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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  October 24, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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police cruiser.. dodges bullets.. he has the keys to the kerry. >> a wild chase through san
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francisco. a man steals a police cruiser, dodges bullets, and jumps off the bay bridge. good evening, i'm brian hackney. >> and i'm juliette goodrich. the chase started near chestnut and came to a dramatic finish on treasure island and that's where kpix's mark kelly is right now. >> reporter: it is here on the island where the suspect crashed the stolen cop car and then police made their arrest. but the big question tonight, how did the suspect steal the cop's car in the first place? 8:15 this morning in the marina. police went to arrest a suspect wielding a knife, so they tried. instead that suspect flipped the script, stealing the officer's squad car. >> the suspect has the keys to the car, but it's blocked. >> i seen it through my career happen maybe once before. i've been in law enforcement for 27 years now. >> reporter: acting chief says
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the officer tried preventing the carjacking, but the suspect took off. >> pd vehicle told golden gate park speeding. >> reporter: inside the squad car, the officers' guns. >> those firearms are secured with secondary locking systems, so unless you're familiar with how to access those weapons, you would not know how to access those weapons. >> reporter: police say the suspect is responsible for several hit and runs this morning, including one here in glen park. before getting on the bay bridge fleeing toward treasure island. >> still coming back out to the main gate. get those citizens off the street. copy. here we go. shots fired, shots fired. 10-22, shots fired. >> reporter: after the officers opened fire on treasure island the suspect tried escaping back over the bridge to san francisco. but at the on ramp met his match, crashing into this car at a stop sign. trapped shall the suspect took off on foot, jumping 30, 40
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feet from the bridge's top deck all the way to the bottom. the officer did the same. >> and without any regard to his own personal safety continued to pursue the suspect. >> reporter: unbelievably, both survived the jump and the suspect is in custody. >> one in custody. >> reporter: so you think stealing a cop's car and getting shot at would be enough for one day, but police say when the suspect jumped from the upper deck of the bay bridge to the lower deck, he attempted to carjack a second person before police made the arrest. mark kelly, kpix 5. >> two drivers were hurt in the chaos. they're expected to be okay. police aren't sure how the suspect managed to steal the officer's car. >> the investigation forced lane closures along the bay bridge and it's been slow going all day for drivers trying to get across. traffic backed up for miles. it was a slow crawl from the
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toll blah za into san francisco. all lanes of the bay bridge reopened 3 hours ago. as you can see from this live look at the toll plaza, traffic is still at a crawl. a broken taillight led san francisco police to a gun that had been stolen from an off- duty cop. it all started when officers pulled the car over yesterday near 26th street in the mission. they discovered the driver, 29- year-old sergio manriquez is not have a license and was also on probation. they searched the car, found a loaded gun registered to a local law enforcement officer. it was stolen from his locked vehicle near 8th and howard last weekend. he was booked on theft and weapons charges, along with traffic and probation violations. police in san jose are searching for a killer tonight. officers were killed to the 1500 block early this morning to check out a report of gunshots. they found a man dead in the street. so far police have no idea who
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shot him or why. they're asking anybody who might have seen anything to give them a call. cleanup is underway along mexico's pacific coast tonight after hurricane patricia roared ashore as a category 5 storm. high winds and heavy rains pounded the region, but so far the damage appears to be far less than forecasters feared. the storm made landfall along a sparsely populated stretch of coastline, avoiding a direct hit on major resort cities like puerto vallarta. emergency crews are still trying to reach remote villages blocked by downed trees, but so far they have no reports of casualties or major damage. >> flights out of puerto vallarta resumed today and many tourists who spent the night in shelters are headed home to california. some of the first passengers to arrive at lax describe what it was like to ride out the storm at the resort. >> we were taping windows and bringing furniture in. they had a safe spot for us at the hotel. >> it was raining, dark, but it
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really wasn't the storm i expected. >> even though the storm fizzled out in mexico it will go down in the record books as the strongest eastern pacific cyclone ever to hit the western atmosphere. >> a couple of flights out of puerto vallarta are expected to land at sfo now. kpix 5 is there. >> reporter: after flight cancellations because of hurricane patricia, many are headed home today. before patricia was downgraded, many tourists were evacuated from the hotel, told to hunker town. by the time it hit near the tourist town it weakened. no one was hurt or died. all flights were cancelled out of puerto vallarta expecting the worst. today with little or no damage left behind, flights are back to normal. here's what some had to say during their time in mexico during what was supposed to be a monstrous storm. >> we were taken good care of by the hotel. it's going to happen. it seems more prepared for it than an earthquake. >> an your forgettable vacation
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for many in mexico. several more flights are expected tonight from puerto vallarta to sfo. kpix 5. >> the remnants of patricia are slamming texas with torrential rains. more than 20 inches with more to come. it knocked over this freight train after an overflowing creek washed away the tracks south of dallas. several cars went into the water. there were only two crew members on board that train and both were able to swim to safety. there's nothing left of the hurricane but an extra tropical low moving towards south texas. but it's bringing plenty of rain, but not much wind. the storm itself is weakening. there's still ten to 20 inches of rain in its direct path, and the flooding in south texas will only get worse tomorrow. tonight, the feds are urging california homeowners to stock up on flood insurance, whether they live near the water or not. fema is anticipating a flood of claims once el nino hits this
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winter. the heaviest rains are expected from january to march, but there's a 30-day waiting period for new flood insurance policies to take effect. two decent sized quakes within 60 seconds of each other. the bay area city that just can't stop shaking tonight. scenes like this could become a more common occurrence around the bay. why great white sharks are suddenly swarming. ,,
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more earthquakes rattled thn ramon area overnight. first welcome back to channel 5. the swarm that just won't stop. more e hat told overnight. first a 3.2 that hit at 12:43 a.m. and within a minute another 3.1 struck. there have been hundreds of quakes since last week but so far all relatively small and no damage. it is a swarm of sharks that's getting the attention of bay area scientists tonight. the coast guard spotted a group of 20 great whites off pacifica last week. it's believed warmer ocean waters are drawing them closer to shore to feed, like this shark that made a meal out of a sea lion off alcatrez earlier
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this month. >> it's a sign the bay is getting healthier, the ecosystem is becoming more balanced. >> juvenile great whats are common along the coast -- great whites are common along the coast but unusual to see them close to shore. the goo boo at the zoo halloween -- the boo at the zoo halloween festival kicked off today for kids to come out in their animal themed costumes. they posed for pictures and to take part in fun activities. >> we have a baby loves disco dance party where they can do the monster mash. we've got bounce houses and the animals receiving pumpkin treatments and enrichments as well. it's a great fun weekend event that happens today and tomorrow. >> all activities are free with a paid admission. kids in costume get a $1 discount on their ticket. >> that one's cute. still to come, she's only 3 years old but this young internet sensation from
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southern california is quickly becoming the costume queen of halloween. and we'll have a blast for the weather forecast. we'll explain after the break. ,, welcome to the hotel san francisco. ♪ livin' it up at the hotel san francisco ♪ tourists can check in any time they like, because we're being forced to leave. illegal airbnb hotels are evicting thousands of san franciscans from their homes and causing rents to skyrocket. prop f will crack down on illegal airbnb hotels and hold corporations accountable with common-sense rules. vote yes on f before we all get checked out of san francisco.
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already taken the internet storm with her creative stumes. she's barely old enough to trick-or-treat but a little girl in southern california has taken the internet by storm in creative costumes. she's taking halloween to the
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next level, or her mom is. she dresses up in different costumes everyday this month. mom is a professional photographer who started dressing her up when she was just a few months old. >> when the kids went back to school, it was just me and her, you know. so i said, let's get dressed up. she's having fun. as long as she's happy, you know, then that's where we quit. >> she has more than 70,000 followers on instagram. mom will be posting new photos every day through halloween. the sun sets here in the bay area. temperatures still fairly warm. concord, 77 degrees. oakland 67. 79 here in san francisco. pacific northwest is creating a
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bit of moisture as high pressure subsides to the south and the bay area on wednesday. it's shaping up that way. and so we could -- a chance of maybe a few sprinkles coming in. you can see on futurecast some of the green echoes on the county line. that's where there might be a sprinkle or two tomorrow morning as the day goes on. you can see that most of the cloudiness goes away and a mostly sunny day. in the overnight hours maybe a few drops heading into the north bay. over the city right now, a little bit after shower chance in north bay tomorrow in the early going. then it will be mild tomorrow afternoon and moderate tuesday and a fairly decent chance of mid-week rain as we look over the city there. as mentioned earlier in the newscast this weekend boo at the zoo. the san francisco zoo, tomorrow will be 65. oakland as well.
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sun and some clouds. overnight lows today will be seeing mostly in the mid to upper 50s. sunrise tomorrow morning 7:27 a.m. mid time highs tomorrow on the warm side, cooling a little bit. san francisco right where we should be this time of the year. 82 at concord. oakland 75. tomorrow low cloud along the shoreline to start the day. then we'll finish with sun and temperatures in the mid-70s. a beautiful sunday in the south bay. actually to the east bay as well. up in the north bay tomorrow, cooler but not bad. 70s. we'll start the day with clouds but then sunshine erupts in the afternoon.
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76 at lakeport tomorrow. clear lake 74. doesn't get much better than that. extended forecast, low 80s in the warm me see spots tomorrow. most everybody will be in the 70s. that will hold true with that through tuesday. and tuesday night, the clouds and the plot thickens. a few showers coming into the bay area on wednesday. then we'll turn to the thursday, friday and saturday building high pressure and building temperatures, back in the mid-80s a week from now. meantime, a little bit of rain. would not be surprised. >> but the plot nickens, okay. in richmond this weekend, overtime. the exhibit is at john f. kennedy park. while people check out the park, the park is getting a makeover. hundreds of people are painting and landscaping the park. the money is being paid for by a grant from the superbowl 50 host committee. >> i think it's really important to rejuvenate the park because a healthy park is
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actually a healthy community. it gets the kids involved and gets them out of the bad things you can do in the world. >> the 50 tour is making its way around the bay area in the weeks leading to the superbowl 50. its next stop will be vallejo for super fright night on the water front. coming up in sports, the raiders o linemen as they get ready to face the chargers. the warriors will start the season without their man in charge. more on steve kerr coming up in sports. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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head coach steve kerr... to start the season. good news is kerr was at the warriors quest to defend their title starts next tuesday but they'll do put their head coach, kerr. he was in practice but he will not coach them on opening night as he continues to recover from two back surgeries in the offseason. luke walton will run the team in kerr's absence. the 2-3 raiders face their division rival tomorrow, the san diego chargers also 2-3 this season. both are trying to avoid losing 3 straight. the raiders had sometime to come up with surprises. they used offensive tackle donald penn for more than just blocking. he caught a t.d. pass in lastseason's win over the 49ers. it was his third t.d. pass. vern glenn sat down with penn to ask him what the secret is to his versatility.
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>> linemen, they get a bad rap for having hard hands but you've got soft hand. where does that come from to be able to catch a football like that? >> i've got to put it in my basketball background. i played basketball my whole life. didn't start playing football until the sophomore year of high school. won all state in basketball. i've got to give it to basketball probably. >> probably the best player on the team. >> yeah, i probably am. >> being very modest. peyton manning nervously watching his alma mater, tennessee, under 6 minutes to play, tide leading. tennessee with a 1-point lee. but there was plenty of time for alabama to come back. they tied the lead with a 14- yard td run. henry rushed for 143 yards. alabama hangs on to win 19-14 to move to 7-1 on the season. the costume baylor fans were out there even in the heavy rains. the bears attacked iowa state's
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defense early and often. eagles untouched. nice move there. 17 yards for the score. he rushed for 171 yards later in the fourth quarter of this gale, 38-20. he rolls and then he finds corey coleman in the end zone. a 12-yard play. coleman has 16 t.d. catches already this year. they improve to 7-0. number 77 mish state and indiana play -- michigan state and indiana playing in east lansing. third quarter, hoosiers twailg 28-20. indiana gets to andre booker to scores on the short t.d. pass. trailed by 2. but it was all spartans in the fourth. michigan state's connor cook defeats r. j. shelton. the spartans out score the hoosiers 24-0 in the fourth. that will do it. they win 52-26 to stay unbeaten. over at cal, the bears haven't having an impressive
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season despite their loss to ucla this week but it's not all about the results on the field. in the classroom one of the coaches to trying to fulfill a promise to his mom. here's dennis o'donnell. >> i'm fortunate because i played 13 years in the league. that's something definitely rewarding and i was able to walk away from the game. >> reporter: he played 4 seasons at cal but left with an nfl contract and not a diploma when he was taken 7th overall by the 49ers in 2001. >> my mom always got on me. she said when are you going to finish your degree? i said next year, mom. then 5 years, 13 years later, i'm getting my degree. >> reporter: he hopes to graduate in may with a bachelor's in american studies. when he's not hitting the books, he's hitting the turf at memorial stadium trying to learn the nuances of coaching. >> the thing that changed is the technology. the internet was there. now i sound old. the internet was there, but now you go to college, everybody has a laptop. you've got to have a laptop.
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and so sit down my first class, the professor is basically saying, okay, i want you to go on b courses. i'm like what's b courses? one of the young bucks is like calm down, i'll walk you through it. >> reporter: he rents a small apartment near campus where he stays during the week. in the weekends it's down to southern california to see his family. >> my son has his own itinerary. we're going to play football, then basketball, then wrestle, and then we're going to watch tv. i'm like, okay, man. by the time everybody's asleep, i've got to study. >> reporter: he studies with a few kids on the team. >> we talk about film but about the paper due as well. i'm asking them, do you understand the material? what do you think? this is what i'm thinking. >> when i see him actively taking notes, i'm going i need to make sure i'm taking notes all the time like him. >> now they have a thing called
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ipad so they're not just writing notes on paper anymore, but good for him. >> old school. >> that's great. i knew you were pondering something. >> i wonder how much time we have. >> i knew the professor has something up his sleeves. >> it's good he got his degree after all these years. >> trying to fulfill a promise for mom. >> we'll see you at 11:00. thanks for watching. >> bye-bye. ,,,,,,,,,,
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