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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  October 15, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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live from the cbs5 studios this is kpix5 news. cars buried in mud, floodwaters raging tonight, we're getting a preview of what el nino may bring us. >> let's get right to allen martin with the incredible images coming out of southern california tonight. allen? >> take a look behind me. beneath deliver of mud is interstate 5 and the freeway -- that layer of mud is interstate 5 and the freeway is shut down tonight. these images show people with nowhere to go after torrential rain sent mud and rocks rushing through canyons and onto busy interstate 5. some stranded drivers even tried to clear away the debris themselves. >> canyon creek. >> from above you could see another river of mud as it flowed down a hillside about 60 miles north of los angeles, the ground so dry from the drought.
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>> i've been out here for 24 years now and i've never seen this much water in 24 years. >> reporter: that car completely covered. >> the mud poured through local roads shutting down streets and burying cars. >> we got reports of flash floods and with residents that were trapped in their vehicles and so our los angeles county fire department and sheriff's department were working on trying to help those people to try to get them out of the mud and out of harm's way. >> some homes were also hit. >> reporter: we see that trailer laying on its side out here in the area where thed in floe was. >> the powerful storm -- where the mud floe was. >> the powerful storm brought strong wind and golf ball size hail to some areas. tonight the clean-up has just started. closures along i-5 could last through tomorrow as crews work to clear out all this mud. paul, we may have just gotten a sneak peek at the type of flooding el nino could bring us
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this winter. >> you are right, allen. the latest update we'll receive before the el nino rains really crank up this winter, this is the official outlook from noaa, much of the state of california forecast to be wetter and stormier than average, but the bull's eye will be likely southern california, the wettest weather to our south. the biggest reservoirs to our north, rain to the north as well, warmer storms as well typically well peno which would mean a higher -- with el nino which would mean a higher temperature and less snow. el nino rainfall will likely put a big dental in the drought but likely will not eliminate it. we'll talk more about rain in our radar now come up in a few minutes. a lot of you have been saving all the water you can during this drought, but not everyone is following the rules. tonight christin ayers reveals some of the biggest water wasters in the east bay. >> reporter: several of east
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bay's top 10 water wasters live here and one of them is billy beane. the oakland a's vice president of baseball operations is using about 6,000 gallons of water per day at his property here in danville. that is six times the limit east bay mud has set making him the third biggest water waster. we couldn't reach him tonight for comment, but a neighbor says his home sits on about 4 acres and is surrounded by a lush lawn and garden. east bay mud is slapping him with an excessive use penalty of about $800. >> the penalty is meant to send home the message we're in a drought, there is a limit and our focus is making sure we have enough water. >> reporter: no. 1 on the list was former chevron executive george kirkland. he used about 12,000 gallons of water per day. he did tell the san jose mercury news that he has a
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leaky water line that need to be fixed. a more hectic than normal rush hour commute on the golden gate bridge this evening because of this, a car that caught fire. you're looking at the aftermath here. this happened about 5:30. no one was hurt. drivers were left stranded on the northbound span of the there's a look from our golden gate bridge camera, pretty slow going, cause of that fire still unknown. san francisco police shot and killed a man near the twitter headquarters on mid market. a construction worker flagged down a pair of police sergeants around noon to report a man throwing glass bottles into the street. one tried to arrest the man, but police say the suspect fought back and went for the sergeant's gun. >> the sergeant on the ground yelled to his partner he's getting my gun! he's getting my gun! shoot him.
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>> all you heard was pop pop pop and i kind of looked over there and then the pop was coming out of everywhere. >> the suspect died at the scene. his name has not yet been released. both sergeants were hurt in the struggle. they are in stable condition at the hospital tonight. also tonight lieutenant governor gavin newsom is proposing a ballot initiative to make our gun laws in california even stricter. andria borba is in the newsroom to explain this. >> typically this type of legislation will be handled by lawmakers in sacramento, but newsom wants voters to decide. in the shadow of the scene of san francisco's own mass shooting in 1993, lieutenant governor gavin newsom took aim not at guns but ammunition. >> for some reason we've allowed people to possess them. >> the five-part plan would ban
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possessions of magazines with a capacity more than 10 rounds. another provision would require all ammunition dealers to be licensed and background checks for nip who wants to buy a -- anyone who wants to buy a round. this retired judge thinks that meets second amendment muster according to a 2010 ruling. >> he's not seeking an outright ban. that would be found immediately unconstitutional. >> the proposed initiative also makes it easier to get guns from felons and require flynn with a lost or stolen -- anyone with a lost or stolen gun reported immediately. stolen guns were used in three recent bay area murders including katheryn steinle. nra members are taking exception to the entire
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initiative. >> they're baloney measures. >> i'll say this to the nra with all due respect. you can intimidate politicians. we've seen that. you've been effective, but you can't intimidate the public. that's why we're bringing this directly to the public. you may influence the political process, but you won't influence the initiative process. >> the measure will need 366 signatures to qualify for the ballot next year. tonight we're learning san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi failed his marks man hip test. he took the test in september and did not pass. that prevents him from carrying a gun. we reached out for comment but have not heard back. we knew spencer stone's injuries were serious, but new pictures show us just how
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serious they were. a warning, they might be difficult to look at. e. his big br >> reporter: spencer stone posing for a selfie in his hospital bed stitched up from his stomach to his chest after emergency surgery, but tonight he is recovering in his quiet carmichael home, his big brother speaking to kpix5 off camera saying spencer is happy to be in his real bed. spencer was stabbed four times, once in the heart, left lung, liver and back. he had to have open heart surgery to save his life from the knife wound to his heart. spencer's home wants to thank the nurses and doctors at u.s. davis medical center. she said they put their heart and soul into helping her son and she's grateful. a week after the nightclub stabbing in midtown sacramento this nearly took his life and two months after the french
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train attack that took his brother. >> a fundraising account hack set up for recovery expenses. new information on a story we first told you about yesterday, a church in oakland ordered to tone it down or pay a big fine. da lin got some answers from the city today. ock at in one case >> reporter: the city sent a letter to pleasant grove missionary baptist church telling them to stop singing so plate or pay hefty fines. -- late or pay hefty fines. at least one neighbor who has lived there 11 years doesn't like it and complained to the city. >> up to 2:00 in the morning in one case. >> reporter: the west oakland church says choir fra typically ends around 8:00 or 9:00. the -- practice typically ends around 8:00 or 9:00. the case is now closed. this isn't the only case. last month a man called the cops on thia williams and his
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friends drumming around lake merritt around 7:30 in the evening, something they've done for years with no problems. the cops wrote them two tickets. if. >> we're not going to stop drumming, singing and two shipping. >> reporter: long time neighbors are angry at what they call attempts to make oakland painful. >> i'd like to say it's growing pains and i think the vast majority of people who move here have come for our diversity. >> reporter: the past two years the city only gave out warning letters in the seven other churches in oakland. only 1 resulted in a citation. big and getting bigger, word tonight they'll have to make this giant sinkhole in union city even larger before they can fix it. >> tonight we found out some people in one bay area city are faking reports about bad traffic. >> inside information tonight on lamar odom's weekend binge
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may not be fixed until tues that's the word from the ci tonight. crews have been working around the clock sie the ground o that growing sinkhole snarling traffic in union city may not be fixed till tuesday. crews have been working round the clock since the ground opened up yesterday, but before they can close it up and prepare the road they actually have to make the hole a lot bigger. >> in order for us to be able to appropriately evaluate the sinkhole, we actually have to dig down to the bottom of the sinkhole and that's how we find attache cause. >> the pressure of the collapse -- out a cause. >> the pressure of the collapse ruptured a nearby water main and that filled the sinkhole with water and service has since been restored. chopper 5 was over the scene this afternoon.
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you can see how huge that hole has gotten now about the size of a city bus right in front of a fire station and blocking the entrance to a nearby school. hundreds of children are safe tonight after a major crackdown on sex trafficking. now the fbi has its sights set on a huge event in the bay area. joe vazquez on the operation to stop traffickers from cashing in on the super bowl. >> reporter: fbi agents watch from a motel room as a john in the room next-door requests sex in exchange for money. ndividual, rufus mitchell, has several prior cluding tr the feds rush in and make the bust. >> police. 12 years old. the youngest victim here in bay area is a milpitas who had be >> get up! >> this is operation cross- country. all last week the fbi and local police busted pitches and johns nation -- pimps and johns nationwide. a total of 149 victims were recovered. authorities say they are victims of human trafficking. >> in the bay area six miners
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were arrested. >> reporter: including one man now charged with pimping, trafficking and pandering. >> this individual, rufus mitchell, has several felony prior convictions involving trafficking of narcotics and clearly now he has turned his attention on trafficking children. >> reporter: nationwide the youngest girl rescued was 12 years old. the youngest victim here in the bay area is a 16-year-old girl from milpitas who had been missing for about a month. the fbi said she was recovered here in oakland. the fbi said it will do a similar operation when the super bowl and 1 million extra tourists arrive here next february. >> traffickers will know that it will be a target rich environment and they will bring their victims into the bay area because they know that they can make pay lot of money. >> during the sting the fbi also arrested 52 johns from the bay area.
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tonight police say this is the drive who hit and can id a pedestrian in san jose and took off. he is 29-year-old pedro cortez bernal. he turned himself in this morning. police fund his ford white pickup truck. the victim, a man in his 60 air -- 60s died at the scene. we have learned people in los gatos are faking it to try to keep traffic out of their town. kpix5's emily turner shows us how they're using the popular navigation app ways for their own mean. >> reporter: the ways app is to help make life easier, but for the folks who live here in the town of los gatos, they say that's not happening, at least not yet. >> i know a number of business owners because august was one
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of their worst months of the year. everybody else i knew didn't want to go downtown. it was a nightmare. >> reporter: we first told you about the traffic nightmare created by waves this summer where the crowd source navigation app pushed drivers onto surface streets to avoid the highway slowdowns. now people in los gatos are fighting back and they're using the very thing that created the problem in the first place, ways. >> when you stop, it asks you are you in traffic? yes, i am because we are. >> each in put makes lessening the app hopefully pushing drivers back onto 17. some have even danny the crowd sourcing push to the opponent -- taken the crowd sourcing push to the points of adding false reports and closures. folks we talked to say the
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honest effort against ways is certainly worth it. >> something needs to change because this is a disaster downtown. businesses are getting hurt as people are driving downtown or bypassing downtown just to get to the beach, it's absurd. >> emily turner, kpix5. >> congestion is worse on the weekends. locals hope that traffic will slow down ail bit as weather cools down. tonight tension is building between the kardashian plan and owner of the brothel where lamar odom was found up responsive. tom wait reports from las vegas where the former nba star is on life support. >> our hearts are heavy. we're disgusted we're associated with drugs. >> reporter: the love ranch brothel is responding with force tonight hitting back at accusations they allowed lamar odom to have a drug bender which ended with him being found up conscious and bleeding. >> -- unconscious and bleeding. >> this is heartbreaking and our latter goes out to lamar.
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we want to -- heart goes out to lamar. we want to know what happened ourselves. >> reporter: we're learning tonight odom fade $75,000 to be with two women at the brothel for several days. odom took several enhancement drugs. the only illegal drug he knows of happens before he arrived on saturday. >> he admitted that to the girls. he was doing it before he left. >> we have 28 years of success. nothing like this has ever happened. >> reporter: meanwhile tensions are rising between huff and the kardashian. >> khloe kardashian's publicist called me and she said send them to me. i'll have khloe do it and i said tell khloe to go to hell. >> supposed to be quiet and let lamar get tarnished, let our reputation get tarnished. we absolutely will not do. >> reporter: one of odom's
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friends leaving the hospital today said that open dom brief opened his eyes and squeezed someone's hand. in las vegas i'm tom wait, kpix5. heavy rainfall thunderstorms wrapping up to our south. more than 2,000 lightning strikes in california over the past 24 hours and still some lightning over the past few hours and a slight chance south bay and east bay may get a sprinkle or two overnight tonight as the storm system passes by to our south, the first of two between deal with in the next couple days. vallejo tomorrow morning 58 degrees, fremont 58, san jose and livermore, 61. lots going on this weekend, art and pumpkin festival, partly cloudy skies, mid- to upper 60s and the treasure island music fest saturday and sunday, a mixture of sun and clouds, slight chance of a rain shower saturday. big area of low pressure caused great big problems on the grapevine closed now because of a mudslide all over the road.
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notice the rainfall over vegas, over arizona, southern california, palm springs, as close as monta rain, ray, but it will not make -- monterey, but it will not make it here. all the stuff is to our south tonight. most of this stuff will be to the north coming up saturday. jet stream energy, all the juice of the storm will be well to our north. we talked earlier about el nino. there will be more hits than misses this winter, but these two will likely be a miss. a couple showers tonight, a mixture of sun and cloud tomorrow, temperatures staying seasonal, isolated mainly north bay showers early saturday. highs tomorrow close to average for this time of year. lost altos 80, pacifica 66. partly cloudy skies in danville, san ramone and
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antioch. 67 degrees in san francisco tomorrow. mill valley 76, around 80 in wine country. mainly cloudy day on saturday. sunday is the sunnier choice. next week we'll get warm, but we will not get hot. ell nine yough is come, likely seeing some definitive impacts here by december. >> looking -- el nino is coming, likely seeing some definitive impacts here by december. cutest video of the day watch as cocoa adopts two new kittens. >> coming up on the late show with stephen colbert. selling 18 homes? easy. building them all in four and a half months? now that was a leap.
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interactions are caught on camera. watch as she holds them delicately. she even signs this put on head and her caretaker places the little kitties on her head. cocoa was born at the san francisco zoo. you're up, dennis. >> we need to wake up the gorilla, the contaminant, your 90-year-old grandmother. you know why? i have got maybe the play of the year. it happened right here in the stanford game tonight. wait till you see how this play finished. grandma, get up! ,,,,,,,,
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you know, it's kind of a sad night tonight. the dodgers lost and knowing that giants fans are not big fans of the dodgers, we're burying them in this forecast and going with football because this is a great story. some people think michigan is the hottest team in college football, but it might be jim harbaugh's old team the stanford cardinals hosting 15 ranked ucla on the farm.
11:29 pm
christian cafferty rushed for a school record 243 yards and four touchdowns. mccaffrey may have been topped by the receiver on the flea flicker. francis makes the catch. >> no way. >> are you kidding me? look at this play. >> oh, wow. >> incredible play. randall goforth was the defender, may be the catch of the year. stanford wins 56-35. they are 5-1. you can watch that all night long. dodgers andre ethier wasn't happy during the game but wouldn't feel much better afterward. game five with the mets tied 2- 2 in the 6th. daniel murphy takes out greinke. they win 3-2 advancing to their first nlcs since 2008 where they will face the cubs. pga kicking off the season,
11:30 pm
silverado and napa with the fry' open. rory mcilroy, beautiful spin on his shot, birdies the hole, tied for 13th. this is brendan steele, 9- under, 63, one off tying the course record and leads jhonattan vegas by one shot after the 1st round. warriors, andrew bogut suffered a broken noles tonight against houston. i think he's had four or five over the course of his career. golden state put up 82 points in the 1st half. stephen curry scored 19 points and the warriors won 123-101. they open the season on october 27th and as we all know, luke walton is the interim head coach because steve kerr had back surgery. then there was the spinal fluid leakage. our standing is he's feeling a little better. he could go on this next road
11:31 pm
trip. we have the 49ers and the ravens on kpix5 this sunday. >> what was ethier upset about quickly? >> he got into it, was yelling at don mattingly. >> former manager probably. >> that could very well be true. take a commercial break. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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our next newscast is tomorr
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g at 4-30. the late show with stephen colbert is up next. >> next newscast tomorrow morning at 4:30. see you then. >> good night! >> welcome stephen colbert! ( band playing intro music ) ( cheers and applause ) captioning sponsored by cbs ♪ ♪ >> stephen: hey, welcome to the show, everybody! (cheers and applause) >> stephen, stephen, stephen! stephen, stephen, stephen! >> stephen: that's very nice. thanks, everybody.


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