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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  October 25, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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flames at a bay area gas station then drives it self away. next. ♪
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an insurance claim for the ages. tonight a ferrari bursts into flame at an east bay gas station then drives away on its own. i'm juliette goodrich it happened after 7:00 tonight at the chevron at highway 4 and morel 0 avenue in martinez. here's what firefighters saw when they got there. red ferrari burst into flames when he was filling at a martinez gas station. he says he was putting the gas nozzle back when he saw a spark. >> i saw flames erupting above the engine. >>reporter: the ferrari burst into flames just inches away
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from explosive fuel pumps. al and others ran for cover. he says then he watched his five filled ferrari start driving itself off the gas station lot and into the street. >> i had it in gear but think the car got hot enough it must have popped something in place and the karened up rolling into the street thank god. >>reporter: he watched as his prized 1978 red ferrari turned black and charred from the inside out. he says he's grateful he made it out alive. >> it was a nice car, yes. >> what are you going to do now. >> see if i can get another one. >> after the ferrari cut fire the gas station owner shut off all the pumps as a precaution. the chp impounded 17 cars after slamming the brakes on a sideshow. they caught the drivers doing doughnuts on a parking lot. joe vazquez shows us the dumb
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moves the drivers made that left them trapped. >>reporter: tire skids marked the spot where cars gathered around 10:30 last night to burn rubber and dodo nuts. >> it's a dilemma ongoing problem with the whole entire bay area. >>reporter: brandon correia happened upon the events on franklin canyon road in its early stages and deviceed a plan to stop it. >> once the sideshow started i called for additional units. once they got there we conducted a pretty large enforcement stop of the entire group. >>reporter: law enforcement job was made much easier by the way the cars were positioned. as you can see there are fences on three sides of this property. the fourth side right over there alongside highway 4 was easily blocked by an army of chp officers. >> after that approximately 17 vehicles were towed and impounded. and 17 citations were issued as well. while this may seem like fun to the people involved,
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sideshows have led to serious injuries in the past. the car barely missed this guy but his gun went flying. and of course can cause major traffic jams when they end up on a freeway. correia says the chp has decided they have had enough. >> most of these sideshow participants have shown brazen disregard for the public safety by shutting down the golden gate bridge other major highways. so the chp's message is we are paying attention and if you're in a sideshow enforcement action will be taken. >>reporter: 17 cars were impounded it could take the occupyers up to a month to get them back. joe vazquez kpix5. police have named the suspect in an ambush killing at a busy bay area shopping center. maria medina is live in livermore with new details. >>reporter: julia, this is where that shooting took place
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more than 24 hours everything back to normal but now we're listening livermore police aren't the only ones looking for one of the murder suspects. >> they are ruthless and evil. >>reporter: that's how investigators are describing jason brown just 18 years old accused of ambushing two people at a busy parking lot outside a liver moore strip mall last night. now we're learning brown is also wanted in fresno for a murder at a restaurant last month according to police. >> still in shock. i'm very surprised. >>reporter: here in livermore where felicia has lived her entire life a murder in her small town is unheard of. >> this doesn't happen in live poor. >> i leave my door unlocked all the time. >>reporter: they haven't released a motive. hours after the shooting that left one victim dead they identified brown. they got his license plate before he took off. they chased his car to oakland. >> from what we understand they were driving through intersections at about a
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hundred miles an hour. >>reporter: brown and a second suspect were able to get away. investigators searched brown's oakland home late last night but he was nowhere to be found. >> i would thought they would have caught them today if not last night. >>reporter: many feel confident it's only a matter of time before the suspects who shattered the sense of security in their small small community are caught. >> it doesn't happen very often we take it very personal when someone comings to our town and commits a crime like this it's shocking for everybody, including our police agency. >>reporter: police have not released a motive or the identities of those victims as well as that second suspect. we are expected to get another update tomorrow morning from police. live in livermore marie medina kpix5. >> police in santa clara are looking for a killer officers were called to a house on glade drive. they found a 22-year-old man shot to death in the backyard. investigators say there was a
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parties at the house earlier in the evening but they have no suspects. an suv from san jose was one of two cars involved in a deadly head-on wreck in the sierra foothills. the cars collided highway 120 near grove land last night. a look at the aftermath gives you an idea how violent the impact was. the 22-year-old driver of the other car was killed along with 4 people in the suv. their names have not been released. the sole survivor in the suv is identified as john sue yang of saratoga she was airlifted to a hospital in modesto. a rescue mission underway tonight after a whale watching boat capsized and sank off the coast of vancouver island. 5 of 27 confirmed dead. it's not clear how many are still missing. people who live nearby say they have never seen anything like it. >> this doesn't usually happen
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the company i was with was the people that stared whale watching off this part of the island. >> whale watch boats don't normally sink out here. >> witnesses say part of the boat is still sticking out of the water. conditions were calm at the time so it's not clear what went wrong. texas is finally starting to dry out tonight after days of torrential rain. streets flooded so fast one driver had to swim to safety. >>reporter: as the rain rolled in overnight so did the calls for help. this man clung to a tree. david swanson is a district chief with the houston fire department. >> he called 911, and dispatched the units and we got down here and it took us a while to locate hill.
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>>reporter: rodger hot was stranded inside his car. >> i didn't see it until i hit it. so i got out and i just stood there watch my car slowly disappear. >> you called 911. >> i called 911. >> you left the keys in the car. >> yes. >>reporter: we saw this man staring at his stranded sedan stuck for more than 9 hours. when he drove under the overpass there was no barricades to stop him he couldn't see floodwater he was in the right hand he hit water and his car moved left it stalled. so he got out and abandoned it. at midnight he says the water was near the tire level. by 4:00 a.m. it was nearly submerged looking inside around 9:00 a.m. there's water inside that's nearly up to the rear view mirror. in the last 24 hours there were at least 28 water rescues in houston. the deluge was made worse by hurricane patricia. rain fell as much as 2 to 3 inches per hour at one point. mouth of southeast texas has been under a flood watch all day. >> there's late word tonight
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of a levee breach in navarro county texas south of dallas that area saw at least 18 inches over the weekend. the woman accused of plowing her car into a crowd at the oklahoma state homecoming parade is facing four counts of second degree murder tonight. blurry footage captured yesterday's tragedy in stillwater. police say 25 year-old a damage a chambers hit a parked police motorcycle before continuing into the crowd. >> she gunned it. she romped on the gas she hit that motion cycle people went everywhere. >> four people died including a 2-year-old child. 50 others were hurt. her blood test results are due back in the next few days. back in the bay area 3 people were hurt when a pair of men intentionally drove into a crowd of guests at a birthday party it happened last night near downtown santa rosa. one person was run over two others sideswiped. all are expected to be okay. now police say the men were upset with the other partygoers, but it's still
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unclear why. still to come nfl rivals aren't supposed 0 get along but soon the chargers and raiders could be sharing a home field. the major move one of those teams just made today toward la. plus bull dozeers bust up a levee on purpose. why the flooding is actually a good thing. we're seeing more sharks than ever in and around the bay. why they are here and when they might leave. . a hurricane affects weather out east and it's also going to affect our weather by midweek. we'll have the details when we cover the weather forecast in a few minutes. ,,,,,,,,
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♪ ♪ grow old with me ♪ let us share what we see ♪ just you and i ♪ ♪ grow old with me ♪ let us share what we see ♪ and oh the best it could be
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♪ just you and i ♪ with a victory over the division- rival san diego s. >> the raiders gave their fans a lot to cheer about with victory over division raveal san diego chargers. the final score isn't the only thing that has football fans buzzing there is a real possibility the two teams could soon be sharing a stadium in southern california. the chargers announced today they will ask the nfl for permission to move to los angeles. mark kelly on what that could mean for the raiders future in oakland. >>reporter: rickie's is practically a shrine to the oakland raiders. >> bleed fill vrbata and black. >>reporter: the chargers will
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file their re location was a sign for the raiders. >> it's a great opportunity to seize the day stay here in oakland. >>reporter: raider fans no victory dancing just yet. one idea is for the chargers and raiders to share a brand new stadium in the la market. just because the chargers are talking about being the first team to sign up for the la move, doesn't mean the raiders won't follow suit and do the joint stadium deal. >> 15 year tradition of rivalry between san diego and oakland raiders. ask can you imagine them sharing a stadium? that seems wild. >> never. why would we want to. >> wow. no. >>reporter: rivals could share a stadium tomorrow. after all oakland's push to build the raiders a new stadium here in the bay area fell through this fall. >> we need our local community leaders to step up. >>reporter: but with time and
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each failed plan it looks more and more likely the raiders will head back down highway 5. >> you know i think they have already gone down there you know and they came back. so i don't want to see them go down there again. >>reporter: in san leandro mark kelly kpix5. >> there's also talk that the st. helens rams are looking to become the los angeles rams again the rams franchise moved to st. louis 20 years ago. the so-called airbnb initiative is parking a heated political battle in san front. prop f would limit rentals to 75 days a year. currently the law for unhosted rentals is 90 days. opponents claim it hurts people who rely on rental income to keep themselves a floats. we tried to do with proposition f is give airbnb and other companies skin in the game. we say to them if you list a unit that isn't registered or is illegal, you can be fined.
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>> prop f will ban -- >> voters will decide on proposition f on november 3rd. the campaigning has been fierce with several big name politicians appearing in tv ads on both sides of the issue. we have a traffic note to pass along tonight. the high street bridge between oakland and alameda will be closed off and on for the next four weeks for repair work. the closures will run from 9:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. weekdays through november 25th. we're getting out first look at increasing number of great white sharks off the bay area coast. coast guard napped these photos of 20 sharks spotted a hundred yards off pacifica last week. right around the same time a shark was caught on camera making a meal out of sealions near alcatraz. as for weather, well it's safe for people to go in the water. here's the answer. >> if people are afraid to go in the water this might not be the best time to go in wait till the sharks leave the coast which is later in the year. >> if people are not afraid
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what do you just go ahead and swim. >> well we all have risk in our lives and use the best information available and use that risk to regulate your behavior. >> scientists think the warmer ocean temperatures may be drawing them closer to shore to feed but they say it is a bit unusual to see so many at once. part of the bay could come ashore in mill valley tomorrow extremely high tide known as king tied could cause flooding along highway 1. the manzanillo park and ride will be closed along with street parking after similar floesing last year damaged some cars. king tieds happen when the sun and moon align and pull the water to the opposite sides of the earth? a water is nothing another part of the north bay in a place it hasn't been in over a century. genre john ramos shows us it's because of a love' breach done on purpose. >> hundreds of people hike
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down a as to ma county levee built generations ago they came with an unusual his. >> what a great day to breach a levee. >>reporter: these levees were built 140 years old to claim farmlands from san francisco bay. they were entitled marshes. times have changed. we now understands the importance of marsh lands to the environment and overall health of the bay. so, on this day map came here to return what he had taken. nearly two square miles of this sears point ranch property is being open to the bay. it will take days for it to fill up and 20 years to look like this again. but when it does it will be a haven for young fish and sea birds. >> it is going to be sonoma county's best place to witness restoration over the long term. >>reporter: with the predicted
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rise in sea level areas like this will act as a shock an dosh somebodier during heavy storm surgeries. >> there's nowhere for the water to go either it's going here or going downtown san francisco. thank god for this project. >>reporter: those who built this levee did so in the name of progress and it is being destroyed for the same reason. >> my family was here with these levees were built in sonoma county. it was good for their purposes at that time. and this is good for our purposes now going forward. >> our grandchildren will see what we've created today. >>reporter: in sonoma county genre moss kpix5. how are you tonight? we're going to begin with a family of two systems. one, the former hurricane patricia unwide winding over the gulf coast region and pounding norms tonight with showers and thundershowers and another hurricane that's going to affect our own weather but it will not be patricia. there's patricia that's over texas and louisiana tonight. but as we move our perspective
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to just east of hawaii see that red blot down there east of the islands chain. it's hurricane olave not marryly as big as patricia. fairly main mal hurricane not going to affect the hawaiian islands but could affect us by midweek because the bats path of this hurricane takes it to the north and east. it's going to be downgraded to a tropical storm by tomorrow morning at 11:00 and then a tropical depression by wednesday morning but it will inject enough moisture into the atmosphere and it will all guilty carried along and closer to the west coast. let me show you what's happening. first that's what it looks like tonight with the recommend fans of patricia, but we move it over to california and while we have high pressure that brings us sunny and mild weather on monday and tuesday perfectly nice tomorrow and on tuesday but clouds increase because of the reasonable innocent moisture from hurricane olave. so by wednesday we have enough moisture in the atmosphere and also this low pressure may provide enough dick so we get some rain in the bay area by wednesday. first of the season we shall see after that we're going to
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go sunny, warm and dry for thursday, friday and saturday. future cast bears out the fact that tomorrow looks very nice a few low clouds along the shore line we're going to freeze there at 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning you can see low cloudiness around south san francisco. the day goes on looks very nice. overnight lows tonight mostly in the 50s sunrise tomorrow morning 7:29 a.m. forecast highs look nice 70 in the city 79 for concord 78 san jose and 75 in oakland. in the south bay tomorrow mid-70s and sunshine over in the east bay upper # 0s low 80s and plenty of sun tomorrow. in the fort bay it looks nights too with sunny skies after low clouds. it's in the extended forecast that we increase clouds by wednesday. them we do a chance of showers over the bay area on thursday, friday and the weekend it looks as if numbers recover back into the low 80s. first time in a while we're talking about that four letter word a little rain maybe on wednesday. tv a good one tomorrow. still to come the force is
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strong in silicon valley tonight. the story behind the star wars themed jumbo jet that just flew into san jose. coming up on game day the raiders rookie comes up big again. did the raiders. >> i was inspired by amari cooper. >> there a problem in the 49er locker room for colin kaepernick. >> if you don't have the quarterback have the locker room. >> san jose state football player just happens to be the kings farmer. game day is next. ,,,,,,
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mineta airport in san jose.. where this star wars-themed . the force is strong tonight at monetta airport in san jose where this star wars themed dreamliner touched down earlier. it's paint flood the likeness of r2d2 and will be making frequent stops in silicon valley. japan al nippon airways will be flying. there are plans for two more star wars themed plains. it looks like california's bullets train is going to speed right past its initial 68 billion-dollar budget estimate. it's also likely to rub late on its 2022 completion deadline that's according to a new analysis of the project. the la times reporting the state may have underestimated some of the challenges involved including digging 36 miles of tunnels through the mountains
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north of los angeles. the project is already behind schedule on land acquisition and financing. still to come this cracker survived the sinking of the titanic. tonight more than a century later you'll never believe how much someone just paid for it. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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world tonight. it just sold at auction . i a cracker that survived the sinking of the titanic sold
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in auction in england for almost $23,000 well over its expected price. a collector in greece bought it. the cracker came from a survivor kit survival kit on one of the titanic's lifeboats. a passenger on another liner that arrived to rescue the survivors kept it as a souvenir. speaking of unusual auctions, disney fans can soon own a piece of tomorrow land history. hundreds of vintage items from disney parks will hit the block in los angeles next month. these restored people afterers are expected to fetch up to $200,000. the space mountain car to bring in another 50 friends and bidsing for this bench a 1955 original from disneyland's main street will start at $5,000. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,
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