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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  January 20, 2016 1:37am-2:13am PST

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greyhound bus flipped over >> live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> two women killed after this greyhound bus flips over in san jose. tonight, we are hearing from one of the victim's sons. that crash shut down a ramp and several lanes of traffic on highway 101 in san jose ten hours. >> the bus left los angeles late last night but never made it crashing with 50 miles to go. both victims are women. they were thrown from the bus when it slammed into the median. 20 people were on board. ten were taken to the hospital. most with minor injuries. the bus driver told the chp he was fatigued at the time, but
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he denies falling asleep at the wheel. cranes had to be called in to lift the bus out of traffic so it could be hauled away. one of the victim's sons told andria borba he booked his mother's bus ticket. >> reporter: sitting in his kitchen, antonio olivera tells the story of waiting for his mother in a greyhound station in san francisco. sally olivera's bus was supposed to arrive at 7:25 a.m. >> and i was waiting for an hour, two hours. and i finally asked the staff what happened. >> reporter: that is when he heard about the bus crash on highway 101 in san jose. he called the greyhound hot line and chp. no information. >> i called five hospitals in san jose. i called every emergency department. i asked if my mother is on their list who was brought from
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the accident and none of them said my mother was on their list. >> reporter: after doing the math of 20 passengers on the bus and 18 injured, antonio called the santa clara county coroner's office. >> they had her green card. she just got here last september from the philippines and her bag. >> reporter: when told that the bus driver 58-year-old gary bonnessloter of victorville was tired from the drive, antonio said this. >> i don't have any hate toward the driver. it is an accident. no one wanted it to happen. >> reporter: antonio says he just wants to see his mother. >> i asked if i could see my mother today. they said i had to wait until tomorrow. it is painful. hurtful. >> reporter: antonio says his brothers are planning to drive up here to the bay area from los angeles tomorrow to see
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their mother's body. in san jose, andria borba, kpix5. >> starting in november, new federal rules will require lap and shoulder seat belts for buses. city buses are excluded. greyhound began voluntarily providing seat belts in 2009. look at the oakland airport tonight. one of the main runways got damaged by the recent rains. it was shut down for emergency repairs almost three hours tonight. the runway reopened about an hour ago. >> all the rain turned some bay area roads into rivers. this is highway 12 near 116 in shellville in sonoma county. now the road is still closed and paul, we are getting a break for it now, but not for long. >> later in week, we will see more rain moving into the bay area but for now we are dry. a stark contrast to earlier when the rain was coming down a quarter inch an hour. rainfall totals. sonoma county more than three
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inches of rainfall. an inch-and-a-half for morgan hill and orinda. adding to our already impressive rainfall totals more than double average so far this january in san francisco. 60% above average in livermore. more than double average. 190% of normal in santa rosa. there is more coming. we will talk about which day looks the wettest coming up. >> thanks paul. the storm caused so much damage that one bay area neighborhood was completely cut off. the road closed there. trees and power lines came down on panoramic way in the berkeley hills near the cal campus. our christin ayers is there right now with the latest. christin? >> reporter: yeah. and tonight, panoramic way is still buzzing with activity. you can see that the road is still at least partially choked with utility trucks. there is a big spotlight over there as crews were working to replace one of the damaged power poles. there is only one way in up the road. tonight, cars lined up waiting
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to get access after hour of being blocked from entering the street was shut down after a large eucalpytus crashed down during a storm. the tree knocked down three poles and a number of power lines leaving more than 300 people in the dark. by this evening only 129 customers were still without power. >> a firefighter came to the door and spoke to my roommate and said there are some power lines down, and you guys can walk out or bike out but no cars. >> we will be working through the night to make sure this gets done. we will have trucks here. that is why the access is not constant but we will make sure people get access to their homes and go home for the night. >> reporter: the good news tonight is even though panoramic way is still coned off, pg&e is allowing people at
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the top of every hour to go inside. they are allowing drivers access. just as a concerted effort once an hour. we saw about a dozen cars go through at the top of this hour. pg&e officials estimating that they will have power back on for people around noon tomorrow and they are shooting for earlier than that. reporting live in berkeley, christin ayers, kpix5. in san francisco, the owner of this car had a pretty good excuse for being late for work. there is a tree on top of it. yeah. that was on sampson street in the statement city. the coast guard called off the search for two students swept out to sea. they spent the day searching for them but there are no signs they are still alive. they were hiking at bonny dune beach last night north of santa cruz. an uncle tells maria medina he is not giving up. >> reporter: rescuers searched by boat and air for two bay
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area college students missing 24 hours after a wave swept them out to sea about 5:00 p.m. yesterday. one made it to shore. two others remain missing. a palo alto woman and a san jose student. i spoke with his uncle earlier today and they refuse to lose hope. >> he is really a good guy. i coulden believe it. he would jump in and save someone. that's the kind of person he is. i'm very upset and hopeful. i'm hoping that he is still out there. >> family members say they will search day and night looking for any signs of the young victims. they say they were a group of college students just hanging out here at the beach when they encountered trouble. in santa cruz, maria medina, kpix5. >> the coast guard will resume the search if there are signs the students have survived. meanwhile in the sierra, a search for a missing ski instructor has been suspended. 23-year-old carson may disappeared last friday at
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sugar bowl during white-out conditions. his father says search crews did what they could. >> the expertise was there, amazing manpower. i was on the radios. i heard the guys and gals out there huffing and puffing in bad conditions searching for our son. >> and the search for carson will not resume unless some new information surfaces. just half an hour ago, we learned san leandro police arrested a man they believe stole a 300-pound statue from cal and cut it apark. here's the suspect, 46-year-old dean gamaza. they found the torso of the statue in his truck and the legs in his backyard. he is now in jail. and there is a new push tonight to limit gun sales in california. no more than one long gun a month. the new legislation would allow people to buy one shotgun or rifle each month.
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there is already a similar law for handgun sales. the lawmaker behind it says it make sos sense that someone can buy as many shotguns or rifles as they want. campaign 2016, just 13 days before the first votes in the presidential election. donald trump has his biggest backer yet. a conservative heavyweight and veronica de la cruz says she got the crowd riled up. >> reporter: that is an understatement. this could really help trump in iowa. the caucuses are february 1. they officially endorsed the republican front runner. >> you ready for a commander-in- chief who will let our warriors do their job and go kick isis' ass? >> now, this endorsement is a blow to texas senator ted cruz. right now, he is in a debt heat
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in trump with iowa state polls. >> sarah palin is fantastic. without her friendship and support, i wouldn't be in the senate today. >> and the new york daily new is not mincing words tonight. check out the cover of tomorrow's paper. it says i'm with stupid. hate minds think alike. police in alaska say palin's son was arrested for punching his girlfriend. i'm veronica de la cruz, kpix5. tonight, why san francisco's construction boom could come to a grinding halt all because of the superbowl. >> bad girls, bad girls. what you going to do? bay area police are warning about a group of girls they call the grab and go bandits. and jamie fox rescues a man from a burning car. from a burning car. >> and what is
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now adding insult to injury tonight those protestors who stopped traffic on the bay bridge may walk away.. and t punished. >> drivers were furious, now adding insult to injury, tonight, the protesters who stopped traffic on the bay bridge might walk away and not be punished. traffic came to a standstill yesterday when black lives matter protesters chained their cars together. 24 were booked on misdemeanor charges but they may not get jail time. bay area prosecutors have a history of leniency for
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protests. >> what message does this send to other protesters? we can shut down the bridge. >> protest is as long as this country ice history and beyond that. so it shouldn't be surprising that the district attorney decides to dismiss a charge. people are going to protest regardless of the consequence. >> and the san francisco da has not commented on what he might do. you think traffic in the city is bad now? just wait. it is about to get a lot worse. mark kelly on the mayor's plan to try to ease congestion ahead of the superbowl. mark? >> reporter: well ken, signs that superbowl 50 is close are of course behind me here. they are popping up over the city. and to ease traffic jams during the busy week. the mayor suggested today the construction projects slow down a bit. as the transbay terminal project goes up fast, the traffic below seems to only slow down. >> do you like to see some of the construction slow down a
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bit? >> it wouldn't bother me if it did. >> reporter: the mayor told kcbs radio he would like contractors to take a breather during the superbowl so traffic can flow better. >> it makes sense. it will be worse as the construction keeps going on. >> reporter: muni is he'ding the call for construction calm during superbowl week. >> we will have equipment out there, but where we have traffic now, we won't do any work in the intersections and the streets. we will continue to do work underground or off to the side. >> reporter: but melissa hill worries what this scaling back could be for construction worker. >> i wouldn't be too happy. >> why is that? >> because i work. >> reporter: the mayor has been talking with the contractors. the last thing he wants to do is delay any of these projects. >> i don't think any of the construction firms will agree with it. >> why is that? >> because time is money. >> reporter: so, muni spokesperson tells me that the
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department supports the mayor's idea because less traffic jams means of course smoother public transit around superbowl city. live at city hall, mark kelly, kpix5. san francisco taxpayers may be getting the sort end of the stick this superbowl. while santa clara gets $4 million for the nfl for hosting the big game, san francisco is getting almost nothing. now, some city supervisors are demanding the league pay up to the tune of $5 million. it is for things like security, public transport, and other city resources. >> we could go into all of these deals getting sufficient costs reimbursement for the taxpayers of san francisco. people will be inconvenienced and have a good time. but we really have to make sure we are minding the store. >> superbowl planners say the benefits will greatly outweigh the costs. by some estimates, it will be in the hundreds of millions of
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dollars. a group of girls walk into is a store, but they were not there to shop, they were there to shoplift. san francisco police just released this surveillance video from a store on fillmore street on the end of december. three suspects walked in, grabbed handbags. they don't pay. and they dash out. they got away with almost $2,000 worth of merchandise. if you recognize them, police want to hear from you. which san francisco street do you think has the highest crime rate? we have the answer tonight. market street between fourth and fifth streets. last year, there were nearly 1400 crime reports. that is one of the busiest blocks in san francisco. westfield shopping sented serre right there. bart and muni station. most of the crime isn't violent. general motor ramping up its threat against uber. first the $500 million investment in lyft.
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tonight, bloomburg is reporting gm is buying side car. the san francisco ride sharing service shut down last month after failing to compete with its better financed rivals. under the new deal, gm gets side car's technology. even some of its employees for an undisclosed price. tonight, a hollywood star is hailed as a real life action hero. how does jamie fox feel about that? reporter brittany hopper talked to him. >> reporter: an emotional father walks down the driveway with actor jamie fox after thanking fox for saving his son's life. >> he was here when he need today be here. he was here for my son. as far as i'm concerned he saved his life. >> you said that you were able. >> we pulled him out. he has serious burns. >> reporter: the truck lost control. rolled several times, then burst into flames outside jamie fox's house monday night. it was fox who helped pull the young man to safety. >> your son is a fighter.
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when he extends he extends out of the cabin. pulled him out. as we pull him out, five seconds later the truck goes up. >> reporter: fox also posted this instagram picture of hugging the man's father writing god had his arms wrapped around all of us. the truck flipped over and completely charred as firefighters put out the rest of the flames. the driver was 30-year-old bret kyle. >> he didn't have to do a thing. and, like i said earlier, i think we all hoped that we could do something when the time is there. the question is, do we? do we act? >> reporter: fox is known for playing many roles includeing the hero in some of his block buster movies. yet, he still doesn't consider saving a man's life heroic. >> i done look at it as heroic. it is just, you know, i had to do something. you know. and it all just worked out.
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>> reporter: police say the driver did suffer from some burns and he was sent to the hospital. but, he was also arrested for driving under the influence. in west lake village, i'm brittany hopper, kpix5. switching gears, we will check your weather now. you might see a little sunshine tomorrow. >> a little sunshine drying out. this will be the longest dry break we have had. a whopping two days before the rain comes back friday. kpix5 high-def doppler is dry tonight. it will be dry tomorrow. we have already had 13 rainy days this january. if you were to add up last january, and february, and march, and april, we had ten rainy days. already had 13 so far this month. big shot of the sunset along the coastline. we are down to 48 in santa rosa. it is foggy already. we could see some widespread dense fog in the north bay valley. san francisco 55 dropping to 49
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tonight. vallejo 43. fremont 46. concord 42. clearing skies. cooler, temperatures the red color you see, a very active storm track. the path of least resistance that the storms often take. and notice, it is headed right into northern california. the storm that just moved through, storm number 10 follow first-degree path of least resistance. inch to two inches of rainfall. there is another storm. we get a break with storm number 11 for the month will be out there following the path in the atmosphere once again. it will keep coming. the question is how many of them are out there? another one is coming up giving us more widespread rainfall friday into saturday. tomorrow, a little bit of clear sky. no rain, noted even much cloud cover. we are cloudier thursday. but no rain yet. it will be friday morning setting the stage for a morning commute. widespread rainfall making things very slow for the drive to work on friday. we get a couple of days we are
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dry. storm number 11 gets here friday, but the concern tonight will be fog especially in the north bay valleys. some sunshine for you. fremont 61. san francisco, 58. ex-tended forecast, that two- daybreak. then we get a longer break. the rest of saturday. all of sunday, monday, tuesday are dry. mother nature consolidating the rain event. there are not as many, but we got hit this morning. >> okay. >> keep it coming. >> thanks paul. a pickup truck rolls over and something crazier caught on camera. >> and coming up in the late show with stephen colbert,
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pay attention to the left se of your screen - watch as a pi ing in >> crazy video to show you out of brazil. >> pay attention to the left side of your screen. watch as a pickup truck comes flying in front of another car. it rolls over a few times. then, a passenger there in the red shirt. >> no, come on. >> tossed nearly 65 feet into
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the air. incredible. he's okay. he was hospitalized in stable condition. the drunk driver got slapped with a fine. it doesn't even look real. >> it is why you wear a seat belt. >> thank you for that wisdom. jim harbaugh raids the area in search of more talent. and what about chip kelly as ,,, [coughing] [coughing] [coughing] [coughing] [coughing] coughing disrupts everyone's life.
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that's why so many people are turning to delsym for longer lasting cough relief. delsym has an advanced time release formula that helps silence coughs for a full 12 hours. that's three times longer than the leading cough liquid. all night... or all day. days ago..still, fans and m have yet to hear kelly uttea word
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about his plans for turning >> chip kelly's hire as the hoed coach of the 49ers is old news. still, fans and media have yet to hear him utter a word about it. a news conference is scheduled tomorrow. one of the knocks on kelly is poor relationships with his players including running back lesean mccoy who was traded to buffalo after a falling out with kelly. mccoy gave his advice to 49ers players. >> he is very, very intelligent. they will find ways to put the stats up. no matter how good or low of a player york runway, if you believe in him, if you just believe, you know, and buy in, i think you will be fine. >> i thought that was surprisingly gracious. serena williams facing say
2:07 am
sue way. smashes the return in the second set. williams took just an hour to win. whether he likes it or not, almost anything that jim harbaugh does is interesting but that kind of attention grabbing personality can work out great in recruiting. he created a pair of recruits. went to school with a defensive tackle. going to school was still not the most interesting thing harbaugh has done on the recruiting trail. in la, while visiting corner back david long, harbaugh climbed a tree in long's at the question of long's little sister. harbaugh did not make it to the top. but the michigan head coach is doing the heavy lifting to get
2:08 am
the recruits. lane kiffin is the offensive coordinator for alabama to get the players. he even plans to sleep on a recruit's floor. >> he has done that. >> to get a kicker. >> i want a picture of that to believe it though. >> be right back. [ laughter ] ,,,,,,,,
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