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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  October 29, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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jail talked to a jail staffer, and then he said, quote, he tried to turn himself in. that staffer didn't find any warrant for his arrest on file and then called a correctional deputy. at that time castro slid a note back to the staffer saying he knew the location of a body but castro did not say he was responsible for that death. now, figuring it was not their jurisdiction, the correctional deputy then told castro to go around the corner to san jose police headquarters and talk to them about the body. amazingly that's exactly what he did all on his own. sjpd said if a similar incident were to happen to them, this is how they would have handled it. >> here, we would find out what this person is talking about, detain that person, notify the investigative unit. if it's within our jurisdiction, then we would handle the follow-up investigation. >> reporter: police later arrested castro for the murder of his ex-girlfriend identified by loved ones on social media as al sandra bar less. a year ago she posted this profile photo with castro on
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facebook. he has led officers to the globe condo building in downtown on 3rd street where her body was found strangled and with stab wounds. neither of them live there. according to the "mercury news," castro later confessed to the killing to san jose police. the sheriff has released a statement and said that in part if these findings are true, then this correctional deputy failed to meet the expectations of the department and he will be dealt with accordingly. in the meantime, he has been reassigned. we're live in downtown san jose. kiet do, kpix 5. this is a live look now at the bay bridge toll plaza. look at that. >> where is everybody? >> where is everyone? >> come on. >> time to get to work. >> they are still at home watching us. >> they heard there was an increase on the toll plaza! [ laughter ] >> everyone stayed home. clear skies currently greeting the morning commuters out the door this morning. good morning, everybody. take a look at your temperatures and take your pick because we're anywhere from the 40s far reaches of the north
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bay santa rosa and napa through the 50s around suisun bay into fremont and mountain view. today 60s and 70s to 80 in santa rosa. we have your weekend forecast. that, boy, features some changes. that's coming up at 18 minutes after the hour. >> we have this accident we're watching roberta in the palo alto area. southbound 101 before san antonio road, accident involving a dump truck blocking at least one lane of traffic. since it's so early yet it's not doing much to delay your drive to the southbound direction. keep that in mind as you commute. 20-minute bart delay leaving dc towards pittsburg-bay point and dublin-pleasanton. i'll have more on "kcbs traffic" still ahead. a new plan is in the works to hike tolls on state-owned bridges here in the bay area. the goal would be to raise an extra $125 million a year for
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transportation projects. it's not clear how much the tolls would go up and there are issues to address. about two-thirds of bay area voters wouldn't have to pay because they don't use the bridges on a regular basis. then there are the questions of which projects should be funded and where. >> i think it's important that we as east bay leaders stand up and make sure this money is spent here and not spent on other projects, you know, in san francisco. >> the proposal could reach voters as early as next year. the city of rohnert park says a police officer acted reasonably when he drew his gun in an incident that went viral. >> this one really got a gun. >> no. >> you don't touch me. you don't touch me. >> it's been viewed nearly half a million times on youtube. officer dave rodriguez wants toward the man and asked him to remove his left hand out of his pocket. when he refuses, the officer draws his gun and points it downward. yesterday the city said rodriguez saw what he
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considered suspicious behavior including mccomas ducking behind a truck. now, mccomas plans to file a civil rights claim and/or a lawsuit. the family of a woman killed by emeryville police will announce a lawsuit today in oakland. yuvette henderson allegedly pulled a gun on store security guards when she was stopped for stealing knives at a home depot in february. witnesses say she also pointed the gun at a driver during an attempted carjacking. officers fired when they said she pointed the weapon at them. the family's announcement is expected to happen at noon. 5:04 your time. oakland mayor libby schaaf put a new spin on the state of the city address. christin ayers reports she talked about crime, housing and a special wish for her birthday. >> reporter: mayor libby schaaf's first state of the city address was not so different from many others except perhaps the way she ended it. [ dancing out ] >> reporter: dancing away from
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the podium to drummers. she talked crime. >> this year, we have lost 71 of our loved ones to murder. >> reporter: and affordable housing. >> we have to have new housing at every income level. >> reporter: but what drew a standing ovation was the gift she requested for her 50th birthday november 12. >> and there is just one thing that i want for my birthday and that is to send 50 oakland students who will be the first in their families all the way through college. >> reporter: she is collecting donation from $150 to $100,000 at and this is just the first step. schaaf says only 10% of oakland ninth graders will go on to graduate from college n january she will launch a plan to triple that number. one word the mayor did not mention, the "r" word, raiders. she made no mention of the team throughout her speech. i did talk to her afterwards. she says she is saving her
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comment for tonight's town hall meeting when she says she will lobby the nfl to keep the raiders here. in oakland, christin ayers, kpix 5. >> and as you just heard from kristin, the future of the raider football team will be in the spotlight during a town hall meeting tonight in oakland. team ownership expressed frustration at efforts to get a new stadium built in the city so the raiders are among three nfl teams looking to relocation teams looking to locate in the l.a. area. tonight's meeting starts at 7 p.m. at the paramount theater. the third republican presidential debate is done and the candidates have their own ideas of what took place on stage. all eyes were on ben carson as the new gop front-runner. afterwards carson was coy about maintaining his campaign's momentum. donald trump came to cameras insisting his campaign is not losing steam and took issue with some of the questions pointed at him during the debate. >> you know what i always say, when i was a surgeon, i would
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say to people, why guess when soon up' know? >> it's unfair. it's become very unfair. >> meanwhile jeb bush targeted marco rubio for his spotty voting record on capitol hill. rubio dismissed bush's claims saying they were a political ploy from a struggling candidate. primary voters cast the first ballots in less than 100 days. before the main debate, lower ranking gop candidates took the stage at the so-called undercard debate. senator lindsey graham came out swinging. >> so to the chinese, when it comes to dealing with me, you got a clenched fist and open hand. you pick. the party's over with all the dictators. make me commander-in-chief and this crap stops. >> the next republican debate is in less than two weeks in milwaukee. the democrats face off next friday in south carolina. time now is 5:07. blimp on the run. the pentagon begins its investigation into the runaway military aircraft.
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how he got loose and caused some damage. >> and plus the state's crippling drought takes a toll on wildlife. the new worries for an iconic california salmon coming up. we have a change in your weekend forecast. the seven-day forecast is straight ahead. >> and an accident now in palo alto southbound 101 approaching san antonio. we'll have details and an update on bart delays with "kcbs traffic."
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good morning. looking towards sfo, where we actually have at this time clear skies. so far no reports of any local airport delays. we'll keep you posted on that. plus a full forecast coming up in less than 4 minutes. police in kentucky are searching for a man who they say shot an officer last saturday and fired more shots last night. police tried to capture the alleged gunman during a traffic stop. but the car crashed into another vehicle and through a fence and someone allegedly fired shots at officers before running away. late last night investigators arrested a woman they say is linked to the case. a night out taking a frightening turning at a waterfront restaurant in south carolina. part of a pier collapsed last night during a private event at crosby's fish and shrimp on james island.
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15 people were rescued out of the water. there were no major injuries. >> i saw it happen and people hitting the water. >> the cause of the collapse is still under investigation. the pentagon has to figure out how an expensive military blimp broke free and floated away. hena daniels has the latest from pennsylvania. reporter: federal and state officials are in northeast pennsylvania guarding the remnants of a massive army surveillance blimp that broke free and crash-landed wednesday afternoon. matt was at a gas station in the area as the drama unfolded. >> it was like the white blimp of death! it was right over top of me. it looked like it could reach out and touch the blimp. >> it's going down! >> reporter: the unmanned aircraft detached from its mooring at the army's proving ground in aberdeen, maryland. f-16s along with curious residents chased the runaway blimp down to its final resting place over 100 miles away.
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>> it's a dangerous vehicle. it's still powered. >> reporter: still in its test phase, the aircraft was designed to detect a missile attack. its tether was supposed to withstand hurricane-force winds. officials will now try to figure out how it failed on what was an ordinary rainy day. hena daniels for cbs news, pennsylvania. a dramatic rescue at a gas station in pennsylvania. a woman had a seizure and hit a support beam and the car's wheels kept spinning. a person opened the car and two cops pulled the woman to safety. uber is offering on demand kittens for national cat day. it's not a joke. if you want to cuddle with a cat for 15 minutes just open your uber app and request kittens as the option. it's available in san francisco and several other cities. most of the cats are eligible for adoption.
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aww. >> puts you in a good mood. cuttle with a kitty cat. why not? >> you like that, liza? >> no! [ laughter ] >> we'll bring you a st. bernard! [ laughter ] we are going to talk about this morning's commute. if you plan to catch a bart train this morning, they are running 20 minutes late. we are hearing for bart that they hope to have this resolved in the next few minutes. all this is because of earlierequipment problems at pittsburg-bay point and dublin interchange. those delays on bart this morning. no problems for ferries, ace or caltrain. everybody else is on time this morning. watch out for this accident in palo alto. southbound 101 just before san antonio, this accident involving a dump truck and another car blocking at least one lane. so at this point it's the right lane that shut down. they may be shutting down an additional lane momentarily and also there is roadwork in the oakland area. watch out for caltrans. they set up shot in the eastbound direction of 580. and they will be out there until 6:30 this morning between broadway and 35th.
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no delays heading through the construction zone at this hour. the bay bridge toll plaza is looking good. still very light for your thursday drive heading into the city. a 19-minute drive time between the carquinez bridge and the maze. all roadwork from overnight in the north bay has been picked up. 101 now moving well leaving southern marin heading towards san francisco. the san mateo bridge is flowing well. the dumbarton bridge looking good. all of our bridge commutes are still in good shape as with the silicon valley, 280 is wide open approaching downtown san jose. and 101 still clocking in with nice speeds leaving morgan hill to south san jose. that's a look at "kcbs traffic." here's roberta. thanks, liza. loving that color on you, too. >> thank you. >> what do you call that, fuchsia? >> fuchsia! >> all right. good morning, everybody. i'm the luckiest girl in the whole wide world. i have weather watcher checking in this morning so i can give you a good idea what it's like in your neighborhood. looks like 40s to the north of the golden gate this morning. 50s to the south, 60s to the east. 44 degrees is dave, i bet, hi, dave in napa. thanks for reporting in.
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i want to share something with you speaking of the north bay. this photograph right here, dana sent this in from novato yesterday. she was trying to collect water, nice idea. petaluma had about .10" of rain, dana says there in the novato area also about a few drops maybe at best. we did see up to .25" of rain in the calistoga area just about .01" in san jose. this is mineta international airport and levi's stadium, where currently it's 54 degrees. humidity is at 86%. calm winds. area of low pressure brought some rain showers to southern california yesterday. now our satellite-radar does indicate high pressure building in from the west. storm track is well to the north but that's going to change over the weekend. low 80s at the state capital today. mid-50s in the high sierra. beach hazard statement in effect again today with some swells up to 12 feet and these are crashing next to the shoreline so be very mindful at that at the beaches today. our temperatures at the coast
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approaching 70 in pacifica, 70s across the bay, 70s peninsula and up to 80 in san ramon. this is your extended forecast. we end october on a warm note. we introduce november with a chance of rain showers. in fact, this is a pretty aggressive cold front that's going to blast through the bay area sunday, monday. computer models suggest .10" of rain to quarter inch of rain over the period of sunday, monday. if we don't get precip perhaps it veers to the south, we could have the cooler temperatures for sure. look at the inland temperatures. 60s! >> 60s! >> throwing my windows open! >> finally. federal experts are growing more concerned that a type of salmon is getting close to extinction. the national marine fisheries service blames hot shallow water caused by the drought. most of the juvenile winter run chinook died before they made it out to the pacific ocean. a frenzy in san jose's almaden valley over the opening of a new store a bass pro shop.
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why some people are very excited. andria borba reports. reporter: the silicon valley uniform of hoodies was replaced by camouflage for a night greeted by crowds typically only seen at giants games. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: bass pro shop roared into san jose and opened its doors. >> whoo! >> we love it. it's like disneyland for adults adults. >> reporter: until today, getting lost in the sea of fishing poles this large meant a drive to the nearest store out in manteca. bass pro founder says they were already on the hook and they were just waiting for the company to bite. >> we felt there was pent- hundred demand for a store that specializes like ours. >> reporter: chris says he won't miss the drive. >> every time you go to manteca, spend four hours going to manteca. >> reporter: register lines
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stretched throughout the 110,000-square-foot store. >> oh!! >> reporter: although the lines were just as long stretching their nose to the giant glass fish tank as little eyes began the art of telling a fish tale in the height of tech town. >> how big is the fish? >> very big. >> reporter: the crowd was so large at one point san jose police department had to close off the street where the store is off almaden expressway because the parking lot was full and the neighboring parking lot was full as people tried to get here in time for the ribbon-cutting. in san jose, andria borba, kpix 5. >> i would get lost in that store a few times. today the first 200 customers age 18 and older will receive a bass pro shop gift card ranging in value from $5 to $100. the store opens today at 8 a.m. it is 5:19 right now. controversy over an east bay home spooking neighbors out. details on a family's fight to continue a halloween tra distribution. and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, is colin kaepernick
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being framed as the 49ers scapegoat for their 2-5 start? and game two of the world series the mets' backs against the wall coming up. cool schools >> and what's cool about your school? email your nomination to us at we may come and feature your school on the show. play o' the day from th n-b-a... timberwolves and ls ,,,,,,,,,, ,, ,,,,,,
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good morning. we're off to a bumpy start on the bart system this, mo a 20- minute delay -- this morning, a 20-minute delay on the pittsburg-bay point and dublin interchange lines. the late trains are in the east bay and are almost at their destinations so they hope to clear this out soon. in the meantime be prepared for delays again 20 minutes in length heading towards pittsburg-bay point and dublin- pleasanton. i'll have more "kcbs traffic" still ahead. good morning, everybody. it is of course throwback thursday. so i want to show you where i was reporting from one year ago. outside kauffman stadium in kansas city. but like the giants, i'm sitting home. royals still alive in the worlds unlike the giants. the mets were expected to win with their ace jacob degrom on the mound. but he ran into some trouble. hosmer a two-run single.
5:24 am
kc up 3-1. that's all their starter johnnie cueto needed. he goss yoenis cespedes to pop out to -- he got yoenis cespedes to pop out to end the game. he threw a complete game in the world series. the royals lead 7-1. they lead the series 2-0 games. now heading to new york. there trouble between colin kaepernick and his teammates? reports indicate a rift behind closed doors. >> but he is just alone on an island inside that locker room. there's not a lot of people that he connects with to try to pick him back up. >> fox sports isn't the only one reporting trouble in the locker room. colin kaepernick was asked today if he thinks he is being set up to be the scapegoat for the past season. >> i really hope not. for me i give everything i can to this organization. i give everything i can to my teammates. >> he is on the a damn island or whatever someone says. >> what i don't want is all that pentup -- then we start having -- i want to be in front of that before anything comes
5:25 am
up. >> it will be tough for the 49ers this weekend. they get the rams. the jets and the raiders. we'll talk about it tonight following nfl football right here on the big 5. have a great day, everybody. thank you, dennis. play of the day. we are going to go to the nba hardwood. we have timberwolves and lakers. l.a.'s neck young is nick young just before the buzzer. they needed another point. kobe goes cold down the stretch and minnesota wins. 112-111 the final. your play of the day. the top 10 republican presidential candidates come out swinging in the third debate. we'll take a look at who stood out. >> and an unmanned military aircraft blimp floats away for more than 100 miles. how it got loose. at the main jail in downtown san jose. a murder suspect came to the
5:26 am
jail to try to turn himself in but a correctional deputy told him to go somewhere else. we have a live report coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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oakland weighs in on its new mayor.. what a new poll rev about libby schaafs approval. paying more to cross bay ar this city of oakland weighs in on its new mayor. what a new poll reveals about the approval of libby schaaf. >> paying more to cross bay area bridges the new talk this morning about another toll hike. >> and a tough morning for the bart system struggling with delays and switching problems. i'll have details. >> it's crisp this. we have changes in the weekend forecast. that's coming up in a matter of minutes. it's thursday, october 29. i'm frank mallicoat.
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>> i'm michelle griego. a woman is found dead in a san jose condo. her ex-boyfriend tries to turn himself in but a sheriff's deputy lets him walk away. kiet do is live with more on the latest problem at the santa clara county jail. kiet. >> reporter: yes, good morning. you know, this has been a year for the sheriff's office that just leaves you shaking your head. they were businessing dealing with the case from last month where three correctional deputies have been charged with murder for the death of an inmate. and then this happens. hugo castro apparently had a dark secret and he was ready to tell it. when he walked into the main jail lobby three days ago with a note, authorities say it revealed the whereabouts of his ex-girlfriend's body. the sheriff's office says when the deputy found out about it he directed the accused murderer to san jose police around the corner. castro didn't tell the correctional deputies was responsible for the crime. he did however follow instructions and walked to police headquarters to report the body. here we would find out what
5:31 am
this person is talking about, detain that person notify the investigative unit if it's within our jurisdiction. then we would handle the follow- up investigation. >> reporter: police later arrested castro for the murder of his ex identified by loved ones on social media as alessandra barlas. a year ago she posted this profile photo with castro on facebook. officers found her stabbed inside the globe condo building in downtown on 3rd street and neither of them lived there. sheriff laurie smith explained that castro first told a civilian worker that end to turn himself in. after finding no active warrants for him the staffer turned things over to a correction nam deputy. if the findings are true, this deputy failed to meet the expectations of the agency and he will be dealt with accordingly according to the police chief. in the meantime that deputy is reassigned. live at the main jail in downtown san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. today the three drifters accused of two murders will be back in court in san rafael. sean angold, morrison lampley
5:32 am
and lila alligood could get life without parole if convicted. authorities say they killed a 23-year-old backpacker in golden gate park and a 67-year- old yoga teacher in fairfax earlier this month. this morning's hearing is to appoint lawyers for two of the suspects. take you outside and a live look at the bay bridge on this thursday as we head towards the weekend. let's take a check of weather now see how we're faring on a thursday with a big weekend coming up. >> couple of notable features today. the winds will increase as the day wears on because we have high pressure building in from the west so expect a north to northwest breeze 10 to 20 miles per hour. good morning, everyone. clear skies right now. the coast is clear. a little hint of toking this morning in pacifica. otherwise temperatures 50s and 60s check out napa and sonoma and also santa rosa in the 40s at this early hour. bright sunshine today. 68 in pacifica to 78 degrees in napa, 80 santa rosa. we have a change in the weekend
5:33 am
forecast coming up. let's send it over to liza battalones. >> good morning, everybody. we have a couple of accidents to watch out for. and both of them are on 101. southbound a car hit a tree and ended up in a lane of traffic. a possible delay heading through there. right now traffic is fine but chp may shut down a lane momentarily. we are watching this accident in palo alto. southbound 101 in san antonio involving a truck, those are the accidents on the freeways. it's also been a tough morning for bart. they are struggling with delays because of switching problems. at this point it's 20-minute delay leaving daly city towards pittsburg bay point and 10- minute delay on the sfo line. we'll continue to watch this for you and bring you the very latest with "kcbs traffic." a new plan is under way to increase tolls on bay area bridges. kpix 5's phil matier says it's a matter of when and by how
5:34 am
much. it's a story you'll see only on 5. reporter: it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that the bay area has a massive transportation problem. >> 60% of the jobs in california that job growth here in the bay area so the bay area is like the center of this problem of congestion. >> voters understand that this infrastructure is crumbling. they are tired of seeing the roads in the conditions they are in. they are tired of seeing bridges falling apart. >> reporter: and that has local and state lawmakers eyeing the idea of yet another bridge toll hike. bay area voters are voted twist to increase the bridge tolls by $1 once in 1988, once in 2004. there's conversation about proposing to do that and putting on the ballot. >> are we talking about $1, $2? >> we don't know the amount or the details yet. there was an assembly select hearing that was held here in oakland back in august where a number of assembly members talked about the possibility. >> my experiences said you may as well go as big as you can. >> reporter: like we said, it's
5:35 am
just a start but you know transportation issues. they have a way of taking it step by step and in this case, the next step would be the legislature. for them to get a package together. pass it and put it on the ballot for the voters to decide. that could come either next year or 2018. whatever the case, the final say will be up for you and me. phil matier, kpix 5. the talk involves raising tolls on the 7 bridges run by the state, the golden gate is not included. oakland mayor libby schaaf had a couple of surprises as she spoke last night in the state of the city address. she drew a standing ovation after requesting a gift for her 50th birthday coming up in november. >> and there is just one thing that i want for my birthday. and that is to send 50 oakland students who will be the first
5:36 am
in their families all the way through college. >> and she is collecting donations for that goal on her website, the mayor ended her speech dancing away from the podium to the beat of oakland's samba funk drums. ♪[ music ] >> according to kpix 5's exclusive surveyusa poll, 48% of people in oakland approve of the job she is doing compared to with 33% who disapprove. 42% say the city of oakland is now moving in the right direction. the third republican presidential debate is in the books. the two-hour event for exampling on the economy, jobs and taxes. craig boswell is in boulder, colorado with reaction and analysis. >> i do believe in reagan's 11th commandment. >> reporter: all ayes were on ben carson during was night's debate as the new gop front- runner. but there weren't many fireworks. he was pressed to explain his tax plan which said the rate
5:37 am
would be closer to 15% instead of 10. >> you have to get rid of deductions and loophole. >> reporter: he was coy about maintaining momentum. >> when i was a surgeon i would say to people, why guess when soon you will know. >> reporter: donald trump says his campaign is not losing steam. >> i'm going to win. >> reporter: trump was quiet for the debate continued to take issue with some of the questions. >> it's become very unfair. >> reporter: jeb bush who attacked fellow floridian marco rubio says he is not frustrated with the tone of the campaign and his sluggish poll numbers. >> i'm not frustrated. not at all. >> reporter: analyst say he needed to stand out. >> i think by not winning he is a loser. and he didn't meet expectations. he had higher expectations tonight than he otherwise would have. >> reporter: here's rubio's on stage response to bush questioning the senator's missed votes. >> the only reason why you're
5:38 am
doing it now is because we're running for the same position and someone convinced you that attacking me is going to help you. >> who on that stage tonight becomes the primary focus the person to guard against? >> marco rubio. >> no question. you see the response from the dnc and other democratic groups and they are trying to take down marco rubio after this debate. >> reporter: primary voters cast the first ballots in less than 100 days. craig boswell, cbs news, boulder, colorado. the family of a man missing from san francisco is pleading for help in finding him. josh sanchez maldonado works as a trader in the city. he arrived on a flight from japan to the uk last wednesday and was due to fly home to san francisco the next day. but he never made that flight. he has been out of contact ever since. his family is in the uk to try to get answers. they are hoping someone will recognize him and contact them. d.a.'s office is looking into allegations of voter fraud in san francisco. the asian pacific democratic
5:39 am
club says it's heard stories of older chinese voters being persuaded to hand over ballots, which would then be filled out illegally and cast by somebody else. it's alleged it was filled out by a worker for aaron peskin. the federal reserve isn't raising interest rates in the short run. jill wagner of joins us live from new york. >> reporter: good morning, frank and michelle. the federal reserve left interest rates at their record low levels but they did say a rate hike at the next meeting which is in december is still very much in play. investors looked it. the dow was up 198 in a late day rally. the nasdaq was up 65. looking like a lower open. the bell rings in an hour. we just learned the u.s. economy grew by 1.5% in the last quarter from july to september. it's about in line with expectations.
5:40 am
most analysts are expecting that the economy will pick up in the last quarter of the year. americans could be losing their sweet tooth. sales projections are lower because americans are buying less candy and gum than expected and ingredients are higher like milk and cocoa. facebook is getting rid of the other message folder. if you don't know what it is, it was a folder that let strangers send you messages. it will be replaced with a new function called message request. you will see a preview of a message sent to you by somebody you don't know and you can accept o ignore it. >> that's whatter"" is for"it's for. who knew. >> there's a new scary promotion going on with car service at lyft. what's that about? >> reporter: all right. if you want to bring a party back from the dead this halloween or maybe scare your friends, you can actually order a zombie on demand. this is all courtesy of lyft
5:41 am
the ridesharing program. it's partnering with walking dead comics. they will be delivering free zombies in new york city and san francisco. that's happening tomorrow during the day. it ends in the evening. so it will be daylight. >> they deliver zombies or is the driver a zombie? >> i believe that they deliver zombies. so i think -- i was trying to figure it out. i read the blog a few times and it was confusing. i believe they will send a zombie so if you are having a party or want to scare the station there in san francisco, you can have a zombie walk through the newsroom. >> dial it up. >> i think we can get one for the boss. >> i think we have a few downstairs right now! [ laughter ] >> if you do did, i would love a picture actually. >> i will send you one. all right, ji -- all right, jill. thank you. coming up, penny pinching paying off big. why one man finally decided to cash in with his stash of pennies. coming your way. ,,,,,,,,,,
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♪ we're about to show you an incredibly low fare. like all our fares, you get two free bags and zero change fees. because what's the point of an incredibly low fare if you're just going to stack fees on top of it? our sale fares have nothing up their sleeves. book them now at low fares. nothing to hide. that's transfarency. sfx: clap, clap, ding
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good morning. your time check now is 5:44. taking a look out towards the transamerica pyramid and we actually can see the pinpoint top there which leads me to believe we have clear skies out there. currently, air temperatures at 60 degrees. i have your full forecast coming up. thank you, roberta. at 5:44 now, some fascinating video caught hundreds of birds flying in formation here. these are shore birds taking part in what's called a murmuration near the sonoma creek marsh for several minutes. a south carolina deputy is fired in the wake of a video
5:45 am
after he dragged a disruptive student from the classroom. deputy ben fields was recorded overturning the student desk. yesterday the richland county sheriff was terminated for not using proper procedure. the student refused to leave the classroom defying orders from a teacher, administrator and the deputy. at show will go on despite neighborhood objections. as kpix 5's cate caugiran reports, the city of albany game the teenaged creator the go-ahead with one condition. reporter: this albany 15- year-old will get his halloween wish to keep on haunting. after nearly two hours of neighbors going back and forth. >> it was always incumbent upon us to basically push back what we consider some normal peace and quiet. >> this year i have gone through all the proper channels, i have gotten approval from all branches of government at all levels. >> when construction is going, we can't hear ourselves think. >> reporter: albany's planning commission decided to deny the pa he will to shut down the
5:46 am
haunted house. but with the condition it only be only for two days. this haunted house is more of a haunted mess and sam only has days to put together the perfect childhood nightmare in time for halloween. that's a theme of this year's haunt. what's different now is it's moved to the backyard keeping all things scary hidden from public view. gary who tried to appeal the decision is hoping this doesn't burden his family in the years to come. >> our goal is to continue to have a project for the many neighbors and residents who enjoy it. not to annoy our neighbors. >> reporter: in albany, cate caugiran, kpix 5. >> the haunted house will ra i see money for the local food bank. 5:46. got the gang all here time for a little weather and traffic. >> on this mini friday traffic is looking good. minor injuries southbound 101 approaching sierra point parkway in brisbane.
5:47 am
so if you plan to make this commute. traffic is okay. they are in the right-hand lane with this accident. ten-minute delays on bart. it's an improving situation. roberta is dancing here on the side. you will have to check her out later. san francisco heading as to sfo and millbrae 10-minute delays on bart because of switching problems. the earlier problems leaving daly city have cleared out so it's an improving situation just 10 minutes leaving something heading towards sfo on bart. the bay bridge toll plaza take a look. we have delays extending to the foot of the maze already. and the metering lights are on. it's a 20-minute drive every drive time leaving the carquinez bridge bound for the macarthur maze. 880 free-flowing in both directions. no delays approaching hayward. good morning. >> the dancing queen. >> looking out towards mineta international airport. i have to make a trip to the south bay craving some tamales.
5:48 am
levi's stadium, clear skies currently air temperature 45 degrees in santa rosa. the coast is clear, just a swath of some clouds lingering next to the immediate seashore. this area of low pressure will make an impact on our weather forecast for the weekend. that's coming up momentarily. 80s throughout the central valley. out over the waters, we do have a beach hazard statement in effect anticipating swells up to 12 feet which is just spot on for surfing but if you are not well versed in the water be mindful it is dangerous. sun-up at 7:32. sundown at 6:14. in between today 70s at moss and montera beaches. 70s at the bay. 70s at the peninsula. 80 away from the bay. oh, did i mention? it's going to be breezy. northwest winds 10 to 20 miles per hour as that ridge of high
5:49 am
pressure expands over the state. here you have your friday forecast. you will notice we are wrapping up the month of october unseasonably mild to warm conditions. and then we cool down with that approaching area of low pressure that i was alluding to upstream. that's going to bring us a chance of rain sunday and on monday. and on the back side of it definitely some cooler temperatures. it's no trick. definitely a treat for halloween as the kids head out to trick or treat as the sun goes down. 50s to the mid-60s. enjoy your thursday. the pentagon is looking into how a billion-dollar military blimp broke free and flew out of control over the eastern u.s. the unmanned aircraft detached from its mooring in maryland yesterday. f-16s chased it down to its final resting place more than 100 miles away in northeast pennsylvania. >> it was like the white blimp of death! it was right over top of me. it looks like you could reach out and touch the blimp. >> that blimp was still in the test phase designed to detect a
5:50 am
missile attack. its tether was supposed to withstand hurricane-force winds. a second test blimp is grounded until investigators find out what happened. you know the old phrase, a penny saved is a penny earned. >> a man in louisiana acted on it. he checked pen -- he started collecting pennies in the 1970s. this week he hauled away 15 giant water bottles of the coins after his insurance company said it wouldn't insure him. >> i would spend a dollar before i would spend a penny. if i was at your house a penny was on the floor, i would keep it. if it was a quarter i would give it back to you. >> all the pennies were fed into a coin counting machine. he collected a half million plus pennies, that's over $5,000. >> time to take a trip. >> yeah. makes you want to collect pennies yourself, right?
5:51 am
>> he did it for a lifetime. that's a lot of pennies. up next guessing on and off bart quicker. the new addition that could have an impact on your morning and evening commute coming your way. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy... kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever.
5:54 am
good morning. i have your forecast for the weekend. through saturday we end the month of october on a sunny warm note. here comes the first day of november, we is the our clocks back an hour increasing clouds leading to the potential of rain showers through monday. cooler temperatures tuesday and wednesday. >> we have slow traffic now approaching the sunol grade. an accident southbound 680 just before bernal. one lane is shut down. traffic slow past the accident down the grade to sunol boulevard. details coming up. a small change on bart will be a big difference for commuters. new train cars will have an extra door. the third door will reduce crowding and enable people to get on and off more quickly. bart begins testing the new train cars this year and they
5:55 am
hope to put them in service by december 2016. the borough president of ireland was in the bay area yesterday to say thank you -- the president of ireland was in the bay area yesterday to say thank you to express gratitude to the first responders in berkeley who responded to the balcony collapse in the summer. back in june six students died when a balcony fell down. mr. higgins said it's a day the irish people still mourn. >> the loss of life and the serious injuries visited on young men and women at the cost of their adult lives is a tragedy that has moved us all very deeply. >> the investigations conclude the balcony collapses due to dry rot. since the incident the city council is working to strengthen laws on inspections. two important developments are in the works in washington. a new budget and a new speaker. as expected, yesterday house republicans nominated paul ryan as the next speaker of the house. the full house is expected to
5:56 am
formally elect him today. ryan is promising a new era of cooperation. >> we won't have a house that looked like it looked the las two years. we are going to move forward. we are going to unify. >> a few hours after he spoke the house rushed to pass a budget to prevent the government default. the senate has until tuesday to pass it. it is 5:56. the investigation is complete into a north bay police officer and whether he was justified to pull his gun on a homeowner in his driveway. >> and a homicide suspect came to turn himself in to the jail but then he was told to get somewhere else. and now a correctional deputy is under investigation. i'm kiet do with the live story coming up. ,,,, i am totally blind.
5:57 am
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and i'm frank mallicoat good morning, everyone. it's thursday, october 29. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. time now is 6:00. claiming to know where the body of his ex-girlfriend was in san jose, when he went to turn himself in to authorities a deputy let him go. kiet do is outside the santa clara county jail where yet another investigation is under way. good morning, kiet. >> good morning. it's another black eye for the sheriff's office and this has been a tough year for them. hugo castro is now behind bars. he is being held without bail but getting him inside the jail was not easy. on monday, he came to the jail, talked to a civilian staffer, who then said, quote, he wanted to turn himself in. but that staffer did not find any warrants for castro on file. and so then he called a correctional deputy to the scene. at that time, castro slid a note back to the staffer saying he knew the location of a body but castro did not


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