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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  October 23, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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this monster storm, next. ,,,,,,
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as the strongest hurricane recorded slams into mexico . tonight tourists trapped in paradise as the strong evidence hurricane ever recorded slams into mexico pacific coast. good evening i'm juliette goodrich. >> i'm tim . patricia had winds at 165 miles an hour. paul has been tracking the latest. >> this is how big how strong this storm is 4:15 it made landfall. 7 hours after it lost its energy source it's still strong enough to be a category 2 hurricane.
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near the center of the storm we silva 100 miles per hour sustained winds with gusts as high as 160 miles per hour. it is moving inland rapidly moving at 20 miles per hour. by as soon as tomorrow afternoon it's going to get torn apart by the high mountains of mexico down to a 35 miles per hour tropical depression. it will become a prolific rainmaker for the deep south. houston, texas galveston, waco and austin localized rainfall totals 8 to 10 inches of rain. so a windstorm big time problem mexico. now to a rainstorm soon to be a big time problem in texas. back to you. >> all right paul thanks. well, this dash cam cap turned a trucker in guadalajara losing control in the middle of the storm. the truck ends up on its side, then slides for a distance, no word on the driver's condition. andrea important what is
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in the newsroom with a close look at the storm's impact. >>reporter: this is video and reports coming flooding epic winds wreaking havoc along the mexican coast. the winds are strong enough to lift vehicles and drag anyone foolhardy enough to walk outside. hurricane patricia went from a flip blip on the radar tuesday to category # storm thursday morning and monster category 512 hours later. the storm caught everyone off guard. >> yesterday we weren't expecting this strong. it became one of the strongest ever. >>reporter: patricia roared ashore at 6:15 tonight. 50 miles west northwest of manzanillo. mexican officials went door-to- door telling people to find shelter while tourists were forced from hotel rooms. >> we came to this
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conventionst they said it's not safe so we're going to the technical center. >>reporter: from the space station the span of hurricane patricia is massive with an eye wall 15 miles wide and bands of wind and rain stretching hundreds of miles beyond that. >> it's huge. >>reporter: at the mexican consulate in san francisco calls from people worried about family in the danger zone were already streaming in. >> most of the people that in the be c area is affected by those. the phones will open all night long as as many days as negative to help. >> mexican government has set up at hotline. go live to kpix betty yu. people are praying for friends and family in the hurricane
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zone tonight. >>reporter: yeah, ken. this church wrapped up a special mass earlier tonight but they are keeping the doors open all night long into the early morning hours. take a look behind me right now, many of these parishioners have been here all night long many are from those areas that are supposed to be hardest hit by this hurricane. tonight our lady of guadalupe church in san jose became shelter for so many people whose hearts with their families hundreds of miles away in hurricane patricia's path. church leader rolando lorenzo is from a village near puerto vallarta. his family evacuated the oceanside home by boats. he's trying to keep in touch. >> my own faith is not
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important or the house pore important is my family. >>reporter: there are so many more who are not in the clear. father john says the church has come together to pray for mass tragedies before. >> right now it's more immediate because we have more people that are affected because they are from mexico. >>reporter: church is working directly with the diocese of san jose to also raise money for an international humanitarian agency for churches and villages that are expected to get hit. >> catholic relief services helps us as a community of faith to be able to respond to the needs of these types of situations. right now probably the most tragic and most horrific of these tragedies will be what we're going to experience in mexico. >>reporter: father john also mentioned that the pope on his recent u.s. triples spoke to this kind of catastrophe. the pope reminded the world that climate change is a problem we must address now.
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live in san jose, betty yu kpix 5. >> you can stay with kpix5 cbs for continuing coverage of hurricane patricia on air and online. it has been a busy night forest cue crews in the north bay. they had to pull two people to safety after they fell from a look out spot and bird island in the marin head lands. sharon chin is there right now. juliette two men who wept down that trail needed to be rescued thankfully before the dense fog rolled in. the coast guard chopper plucked the two men from 150 feet down the cliff. they were among 5 visitors coloring headed to the lighthouse when one man went missing he apparently disappeared down the fiscal cliff cliff. another man in his group went after him. >> whether he slipped and fell or he just walk himself into a precarious position that's unknown. one of his other friends went
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down to rye to help him when he got into that position he realized he was unable to get out as well. >>reporter: the men called 911 at 7:30 tonight they were stock stuck with two hours with help several injuries including mill valley fire national park service the coast guard rescued the men. we're told the first man suffered minor injuries the second one was fine. shaking steel is not letting up in the san rafael area. 3.2 magnitude quake hit before 7:00 this morning that's the latest if the form of hundreds of earthquakes to hit that area in just the last week. firefighters are sounding the alarm over access issues in the open hills. they say it's getting more and more dill 0 respond to calls with so many cars parked along the narrow streets. city leaders are looking for viewerss to try to keep those roadways clear. tonight the man suspected of saabing three people of a
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super market i undertake rest. sees 34-year-old anthony jaramillo jaramillo. he's accused of stabbing three employees at the winco food store last night after a botched shoplifting attempt. two are still in the hospital tonight but expected to recover. the construction worker who was jeff injured this steam blast in san jose is suing the company he worked for. joel fher era blames negligence by turner. no comment from turner tonight. santa clara county recently fired the construction company after a series of delays and safety problems with that projects. the family of an oakland teen declared brain dead has won a legal victory tonight a july has ruled his mother has
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the right to present evidence that her daughter is the level the taken ager was card legally dead in 2014 after suffering complications after ton sill surgery at children's hospital oakland. but the family ins she's a living and improving. in the court agrees her family could sue the surgeon and the president for millions. in the shigella outbreak traced to a san jose restaurant hayes expanded to 124 cases in 4 counties. >> it's fire. at throwing up. >>reporter: falls ya, running to the bathroom a pot. stomach crafting. >> we are continuing to get additional reports. santa clara held heaters say they may know which worker failed to wash his or his hands forgo the closure of the mexican restaurant.
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we're getting troops from the rap. although the owners are cooperating it's up to the environmental pelt hell department whether can reopen in the fur. the agency that oversees restaurants the santa clara county is investigating. a possess certain says if they give the owners a green light to open in stores it would need to throw away all the feed and go through food safety classes good we don't have a conclusion. >> health workers say the number of shigella cases could rise only a small group caught the infection from someone who originally got sick. >> that's good news. that means the of fence or at least we haven't goat developmented that so far. the owners would have to disinfect the entire restaurant. now people who did peting get would be which is. past off as construction drugs the new warning after a bay
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area come died. a man in a wheelchair is humiliated on a flight out of sfo. he explain with he was crawl off the plane. you're looking at one lick lucky duck. tonight a local congressman steps in to unusual annum battle. there's another one out there ola and ola is the key to rain here in the bay area. we'll have that coming up. it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer. but only a few commands to master depositing checks
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at chase atms. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank. sold in the bay area. sever people have gotten sick -- e died. da lin tells . public health warning about fake xanax being sold in the bay area. several people have gotten sick one died. how the drug is so dangerous and how people are being duped. >>reporter: the health department says last week paramedics rushed two men and a
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woman to a san francisco hospital after they took pills thought to be xanax. paramedics found a fourth person already dead in the same home. doctors say xanax pills turned out to be fake and contained an extremely strong chemical known as fentanyl that can cause overdose and death. >> this is particularly concerning to me because it involves a pill xanax that is commonly bought by people who are looking to say come down from a night of partying. >>reporter: the medical examiner says the san tran san francisco woman who died is 34- year-old troy. >> the front an back look almost identical to a real xanax pill. it's extremely hard to distinguish. >>reporter: they say recreational drug users often buy xanax off the street to fox themselves out. we saw some on craigslist
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selling for addition bucks. officer will talk to contra costa health department to see if they are dealing with the same problem. kids say they took xanax but doctors don't know yet if those were real or fake pills. is it possible the xanax pills are connected to the san francisco pills. >> it would be surprising. >>reporter: all the victims were hospitalized in pinole and san francisco are doing okay but the students will be suspended. in san francisco da lin kpix 5. whole new meaning to the term drug war remember the company ceo who jacked up the price of lifesaving medication to $750 per pill? a san diego based pill plan to sell it for one dollar a pill. it's used to treat life- threatening parasite infections
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in cancer and aids patients. twitter ceo is making a bold move to boost morale among his staff. jack dorsey is giving one-third of his twitter stock to employees. the shares ad up to $200 million. the gesture comes a week after dorsey announced he was laying off 8% of twitter's workforce. in an effort to turn a profit. in one u.s. city it really pays to vote. literally. philadelphia city leaders want people to vote so bad they are offering one lucky person $10,000 for casting a ballot. voter turnout there is only about 27%. they are hoping this campaign will help. many wonder, though, is this legal? >> understate law as long as you don't tell people to vote for a candidates or for or against a proposition as long as it's about voter town out it's not illegal. >> a similar lot rip in los angeles awarded $25,000 to a voter in a school board
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election last spring. that effort reportedly boosted turn out by the thousands. united airlines is apologizing to a man who had to crawl off a plane to get to his wheelchair. darcy mill waited for nearly an hour after the plane plane landed for help. a employee is supposed to use a special narrow wheelchair to get him off the plane into his own wheelchair on the jet way. to make matters worse, eto go to the bathroom and he couldn't hold it people. >> i lifted up the harm rest got out of my chair got down on my hands and knees started crawling. >> united claims there was a chair when kneel landed but it was mistakenly sent elsewhere. united offered him a 3,400- dollar voucher and suspended a supervisor over the air. tonight the feds are slapping the san tran zoo with a fine over the death of a baby gorilla. 16 month old kabibe was crushed
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when an electric gate closed on her. some zoo workers say the animal unexpectedly darted through the fence as it was closing. they have fined the zoo $1,750 for negligence. a custody battle over a pet mallard in marin. a deal is in the works to return juanita the duck to the care of residents at assisted living center in san el some mo. wild card the animal care facility they could not legally release juanita. at the meeting federal fish and wildlife service which will allow below gardens to apply
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for a educational permit-so the seniors could get juanita back. all sides are supporters of the idea so far. >> i think juanita is coming home absolutely. >> now bella gardens would have to come up with a conservation education program that teaches about wild birds. juanita has been a beloved friend of the elderly residents after she was found abandoned at 4 days old. she got over a fence ad got lost last month. a neighbor found her and she was taken to wild care where she remained. quite a suspect cal south of the border. things have calmed down a bit. >> thankfully down to a category 2 still a big storm still powerful and will be a rainmaker for texas. oakland we are clear fog free. beautiful view live jack london square on a friday night. different story in san francisco. over to the with us computer seeing some fog spilling into san francisco. there it is the pyramid the
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viewed is obscured because the of follow rolling in. zap fran 58. oakland 5 degrees. concord good evening. tomorrow morning 54. because of the cloud cover santa rosa -- fisherman's wharf festival tomorrow. mixture sun and clouds upper 60s low # 0s in the city. boo at the zoo in oakland saturday and sunday. great events for you the kids and the family and the animals. 72 degrees with a mixture sun and clouds. we have rain to talk about. heavy i rainfall heading toward texas and la toward patricia and heavy rainfall in mexicos a well. dangerous damaging life- threatening winds. that is not the force of our weapon. it is tropical storm the o named storm olave which is beginning to lose its tropical characteristics. some of that moisture is being pulled into the jet stream. to some of our rain mariners
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have been decaying tropical systems take eventually spilled into the west coast. cloud cover will continue to tomorrow and sunday because our ridge has split to the south clouds are riding over the recommending into the bay area. next wednesday that's the day. ridge moves tropical moisture moves in. the majority of the heavy rainfall will stay to our north if you look at future cast updated 90 minutes ago rain makes it through the bay area on average we will receive a quarter of an inch of rainfall coming up next wednesday. drought buster absolutely not. it's a very large drought and that's not that much rainfall but it's a start and it's coming next week. rain is likely next wednesday. highs tomorrow with a mixture of sun and clouds. palo alto 79 union city 7678. low you 80s partly sunny. pittsburgh livermore. sonoma 77. clear lake tomorrow partly
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sunny 80 degrees. cooler cloudier sunday. sunshine back monday we set the stage for the wednesday rain. it's going to rain. it will sound good it will smell good it will feel about good and it's been so long zips the well whole bay area is having rainfall. >> thank you. >> solong lost footage from 1950s. one of the most unusual animal rehockss you'll ever see that's for sure. . coming on the late show with steven colbert bernie sanders, will you by that and chris stapleton. ,,,,,,,,
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t uncovered the . bizarre video to show unit out of idaho. >> idaho bizarre. historians just uncovered this footage from the early 1950s. it shows park rangers putting beavers into special boxes attaching a parachute and then dropping them from a plane into the wilderness. why? to even out the overpopulation problem of that's why. while transplants do still april officials say airplane drops are a thing of the past.
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>> there are no beavers over the next few minutes of the sportscast. just saying. >> oregon state didn't make it? >> no. no organize state. strayed a we we have this they woman the american league all- star game the herein league gets to have home field zapping. blue jays and royals going for it tonight. look at that catch. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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choice... warriors regular ..or game-1 of the . tuesday night. you got a choice warriors regular season opener or game one of the world series. we got a series behalf up. under the kansas city lights and jose bautista is a grown plan. blue jays slugger blasted 8th inning two-run smash tied the game it 3. bautista went to yard twice tonight. the wet stuff for about an hour before they resume. the royals were spoted arkose are -- around first base was speedy lorenzo cain. orioles ahead by one. in the 9th two outs for josh donaldson into the third
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baseman 's glove. 5-3 put out way game. royals back to the fall classic. 4, 3, final. they stay right here host the mets tuesday just after 5:00 p.m. first time to expansion teams. we'll meet in the world series. nfl, enough of the 39ers that's the greatest turn after a bye week. huge chance for the chargers sunday, they can i don't mean its rod to 3-3. by the way how did quarterback derrick par spend his down time. went to bakersfield flipped take a coin he helped coach the baker field christian high school football team. his brother darren is the head coach. on the score, there he is right in the blue cheering on the rest of the team after the . >> i saw my brother -- i'm a
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hype man, i get the kickoff team ready to go. >> i know we got to go to break. hills mets each 2 oil 1 odds to win the world series. how about how about all. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,
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ewscast is tomor . >> we made it thanks for watching. the late show with steven colbert is coming up next. >> we'll see you tomorrow at 5:30. have a good night. >> whoo! ( band playing intro music ) ( cheers and applause ) captioning sponsored by cbs ♪ ♪ ( cheers and applause ) >> steven! steven! steven! steven!


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