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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  October 27, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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area. how long will it stick around? i'll have your forecast next.
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san jose.. and more is on t way. live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix5 news. let's get right we haven't seen this in a while. it's roning right now in parts of san jose and more -- raining right now in parts of san jose and more is on the way. >> let's get right to kpix5's paul deanno. he's been tracking the rain. >> the south has been getting the majority of the rainfall that will move in overnight. south bay, palo alto, los altos, mountain view, saratoga north to fremont milpitas east now to livermore we're getting showers. now in marin county you've only had a few spotty showers right out towards san quentin, mill valley and novato getting some showers right now and there's
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plenty more offshore. the actual boundary will move through around sunrise tomorrow. the front is to the way and already ahead of it some bonus showers this evening. flooding thankfully not a concern, wind also not a concern, but the morning commute tomorrow will be slowed down considerably by the rainfall. so get up a couple minutes early tomorrow and head out a couple minutes early tomorrow to make it to work on time because it will be raining. this is the first of three rain chances. we'll talk about the other two coming up. we hear about these crimes all the time, home invasion robberies. tonight we see just how it all goes down. andria borba is in the blossom valley neighborhood of san jose where it happened and the homeowner's son was even shot during all this. >> reporter: san jose police say the video you're about to see is of suspects they believe are behind a whole string of burglaries here in the san jose area. they want you to take a close look at the suspects and help them id them. in the course of two minutes thursday morning this blue honda buzzed by a home on the
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300 block of greenpark way twice. san jose police say this is how three guys cased the home before breaking in and shooting a man. two minutes after the blue honda drives by at 9:50 a.m. a young guy in black glasses rings the doorbell several time, then leaves. five minutes tick by. that's when the guy walks past the pool and into the garage. he makes a call, begins pacing in front of the power tools and a few minutes later is joined back at the front door by a second heavyset man. they pick the lock and break in. during that time the son of the home owner walked in on the burglary in progress, tried to stop it and was shot. 12 minutes later the pair leaves. the heavyset guy with a gun drawn is walking across the yard in broad daylight with the weapon out. the original suspect follows him with aing about of what police say -- a bag of what police say is stolen property slung over his shoulder. they both saunter across the street to the blue honda and
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their waiting get-away driver. i spoke with the homeowner this evening off camera. he said his son is recovering just fine from the gunshot wounds, but he does want these suspects caught and tried for their crimes. andria borba, kpix5 news. well, they're back and they look good. tonight the warriors hit the court for their first game of the season. mark kelly is at oracle and before the game even started it was quite a show, right, mark? >> reporter: had a very good show. tonight was the season opener. of course, a lot of fans packed oracle tonight to watch a good game, but it was really the celebrating of last year's championship that was truly the highlight tonight. to another title. bite jer-rod jones, warriors fans s healthy we c >> the nba champions golden state warriors! f the rings) bit [ cheering and applause ] ieve. i beli >> reporter: this is the ceremony 40 years in the making. logo, along with each >> gather around. >> reporter: after decades collecting dust with nothing to
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its left hand side, the 1974/'75 championship banner now has a proud partner. [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: for many unfurling unfurling this banner however brief it was will stick with them a long, long time. >> the opening ceremony, i always get pumped when they start. >> reporter: the nba even honored championship warriors from a by gone era. >> from the 1956 philadelphia warriors walt davis. [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: but it was today's coach, steve kerr, that got an overwhelming cheer. [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: many confident he'll recover from his own injury and lead this team to another title. >> as long as everybody stays healthy, we can do it. >> reporter: and if they pull it off again, that means another one of these bad boils for every member of this team. -- boys member -- boys for
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every member of this team. the next game the warriors take on the houston rockets and that's on friday. at oracle mark kelly, kpix5. >> this is the bling the warriors received tonight. on the front it has the team logo along with each -- ring the warriors received tonight. on the front it has the team logo along with each team member. this sort of looks like the end of the movie oceans 12. the highly secured briefcase making a trip on a private jet from los angeles was then delivered to oracle arena and there was a first at tonight's game. fans got to take it in through virtual reality. see how it works coming up in 10 minutes. tonight the quakes keep coming and coming. just today more than 25 earthquakes rattled the san ramon area. yes, they are small, the biggest just 3.1 early this
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morning, but this quake swarm started about two weeks ago and there have been hundreds of them, the largest a 3.6, no damage to talk about, but this is kind of interesting. the usgs previously told us the swarm could last another month or so. tonight the agency has changed its analysis. now scientists say it's too unpredictable to say how long this current swarm will last. just a couple hours ago the city of san jose put everyone on notice stop trashing the streets. betty yu is at city hall tonight and they mean it. we're talking some pretty hefty fines, right? >> reporter: yeah, veronica. consider the cities of san francisco and oakland, they can fine you $1,000 for illegal dumping. well, tonight san jose city hall decided that the first offense will cost you more than double that. student says it's not hard to find his home, but sl san jose says it's time for everyone to clean up their act. tonight for the first time the city adopted fines for anyone
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dumping furniture or other trash on the street. >> i don't even know where people get all this junk from, but i'm just baffled by it. >> reporter: the step says in the last -- city says in the last three years the volume of illegal dumping has jumped 75% and incidents of illegal dumping has gone up 50% on private property. today it was unanimous to adopt fines of 20 two thousand $500 for the first violation -- fines of $2,500 for the first violation and up to $10,000 for the next two to three more. the city has identified this area has you can see as one of the hotspots for illegal dumping. it says some of the biggest offenders were people who rent apartments. >> so finding the people, but how are you going to catch someone so directly like that? >> reporter: this san jose state student says it's not hard to find the trash around his home. slapping someone with a
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citation? >> how could that happen? i've never seen that happen to anyone ever. >> now are they going to do it? >> the good news is technology can help even when we don't have enough ears and eyes out there using cameras in hotspots. we're able to use data to identify where the dumping is happening most frequently. >> reporter: and the mayor says that he does plan to put in more surveillance cameras to hopefully capture license plates. he also wants to put in more signs in those hotspot areas, but he needs the community's help to help report these crimes. the step says it is working on -- city says it is working on an app to help residents do. so live in san jose betty yu, cbs5. police in pinole tell us tonight they arrested a teenager suspected of giving high school students xanax. teachers noticed several students actually strangely. five were taken to the hospital. the suspect is not being identified because he's just
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17. xanax is a prescription anti- anxiety medication. we have new video tonight of the chaotic scene inside a high school classroom when a sheriff's deputy dragged a student out of her chair and then out of the room. now the justice department is investigating. take a look. ng math class yesterday morning. the assistant princi deputy for help. t it all started when a female student refused to put away her cell phone during math class yesterday morning. the assistant principal called the deputy for help. the question now, was this really justified? a g him of raciall >> it seemed like really violent and it was really, really hard to watch. >> reporter: when over in student protested the deputy's behavior, she, too was arrested. >> i was praying out loud for the girl. i couldn't believe it was happening. i was just crying and he was like since you got so much to say, you're coming, too. >> reporter: court records show deputy ben fields has been accused of abusive behavior three times. ail jury ruled in his -- a jury ruled in his favor in a 2005 case. a 2006 case was dismissed.
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a case accusing him of racially profiling a student is set for january. the serve says an internal investigation will determine if dent -- sheriff says an internal investigation will determine if deputy field keeps his job. >> it started with her and ended with my officer. what i'm going to deal with is what my deputy did. >> we as a board will work with the sheriff's department to look at the screening process and which officers are in our schools. >> reporter: the sheriff in that south carolina town says that he expects to complete his investigation in 24 hours. the federal probe could take several weeks. a big shakeup in the race for the white house, donald trump is in unfamiliar territory tonight. the new poll numbers? >> donald trump has fallen out of first and ben carson has a their row lead nationwide 26- 22% -- narrow lead nationwide 26-22%. >> i am second. it's not like terrible, but i
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don't like being second. second is terrible to me. >> carson is ready to rumble. today he stepped into the ring and picked up an endorsement from a mixed martial arts fighter in florida. the next republican debate, tomorrow night in boulder, colorado. in the newsroom cate cauguiran, kpix5. a california boy suffers a skull fracture. his parents say a bully did it. tonight wait till you hear the school's explanation. a california police department takes a public from bruce lee. tonight why officers are using nunchucks. >> the warriors do something no major sports team has ever done, a virtual reality. we're going to put it to the test. ♪
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for these. nun-chucks! the can be use tonight some police officers in shasta county are trading in their batons for these, nunchucks. they can be used to hit, strike, jab, take someone down, but they also work as a restraint. the anderson police department say nunchucks can limit injuries to both police officers and the suspects they detain. >> these were designed kind of with a different goal in mind, to be more of a control weapon, but like i said, it's not that we can't use these as impact weapons. they work very good as an impact weapon, but we try to emphasize a control tool over impact. >> the 20 officers on the force need special training before they can carry those weapons. tonight a mother took on a school district because she says a bully attacked her son. this is her son jeremy. he cracked his skull in what the school insists was an accident saying he tripped on a
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pencil. reporter serene branson was there as the mother laid out her case. >> they tried to dismiss my son's injuries as an accident, does not do justice for him and it's a disservice to our school community. >> reporter: jay yang is a mother on a mission. her 7-year-old son jeremy suffered a cracked skull and two brain bleeds in may after they say he was tripped by another boy in school. >> if we refuse to acknowledge that bullying behavior occurs, then we cannot even address it. >> reporter: tonight she spoke to the school board and community members telling them the other boy had a history of misbehavior and that there were in consistencies in the school's investigation. they recently posted his story to facebook justice for area may and it's exploded. >> when i -- jeremy and it's exploded. >> when i put up that facebook post, i hadn't expected to get so much support for it, but did i and it kind of encouraged us to come back and address this serious issue. >> reporter: some supported the parents. others stood by the school.
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>> i've been on this campus five years and not once has a parent came up to me and brought up the issue of bullying. >> reporter: a spokesperson tells me there was no history of bullying and even said the arcadia police department didn't find any wrongdoing. they released a statement saying in part a lengthy and complete investigation was conducted and there were no findings of bullying or physical contact by another student. >> they claim to have complete and thorough investigation, yet they omit entire account of my son. >> the intent isn't we want to destroy people and move on. the intent is that we want to make this a better place so our kids can have a good experience here, too. >> reporter: in arcade, why serene branson -- arcadia, serene branson, kpix5. the country's biggest drugstore chain walgreen's is about to get even bigger. it is buying rite aid for $9.4 billion. wall green said that will help it negotiate lower drug prices.
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feds still need to approve that deal. iphones are still selling like hot cakes. apple sold 48 million of them last quarter. company profits are up 31%. apple says 20s 15 was its most successful year ever -- 2015 was its most successful year ever. cate cauguiran shows us all you need are some special goggles. l real ce. and fans >> reporter: a front row seat at oracle arena is as good as it gets for warriors fans. >> here comes curry, curry all the way. sco ome with more >> reporter: but tonight those with samsung's virtual reality device got the next best thing. after strapping on the gear you were transported from here -- >> curry right back from downtown. >> reporter: -- to here. this is the first time a major sports league offered a live
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stream virtual reality experience and fans loved it. >> i let all the grandmas know that this is the way to go. >> reporter: forget going courtside. with the samsung gear vr you can go couchside with this little nifty device and now i'm ready to watch the game. >> i'm sure watching an nba would be a lot more exciting. >> why would i need tickets because i have this and it's like i'm there? >> reporter: there could be more to come. the provide posed warriors stadium in -- proposed warriors stadium in san francisco is expected to come with more hi- tech upgrades that would bring the court to your living room. >> that samsung gear vr starts at 99 bucks. a bizarre mystery in the south bay tonight. have you seen marley the crow? he disappeared from his closure at the wildlife center in silicon valley in san jose center and staffers say he could have escaped or someone might have taken him. marley is nonreleasable meaning he cannot survive in the wild. there is a $1,000 reward for
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information. here's something you probably didn't expect to see flying in the sky. >> yes, yes, yes, yes! feet into the air with i perts believe the >> we highlighted it for you. a film crew in british columbia had cameras rolling as an orca launched a seal 80 feet into the air with its tail. wildlife expert believe the killer whale is just kind of playing with its food. >> i can't believe they were cheering for the whale, the yes, yes, yes, yes. >> just amazed, x games, pretty good shot out there. mom always said, though, don't play with your food. so the whale is now in timeout. here's a peek at the south bay, sunnyvale, milpitas, san jose, palo alto, east palo alto, mountain view all getting rainfall. look at this live shot. now let me show you four hours of weather history. we have had light rainfall in the south bay and peninsula the better part of three hours, also showers moving into mendocino and lake county, ft. bragg showers as well.
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let me take you up north because that heaviest rainfall you see yellow and orange west of eureka, that is the actual front that will arrive overnight tonight and tomorrow giving us widespread morning rainfall. what a wonderful phrase that is, rain coming to the bay area. we're cloudy tonight, a low around 60 degrees, sunrise tomorrow 7:31 when the rain will move through, vallejo tonight 57, fremont 59. so it's not going to be a soaker. i'm using the word light to describe this rainfall, but it will impact your drive to work. the reason why it's going to be light and not strong is because the low pressure area to our south, the remnants of olaf that's being caloried to the south and the actual low itself dragging the front is carrying most of the jet stream energy up north. we call that a split flow and right in between we find the bay area. it is a front and it's rainfall and we should celebrate the fact it will be raining tomorrow. by afternoon just spotty showers. we get high pressure building in three days, thursday, friday, saturday, clutch
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because trick-or-treating is saturday night. sunday, 1st day of november, here comes the next front which will give us two rain chances. both sunday and monday look wet. how much rain tomorrow afternoon? up to 1/4 inch for the east bay, the peninsula, a little less for the south bay, a little more for the north bay, not bad for late october. we are getting rain tonight and tomorrow. watch out for the rough surf, 6 to 12 feet surf, how high the waves will be tomorrow and thursday. san jose wet tomorrow at time 701, hayward 67, red -- 71, hayward 67, redwood city 71. san francisco 67 and showers, novato 69 degrees. we're dry three days, rain on sunday, another chance of showers on monday, a wonderful pattern change, good stuff. coming up on the late show with stephen colbert up next democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton, anthony
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thursday. oc: "crowd yelling at offic" st. louis rams fans let the n-f-l know what they the team possi . tonight we got a bit of a preview of what might go down
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at the oakland raiders town hall this thursday. >> st. louis rams fans let the nfl know what they think about the team possibly moving to los angeles. this was the first town hall meeting scheduled. san diego is up tomorrow and then comes oakland. mayor libby schaaf is expecting a full house at the paramount theater. >> i expect to see one passionate expression of the raider nation. >> the town hall is required as part of the nfl's relocate process. the st. louis rams, san diego chargers as well as the raiders have all expressed interest in moving to los angeles after the season. >> we will be live at that meeting immediately following thursday night football right here on the big 5. warriors got their bling. could they get a win? the finish is next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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not announce how much they for each ring handed out at oracle tonight, but it like came with a pair o the warriors did not announce just how much they paid for each ring handed out at oracle tonight, but it likely came with a pair of sunglasses and forklift to help carry it aarp, first championship in 40 years pro --
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around, first championship in 40 years produced one of the most gaudy rings in history, 240 stones on that, veronica. luke walton on the bench instead of steve kerr, fast start to the mvp, curry on the break knocks down the three, seven-point lead in the 1st quarter in which he scored 24. 2nd quarter hank plant, love great passing, to curry, the 11 point lead and they stretch it out in the 3rd. here comes curry, fifth shot from downtown on the night, finishes with 40. the warriors make a 1er out of luke walton 1 -- a winner out of luke walton 111-95. now about that bling? >> so much better in person, the season mock-ups and all the design, that's a feeling and moment i'll never forget seeing the banner go up and seeing the ring on your finger. >> it's beautiful, something really special. i'm going to try and take the best care of it i possibly can and something i'll be so proud
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of till the day i leave this earth and pass down for generations. >> lock that baby up in a safe. a bizarre start to the world series in kansas city. there was an inside the park home run. the royals pitcher edison volquez didn't know his father passed away when he took the mound and then. this fox went off the air for over four minutes because the production truck lost power. that wasn't a replay either. apparently because replay wasn't available they delayed the game. good thing the sweeps hasn't started yet, royals down to their final two outs, alex gordon game tying home run, extra innings. 14th inning when the sacrifice fly off bartolo colon. hosmer played a critical error early in the game. royals take a 1-0 series lead that. baby was over past midnight in new york. >> did you say 240 stones in that ring?
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>> that's right. you got to find somebody like that with 240 stones. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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candidate hillary clinton...coming up on the show with stephen colbert. our next newscast is tomorrow morning at 4-30. democratic presidential
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candidate hillary clinton is come up on the late show with stephen colbert next. >> our next newscast starts at 4:30. >> supera good night! >> look at that ring! >> welcome stephen colbert! ( band playing "late show" theme ) ( cheers and applause ) captioning sponsored by cbs ♪ ♪ ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: hey! >> stephen! stephen! stephen! stephen. >> stephen: that was for you. that was for you right over there. >> stephen! stephen! stephen! stephen! ( cheers and applause ) welcome to the "late show"!


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