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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  December 10, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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building is safe and secure before we, you know, go too far down the road. >> reporter: now, there are several muslim-related offices and a school nearby which were apparently not targeted in this incident. but security around those facilities has been tightened up ever since the san bernardino shooting. now, muslim groups throughout the bay area report higher number of hate incidents targeting them in recent days. in fact, that is happening throughout the country and california right now as the rhetoric has been heating up lately after the san bernardino shootings. we'll have more on this tonight at 6:00. live in santa clara, len ramirez, kpix 5. a nearly identical letter cleared out capitol hill headquarters in washington this afternoon. the initial field test on a powder came back negative for any dangerous substances. but the letter is being sent to the fbi for further testing. let's get you to our other top story another round of storms moving through the bay
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area right now. hi-def doppler lighting up with green and yellow most of the bay area seeing scattered showers. some parts getting hit with heavy downpours just in the last hour. we have team coverage for you. brian hackney tracking the storm in the weather center. devin fehely is checking out high surf in pacifica. but we start with kpix 5's jackie ward in mill valley and she has been in our mobile weather. jackie. >> reporter: veronica, today was one of those days you just had to go with the flow. one minute people were using their umbrellas, the next they had their sunglasses out in mill valley and earlier, a line of showers did rip through about 3:30 this afternoon. and the people in this area only want more. slick roads, miles of traffic and poor visibility not exactly how commuters want to start their day. this tree fell on a parked car in guerneville as the storm first blew through. the mess closed highway 116 for two hours.
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fast forward a few hours later nothing but clear blue skies. some people in san rafael slept right through the storm. >> i woke up and then i saw rain, puddles everywhere, water everywhere. >> reporter: while others were part of the slow commute. >> it was very wet this morning a lot of traffic coming to work down here this morning in san rafael a lot of rain last night and waking me up about 5 a.m. >> reporter: and every dog owner can sympathize with this guy. >> it was pretty heavy. she wasn't a fan of it when she woke me up to go out. so we made it work. she will grow to like it, i'm sure. >> reporter: but among all the people we spoke to about the rain, not one person complained. >> we need it. more rain the better. >> we need it so let it come. bring it on. let's go. >> reporter: all day long, people were asking us in the mobile weather, where's the rain? well, we are hoping to find some by the time 6:00 rolls around. we'll jump back on northbound 101 to give you the latest updates on all the driving
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conditions. >> thank you, jackie ward in mill valley. we appreciate it, thank you. the wet windy conditions made for a slow ride on bay area bridges early this morning. check out the backup at the bay bridge toll plaza. meteorologist brian hackney tracking a chance of more rain and possibly some thunderstorms tonight. brian. >> boy, they have shocking weather up in the north coast where they have had thunderstorms all day today. and in terms of of where is the rain, much of it is now moving into the south bay. and there's more for us bay wide as the evening hours wear on. you can see that there's some very strong cells around 280 into sunnyvale and cupertino. part of a long line of showers that extends all the way up from dublin, livermore and through antioch and brentwood and there's more on the way tonight. in fact, all the way through tomorrow evening. look how much they got up in sonoma county. venado almost 3." mill valley 1." dublin a third inch. by the time it got to san jose .04." those numbers can change if you are under the downpour. showers and thundershowers tonight. it will be wet again tomorrow for the morning commute
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probably not as wet as today. then high surf and how! we'll cover that in detail. the high surf warnings, it's going to be dangerous at the beach and more rain on the way. the forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you, brian. the great highway is back open. it was closed this morning due to the flooding from high tides. the gates were closed from lincoln to sloat boulevard. a high surf warning just went into effect, something brian was just speaking about. kpix 5's devin fehely live in pacifica. it's not the best time to be near the shore. >> reporter: yeah. the storms in pacifica really come in waves, pardon the pun. the wind-whipped up the waves this morning prompting city officials to shut down the pier in pacifica for several hours largely as a precaution because it really can only take one rogue wave to do serious damage or injure someone. a lot of people still came out to see the crashing waves firsthand. many of them had stories of near misses with mother nature.
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>> we are standing with our back to the ocean right here. as my husband took a picture, i got soaked by a big wave and he was dry. >> this is the pacific ocean. it's the biggest ocean in the world. >> and you don't fool with mother nature. >> reporter: now, city officials say that this is a glimpse of what could come later this winter. they already have a flood plan in place. they are urging residents who live in flood-prone areas to develop their own emergency plans hoping that being prepared will help them with the el nino that's supposed to come late they are winter. in pacifica, devin fehely, kpix 5. well, if you are heading to the tahoe area, pack the chains. they are now required along interstate 80 tonight. also highway 89 and 50. you can see why. caltrans camera showing the snow already sticking to it the
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interstate near truckee. reporter kelly ryan about 30 miles west of there at the gap. >> reporter: we have had snow and ice this afternoon and again this storm didn't come in this morning. there were blue skies but this afternoon that storm rolled in. drivers heading up to the sierra earlier today saw a bit of blue sky but it wasn't too long before conditions got worse. the leaves from sacramento headed up for a family first just as snow started. >> we have seen snow but not snow come down like this before. >> beautiful. that's why i want to take my kids up here. >> reporter: the national weather service expects two to three feet of snow on the highest peaks from this storm expecting to be the biggest storm in two years. plows began working early in anticipation of the predicted totals. driving from montana brian klay heard about the storm from his brother in donner. >> he said it's not two feet that's supposed to be dropped
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tonight. >> reporter: a good amount of snow for skiers but an afternoon and evening of treacherous driving conditions with reduced visibility. >> it's fun. we are not going any further. but we don't want to get stuck down there. >> that's what you need to prepare for. now, what they were prepared for up in tahoe, if you saw kelly's reporters as she was introducing that story, a flash, that was lightning. so for their safety, they needed to get into the van and get the mast down because that of course becomes a lightning rod as brian would explain to us in a little bit in weather. we it thank her for that. police arrested a teenager for a violent home invasion robbery in orinda. a nanny was attacked on tuesday. kpix 5's da lin on the special cameras that led to the quick arrest. da. >> reporter: yeah, veronica. orinda police have one teenager, they are still looking for an accomplice and they credit a camera for helping them to identify that suspect's car.
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the camera captured this image of the suspects' white lexus. that camera at the intersection behind this suv here. but the camera is very different from the traditional camera. this one is mounted low with the intention of capturing license plates. >> now that there's an arrest i feel safer. >> reporter: but these homeowners say their nanny and 5-year-old daughter are still traumatized. >> my younger daughter who witnessed the event seems to be doing okay. she gets upset and she shuts down when we even talk about it. >> reporter: last night, police arrested the home invasion robbery suspect in west oakland after a car chase and crash. police arrested armani miller just 18 years old. >> i cannot believe that, um, he really has got guts and bold to do something like that at such a young age. >> reporter: a neighbor told orinda police about a suspicious lexus park in the area right before the robbery.
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back in july, orinda police mounted a dozen of these cameras at busy intersections. this one happens to be a few blocks away from the victim's house. sure enough, the camera captured the suspects' car an led them to oakland. >> the lens is designed to really capture the reflection of a license plate. so, um, this is a critical tool in this specific case. >> reporter: the robbery happened on tuesday afternoon. police say miller kicked down the front door and pointed a gun at the nanny's face. they say he grabbed the nanny and a 5-year-old and went from room to room looking for cash. during the robbery, the suspect even pistol-whipped the nanny causing the back of her head to bleed. >> because she was gesturing to my daughter and speaking to my daughter in cantonese telling her to flee from the house. >> reporter: the suspects stole their suv and two ipads and cash. the nanny is doing okay. she is taking some time off to be with her family.
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as for the second suspect, orinda police still have not released any information about that getaway driver. live in orinda, da lin, kpix 5. new at 5:00 a runaway train investigation how a train full of passengers left a station without a driver. >> and what dive teams were searching for in this lake that could hold clues into the san bernardino massacre. ,,,,,,,,
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the lake is just about three miles from the mass shooting wher fbi divers searched a lake in san bernardino, just about three miles from the mass shooting where 14 people were killed and 22 others were wounded on december 2. agents wouldn't comment on what they were looking for that lake. but sources close to the investigation say a computer hard drive is missing from the home of the suspects in the terrorist attacks. authorities trying to find out whether the san bernardino shooting suspects had some help
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carrying out their act of terror. the fbi is questioning farook's friend. they say 24-year-old enrique marquez bought the assault rifles used in the killings. a person met him online. she said he wanted to be in the military and can't believe he would do this. >> he was really outgoing never violent or anything. he is really funny. at first he can be really shy and more standoffish. >> the justice department is looking to charge marquez with providing material support for terrorism. in the meantime the first of the victims was laid to rest today. family and friends of yvette velasco gathered for her funeral. the 27-year-old was a county environmental health specialist. she was attending the holiday office party when her colleague farook and his wife tashfeen malik opened fire. for the first time several schools on the peninsula are more prepared for an earthquake, flood or lockdown. 115 emergency kits were delivered to 4 mountain view schools today including food,
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water, gloves, and the bucket they come in turns into a portable toilet. the mountain view public safety foundation partnered with pg&e to make it all happen. still ahead, a bay area levee is breached! coming up, why it was all done on purpose. >> and a train full of passengers traveled through several stops without a driver. who investigators are blaming. ,,
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a commuter train blowing thh well, it sounds like something from a hollywood movie. a commuter train blowing through stations in the boston suburb with no driver at the controls. the transportation authority says the operator got off at a stop to make a repair and somehow got hit by the train as it rolled away. it was a terrifying ride for the 50 people on board, even when the train eventually stopped. >> we knock on the door of the -- the, uhm, driver and nobody was there. >> what did you see inside? >> nothing. it was all dark. everything was quiet. everything -- it was just us. we had no idea what was going on. >> the train was stopped remotely by the control center. the governor says he is told a safety device in the train's can may have been tampered with by someone who knew what he was doing. no passengers were hurt and the
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injuries to the operator who was hit are minor. another major airline is saying no to hover boards. delta announced today it will ban the self-balancing scooters from flights citing risks associated with the lithium batteries, known to catch fire. the policy goes into effect tomorrow. hawaiian airlines and jetblue also do not allow hover boards on their planes. other bay area headlines. a struggle over a policeman's gun ends in an arrest. three men were spotted smoking marijuana at a gas station. one ran as the officer approached and when he was caught there was a struggled off the weapon. he dropped a 9-millimeter gun. he is facing charges including assault on a police officer. a 17-year-old is arrested
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in connection with a body found in the regional shoreline park. he was spotted yesterday driving the car of the dead man. no word yet on a motive for the shooting. in san francisco, a dramatic rescue as fire swept through a mission district building overnight. flames started in the palace steakhouse and spread to the upper floors. two people had to be plucked off a deck by a ladder truck. crews had it out in about an hour. the grand princess cruise ship is back in the port of san francisco. its recent voyage to the hawaiian islands was cut short by engine problems. some of the stops were dropped, some passengers left the ship mid-crews. refunds are being offered to those passengers. chopper 5 was overhead as a backhoe broke through a bay area levee. on purpose. it was the culmination of years of work to preserve some peninsula wetlands. kpix 5's don ford says it's a victory over development. >> reporter: it took only moments to rip open the final levee and let the high tide bay
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waters come crashing in. flooding bair island and starting the slow process of restoring the land back to being tidal marsh. it's been a long process. >> a lot of people came back that worked on this since the 1970s. >> reporter: 1970s since -- >> it has. >> reporter: friends of redwood creek audubon society and ducks unlimited are some of the folks who made this happen. >> pretty soon within a couple of weeks this whole area will be opened up to the public. >> reporter: the real winner is wildlife below and above the water. like famously endangered saltmarsh harvest mouse and the california ridgeway's rail who now have more space to live but it's not just about a couple of endangered species. crabs, fish and special plants all help to keep our environment healthy. >> it's about 3,000 acres. it's the largest undeveloped island in south san francisco bay. >> reporter: just south of the san carlos airport and clearly visibility from u.s. 101, several miles of trails and
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observation platforms are ready. the teams say with the upcoming tides it will only take about a week to fill the whole area. in redwood city, don ford, kpix 5. all right. well, earlier we saw that lightning strike up in tahoe. we might get some of that here? >> we could get some lightning tonight. this low is going to sink south. more rain is going to last into tomorrow. so a little bit of a wet regime we're entering. >> good. >> about time. >> yeah. >> as we have showers and thundershowers especially focused in the south bay at this hour but everybody is going to get hit from one time or another tonight through tomorrow morning and, in fact, just in time for the morning commute tomorrow, we have another wave of showers coming in. look at that up off mendocino. you can see that we have these thunderstorms that are up here. low pressure up here so no surprise that these are close to the center of the -- more unstable up there. by the time it gets down into the bay area it translates to heavy downpours which is what we have right now all the way
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from right around cupertino, getting into downtown san jose. up through milpitas, and it's going to continue to be rainy overnight tonight in on-again, off-again fashion. the numbers this afternoon, they were from 2 to 9-degrees cooler than yesterday. as we look over downtown san jose right now, that rain is moving in with temperatures in the mid-50s. there's that low pressure bigelow abeam the pacific northwest. the low pressure remaining offshore so kind of like a garden sprinkler it just throws out these arms of moisture and that's what's happening with this. you get band after band after band of showers coming through. that will be the case through tomorrow afternoon. more showers tonight with lightning. so make a thunder bumper or two. here's the way futurecast is painting it. we begin with more of the instability up north. look at this just wave after wave of rain. we have frozen this during the morning commute tomorrow at 6 a.m. so you can see that the showers are not as intense but the roads could be wet tomorrow morning and then as the day goes on slowly we goin dry it
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out so that by 7:00 tomorrow night, we are back to partly to mostly cloudy skies around the bay area. saturday is mostly dry. the next chance of rain after we get through this band of moisture is going to be coming in on sunday. high surf warning. it is really going to be a problem late tonight and tomorrow morning all coastal locations very rough is your. so many of the breakers will approach 30 feet swells at 21 feet. rip currents a hazard so dangerous conditions at the beach and because we have king tides tomorrow 6.5 feet at high tide we have coastal flood advisories so at the mill valley car pack urged 101 will flood, low-lying area by sausalito will flood and winter storm warnings are posted at the same time in the mountains where they have heavy snow
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expected. storm totals will be from 8 to 16" inn and about 2 feet at pass level. so carry chains. travel delays are likely in that direction. showers, possible thundershowers tonight. off-and-on rain through friday evening. a short dry break on saturday. and then more rain not dissimilar to what we got today. that will be coming in on sunday. high temperatures tomorrow will be in the mid-50s with variable clouds and scattered showers. some could come down pretty good. chance of thundershowers tonight. look at saturday. we have partly cloudy skies. we dry it out a little bit and on sunday we get wet again. showers linger into monday. tuesday, wednesday, thursday drying out. >> we got almost 3" of rain in sonoma. >> fill up the lakes. >> yeah. >> thank you, brian. a bay area sports legend undergoes a major operation. how nfl great john madden is doing following heart surgery. ,,,,,,
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♪ great change comes from doing the right thing. like the radical idea that health isn't an industry.
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it's a cause. so we do things differently. we combine care and coverage. and believe prevention is the most powerful of cures. so forgive us for not going with the flow. we just think the flow should go with us. which makes us rebels with one cause. your health. after undergoing open- heart surgery in san francisco. former raiders coach and
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nfl legend john madden is recovering at home tonight after undergoing open-heart surgery in san francisco. the nfl says that the hall of famer was released from the hospital yesterday and is expected to make a full recovery. madden led the raiders to a super bowl victory in 1977. he is now 79 years old. cochairs the safety advisory panel of the nfl and does sports commentary on kcbs. yahoo's ceo marissa meyer has two new additions to her family. identical twin girls. no word on the twins' names just yet but she tweeted that she, her husband and the twins are doing great. she already has a 3-year-old son. her personal announcement comes after some major business news. yahoo will spin off its internet operations to a separate company in 2016 or 2017. in tonight's jobs report, jill schlesinger looks at the demand for market research analysts. reporter: while you're concerned with checking people off your holiday shopping list, retailers are paying careful
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attention to your buying habits. an entire industry has popped up around collecting and analyzing consumer data. market research analysts are in demand. job openings in the field are expected to grow 32% over the next several years. research analysts are employed across a number of industries, retailers, manufacturers, even universities and the government, all wanting to know what makes consumers tick. companies increasingly rely on data to better target their marketing strategies and analysts help gather this information, study it to pinpoint trends and ultimately help sharpen a sales pitch. the data is also used to improve products and services. market research analysts in the bay area earn nearly $88,000 a year. you'll need a college degree to land one of these positions, but you don't necessarily need to have studied marketing in school. many analysts have a background in math or statistics, social sciences or communications. after all, gathering data is clearly a science but
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determining what the data means can often be an art. i'm jill schlesinger for kpix 5. ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,
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thanks for watching us at 5:00. the "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is next. captions by: caption colorado >> p mp takes a solid as we find out how americans feel about his muslim ban. also tonight, a san bernardino victim is laid to rest. we'll look at how a pakistani terrorist got through u.s. vetting. sergeant bergdahl talks for the first time about going awol. >> 20 minutes out, i'm going, "good grief, i'm in over my head." >> pelley: and the "star wars" director has a score to settle with the composer. >> we may need to he ba- da-da-- repeat those bars. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley, reporting tonight from washington. >> pelley: donald trump is back on top in the race for the republican presidential nomination.


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