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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  December 16, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PST

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a child abuse investigations un good morning. it's wednesday, december 16. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it is nearly 6:00. a child abuse investigation is under way at three northern california locations after two children were found dead in a storage unit. kpix 5's kiet do is live in salinas with more. >> reporter: the team from salinas police department has spent the past couple of days on this case helping out with authorities from northern california. looks like they are wrapping up. as far as that apartment union goes it has been boarded up and doesn't, like, anybody will be in there anytime soon. the two people in the case are hunts hunt and gonzalo curiel. they moved out of this salinas apartment last week. tami joy huntsman and gonzalo curiel are arrested after a child abuse tip led authorities to quincy in plumas county. once in quincy, investigators found a nine years girl in bad shape. she was locked in this suv.
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she weighed only 40-pound and had broken bones. they discovered three hours away at a storage unit in redding two dead children, a 3 and 5-year-old. on a go fund may page family members identified them as delay to yeah and shaun. their mother was killed in a car wreck two years ago and the kids were in the custody of tami joy huntsman who lived at the apartment in salinas and had 12-year-old twins of her own. >> the children were so young. >> they had their whole lives ahead of them. >> we are trying to help them out. this is a serious case so we are investigating as thoroughly as possible. >> reporter: salinas police say there were two anonymous calls about possible child abuse in the past six months at the address in salinas. four complaints were made to social services. now, the two people have been arrested and charged with torture, mayhem and child abuse. bail for each of them set at $1
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million. live in salinas, kiet do, kpix 5. the republican presidential candidates locking horns in las vegas in their last debate until the new year last night. much of the forum focused on concerns about national security . front-runner donald trump was criticized. here's don champion. >> i'm committed to the republican party. i feel honored to the the front- runner. >> reporter: while donald trump shut the door on a third party run during the fifth gop debate, he also took some hits going blow for blow with jeb bush. >> he is a chaos candidate. and he would be a chaos president. >> jeb doesn't really believe i'm unhinged. he said that very simply because he has failed in his campaign. it's been a totaling disaster. nobody cares. >> reporter: analysts say bush had his strongest debate performance yet coming in second to trump as the most talked about candidate of the night on twitter.
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>> looking at the spikes of conversation around jeb bush it was when he would engage with donald trump. when bush was addressing an issue on his own, very little movement on twitter. >> someone trump didn't duke it out with, ted cruz.instead, cruz sparred with marco rubio over immigration. >> ted cruz supported a 500% increase in the number of h1b visas the guest workers allowed in this country. >> it is not accurate that i supported legalization. indeed, i led the fight against his legalization and amnesty bill. with less than seven weeks until the iowa caucuses, the field of republican candidates is far from being whittled down. don champion, cbs news. on facebook trump was the most talked about candidate all over with cruz second, bush and rubio distant third. let's check in with gianna for a look at our morning commute and that traffic alert still continuing. >> that's right. it's in albany this morning. and chp didn't make that 6:00
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deadline they were hoping for. eastbound 80 to 580 connector shut down. a lot of activity for this big rig and box truck accident. the big rig was carrying concrete and cinderblocks and it's all over the road. caltrans has been clearing the scene. we have sweepers there, as well. tow crews trying to get that big rig out of lanes. so no word yet as to when they will re-open. we have chopper 5 headed out to the soon and we'll have an aerial view in a few minutes. in the meantime if you need access to the richmond/san rafael, use central as an alternate. east 80 itself starting to see a bit of a backup through there but nothing major. westbound for the morning commute is where you will see delays as you work your way towards the bay bridge this morning. and the altamont pass starting to get bogged down. 25 minutes now from the altamont pass to 680. here's roberta. >> there's a chill in the air. good morning. grab your jacket out the door. here's the scene looking towards the bay bridge as we reveal the temperatures being
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experienced in and around our microclimates. it's now 31 degrees. below freezing in santa rosa. when you couple it up with a breeze, you end up getting a wind chill that makes it feel like it's in the mid 21st century. it's 35 in livermore and concord. it's 45 in san francisco. calmer wind in santa rosa, novato and san rafael. not as windy as yesterday. that's good news because it felt wild during the day with our temperatures into the 50s. same again today. 50s at the beaches. 50s around the peninsula. 55 degrees in morgan hill. good morning to you in clayton with the temperature near 53 degrees. also 53 degrees towards hercules and in pinole. temperatures in the north bay 56 degrees in novato. winds will be out of the south and then rotate to the northeast. 5 to 15 miles per hour. and in the far reaching places of the north bay, into the mid- to high 50s with partly cloudy skies. frank we're tracking rain next time arnold we'll tell you when
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we can all expect it. >> okay, roberta. thank you. >> eight people recovering from minor injuries after a passenger plane skidded off the runway. a southwest airlines flight arrived from houston yesterday when the boeing 737 went into a ditch. 133 passengers, five crew, all on board. investigators are looking into what may have caused that accident. today san francisco's police union will address a controversial deadly shooting in the bayview. this comes after the police chief set a new policy for what officers should do after they point a gun at a person. the change was announced in an unpublicized bulletin last friday in response to the shooting that killed mario woods. now anytime an on-duty officer points a gun at someone, that officer must report the incident to a supervisor as a use of force incident. officers previously did not have to do so. many questions still surround the death of a man shot by police in gilroy. police were called to an apartment complex on filbro drive around 7:00 monday night.
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neighbors say a man was beating up his pregnant girlfriend. according to investigators, as an officer approached the suspect, there was a confrontation. and the officer opened fire. >> from the time that he initially arrived at scene until shots fired were announced, 90 seconds had elapsed. >> detectives say the officer thought the man had a weapon and now they are not so sure. they are going to look at images taken from the officer's body camera. the dead man is 19-year-old hector alvarez. the girlfriend says alvarez had his hands up and was complying with orders when he was shot. so far gilroy police are not confirming or denying that. police are trying to track down a man who headbutted a woman in san francisco knocking her unconscious. investigators say it happened just after 6:00 on monday night as the victim was walking her dog near davisadero and geary. the woman fell hit her head on the sidewalk. she is expected to recover. the attacker was last seen going northbound on divisadero. also in san francisco, police are trying to find a suspect in a deadly beating.
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stewart jackson a 74-year-old sketch artist was attacked december 5 near van ness and market streets. according to his brother, jackson was walking to a street fair when someone hit him in the head and crushed his skull. jackson died this past weekend at a local hospital. investigators say this was a random unprovoked attack. time is 6:08. negotiators in congress reached agreement last night on a budget bill likely to be enacted today. several amendments attached to the bill follow a hands off approach to state marijuana policies. one allows doctors at va hospitals to make referrals for medical marijuana if it's already legal statewide. another provides legal protection for banks that work with businesses involved in marijuana programs. "covered california" has extended it deadline until 8 p.m. tomorrow for people to enroll for health insurance. the deadline is for coverage that would start on new year's day. open enrollment is available through january 31st for coverage that would begin in february or march. it can be done online or in
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person at the enrollment location. time now is 6:08. scientists in san francisco issue a dire warning about the health of the arctic and it's not just bad news for polar bears. >> and if you shopped a certain safeway store around the bay area within the past few months, check your bank statements. we'll tell you why next. >> good morning from the kpix 5 weather center. we are tracking a series of storms. i'll tell you when to expect the raindrops. >> and we have a bird's-eye view from chopper 5 of the scene of a traffic alert making it difficult for folks to head to the richmond/san rafael bridge. i'll explain coming right up. ,, announcer: sunday's your last chance to save big during sleep train's triple choice sale. for a limited time, you can choose up to 48 months interest-free financing on a huge selection of tempur-pedic models, or choose to save $300
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good morning. it's wednesday, december 167. time check 6:12 on wednesday, december 16. clear skies, 45 degrees over the bay bridge. 240,000 vehicles cross that bridge daily. gianna franco with your traffic coming up.
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we have traffic and weather together in four minutes. a new drought report card seeing shortcomings in california's evident to cut back on water use. the national resources defense council says we get a b for urban water conservation and efficiency. ds for agriculture conservation and stormwater reuse. a b minus for water recycling. and failure on the evident to restore san francisco bay and the delta. a new report warns of increasingly dire consequences of climate change at the top of the world. the american geophysical union says warming is happening more than twice as fast in the arctic than anywhere else. the team of 70 scientists from ten countries says the arctic ice itself is now endangered displacing wildlife and potentially leading to drastic rise in the sea level. this confirms a trend tore a thinner more vulnerable arctic sea ice cover. >> in the pacific arctic vast walrus herds are hauling out on
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land rather than sea ice. >> in greenland the ice sheet continues to lose mass. the team says it's entirely possible that our children could see a day when there is no arctic ice at all during the summer. new this morning, safeway is investigating whether thieves skimmed credit card concern analysis at stores including some in the bay area. kpix 5's anne makovec is in castro valley where some of the data breaches may have happened. anne. >> reporter: yes. so if you shopped at a safeway here in castro valley or at stores in menlo park, check your bank statements. the safeway is apparently looking into this according to a security report published online and then picked up by the tech news website gizmodo. a safeway spokesman confirming to that site it is investigating debit card skimming attacks at stores in california and colorado. it looks like they targeted specific checkout lanes
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installing a reader to copy a card's information then draining the owner as bank k the thefts began in early september and have been going on since. we have contact to safeway by email and phone and also law enforcement agencies here in law enforcement coined and in san mateo county -- alameda county and in san mateo county trying to get confirmation but we have not heard back. anne makovec, kpix 5. facebook changing its real name policy testing new tools including a new reporting process that requires users to explain why they are not reporting their real names on their facebook accounts. the policy change comes amid cruz from transgender, native americans and other people -- amid criticism from transgender, native americans and others who don't use their real names on their facebook accounts. warriors are used to seeing draymond making assists on the court but this time he assisted in the community. >> sweatshirt. >> okay. >> the star player played santa yesterday hitting the aisles of
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a target store in emeryville and joining him were homeless youth living at oakland's covenant house. dre month told the group he knots what they are going through. >> i wasn't always in this position where i am now and i remember those hard times. >> this made a history in my life. it's going to be a merry christmas. >> green partnered with clorox to pay for it. it turns out that monmouth university is known for more than just its highly respected political polls. the bench players on the school's basketball team entertained fans during the game with zany celebrations. one of the moves is called, the sistine chapel. that's called adam and eve. it's located in new jersey. the team is good on the court, too. they crushed georgetown yesterday. the record is now 8-3. that's called the runway. espn has been having a ball with these guys. >> my favorite is the sistine chapel. that's awesome. >> very good.
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>> thank you. >> they don't play a lot of hoop. those are the bench guys but they are getting all the pub. not so fun on the roads. >> no, not at all. in fact, this traffic alert has been going on since 4 a.m. so we are upwards of two hours now on the closure. we are talking about a trouble spot in albany, so completely shut down. look at this live picture from chopper 5. caltrans busy out there trying to get this out of the road. what happened was a big rig and box truck crashed. that big rig was carrying debris and sinned blocks. it was scattered all over the connector road there and some vehicles also hit it so that kind of dragged it even further. it's causing a backup now as you work your way through there. eastbound 80 we are seeing some delays westbound of course as that morning drive heats up but right now what is shut down is east 80 connector to westbound 580 so trying to get to the richmond/san rafael bridge is going to be difficult commuting out of the east bay this morning. use central as an alternate. that will be your best bet in the meantime.
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and again we'll let you know when all those lanes open up. westbound 80 though at highway 4, we have reports of an accident blocking the left lane. that's causing delays as well as you work your way through there. once you get past that you hit the bay bridge and that's backed up into the maze. 27 minutes now carquinez bridge to the maze for the eastshore freeway commute. a little slow across the span if you head over into san francisco. and it's busy near the altamont pass. we have an accident reported near grant line. but let's check the forecast. here's roberta. good morning, everybody. two miles northwest of san jose, is mineta international airport. and even though san jose is the largest city here in the bay area, it is the smallest airport and so far, it is on time. we have no reports of any local airport delays. currently in san jose it's 37 degrees. it's cold everywhere this morning. san francisco at 45 one of the warmest locations. oakland at 40. when you couple in even the slightest of breezes, you got a wind chill working east- southeast wind currently in fremont at 5. air temperature at 36.
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it feels like it's in the 20s. the winds won't be as gusty today as it was yesterday when it felt downright raw at times. northeast winds 5 to 15 miles per hour. partly cloudy skies and we have big-time changes in our forecast beginning with today. see these clouds? they are all associated with an area of low pressure well upstream still but these are like the renegade clouds moving into our area as the day progresses. that's your futurecast. you can see the increasing cloud cover. this is tomorrow about this time. a little bit of light precipitation off the north bay coast. otherwise, just slight chances of rain during the day on thursday. then this right here, it's a bona fide cold front. it will begin to move into the far reaches of the north bay during the morning hours. looks like it wants to slice across the central bay towards the tail end of the evening commute it will be a rainout friday night overnight through your saturday. 50s today around the central bay. 54 redding. increasing clouds in monterey. 28 degrees in the greater lake tahoe area. we have snow for the weekend. dry skies until then.
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there is your sunrise and sunset. today wherever you are, into the 50s. we do have rain friday night through saturday. about 2 inches of rain expected. another storm system on sunday through your tuesday. frank and michelle? >> all right, roberta, thank you. it is 6:20 right now. steve kerr has been sidelined with health issues this season but some encouraging signs are pointing to a possible return to the bench. ,,
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his workload, during a homed golden state warriors head coach steve kerr plans to increase his workload during a home stand that starts this evening. kerr has been sidelined so far this season because of complications from back surgery. assistant luke walton has been filling in as the team started the season with an amazing 24-1 record. there's still no timetable for his full-fledged return to his job.
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good morning, everybody. the sharks were joking about asking the league to allow them to play all their games on the road. they are 11-5-1 away from san jose compared to just 4-9 at the s.a.p. center. sharks taking out their frustrations on the canadiens. marleau in front of the net. sharks lead 1-0. they are in charge when 18-year veteran zubrus scores his first goal as a san jose shark. 3-0. the sharkies win 3-1 and snap that sucks-game losing streak. -- that six-game losing streak. we're going streaking! >> a lot of streaking. it's been a season of streaks for san jose. they started the year 5-4. then lost three straight. then in november they went on a road trip 6-0. tonight's win -- last night's win snapped a six- game losing streak. pete rose's attempt to be reinstated was denied by commissioner rob manfred. rose was banned in 1989 for gambling as a manager.
6:25 am
so he is not allowed to work in baseball now. we know that. but he can still gain entrance into the hall of fame. at a news conference yesterday, an emotional and contrite rose still holds out hope of a resolution. >> always look forward to being someday as friends of baseball. i want baseball and pete rose to be friends. i got grandkids. [ pause ] >> they wanted their grandpa to --to be associated with baseball. that's all. [ crying ] >> that's all he wants. but knowing the writers like i do, it will be a long road to hoe before pete rose ever gets into the baseball hall of fame. i'm dennis o'donnell. see you tonight. play of the day, it's college basketball. georgia southern playing at duke. the blue devils take the three. maybe not. i'm going to go dunkin, boom! goes in baseline takes it up and throws it down. duke went on to beat the eagles 99-65 thanks in part to your play of the day.
6:26 am
non-toxic, the damage coulde long lasting... ad libs it is 6:26. lost cargo from a ship is washing up on bay area beaches. even though it's nontoxic, the damage could be long lasting. >> reporter: and authorities make a grisly discovery in a northern california storage locker. the bodies of two young children. we'll update you on the connection to this case from salinas. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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new or unexpected shortness of breath, any planned surgery and all medicines you take. i will take brilinta today. tomorrow. and every day for as long as my doctor tells me. don't miss a day of brilinta. to fight terrorism dominate g-o-p debate in vegas. name calling and battles over the best candidates to
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fight terrorism dom faith the gop debate in vegas. >> and a large number of sea lions found confused and trembling on california beaches. now scientists have figured out why. >> there is definitely a chill in the air with temperatures below freezing. we have unsettled weather to come. the seven-day forecast straight ahead. >> and we have our eye on this breaking traffic situation in albany. i'll have full details coming up. >> good morning, everyone. it's wednesday, december 16. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. time now 6:30. two children found dead in a storage unit and now the child abuse investigation is stretching to three locations all around northern california. kpix 5's kiet do is live at one of those locations in salinas with the very latest. good morning. salinas police are in a supporting role in this case since the people arrested moved out of salinas a couple of days ago. the question remains, though, why did the couple move to salinas in the first place? what did though find inside
6:31 am
that apartment? dressed in hazmat gear investigators searched the former apartment of hunt hunts and gonzalo curiel -- tami joy huntsman and gonzalo curiel trying to find clues. >> we are trying to be as thorough as we can to help them out. this is obviously a very serious case so we are trying to make sure that we are doing as much as we can. >> reporter: on sunday, officials in plumas county were tipped off about a possible case of child neglect in quincy. they found a 9-year-old girl locked in an suv who weighed 40 pounds with a broken jaw, collarbone and fingers. by monday, the investigation turned three hours west to a storage unit in redding. there, the bodies of a 3-year- old and 5-year-old were found. >> the little kids, they were so young. they still had a whole life ahead of them lot. >> reporter: on a "go fund me" page family members identified them as delilah and shaun. the mother was killed in a san bernardino county car rick two years ago and the children were in the custody of their aunt tami joy. neighbors at this east salinas
6:32 am
apartment complex say tami joy also has 12-year-old twins of her own. >> when i'm with her, i met them and i used to play around with their kids. that twins. >> reporter: tami joy and gonzalez aloe lived at the complex as reese -- gonzalo lived at the complex as recently as december 7. sleeps police say there were two anonymous calls about possible child abuse in the past six months to the address with four complaints made to social services. >> really sad. >> reporter: and those two people arrested have been charged with torture, mayhem and child abuse. the 17-year-old is facing charges as an adult. bail is set at $1 million each. live in salinas, kiet do, kpix 5. the republican presidential hopefuls got together for their last debate until after the holidays. last night's forum in las vegas focused on concerns about
6:33 am
national security and terror attacks. front-runner donald trump was criticized for his call to ban muslims from entering the u.s. trump said he would extend that ban to refugees already here. >> if obama has brought some to this country, they are leaving. they're going. they're gone. >> it will push the muslim world, the arab world, away from us at a time when we need to reengage with them. >> he is a chaos candidate. and he would be a chaos president. >> ted cruz, who is leading trump in two recent iowa polls, locked horns with marco rubio over immigration issues. the candidate also debated support for syrian leader bashar assad and the monitoring of cell phone records. shipping containers that washed off a ship outside the golden gate could pose a threat to marine wildlife. a dozen 40-foot steel containers fell off the ship in rough seas on friday. officials with noaa say the containers can damage reefs and smother wildlife when they sink. noaa officials are working with the coast guard to locate the containers. but a lot of stuff on baker
6:34 am
beach some down in pacifica as well to be cleaned up. >> that was a big storm with a rainstorm coming in and the gale warning in effect in addition to the high surf warning. so you had all components for something bad to happen. >> bad news, big time. you know, you really have to bundle up out the door today. very rarely do i ever complain about the cold. this is our live weather camera looking toward the bay bridge. we have clear skies and temperatures are in the 30s just about everywhere. oklahoma at 40. san francisco at 45 as you get closer to the bay of watered. the winds add a raw chill to the air. temperatures in the 50s from the coast to peninsula, 55 morgan hill. east of the bay it will not be as windy today so that that's good news. it won't feel as cold as a result. 56 degrees today in vallejo. and north of the golden gate bridge, into the mid-50s. we have a series of storms heading this way. we'll track them together at 48
6:35 am
minutes after the hour. gianna? >> thanks, roberta. we have our eye on this traffic alert. in fact, let's go live to chopper 5 right now and show you exactly what's going on in albany. this is eastbound 80 connector to westbound 580. they have three sweepers on scene dealing with this mess. it was a big rig and box truck that got in an accident. that big rig was carrying concrete cinderblocks and gravel that scattered on the road there. couple of vehicles also involved in the wreck after hitting debris there so they have shut down that connector making it hard to access the richmond/san rafael bridge. we are starting to see a backup in both directions along the eastshore freeway. eastbound starting to slow down. westbound you're going to see busy conditions anyway as that morning commute heats up but again we'll keep you updated. chp saying now probably 7:00 until lanes will open up. michelle. >> all right, gianna, thank you. san francisco may soon be rolling out some new rules for bicyclists. the board of supervisors passed the law that will allow cyclists to yield at stop signs
6:36 am
as long as it is safe. it also makes enforcement a low priority for police. bikers would be required to stop if there is a pedestrian or vehicle that has the right i wave. the mayor has threatened to veto it. san francisco will not be getting a new jail. yesterday the board of supervisors voted down a plan to build a $240 million facility. the state would have helped pay part of the replacement costs but opponents of the plan including d.a. george gascon say the city could invest in programs to reduce the jail population and relocate current inmates to other facility. a new study shows that domoic acid isn't just harming crab, it's hurting sea lions. biologists have seen large number of california sea lions struggling on beaches confused and trembling. a team from uc-santa cruz studied 36 sea lions and found the fish they eat bring domoic acid into their systems causing memory loss and disorientation making it hard for the sea lions to forge and leading them
6:37 am
to get stranded. los angeles schools will be open today. the fbi now says a threat that closed them on tuesday was a hoax. a rambling email threatened an attack on every school with asaul rifles and bombs hidden in backpacks and, although. the rider claimed he was -- writer said he was part of a cell of 32 comrades plotting the attack. the l.a. police chief defended the decision to close all schools for a day. >> all of us make tough choices. we all want to keep our kids safe. >> new york city received a similar email threat but unlike los angeles, new york kept its schools open. investigators there determined that the threat was not credible. investigators are still looking for the person who sent the emails. they were routed through a server in germany. the server's owner is cooperating with law enforcement. today the hayward police department is launching a new crime-fighting program called empowering your electronic security or eyes.
6:38 am
residents and business owners can register their privately owned surveillance camera systems. it will allow police to check surveillance footage to investigate crimes committed near the cameras. hayward is among several cities to start such a program. health advocates say california is discriminating against low income latino patients. they filed a complaint yesterday with federal health and human services. the complaint says reimbursement raids from medi- cal are so low that doctors refuse to see patients. nearly two-thirds of those are latino. the state is not meeting its responsibility, it says, to provide equal access to healthcare. fans of the bay lights can enjoy the glimmering lights on the bay bridge this week. >> this is our custom software which is realtime control of the lights. it can control velocity acceleration mass and gravity and all sorts of things. >> the bay lights artist is reprogramming the light sculpture ahead of its permanent unveiling. so for the next few nights, you can actually watch art in the
6:39 am
making. >> the process of creating the bay light has been all about being comfortable sharing the process and giving people a little glimpse of what it would be. so for the next few nights, i'll be here working on it and then i'll be back in january working on it extensively and finally on january 30th we'll unveil it permanently. >> that unveiling will kick off the festivities leading up to super bowl 50 and you can watch the lights turn on live right here on kpix 5. ♪[ music ] 6:39. terrorism in the fight against isis dominating last night's gop debate. political analyst melissa caen will let us know which candidate about the best job selling their national security plan coming up next. >> and an expensive and embarrassing mistake has one of marin's high speed ferries heading in the wrong direction.
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good morning. take a look at your temperatures in the bay area today into the 50s in half moon
6:43 am
bay. and in pacifica. into the 50s also around the peninsula. good morning, san jose! your forecast high 56 degrees. so is the story in benicia around hercules. north of the golden gate bridge, 55 in stinson beach. the winds won't be blowing as hard so it won't feel as cold out of the northeast 5 to 15 miles per hour. thanks, roberta. a big decision i had to likely on a rate hike by the feds. >> here now is kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. >> reporter: good morning frank and michelle. it would be a major surprise to wall street if the fed didn't raise interest rate. this move has been telegraphed for several months by the central bank. we saw strong job gains in october and november even inflation showing a little bit of life. so the fed is expected to make a short quarter point move to it federal funds rate. the key will be what the fed says about the pace of future
6:44 am
increases. wall street looking for a very gradual pace. this won't have a big impact on mortgage rate. that's what people fear. the federal funds rates impacts shorter term bond yields. housing starts up by 10% a lot of focus on apartment buildings as the rental market stays hot. stocks are higher for the third straight session in anticipation of the fed raising rates. let's take a look at the big board and see how we're doing. the dow is up by about 150 points. nasdaq up 40. the s&p is moving higher by 15 points. if the fed doesn't raise rates they could go the other way quickly. >> when will we find out immediately or -- >> that decision comes down at 11 a.m. and the stock market will reaction very quickly with that news. >> that's about 8 a.m. our time. thank you, kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. an expensive engineering gaff is delaying the return of high speed ferry service for golden gate ferry riders.
6:45 am
during a test run of the mendocino, officials discovered the water jet were installed backward causing the jets to propel the boat in reverse. >> when we started up the engines it didn't go forward as expected. the water jets were spinning in the wrong direction sucking up water as if it was trying to clear debris. >> this is knows a quick or cheap fix. the bridge district which runs the ferry service will spend a half million dollars to make the correction. the hope is to have the mendocino back in service by the spring. 6:45. a check of traffic on a very busy day. right? >> yes. especially for eastshore freeway commuters. if you do take the richmond/san rafael bridge, that traffic alert is still in effect. in fact, here's a live look at chopper 5 over the scene. what happened was a big rig accident that caused a problem with lots of debris in the roads so caltrans sweepers are on scene trying to clean up this mess. it's westbound connector
6:46 am
eastbound 80 to westbound 580. so you want to use central or buchanan instead as an alternate. chp saying at least 7:00 until all lanes are open. what you're seeing is delays on the eastshore freeway as a result. slow-and-go in both directions now. mostly on the westbound side for the morning drive. but again eastbound starting to see a backup as well so east 80 still closed as you connect over to 580. bay bridge reports of a traffic hazard on the upper deck near treasure island. it is blocking one lane. so that's causing some slow-and- go conditions. you're backed up any way into the maze. metering lights are on. looking at about 40 minutes now on the westbound 80 commute. carquinez bridge to the maze. taking a look at conditions on the altamont pass westbound 580 at grand line this accident now cleared to the right shoulder. you're very slow westbound 580 out of tracy. stays sluggish at least through the altamont pass. in fact, you'll see brake lights towards the dublin interchange. if you're connecting on southbound 680, no accidents but slow through pleasanton an brake light into the sunol grade. westbound 37 at highway 121, this accident also cleared over to the right shoulder but a
6:47 am
busy ride anyway and busy westbound 237 because of a wreck near zanker. here's roberta. >> turning 6:47 just how cold is it? it is so cold this morning, we are checking in with our weather watchers and currently 28 degrees so says linda mather in napa. thanks for checking in with us this morning, linda. along the peninsula temperatures into the mid-30s. becky says it's 37 in san carlos. she sent us a lovely photo this morning. sun coming up over crystal springs. thank you for sharing that. that's gorgeous. looking outside right now, we have a beautiful view looking out towards the bay bridge. clear skies, but it is cold. we have a chill in the air. 30s everywhere below freezing in santa rosa. it is 40 in oakland and 45 in san francisco. today the big difference in comparison to yesterday is that we will see increasing clouds and the wind won't be as gusty as yesterday. so it won't feel as raw during the afternoon hours. then we have big-time changes.
6:48 am
>> until thursday, here's our futurecast. [ signal breakup ] this time tomorrow morning, 24 hours from now, we see a little bit of light showers skim across the far reaches of the north bay. otherwise on friday morning, we see the front-runner area way north. it descends into the central bay overnight for the most part, then makes tracks towards the monterey bay area leaving us with a rainy saturday, as well. until then, let take a step backwards into the 50s in the central valley. 28 degrees in the high sierra. here's your in a hoe ski report today. look ahead towards the weekend. get the chains ready. more snow in the offering. we have sunshine and increasing clouds temperatures into the 50s slight buy le low average
6:49 am
for this time of the year. let walk you through your forecast. more rain on monday. the main subject in last night's republican debate terrorism and national security providing an opening for candidate who could come across as strong and decisive. >> and on that score, some came out better than others. political analyst melissa caen joins us now and melissa, we start with you. >> to a point the fact that terrorism is a subject of the debated and on so many people's minds meant i think for the average republican voter watching, they were probably more impressed by donald trump, who was his usual self. um, and also ted cruz, and maybe surprisingly chris christie. all of these candidates brought bold decisive, um, statement and approaches to the issue of terrorism and i think, you know, if anyone's numbers increase as a result of last night's debate it is probably chris christie.
6:50 am
>> yeah. i thought he did well as well but jeb bush, here's a guy that's what, 3% points right now in the polls? he was the leader going into all of this. did he make any noise last night? him and trump went toe to toe. >> that's right. we are seeing bush try various strategies to get a toe hold in this race and last night it was clear that his newest strategy is to attack donald trump. which he did. >> jeb said when they come across the southern border they come as an act of love. >> you said in september 30th that sis icy was not -- >> am i talking or you? >> i'm talking right knew. >> ic. >> go back. you're not talking. you interrupted me. are you apologizing? >> snow. >> wow. it doesn't seem like any of jeb bush's attacks were fatal or were going to necessarily decrease trump's support. but again, of course he is trying to get out there and make a name for himself somehow. >> do you think the moderators were able to keep the debate under control? >> well, it was tough. jeb bush and donald trump, rubio and cruz going after each
6:51 am
other and yes, there have been some criticisms of prior debate but last night the moderator kept it together. there was one instance where a moderator a conservative talk show host asked ben carson if mr. carson had the fortitude to order air strikes in syria knowing that it could result in the death of innocent civilians. >> so you are okay with the death of thousands of innocent children and civilians? [ boo ] >> you got it. you got it. >> boo! >> audiences not interested in [ laughter ] in singling out ben carson to some degree. everybody on that stage was saying they wanted to bomb syria but i think the idea that dr. carson was singled out for that kind of question was something that they were not interested in. >> there were a lot of one- liners a lot zingers and rand paul had the best line of the night. >> after chris christie said, he would immediately bomb any russian planes that flew into
6:52 am
any no-fly zone in syrian airspace, rand paul had a very interesting reply. >> well, i think if you are in favor of world war iii, you have your candidate. >> oh. such a great quote because it really epitomized this debate between isolationism and intervention and where in that -- between those two polls we're going. >> is it time to vote? [ laughter ] >> are w getting close? >> will they trim this down and maybe have five candidates as opposed to 9? >> eventually. but i think a lot of candidates are hoping for a boost from iowa and new hampshire. i think once you get past those initial primaries and caucuses, you will see a dramatic drop- off. >> what i thought was interesting is going in, you were anticipating something between ted cruz and donald trump and it never seemed to -- donald trump kind of scaled back a little bit. >> they flatly refused to go after each other and the moderators tried to get them to do it and they didn't.
6:53 am
they shook hands and patted each other on the back and they went after rubio instead. >> it was good theater. a lot of fun. >> thank you. time now 6:52. a frightening landing for 133 passengers on board a southwest airlines jet when it goes off the runway and into a ditch. >> and if you shopped at safeway stores in the bay area over the past few months, you may want to check your bank statements. we'll tell you why next. ,, ♪ life. just when you think you know where it's going,
6:54 am
it takes you someplace else. covered california is here to help californians who need health insurance get it. because it's more than just health care. it's life care.
6:55 am
announget up to 48 months interest-free financing on tempur-pedic, save $300 on beautyrest and posturepedic, or choose $300 in free gifts with stearns & foster. the triple choice sale ends sunday at sleep train.
6:56 am
candidates are back on the campaign trail today. the f debate of the year in las v last night centered on nati security and foreign policy. some of the biggest firewor republican presidential candidate are back on the campaign trail. the final debate last night centered on national security and foreign policy.
6:57 am
thousands of children in southern california head back to school today. authorities have roughly shut down schools in the l area yesterday bass of an email bomb threat which was a hoch. >> several people recovering from minor injuries after a plane slid off a runway at nashville international airport. cell phone video captured the plane stuck in a grassy ditch last night. 133 passengers and 5 crew were on board. you have until 8 p.m. tomorrow to sign up for health insurance under "covered california." deadlinedeadline was yesterday. now it's moved forward. hayward police are allowing them access to private surveillance cameras. resident and businesses may viewly registered systems so cops could look at them when crimes are committed. i'm anne makovec live in
6:58 am
castro centrally where safeway stores may have been the target of card skimming thieves. stores in menlo park may be involved according to a new report made online and pick up by the news tech website, gizmodo. a safeway spokesman is talking about it happening in california and colorado. thieves targeted checkout lanes getting access to the credit card machines and replacing the reader to copy the card's information and draining the owner's bank account. the theft began in early september. we have reached out to safeway and law enforcement agencies here in alameda and in san mateo for confirmation on this and haven't heard back. anne makovec, kpix 5. finally good news to report. here's a live look at i-80 as
6:59 am
you work your way near albany. chp canceled the traffic alert alert. all lanes are open. it was shut down since 4 a.m. but traffic is slow in both directions but the good news is all lanes are open. so you can now access the richmond/san rafael bridge a lot easier than before but expect slow-and-go conditions until delays thin out. there was a stalled vehicle on the upper deck of the bay bridge adding to a busy ride backed up into the maze. the metering lights are on. slow-and-go on the san mateo bridge. roberta. >> take a look at this. frank, michelle, gianna, let me ya. >> that's pretty! >> now this time we're feeling it. >> that is gorgeous. >> official sunrise at 7:18. already getting a glimpse of it. but boy, bundle up! 31 degrees in santa rosa at this hour. today's high similar to yesterday into the 50s. but a big difference not as gusty as far as the winds are concerned. out of the northeast up to about 15 miles per hour. partly cloudy today. cloudy skies thursday. rain arrives on friday evening. more rain saturday.
7:00 am
more rain sunday night. more rain monday. captions by: caption colorado good morning to our viewers in the west. it is wednesday, december 16th, 2015. ed with to "cbs this morning." republican hopefuls attack each other about how to keep america safe. only on "cbs this morning," governor chris christie joins us. los angeles schools reopen this morning after a terror hoax shuts them down. hundreds of women sue over celebrity endorsed hair products they say caused their hair to fall out,s y yowza. marco knows


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