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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  October 22, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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49ers versus the seattle seahawks. kickoff is at 5:25. good morning, it is thursday, october 22. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm not frank mallicoat. he is off this morning. but we do have to have the latest on weather. and we know who to check in with that. this is miss gonzalez. and hey, liza, how are you? >> very well. >> good. we have some areas of dense fog to talk about primarily around the santa rosa and napa area where pockets of fog and limited visibility are limited to a quarter mile. they are cooling off into the 50s. cooler this morning than just 24 hours ago. in oakland right now it's 59 degrees. same in san francisco. later today we are talking about temperatures anywhere from the 60s to the 70s into the 80s east of the bay. full forecast is ahead. chp clearing up an accident eastbound 80 approaching 4 in hercules. westbound traffic here at the bay bridge toll plaza looking good. looks like we have a brief delay in a couple of the toll lanes. but overall a good start to the thursday commute. >> thank you. someone is trying to kidnap children in berkeley.
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police say there have been several close calls. and now they have put a warning out about a van. kpix 5's christin ayers reports. reporter: extra police cars patrolling berkeley on the block where a man tried not once, not twice, but three times to snatch children walking to school in broad daylight. >> what we have been seeing in these instances is a man coming up in a van and trying to lure young children into his van. >> reporter: police say the man has been alarmingly persistent. the first attempt happened september 18. within 30 minutes, the man tried kidnapping three girls and a boy on telegraph avenue. on october 19, police believe he struck again targeting a girl playing at college and webster and 15 minutes later yelling at three girls on the same corner to get into his van. >> it is definitely alarming. it's definitely one of our highest priorities. >> reporter: police have
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canvassed each location looking for surveillance video of the suspect. so far, with no luck. witnesses say the man was hispanic in his late 20s to early 30s with dark hair and scruffy face. he was seen driving a green minivan in one instance and a windowless black cargo van in another. >> that's worrying. i don't know. i see this as a pretty nice residential area. >> reporter: neighbors said they would be extra vigilant after hearing the news and already berkeley unified school district is holding workshops showing children what to do. no kids were harmed. police say they exercised excellent street smarts and screamed, ran, and ultimately got away. in berkeley, christin ayers, kpix 5. kids are getting a dangerous high in marin at mount tam high school. three teens were hospitalized after overdosing on coricidin. two in another school overdosed
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in the last couple of weeks. they call it triple c and it makes children hallucinate. the letter asks parents to talk to their children. many parents say they did not know. >> we didn't know about it. to find out the hard way is worse than potentially a situation where all of a sudden it gets out and kids are geez, i didn't know about that. i'll try that. >> you have to be 18 or older to buy it at drugstores. the letter to tam high parents was sent by email on tuesday. thursday night lights in silicon valley as the 49ers host the seahawks. football fans will be competing with afternoon commuters. kpix 5's kiet do is live in santa clara with the preview. good morning, kiet. >> reporter: good morning. you know, kickoff is at 5:25 this evening. that's right in the heart of rush hour. one thing we have learned is that fans coming to the game do so over the span of a couple of hours helping with congestion. after the game, it's a much different story. if it's a close game that means
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about 68,000 fans will be leaving levi's stadium all at once. caltrain has added two special northbound trains leaving from the mountain view station. the first one leaves "60 minutes" after the end of the game or whenever it's full. the second one least 8 five- minutes after the end of the game or whenever it fills up. this is in addition to regular weekday service where a train leaves at the top of every hour. as a reminder caltrain says buy tickets in advance to save yourself waiting. now about the rivalry, the last time the seahawks were here they won on thanksgiving day 2014. richard sherman and quarterback russell wilson were eating turkey legs at the 50-yard line on the 49ers logo as part of the post-game broadcast this after beating the 9ers 19-3. it was so bad, jed york apologized to fans on twitter. this time around, the two teams are 2-4 for the season. not talking as much trash. >> this is a big game. we don't make any bones about
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that. anytime you play seattle, it's a big deal. so. >> there's always been a beef among us. it makes it fun. it's a physical game. kickoff at 5:25. you can see it here on kpix 5. back to you. >> kiet, just to clarify, what's caltrans' policy on alcohol? >> reporter: that's one of the big pluses of riding caltrain. you can drink alcohol on the train and you can do so up to 9 p.m. after that, no drinking on the train. live at the stadium in santa clara, kiet do, kpix 5. >> remember, tonight's game is right here on kpix 5. coverage starts at 4:30 right after a special edition of kpix 5 news at 4:00. liza has a look at our morning commute. >> definitely brace for heavier traffic in the south bay because of the 49er game. this morning, all is well with caltrain, muni, bart, all of our local transit systems are on schedule. the first bart trains have left
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the yard on time. heading for bay area freeways, westbound traffic at the bay bridge, we have a brief delay in a few cash lanes. overall, westbound traffic is still looking good. no major accidents. it's very quiet at the san mateo bridge so enjoy the light traffic while it's there. no major problems for your drive into work. that's a look at "kcbs traffic." here's roberta. good morning. our live weather camera is looking out towards the bay bridge. you can see a cluster of planets out there this morning. i don't know if you can see it so much on this view but let's take a look. we have clear skies out towards the bay bridge. jupiter and venus. the morning star above the tip- top of the bay bridge, can you see it there? all right. so we have clear skies by the bay bridge but we have fog in the santa rosa area and in napa. temperature 48 degrees in santa rosa. san francisco today, boy, temperatures are coming down just slightly. 60s beaches, 80s san jose. east of the bay going up to 85
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degrees in the warmest locations. 60s stinson beach, 78 degrees in san rafael. we have the full forecast talking about muggy conditions. that's coming up in a matter of minutes. brian and michelle. >> thank you, roberta. caught on camera. a violent encounter between a muni driver and a passenger. [ yelling and cursing ] >> cell phone video shows a passenger dragging the muni driver off the train and attacking him on the street in san francisco. the driver is in the dark colored clothing. and this happened last week on the t line in the dogpatch area. >> there's a mechanical issue with the train and he got orders to bring the train back into the yard for repairs. at that time, he did ask the patrons to off-board the vehicle and at that point, this individual appeared not to have liked that and spat on the operator and pulled him out of the train and then the video starts. >> as you can see, other passengers broke up the fight. muni says the driver acted in self-defense. the marine fighter pilot
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killed in a jet crash in england had bay area ties. the f-18 went down just after take-off yesterday. the pilot has been identified as major taz serene of san mateo county. he earned a bachelor's degree at the university of san francisco in 2004. the cause of the crash is under investigation. a san jose police officer who mocked the "black lives matter" movement is out of a job. the "mercury news" reports the police department fired phillip white. he had posted comments like, quote, threaten me or my family and i will use my god given and law-appointed right and duty to kill you, hashtag cops lives matter. such comments are covered by free speech protections but not the job. the department can still fire officers for comments that affect their ability to do their jobs. this morning, santa clara county health experts will update the shigella outbreak linked to a mexican restaurant in san jose. so far the county has confirmed 93 cases of shigella. san mateo county has two cases and santa cruz county is
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looking into five suspected cases. the restaurant marisco's on 4th street also faces two lawsuits. kpix 5's betty yu spoke with one diner who got sick. >> this is a very serious risk. it scared the heck out of me. reporter: it sent gregory to the emergency room saturday night with 105-degree fever. he says he got shigella after he picked up take-out from marisco san juan number 3. he ate the ceviche tostada and by the next morning -- >> it really was nausea, running to the bathroom a lot, a lot of stomach cramping, um, really, really bad abdominal pain. >> reporter: gregory is back at home recovering. but not back at school. he is the dean of students at independent high school in san jose. he is the first to sue the restaurant owners. he is asking for unspecified damages for missing work and pain and suffering. >> i have no animus against the restaurant owners or anybody.
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i just really don't want me, myself, or the other people that i know and in my neighborhood, um, at risk. >> reporter: the santa clara county health department is investigating the source of the outbreak. shigella can be spread by restaurant workers who don't properly wash their hands before touching food. it's if that's the case, legal analyst judge ladoris cordell says that would likely leave the owners on the hook for medical bills and more. >> a restaurant has to exercise a duty of reasonable care. that's the legal standard. they must maintain an environment that assures that the product which is the meal is safe. >> reporter: the health department is still testing all of the employees here at the restaurant to figure out which one is the infected worker. in san jose, betty yu, kpix 5. now on this thursday morning, 20 minutes before 5:00. if you are tired of paying big bucks for cable and internet, google may have the answer.
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the super fast service planned for the bay area. >> and what's cool about your school? email your nomination to us at we may come and feature your school on the show. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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she'll appear before a republican-led house committee... investigating e attack on the u-s diplomatic hillary clinton will face tough questions today. she will appear before a republican-led house committee investigating the attack on the u.s. diplomatic compound in benghazi, libya. more now from weijia jang. reporter: hillary clinton will face a grueling eight-hour grilling before the house committee investigating the 2012 benghazi attacks, testimony that could prove pivotal for her presidential campaign. >> can she weather a full day's worth of testimony in front of a committee that even some republicans have said is aiming to hurt her politically? if she can do that she will be on stable ground after a shaky summer. >> reporter: the republican-led committee will try to find out why the u.s. chose to remain in
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benghazi despite the escalation in violence. >> what i want to know is while violence was going off in libya, why was our security profile going down? >> reporter: ahead of today's hearing, democrats on the benghazi committee released the transcript of the closed door testimony of former clinton aide sheryl mills. mills testified that clinton was devastated by the event and very engaged in her response. weijia jang, cbs news, washington. >> clinton's testimony comes a day after vice president joe biden announced he won't enter the democratic presidential race. he was joined at the white house rose garden by his wife jill and president obama. biden has been putting off the decision while his family dealt with the cancer death of his son beau. he decided against another white house run saying there is not enough time to organize a viable campaign. and clinton released this statement on lines, quote, the vice president is a good friend and a great man. today and always, inspired by his optimism and his commitment to change the world for the better. the new york mets are head
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to the world series for the first time in 15 years. a strikeout sealed an 8-3 victory and a four-game sweep of the cubs. the mets' lucas duda hit a three-run home run. and i have been watching this like a leopard and a two-run double. daniel murphy is the series mvp after hitting a homer in every game. the mets will face either the royals or the blue jays in the world series. >> you have been watching this like a leopard? >> yeah. i have been tracking it. >> roberta, what's he talking about? >> he is a baseball fan. [ laughter ] >> right. >> no. >> you were eyeing it, prying it? preying it? >> following it. >> all right. i just dragged my stationary bike inside and watched the whole game on my bike. >> did you really? >> i did. you know, i lived in chicago. >> oh. isn't that -- i was pulling for the cubs. >> i think the whole country was but they were just totally outplayed by the mets, right? >> totally.
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>> so now it comes down to the mets and i say kansas city. good morning, everybody. as you are heading on out the door, take a look at this. photographer max let's put our hands together, thank you, thank you, thank you. that is a glorious view. isn't it pretty? skyline of san francisco currently air temperature 48 degrees in santa rosa. visibilities down to a half mile due to pockets of dense fog. sfo looking out there now where we have overcast conditions and no reports of any local airport delays. it is 57 degrees in livermore. okay, i want to point something out. this is hurricane olaf. i'll be talking about how that's going to impact our forecast next week but right now we are under the influence of high pressure. it's going to stay with us every day through the weekend. increasing levels of humidity it will be muggy. we'll increase our rain chances by thursday. let's keep our fingers crossed. meanwhile 75 degrees for my pick city in santa cruz today. other notable numbers will span
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from 70 in pacifica. 80 in mountain view. outside numbers 85 degrees. cooler sunday. and then we'll bring in that increasing cloud cover next week. that's a check of your thursday forecast. here's liza with traffic. good morning. we have a couple of things to watch out for. this first accident just outside of the caldecott tunnel, causing a hazard now for all of those drivers leaving the orinda area bound for oakland. the spinout block of the left lane just outside the caldecott in the westbound direction blocking the left-hand lane. watch the crash out the door right now. chp is with it. left lane shut down there. also an accident in the clearing stages in richmond. eastbound 80 just before mcdonald. this accident involving a spinout blocking the right-hand lane. fortunately, no major injuries with this accident but it's causing delays. you can see that for that
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eastbound direction of 80. westbound 80 the commute direction, still fine leaving richmond bound for berkeley and emeryville. and at the bay bridge toll plaza still looking good. there's a brief delay in just a few toll lanes. once you pass that traffic does okay heading across the bridge. there's roadwork this morning left over from overnight. eastbound 80 a few lanes shut down until 6 a.m. that's "kcbs traffic." >> thank you. sometimes stealing is just not worth the effort. oh, gee. i guess other times it is. the surveillance video shows a woman attempting to take a large box from outside a concord home but it was apparently too heavy. so she gave it up. it appears she did leave with a pair of shoes. [ laughter ] [ pause ] here's an example of where it's worth effort. here's what they were able to steal in one frightening minute in another heist. >> reporter: a violent jewelry store takeover caught on
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security tape. four masked robbers stormed into this jewelry store inside the shops at mission viejo mall around 1:00 using sledgehammers. they smashed glass cases and grabbed rolexes and jewelry orlandoering employees to the ground with a handgun. seconds later you can see a customer grab her purse and run for the door. the thieves took off in an unidentified car. but the story doesn't stop there. minutes later, just 20 miles north up the 405 in huntington beach, witnesses reported seeing bags of jewelry thrown from a vehicle. detectives confirmed they were filled with the stolen rolexes and other items likely from the heist. each equipped with a george bush's tracking device. in huntington beach, stacy butler, kpix 5. cable and phone companies are about to get some more competition. mountain view-based google is moving forward with a plan to offer high speed fiber service in san jose. more now from kpix 5's julie watts. reporter: it doesn't look like much now. but this corner in san jose
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could soon be a high-tech hub for communication. >> probably where you see illegal newspaper been here. >> reporter: this councilman says it's where google will install one of its first bay area fiber huts similar to this one in austin, making willow glen one of the first so-called fiber hoods in the golden state getting access to google fiber, a brand-new super fast internet and tv service. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: at&t, comcast and verizon each have their own fiber services promising the ability to download 25 songs a second or an entire movie in a minute. but tech analyst rob enderly says google's new system will have two advantages. brand-new equipment and at least in the beginning fewer customers. >> think about driving on an eight-lane freeway in san jose today during rush hour compared to driving an eight lane freeway in san jose say in the 1950s. >> reporter: so what happens when google has as many customers as comcast, at&t and
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verizon? >> the performance is probably going to degreat. >> reporter: based on rollouts in other cities like austin, kansas city and provo, utah, enderly expects google will likely be cheaper than the competitors. >> they have tons of cash coming in from advertising so google can compete very aggressively on price. >> reporter: so what's not to love? well, enderly says google may have an ulterior motive. it doesn't necessarily want to get into the cable telephony business but google wants its competitors to improve their networks, ultimately benefiting google's other products. >> force them to up their game to start thinking about early retirement. >> reporter: julie watts, kpix 5. >> it's not quite a done deal with a few things still to be worked out but city officials told the "mercury news" a formal announcement could come in november or december. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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take a look at ayour tv screen. let's take you for a ride. temperatures today still above average with the sunny skies into the mid-60s and low 70s at the beaches today. mid-70s common around the peninsula. good morning, milpitas. 77 degrees. and then east of the bay climbing to 85 degrees in brentwood. otherwise, north of the golden gate bridge, from the 60s and bodega bay to the 70s in mill valley. and petaluma at 80 degrees. mild conditions continuing today in the far reaches of the north bay. lakeport at 85. a man is in custody in connection with the shooting death of a 4-year-old girl in new mexico. albuquerque police say tips from the public led to yesterday's arrest of 32-year- old tony torres. investigators say lily garcia and her family were riding in a pickup tuesday when her father got into a dispute with another driver, who opened fire on the
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pickup. the girl later died at the hospital. nobody else was injured. police say torres confessed to the crime after he was arrested. >> everyone that was involved, um, is -- is breathing just a little bit better with a sigh of relief. >> torres is charged with murder and with a series of weapons violations. mexican authorities may be getting close tore finding the whereabouts of fugitive druglord joaquin "el chapo" guzman. he made a daring escape last july from a maximum security prison. investigators detained a group of people who organized the escape cruz guzman's brother-in- law who -- including guzman's brother-in-law who they think built the tunnel they used to get away. a healthy baby girl was born at the auburn station. the expectant mother missed her stop and landed at auburn and the baby came. the duty manager came to the rescue. >> ambulance got here at a
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pivotal moment and caught the baby as it was being born. >> the mother returned to the station yesterday to say thanks to everybody who helped her. apple computer is expanding again. it's leasing this 200,000- square-foot building in north san jose. there it is. still under construction. and there's room on the property to grow. the new site gives apple three major properties that could eventually provide the tech giant with more than 4 million square feet of office space. ♪[ music ] the big game is tonight. 9ers versus the seahawks. caltrain has a new plan to get you home a little quicker. we have a live report coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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and i'm brian hackney, in f
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frank mallicoat several attempts to snatch children off the str y be the work of good morning. it's thursday, october 22. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm brian hackney. frank is off this morning. several attempts to snatch children off the street of berkeley may be the work of the same suspect. lisa chan is in berkeley where the most recent near mishapped on sunday. reporter: good morning. there are extra police patrols in berkeley. officers say the same man tried three times to kidnap children. they say he has been alarmingly persistent. now, the first attempt happened on september 18 when a man tried to kidnap three girls and a boy on telegraph avenue. then on october 18, police believe the same man tried to kidnap a girl at college and webster and 15 minutes later yelled at three girls on the same corner to get in his van. >> we have been seeing in these instances is a man coming up and some sort of van and
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enticing -- trying to lure young children into his van. >> reporter: now, witnesses describe the man as hispanic in his late 20s to early 30s with dark hair and a scruffy face. he was last seen driving a windowless black cargo van. now, police have been looking through surveillance video in the areas of these attempted kidnappings but so far no luck. live in berkeley, lisa chan, kpix 5. in other news, a letter is out to parents of tam high students in marin warning them that gets are getting a dangerous high. three teens from tam had to be hospitalized after overdosing on the cough and cold medicine coricidin. and two from drake high overdosed on the same drug in the past couple of weeks. what's happening is that students are taking it in large doses in order to hallucinate calling it triple c. tam's principal is asking parents to talk to their kids. it's football night in santa clara as the 49ers host


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