakland creative neighborhood coalition brought together artist and church-goers to talk about solutions to a clash over culture, art and music. >> a lot of the african-
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american art and music has its roots in the black church. >> reporter: coalition leaders say they are working with oakland city council president lynette mcelhaney to protest the oakland churches. >> we have already had discussion with councilmembers. a little premature to say where that's going to go. >> reporter: the naacp also standing with pleasant grove demanding more details from the city and criticizing its handling of the issue. >> there should have been a discussion. >> reporter: it's unclear when any legislation could be drafted. for its part the church is saying it will go ahead with choir practice tomorrow and in all likelihood the neighborhood will hear it. in oakland, christin ayers, kpix 5. >> the naacp is work on getting copies of that complaint before moving ahead with any further action. today is the annual great shake-out a time for californians to dust off their earthquake survival skills. millions of people are expected
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to simultaneously take cover in schools and government buildings in the drill set for 10:15 this morning. >> it's a reminder not just to practice drop, cover and hold on but also look at what your disaster supplies are. >> some transit systems will also take part including bart which will briefly slow down its trains to 27 miles per hour. the great shake-out began in 2008. ironically, it comes as the san ramon area deals with a swarm of small earthquakes. there have been more than 30 since tuesday ranging from magnitude 1.6 to 3.0. geologists say the quakes are centered along the calaveras fault where clusters are fairly common. >> good to be prepared have some water a flashlight and all that kind of thing. brian hackney always says keep some shoes around. >> juliette goodrich told me that. we did a story about earthquake preparedness all the time and some of the best advice was from juliette goodrich who did a story after i believe it was loma prieta and she said that was the best thing -- the
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takeaway i got was keep tennis shoes because there's glass everywhere. i still haven't done that. it's do as i say not as i do. i report on this all the time and never do it. >> the last one we had we in here on the hayward fault and the desk was moving. that initial thing is you just, what's going on, what's going on? oh, an earthquake. >> well, hopefully no earthquakes today. we'll definitely see though some active weather this morning. there's a little something for us to talk about this morning. we have unsettled weather out there thundershowers south of us. most of the active weather is to the south you can see on hi- def doppler over the last six hours. if we zoom into the bay area, we have showers right now light showers heading over the santa cruz mountains towards saratoga, los gatos, cupertino, sunnyvale. we had seen showers in the south bay throughout the morning. here's where they're coming from. all of this is due to subtropical moisture associated with this area of low pressure off the coast of southern california. it's spinning though this moisture up our way. we'll likely see scattered showers unsettled weather for at least the first half of the
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day today and then for everyone else humid mostly cloudy and humid the story for most of the day today. not going to be a widespread rainout but you can't rule out showers as you head into work and maybe even through the lunch hour today. we dry out on friday as our next system approaches. our next area of low pressure. the front associated with this though well offshore. it passes through saturday into sunday. as it does, most of the rain stays mainly to our north. so today most of the rain to our south, by this weekend most of the rain to the north. but we could see some scattered showers and we could use them right here in the bay area. futurecast showing mainly dry today. and then definitely dry on friday. it's saturday though the next round of rain moves in as you can see futurecast right now painting it mainly to the north. so we could see some scattered showers throughout the rest of the bay. high temperatures today topping out in the low 80s inland. site of by the bay. and 60s along the coast. the extended forecast shows again friday dry, saturday our next chance of showers although sunday into monday, high
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pressure builds back in. we dry out. we warm temperatures up back above average for this time of the year. now a check of the roadways with gianna. good morning. let's jump over to the bay bridge right now. so far we are fairly quite as you work your way out of oakland into san francisco. traffic moving nicely across the upper deck towards fremont. no delays in and out of san francisco right now. also, westbound 80 at 680 this accident out of lanes is in the center divide so no delays seeing green on our sensors so some good speeds through there. better news as well to report on this accident southbound 280 connecting over to eastbound three. all lanes now open. it was an overturn vehicle with injuries. everything is now cleared out of the roads and you can see all this green on our sensors that indicates speeds above 55 miles per hour. the rest of your bay area commute looks good both directions of 92. san mateo bridge, 880 to 10112 minutes from hayward and foster city -- 101, 12 minutes from hayward to foster city. 580 to the golden gate bridge
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toll plaza, 14 minutes. back to you guys. 4:48 your time. there's a growing number of people concerned about the high temperatures of their new iphones. and as julie watts reports, one man says his phone went up in smoke. >> and the smoke was just coming through the middle of this. reporter: it's one of the hottest phones on the market. just ask kevin. >> just i heard a little pop noise. >> reporter: the college student says he was sitting in his car last week when he hit the home button on his iphone 6 plus went up in smoke. >> i dropped it here. >> reporter: he points out it left a mark. apple refused to comment on the situation although it did agree to replace kevin's phone. this is a new one. but yahoo tech editor-in-chief says kevin isn't the only one complaining the iphone 6 was too hot to handle. >> there's a lot of chatter online about people not being able to touch their phones because they are so hot. the processor is so powerful
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that the phone can't handle the heat. >> reporter: to keep it from overheating, turn off unnecessary apps when not in use. and disable your automatic updates. you should also lower your phone's brightness levels so it doesn't work so hard. >> but if the phone blows up i'm sure to let you know. >> reporter: but iphone users say more needs to be done am one posted, i smell a firmware update coming. >> the temperature overheating. >> reporter: kevin whose car has a scar would like that too and would like apple to pay for the damage. >> every time i look at it i'm going to remind myself my phone blew up in my hands. >> reporter: julie watts, kpix 5. >> apple says it deals with situations like this on a case- by-case basis. well, in an era with inventions like driverless cars here's something new and with a real jolt. caffeinated peanut butter. >> couple of friends from massachusetts came up with the idea as a way to help cure hangovers. they say one spoon of this peanut butter is equivalent to a cup of coffee. the makers say you might not
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taste the difference but you will feel it. >> weigh did not want to mess with the flavor. -- we did not want to mess with the flavor. we love peanut butter too much. why change it? >> the makers advise taking a little bit at a time to avoid those peanut butter caffeine jitters. i'll try it. >> pb and j? you're a peanut butter lover. time now 4:51. airlines at war fighting for your money. you need to jump on the low cost tickets while you can. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning. welcome back. time now is 4:53. here's a look at your highs across the bay today. mild temperatures topping out near 80 for the warmest spots in the south bay. 77 union city. 76 in san mateo. east bay temperatures low 80s for you, as well.
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84 brentwood. kind of an outlier there. 83 pittsburg. 77 vallejo. areawide expect humid conditions while these temperatures may appear mild may feel muggy today. 81 santa rosa. 79 in petaluma. 85 ukiah. 86 clearlake. we also have some scattered showers out there this morning and we'll take a look at those on doppler coming up in just a few minutes. let's take a quick check of the roads first as you make your way northbound 85 right at camden avenue. an accident within a vehicle spun out in lanes. it's facing the wrong way in the center divide. chp just arriving on scene. other than that traffic is quiet. mass transit is right on time. time now is 4:54. now might be the perfect time to plan your next vacation because airlines are slashing ticket prices in a big way. airlines like southwest, jetblue and spirit have lowered prices all across the board. that translates into a big price war which means of course cheaper flights on other airlines too like delta. analysts say it's a good idea to buy now because once the
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fuel prices stabilize, fares will go on back up. 37-year-old major lisa is the third woman to earn the elite army ranger tab. she is already an engineer, mother of two and a soldier in the army reserves. she will receive the coveted declaration in a ceremony at fort bening in georgia on friday. the ranger school opened up to women for the first time in april. government will announce this morning whether there had been a cost of living adjustment for social security recipients, dav and federal retirees. by law the cola is based on the consumer price index. but it's being pulled down because of lower gas prices. since inflation has been so low, economists say it's unlikely there will be an increase this year. with the first debate under their belts, the democratic candidates for president hope to keep the momentum going. hillary clinton is widely believed to have cemented her front-runner status in las vegas on tuesday. bernie sanders is also seeing a boost. his campaign says he raised
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about $2 million since the debate. >> bernie sanders had a strong night. i don't think he did as well as secretary clinton but if you are a supporter of bernie sanders you walked away feeling good about his performance. >> the question now what the debate means for vice president joe biden. some strategists say clinton's commanding performance may leave little room for biden to run. more than 15 million people tuned in on tuesday. that's the biggest audience for a democratic debate. baltimore city hall back to normal this morning after demonstrators took over the building overnight. they were upset that kevin davis was made the permanent police commissioner. davis took over as the interim chief shortly after the death of freddie gray and that caused outrage in the city but protestors are upset because he has refused to respond to the community's questions. >> is this discouraging for you at all? >> no. this is where the city is now. now, if we are going to get to the other side of it, we have to go through all these
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moments. >> at least a dozen people were arrested in overnight demonstrations. new gun control measures are about to be announced but this time it is actually going to be up to the voters. coming up next, some of the details of this new proposal about to be announced today.
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griego. and i'm frank mallicoat californians m good morning, everyone. it's thursday, october 15. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. nearly 5:00 on your thursday. and californians may get a chance to vote next year on stricter gun control including new requirements for people buying ammunition. kpix 5's anne makovec joins us live in san francisco where the ballot measure will be introduced today. good morning. reporter: lieutenant governor gavin newsom is make
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the announcement here at the 101 california building. this was the scene of a mass shooting in 1993. this new proposal he is about to lay out could be on the ballot next year. it could be up to voters to decide if we want to enact these rules. the proposal would force new rules on selling and buying ammunition including licensing and background checks. it would ban the possession of magazines with more than 10 rounds. it would require anyone who has them to sell them to a licensed dealer, transfer them out of date or give them to law enforcement and it would take guns away from people who now have them illegally because of a criminal record. the measure would require about 366,000 signatures to qualify for the ballot. california already has some of the toughest gun control rules in the country. as the debate continues nationally ben carson said this. >> specifically, in case


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