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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  January 10, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm PST

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board, killing one person. man is sti tension among b.a.r.t. passengers tonight after a man opened fire onboard killing one person. that man is still on the loose. good evening. i'm brian hackney. >> and i'm juliette goodrich. as investigators try to track down the gunman, kpix 5 maria medina reports on the terrifying moments for witnesses. >> things are back to normal
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here nearly 24 hours after that fatal shooting but the search for the killer continues. we'll take a look at video we shot just after the shooting. it happened at 8 p.m. yesterday on a train headed toward san francisco. witnesses describe a pretty chaotic scene. some thought there was a terrorist attack. others tried to run, to duck. we talked to one woman who was feet away from the victim when he was shot. >> it was so sudden. out of no -- out of nowhere someone started screaming because there were shots. as the door opened they shot him so he could break for it and run. i was less than 10 feet away from the victim who was shot and to think that he's dead. >> witnesses said the man had a knife in his hand. they couldn't say if there was a confrontation before the shooting. they said he was pretty young, possibly in his
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teens but police have not released his identity yet. as for the suspect, he's described as wearing jeans, a green hoodie and backpack at the time. an arrest goes horribly wrong with an officer hit during a dramatic getaway. tonight police are asking for your help to find 25-year-old denise davis of daily city. officers say they went to arrest davis at her home friday for an outstanding vehicular assault charge. that's when they say she jumped in her car and ran it straight toward police. one officer was hit but is expected to be okay. house majority leader nancy pelosi was back on home ground today. she got together with her fellow democrats in san francisco but it wasn't all one big happy party. john ramos has the story. >> reporter: the harmonies of the san francisco girls chorus were perfect at today's traditional new year's party, thrown by house minority leader nancy pelosi. it was a chance
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for the former speaker to thank local supporters and touch on party value of social justice, healthcare, and increasingly contentious issue of immigrants in this country. >> we respect them, not because they are americans, but because we are americans. [ applause ] >> reporter: pelosi also encouraged her political friends to help elect a democrat for president. >> whoever she may be. [ laughter ] >> reporter: but while the hillary reference was well received, among democrats there isn't perfect harmony about her either. polls show many don't fully trust clinton and there's been a surge of support for her straight talking opponent bernie sanders. >> i think he's in there for a good reason and i think it's good to poke a stick at people once in a while and say there are other ways to do this. >> reporter: while those here don't seem to share the intense anger that's provided support for donald trump's candidacy there does seem to be a general
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sense of cynicism about the state of politics in america. >> diogenes was looking for an honest man. i think he had a little trouble. we're not much better than that. >> reporter: but labor activist jim white said he's starting to see change and it's coming from young people. >> i'm beginning to see an energy excitement that i haven't seen in years with the new generation of technology. >> reporter: because after all, it is their voices that determine the future. john ramos, kpix 5. >> several hundred people attended today's new year's party including gavin newsom and willie brown. president obama is set to give his final state of the union address tuesday night. usually the speech focuses on policy proposal but according to the white house this one will look to the future. they say it will look beyond the upcoming election. another clue, the white house says the speech is bigger than any policy
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initiative or new bill in congress and you can watch the state of the union address here on kpix 5 tuesday night at 6:00. spencer stone is among those invited to attend the state of the union address. the air force staff sergeant from sacramento helped stop a terrorist attack on a train headed to paris. stone was hurt as he helped two friends take down the gunman. a lot of questions tonight about whether actor sean penn played a role in the capture of joaquin el chapo guzman. penn had an exclusive interview with el chapo who's considered one of the most dangerous drug lords in the world. joe vazquez in the news room with a story that's truly stranger than fiction. >> remember, he tunnels out of prison and while the drug lord was in hiding, sean penn writes he flew from california to mexico to interview him. we know now that the mexican government was tracking sean penn's movement which eventually helped them arrest one of the world's most wanted men.
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>> reporter: from marin county to mexico, one of the bay area's biggest movie stars, double oscar winner sean penn, was acting as a guest reporter for rolling stone magazine when he got an exclusive interview with mexico's most notorious drug lord, joaquin guzman, also known as el chapo, claims he's not an especially violent man. mexican officials say it was this secret meeting in october that led the military to the hideaway ranch of el chapo and helped them arrest the narco boss friday. penn met el chapo through mexican actress kate del castillo who said el chapo was interested in having a film made of his life. penn and el chapo talked for hours during which he admitted he was the biggest drug lord in the world and that he had sent engineers to germany to learn how to create the tunnels. there were no mentions of the
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instances of kidnapping, murder associated with his cartel. el chapo takes no responsibility for problems associated with the drug trade. >> do you think it's true you're responsible for the high level of drug addiction or the fact that there are so many drugs in the world? >> no, that's false. because the day i don't exist, it's not going to decrease in any way at all. drug trafficking, that's false. >> as you might imagine, there's some outrage over the interview. check this out. tomorrow's new york post headline, el jerko, penn pals with drug lord on the run. some are upset that sean penn met with a suspected murderer. the journalistic community is angry at the terms of the interview. penn is an activist. he agreed to let el chapo approve the finished article, an absolute no, no. and you can bet rolling
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stone is going to hear about this. imagine gaining freedom almost 30 years behind bars for a crime you didn't commit. >> i wanted to get away in case they changed their mind. >> you still didn't believe it? >> i was not going to allow myself to really believe that i was free until i was actually free. >> tonight on 60 minutes scott pelley explores life for those released from prison after wrongful convictions and that is at 7:00 right here on kpix 5. also still ahead, getting a taste of the super bowl action. bay area runners hit the turf inside levi's stadium. >> how new safety concerns could delay the bay bridge bike path. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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's a whole month counting down to super bowl 50 here in the bay area. we're now 27 days away. there's a whole month of events planned leading up to the big game. >> mark kelly tells us some lucky folks today had a chance to step on the super bowl turf. >> reporter: as the setup for super bowl 50 continues, the celebrating for the big game also kicked off this morning. >> having something here in the south bay of this magnitude is really cool.
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>> reporter: it's called run the road to super bowl 50, an early morning family friendly 5k and 10k taking runners all around levi's stadium. >> ran a little bit then we walked a little bit. ran a little bit then we walked a little bit. >> reporter: waking up on a chilly sunday in january before sunrise isn't easy but these runners had their motivation. >> totally cool. it comes through the opening there then runs through the finish line and see yourself up on the big screen. >> it was awesome. >> reporter: the finish line allowed runners for just a moment to feel like true nfl players, out on the gridiron the stadium seating towering around them. >> i think we end up on the 50-yard line so we'll be on the field and it's just kind of exciting. >> reporter: and considering how tough it is to snag a seat inside this stadium for the big game february 7th, this race was as close to the super bowl action as many fans will get. >> my dad likes football. i don't watch it. i don't even
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know why people play it. >> i know it's an awesome sport and i'm on my team's field. so that's even better. [ laughter ] >> mark kelly, kpix 5. >> every runner got a race shirt and a finisher's medal. the winner of the 10k took home a golden football. the bike and pedestrian path on the new bay bridge span might miss its big opening this summer. most of it is done but now there are safety questions about a planned observation deck near the end of the path at yorba buena island. cal trans is looking in to whether the steel supports need to be upgraded. if they choose to redesign it, it could delay the project by several months. still ahead, tesla drivers testing out a new feature, and they don't even have to be in the car. >> we won't have to lift a finger to get showers tonight. there's still a pretty good storm coming in. ,,,,,,,,
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to park themselves. owners of model s sedans and model x suvs can line up their cars up to 33 feet from where they want to park. the driver waves their key fob. the car will do the rest. they can even leave the parking space by demand. tesla says the feature should only be used on private property. the biggest lottery jackpot in u.s. history will be on the line. no one hit the drawing last night. the prize balloons from $949 to a whopping $1.3 billion and it could go even higher depending on ticket sales. there's a slight problem with the powerball sign. it's a good problem to have. this one in buffalo, new york and others have maxed out at $999 million. they didn't get the jackpot, but someone who bought a ticket from a fremont 7-eleven matched five of six numbers. that's worth $779,000.
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five other tickets sold in california matched five numbers. it was a little bigger haul for a woman who bought a ticket in san jose. she matched five of six numbers in a drawing earlier this week. that ticket is worth $1.9 million. the woman bought it when the jackpot was at $300 million. the store that sold the ticket gets a $9500 bonus. not too bad. it's a good problem to have when you can't put billion on something, right? >> absolutely true. good point. if you were standing at the top of the sierra at tahoe and were looking west at about sunset, that is what you would see. isn't that gorgeous? we had clouds over the coast but head inland and there were mostly clear skies. at this hour we've got increasing high clouds in the kpix 5 hi-def doppler shows not much over the north bay. a little line of showers marching there an hour ago. mostly dried up. but we stand a chance of a sprinkle or two as the night goes on. 52
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degrees at concord. we're all pretty much in the low 50s. the jet stream is split out in the pacific. polar jet taking moisture up north. some of it heading down south. by the time it gets here its energy is divided. all we get out of it are a few light showers tonight and tomorrow morning and there won't be much. but then on wednesday low pressure gets a little bit closer. the storm dorm opens a little bit wider so by late tuesday night and early wednesday morning we get rain and wind and all the problems attendant there too. sound like a lawyer. futurecast, by 7:00 tomorrow morning we've got mostly overcast skies but not much in the way of rain. overcast in the early going. tuesday afternoon we get mostly sunny skies south of the golden gate. maybe a few light showers up in northern sonoma county. that's when the real rain comes in after midnight. lingering in to wednesday morning. we'll expect to get really wet late tuesday, early wednesday, maybe a shower or two tomorrow.
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it will continue wet wednesday afternoon. if you look at this on the rain futurecast, this is by tomorrow at 5:00. you can see there's just not much. maybe .20th -- .20 of an inch. wednesday, wam. we certainly fill up the rain bucket at ukiah and santa rosa and napa. it does show you tuesday night, wednesday, the wettest day of the week. mostly dry through tuesday night. rain and wind early on wednesday. then it looks like it's going to be mostly dry thursday through saturday. you'll notice the question mark. i'm asking you a question because it's really uncertain what happens after wednesday. looks dry but we'll see. travel weather forecast, heading out of the central valley, a little bit of rain in the north coast. overnight lows tonight mid 40s, low 50s. daytime highs tomorrow, 60s. partly cloudy skies tuesday. rain maker around midnight tuesday night, wednesday morning. then the latter half of the week really stay tuned but we'll say for now partly cloudy skies. at least we know
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for certainty what's happening in sports, dennis. >> no, we don't. [ laughter ] the 49ers, they interviewed a candidate today but are they any closer to hiring a new head coach? and you got to see how the seahawks-vikings, we do know about how this game finished. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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just text offers to 782929e 6" subway sandwich. to sign up for weekly text offers. and you'll get a free 6-inch sub when you buy a 30-oz. drink just for signing up. fittingly it was the third vikings hosted their first outdoor playoff game since the ford administration and fittingly it was the third
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coldest game in nfl history. kick-off temperatures in minneapolis, minus 6. did not bother former viking coach 68-year-old bud grant. we'll jump to the 4th quarter. seattle leading 9-0. snap over russell wilson's head, recovers and finds a wide open tyler lockett. this is why russell wilson is so good. play breaks down. no problem. 35-yard gain on the broken play. just two plays later wilson to the stanford man, doug baldwin for the game's first touchdown. 3-yard score cuts minnesota's lead to 9-7 on the ensuing drive, teddy bridgewater finds adrian peterson out of the backfield. kam chancellor knocked the ball out recovered by seattle. the seahawks got a field goal off that turnover and they led 10-9. so there's 90 seconds left in the game. vike vike -- vikings with the ball. bridgewater to kyle rudolph. down to the seattle 18. setting
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up minnesota for a game-winning field goal. the blair walsh project from 27 yards out. oh, no, it can't be. with 25 seconds left he misses the kick. seattle escapes 10-9. they win. they travel to carolina next sunday. >> what was your immediate thought as the kick went wide? i saw you down there. >> thank you, jesus. that was immediate. because it was a blessing. we never get breaks. >> i know i'm one of the better kickers in the league. i know that sounds crazy right now but i think my record says that. like i said over and over again, the one they needed the most today, i didn't make. that's on me. these guys deserved to win today. i gotta finish it. >> stand up guy after the game. packers looked like they were on their way to the super bowl. starting the season at 6-0. but green bay lost 6 of their last 10 games and came in to today's game underdogs at 9-7. redskins in the playoffs for the first time since 2012. early 2nd quarter, baseball score. 5-0. kirk cousins to
6:55 pm
jordan reed. touchdown. a missed extra point but then aaron rogers and the packers offense got rolling. now down 11-10, rogers to devonte adams. the packers led 17-11 at the half. opening drive, 3rd. cousins takes it himself. touchdown. white sox -- washington back in front at 18-17. next possession, green bay responds. takes the pitch. scores on the 4-yard run. packers retake the lead at 24-18. move to the 4th. eddie lacey pounds his way in for the touchdown. 2-point conversion. made it a 14-point game. and green bay wins 35-18. it's the most points they've scored since week 3. >> that's the way you want to play offense. when you get in the playoffs you don't have to talk about the regular season no more. i don't know if you guys got the memo on that. it's the way you need to play and we'll have to play that way moving
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forward. >> next week green bay will travel to arizona where they lost by 30 points just two weeks ago and on sunday the 15-1 panthers will host the seahawks. hugh jackson's season as the bengals offensive coordinator ended last night. the question now is will he be the 49ers next head coach? jackson interviewed for several hours with the 49ers today but an nfl source told me that jackson did not receive an offer and nfl writer mike silver reported that he spoke with hugh jackson who said after interviewing with both the browns and 49ers he did not get an offer from either team. so right now everything is on hold. college basketball. 9th ranked stan ford hosting colorado. stanford up 33-24. how about the 4th quarter now. cardinal up 5. thompson misses the lay-up but caleigh johnson scored on the put-back. free
6:57 pm
throw puts stanford up. johnson had 17 off the bench. stanford wins 71-56. get ready, folks. we've got a 49er coach somewhere coming. maybe in the next week. and the decision on the raiders, d-day, nfl meetings begin tuesday in houston. >> you're thinking raiders are going to stay put? >> yeah. and i'm going to tell you why tonight on game day with a special guest from los angeles. >> oh, nice. thank you. thanks for watching. 60 minutes is next. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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captioning funded by cbs and ford. we go further, so you can. >> whitaker: this was the first face we saw after landing. that's syrian president bashar al-assad. this once was a syrian airport. since the summer, the russians have built barracks, brought in 4,000 personnel, paved roads, rolled in truckloads of equipment and munitions, erecting a bit of russia in the heart of assad-controlled syria. but the relationship between russia and syria is far from perfect, as we found out when the russian admiral we interviewed used a derogatory term to describe president assad. >> ( speaking russian ) >> pelley: ray hinton stepped out of prison after nearly 30 years on death row, a free man.


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