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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  January 17, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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several inches of rain are latest storm. batten down the hatches and get ready for a super soaker. several inches of rain expected in this latest storm. flash flood watches are in effect for parts of the bay area as well. good evening. i'm juliette goodrich. >> i'm brian hackney. they're stacking up lying a deck of cards in the pacific. we should be dealt a pretty big blow. had north coast of california could pick up as much as 5 inches of rain. parts of the central bay, 3 inches. at the moment the doppler is showing little of this is reaching the south bay and yet we'll pull back to show you some of the heavier cells are over the north bay right now with the rest of the bay due to
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be impacted soon. some of the heavier rain is right over an area notorious for flooding and shutting down off ramps. that's the entrance to mill valley and this is a live look at the park and ride underneath 101 just across the street from the buckeye in mill valley. today's heavy rain and high tide are a recipe for flooding there. this low lying area has a tendency to flood. cars in the parking lot often get trapped in the high water there. the national weather service has issued a flash flood watch for the burn areas of the lake and napa counties. these are the areas devastated by the valley and rocky fires just last summer. the vegetation is burnt away, making the ground susceptible to mudslides. we'll have more in the storm in a few minutes. you can get all your weather information on the go in the cbs bay area weather app. you can search and download it. tonight the americans released by iran are in germany. they're in a hospital for a
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medical checkup before they come back to america. wendy gillette has the details. >> reporter: a swiss air force plane carrying three americans who had been imprisoned in iran landed safely in geneva sunday. this picture posted on a u.s. envoy twitter account is the first of jason rezaian as a free man. they flew to a hospital where they're being evaluated. president obama held a news conference at the white house sunday morning. >> today we're united in welcoming home sons and husbands and brothers who endured an absolute nightmare. >> reporter: the americans along with one other man who apparently chose to stay in iran were part of a swap with seven iranians held and charged in the u.s. two were released from a federal detension center in houston early sunday. family members of the freed americans
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are planning reunions of their own including the sister and brother-in-law of the former u.s. marine. they're traveling with congressman guildi where they'll see their relative for the first time since 2007. >> everything is so surreal. amir called last night to tell us he's on his way. >> reporter: another american, student matthew trevisick was freed as part of a separate agreement and is already on his way home. secret talks to free the five americans began 14 months ago over a dozen meetings. wendy gillette, cbs news. >> family members of jason rezaian issued this statement today. the most fabulous news we've heard in a very, very long time. we're very excited. he's such a nice kid. he should be back in the u.s. next week and there will be a huge party at that time. rezaian grew up in marin county and he always wanted to go to iran to learn more about his heritage.
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>> at least three are missing in iraq. baghdad television is reporting they're contractors who have been kidnapped. the u.s. embassy is not saying much other than it is working with local authorities. concerns about scurlt have spiked after isis carried out several attacks in baghdad in past weeks. we're about an hour away from the democratic presidential debate. three hopefuls will be facing off in carolina. they'll be facing off across the street from emanuel ame church in charleston, where a gunman killed nine people last year. gun control will be a big topic in what's expected to be a lively debate. >> i think it's going to be a spirited debate. >> obviously they're going to try not to mess up. the last thing you want is a gaff in a big important event like this. >> healthcare and the economy are expected to be heated topics tonight. a lot is on the line tonight with the polls shifting
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on the democratic side. this is one reason why we could see some fireworks. >> as your president, i'll always have your back. >> reporter: democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton is widening her national lead over bernie sanders according to a poll released sunday. it shows her as the first choice of 59% of primary voters. sanders, 25 points behind. this poll is a turn around from other national numbers which show clinton's edge dwindling. >> although we share some very similar goals for our country, we have differences and senator sanders has been pointing them out. >> reporter: the candidates went on the attack on the sunday morning talk shows. >> it disappoints me that the clinton cap is kind -- clinton camp is sounding like republicans. >> reporter: some of it sounding passive aggressive. >> i am pleased that senator sanders has flip-flopped on legal immunity for gun makers and sellers. >> reporter: then there's healthcare. >> we're the only major country on earth that doesn't guarantee healthcare to all people and we
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spend far, far more per capita than people of other countries. >> i think we should be defending the affordable care act. this is a historic achievement for our country. >> reporter: the match-up has political experts reeling. >> bernie sanders, the white guy, the 74-year-old is leading with millennial women. who would understand how this is happening? >> reporter: but clinton is still the frontrunner today. >> if hillary is the nominee, she is the next president. >> o'malley barely qualified for the debate despite a strong performance in the last one. still ahead, it's your last chance to shop walmart in oakland. it closes in less than 60 minutes. why the city says it isn't worried about losing a major retail store. >> judge judy grounded? wait till you see what happened to her private jet during a freak storm in florida.
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friends say "wilkes bashfor after battling the man who helped change the world of fashion in san francisco has died. friends say wilkes bashford died yesterday after battling cancer. he was known for dressing many of san francisco's big names including former mayor willie brown. today mayor ed lee called bashford a true friend of the
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city. a clothing store bearing his name opened in 1966 and his shop on sutter street remains open today. wilkes bashford was 83 years old. in less than an hour oakland's only walmart will close its doors for good. as mark kelly shows us, shop owners surrounding the anchor store now worry about their own livelihoods. >> when did you find out it's closing? >> last night. >> oh, you just found out? >> just found out, that's why i came up here. >> reporter: she can't believe her walmart near the oakland airport is one of 269 stores worldwide turning off its lights. >> if you don't have this, what are you going to do >> i guess i'm going to have to travel to the next one. >> reporter: she's worried a food desert will take root in the community. >> a lot of people don't have grocery stores to shop for food. >> reporter: oaklanders have seen stores leave before.
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it lost the sears department store after 70 years. >> we had a white front a long time ago. we had a pack and save. they all seem to close. >> reporter: wall --walmart says the decision is based on finances and long-term plans. some have floated the minimum wage hike from $9 to $12.25 an hour as another reason. >> that's a petty excuse. [ laughter ] >> i spoke to a couple employees here at walmart. they say management handled this closing well and they're allowing them to move to other stores in the bay area. but the stores next to walmart aren't so optimistic. wing stop said it feeds off walmart's workers and customers to keep its own business strong. >> i think it's going to affect us a little bit. >> reporter: in oakland, mark kelly, kpix 5. >> of course oakland city
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coffers are using-- losing tax revenue but they can put the site to new use. sean penn tells his side of the story with meeting with the world's most wanted man, el chapo. >> do you believe the mexican government released this in part because they wanted to see you blamed and to put you at risk? >> yes. >> up next, a preview of the interview coming up tonight on 60 minutes. >> and a sizable storm powering down on the bay area. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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you've upgraded all your old technology... so what about this? it's time to get into the new with ford ♪ come and get it if you really want it... ♪ new is ecoboost technology. new is a foot-activated liftgate. new is tougher, stronger and lighter. new is ford. america's best-selling brand. now get into a new focus, fusion, or escape with 0% financing for 60 months plus $2,000 dollars trade-assist cash. only at your local ford dealer. nasa launched a new ocean- monitoring satellite into
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lift-off from the falcon 9 rocket. >> nasa launched a new ocean monitoring satellite in to space. the agency failed to recover the first stage of the rocket. it was supposed to land on a drone ship in the ocean after lifting off from vanburg air force base but the rocket tipped over after setting down because of a problem with its landing legs. >> sean penn is setting the record straight. the actor sat down with charlie rose for an interview with 60 minutes. penn describes exactly how he got in touch with the notorious drug lord el chapo, a meeting that led to his capture. kenneth craig has a preview. >> there is this myth about the visit that we made. >> reporter: sean penn tells 60 minutes' charlie rose that he does not believe his october interview with joaquin el chapo guzman led to the drug lord's capture last week. >> as far as you know, you had nothing to do and your visit had nothing to do with his
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recapture? >> the mexican government, they were clearly very humiliated by the notion that someone found him before they did. well, nobody found him before they did. we're not smarter than the dea or mexican intelligence. we had a contact upon which we were able to facilitate an invitation. >> reporter: guzman escaped one of mexico's maximum security prisons last july by crawling through a hole in the shower then a mile-long tunnel 30 feet underground. guzman is believed to be responsible for as many as 34,000 deaths. officials say his cartel is the number one supplier of heroin, cocaine, and marijuana to the u.s. >> do you believe the mexican government released this in part because they wanted to see you blamed and to put you at risk? >> yes. >> they wanted to encourage the cartel to put you in their cross hairs. >> yes. >> are you fearful for your
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life? >> no. >> reporter: penn says the focus on his meeting with guzman and his capture means his article, which was supposed to bring attention to the war on drugs has failed. >> you can see the entire interview on 60 minutes tonight at 7:00 here on kpix 5. a blast of dangerously cold weather has taken over the plains. in minneapolis, teeth chattering temperatures 25 to 35 degrees below zero. it can cause frostbite in as little as half an hour. in indianapolis what we can't get enough of here in california, snow. it kept coming down, blanketing cars and streets. the frigid temperatures are expected to drop even further this week. in florida, fierce tornados ripped through communities south of tampa overnight, leaving two people dead. smashed houses looked like they'd been bulldozed. that's indication of the sheer force of the twisters. what used to be homes now piles
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of debris scattered everywhere. the two victims were husband and wife. their son and four grandchildren escaped and are expected to be all right. check this out. this is judge judy's jet. those high winds in florida last night pushed the front of the plane up sending fuel toward the back, causing the plane to get stuck like that. tmz got this picture from the cbs affiliate w.i.n.k. news in naples. the plane has damage to the underbelly. other planes were also damaged. we've got our own storm to deal with and gusty winds too. gusting up to 28 miles per hour at the airport. elsewhere they're mostly below 15 miles per hour. as we go live outside and look at the intersection, a broadway in the embarcadero. slick streets in the city. most of the rain still in the north. it will power south over the next five hours. right now concord has got 60 degrees. numbers are fairly mild. let's get caught up on the doppler.
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you can see light rain beginning to make its way in to skyline boulevard but there's a lot of rain shadowing happening in santa clara county. not much around san jose. the heavier rain is up in the north bay and poised off the peninsula at this hour it will quickly move ashore over the next few hours so the latest on the hi-def doppler shows heavier cells in the north bay and some stretching from richmond to san francisco, oakland, and alameda. that will change as the futurecast shows, a fairly decent line of showers moving through the area. it will all clear out by the morning commute tomorrow. we'll be left with cloudy conditions tomorrow morning at 7:00. we'll roll this on to show you the next system comes in tuesday morning. just in time for the commute. pretty gust y system on the way for tuesday. then wednesday we get a break. rain tonight and in terms of the amounts, not bad. by 4:00 tomorrow afternoon we'll have an inch and a half in san rafael.
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same for the santa cruz mountains. here in the city we'll approach an inch of rain. 3/4ths in pleasanton. an inch and a half in pleasanton. a little over an inch in san jose. flash flood watch no surprise. inch and a half to 2 inches of rain possible before sunrise tomorrow. debris flows a possible. at the same time all of this is causing coastal flood warnings because the surf is up. rip tides are possible. winter storm warnings posted in the mountains. poor visibility. snow level above 6500 feet. and again on the futurecast you can see the cold front presses south so that by tomorrow morning we'll be able to take a breath and dry out a little bit. not a lot of sun coming out though. we'll have cloudy skies. to sum it all up, rain spreads south tonight. monday showers. rain on tuesday
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again. a break on wednesday before more rain coming in on friday. so expect it to be wet and windy tonight and again on tuesday morning. by wednesday we will get a break. thursday a few showers leading to yet another system coming through on friday. by the end of the week we could pick up more than 3 inches of rain total in parts of the central bay area and more than that in the mountains saturday and sunday we get a break. a lot happening in weather tonight. and a lot happening in sports. here's dennis. >> the road to the super bowl is now down to four teams. who still has a chance to come to levi's stadium? ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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half does not a football ga make..that opinion is up for took place it has been stated that one half does not a football game make. that opinion is up for debate after what took place today in charlotte between the seahawks and the top seed panthers. to say russell wilson and seahawks came out flat, understatement. jonathan stewart had a 58-yard run on the first play from scrimmage and scored. three plays later. big day for that man. 1 zeeur 6 -- 106 yards, two touchdowns and a new number one fan. seattle's opening drive didn't go so well. russell wilson picked off by luke kuechly. that's the easiest pick 6 you're going to see. 14-0 just three minutes in to the game. cam newton jacked out of his mind. 2nd quarter, panthers up 34-0. look at that dime to greg olson, carolina. 31-0 at the half. pete
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carroll's team got a wake-up call. 6 minutes left. seattle now down 31-14. and look at this as jermaine kearse, wilson's third touchdown pass of the half, two of them to that man. so just over a minute to play. seahawks down 7. all hinges on this onside kick and carolina hangs on. they win the football game 31-24. they advance to the nfc championship for the first time since 2005. >> it's just a tale of execution. we need a little bit more of that in the second half. there's a lot of guys playing with their butts tight. at one point the fans and myself was butt tight too. >> what have you proven by being able to get to the championship game? >> didn't prove nothing. we already knew how to play. i think this time we just trying to get cool points from you guys because i know you guys didn't pick us. so it's all right. we don't play
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for you guys. >> the steelers came in to today's divisional game against denver as the walking wounded. they were without their number 1 runningback, deangelo williams, and top receiver antonio brown. ben roethlisberger battling a shoulder injury. as for the broncos they were starting peyton manning for the first time in two months. 6-0 denver. but then fitzgerald scores from one yard out to give pittsburgh a 7-6 lead. early 3rd quarter. steelers leading 10 -9. roethlisberger finds a wide open martavis bryant. setting up a pittsburgh field goal and they led at that point 13-9. 10 minutes left in the game. it's now 13-12, lead down to a point. pittsburgh driving. toussaint has the ball knocked out and recovered by denver's demarcus ware. that's the play that would determine the outcome. off the turnover, nearly a 7-minute drive and there's cj
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anderson. broncos in front after a 2-point conversion. next possession, under 2 minutes left. steelers facing 4th and 5. roethlisberger sacked by ware. broncos win 23-16 and will face tom brady and the patriots in the afc championship again. >> next week your fourth afc championship against tom brady. what can we expect for that one? >> well, it will be the broncos versus the patriots and we'll enjoy this one tonight and i think you knew that answer was coming. have to kind of quote bill belichick. we'll be on the new england. and i'll be talking about them all wednesday. >> so the nfl's final four is set. carolina will host arizona in the nfc championship while new england travels to denver for the afc title game with the winners advancing to levi's stadium for super bowl 50. the raiders' search for a stadium could have ended a few years ago. the team's former ceo told me oakland and al davis actually
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thought about moving to santa clara. >> my discussions with him went something like this. hey, hey, let me tell you something, young lady. i'm not sharing with the 49ers. um, show me those numbers again? let me see that spreadsheet you worked up. hey, i'm not sharing that stadium. let me see those little spreadsheets you put together. we were considering it. ultimately it didn't get done. >> that's the first i've heard that al davis actually wanted to see spreadsheets and it would have made so much sense in retrospect. santa clara was almost a neutral location for both teams. it didn't happen and it's a shame it didn't because the raiders are in their current predicament. >> we'll see you back here in half an hour. >> cbs evening news is next. news updates always on we'll have the latest on the weather as we look
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live toward coit tower at 6:30. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> glor: one big step closer to home. americans freed from iran arrive in germany to be reunited with their families. we'll have more on the american killed in a terror attack in west africa. we get the story of another's harrowing escape. in south carolina, presidential candidates clinton, sanders and o'malley face off tonight. global markets sirng further as wall street prepares for another queasy week. plus heavenly harmony. monks bring music back to a century olds monday stas-- monastary while tapping into something very special. >> if you thought the music was di vien, you should try the beer, trust me. >> this is captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news."


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