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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  October 27, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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because he was a whistle blower is what he believes. as major fires over the last year and a half destroy large buildings and left people dead, the man in charge of finding out the cause of them was acting captain of the arson task force john darmonin but he said he didn't have enough staff to keep on top of the investigation. >> our backlog of reports grew to over 450 reports in a year and that's outrageous. >> reporter: he complained he says first internally, then publicly that the department needed to hire more arson investigators. he made a passionate appeal for more staff at several public meetings. then two weeks ago he said the fire chief removed him from the arson task force. >> i was told not only am i being reassigned, but the chief decided to demote me. no doubt at all in my mind is that i criticized her lack of leadership. >> reporter: this is the the first time he's been through
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this. in 1995 he publicly raised concerns about firefighting safety at the airport. he was rea in sod, filed a federal lawsuit -- rea signed, filed a federal lawsuit which he won and also won a monetary settlement. he was once described by a union official as a bitter malcontent. >> i am not and the record speaks for itself. i have never argued for my own gain. all my argument have been for safety, have been for training budgets, have been for staffing. >> he has spoken out publicly. was that part of the reason that he was reassigned? >> oh, no. absolutely not. that would be an unethical thing to do. >> reporter: the fire department spokesperson says the backlog is what led to the change in leadership in the arson task force. >> in that position that was filled over the last year and a half we have seen the number of open fire investigation reports grow fivefold.
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>> reporter: not only does the task force have a new captain, but the fire department has brought along four new investigators and a lieutenant, exactly what darmonin had been pushing for all along. the department said no, it had nothing to do with him. they had put in those requests long ago. joe vazquez, kpix5 news. tonight the nfl is beginning a process that will lead to one city losing its football team and oakland is on that list. the league is holding a town hall meeting in st. louis right now. you are looking at some live pictures here. fans there are getting a chance to tell the nfl why the rams should stay put. raiders fans will get their chance on thursday. place. mark. mark live intro: t kpix5's mark thayer is outside the town theater where the raiders town hall meeting will be taking place. >> reporter: the big question is will anything that anyone says at this meeting make a difference in terms of what the nfl ultimately decides? money should directly finan
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new stadium. mayor libby scha i am also passionate abo as the raiders play what may be their last season in oakland, the next several months will be critical in the efforts to keep the team in oakland. mayor libby schaaf says she expects the town hall meeting to be packed. >> i expect to see one passionate expression of the raider nation. >> reporter: mayor schaaf said she will, in fact, be one of the speakers, but with the raiders and san diego chargers bidding to share a new stadium in the los angeles suburb of carson, the mayor is not budging on her position that no public money should directly finance a new stadium. >> but i am also passionate about being a responsible steward of the taxpayer dollar. i believe we can do both. we can keep this team in oakland. we can build them a new stadium that is privately financed as other cities have done and also bring some real economic vitality to that coliseum area. >> reporter: raider owner mark davis told the los angeles daily news last weekend that the raiders and the city of oakland had not had direct talks in two months, but schaaf
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disputed that characterization. >> we speak to the raider leadership all the time. >> reporter: davis also told the paper there was really nothing to talk about unless oakland put new proposals on the table. as for the meeting at the paramount, chris dobbins with the group save oakland sports says he's not sure if what the nfl hears is really going to make a difference in the overall process. >> i lot of us are scared the raiders might want to go back and maybe get a chance to move back. so i think yes, the nfl is kind of laying the groundwork to let the fans be heard. i don't know if it's going to mean anything. >> reporter: now the meeting here at the paramount is set for 7:00 on thursday night but only people who have already registered on the nfl website and have received an admission pass will be admitted. you can't simply come to the theater at this point and get in, but the nfl says it will be streaming the hearing leave on its website. reporting live in oakland i'm mark sayre, kpix5.
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a live look outside san francisco right now from the transamerica pyramid looking south. we've got the cloudy skies about to make way for some rain. the wet weather is coming our way, chief meteorologist paul deanno. >> the front is on its way and ahead of that front there have been a few showers by ukiah and lake port. likely what you're seeing here is virga not making it to the ground, but a sign that the at is juicing upsetting -- the atmosphere is juicing up setting the stage for the rain to move in tomorrow. it stretches from alaska to cabo, a shield of cloud cover. futurecast paints the picture for you, cloud going nowhere and that line of light to moderate rainfall moving into the bay area just in time for the morning rush tomorrow. it will be wet tomorrow morning. we are not expecting flooding, so the impact there is minimum mall, if any. we're -- minimal, if any. we're not expecting strong
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winds because the timing of the storm will be right in the morning commute and will slow you down on your way to work or school. so not a terribly large amount of rainfall. folks are preparing for future storms and this could be one heck of a winter. >> reporter: hi, paul. we've been listening to your warnings. i've by bernal creek in pleasanton and this creek is really at an all time low. take note of where it is now and really truly by january it could be up to about this level here, if not higher. we'll have to wait and see, but don't wait to get yourself prepared. any fisherman or boat owner will tell you try to be one step ahead of mother nature and this season it's el nino. >> well, protect and common sense is probably the most important thing. we'll make sure the lines are taught, lines are good, spring lines are in place and any leaks are plugged. is flas es - last >> reporter: public works crews throughout the bay area have been preparing. in novato they were busy clearing portions of novato
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creek. lots of debris, overgrowth, garbage, right? because of the drought we've got dead limbs that have fallen off the trees and landed into these creeks or areas that we would have water being able to come out of. >> reporter: the novato fire department and police department have been meeting inside to map out the best strategies outside. >> we have over 30,000 bags ready at two locations and not just have people panic, but so that people are prepared. >> reporter: telltale signs of here. rain is making its way to the bay area and while it may not be a big storm, it could be just the reminder we all need to get ready. >> 24 hours, a must have is a tarp or tarps. >> reporter: orchard supply hardware in livermore is getting people el nino ready. >> this is a gutter cleaner for those of you who don't like to climb up ladiers. this extends. hook your -- ladders. this extends. hook your garden hose up and it will blast the debris out from
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the gutters. >> reporter: there are other handy things to get while time is still on your side. >> no. 1 thing is flashlights and batteries. you should always have a source of light in case the power goes downful last el nino the -- down. last el nino the power went down for hours at times. >> reporter: so there's the early warning. be prepared. i have to tell you a lot of people i've talked to welcome this upcoming storm. they can't wait for the rain. they feel like this is the calm before the storm. we'll have to check in with them in january to see just how much they like the rain. in pleasanton juliette goodrich, kpix5. a boater found dead in tamalis bay. one man was rescued by a coastguard helicopter taken to a hospital in santa rosa, the other man is still missing. it appears the three men were not wearing life vests. the san francisco board of supervisors just accepted a
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settlement in a patient dumping lawsuit. the city sued nevada claiming the state bussed in psychiatric patients and dropped them off with nowhere to go. it cost the city hundreds of thousands of dollars to care for the patients. the settlement includes $400,000 from nevada to recoup patient care costs. the university of california is taking on climate change. uc president janet napolitano told scientists today during a summit it is a moral imperative to reduce the carbon footprint and vowed to make the uc system carbon neutral by year 2025. uc has agreed to purchase 80 megawatts of solar power, which is the largest by any university in the united states. a special night out at oracle arena always the warriors begin defending their championship in about an hour. >> the team has big plans to celebrate the first title since 1975, mark kelly with a preview of what's in the works for opening night. >> reporter: hi, guys.
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we are less than an hour away from that big pregame ceremony and boy, i was looking at the list. they have got a lot of things planned tonight. already fans are starting to line up, get their seats, their food, that kind of thing, many here tonight telling me they are getting good vibes about a repeat title again this year, but before we get to tonight's name we'll celebrate last year's championship. everyone gets to take home a championship t-shirt that's on every seat and the players will get their championship ring for the first time tonight. i talked to one die hard warriors fan who went to just about every game last season, met several of the players several times and says that they truly deserve all this success that has come their way. >> not just a basketball team. they're a family. they're hard working. they're real nice and down to earth, real friend my. if you walk up to them, they're not going to just be on their
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high horse. they'll go out of their way to do what they can do for their fans. >> reporter: tonight they're also going to raise last season's championship banner and hopefully that's the motivation they need tonight to beat the pelicans. >> yes. they need their lucky charm, riley curry. >> reporter: that's right. the team's plans to build an francisco. charles barkley has been one of the warriors' harshest critics. wait until you hear what he says about the team's plans to build an arena in san francisco straight ahead in sports. don't shop. get outside. it's the message for black friday from one sporting company, but coming up we probably won't see too many other stores shutting their doors. >> why some say the system to recall faulty tires needs major fixing. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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friday. the company says well, you've probably heard by now major sports retailer rei is keeping its doors closed on black friday. the company says it is putting employees over profits. kpix5's mike sugerman finds out if that idea is putting pressure on other retailers to do the same. mike? >> reporter: veronica, i'm here at union square which will be mobbed with shoppers the day after thanksgiving, black friday not necessarily buying things. they tend to be looky lu's on black friday. the biggest spending day is the weekend before christmas. the point is that rei as you say won't open on black friday to give their employees a break, very well publicized move and that's the point. ers to do this?" "it is too late for others." tr8 so likely rei has this anti-b all to thems black friday, outdoor chain rei telling its employees to take a hike. >> and we'll be paying our employees to do what they love best and that's to get outside. >> reporter: customers, too,
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don't spend money. spend time outside. >> to enjoy the idea of being outdoors in those places that you love 36789. >> reporter: some customers think it's a lovely idea. >> i love that the employees get to stay home and be with their families and enjoy their thanksgiving and not be rushed. >> reporter: and so do some analysts. >> that's great for any retailer to kind of kick back the day after thanksgiving and turn it into a family day, a vacation day. >> reporter: seems like rei is really onto something here or is it? >> i think it's a little bit disingenuous. >> reporter: this consumer psychologist says wait a minute. take a look at the way rei is going about this. >> i think this is an opportunity for them to stand out from other retailers by looking like they're motivated more by ethics than by profits of. >> reporter: they're sure getting their name out there all over the internet. they're getting free publicity here on kpix5 and most other tv stations and it's not likely many others will follow in
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their snowshoes. >> what would be remarkable it is a store backtracks and takes their backtracking move to rei's move and partners with them. >> reporter: it's too late for other stores. >> it's quite late. >> reporter: so likely rei has this anti-black friday feel good deal all to themselves this year. now they call it christmas creep. their stores are open on thanksgiving. some stores are stopping that. staples won't be open thanksgiving, but always you heard, black friday is yours to shop. in san francisco mike sugerman, kpix5. just a few hours ago walgreen's announced it will be buying rival rite aid. the $17.2 billion deal with combine the second and third largest drugstore chains perform the merger comes at a time when drugstores are fighting to keep pace with the rapidly changing healthcare industry. what was once a mom and pop industry is now dominated by
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only two companies, cvs and now walgreen's. tens of thousands of californians will be getting refunds from anthem blue cross over a settlement of out of pocket cross. anthem blue cross agreed to end midyear policy changes that raised costs for customer and it will also pay back more than -- customers and it will also pay back more than $8 million. a new warning tonight about tires, federal regulators say most tires that are recalled never get replaced and they remain on the road. consumer watch reporter julie watts here with what's being called a completely broken recall system. julie? >> at least 3 million tires were recalled in 55 separate recalls in 2009 and 2013, but it's estimated only one in five tires is actually replaced. the problem is the fire manufacturers don't have any
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way to -- tire manufacturers don't have any way to contact the tire owners when there is a problem primarily because they can't find them. independent tire sellers aren't required to collect and submit tire information and they make up 90% of stores. >> one important funk of vehicle registration is that it -- function of vehicle registration is it allow owners to be contacted in the event of a recall, but few people are aware tires must also be registered so that they can be recalled if they are defective. it's recommended all buyers contact sellers information and that are ins come up with an easy to -- and that requires the manufacturers come up with an easy way to check to see if the tires were recalled. nhtsa says it's confusing. a the least 500 people are killed -- at least 500 people are killed in tire-related
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accidents a year. >> if i buy from a small shop, can i register my own tires or do they do it? >> you're absolutely supposed to register your own problems and that's the problem. most people don't. there's a 12 digit code on the side of your tires. enter that on your tire manufacturer's website. there should be a link that says register tires or just google your tire manufacturer and it should pop up. >> thanks, julie. we've got some gray skies out there which means rain. >> let's hope so. nice to be talking about rain. >> it's very strange. >> maybe it's time we keep talking about rain till like what, april, may? we need it. it's been four years we've been talking about the other word, drought, sick and tired of that. tomorrow a couple sprinkles over the golden gate bridge, could be a couple sprinkles in the marina district and then
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just to north and west of mount tap. some yellow would be rain -- mount tamme. some yellow would be rain that's going to hit the ground. some out towards ft. bragg and ukiah. the four hour time lapse from the explore tore upand -- exploratorium and cloudy and cool, livermore 73, no temperature spread because of that cloud cover. i wish we were not talking about just rain but a soaker. two thing didn't converge, our front and tropical moisture, the front to our north and the tropical moisture to our south. we've got some rainfall and some is more than nothing and we'll take it. it will likely be gone by the time you drive home from work in the afternoon and evening. we'll have three dry days
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including halloween. the kid trick-or-treating will -- kids trick or heating will be just fine. sunday evening we'll have more rainfall moving in. at most 1/2 inch for the east bay and fence la. hey, it is going to rain tomorrow. with the cloud cover another coolish day, oakland 69 degrees, vallejo 69, san francisco 67, everybody with rain tomorrow morning. we dry out a few days including halloween, warm as well 80s inland. then sunday here comes our next round of rainfall. let's gain it a little bit at a time. >> what time sunday is it going to start? >> sunday evening. still ahead they're at sea, some of them still around to
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provide for their families, how a bay area group is keeping merchant marines connected. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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buzzed low over berkeley ear this year -- broke no feder rules. that's according to a navy the pilot of a navy jet who buzzed low over berkeley earlier this year broke no federal rules. that's according to a navy report which said the pilot had faa clearance for his flight plan and altitude. residents were alarmed when that jet went by at 2,500 feet. the story never confirmed the pilot was doing a fly-by for his brother, but it was so loud it set off car alarms. billions of dollars worth of goods move in and out of the port of oakland every year. new at 6:00 kpix5's john ramos on a show of support for the sailors who make that happen of. >> reporter: at a luncheon in oakland today people were reminded of how plentiful our lives have become in this modern world. >> and we don't think about all the people, all the sacrifice
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that it took to get those goods to us in our homes. back home. adrien >> reporter: most people have heard of the merchant marine, but few really understand the difficult lives of those who spend up to 12 months at a time sailing the seas. >> so their children are born. their mothers die. life goes on and they can't be with them, a little like our military families. they're a long ways from home when something is happening. >> reporter: today's gathering was a fundraiser for an organization that helps the sea farers. the siemens church institute operates a small welcoming center at the port of oakland. you can play a little pool, ride into town for shopping and a chance to connect with loved ones back home. >> it's amazing with modern technology they can skype realtime and speak with someone halfway around the world. >> reporter: but those are the lucky ones because many merchant mariners don't have the visa required to leave the slip and must watch normal life
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-- ship and must watch normal life go on from a distance. >> they can't even touch u.s. soil or watch down the gangway. >> chaplains off friendship and comradery to those trapped aboard, but soon enough the cargo will be offloaded, the lines cast off and those who fill our leave with plenty will continue -- lives with plenty will continue on their voyage with most of us never even know they were here. the church institute is more than 180 years old. you can find a link to the group on our website at coming up in our next half hour getting rid of the mess on the streets, one bay area city fed up. >> a high school student now the subject of a federal investigation, what the sheriff says led to this encounter. >> plus taking away from
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guesswork for pregnant women, new research that could help predict exactly when they'll go into labor.
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you're watching kpix5 news. our top stories tonight, the chief of san francisco's arson task force says he was
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demoted for blowing the whistle. john darmonin said he was reassigned because he criticized the fire chief's leadership. a spokesperson says it was because of a backlog in arson cases. oakland is preparing for a town hall meeting on the future of the raiders. nfl execs are coming to the city on thursday. it's the beginning of the process that could result in the team leaving for los angeles. rain is expected to hit the bay area this week. many are taking it as a cue to get ready for el nino. in pleasanton people are clearing dead branches and stocking up on batteries. fire officials say a little preparation now could make all the difference in a big storm. san jose has had enough of people dumping their garbage where they aren't supposed to. >> right now there is nothing the city can do to stop the trash from illegally piling up on streets. kpix5's len ramirez says that is about to change of. >> reporter: neighbors say santa ana street in north san
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jose has become a dumping ground. >> pretty much potholes of unwanted tires, trash, electronics. prepare some mornings the piles get -- >> reporter: some mornings the piles get so big there's no room for anything else. >> we couldn't get through the treat. they would pile mountains of trash all -- street. they would pile mountains of trash all over the street. >> reporter: this is a hotspot, but illegal dumping has plagued neighborhoods all over the city. incidents of illegal dumping has risen by 50% and the volume of dumped garbage has gone up by 75% and here may be one reason why. san jose has never had a specific ordinance against illegal dumping, no law, no fines and virtually no enforcement. >> i can't explain why an ordinance hasn't existed, but now that i'm in my first year here as mayor, i think it's a good time for us to get 1 in place of. >> reporter: san jose is expected to begin crafting an ordinance that would put some teeth into the problem in the form of fines, $1,000 for a first offense, up to $3,000 for
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repeat offenders. >> ill just feel it's overdue because i've seen it happening more than once in various neighborhoods in the whole san jose area and i don't know why they just kind of let it pass by. they kind of just waited till it got really, really bad of. >> reporter: san jose will follow other large cities like oakland and sacramento by offering rewards to people who report dumpers who get caught in the act. in san jose len ramirez, kpix5. questions tonight about how a woman arrested for dui three times in 1 week was allowed to keep driving. 61-year-old march that elizabeth lewis was -- march that elizabeth lewis was -- martha elizabeth lewis was first arrested on being 18th and then -- october 18th and then again saturday and the next day lewis was arrested a third time. the chp declined to comment. they said they didn't want to appear to be publicly shaping lewis. the federal just -- shaming lewis. the federal justice department is investigating the
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violent arrest of a healthcare student in south carolina. amateur video shows the deputy wrapping his arm around the girl's neck and then body slamming her. the girl repeatedly refused to put away her cell phone in class and he was called in. the sheriff said the girl bears some of the responsibility. >> it started with her and it ended with my officer. what i'm going to deal with is what my deputy did. >> we as a board will work with the sheriff's department to look at the screening process and which officers are in our school. >> the deputy is suspended. the sheriff expects to complete his investigation in 24 hours. the federal probe could take several weeks. for the first time in the 2016 campaign republican ben carson inched ahead of donald trump. according to a cbs and new york times news poll carson now leads trump 26-22%. experts say the rise stems from approval of tea party members
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and evangelicals. trump said he's not worried about losing the lead. >> i've been there for i guess 100 some odd days. we'll see how been holds up to the scrutiny -- ben molds up to the scrutiny -- holds up to the scrutiny. >> in a recent interview carson admitted going after people with rocks and baseball bats as a teenager growing up in detroit. in west nole wood people were without power for hours -- hollywood people were without power for hours all because of a drone. the l.a. county sheriff's department said it got several calls of a machine flying a drone right into -- man flying a drone right into power lines yesterday. over 6407 customers were affect -- 647 customers were affected. one insurance company says it's got you covered if you own drones. aeg is now selling insurance for unmanned aircraft covering damage to drones or anyone
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operating them even if they aren't a professional plot. the cfo predicts drones will help insurers get to disaster scenes faster than ever. resembler from the university of -- researchers from the university of texas at galveston says a woman's amniotic fluid changes an hour before labor. certain cells start behaving differently. researchers are now trying to harness this change into something they can track. why facebook is making it harder for its employees to get onto the internet. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the cupertino company beat analysts' expectations an apple stock is trading up after the bell because of a promising quarterly report. the cupertino company beat analyst expectations and net
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income is up 30% from this time last year. most of it is due to red hot sales of the new iphone. apple expects to beat last year's record of 74.5 million iphones sold. oracle is acquiring a lot of new real estate around the bay and today it added a school to that list. oracle founder larry ellison says he plans to open a technology-focused high school outside the company's office complex in redwood shores. the republic school will be called design tech and accommodate 550 students to be completed in 2017. tonight a cal professor is taking some heat because he wants to give his students before lessons in algebra. >> if there is something out there better, i think we owe it to our students. >> reporter: this professor says the battle for a textbook
6:39 pm
comes down to academic freedom. he switched 2 this book by two department -- switched from this book by two department professors to an i.m.t. textbook which if purchased new is less than half the cost and he peoples is a better book for students -- peoples is a better book for students about -- feels is a better book for students. >> this is why they hired me and i decided i couldn't do it anymore with the text the department chose of. >> reporter: at issue is department policy. the professor says it's vague and the book he no longer uses was approved by the department only after he made his decision. bouget who is tenured received a letter of reprimand which he appealed last week. students at cal state fullerton have their own opinion. >> on one point i understand that the school need to make sure everything is organized and kept in shape. on the other side i do
6:40 pm
appreciate dr. bouget's attempt to make it easier for students to purchase math books. >> our textbooks should be cheaper because for me, for example, i can't afford my textbooks. i have to take pictures of them in the library and i can't buy them. >> reporter: the professor will apply for full professor status and for that reason he doesn't want this letter of reprimand in his file. a decision will be made on that within the next 10 days. at cal state fullerton, kpix5. you know how children sometimes throw eggs on homes as a prank? now a grocery store is banning kids from buying eggs this halloween season. tonight we're asking is this a good idea or just plain discrimination? we'll take a closer look tonight on bay area nightbeat 10:00 on our sister station kbcw, 44 cable 12. you've seen bruce lee use them in movies, now how a california police department plans to use an old school weapon, nunchucks, to keep
6:41 pm
suspects under control. >> there is rain heading towards the bay area and i'm happy to report this is the first of three separate rain chances coming up over the next week. we'll talk about the other two and when it's going to be raining in your backyard next. >> reporter: i'm dennis o'donnell live outside oracle. the warriors will tim off their season tonight minus their head coach. what's -- tip off their season tonight minus their head coach. more life -- live straight ahead. ,,,,
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my name is mark amann. i'm a gas service rep for pg&e in san jose. as a gas service rep we are basically the ambassador of the company. we make the most contact with the customers on a daily basis. i work hand-in-hand with crews to make sure our gas pipes are safe. my wife and i are both from san jose. my kids and their friends live in this community. every time i go to a customer's house, their children could be friends with my children so it's important to me. one of the most rewarding parts of this job is after you help a customer, seeing a smile on their face. together, we're building a better california.
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slow? the social network has a plan-- to find a question, is facebook any fun at all when your internet connection is slow? the social network has a plan to find out called 2g tuesdays. every tuesday facebook employees will have a chance to use their own site with a slow keck. the 2g kind that is -- connection, the 2g kind that is common in developing countries of facebook said they'll use employee feedback to build the
6:45 pm
best experience possible for those with a slower connection. a northern california police department is going to start using nunchucks. >> officers in anderson near redding see them as a versatile alternative to take down suspects. the nunchucks they will carry are made of plastic. they're still pretty strong. the primary use is not to hit a person. they can be used as a restraint to lock onto a land or an ankle -- hand or an ankle. >> these were designed kind of with a different goal in mind to be more of a control we, but like i said, it's not that we can't use these as impact weapons. they work very good as an impact weapon. >> anderson has 20 officers. they'll have to undergo special training before they'll be allowed to use nunchucks. kpix5 weather watchers, it is amazing to see that the microclimate has completely disappeared when you get a cloudy day out here. it's not month the inland, cooler at the coast. everybody is -- hot inland,
6:46 pm
cooler at the cost. everybody is in the mid-60s now. winds are light, cloudy, on the peninsula 65 degrees now. robert sullivan is reporting in mainly cloudy skies, light winds, mid-60s. we'll take you to the south bay, suzanne johnson in los gatos reporting temperatures in the upper 60s, also light winds and mainly cloudy skies being reported there. temperatures are right now in the mid-60s and the radar is getting more and more active. kpix5 hi-def doppler radar is tracking some rainfall. it has fallen already in mendocino county in, lake county and will continue to fall overnight tonight and we'll see the heaviest rainfall light to moderate rain moving in this evening. a couple showers, looks like it's raining in san mateo county not hitting the ground. we call that virga. that is what's happening south of the golden gate now. san francisco 68, san jose 68, oakland 68, fremont 59, vallejo
6:47 pm
57, milder because of the cloud cover and rain moving in. when the sun comes up at 7:31, there will be rain throughout the bay area. pretty drawn out front stretching from alaska and south of san diego. so we have a lot of distance to cover but not much juice heading right towards us. here's the deal. tropical moisture of what's left of olaf will pass by to our south. jet stream support bill be at its stronger into this low pressure from oregon to the midwest. we will get some rainfall but not a soaker because we aren't getting the upper level support from the jet stream. the front passes by tomorrow morning, mainly morning rainfall. it will impact your drive to work tomorrow. this ridge of high pressure hangs out right through halloween. the kids will be fine and dry trick-or-treating. another rain chance comes up on monday, three days out of the next season with a chance of rainfall. as for rainfall we can expect tomorrow morning, up to 1/4
6:48 pm
inch in the peninsula, more for the north bay, less for the south bay and at most about 1/4 of rainfall for the east bay, not a huge storm, will not cause flooding, but it will slow you down for your morning commute tomorrow, wet start wednesday, all and all most of the rain falling between midnight tonight and tomorrow morning. showsan jose 71, 71 in pittsburg -- san jose 71, 71 in pittsburg, sunshine thursday and friday, sunshine on halloween. then here we go yet another chance of rain both sunday and monday. that is your kpix5 forecast. >> thank you, paul. we are counting down to super bowl l and a host committee is recognizing those who are making a difference in the bay area. today the 35th playmaker grant goes to the group 826 valencia.
6:49 pm
the san francisco nonprofit is dedicated to helping students ages 6 to 18 with their writing skills. the playmaker grant will help the group's personal statement weekend. it provides assistance to high school seniors with their college application essays. we'll be right back.
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dennis o'donnell with tonight's sports, big night at oracle arena. >> reporter: look who i just found out here. look who is on the bandwagon. >> reporter: get out of here. is that a bandwagon? >> reporter: roberta gonzales, everybody. thanks for the cameo. that was great. okay. now i want to talk about championships to begin our show because everybody knows that the key to repeating is help. case in point, the san francisco giants because they weren't healthy, they didn't get into the playoffs. now the warriors tip off their season tonight minus their head coach. >> it has not been fun. it wasn't the summer that i was envisioning. >> reporter: while the rest of the warriors were celebrating steve kerr was recovering from two back surgeries. kerr is close to returning to
6:53 pm
the bench, but for now luke walton will continue to fill in. you look at the last couple of years for you becoming an assistant, winning an nba championship and now albeit an interim basis while steve kerr is out you're the head coach of the golden state warriors. do you have to pinch yourself at times? >> obviously i know that i'm blessed that it happened this fast, but there's a lot of hard work that goes into it and obviously steve trusts me a lot to give me the promotion to start and then, you know, to trust me with his team. >> reporter: walton may lack coaching experience, but he does know a little bit about defending a title as a player. walton won two championships with the lakers. >> once you win that title the season is so long. there's a grind. you're in minnesota in january playing four and five nights and it's kind of natural or easier to be like we're the champions. we don't need this one. >> reporter: kerr won't be the only member of last year's coaching staff missing on the
6:54 pm
bench. former assistant alvin gentry, the head coach of pelicans will be on the opposing sidelines but not before he receives his ring and rejoins his old team one last time. >> we accomplished something special and we're going to enjoy that moment that he got to get the boot. >> he's got two kids that are still warrior fans. i told him they're still with us. so if he can't find them after the game, just come to our locker room. he'll be in there with us in our postgame meeting. >> reporter: now luke walton will not have the services of david lee. he was traded to the celtics this summer after spending five seasons with golden state and lee will have to reluctantly settle for watching tonight's pregame ceremony. >> something i'd really like to go to to be honest with you guys kind of bothering me a little bit this morning, kind of like to go to that, but by the time i would have even if i chartered back, i'd get in at 3 a.m. and that's not fair to the
6:55 pm
current team i'm with. >> reporter: some people think it's not fair that the warriors want to move to san francisco. a lot of loyal oakland fans here and one of the players that thinks it should not be a move to san francisco is charles barkley. who don't wa kland, including c >> we've been kind of like the nfl. we don't give a [ bleep ]. we just make money. we don't really worry about the fans anymore. the oakland community has been fantastic to the warriors, to me over 30 years now. obviously we've had some good teams there with chris going back that far, but they've always had a tremendous fan base of. >> reporter: while the warriors will continue their celebration tonight, the mood is not as good in santa clara this evening. the reports of tension in locker room are stacking up. the 49er, we know one of them is true, speaking on knbr this morning jim tomsula confirmed there was a heated team meeting following the 49ers loss to the
6:56 pm
packers. >> i did have a heated meeting and that happens in this business. when you're 2-5, that starts to become headlines. the biggest thing i said to them guys. it's like an italian dining room table, okay? everybody sitting around the table and sometimes it gets heated. dishes get broke and people leave, okay? but everybody has got to come back to the table to eat, okay? and when it's all said and done, there's hugging and kissing and we're eating good food again. >> reporter: i know what tomsula is talking about. we often go and eat at sadini eats in between show. it's nice and calm until -- sadini's in between shows. it's nice and calm until they bring grappala out and then it's all out. whoo! i mean, whoo.
6:57 pm
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6:59 pm
announcer: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: thank y'all. how's everybody doing? how are y'all? i appreciate that. thank y'all very much. thank you very much, everybody. i do. thank you very much. well, well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. and we got a good one for you today. returning for their third day with a total of 20,730 bucks, from sacramento, california, it's the neuhart family. audience: [cheering] steve: and from atlanta, georgia, it's the cloud family. audience: [cheering] steve: everybody's here trying
7:00 pm
to win their self a lot of cash and the possibility of driving out of here in a brand-new state-of-the-art ford edge right there. let's go meet the cloud family. hello. what do you do for a living? monicah: ok, so i'm monicah, and i am the proud mother of a 13-year-old boy. hi, cordell! and i also-- steve: 13? monicah: 13, yes, and he's quite active. steve: you don't do that to 13-- you do this to babies. monicah: he is my baby. steve: when you got babies 2, 4, 5, 6, "hey, cordell!" you don't do that to the 13-year-old. he got friends. listen to me. he got friends. he got friends that's gonna watch this show. what you can't do? "i'm-a wave to my little baby. hi, cordell!" cordell--cordell is 13! the age limit for doing this to your baby boy on tv is 4 tops. that's it. you do this to the 13-year-old and his friends see it, oh, my god. you


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