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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  October 26, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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looking for survivors picked after the quake, 12 girls were crushed to death in a stampede as students ran to escape the collapsing school. power, communication is cut off in many areas making rescue efforts difficult to people in india also panicked when they felt the shaking and thousands ran out of buildings and many sacked on the sidewalks. the quake also brought traffic to a standstill. >> the bay area home to a lot of people in the region with earthquake happened and they are getting ready to send help. kpix 5 is in fremont where they are watching developments levels -- closely. >> reporter: in the district of fremont, one of the places people with ties to bask in the -- pakistan elevated stand are monitoring developments. as a traditional is being baked at the market in fremont neighborhood, but was come in as they always do a but store owner says he and his customers
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have spent plenty of time today talking about the quake. >> and customers that come in are worried about loved ones in worried about family and they do not know if they are good or not. so a lot of people are concerned. >> he just returned from pakistan last week and says he had the worst fears when he heard about the quake. >> my first reaction was i remember i it -- almost tenures back, the same disaster, same area. it's coming again. >> reporter: he runs of foundation focusing on education outreach and disaster preparedness in pakistan. the quake was in afghanistan, he says the ktk province of pakistan is where most casualties have been reported so far. the also immediately called his brother and sister in pakistan. spread by -- >> i called my elder brother and apparently he was not
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picking the phone and i called karachi asking if my brother was okay and she says yes, i spoke with him in the afternoon and they are fine. >> reporter: the business of pakistan already has emergency chance on site at locations around the country but he says he's been unable to get necessary information to decide which it will -- deploy emergency resources hoping to get the information later when the sun breaks in pakistan and afghanistan. the war reporting live, mark sayre,x earthquakes rocking san ramon areas of 10:00 last night. magnitude 2.7 at 11:33 am. a 2.6 early this morning and 2.9 last night. hundreds of quakes have hit the same area. seismologist say the calaveras fault is just releasing tension in the chance of a major earthquake there is just 7 percent. learning more about the
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prime suspect in an ambush at a bay area shopping center pit we now know the suspect jason brown is wanted for one of the murder in california that happened a few weeks ago. kpix maria medina in livermore with details. >> reporter: livermore police are confirming those 4 men decided to meet in this parking lot before something went wrong. >> the subject is determined and is very callous and cold- blooded. >> reporter: jason brown on the run from livermore police for a second day and now we're learning he's been wanted for weeks by fresno police for a murder in a restaurant. >> the justice system leads to take your of these people that are doing these things. >> reporter: at the strip more in livermore where police a brown and another person and pushed to people in the car life is back to normal but many wonder why the 4 men chose the quiet town as a meeting place. >> we all question. why here? why our town?
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the only thing i can come up with was it was far from oakland. >> reporter: hours after the shooting that took one is man's life, police surrounded the home in oakland but he was nowhere to be found. the motive of the shooting is unclear as well as where brown and his partner are hiding. >> it's scary but i have every faith that our police department in livermore will do their best to make sure we're safe. >> reporter: in the second suspect has not been identified. the victim who survived is still in critical condition. live in livermore, maria medina kpix 5. new at 5:00, a special commission has been named to look into the death of a santa clara county jail intimate in the arrest of three guards for his murder. 23-year-old michael tyree was beaten to death in his cell in august. the president of the santa clara supervisor dan cory says he, appointing retired judge and auditor low dohrs cordell to chair the panel.
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>> this process will be transparent because transparency leads to accountability. all of our meetings will be held in public and days and times to maximize public dependents >> reporter: we should mention cordell appears on our air as a legal in the spirit despite supervises, law enforcement members, the panel includes civil rights representative, former inmate, family members and general public. the commission will meet for the next 180 days. bay area cases rising into moore county, santa clara help the premises there are more -- 1.e2 places -- cases, crews in alameda's have expanded into marin and merced county. half have been directly linked it to send 13 in san jose. it has been closed for more
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than one week. 2 men who got sick after eating there are suing for negligence. an apology tonight from the valley transportation authority in san jose. it has to do with problems related to construction running through an east bay's -- e san jose neighborhood. eta is working on a bus rapid transit line in the corridor. the project is taking longer than planned. 200 businesses have complained construction is hurting their bottom line. eta says those businesses will be compensated. it is really an opportunity for us to show the community we care and we have heard them and we truly apologize for this inconvenience while having the delayed project impact access to businesses. >> dta is opening field offices to relate with issues. completion on the transit line pushed back to next year or early 2070. bart riders facing commute is multicar spent many covered in their mouths and hoses -- noses as they arrived to the
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station at 10:00 this morning from heart blames it will be a -- equipment failures, everyone was let out. trains delayed 20 minutes while the car was removed from service. investigators looking for the source of a fire in south and that san jose 5 acres burned near santa teresa blvd. and billy wrote in an area populated by large towers. san jose fire got help from cal fire and the flames were doused quickly. ferrari owners will have this image burned it was mary, gassing up at the chevron in martinez when it's parked igniting the sports car. it rolled toward the suite and stopped short of the curve. the ferrari is a black and maspeth the station and it has opened again. surf rock, one spot where waves rolled in, 1 foot higher than normal because of the storm in the gulf of alaska. rough surf is not the only change.
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chief meteorologist pollyanna looking at rain this week. >> we are looking at the rain chances, the clouds out of your house, leading edge of the cloud cover arriving tomorrow and rain shortly after that. look at the weather maps, a big storm when it comes to the fact it begins north in anchorage in the cloud shield stretches south of kabul. moisture and the majority is headed to the north. coming in now, clouds increases evening and overnight and lunchtime tomorrow completely cloudy. it will look like rain tomorrow but it will not be there is a leaving edge of the rainfall. as soon as the rush wednesday. there will be rain livermore, concord, and steady rainfall toward santa rosa and ukiah. we will talk about totals and how long it sticks around coming up in seven minutes. dog owners are being warned to keep an eye out.
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>> he stepped on one yet hidden danger for pets and tonight and neighbors worry trick-or- treaters could also get hurt. >> could bacon and hot dogs cause cancer? hunter treschel morning as meat lovers are wondering what is safe to eat. >> restlessly -- a rescue at sea. a fisherman pulls a baby out of the water of life. ,,,,,,
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alive. ,, up on the streets of oaklan our juliette goodrich is lin learning about the disturbing threat to pets. juliette goodrich is live to explain this danger >> reporter: well, the hidden danger is in my hand. hard to spot is part of the problem is over thumbtack someone has been putting that throughout the neighborhood, spike up. this is what mets kept finding while walking his dog samson. so with and tax. at first he thought they were spilt by accident.
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>> we realized it was facing straight up >> pieces from us, someone has been purposely placing tax on the ground in the neighborhood. hundreds within a six block radius. our guys -- a dog stepped on one . it was between his toes and did not stab him but almost did >> reporter: we placed some on the sidewalk, there are six. you can see three if you search for them to check out on the side where this person has been placing the tacks ps3 are lined up spike up and you have to search for them to find one. spend in some cases dog food has been found nearby to lore pets to it and upright tack. and there is this worry, what will you be for hollowing? >> halloween being days away, thing -- kids will stroll the sidewalk and spotting pagers
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may be tricky. >> especially in this area >> reporter: neighbors alerting neighbors about the tack. and cameras are placed outside of homes in the area. hoping it's just a matter of time before the person is caught. >> is scary someone would do that. you question what goes through people's minds. this problem has been going on since april in this neighborhood. these papers have a good watch program and they are in touch with each other via a neighborhood watch app they share they are on alert and they will check to make sure they catch the person as soon as possible. in oakland, juliette goodrich kpix 5. for 5 people killed in a collision of the weekend will need to the same bible group. the two cars collided saturday night on highway 120 near groveland. one survivor from the saratoga bible group remains in critical condition with major injuries picked the group was on a brief
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trip when the collision happened. the driver of the other car was killed and it is not clear what caused the collision. today it judge ordered a psychological evaluation for a woman accused of driving her car into oklahoma state homecoming parade kicks saturday's crash killed 4 people and injured dozens picked report age and ideas tells us the woman has a history of mental illness. >> reporter: 25-year-old adacia chambers is being held on $1 million bond. she's facing for preliminary counts of second- degree murder. in connection with the fatal crash as oklahoma state university homecoming parade saturday. >> driving a car into a crowded group of people is evidencing a depraved mind for. >> reporter: father apologize to the victims. >> i'm sorry for the victims and the people who lost their lives >> reporter: 4 people were killed and 2-year-old lucas, 20 30 nakita prabhakar and marvin
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a bonnie stone, both 65. dozens injured and 70 people were still hospitalized. sophomore kayla carter was at the parade with her roommate. >> i looked at my hand and it was gushing blood and i sat down and she told me not to look over at the scene because they were putting bags of the people >> reporter: chambers was hospitalized for mental illness in the past the scene to find recently asked look on her face , there is a very blank almost lifeless look in her face. >> the judge approved a psychological evaluation, formal charges could, at a hearing next month. adriana diaz, abs news. prosecutors say one victim is in a fragile state and the outcome could add to the charges against the driver. the canadian coastal city in shock tonight. authorities say it could be days or weeks before they
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figure out how a well watching boat capsized off of vancouver island with 27 people aboard. five british nationals died, one person is missing, 21 others rescued pit the weather was described as calm and sunny at the time of the accident but the boat may have been in a rocky area home to a sea lion colony. >> video from the waters off turkey shows the rescue of a drowning toddler and we want to warn you the pictures are graphic. turkish fisherman spotted dozens of migrants in the aegean sea last week. among them, lifeless toddler. the little boy was plucked from the water in a fisherman frantically tried to revive him. at one point, he puts the baby in a warm blanket and incredibly the boy was revived and return to his mother. they were among a group of refugees try to make it agrees when their boat overturned. 18-month- old mohammed and his mother got a chance to thank the fisherman.
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the president of ireland is in the bay area to honor the students who died in the deadly battery collapse in berkeley. the collapsed killing 6 people, five from ,.divers president is scheduled to be in berkeley on wednesday meeting with the first responders and volunteers who helped in the disaster. there is a criminal investigation into what caused the balcony to fall from the building e city, donald trump has a new target, ben carson who is leading trump in iowa. the polls based on the reac om the people. tru a poll shows ben carson with double-digit lead over trump, 32 hated -- page 2-18 percent. trump does not believe polls based on reaction from people. taking the stage for the third gop debate wednesday. rain is coming.>> a welcome change. spend hopefully the beginning of dozens and dozens of rainy
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season days. end of october beginning of november is when rain begins. during chances this week. mild today, people said it's october, when will eventually? soon. 73 in oakland, sam bradford 81 and livermore in the fog clearing at the golden gate. san francisco, 70. nothing on the radar now but tuesday night, rain moving from the north and will talk about specific tall -- rainfall totals in mandeville oakland, 56 redwood city 51 san jose 55 santa rosa 40 picks on my 730 falling back this weekend so sunrise next week will be earlier to the tune of a one hour earlier. this looks impressive. has to be rainfall stretching from alaska down south. oh. big storm, tons of rainfall helping the drought, we talked last week about hurricane olaf and tropical moisture piling in to the front olaf is being
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bashful and it will stay here. there is a front and there is rainfall but not tapping into the tropics. we will not get as much rain as we hoped for in that said, tomorrow night the front arrives wednesday morning in which through and that will be made throughout the bay area likely slowing you down for wednesday. get extra sleep tonight. northbay, quarter of an inch of rainfall, 2-3/4 of an inch. less the farther south you go, east bay peninsula from 1500s of an inch of rain to one quarter of an inch of rainfall wednesday in south way one or 2/10 of an inch of rain. bottom line, not bad for october but not much of a dent in the drought. it will help you to irrigate and if you have sprinklers on, turn it off. cloudy tomorrow, rain moving in the north as soon as strong night the steady rain throughout the morning dr., wednesday making a mess of the wednesday morning commute.
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let's hope we do that a lot over the next few months. even with cloud cover, we will be above average, san jose normal 73 in your high tomorrow, 76 pick sunnyvale, 75 redwood city 74 and mid- seventies for union city and hate word. walnut creek, -- alameda, low 70s san rafael, canfield a tight. santa rosa, 75 cloudy in cloverdale 75. rain wednesday it is nice, sunshine and perfect weather for trick-or-treaters. warm day is halloween with a high of 80 degrees. mother nature speaks in a second rain chance. madison, bumgarner, it's nice not just wondering chance, maybe we will build on this next week perhaps more rainfall. >> looking good. thank you. a bold burglary in san
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francisco. caught on camera. releasing video hoping someone can help to identify the steve seen here -- identified the thief stealing of electronics and it happened early this month. police looking for this man who they say he walked into a colts department store friday and walked out with three vacuum cleaners, dyson worth more than 2000 after loading them into a shopping cart he slipped out of an egg fate in a ford ranger pickup. is starting report making process me to cancer. do we have to go vegetarian? kohl's department store friday and walked out ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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e world health org a report is linking red meat to cancer. world health organization reviewing 800 cancer studies and found 2 ounces of data processed meat like bacon, sausage and hot dogs increases a person's risk of colon cancer by 18 percent.
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the report also concluded red meat including beef, pork and lamb is a probable current visit just carcinogen. the risk is small compared to smoke but when special says if you eat a diet rich in processed meat it may be time to cut back. >> we have known for years high fat diets, obesity is associate with high rates of cancer especially colon cancer and others of this is one more small negative -2 enjoying that particular kind of food. >> the industry is disputing a report saying cancer is a complex disease that is not caused by a single food. the report also failed to take into account the benefit meat provides. more perspective on this report coming up in the cbs evening news with scott pelley. at walmart to the list of companies that want to use drones to do deliveries picked the retailer is asking the government to test out drones. walmart not only using them for
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deliveries by to pick up groceries as well. this will be in the direct competition with amazon testing out its own drone delivery system. companies are waiting on the faa for guidance. look ahead and see this evening news yet scott pelley is in new york. >> hello , great to be with you in the bay area picked cbs evening news tonight. is it time to quit sausage and bacon cold turkey? more on today's health warning. plus our exclusive interview with joe biden on his decision not to run for president. and the fbi director explained today why he thinks violent crime is on the rise. we will have those stories tonight on the western addition of the cbs evening news at 5:30 right after kpix 5 news.
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an elected official pulled over... she sa new at 6:00 tonight, an elected official pullover, she says police threatened to arrest her but would not say why. the back story that may have led to the strange encounter. plus, no world series for the giants this year, but the team is battling hard off the field that big-money development deals it is banking on joining us for
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those stores coming up at 6:00. in the meantime keeping an eye out for rain. >> timing is critical we want rainfall but everyone gets frustrated. let's look at the computer, we were sure he the futurecast stopping the rainfall at 6:00, 7:00 when the rain was then. not tomorrow morning, it is wednesday morning where it will be slower than average because it will be raining outside. sprint be aware. cbs evening news with scott pelley coming up. >> local news at 6:00. see you then. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> pelley: a new warning from the world health organization about some of the most popular foods and their link to cancer. also tonight, the fbi director on the rise in violent crime since ferguson. >> what's going on? it's likely a chill wind that has blown through law enforcement over the last year. >> pelley: the story behind the vice president's big decision. >> let me put it this way. >> pelley: and, absence of mallards. seniors fight the government for the return of their beloved juanita. >> it doesn't seem right. i want that duck back. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: this is our western edition. today an international panel of experts said that eating


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