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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  November 19, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix5 news. teams moved in. she liked bubble bath and booze, tonight a revealing portrait of a woman who blew herself up in paris as s.w.a.t. teams moved in. >> allen martin is in the newsroom right now. who was this woman? >> well, her brother says until a few weeks ago his older sister was really more interested in cigarettes, alcohol and boyfriends than religion, the qur'an and wearing a veil. photos in the daily mail reveal a selfie of a suicide bomber lounging in a bubble bath but reveal little about how 26-year- old salah abdeslam became radicalized in the past month, yet when police track heard and
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her cousin to an apartment she was wearing a suicide vest as police tried to talk to her. moments later she detonated the bomb strapped to her body. as for her cousin, abaaoud, police aren't sure if he was shot or if he blew himself up, but they are convinced he's dead. a fingerprint found in the aftermath of the explosions and shootings was a match for the isis recruiter and jihadist. french intelligence thought abaaoud was in syria and had no idea he was in france until a tip-off three days ago that he was back. translator: we received no information said the interior minister from any of the european countries that he must have traveled through. >> tonight there is still at least one terrorist on the run, salah abdeslam. a video message was posted warning the public he's dangerous and likely armed and
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in a statement released through his lawyer the father of the mastermind said tonight that he was relieved that his son was dead. in the newsroom allen martin, kpix5. isis is making new threat tonight. it released a video warning of new attacks on paris, the white house and italy. the vatican has increased security around the pope and the vatican. the fbi director tells cbs news terrorism task forces have been ordered to step up surveillance of potential suspects and the fbi is investigating dozens of people deemed high risk of carrying out a copycat terrorist attack in the united states, but he says the fbi is not aware of any credible threats. in washington today e house approved a bill to make it nearly impossible for any syrian or iraqi refugees to enter the u.s. it would require three high ranking u.s. officials to individually sign off on every applicant. homeland security said that's just the workable. the white house has already
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promised a veto if the bill makes it through the senate. oakland has the highest population of syrian refugees in the bay area according to state department data. at least 16 have settled there in the past two years and governor brown says he would welcome even more as long as the feds probably vet them. tonight he's calling on the white house to share more information about how they are screened and where they settled. we have breaking news tonight, a standoff at a motel 6 in east oakland on edes avenue. chrisen ayers tells us -- christin ayers tells us who police believe is inside one of the rooms there. >> reporter: police still have the entrance to this motel 6 blocked off, s.w.a.t. teams say they are searching for a man they believe has killed two people in two months. a smattering of pops as police launch tear gas, oakland and livermore police watch the roof of the motel 6 and closed in on a second floor room.
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they're looking for 18-year-old jason brown who they say is armed and dangerous. livermore police believe brown, an oakland resident and another man opened fire on two men at a car parked in a livermore cvs last month. one man was killed, the other hospitalized. brown is also wanted for a separate murder in fresno. tear gas was thick in the air just a short time ago. police have also gun so far tonight as to actually reach out to the suspect's mother we hear to have her try and negotiate with him to get him out. christin ayers, kpix5. also tonight the man nobody wants as a neighbor, a violent sex offender, man evicted. -- has been evicted. fraser smith moved into a motel in vallejo monday after concord and several other cities refused him. the mayor of vallejo said state contractors in charge of monitoring smith rented motel rooms under their own names for him. management had no idea smith was staying there.
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once they found out they kicked him out. jo to make our city saf lace to be." >> i have a sense that he will not be in the city of vallejo any longer. it was encouraging to find out that motel 6 is a partner with the city in doing what it can to make our city a safe and pleasant place to be. >> tonight the mayor says that he doesn't know where fraser smith is. tonight a state senator is fed up with fastrak saying the system is waking way too many mistakes. andria borba is at the bay bridge toll plaza with one woman's story that really says it all. >> reporter: well, the ordeal went on for over a year. at one point the dmv stepped in but only to put a lien on the far northern california woman's truck. ann flint has 55 tickets for not paying her toll on bay area bridges. there's just one little problem. >> this pickup has not been down in the bay area for 15 years of. >> reporter: mrs. flynn has
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been getting citation after citation without her wheels ever reaching the bay bridge toll plaza. tickets have been stacking up for 18 months. the bay area toll authority falls on his sword. >> we know there was a problem with this read. it was in acquisition it's and we have a way to block -- inaccurate and we have a way to block that read so it doesn't happen again and we're sorry about that. >> reporter: randy says of the 120 million cars across the san francisco bay this year there are mistakes. >> it just misread 1 -- one digit on her plate. >> reporter: it took her state senator to step in. >> this issue should have been resolved on the first call. it took hours and hours of mrs. flint's time on the phone. >> reporter: the bay area toll authority would like to put this episode in their rear view
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mirror. >> we are human and our customer service center is human and humans do make mistakes. >> reporter: fred gabe would like too see the bay area toll authority release all of the numbers of inning correct tickets they've issued over the past -- numbers of tickets they've issued over the past two years. have you noticed there are more people riding a new scooter that looks a bit like a skateboard? new york city just banned these devices saying they are dangerous, but as betty yu shows us here they're perfectly legal. >> i wish i could take this to the club. >> it's like floating. >> reporter: it's like floating, but it's are not. it's actually a self-balance -- it's not. it's actually a self-balancing scooter. you may have seen them in this viral dance video on youtube.
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>> it's functional. it's cool. >> it really is a new form of transportation. >> reporter: sidekick wheels makes a version that's popular with celebrities and star athletes like richard sherman. it looks easy enough. >> oh, my god. i have training wheels on. >> reporter: this sidekick goes up to eight miles an hour and you use your body weight to control how fast you want to go and where you want to go. there are two giant sensors under my feet. the technology got the state's attention. governor brown recently gave these scooters the green light signing legislation to allow all motorized scooters and chairs in bike lanes. what are your thoughts about potentially sharing the lane with people on scooters? >> i don't mind sharing the bike lane, but they have to
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phenomenon the rules, you know -- follow the rules, you know, and play nice. >> it's a weird thing to see because skateboard be has been illegal for so long and it's been my way of getting along for a long time. so it's kind of weird a new gadget gets any kind of preferential treatment into a lane in san francisco's traffic. >> sfpd is allowing them into lanes for now. >> we want to make sure the public is safe at all times. with these devices if we see an uptick of vehicle pedestrian fatalities or injuries, then we're going to have to adjust. >> reporter: in the meantime more scooters will be on the streets as they climb to the top of holiday wish lists. in san francisco betty you, kpix5. >> san francisco based square made its biggest sale ever today and it all started with a purchase by the ceo's mother. jack -- looked on. [ cheering and applause ]
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marsha dorsey used a smart watch app to take the mobile payment service public as her son jack looked on. shares of square opened at more than $2 above the $9 ipo price. the stock briefly approached $15 before settling just above 13 and that amounted to a nearly $300 million payday for ceo jack dorsey. on his 39th birthday, no less, dorsey who also runs twitter is now worth more than $1.5 billion. in just a few hours what's expected to be the hottest album in years is expected to be on sale. it's by adele, but tonight she's taking a stand. her new album can't be streamed. >> this is my spotify account. i pay about $10 a month for it. i was listening to hello on repeat since it's come out on
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spotify, but none of us with streaming accounts will be able to listen to any of her new songs because adele said no. adele is joining the ranks of artists like taylor swift ((nat: blk e... ((nat: ♪ hello now are you ♪ . >> adele had us at hello, but tonight she says good-bye to streaming music for now. >> there are no rules anymore. there's no one way to release an album. >> reporter: adele is joining the ranks of artists like taylor swift and beyonce. be prepared to pay for it on itunes or drive yourselfo target to get it. thanks cate. tonight an apple music execs in taking ownership of how their music is sold. digital sale bring in the money. digital streaming not so much. >> the artists as big as adele and beyonce, that move is smart
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because it drives people into the music stores buying albums. >> reporter: these superstar acts have one thing in common, leverage. >> they're trying to be creative to come up with more ways to make money from their music. >> reporter: bottom leinartists make very -- line artists make very little money from the streaming services and tomorrow it will be the brick and mortar stores celebrating her new album. target is already airing a commercial for it. so if you stream music and want her new album, be prepared to pay for it on itunes or drive yourself to target to get it. there is difference between streaming the service and doing a digital download. tonight an apple music executive is under fire. he was on cbs this morning and said this about women and online music.
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this from sady doyle who sa, >> so i always knew some women find it very difficult at times to find music. >> he's talking about me. >> and in helps make it easier, with play lists cure rated by real people. -- curated by real people. they're made by algorithms but with a human touch and it makes it a lot easier to find music. >> twitter erupted with posts like this that said jimmy is right. women have a hard time assuming all loud noises are music or even an invitation to brunch. tonight students from stanford are spending a fourth night outside sleeping at the administration building. sharon chin takes us to the protests over petroleum. th they won't ba >> reporter: tonight 100 students with fossil free stanford still camp outside the administration building with this demand.
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>> i think it was powerful. we stepped it out ahead of the crowd. i think we can do it again. >> reporter: protesters say 380 faculty support them and won't back down despite threats of arrest and academic discipline. >> if you were driving a car and taking a plane then how can you demand that stanford divest from fossil fuel. >> they've put half a billion dollars into a new energy facility, cut their carbon emissions to 60%, but to put their finances in line with that they need to divest. >> reporter: dozens of universities have divested button with stanford -- but none with stanford's prestige. >> we're not trying to economically bankrupt the fossil fuel industry. we are trying to socially and politically bankrupt the fossil fuel industry. >> reporter: an advisory panel
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is considering fossil fuel divestments, but these students want action now before the united nations negotiates climate change in paris in a week. students say they're looking forward to meeting with president hennessey face to face friday but are still trying to iron out the time and place. in palo alto a children chin, cbs5. >> late tonight the university spokesperson told sharon for his part no meeting has been confirmed with the students. the fda approved the first of its kind gmo fish fit for human consumption. the eggs will be hatched in canada and then sent to panama to be farmed and the fillets sold here in the u.s. >> in this case it's taking the genetic material from eel to
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supposedly make it grow faster. >> some people are concerned the fda does not have to state whether the fish has been genetically altered. a new clue tonight in the search for the suspected cell phone thief who snapped this selfie, the victim, an el cerrito high school student found the photo on her cloud storage account. tonight the suspect has been identified as 18-year-old tauja dahl. car burglaries are way up. crooks are breaking in without breaking any windows. tonight julie watts reveals the way bad guys are hacking into your key fob to open your car door. >> reporter: look closely at this surveillance video. the mystery device in this man's hands lets him and his
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friends effortlessly break into these cars. no open windows, no signs of forced entry, though she says there's no question someone broke into her car. >> i was perplexed. >> reporter: she's not alone. others in her neighborhood are reporting similar break-ins on the next-door blog and from belong beach to chicago car owners across the country are -- long beach to chicago car owners across the country are reporting break-ins. this farm bureau agent believes crooks are manipulating the key fob signal. he says no one has been able to replicate what they're doing. >> carmakers can't really do anything to stop it since we don't know how it works. >> exactly. >> reporter: though surveillance video is catching crooks again and again, this one in sausalito and in concord photos of two different break- ins show what appears to be the
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same thing. >> some kind of device is being used to either jam, replay or amplify the signal. >> the guys companies hired to hack their systems and solve mysteries just like this. they say there are multiple ways your key to be can be hacked. they believe crews may be using a device to amplify your key to be signal, so they can access the signal from a key to be inside your home. >> those are radiofrequency pulses of. >> reporter: or crooks may use a jamming device which prevents your key to be from working at all. >> it would be effective for preventing someone from locking their car. >> reporter: yet another option is a combination of one of those jamming devices and one of these, a code grabber that can clone your key fobs from a short distance.
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ther and leave crooks may be hiding nearby jamming your signal forcing you to click again and again until they record enough codes to get in. if you have to click more than once, it could mean you're being hacked. mary thinks crooks amplified her signal, so she keeps her key to be in the freezer or special pouch, both are supposed to block the signal. mean while she's hoping carmakers come up quickly with a fix. >> i really don't want this to happen to other people. >> mary lives here in san francisco. we contacted several carmakers about this. none would comment other than to say they take suter very seriously. a water main break created a gushing urban river today, water pouring over san francisco's corona heights neighborhood. the department of public work says nearby tree roots may have broken the 4-inch residential water main. one home had some water damage. season. the last time that
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d tomorrow sierra-at-tahoe will open early for the winter season. last time that happened? 11 years ago. if you bought a ski pass last year and couldn't use it because of lack of snow, sierra and tahoe will honor those passes and unfinished lift particulars through december 20th. >> ken is doing the happy dance. good news, weather headlines tonight. it will soon be 20 degrees colder. let me take you to a beautiful sun set, what a gorgeous sky earlier today from our mount vaca cam. after the day santa rosa hit 76 degrees and may be warmer tomorrow. santa rosa 43 tonight, oakland 50, san jose 47 degrees. tomorrow evening the lights of
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the embarcardero center will be on live during our 6:00 newscast. you going to come down for the carnival, it will be a beautiful evening, clear skies, 62 degrees, the big game 118th time the two teams have played, 60s. it has been warm, sunny and dry. we'll continue to for three more days. this pattern holds because this ridge will hold in place just off to our west. this go will be gone after next week. so we're sunny, warm through the weekend, highs in the 70s away from the water. tuesday, cold front comes in, just a few scattered showers, but behind that front it will be downright cold with afternoon highs in the low 50s for some of you and overnight lows which may be in the mid- to upper 20s by the end of next week. mainly clear and cool tonight, sunny, mild through the weekend, much colder weather next week. not cold tomorrow, 70s.
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san jose 71 and sunshine, pleasanton, antioch low 70s, 67 in san francisco and winds are warm tomorrow. look at next week, low to mid- 50s. >> yikes. >> very chilly next week. good stuff. >> you guys going to keep doing your happy dance over here? >> well, the warriors against its biggest foe from southern california, the dogs have to do something about this. >> and l.a. clippers chris paul blitzkrieg, about impossible to overcome. ,,
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pg&e is committed to clean energy and part of that commitment is our partnership with habitat for humanity. our mission is to build homes, community and hope. our homeowners are low-income families, so the ability for them to have lower energy cost is wonderful. we have been able to provide about 600 families with solar on their homes. that's over nine and a half million dollars of investment by pg&e, and that allows us to provide clean energy for everyone here. it's been a great partnership.
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who need health insurance get it. because it's more than just health care. it's life care. hunger. we're teaming up with whole foods market. this year - juliet kpix5 is kicking off our food for bay area families drive to fight hunger. >> this year juliette goodrich says your help is needed more than ever. >> reporter: one in five people visit the alameda county community food bank.
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they serve 116,000 people per month. 2/3 of them are seniors and children. so your help can go a long way this season. >> you can donate at whole foods or at and we'll be right back with sports. ,,,,,,,,
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the bank of the west sports report is next on kpix5. not much has been made of the association's best start to the season, record is 15, warriors trying to zero in on it, could break it next tuesday if, a big, they could keep winning. speaking of winners, the l.a. clippers on the run and a hot start. chris paul got his first seven shots. clippers built a 23 point lead with steph curry watching in foul trouble. warriors needed some luck at times like this, harrison barnes. come on, ken, look at that, crazy. by the 4th quarter the doves released the hounds. klay thompson for the lead! 113-112. clips up two with two minutes to go. steph curry show. he had five three-pointers. that was one of them. he scored 40, 13 in the final
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quarter and on the inbound the oak okie -- the okie somebody doke, warriors -- okie doke, warriors take it. donaldson belted 41 home runs, 123 runs batted in, a big part of the blue jaynes run to the alcs for the first time -- blue jays run to the alcs for the first time since 1993. meantime nationally slugger, josh donaldson, mvp in the hands of the washington nationals. 34 saves for the roady,
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overtime and the millennialman delivered and they -- the milkman delivered and they are 4-0 on the six-game road trip. we'll be back. >> wow. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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our next newscast is tomorr morning at 4-30. the late show with stephen
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colbert is up next. >> we'll see you tomorrow morning for our next newscast 4:30 bright and early. >> have a good night! ( band playing intro music ) ( cheers and applause ) >> welcome to the "late show"! ♪ (cheers and applause) yeah! (cheers and applause) (audience chanting stephen) (cheers and applause)


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