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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  January 7, 2016 1:37am-2:13am PST

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tonight. one of hundreds of these el nino a bay area police cruiser involved in a nasty crash tonight, one of hundreds of wrecks during these el nino rainstorms. >> latest rain pounded the bay area tonight. heavy rain flooded roads and paul, it is still raining right now. >> it's more active on the radar. kpix 5 hi-def doppler right now than it was at 5:00 and 6:00 this evening. rain heavy at times all throughout the bay area. we'll take you to the south bay first and the peninsula, palo alto, woodside, cupertino, saratoga, portions of san jose, milpitas and fremont
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getting over rainfall. as we show you the last couple hours it's been wet on and off throughout the entire evening and picking up in intensity as we head toward midnight. live pictures toward san jose. it's just coming down in sheets in the south bay right now and the rainfall totals are really adding up. vineto in the far north bay mountains, more than eight inches of rain over the past two days. 3 inches of rain in mill valley and napa and san rafael. more than an inch and a half. futurecast says things will calm down overnight tonight but not that much. scattered showers will likely last through the morning commute and guess what? this is still the tail end of storm number three. storm number four arrives before the evening rush tomorrow. we'll talk about additional rainfall totals and two other storms after that. and we have mountain snow to talk about as well. it's all coming up in my full forecast in 12 minutes. as we say, the storms have been making a mess out of bay area roads.
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in pleasant hill just a few hours ago a police car gets in to it with a subaru. from the looks of it the smaller car got the worst of it. we saw at least one person taken to the hospital. cate cauguiran is at the bay bridge toll plaza tonight. pretty dangerous conditions for drivers. >> that's right. and a warning tonight to all drivers here at the bay bridge toll plaza and all drivers on the road. be careful. we spoke with chp. they say they logged 348 accidents from midnight to 2 p.m. today. >> reporter: trapped and nearly flooded. this truck swerved off the road and flipped over in wilmar west of petaluma. his girlfriend was stuck, barely keeping her head above water. >> she was sitting in about a foot and a half, 2 feet of water. part of the vehicle was sitting on her ankle. so that was the biggest issue for us to overcome.
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it was underwater and we had to lift the vehicle off of her ankle in able to extricate her. >> reporter: it took fire crews more than an hour to stabilize the truck and finally pull her out. she was showing signs of a mild case of hypothermia. in pacifica this driver should have kept his car door closed. high surfs shut down the pier as strong waves crashed on to the walkway. >> you look like you're in the splash zone at seaworld. >> reporter: the high surf is expected to last until 2 p.m. on thursday with extreme waves as high as 20 feet tall. but the rain didn't keep people away from the beach. >> i love being out here in the storms and waves. i think it's great. it's exhilarating. >> i literally keep coming out here because i'm in awe of it. >> reporter: over in the east bay we could see from up above sheets of rain coming down. but from down below in fremont, this wasn't a pretty sight for the
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unlucky owner of this truck. overnight a tree crashed on to the windshield shattering it. all over the bay area downed trees, a damaging side effect of this round of storms. >> so what we're seeing here is that all that oil on the roads finally coming up to the surface now that we're getting hit with all that rain. it can be very dangerous if we aren't careful. reporting live by the bay bridge toll plaza, cate cauguiran, kpix 5. there's a run-on sandbags in concord. they have enough sand to fill 10,000 bags. you better hurry if you want some. the sand is running out. the filling station at the city yard on gasoline alley is open around the clock. pretty good sign though in the south bay. the lexington reservoir in santa clara county is starting to finally fill up. all that rain is running off. the reservoir level has gone up close to a foot in just the past 24 hours. >> the storms causing damage across california near hollister. this is some of the damage caused by a tornado this
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morning. the ef-0 tornado touched down at 8:50. no injuries reported. a narrow escape in southern california. watch as a man climbs out of the window of his car then on to the hood just to escape the flooding. there he goes making a run for it before water swallowed up his vehicle. several drivers got trapped and had to be rescued. look what happened in ventura county. the sheriff's department shot this video as mud slid down a hillside on to a freeway. now on to antioch. a special needs boy attacked in a bay area classroom. the people throwing the punches, teachers aides. kpix 5 betty yu shows us the disturbing video. >> reporter: the viral cell phone video starts with a slap. a teacher's aide gets rough with a student from oakland as two people grab on to his legs and arms. when the boy stands on his own the aide in the blue shirt tackles him to the ground.
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another scene shows the woman throwing things at the boy. throughout had video people in the classroom are seen and heard joking around. >> livid, outraged. >> reporter: al lison boyd pulled her son out of tobinworld as soon as she found out about the abuse on facebook this morning. today police arrested one of the aides. 26-year-old carr. she's charged with child cruelty. and the state department of education is now investigating. >> there's no excuse for this. they're there to assess the child with their needs in school, not hurt them. they're there to be their friend, to help them learn. that's what his parents are trusting in. >> reporter: attorney peter alford specializes in special education abuse cases in the east bay and currently have one client who had a child enrolled in the same school. >> the abuse you see on that tape is so disturbing, you have adults laughing at what's going on in that classroom.
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i've never seen anything like it. it's incredible. >> reporter: carr and at least one other staffer were immediately suspended after the school learned of the video and later fired. tonight that teacher's aide is at the west county detention center in richmond. her bail set at $100,000. tonight we also stopped by her home here in antioch. a woman said through the door she had no comment. in antioch, betty yu, kpix 5. >> antioch police tell us the boy was in class today when officers showed up to investigate and he did not have any visible injuries. did north korea really test a hydrogen bomb? tonight experts say probably not. whatever it was, it registered as a magnitude 5.1 quake. the white house says a full size hydrogen bomb would have been more powerful. >> the initial analysis that's been conducted of the events
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that were reported overnight is not consistent with north korean claims of a successful hydrogen bomb test. >> this is pyongyang's fourth nuclear test since 2006. the u.n. security council calls it a, quote, clear violation of its resolutions and promises new sanctions. six military facilities across the united states could be turned in to detention centers for children who are in the u.s. illegally. tonight allen martin tells us one of them is travis air force base in fairfield. >> this is just one part of the president's plan unveiled last weekend to deport families who came to the u.s. from central america. this afternoon the department of health and human services confirmed to politico, the government is looking at six military bases including travis as possible sites to open facilities to hold unaccompanied minors. these would be temporary holding centers before the kids are sent back to central america.
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back in 2014-15, tens of thousands of central american kids crossed in to the u.s., most of them alone. today a congresswoman from alabama who is fighting to stop a detention center at a base in her state says the kids should be sent home quickly. >> this is unacceptable and active military installation is no place to house these children. the most compassionate thing that we can do for these children is to send them home to their families. >> the feds haven't made any final decisions yet on any detention centers but officials are visiting each base including travis this week to scope them out. major layoffs are coming to yahoo. it's planning to cut 10% of its workforce. that's more than a thousand employees. the move comes as yahoo tries to revitalize its business. the layoffs could happen as early as this month. this macy's in sacramento county is one of 36 macy's stores across the country that are shutting down.
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this one is at the country club plaza. macy's is also cutting 4500 jobs nationwide. the reason, disappointing holiday sales. two other macy's stores in southern california are also closing. powerball fever tonight all across the united states. within the past hour we have learned a liquor store in union city sold someone a ticket matching all five numbers but not the powerball number. total prize for that lucky person, $1.4 million. the drawing was three hours ago. since no one matched all the numbers, the jackpot will go up to an estimated $675 million. that's the largest lotto jackpot in u.s. history. the next drawing will be saturday. the odds of winning, 1 in $292.2 million. a bay area pastor is caught dumping trash illegally. tonight you'll hear his excuse.
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good look at this video. recognize this guy? surveile video capt oakland police want you to take a good look at this video. recognize this guy? surveillance video captured him firing a gun at another man
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yesterday. this is on broadway. middle of the day downtown, pulls out a gun and lets it go. police say the two guys were fighting. the bystander, a woman, was struck by a bullet. she's expected to be okay. the two men ran off. a trucker had one final bay area delivery to make before the holidays but he got shot, confronting a robber in oakland. tonight kpix 5's juliette goodrich tells us the man's military training may have saved his life. >> do you remember what happened that time? >> i know, you're smiling. >> oh, yeah, i remember. i was trying to sleep and somebody didn't want me to sleep. woke me up and shot me. >> reporter: he still has his sense of humor but indiana truck driver 72-year-old jerry matsen has been at highland hospital in oakland since december 15th. he was shot in the stomach by someone breaking in to the cab of his truck late at night. his wife back home got the terrifying phone call. >> it was awful.
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i'm sleeping and i get this phone call and they're telling me this is so and so from highland hospital. >> reporter: jerry resorted to his basic training from the marines and lunged at the suspect. he says that might have saved his life. >> i think i caught him so off guard he didn't know what to do. he just pulled the trigger and left. >> in the past when jerry has made deliveries to the coliseum, he's been allowed to stay overnight inside the coliseum but for some reason that particular night he wasn't allowed in. jerry's son, also a trucker, drive from indiana to see his father. >> where do you normally park to stay safe >> at the arena you would park inside the security gate at the venue. >> and so why didn't that happen that night? >> reporter: the couple celebrated their 50-year anniversary one month before jerry was shot. now janet, a retired e.r. nurse, has been living in and out of hotels for weeks to be by his side.
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>> long time. feels like forever. what do i want from that? i want to make sure my wife is okay. >> reporter: in oakland, juliette goodrich, kpix 5. >> we tried to contact the head of security at the oakland coliseum, find out why jerry was not allowed to bring his rig inside and stay in the grounds, what standard protocol is. so far we've got no response. you know the saying, cleanliness is next to godliness. from the looks of it, it's not true for one bay area pastor. da lin shows us what he was caught doing on camera and wait till you hear the pastor's explanation. >> reporter: it's sad to say illegal dumping is nothing new in oakland. it's not the what, it's the who that's disturbing. a surveillance camera caught this pastor illegally dumping trash in west oakland, his own neighborhood. if you look closely he's wearing a suit and
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his clerical collar. >> he's supposed to be a community contributor, a person who's supposed to guide others. >> reporter: after he tossed out a large black bag and other items, he stopped to let two cars drive by. he unloaded the shelving unit. it happened in front of dorothy's business and her surveillance camera. >> it's infuriating but if you have to be here you have to take action. >> this is the red station wagon seen in the video. i talked to the pastor over the phone. pastor nathaniel jones who admits he did it but said they're not trash. he said he intentionally left them out so homeless people can pick them up. he said he was simply trying to help the poor. >> reporter: no one buys it. not even the city attorney. >> it's important for people doing this to be held ucable, both with citations and both with being exposed. >> reporter: the city attorney has the video and plans to cite the pastor. jones is a
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registered sex offender. he was convicted of sexual assault and lewd acts with a child under 14 years old. pastor jones' church closed down several years ago. he lives only two blocks away from where this happened. neighbors say the pastor owes this community an apology. >> i think anybody who does this ought to be ashamed. >> reporter: in oakland, i'm da lin, kpix 5. tonight the largest taxi company in san francisco is on the verge of filing for bankruptcy. yellow cab is spilling red ink. yes, uber and lyft have taken a big bite out of business but that's not all. a passenger in the cab when it slammed in to another car last year sued for $8 million and won. yellow cab didn't return our calls for comment. california carmakers giving detroit a run for its money. silicon valley auto show opens tomorrow. andria borba introduces us to the nemesis.
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>> the silicon valley auto show is rolling in to the san jose convention center. all of the usual suspects are here. toyota, lexus, ford and chevy. along with buzz words and clean energy, hybrid and hydrogen. in the year 2016 the bells and whistles have to appear to a tech junky crowd. in the heart of silicon valley automakers have realized people want their cars as customizable as their iphones. in this camaro, a touch on the screen changes the mood lighting to whatever shade your heart desires. and can't get enough siri? she comes standard with apple play on this tahoe. >> we have brand new technology. a lot of our stuff is all digital now. >> reporter: while the big name of california carmakers, tesla wasn't on it. meet the trion nemesis rr, made in orange county. >> basically the best kept
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secret here in united states as far as a supercar is concerned. >> reporter: with 2,000 horses under the hood and a starting price at $1.6 million, trion owner richard patterson said it was only natural for the california car to make a silicon valley debut. >> we thought this would be a perfect show to debut this particular car. number one, the demographics as far as millionaires. >> reporter: in the driver's seat, andria borba, kpix 5. >> wow. how do you think the nemesis would fair in the rain though? >> i would not drive the nemesis in this kind of weather. i'd save the nemesis and have somebody wax it. both hands on the steering wheel tomorrow morning. it's going to be sloppy out there again. here's the power of kpix hi-def doppler. in berkeley, south side of the city, not even raining. just go up the road to confidenceington, especially in the hills, it's pouring right now. it's pouring in richmond. go west and ome a couple showers. san pablo getting some heavy
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rainfall. portions of san jose getting steady rainfall. same story for cupertino and sunnyvale and saratoga and a lot of shower activity out there and these showers are heavy. it will pour for 10 or 15 minutes, govern you a break for an hour and pick up again. san francisco, add up january of 2014, 2015, the last three months, we've received four times that amount over the last two days. the snow pack is now above average once again and 60% higher than the same time last year. there were storms but they certainly were not coming here. it's aimed squarely at northern, central, and southern california. the question is where's the next storm? we have one moving through right now. next one is going to get here by tomorrow afternoon. it's not going to be as wet outside
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tomorrow but here comes another. futurecast calming things down. 2:00, 3:00, 4:00 in the morning. tomorrow afternoon, scattered showers pick up once again with storm number four. we get a break. by late friday night in to saturday, there's the heavier stuff. it returns saturday. that would be storm number five. we're numbering them because there's going to be a lot. top of next week, storm number six. number seven not that far behind. showers continue through the night tonight. a weaker storm but yet another one tomorrow after that dry break on friday, storm number 5 will hit us as the rain begins. napa, 53. dry for the morning hours. rain picking up in the afternoon. redwood city, 56 degrees. extended forecast, we're dry for an entire day. saturday, here comes the rain again. sunday we're dry. monday the rain returns. tuesday we're dry . pattern continues because the rain returns on wednesday. we thought that january and february would be the two wettest months and five or six
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days in, yeah. >> bingo. >> it's here. let's keep it coming. tonight, how a northern california gambler turned a losing scratcher ticket in to a big win at super bowl 50. >> and coming up on the late show with stephen colbert, jerr,
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he just scored tickets to t super bowl! how? through the a vacaville man turns a losing scratcher ticket in to a big win. >> he just scored tickets to the super bowl. how? through the state lottery second chance program. it's where you enter your losing tickets for a chance to win something else. in this case he gets two lower level tickets to the big game at levi's stadium but four night accommodations and a thousand dollars in spending money. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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to cooperstown lookin' for y baseball's hall of fame class announced today and if you're going to cooperstown
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looking for barry bonds' recliner, you won't find it yet. but another sweet swinging lefty is headed there. that's ken griffey, jr. got 99.3% of the vote. closest ever to unanimous selection in to the hall. he'll be joined by that man, mike piazza. picked by tommy lasorda in the 62nd round of the draft as a favor to piazza's father. that worked out. bonds received 43% but you need 75% to get in. also mark mcgwire admitted p.e.d. user is now off the ballot after 10 years. cal basketball team played oregon tonight. the ducks logo represents the number of 3-pointers the bears knocked down. the bears found rhythm inside the arc. 37 points. ducks up 3. minutes ago,
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clutch shot from the corner. 6-point lead. ducks win 68-65. 12-4 this season . whitney houston has been subplanted for best national anthem. >> ♪ oh, the land of the freeeeeeee ♪ >> john vincent held the note for 23 seconds and turned purple in the process. i did my best to find out if that was a guinness book of world record. that does not exist. we'll be right back. ♪ no way. savor an egg mcmuffin any time you like.
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colbert is next. colbert is next. >> next newscast, tomorrow,,,,,,
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