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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  December 20, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix5 news. a bay area man arrested for terrorist threats after what police found in his home forcing them to evacuate the neighborhood. good evening. i'm juliette goodrich. brian is off tonight. investigators think the man was making his own explosives at his home on mcbryde avenue in richmond and they tell our joe vazquez they think he may have been planning to use them against the local muslim community. >> i think it's crazy. it's scary, too. >> reporter: most of the day cops were swarming over the 5100 block of mcbryde. >> helicopter, had the s.w.a.t. team come in there. >> reporter: police surrounded the house and arrested.
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owner, 55-year-old william celli who police say threatened to harm the muslim community. police found a device inside his house. neighbors say they saw the police bring out what appeared to be a milk crate. police say it may be a homemade explosive, maybe more than one. >> there was something in there. i just heard a little pop. >> reporter: that pop was the sound of the bomb squad detonating the device. nobody was hurt. richmond police say they can't elaborate on the threat right now other than to say this celli's actions and statements drew the attention of law enforcement and they were very concerning to officers. so they say in an abundance of caution they are treating his threats as legitimate. celli is in the contra costa county jail charged with terrorist threats and possession of an explosive device. richmond police don't think he's associated with any organizations but are working with state and federal law enforcement to make sure his actions were not part of a larger threat in. richmond i'm joe vazquez,
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kpix5. we are learning more about a bay area family of five killed when their small plane crashed on the way to nevada. kpix5's maria medina is live where the plane took off. >> reporter: i just got off the phone with a close family friend of the victims about an hour ago and you could hear the grief in his voice after learning it was the price family from gilroy who was aboard that plane. this is the first picture of the family a close friend said was on board the single engine plane that crashed near bakersfield yesterday around 4:00. the family friend said jason and olga price and their three children were on their way to see friends before the holiday and took off at reid airport in san jose, but halfway through their flight something went wrong. the pilot made a mayday call before crashing into an orchard. weather reports say it was raining at the time. the victims' friends say they are devastated about the loss of the price family, especially
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before the holidays. and the ntsb investigation into what went wrong could take a year to 18 months. live in san jose maria medina, kpix5. the other big story we are tracking tonight is the rain and is in what it looked like a few hours ago in richmond where it came down in sheets and paul deanno says there's a lot more where that came from. paul. >> more rain coming in several future storms, but this particular one storm is still pouring in parts of the bay area. let's get right to it kpix5 hi- def doppler, steady to heavy rainfall in fairfield, vacaville, st. helena, pockets of moderate rainfall in the east bay, hayward, alameda, oakland, san leandro, san ramon and dublin. south bay not so much for you. the flow is west to east and the coastal rain is blocking most of the rainfall. the santa cruz mountains to your west about 2 inches of
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rainfall today. check this out, those .01-inch of rainfall, just a few drops, but mill valley nearly 3 inches of rainfall. that is uncanny to have that much disparity within our viewing area. petaluma and san francisco good rainfall today, more than an inch, san mateo 1/2 inch, hayward 1/evan inch and out of all the very strong el nino events there have only -- 1/7- inch and out of all the very strong el nino events there have only been three. we're looking at futurecast rain tonight, tapering off a bit tomorrow morning, but watch what happens. by tomorrow afternoon the next round of rain is less than 24 hours away and some of you will see rain heavy at times once again tomorrow. we'll take a look at the entire seven-day forecast through christmas and beyond and some parts of the bay area, juliette, may have a white christmas. snow is coming. we'll talk about where coming up. >> we'll take it. the umbrellas were out in
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force at san francisco's union square where shoppers got soaked this afternoon. christmas shoppers were singing joy to the world. >> people are just straight faced walking down the street. i'm like look up. this is miraculous. rain is falling from the sky and it's pretty cool. >> it's pretty festive. people are out. the lights are on. it's cool, feels like christmas. >> reporter: how do you explain the few miserable faces of people running through the rain? >> well, either they got their hotel bill or just bought a whole bunch of stuff at macy's. >> no word on whether the rain had anything to do with this mess. a viewer sent us these photos after a pickup plowed into a couple of parked cars in san francisco's lake street neighborhood. you can see the truck's air bag deployed. it is unclear if the driver was hurt. chain control in effect in the sierra tonight where all that rain is turning to snow.
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the local ski resort could pick up a foot of fresh powder by morning. and tonight police in rohnert parking looking for an intruder who broke into a couple's bedroom while they were sleeping after 4 a.m. at an apartment complex on beverly drive. the woman told police she woke up when she felt the man move the bed sheets. she screamed and he took off. police say this is him and they also a surveillance video captured him trying to get into several other apartments in the complex before entering the victim's home. he drove off in this white two door. call police if you know who he is. in the east bay a teenager died in a shooting near the west oakland b.a.r.t. station around 1:30 this afternoon on mandela parkway. the victim died at the hospital, no arrests so far. a half hour earlier three people were hit by gunfire not far from the bay bridge near 880 and west grand avenue.
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the victims are two women and a teenage boy. all three are in stable condition at the hospital tonight. wh chaos on the las vegas strip tonight, one person was killed and dozens more were hurt when a car plowed into a crowd. rows of ambulances and police cars gathered at the scene near the paris hotel as horrified witness looked on. >> there's a man on the ground next to the curb. a lady was helping her. another person was over, had landed like in the bushes or on the grass, on the sidewalk, but what we were told is some lady jumped the curb and went right through the people. >> it's unclear whether the crash was an accident or unintentional. the driver is in custody undergoing drug and alcohol tests. and tonight at least 91 people are missing after a massive landslide swept through an industrial park in southern china. this incredible video shows an office building crashing to the ground. the slide buried 33 buildings
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in a sea of mud. it was not raining at the time and at this point it's not clear what caused the land to give way. a bomb hoax forced an air france pilot to make an emergency landing in kenya. kris van cleave reports the incident is raising new concerns tonight about airline safety. >> reporter: the fake device looked real enough to prompt the crew of this air france boeing 777 to make an emergency landing in mombasa, kenya, and evacuate the 469 passengers and 14 crew using emergency exit slides. passenger ann daniel. >> a technical problem and now they say they found the bomb, so very tired, very difficult. >> reporter: benoit was also on board. >> the plane just went down slowly, slowly, slowly. so we just realized probably something was wrong. >> reporter: air france's ceo said a passenger spotted the fake bomb and reported it to
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the crew adding it was played of cardboard, paper and had a timer hidden in a bathroom cabinet. kenyan police reportedly questioned a number of passengers including the person who reported the device. the airline says at least three other air france flights have received bomb threats since the november 13th attacks in paris. ron hoscoe is a former assistant director of the fbi. >> what type of person does this? someone who is testing, someone who is poking at the bounds of airline and airport security. >> reporter: security experts say there's concern about the level and quality of security at airports that do not directly serve the united states because they are not subject to tsa regulations. the worry is someone getting a device past security and eventually connecting to a flight bound to the u.s. the airport is tightening security, kris van cleave, cbs news, washington. still to come, the oops heard around the universe tonight. and medical science -- meets computer science. how
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virtual therap >> colombia. >> the royal mixup that crowned the wrong queen. >> and medical science meets computer science, how virtual therapy is changing the game for some bay area patients. ,,,, ok, we're here. here's dad. mom. the twins. aunt alice... you didn't tell me aunt alice was coming.
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of course. don't forget grandpa. can the test drive be over now? maybe just head back to the dealership? don't you want to meet my family? yep, totally. it's practically yours, but we still need your signature. the volkswagen sign then drive event. zero due at signing, zero down, zero deposit, and zero first months payment on a new jetta nner. and a stunning mistake tonight at the end of the miss universe pageant in las vegas, the host crowned the wrong winner and then things got really awkward. o ...... sot: when a stunned miss phillipines realized she han miss universe .. was still wearing >> colombia. >> but the winner was miss red.
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comedian steve harvey got back up on stage to announce he had made a terrible mistake. he crowned the wrong miss universe. >> i have to apologize. >> and that awkward moment when no one knew quite what to do. the first runner-up is colombia. >> when a stunned miss philippines realized she had won miss universe, miss colombia was still wearing the crown. >> miss universe 2015, miss philippines. >> then the uncomfortable moment when harvey tried to explain. >> this is exactly what's on the card. i will take responsibility for this. it was my mistake. >> the crown was removed from miss colombia and placed on miss philippines. miss colombia was the first
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runner-up. harvey later tweeted, "i'd like to apologize whole heartedly to miss colombia and miss philippines for my huge mistake. i feel terrible." the 9ers lost again speaking of debacles by a score 24-14 against the visiting bengals. the faithful are fed up. take a look. for the second time this season a plane flew over levi's stadium towing a banner that reads hold jed accountable, a reference to team owner jed york. meanwhile disney isn't having trouble keeping fans happy. the latest star wars film is shattering box office records. >> nothing will stand in our way. that makes >> the force awakens raked in $238 million this weekend. that makes it the biggest north american debut of all time. and video games around just for fun anymore in san
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francisco. they're also helping physical naylor patients recover from some debel -- therapy patients recover from some debilitating conditions, sharon chin on the unique pairing of medical science and computer science. >> that was nice, nice. >> reporter: mary gera has diabetic neuropathy which affects her balance. >> i would teeter quite a bit and you'd kind of go back and forth. >> try leaning over. >> reporter: then dr. kevin carroll told her she'd be playing video games as part of her physical therapy. >> it was like what are you talking about? >> when you are engaged in something, you sort of forget it's work. >> reporter: dr. carroll is using virtual implementation. he's helped about 50 patients build their skills in area like balance and endurance. >> it's a lot of fun. >> reporter: dr. carroll uses the microsoft kinect x-box
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system and it records their every move whether they're standing, sitting or laying down. these games are specifically designed for the patient's individual needs. yea! >> you fight and fight and fight. >> reporter: dr. carroll partners with the university of san francisco computer science department to design the game. >> our therapists and myself bring here's what we want to be able to do. they bring in the creative aspect to make it fun. >> reporter: students have created five games in they've years as part of their senior projects under professor david galles. of the newest game will get -- gales. the newest game will help patients pick up bananas. >> getting a chance to make a project that could contribute to people like that was extremely rewarding. >> reporter: people like mary who enjoyed several sessions of
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virtual rehab since february. today she walks without a cane. >> i've come a long way from where i started. >> reporter: and she agrees with dr. carroll. in the end everyone is a winner. >> eventually the doctor would like to use technology that allows parents to control the game through their own facial moments. we are looking on the radar and seeing rain again. it will be there tomorrow, tuesday and also thursday. we we have a lot of rain to talk about. -- we have a lot of rain to talk about, so let's get right to it. san jose, much of the rain has been blocked to you from your west by the coast range. vacaville out toward travis air force base, antioch, bay point and a steady soaking rainfall continues for much of napa, sonoma and marin county where it's poured all day. there's the west to east flow
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banking up against the north bay mountains and wringing out a lot of moisture kind of like a wash cloth does, exactly what's happening in the sky. rain in the central valley and snow in the sierra. this next storm will be a doozy when it comes to snowfall totals. this is amazing news of between now and this time defense 2 feet of snow for bear valley, nearly 30 inches for donner summit, mount shasta 27 inches of snow, half dome more than 2 feet, good stuff. we want to build up that snowpack and get rainfall here and more importantly we want rain in northern california where our biggest reservoirs are. cloudy and made tonight, concord and mountain view 45 degrees, santa rosa, 44, 52 in san francisco the what has changed because we've talked about the pacific northwest getting rainstorm after rainstorm? now the storm track has sagged from western washington and
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southern oregon to northern california. it's kind of like a fire hose aimed right at our area. not much rain when you wake up, but by tomorrow evening all the green and yellow is more steady soaking rainfall which will include you in the south bay this time and it will continue until tuesday morning. how much rain? from san francisco and points north you got an inch of rainfall today. double that by tuesday looking at nearly an inch of rain for concord, pleasantton more than an inch. san jose will get an inch. the santa cruz mountains 2 1/2 inches of rain and santa rosa another 1/2 inch to an inch of rainfall, great news. it's not so much we're going to flood, but it's beginning to add up. tomorrow night through tuesday morning a soaking rain. rain and wind again on christmas eve thursday and with that storm the snow level will drop to 3,000 feet, the highest mountain peaks around here, mount diablo and mount hamilton, it may be a white christmas for parts of the bay
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area. when you wake up christmas morning, look out on those mountains there. may be a little white on top. tuesday will be soggy especially in the morning. we get a break wednesday. wet and windy christmas eve, maybe a little snow at the top of the highest peaks christmas morning and dry out for the weekend right after christmas. >> that sounds like a great christmas day. >> wouldn't it be nice in san francisco of all places to peek out and season a little snow on the higher elevations. hundreds of bay area kids might not get a toy for christmas this year, why the shelves of this warehouse are emptier than they've ever been. >> i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up the 49ers dominated in their half empty stadium and the reaction is not good. >> i don't have the answer on why it's a problem today. >> and after failing to keep their playoff hopes alive one raider player summed it up like this. >> would have, could have, should have.
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>> we profile steve kerr and tonight the newest member of the kerr plan, the kerrs, the nfl story and jeremy newberry coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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want to do something special this holiday season? support i have a dream foundation. help a child achieve the dream of a higher education. cbs cares.
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bay. mark kelly shows us: donations have dropped off drastically this year.. for big san leandro toy drive. nat (door a christmas crisis tonight for hundreds of kids in the east bay. mark kelly shows us donations have dropped off drastically this year for a big san leandro
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toy drive. >> reporter: every season for two dozen years thousands of kids have come to this warehouse for a box of food and a bag of christmas gifts. for many these will be the only toys they open. >> folks start lining up at 6 a.m. they start lining up at 6 a.m. and so to see the eyes of those children when they do get a bag just puts life in perspective. >> reporter: but rose johnson, ceo of the davis street family resource center, worries at this year's toy drive there could be hundreds of disappointed faces. >> this is the worst. toys just aren't coming in like they normally have and so we're struggling. >> reporter: granted some toy donations have come in. >> this is an ideal bag. >> reporter: but mr. more have not. these tables typically overflowing with toys. this christmas 1800 short. >> our goal is that there are three new toys, a stuffed animal and a book. we need your help. >> reporter: if you'd like to donate, you could drop off a
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toy monday, tuesday or wednesday this week right here at the davis street family resource center. in san leandro mark kelly, kpix5. >> the toy drive will run from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. the next three days. the resource center is accepting new toys for every age group infant through teen. well, children in berkeley are learning an important lesson about giving this holiday season. the community got together today to turn the tables on santa. local kids brought toys to st. nick so they can be delivered to less fortunate children in the bay area. be distributed to >> we hope they learn that there's more to the holidays than about just asking for toys and different things, but also to think about others. >> all of the toys collected will be given to the berkeley fire department to be distributed to children in need. and still to come a bay area mom thought she was coming in to look at a note owe lineup after a burglar clean -- photo lineup after a burglar cleaned out her home, but the police had other plans, how the cops saved christmas. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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saved christmas for one fam r recently bro a heart warming story out of antioch tonight where the cops saved christmas for 1 family. a burglar recently broke into amanda's home and stole $2,000 she was going to use to take her kids to disneyland. officers called her into the station yesterday to look at a photo lineup. well, instead they had a surprise for her. >> we spread the story with all the other officers in the department and together we were able to raise over $2,000 to
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send you and your family to disneyland. merry christmas. >> oh. [ applause ] >> as you can see, amanda and her kids were pretty happy there and the burglar who broke into the home still on the loose, but this is certainly a happy story there. we will be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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