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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  January 14, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PST

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and not waking up bazillionair bazillionaires. good morning, it's thursday, january 14, 2016. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. we're not billionaires. >> it was fun. checking tickets. what? i didn't win? >> what's up with that. >> look who's back. >> i think its awesome we all went in together. we were opening all you would see is color bars when youtube into kpix 5. [ laughter ] >> no -- when you tune into kpix 5. [ laughter ] >> no. grab an umbrella. right now our live hi-def doppler radar not picking up a raindrop in sight. we have some low overcast with fog. numbers big span from 37 in livermore, 50 in san francisco. rain developing in the north bay today into the 50s nearly
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60. we'll track the rain later together. >> westbound 37 near sears point an accident on the right shoulder with big rig. activity on the scene there. slight delays as you approach. other than that, very quiet on our bay area bridges. we'll have a complete look coming up in just a few minutes. powerball mania reaching its peak last night when it was announced that a winning ticket was sold at this southern california 7-eleven and what a party they had in the parking lot there. hundreds of people came to celebrate the winning ticket last night. other winning tickets were sold in florida and tennessee s the record $1.5 billion powerball jackpot will be split three ways. danielle nottingham reports from chino hills where one of the tickets was purchased. >> reporter: residents descended on the store in chino hills late into the night where at least one golden powerball ticket was sold. >> i could have won. >> your winning powerball numbers. >> reporter: california lottery official posted the big news on
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twitter minutes after the winning numbers were drawn. those who didn't win still came to the store to celebrate even congratulating this store clerk who admitted he has no idea who the winner is. >> it's my pleasure. i'm proud. and i'm really excited, too. >> reporter: the 7-eleven clerk says this store sold thousands of dollars worth of tickets over the last few days as powerball fever took over the country. many waited for hours at a chance to become an instant billionaire. these two created a facebook pool to buy in for $500. >> no matter how many there were, 3, 4, $5 million is enough for everyone. >> reporter: winning tickets were also sold in florida and tennessee meaning the big payoff will at least be split three ways. california state lottery officials plan to head to the 7- eleven in chino hills today
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hoping that the state's winner comes forward. danielle nottingham chino hills california. >> around northern california four stores sold tickets that matched five of six numbers including this one in santa cruz. this is the chevron station at. >> i hope they do good, change their lives and hope they respect and do good. >> workers didn't even know their store sold the winning ticket until we told them last night. a store in vacaville also told a winning ticket t the purchase happened at a 7-eleven on nut tree road. other winning tickets were sold at lark field union on old redwood highway in santa rosa and quick stop on north cloverdale boulevard in cloverdale. each one is worth just over $138,000. officials are pleased with the
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enthusiasm the jackpot generated. >> the largest jackpot in world history ended. it's been a great run. everyone has been really excited. sales have been terrific. we have earned a lot more money for education than we would have if we didn't have a jackpot like this but the cherry on top is that we did get a california winner. >> last night 129 tickets total in california matched five numbers except the powerball. lottery officials say it's possible more winners matching all six will be revealed. we'll keep you updated. >> i got one number out of 20. those winners will have plenty of money for a rainy day and we have seen quite a few of those lately. this downpour in san ramon caused street flooding yesterday. no rain this morning but another one is coming in later this afternoon. all right. it's going to be what time? >> around lunch hour easily in the northern portion of the bay area and then the central bay just in time for the evening commute. so our morning commute not
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adversely affected this morning. good morning, everyone. heading out the door, grab an umbrella. we'll have some rain showers later today. right now hi-def doppler radar not picking up raindrops. we have fog. temperatures 37 in livermore, 50 san francisco. the rain is nonexistent at this very early hour. the winds are flat. but we do have, count them, this is system number 7 poised in position to bring more rain showers right here to the bay area. today's highs up to 60. we have not only storm 7 that we'll be dealing with today, but 8 and 9. i'm going to talk about how that will impact your weekend. right now let's send it over to gianna franco in the traffic center. >> we start with an accident westbound 37 right at sears point. not blocking lanes but some activity there as a big rig is involved. chp on scene. keep that in mind as you travel across 37 this morning. roads are quiet this morning. it's a nice ride across golden gate bridge this morning heading into san francisco. bay bridge quiet.
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no metering lights, no accidents or incidents easy across the span and a good ride across the san mateo bridge. no troubles as you work your way out of the east bay towards the peninsula. also off to a good start altamont pass westbound 580. 14 minutes between the altamont pass to 680 for your drive times right now. we'll take a look at the south bay coming right up. an assault today on a downtown shopping area in jakarta, ind indonesia, left 7 people dead and five attackers linked to "islamic state" militants. an explosion outside a starbucks cafe. the attackers reportedly had grenades and guns. they attacked a police post near a mall and battled officers for more than 90 minutes. a spokesman says the assailants appear to be imitating attacks in paris. a news agency linked to the group says it was responsible. today the bart board will discuss security concerns at stations and on trains this after bart police released new images of a man suspected of
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gunning down a passenger on a packed bart train last saturday. kpix 5's juliette goodrich reports. >> this is a pretty brazen random act. reporter: bart police chief kenton rainey wants the public to take a close look at the surveillance photos just released showing the alleged gunman leaving the west oakland bart station saturday night after shooting and killing a passenger on board. >> we are releasing these photos because we are asking for the public's assistance in helping us identify the suspect. >> reporter: police say the suspect is in his late 20s about 6 feet 2 inches tall, thin build, wearing a long green trench coat and carrying a backpack. >> we have a number of bart personnel assigned to patrol every couple of stations along with we have a special team funded by the federal government. >> reporter: some passengers on board the train that night took their own cell phone video capturing the terrifying moments after the shooting. today bart police wouldn't
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confirm whether or not they have their own surveillance camera from the same car where the shooting took place and they wouldn't comment on whether they have cameras on board every bart car. >> as far as which ones are on the trains, where they are position the on the platforms, where they are positioned in the stations, that's a matter of security and i'm not giving it out. >> reporter: victim had wounds to the neck and shoulder. we have exclusive information about the victim. he was carrying a fake honduran id. the photo on the identification resembles the victim but the thumbprint didn't match. as for a motive, bart police say they still don't know. in oakland, juliette goodrich, kpix 5. only on five this morning a man claims he was beaten by san francisco police. some viewers may find these images disturbing. it started when an officer pulled the cyclist over for talking on his cell phone while riding his bike.
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more now from kpix 5's mark kelly. reporter: kelly. >> i thought to myself, this cop is going to pull his gun and he is going to shoot me. reporter: when the officer pulled donovan over for cycling while on his phone, donovan pulled out his cell phone. >> you can't talk on your phone. no one can talk on their phone -- >> reporter: in the video you hear donovan tell the officer he does not have a license. >> where's your id? you ever been arrested before? [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: then it escalates. >> you know i can go through your pockets. [ inaudible ] >> what? >> you don't have the right to. >> i do. put your hands behind your back. >> you don't have the right to search me, sir. >> can i have another unit? >> reporter: at this point his camera goes off. for minutes, there's no known video record. but donovan says this happened. >> he started hitting me and then he maced me then more cops showed up. >> reporter: later two witnesses including one of
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donovan's friends starts rolling again. now donovan's on the ground. it appears one officer hits donovan in the knee. >> no, don't hurt him! stop! >> reporter: there's a second angle. >> rushed me grabbed my shirt collar and started punching me in the stomach and then my legs were being held and beaten. >> reporter: donovan had these hospital photos to prove it. sfpd says their internal affairs division is investigating and they have told the office of citizen complaints. >> i think they should all be terminated because there was no need for that to happen. not to me, not to anybody. >> reporter: of course, there is a gap in the video. so we can't know for sure how it escalated from donovan talking to the officer to donovan on the ground detained and screaming. but if you ask donovan, he does say that the officer was aggressive from the start, especially after he could not produce a driver's license.
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in selma, mark kelly, kpix 5. -- in soma, mark kelly, kpix 5. a bay area plumber rescued after being trapped in a trench is speaking about it. it rojelio esparza was working on a sewer line outside an east oakland home when the ground collapsed. rescue crews from oakland and alameda county worked for 13 hours to free him. esparza is grateful to be alive. [ speaking spanish ] >> i can't. i don't have words to repay what they did for me because they would never be adequate. i thank god they got me out. that's all, thanks to them and god. >> he credits his smartphone for keeping him calm. since his arms were free he played games to distract himself during the ordeal. police are trying to find the makeup bandit. he went into a san francisco drugstore armed with a knife and stole cosmetics. police posted this video on youtube hoping someone might recognize him. the robbery happened the
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morning of december 18th at a walgreens on chestnut street. investigators say the man threatened workers with a knife as they tried to stop him. >> time now is 4:42. one bay area woman may have a check coming from the nfl. why her name on twitter is getting so much attention. ,,
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happy... after n-f-l owners voted to keep the team in oakland for the time oakland raider owner mark davis is making it very clear he is not happy after nfl owners voted to keep the team in oakland for the time being. kpix 5's da lin looks at where things stand now after tuesday's decision. reporter: many bay area raiders fans are happy the team is staying put at least for now. these fans at ricky's sports bar are brainstorming ideas to help the raiders raise enough money to build a new stadium. as for the owner, mark davis, he is still upset he can't move to l.a. he refuses to commit to oakland. >> will you definitively be in oakland in 2016? >> no, i don't know that -- where we'll be. america, the world is a
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possibility for the raider nation. >> lots of raiders fans will be happy you're staying. >> where? >> in oakland. >> are we? >> thank you very much. >> reporter: despite what he said, the raiders will likely play at the coliseum in august. mayor libby schaaf is trying to get the a's to build a ballpark downtown so the raiders can have the coliseum site by themselves. that's one of the demands made by mark davis. now, even if davis gets that land, he is still a few hundred million dollars short and that's the problem these fans are hoping to solve. da lin, kpix 5. an interesting twist. a twitter user in the bay area could get a big payout from the nfl. lara m sasken an employee at san mateo based gopro has a twitter handle that could be very valuable. it's@"larams." at la rams.
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disgruntled rams fans want her to squeeze every penny from the nfl team to purchase the handle. yesterday she said breaking just went down to the courthouse and changed my name to [ indiscernible ] ram fan for life. good pluck. gopro announced it's cutting its workforce. stock fell 28% in after-hours trading on wednesday. the camera maker cited lower than anticipated revenue in the 4th quarter. investors will keep an eye on the stock market today after the dow jones industrial average plunged 365 points. the tech heavy nasdaq and s&p 500 also fell sharply yesterday. the s&p closed below 1900 for the first time since september. park in san francisco will stay closed longer than expected. the south side of the dolores park has been closed for a $20
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million renovation. but today's re-opening event has been postponed because of the weather. so far there's no new date announced for that re-opening. bet you're going to be out in i the park today. >> they are waiting on the weather, they are going to center to hold out for 18 more days. >> gosh. >> that's how active this weather pattern is. we keep getting storms rolling in even every day now it appears every other day and it's not a lot. it's not a deluge at one particular time to add to any kind of local flooding or rising in reservoirs what it's doing is it's dampening the soil making a dent each and every day. we are getting snow in the high sierra. overall it will break this drought if we get there. hi-def doppler radar picking up cluster and ground activity. we don't have rain in sight as of right now. anywhere from clear skies to partly cloudy to areas of fog in the napa area.
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the temperatures are spanning from 37 to 50. heading out on this thursday, no all day washouts through sunday but we'll get wet every day. heaviest will be on monday. this is interesting. satellite-radar, here's the next in coming system. i want to broaden the picture so you can see as this area of low pressure from yesterday pushes out traverses east and makes way and opens that storm door for this next area of low pressure. we are going to keep an eye on this. we are numbering this one for today number 7 behind it number 8 for friday overnight, then 9 will occur over the weekend. but we want to keep and watchful eye that this does not become an atmospheric river in which we are seeing these areas of low pressure get caught up with an el nino pattern and if it gets there, it producers heavy rainfall all day. plan on a wet evening commute, hit-and-miss scattered showers.
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not a lot all at once. we are talking about rainfall amounts, saturday overnight with the rainfall carrying over to saturday in the morning hours and then you have a break saturday night through sunday. as far as rainfall totals are concernedder, up to over half inch of -- are concerned, up to half inch of rain in the east bay by sunday. today 50s and 60s. here's the extended forecast. good morning, your thursday commute is dry. so that's reflected on the roads, as well. just one accident out there. so it's very quiet westbound 37 near sears point. no delays or troubles here. everything off to the side but chp is on scene and a big rig is involved in the wreck. the rest of marin looks good. southbound 101 as you work your way out of marin county into san francisco easy ride across the golden gate bridge this morning. pretty much the same story for all your bay area bridges. no wind advisories this morning. everything quiet at the bay bridge as you commute out of oakland into san francisco.
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no delays there. also clear at the san mateo bridge. if you are traveling along 880 heading towards 92, that westbound drive is clear into foster city. tonight heads up. 880 nimitz freeway we might see some delays for all the folks heading to the warriors game. lakers are in town. tip-off tonight at 7:30. right now though the nimitz freeway not showing any troubles both directions near oracle. everything is clear northbound as well into downtown oakland. altamont pass some brake lights originating around tracy westbound typical for this time of the morning. drive time still only 14 minutes westbound altamont pass and 680. the south bay looks good no snags along 101 or 280. tonight at s.a.p. the sharks are playing at the tank at 7:30. back to you guys. it's today's big story. somebody here in the golden state scored the golden ticket to last night's big powerball jackpot. now one man has taken to twitter claiming to be california's newest millionaire. eric bragg's ticket appears to
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show last night's winning numbers. he promises to share $10 million of the prize with his followers but this photo is unverified and bragg has only sent 6 tweets in all his time on twitter. >> think he is going to get a few more followers. >> today. yeah. when a boulder blocks a highway, caltrans knows what to do. blow it up. the giant rock tumbled on highway 50 yesterday afternoon near kyburz in the sierra. the road is clear now. but caltrans says it's ready to clear more rocks if other slides hit that area. 4:51. you will need to attach a tiny license plate to your drone if one state lawmaker gets his way. the other new rules he is proposing. >> what's cool about your school? email your nominations to thank you at and we may feature your school on the show. it's a thursday! we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,
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good morning. futurecast clearly illustrates by lunchtime today rain begins in the north bay evening commute wet then this time tomorrow morning under mostly cloudy skies. looking at more rain arriving by friday overnight into saturday early-morning hours. can you see that? how will your weekend be affected? saturday afternoon is dry through sunday morning and then more rain by sunday night. we'll keep hi-def doppler rolling for you. and lots of good news to report from the traffic center right now. no major snags on your 880 ride as you work your way northbound into downtown oakland. southbound it's a clear right out of oakland into hayward into fremont. a bay area daredevil died this week doing what he loved, base jumping. 29-year-old matthew kenny was an experienced wingsuit flyer from santa cruz. kenny had even done tv interviews about the thrill
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that comes with base jumping. the accident happened tuesday in a remote wilderness area near the arizona utah border. the sheriff says he slammed into a wall about 600 feet down from where he jumped. his death is the first linked to base jumping in the area known as the arizona strip district according to a blm spokesman. time now 4:55. 's drones are more common -- as drones are more common lawmakers are trying to keep them in check. one proposal comes from a state assemblyman mike gotto. the los angeles democrat is calling for all drones to be registered and insured. it would require small license plates on all drones as well as gps and automatic shutoff features to keep them away from airports. >> the technology already exists to slowly bring a drone out of the sky with gps shutoff. these type of applications exist in many other things and the federal government wants to see this with all airports and, of course, the state is
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responsible for regulating that first 400 feet. we want to make sure if a drone gets anywhere near a commercial flight that there's something on board that shuts that drone off before it gets too close for comfort. >> last summer drones were interfering with crews' efforts to battle some california wildfires. gotto says his proposal would help law enforcement identify drone operators. there's a new push in san francisco to make it the first u.s. city to offer full paid parental leave. under state law employees can already get up to 55% of their wages through disability. now supervisor weiner wants san francisco employers to pay the remaining 45%. it would apply to both parents working for companies with 20 or more employees. >> we he want to make sure that people have the opportunity to spend time with a new child to bond with that child to have a very healthy family and making sure that people get full wage replacement and earn their full income for at least six weeks is a good way to do that.
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>> supervisor weiner will introduce the legislation later this month. it is 4:56. who hit the big jackpot? we are at a california store where at least one of three winning powerball tickets was sold. >> reporter: police release new photos of a man suspected of killing another man here at this bart station, they are facing new questions on security. we'll show you those photos next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning. it's thursday, january 14th. i'm michelle griego. and i'm frank mallicoat. good morning, everyone. it is thursday, january 14. a look from the rooftop cam. it's gotham city! looks like that with the clouds. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. someone in southern california is waking up a heck of a lot richer this morning.
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>> one of three tickets, winning tickets from last night's record $1.5 billion powerball jackpot was sold at a chino hills 7-eleven. danielle nottingham is live outside that lucky 7-eleven store in chino hills where a big crowd gathered last night. reporter: it was crazy. good morning. you didn't have to win that big jackpot to be happy here in chino hills. once the word spread that one of the winning tickets was sold at this 7-eleven, even people who missed out on the catch cash were celebrating. crowds of california residents descended on the store in chino hills late into the night where at least one golden powerball ticket was sold. >> i could have won. >> your winning powerball numbers. >> reporter: california lottery official posted the big news on twitter minutes after the winning numbers were drawn. those who didn't win still came to the store to celebrate even congratulating this store clerk who admitted he has no idea who the wi i


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