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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  October 22, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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shaving raisers and try razors, and he tried to stop him. he was saying let me go. let me go. that's it. >> he stabbed three of the five people with a medium-sized knife. one of them was a security guard >> reporter: of the three victims, one was stabbed in the back. the other was stabbed in the arm. they are expected to survive. ac transit has to shell out more than $2 million after someone hit a bicyclist. this video may be a little tough to watch. >> reporter: karen mk clen don
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was riding her bike, and a vehicle plowed into her. we're showing you ac transit's own video right up until the moment of impact. >> impact was her face on the windshield of the bus. >> reporter: she suffered multiple fractures of the face. she placed her in a medically- induced coma for many days. there's a 2 $.5 million settlement for her. >> this bus driver, there was
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a history of insubordination. >> reporter: six weeks before the crash, her attorney had almost the same problem. the speed of the turn dumped a bus passenger out of her seat. >> some medium role in the process, but no discipline, no taking her off the road. >> reporter: she is getting on with her life. andrea kpix, news 5. not a lot for 9ers fans to cheer about tonight. >> it wasn't a total loss. >> big televised games are
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helping with superbowl 50. the host committee was busy tracking the facilities for the big day. while they can't share them with us just yet, you won't see any of the cars behind me in the big lot. levi stadium will be very different. first, expect heavy security. >> it will be eaten up by heavy security. it extends about 1200 feet. we lose a lot of parking. >> reporter: they are getting awhole new lot. they are working out logistics. >> a lot of people when they come to the superbowl don't
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tend to drive as many cars. a lot of people will take buses. they will be in the hundreds. >> reporter: expect up to 800 charter buses, instead of the 60 or so we see in the 9ers games. >> you aren't used to coming to the building, especially if you're only used to a regular 9ers game. >> reporter: how do they expect to get here? >> uber. >> i don't have to drive, which means i can do more of this. >> hopefully, i'll just get a hotel, and they'll have some kind of shuttle, and i can avoid all that mess. >> reporter: there are about
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there is still a lot of plans to study. >> all right, betty, we appreciate that. a great superbowl warmup for our production crews. they will be pulling out all the stops in february including multiple production facilities in what will be the biggest superbowl ever. coming up, dennis o'donnell is in the 49ers stadium. a rash of recent attacks. a project call ed called coyote concerns has been meeting.
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>> we don't need coyotes here. >> i would hope they trap them and remove them. i would be willing to bet that would be a totally unfeasible concept. >> at least one dog has been killed there in the past month. they have reported many sitings. >> a coyote was filmed roaming around seemingly unphased by people, and he has a mate and a litter of pups. people started getting sick after eating at san maris
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cos. there's 110 cases of shingles. the restaurant is shut down indefinitely. >> the bay area marine was killed in the jet crash and honored tonight. before the start of the women's volleyball game, a tribute to major tom serene. he died yesterday when his f 18 went down in england. how coaches and former teammates are remembering the pilot. >> reporter: he was a hard kid to forget, though he played here a while ago. from 1999 to 2003.
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>> i know he was driving a really fast, nice car. >> reporter: his life was lived in the fast lane. >> i believe him selecting and going into the marines was something that saved his life, but also, in a way, took his life. >> reporter: they called his unstyled shots toj's. >> at the time, that decision going into the marines, we're thinking, is that really taj? >> reporter: he leaves his family here in the bay area and
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a young daughter that lives in dallas with her mother. the battle over benga si and hillary clinton was up again. they answered questions under oath about the conflict that killed four americans. >> reporter: the day started with handshakes, but the come rod ri didn't last long. >> i clearly called it an attack. of course, it was an attack. >> reporter: republicans accused her of ignoring westmoreland's question. >> no one came to me and said
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we should shut down our compound in benga si. >> i'm not saying shut it down. i'm saying, protect it. >> i wonder if you would like to comment on the allegations that you deliberately interfered with the security? >> it's a painful accusation. nevertheless, having it continued to be put around is deeply distressing to me. i would imagine i thought more about it than all of you put together. >> reporter: republican committee chair tray goudy
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doesn't believe she testified any different than her other two interviews. paul ryan is giving people until tomorrow to rally around him, or he's opting out. also, a pill scare. pills that are knocking people out. we go into the jungle, only in 5 tonight. the area that even park rangers were scared of. history is spinning right now, and tropical moisture may be the key to our first moisture in about six months. that's coming up. ,,
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man. he's suspected of stabbing 3 supermarket empls in a botched shoplifting att a full-scale man hunt in pittsburgh tonight for a man who stabbed employees in a supermarket. he was trying to steal some shaving razors when an employee confronted him. he pulled out a knife and started stabbing people. they are expected to survive. keep an eye out for the suspect. right now, we are hearing that reports that three people have been shot on the university of tennessee campus.
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we still don't know if the victims are students or not or what has happened to the shooter. we don't know the motive or whether the gunman is still on the loose. a prescription in trouble. sent nearly half a dozen students to the hospital. >> reporter: the chaos at panola county high school were in a panic. >> i just saw there was a bunch of police officers and firefighters were there. >> after a little investigation, it was found that kids were under the influence of xanax. >> reporter: it's not exactly clear how it affected the
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students or when or where they may have taken it. >> is it possible that a student may have given them during school hours? >> reporter: we will investigate to find out. some here thinking calling in the cops and others was an overreaction. >> kids are in high school. they're going to experiment. they're in high school. the home sharing site recently put up snarky signs to call attention to the fact that it paid the city $12 million in hotel taxes.
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they said, we hope you use some of the taxes for the library. many call the move, tone deaf. they say they're taking the ads down. they apologized. mark suker burg and his wife are on another adventure. they did not announce how much money they are donating to opening a private school in east pal low alto. the school
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is expected to open in august, and tuition will be free. a year after the city shut it down, the jungle is slowly coming back into nature. >> can you believe it's almost been a year. >> reporter: san jose west steen and i are walking down a road formerly known as the jungle. it had become an international story. just minutes away from the some of the richest companies of the world. 250 people lived in sequeler squaller.
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as we approach the one-year anniversary, it was no match for mother nature. it is now wild grass. it's now an inviting grove of trees. the putrid pile of trash at the entrance, it's gone. >> it looks like natural habitat, the way it's supposed to look. they have pain-stakingly removed 2 and a half tons of trash. >> it looks a lot better, but it's not pristine. >> you're trespassing when you're down here. >> constantly being broken up before it builds up. san jose reclaims it as their own. >> we want people to be able
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to enjoy nature so it's around for years to come. >> reporter: now, it just might have a happy ending. in san jose, kpix, news 5. coming up in the forecast, it could be a soaker in the bay area. we have some fog enveloping the bay area tonight. 62 degrees in the bay area. north bay, third straight night, low 40s. dropping to 52, fremont. the other two very strong el nino octobers. decent amount of rainfall in 19
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97. that will likely change. breaking records tonight. hurricane patricia. 185 miles an hour sustained winds. the lowest pressure ever recorded in the eastern pacific ocean. right now, it's the strongest, and it's headed right towards fwer toe ber toe viata. next wednesday, the storm doesn't make it here, but the tropical moisture makes it here. fog moving in tonight. mixture of sun and clouds. my eye is on that rain on wednesday. >> three months, 79.
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san mateo, 68. we're dry through the weekend, a little bit cloudier through the weekend. for now, it looks like we could get a decent dose of rainfall. hopefully, the first of many. firefighters break down the door of a daycare. a one-year-old left inside alone. wait until you hear why coming up. on stephen colbert, tom hanks, john oliver, and evan spierrel. ,,,,
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the father could hear his daughter crying. the only thing i could see was my baby crawling on the floor. they say they mistook her for a baby doll. the family says that's not enough. they want the place shut down. i'm dennis o'donnell. up next, highlights. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the last two- dennis o'donnell is the last man standing at levi stadium tonight. >> you got that right. the 49ers have managed just 13 points in 3 games. something must not have sat well with leshaun lynch. lynch rushes for 122 yards. late second quarter. russell wilson. 43-yard touchdown pass to give
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seattle a 17-nothing half time lead. it might as well been 170- nothing. seattle cruises 23, and the 49ers fall now. >> do you still feel you can make the playoffs. >> we're going to fight every day to get to the playoffs. >> it's hard to get by this. it is. i'm not going to stand by and say it is. it is seattle, and we haven't had much success against them. >> they have great players over there. they've lost a few games late. that's why they're 2 and 4 and 3 and 4 now.
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>> reporter: visiting their southern california rival ucla. tide at 3. josh rosen hooks up with for the touchdown. fuller for the touchdown. ucla wins 40-24. former shark mike,richie. los angeles jeff carter. it hits off the glass and goes off san jose's goely martin jones. the sharks have lost three straight after starting the year. kenny, veronica, this is the perfect trifecta in the wrong
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way. no good news from here. back to you. >> plenty of room for improvement to say the least. all right. we'll be right back. colbert is next. our next newscast is,,,,,,,,
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tomorrow morning at 4-30.
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the late show with stephen colbert is up next. >> we'll be back bright and early. >> good night. ♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs ( band playing intro music ) >> stephen: whooo! ( cheers and applause ) whooo! whooo! >> stephen! stephen! stephen! stephen! stephen. >> stephen: thank you, everybody. welcome to "the late show. ( cheers and applause ) hey, hey!


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