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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  October 20, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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on a good tuesday. >> yeah. it's not my favorite day. >> it's not monday! >> it's tuesday. it is. it's october 20. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. we'll try to make you smile today. it's 4:30. a little traffic and weather. and roberta, you are first to go. >> that was awesome taking a look towards the bay bridge. you can see the morning star out there. but if you are in the east bay for the first time in many, many months, we do have some dense fog over the dublin grade this morning out the door. can you feel the difference? 56 in livermore. yesterday at this hour it was 63. it feels a lot cooler. 48 degrees in napa and later today numbers are going up. we are trending up to about 85, 86 degrees in the warmest locations. full forecast is coming up but right now let's say good morning to gianna. >> good morning. we start off with a map of the peninsula. lots of green on our sensors so free-flowing on 101 both directions. had an earlier accident involving a big rig on the
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eastbound side of 30 right at 280 -- or el camino, rather. that's cleared off so traffic should be moving nicely. the rest of the bay area quiet. we have some roadwork near the bay bridge. more on that coming up. today the san francisco board of supervisors will vote to reaffirm the city's sanctuary policy. congress may have another plan. jackie ward is live outside city hall with more. >> reporter: good morning. that sanctuary policy came under fire after kate steinle's death in july on pier 14 when she was walking with her dad. so today the san francisco board of supervisors will vote on resolutions involving the city's sanctuary policy which limits city cooperation with federal immigration authorities. the board and mayor lee are saying that the policy has nothing do with steinle's death since the sheriff's department should have called immigration and customs enforcement or i.c.e. to let them know steinle's shooter was being released. one of today's resolution calls
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for sheriff ross mirkarimi to reverse an order banning his staff from communicating with federal authorities. a competing initial would encourage the sheriff not to notify i.c.e. when certain immigrants are being released. they say what's the point of having a policy if we call i.c.e. instead of holding the inmate for them? the sheriff argues it produces the same result. kate steinle's family is suing the sheriff's office, i.c.e. and the bureau of land managements. >> as she fell, she said help me, dad. that's my bedtime story every night. if you want it to be your bedtime story every night, then do nothing. >> also today congress will begin debate a bill on pulling federal funding for cities that don't cooperate with the federal authorities. it's been pushed for years but it's gain support in congress since the murder of kate
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steinle. under the proposed case law a mandatory five-year sentence would be put in place for undocumented immigrants convicted of reentering the u.s. after being convicted of a previous crime. live in san francisco, jackie ward, kpix 5. ranjit steiner was killed with -- >> kate steinle was killed with a stolen gun from a bureau of land management's car. another bay area law enforcement officer had his gun stolen at 8th and howard in san francisco. someone broke into an officer's car sunday night and stole a bag with the officer's personal pistol in it. a rash of small earthquakes continues to rattle the san ramon valley with at least four more since 11 p.m. last night, including 3.5 quakes that hit seconds apart yesterday. usgs says those were felt as far away as oakland. since last week, close to 300 small quakes have shaken the region. kpix 5's christin ayers has
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more from near the epicenters. reporter: >> there's been a lot of earthquakes lately i'll tell you that. >> reporter: san ramon's crow canyon country club is at the epicenter of the swarm that's been felt from vallejo to pleasanton. talk turned from tennis to where people were when the quakes struck. >> we were at home at the time. there were two shakes. >> i was sitting in my room watching netflix and all of a sudden i felt a shake. >> my sister it was in the bathroom. >> reporter: some people are tracking it on cell phone apps. others are doing it the old- fashioned way writing it down every time she feels one. >> checking the website constantly making sure, yup, there was an earthquake. >> reporter: experts with the usgs say there is not unusual for the area. >> this area around san ramon through danville and to alamo is an area where we have had these types of swarms in the past. >> reporter: but these aren't
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typical. rather than one quake and some aftershocks, the swarms are constant. people who live here worry this could fore shadow a bigger kwame -- foreshadow a bigger quake to come. >> i'm nervous because of the movie san andreas. >> the movie says that's not likely. >> based on the past, the most likely thing is that we'll not have a large damaging earthquake. >> reporter: experts say the likelihood of a damaging earthquake hang on this part of the calaveras fault is very low. in fact, they say in the next 30 years, the possibility is somewhere around 8%. in san ramon, christin ayers, kpix 5. i did feel one of those quakes yesterday. >> yesterday. the one about 4:00? >> it was a little earlier. >> 3.5 was after 4:00. i have not felt a thing and usually i'm triggered right away by anything over 3. >> not one out of 300? >> not one! my app goes off regularly,
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though. i wrote a blog last week about earthquake weather because there's so many people who believe in it. if you are curious, visit our website, we have some areas of patchy fog. we also have some clear skies. we have a little potpourri of everything at this hour and it certainly is cooler than just 24 hours ago. 54 degrees apiece san jose and santa rosa. it is 56 degrees in livermore. yesterday at this hour it was 63. really can feel the difference. temperature-wise up into the 60s and 70s beaches today. 70s, 80s peninsula. 81 morgan hill. east of the bay numbers spanning up to 84 degrees and north 86 santa rosa. full forecast coming up. gianna. let's jump over to your commute towards the bay bridge out of oakland into san francisco. right now we're accident-free. just heads up there is some roadwork this morning on the lower deck of the bay bridge as you come out of san francisco into oakland. they are going to have some closures there this morning so do plan for that. also, on 880 and 580, look out for some roadwork there as well
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but your traffic conditions fairly light no troubles as you head near the toll plaza at the bay bridge. elsewhere, a live look at eight near hegenberger near the coliseum both directions off to a good start. southbound near 98 you will see orange cones on the roads as they work on the area and san mateo bridge looks good in both directions, no delays between hayward and foster city. back to you guys. today caltrans expected to open a new three-mile stretch of an hov lane southbound from hegenberger in oakland to marina boulevard in san leandro on 880 there. it connects to an existing hov lane. the opening was scheduled for yesterday but was postponed. today the city of oakland wants your opinion on how to improve downtown. the demand for downtown space is increasing and we're seeing in san francisco it's threatening to push out people who have been there for years. the city is work on plan for the future and will take
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comments at the office of spur- oakland. nfl wants to hear from fans about the oakland raiders future in oakland. the league scheduled a town hall meeting for thursday, october 29, at the paramount theater. nfl executives are expected to be there to answer questions. you need to sign up to attend. registration starts today. the raider owner mark davis is threatening to move the team to l.a. county without a new stadium in the city of oakland. the nation is waiting for word on whether vice president joe biden will launch a presidential bid. the latest monmouth university poll shows support for hillary clinton. it would dip if biden were in the race. brook silva-braga has the latest this morning. >> reporter: it was business as usual for vice president joe biden monday. no big announcement yet. but when he spoke to members of the military at the white house he mentioned his late son beau an iraq war veteran who reportedly urged biden to run for president. >> our son was a good man but
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he is no different than every one of those in that case soldiers who got off that flight with him. >> reporter: biden is said to be in no rush to make a decision. even as hillary clinton increases her lead in national polls. >> if the reason that you're running is because you perceive that somebody else is not doing as well as they should, um, that's not a particularly effective rationale for voters. >> reporter: clinton will testify before the house benghazi committee on thursday. testimony that could last eight hours. the republican side, donald trump continues to lead. he has won virtually every national poll for four months. >> i don't want anybody's money. they form all these pacs. people pour money into pacs. i don't want 'em. >> reporter: the secret service is reviewing requests for protection from the trump and ben carson campaigns. while carson has denied the request came from his team, the former neurosurgeon, who is polling second to trump, admitted to receiving many threats. brook silva-braga for cbs news. canada is about to get a
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new prime minister with a very familiar name. justin trudeau will take office as soon as next week after his liberal party won a majority of seats in parliament in yesterday's election. he will replace the conservative party's steven hamper. trudeau is a son of the late pierre trudeau, who was canada's prime minister for almost two decades. time now is 4:40. up next, the head of the cia gets hacked. how a high school student says he broke in. >> what's cool about your school? email your nomination to us at we may come and feature your school on the show. we'll be right back. someone claiming to be a hi ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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school student is boasting t breaking into the personal l accounts of two top national security officials... someone claiming to be a high school student is boasting about breaking into the personal email accounts of two top national security officials. cia director john brennan and homeland security secretary jeh johnson. more now from kpix 5's betty yu. reporter: the person
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tweeting under the handle of cwa followed through on threats to release sensitive information. you know we don't lie. what you have all been waiting for, sorry for the delay. along with that statement came an attachment with the name, social security numbers and phone numbers of about 20 people said to be affiliated with the head of the cia. in fact, the unidentified hacker, who claims to be a high school student, says the information came from the private email account of cia director john brennan. whoever it is also claims to have hacked into the private email account of homeland security secretary jeh johnson. throughout the day, the hacker appeared to be taunting the officials and others in government. we are not doing this for personal satisfaction. we are doing this because innocent people in palestine are being killed daily. and anyone know who we should target next? betty yu, kpix 5. a texas teenager arrested
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for bringing a homemade clock to school met with president obama last night. the president invited him for astronomy night. >> some of you might be on your way to mars. america can do anything. we just got to keep encouraging every new generation to explore, invent and create. >> mohammed had several invitations since the incident. he attended google's science fair in mountain view last month. some of the silicon valley's biggest companies pledge to join president obama's effort to fight climate change including facebook, google and apple, "salesforce," levi's stadium, mcdonald's and starbucks. all 81 promise to take part. yesterday the president met with ten ceos to discuss climate change. the companies have vowed to make changes to their supply chain to reduce greenhouse gases and to invest in clean energy. southern california dealing
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with yet another round of storms and flooding. pounding rains turned this boyle heights street into a river. the downpour loosened hillsides and filled storm drains. neighborhoods evacuated to higher ground and one driver abandoned his car below. homes have tens of thousands of dollars worth of damage. >> it has happened before. but not as major as this. >> it was scary. it was scary because the water wasn't raised like this before. >> they will have a difficult winter with an el nino. >> you weren't here yesterday but we were talking about the fact that i was 15-minute before the mud slides going over the tehachapis. when i got there, my uncle said, do you think we'll have a el nino? yes! they are already experiencing el nino in southern california. it looks like we should be on
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the tail end of that on december -- the tail end of december when we should start seeing most of the activity. traditionally december when you have a very strong el nino could be very dry. we'll keep you posted on that but right now out the door we are seeing a little bit of condensation all associated with some areas of patchy fog. this is a look out towards sfo. so far no reports of any local airport delays. temperatures meanwhile are in the 50s and 60s. it is cooler this morning than just 24 hours ago. here's our satellite-radar. that you see we do have a swath of some clouds that's lined up parallel to the state of california as we have the exiting area of low pressure from southern california making its way in towards las vegas. here's what you need to know on this tuesday. we have cooler nights. it is about 6 degrees cooler this morning in our overnight hours. mild afternoons ahead. dry weather through the weekend. then a chance of rain returning right here to the bay area, boy, next week. let's keep our fingers crossed on that. right now it's foggy. we'll be basking in sunshine as
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high pressure builds in producing a slight offshore flow. and we are going to be experiencing conditions above average for several days. 84 in redding today. 70 monterey bay. mid-80s in sacramento, stockton and davis our numbers high 60s, low 70s at the beaches today. mid-70s and 80s at the bay. 80s on the peninsula up to 87 inland. offshore wind about 5 to 10 miles per hour. there you have the temperature flirting with 90 degrees on wednesday. the mild weather pattern continues up until the weekend. gianna. let's head right to westbound 580 where we have reports of a brand-new accident at 680 or actually make that at grant line. we are seeing delays approaching the scene. just a heads up there. the good news is most of it is over to the right shoulder so not blocking lanes westbound 580 at grant line. now you're looking near the dublin interchange near 680. traffic is moving okay through there. 15 minutes for your drive time not doing too bad as far as that goes. over to the bay bridge
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westbound eastshore freeway commute so far, so good. your approaches to the bay bridge look good as well no delays as you head toward the toll plaza. your oakland into san francisco commute is a nice ride as you head across the span into san francisco. no delays in and out of san francisco this morning. 280 extension also off to a good start. so is the nimitz freeway on the northbound side no delays. southbound near 98. we have reports of roadwork so keep that in mind out the door this morning. if you plan to take the san mateo bridge, so far traffic is clear both directions 12 minutes between 880 and 101. and taking a look at the peninsula early flight to catch at sfo, 101 both directions no delays. 280 southbound looks good, as well. highway 1 out of pacifica half moon bay, also off to a good start and if you are commuting out of half moon bay via 92 no delays there. and mass transit is right on time. bart, golden gate ferry, caltrain, ace, you name it, everything is off to a good start. back to you guys. >> thank you. 4:48. a crazy scene caught on camera. a man swinging a machete darting in and out of traffic
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in oakland. and as allen martin shows us, that was just the beginning. reporter: at 37th and international a man with a machete was yelling at cars. [ screaming ] >> reporter: after moving into the street and down the block, a car tries to hit him. [ engine revs ] >> oh!! >> reporter: the witness shooting the video says it's 3 a.m. when this is happening. by this time police have been called. >> a second unit for cover 37th international, man with a machete someone is trying to run him over and the person with a machete is hitting the vehicle with it. >> reporter: minutes later and back up a block the man with the machete became a target again. and again. then from the other direction, a car sends him flying off the hood. >> my god! oh!! [ screaming ] >> oh, my god! >> subject and the vehicle just hit the other subject with the
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machete with the vehicle. >> reporter: amazinglicious the man did get up and -- amazingly, the man did get up and walk around again with the machete. police arrested him a short time later. allen martin, kpix 5. if the anticipation wasn't enough, disney's release of the new "star wars" trailer has fans scrambling for tickets. they went on sale last night. it looks like the best bet was to get them at a movie theater. online, it was a bit of a mess. the rush to get the first tickets crashed multiple online booking sites. >> fandango crashed. it work online or on the app. >> most movie theaters have showtimes about every hour on opening day. just check ahead of time with the theater to see if you can score a ticket. with tickets already in high demand, people are looking to cash in. $1,200 for six tickets in a showing in san francisco. >> if you wait a week and go after christmas, get right in.
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>> i must admit, though, i love movies but i'm not a movie geek to wait in line on the first night. i might on this one. >> this one is exciting. my 7-year-old is going to be princess leah for halloween. >> the trailer is amazing. >> a lot of the originals are back, too. so should be fun. the 18th of december. 4:51 now. apple has its third app lapse within the past few weeks. what the program secretly did without customers' permission. when we come back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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tree before it came crashing into
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good morning. 4:53. take a look at your it screen. let's go for a ride. temperatures at the coast in the mid- and high 60s and low 70s with sunshine. once the fog lifts at the peninsula, 70s and 80s common. good morning, san jose at 79 degrees. east of the bay, most numbers will top off into the low to mid-80s. 84 degrees in brentwood. north of the golden gate bridge, 67 degrees in stinson beach, 83 degrees in san rafael, then we climb to 85, 86 in santa rosa. 80s today will be common in clearlake. and chp on scene of a two- car accident westbound 580 right at grant line. it's over to the right shoulder. some activity there. we are seeing our drive times go from 15 minutes now to 19 minutes as you work your way westbound 580. altamont pass to 680. a look at the golden gate bridge coming up. 4:54. a vacaville homeowner says he warned the city about a rotted tree before it came crashing down on his home. he and his wife were in the house when this diseased 100-
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year-old oak ripped a hole in their ceiling. the tree belongs to the city. the man says this all could have been prevented. >> i brought it to people's attention that this was an issue this particular tree. >> the city is investigating the incident. an added attraction for visitors. the san francisco's coit tower, our own joe vazquez took this video on his cell phone of a coyote calmly foraging in the brush near the tower. a park ranger says the adult male has a mate and pups in the area. one visitor says the seemingly harmless wildlife sighting could cause bigger problems for the area. >> when you have wild animals too close to the city, they cause a lot of damage to property. they cause car accidents. >> people have lost small dogs to coyote attacks. experts say due to the drought, wildlife is going into cities
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for water. apps have been collecting user information. app removed 250 apps from the store yesterday. analytics sources dna discovered a chinese ad company gathering data about the people who downloaded the apps including emails addresses. no word what apps were affected. lamar odom is alert and improving. the nba champion was found unconscious in a nevada brothel and put on life support last week. on friday he awoke from a coma with his estranged wife khloe kardashian by his side. the odom camp says he is not out of the woods yet. he will be hospitalized for more testing. it is 4:56 right now. a big art heist at a bay area mansion. how a squatter almost got away with it. >> reporter: we're live in san francisco this morning where the board of supervisors is set to vote on a pair of resolutions involving the city's sanctuary policy. i'll have details coming up. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning. it's tuesday, october 20. i'm michelle
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griego. good morning, everyone. this is a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. just before 5:00 this morning, you can see the cars are already starting. >> good time to drive in. it's going to get worse. >> it is going to get a lot worse. it is tuesday, october 20. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it is nearly 5:00 on this tuesday. and today, san francisco's controversial sanctuary city policy is up for debate just as congress begins its own discussion on that very same issue. kpix 5's jackie ward joins us outside city hall with more. reporter: the city's sanctuary policy came under fire after kate steinle's murder on july 1 when she was walking on pier 14 with her dad so today the san francisco board of supervisors will vote
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on a pair of resolutions involving that policy which limits city cooperation with federal immigration authorities. the board and mayor lee are saying that the policy has nothing to do with steinle's death since the sheriff's department should have called immigration and customs enforcements or i.c.e. to let them know steinle's shooter was being released several months before her death. he was previously deported multiple times. one of today's resolutions calls for sheriff ross mirkarimi to reverse an order banning his staff from communicating with immigration authorities. a competing measure would go the other way encouraging the sheriff not to notify i.c.e. when certain immigrants are released. the board's nonbinding decision could indicate future changes to the policy. kate steinle's family is shoeing the sheriff's office, i.c.e. and bureau of land management. >> as she fell, she said help me, dad. that's my bedtime story every night. and if you want it to be


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