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tv   KPIX 5 News Sun Morn Edition  CBS  January 24, 2016 7:30am-8:31am PST

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i'm phil matier. earthquake shajes alaska - he east coast good morning and thank you for joining us. it is 7:30 on 24 january.>> we have a lot to cover in the next hour. a lot -- an earthquake in alaska and debate heating up in california. speeding up the process for getting rid of it altogether. it has been more than a decade since anybody has been executed in california due to legal issues. we are two weeks away from the big game and they are
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trying to curb the expense. mark kelly is getting a head start on all of the fun. they have been building for the past 24 hours. how is it going? it is looking good. they are transforming justin herman plaza in the super bowl city. we will give you a peek at what it will look like when it is all done. we will be talking about that in a few minutes. >> and julie watts is in for a check of the weather forecast. this is longer -- the longest period of dry weather we have had this year. there are a couple of showers. i am seeing rain right now. let's take a look at the high definition doppler. overall, it looks dry. let's look at san mateo and santa clara and santa cruz county. the showers will die down, but
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we cannot rule out showers in the north. you can expect plenty of sunshine with a mix of sun and clouds. partly cloudy today. if you are headed out for the morning jog, 43 in concord. 49 in oakland and 51 in san francisco. expect more of the same. mostly dry and mild and we cannot rule out showers to the north. overall, giant -- dry and mild with showers to the south. of course an extended dry break. but the rain will return just in time for super bowl festivities. details coming up. a powerful earthquake hit alaska at 6.2 magnitude at a: 30 p.m. their time. it was southwest of anchorage where it triggered power outages. the national weather service says is the nominee is not expected. people digging out on the east coast after being hammered by a snowstorm.
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the blizzard yesterday dropped almost 7 -- 27 inches and was just short of breaking a record set in 2006. that is what they would normally get an entire winter season in new york city. a paralyzed the nation's capital. mass transit was shut down and businesses closed. at least 19 people were killed in several states. drivers in pennsylvania were stuck on the highway for nearly 24 hours. that is because the highway was cluttered with tractor-trailers who had jackknifed and were stuck in the snow. to airports in washington, dc are expected to remain closed through today. they are expected to restart limited service at the new york area airport. 8000 flights have been canceled and this weekend, some at the bay area airport. if you are flying out, check ahead. more people are having to
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flee their homes in the city of pacifica. the homes along esplanade avenue are in danger of falling into the ocean. recent storms brought heavy surf and rain to the area causing clips to crumble. people are waiting for an evacuation notice before they are forced to leave. >> it -- i love it here. it has been my dream to live here. we could be here for another two years, two months or two weeks.>> they hope to gate state and federal money to fix the infrastructure. the snow is piling up in the sierras. the snow has revived renter business. retailers in truckee are busy as snow worst and keyboarders -- knowers and ski borders -- skiers and snowboarders
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converge. scrapping the current plan that calls for an initial stretch between burbank and the central valley. the la times reports that the bakersfield to san jose segment would be delayed. first construction began more than two years behind schedule. we are 14 days away from superbowl 50. >> the city is getting decked out in black and gold. mark kelly is live at -- mark seelig is live at the construction site. >> reporter: they are setting up super bowl city this morning . here is a sneak peek of what this will look like when it opens next weekend. organizes are calling it -- organizers are calling it a large fan village. it will combine the day area high-tech lifestyle with games
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that football fans will love. the ones who will not love this so much is anyone who thinks they will drive around the city now through the super bowl. for now there is no driving. no cars are allowed on howard street between third and fourth.>> i have been stuck here for about 20 minutes already for life for miles. >> i am trying to figure out how to get across market and it is challenging now. >> i have been struck for 45 minutes. >> reporter: santa clara will be the site of the actual super bowl game. tomorrow, stars and stripes drive will be closed between centennial and bill wash. parts of tasman drive will be shut down. that is linked to the tech companies. that is the negatives, but some of the polities -- positives is that the national football
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league is scoring with the environmentalists in the area. many volunteered their time to plant trees in redwood city. they teamed with a little -- a local organization called city trees and they worked along main street planning almost 50 trees.>> they put in a couple of hours and they put in trees that will last 50 years. the fact that they are partnering with the nfl, it is really a great thing.>> reporter: since 2000, city trees has planted 2900 trees in redwood city. set your dvr for monday night and the super bowl special, countdown to gold. we will weigh in on the teams set for superbowl 50. that is right here tomorrow on kpix 5. in the meantime, they will continue to set up super bowl city. phil, it opens this saturday.>>
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that was mark kelly live at super bowl city. the last time the state has put anybody to death is 10 years ago this month. it is because of legal wrangling over the state's execution >> it this execution method, a cocktail.>> right now there are more than 700 condemned inmates in san quentin. meanwhile there are potential state ballot measures. one calling for an end to the death penalty and the other calling to speed up the legal process. there has been a low in the discussion -- lull in the discussion because nobody is being put to death, but it is still legal. we had to measures replacing the death penalty
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with life in prison without parole. 47% of the voters vote for that. when there is the question of speeding up the death penalty process, that has 48% of the voters saying yes. the bottom line is that californians as a state are split as well. >> it will be interesting to see how the ballot measures to. -- do. we found out that many cameras on bart are decoys. outrage has poured in from passengers who say they don't feel safe anymore. bart is working to buy and install all new cameras onboard trains. >> we have heard from the public and they were upset that we are using decoys. we will get rid of them and we will buy new cameras for the current fleet.>> reporter: there is still no timeline for when all of the new security cameras will be installed.>> i have to give them credit, they
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did an about-face in their response to the public.>> they were embarrassed and they have public relations problem. they have not said how they are going to pay for it or when it will start. they are replacing those cars with new cars. are you doing it to appease the public for the short-term?>> it will be interesting. the budget process begins with the board this month.>> it is money. and speaking of money -- super bowl related activities. definitely the compensation should be flowing. mostly dry and mild today. here is a live look outside at sunshine. we haven't seen a allow. coming up, how long the dry weather will last. ,,
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four out of five people may not agree on carne asada or carnitas. but four out of five who got their health insurance through covered california got help paying for it. find out if you could be one of them at enroll by january 31st to avoid the irs tax penalty. ♪ now and then we all appreciate a little help. through covered california, health insurance could cost less than you think. and most uninsured californians could get help paying for it. to find free, local, in-person help visit bowl. some san francisco leaders say that's unfair... the nfl is compensating the state -- the city of santa
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clara for superbowl 50 in two weeks. some civic leaders say it is not and -- that it is unfair because san francisco is hosting the main fan village. >> your to take this up is the san francisco board of supervisors. do you think we have legitimate count and how much this is going to cost the city.>> the number has gone from 3 1/2 million dollars to $5 million in less than a week. let me put this in perspective. this is going to be the first time since the earthquake over a quarter of a century ago that the entire san francisco police force is going to be required to be present with no days off for the entire stretch of super bowl city. that has not happened for the duration since loma prieta in 1989.>> reporter: we host the parties and the hotels and we get their restaurants and the
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concerts and soft -- and such. santa clara has the game, but they don't get the money. that's why they are upset. we are getting the money in increased sales taxes. >> first of all, let me say to the people in santa clara that you have good elected officials. he first got the 49ers and then you got 100% reimbursement. that is a city that knows how. san francisco has forgotten how. when you look back at super bowl's, there have been studies after studies where the city's did not make back the tax revenue. from glenn there -- glendale, arizona to florida. >> reporter: i understand your concerns, but i want you to play straight with the money too. san francisco stands to make some money off of this.
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>> these were the rosy projections given to us about the america's cup where the city lost $11 million. >> reporter: so you do not by the projected revenue? >> i think the city needs set a set of policies for reimbursement over time. rerouting for inconvenience to traffic and residents. i think it is important. >> reporter: what about things like the world series and the giants parade. i don't remember the board of supervisors raising concern about the police cost. gay pride parade. >> those are examples of things that san francisco did write. those are one of several stadiums in the united states where the taxpayers did not pay. san francisco should and could be at the front for -- the forefront of that. this is a city facing a $100 million -->> reporter: wait a
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minute, we only have so much time. should the city be charging the giants in major league baseball when we put on parades for them? gay pride in all of the other events that we put on the blue angels? we always say we are making money. >> there's a vast difference between a one-day event and a two-week event. there is a vast difference between something that is a civic event and something that is not. there is a vast difference between nfl which is a $10 billion per year corporation and our own giants. we should be have policies applied uniformly and there should be an exception for one day event versus two-week events.>> reporter: one question. do you want the mayor to renegotiate this between now and the super bowl? >> yes. >> reporter: they will discuss
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on tuesday. actually more than discussing, it should get interesting. what weather will we get? you are going to ask me to forecast that far out? right now the models are indicating it may be a little bit wet. hang in there. i can tell you what to expect today and over the next few days. there will be plenty of sunshine with a mix of sun and clouds. we have beautiful shot this morning at the bay bridge. this morning temperatures are in the 40s and 50s area wide. santa ros is -- santa rosa is a chilly 38. temperatures will become more mild as we move through the workweek. right now there is no boat -- upper-level ridge as it builds through the pacific. we are going to see a warming trend. notice that we do have a week disturbance moving to the north and that may bring some lingering showers over the next 24 hours for the folks up north. most of us stay dry on the future cast this morning. as ipods it, there -- i pause
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it, there are some showers up here. even the north bay will start to warm after monday. it will be mostly dry and mild tomorrow with a slight warming trend early in the week. then dry through midweek until the next weather pattern. we show mid to upper 50s to near 60 degrees for the warmest spots. the temperatures continue to climb. we start in the upper 50s with partly cloudy skies today. partly cloudy and warming temperatures and warming to the mid-60s by midweek. then, we start to see though showers moving back in by the end of the extended forecast. saturday and sunday we could see a few showers rolling back in. we will update you as we get closer. saturday is a big day for us at kpix . coming up, the pros and cons of donald trump. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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endorsement from former vice presidential nominee sarah palin. its a matchup that solidifies his candadacy for some and makes others plain squemish. willie brown - mellisa caen- the donald got some help with his presidential bid last week with an endorsement from former vice presidential nominee sarah palin. for some it makes them just playing squeamish.>> we are talking about the marriage of two reality stars -- reality
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show stars.>> moderator: we have asked their take on the palin take. >> i think it is good to have tina fey back on saturday night live. it gives legitimacy among tea party folks. at the end of the day, it will not put them over, but ted cruz which share like to have that endorsement.>> i don't think there was ever as they are up palin. -- a sarah palin. i think it was tina fey. eight years later, she can still look like the old sarah palin and she does. there is no evidence of markings or anything else. believe me, i assume that trump pulled her on stage for reasons other than just the campaign.>> moderator: doesn't this just reinforce the trunk no holds
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barred reality tv show? -- trump no holds barred reality tv show? >> there was a picture of trump and palin on the front page with the caption, i am stupid. he does not like to be upstaged by a woman, but she is getting huge applause. she is a real superstar in it will be interesting to see how they share the spotlight.>> donald trump is easily the best manager of opposition persons of anybody i've seen in politics. and, if she gets in the way, she will find yourself back in canada with ted cruz. >> moderator: meanwhile, on the democratic side, it is getting very interesting. the hillary clinton campaign, even here in california, very nervous.>> sure, she seems to be doing well in some of the polls, but we don't know how it will shake out until the actual
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voting. there is a new voter id law that goes into place which could impact things as well. you have to remember that the democratic party protects its own. we can elect ellicott's all we want, but when it comes to delegates all that we want, but when it comes to superdelegates, she still very much has the upper hand.>> democrats have become victimized by the same things the republicans have been victimized by. that is underestimating the power of an intruder. they underestimated the power of trump and we democrats have underestimated the power of ernie. now we are settling on the defense. hillary is now on the defense from bernie. we should never have allowed that distinction to be made.>> it happened before in the
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democratic campaign where there was a left in search and see early on, whether iowa or new hampshire where it usually happens. that leads to a split in the party between the populace and the business democrats. ultimately, it has cost them the elections. >> it can be deadly in terms of being able to put together to get out the goat operations, etc. but some of those are like the tea party and they say focused on their -- stay focused on their share and not the whole thing.>> this whole election system -- season has been strange. >> it could get more strange. >> we are waiting for the iowa caucuses and we will see what happens with that. >> if it turns out to be trump versus sanders, somebody else make it in the race.
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>> another billionaire may be joining the race. how michael bloomberg may impact the campaign by blowing it up altogether. i am mark elliott at justin plaza in san francisco. we will give you a sneak peek coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning, i'm phil mati. i'm anne makovec. a lot to k about in the next half-hour. welcome back to kpix this
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morning. the time is 7:58. another billionaire may throw a huge curve all into the presidential race. coming up, how a bloomberg candidacy could impact this crazy campaign season. and governor. brown delivered his 14th state of the state address.>> what he did and did not include in the speech. we have mark kelly outed super bowl city in san francisco. >> reporter: in mourning guys. they have been working -- good morning guys. they have been working hard behind me. there are people who wish that super bowl city is be -- would be somewhere else. let's check in with julie watts for look at the weather. have you looked at some of the totals we have had recently. >> the drought is not over and we need to put that out there.
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we are 119% of normal for san francisco. we have picked up some pretty good rain and we have a little break. more is on the way and that's good news. let's look at the doppler this morning. i want to point out to those of you down south that you may have seen sprinkles over the last few hours. there are a couple of showers in san mateo county and santa cruz. those will die down and he will see more of this. there is a mix of sun and clouds for most of us. temperatures out the door as you head out for the morning jog or maybe to church. 49 in oakland and 49 in livermore. 46 is the current temperature in san jose. mostly dry and sunny today and an extended dry forecast. i will have details of how long we will stay dry coming up. airports across the nation's -- the nation are playing catch-up this morning. they're restarting limited service at the new york area
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airports. the two airports in washington, dc are expected to remain closed. 8000 flights have been canceled over the weekend and this is impacting the bay area. check with your airline before headed to the -- heading to the airport. cities like new york are digging out. yesterday new york look like a ghost down -- town as they receive more than 27 inches. the blizzard also paralyze the nation's capital. mass transit was shut down and businesses were forced to close as the monster stores -- snowstorm killed at least 19 people in several states. parts of the new jersey coast also dealing with flooding. the high tide forced neighborhoods -- forced its way through neighborhoods and some of it even froze over. it hit areas recovering from super storm sandy into thousand
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12 and there is just a wall between the houses and the ocean. in alaska, a magnitude 6.2 earthquake hit around a: 30 their time. it was 160s miles southwest of anchorage. a tsunami is not expected. people in danger of losing their homes and pacific -- and pacifica because of storm damage that brought heavy rain to the area. the cliffs, -- the cliffs crumbled. along esplanade avenue, city leaders declared a state of emergency hoping to get money to fix the coastal infrastructure. and new fire station with a central location that could be a lifesaver. station 21 was open on south white lifesaver. station 21 was open on s. white rd. replacing the original firehouse on mount pleasant rd. built in 1958. the fire department says the design of the new facility will help improve response time on the city's east side. >> this is a busy part of town.
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the east side of san jose. this engine and engine company are busy. this is much needed. >> reporter: it was built after voters approved a bond measure. they also renovated other fire stations over the last 13 years. thousands of antiabortion demonstrators walked in the march for life event. they were bussed from all over the state yesterday and march from the embarcadero to the civic center. this comes on the heels of a major lawsuit of videos claiming to show planned parenthood staffers negotiating prices for aborted fetal tissue. planned parenthood denies the accusation and has filed a lawsuit against the group behind the videos. >> it is ironic for planned parenthood to make those charges when the money laundering charges against plan -- plan parented -- planned parented pretty much writes
8:04 am
itself. >> who are we to judge if abortion is wrong. the dark -- the niece of dr. martin luther king jr. opened the walk. we are 14 days away from superbowl 50. later this week, more than 1 million people are expected to take place. take part -- take part.>> not everybody along the embarcadero is happy to see this -- the super bowl city go up. >> reporter: with all the construction behind me setting up super bowl l. some of the street artists have to move. here is a peek at what it will look like when it opens next weekend. it is a large fan foliage here on justin herman plaza. it is free and open to the public. it is combining the bait area's high-tech way of life with
8:05 am
games that people are sure to love. the street artists say they are being sent out and they plan to protest. >> we have no right to nobody representing us. we have no ability to stand up for ourselves. >> reporter: on monday night, joy can and -- join can and jennifer for the special super bowl special. they will weigh in on the teams headed to superbowl 50. that is right here at 7:00 on kpix. super bowl city will be set up by this saturday and phil, i know that you will be down here to check it out . >> i like crowds. how are they going to fit all of those people? that should be interesting. >> it is going to be a party, that's for sure. that is mark kelly at the future super bowl city. a matchup tween -- between
8:06 am
peyton manning and tom brady. the steelers will face the broncos right here on kpix at 5:00. then there is the nfc championship with arizona at carolina. that will be broadcast right here on kpix 5 speaking of contexts -- contests, former mayor michael bloomberg is considering a run for the president. >> he is considered it in the past and has never made an official bid. blooper is -- bloomberg is set to spend about $1 billion of his own money. he wants to jump in if it looks like the election is going to come down to donald trump or ted cruz. he is not ruling out running against hillary clinton if she
8:07 am
emerges. it is a less likely scenario. bloomberg will do around the polling after the new hampshire primary on the -- on february 9. from there, he will make a final decision in march. his advisers believe that would give him time to qualify as an independent and be on the ballot for all 50 states. >> a bloomberg candidacy comes with money and no special interest money. he is in sys fascias instantly unknown figure.>> and he is pretty well-liked. >> he could draw moderate republicans and democrats away from the two candidates. rather than be a spoiler, polio -- the polls will see if we may see something that has not happened in history. people may say it won't happen, but nothing typical has happened in this campaign. >> who knows what will happen.
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the san francisco police department's use of force policy came into question after a youth was shot 15 times. >> it was one of several hearings on reform proposals. san francisco supervisors got an ear for from -- an earful from protesters. he was shot and killed by police last month when he was allegedly holding a knife. one person said that using tasers instead of guns is not enough.>> tasers still kill people. i am not interested in arming on enforcement with another tool that could potentially hurt a person. even though it is considered a nonlethal weapon. i want to make sure officers have crisis intervention training and know how to deal with folks that are having mental breaks.>> reporter: the
8:09 am
next public hearing is set for tuesday at the bayview area ymca. >> that will be an interesting hearing. one that is going on and on and on. here is an interesting note for politics. california high-speed rail officials are considering a bakersfield to san jose route as the first major shot at service. >> that could be good for us in the bay area. and mean scrapping the initial plan between burbank and the central valley which is nowhere near us. the los angeles times reports that the bakersfield to san jose segment would be less expensive because it would not it ball expensive -- involve expensive terminals. the original stretch open more than two years behind schedule. some people are frustrated that we are already behind schedule and now we are changing the whole plan. the whole thing has become a laughingstock for a lot of people. >> it is happening and they are actually out there working. there are some things we need to take into account.
8:10 am
one is if you can deliver something to the bay area, that is a boatload of voters that may support the plan. second of all, i think that jim bell from the south bay is now heading up an investigation, or a look in the high-speed rail. this may be a way to get him to think twice as well.>> all right. we will be right back. . ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,
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breaking out of a maximum security jail in southern california. the 3 inmates were last seen friday at the orange county men's jail santa ana. offic three violent criminals are still on the loose after breaking out of jail. they were last seen friday in the orange county jail in santa anna. they managed to cut through steel bars and repel down five stories to make their escape. authorities are trying to find out what caused the power outage on the bay bridge. chp says it started around 5:30 and it did not impact traffic. >> can you get willie brown on the line? that is his bridge and i am sure that he is upset. >> julie, what we have going on weatherwise? we have a dry break. we have had a lot of rainfall,
8:14 am
but right now we have blue skies and plenty of sun. in the 40s and 50s area wide. 45 in concord and 51 in san francisco. 46 san jose and chilly in santa rosa this morning. we have not deliver -- upper level ridge building over the pacific. temperatures will build and there will be a slight warming trend for us. look at the satellite perspective. there is a disturbance moving into the north bay and another one behind it. we could see a couple of stray showers, but only for the farther northern portions of the viewing area. as we advance through, notice a few showers well to the north. we cannot rule out sprinkles in santa rosa, napa and some of the north bay counties. that is sunday in into monday. overall, most of the stay dry and mostly sunny for the next few days. mostly dry and mild is the
8:15 am
story today with a slight warming trend. than a dry breakthrough midweek . no rain in the forecast until the end of the week at the earliest. the high temperatures area wide in the 50s. mid to upper 50s. this is just the beginning of a warming trend. so, with the sunshine and the high pressure building, we will see the sunshine climb as we move through the week. this is opposite of what we have seen through the year. tomorrow we will peak in the low 60s and then we climb to the mid-to upper 60s by thursday and friday of next week. saturday and sunday is when we start to see a transition. possibly saturday was showers as well. we will keep a close eye on that. >> we will keep a close eye on that because it is the big celebration for super bowl city on saturday. >> right now we have 50-50 chance of showers on saturday. keep fingers crossed that it will not ruin the celebration.
8:16 am
we could see showers as early as saturday. >> the party will go on. >> the party always goes on. >> you can play in the rain. the state of the state. we heard it from governor. brown's mouth last week. our political insiders will weigh in on what it means. ,,,,,,,,,,
8:17 am
[♪] ♪ take the time ♪ in your life ♪ just before ♪ it passes by
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♪ then you'll know ♪ to keep it slow ♪ so here we go [♪] ♪ here we go brown delivered his 14th ste of the state address last wk in sacramento. brown praised the state for its efforts in combatting clima change.. and also said fornia needs to governor brown delivered his 14th state of the state address last week in sacramento. he talked about combating climate change and also said that california needed to repair -- needs to repair its aging infrastructure. >> we sat down with willie brown and asked about the state of the state and the state of willie brown.>> it was mercifully short. and, to some degrees it was successful. do you remember when gavin miller gave that four>> you are laughing. i can see every guy on the
8:19 am
floor. i like that, we will take that. you remember when gavin gave a four hour state of the state address that nobody watched it. when you give a speech that is too long, nobody watches it. willie brown kept it short. >> he made no mention of the tunnels. he did say something about water, but not tunnels. no mention of the high-speed rail or the tax reform. have you ever heard of jerry brown saying, big throat -- fixing the roads. >> there's nothing glamorous about fixing the roads. this speech was the product of the 77-year-old guy on his way out the door saying, this is what i hope i leave. >> it was definitely a legacy speech, you certainly got that.>> the state of the union
8:20 am
and the state of the state. one reaches beyond the room telling the people what they want to hear and the other one is telling people in the room what they want to hear. this one seem to be designed for the people in the room. he said, don't look for more money, we are staying the course, take care. there are no are dorks afterwards. >> the state legislators look at it as a correction to them. two or three of them included a black woman from san diego who is chairman of the budget committee. she said, i don't know what he is saying, that's not our budget. >> we now have legislators that will be there 10-12 years as opposed to the term limited ones that we saw before. how would that change things? >> it will change things dramatically. suddenly you will have career politicians in the legislature.
8:21 am
before you had temporary holders of space. >> they cannot say -- they can save now to jerry brown -- say no to jerry brown because they will be there after him.>> recently there has been talk of doing things that have been unheard of such as veto overrides. he vetoed a lot of things in the last session and folks are getting together, even among the democrats, and say that we have enough votes to get what we want. we will risk angering jerry brown in the process. >> is it legacy, or is brown just trying to get out alive? do you see him having problems and challenges now? >> he is pursuing legacy. believe me. over the next two years, intel 2018, jerry brown will want to be known as a four term governor of the state of california, the largest in the nation. who left with bags full of money available to his successor. believe me, he will see that it
8:22 am
happens. >> i was disappointed that the state of the state speech was just 10 minutes. it is the big moment and the come by off for the governor. >> no. -- kubya for the governor.>> no. he has been talking for years about the need for change with the roller coaster capital gains tax. to make it more leveled out so we don't go boom to bust and there was nothing about that. this speech was missing in heavy lifting. >> there are several issues that california is dealing with that should've been touched on. i am sure that they will be in the extended session of the legislature that is now going on. research has shown that what -- childhood trauma can
8:23 am
lead to long-term health concerns. we are introduced to this week's jefferson award winner.>> can i take a peek in your ear?>> reporter: pediatrician nadine harris noticed a troubling trend in one of san francisco's poorest neighborhoods. >> so many patients where experiencing high doses of adversity. >> reporter: she did it some digging and found -- he did some digging and found a study done by kaiser permanente and researchers. it changed her life. she said that children are three times more likely to get heart disease and cancer if they experience severe childhood trauma such as a parental divorce, abuse -- or
8:24 am
abuse.>> their risk of having learning and behavior problems was 32 times that of our patients with had zero.>> reporter: -- >> welcome to the implementation meeting.>> reporter: she called the center for youth wellness to talk about youth adversity. >> when children come to bayview medical center, they are evaluated. if they have three or more of the traumatic experiences, they are referred to the center for youth wellness where they learn about biofeedback and nutrition. she has helped her grandchildren through diabetes and behavioral problems.>> she is caring and compassionate.>> reporter: the doctor is elated when she hears reports of happy outcomes like this.>> he is one of the best kids in the class.
8:25 am
yes!. that is success. >> reporter: from creating an innovative program to feeling the effects of childhood trauma, this award goes to doctor nadine burke harris. kpix 5 you can nominate your own local hero by going to we will be right back. ,, find out if you could get help paying for health insurance with just your age, income, zip code, and the number of people in your household.
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8:27 am
sprinkles, but overall we will stay dry. temperatures are gradually increasing as we move on.>> she is leaving next sunday. >> next saturday is when we expect to see the next chance of some more rain. just in time.>> it can do it a little bit and then move on. or maybe at night. >> i'm confident three days out and five days not so much.>> it will be a big party down at the embarcadero super bowl city. everything kicks off next saturday. >> you may be wearing a blue kpix rain jacket . face the nation is coming up next. if you are stepping out the door, enjoy your dry sunday. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> dickerson: today on "face the nation" a blizzard paralyzes the nation's capital and parts of the northeast but the campaign marchs on. once there's less snow on the campaign trail than there is here in washington. we'll have the latest on the monster storm that pounded the east coast. then just over a week until the iowa caucuses, the candidates are making that final push for support. donald trump is not ending on a modest note. >> i could stand in the middle and shoot somebody i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? >> dickerson: we'll talk to him about that and hear from bernie sanders poised to upset hillary clinton in the hawkeye state. plus, a brand new cbs news battleground tracker tells us how voters are making their final choices. we've got the snow cleared off the satellite, it's all coming up on "face the nation."


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