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tv   KPIX 5 News Sun Morn Edition  CBS  January 31, 2016 7:30am-8:31am PST

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day of january. good morning, i'm anne makovec. i'm phil matier. it was a super . flavor the cbs studios. and i'm phil. that is part of the supercelebration. fireworks lit up the sky over san francisco's waterfront officially kicking off superbowl week. reone week away. >> our own mark kill will i is spending the morning at superbowl city in san francisco's justin herman plaza. how is it going out there? >> that's right. we're going to talk about coming up all the different jam packed events now that we are in day
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two here at superbowl city. and also is the bay bridge. we got a fancy new decoration last night that is going to be permanant. we're going to take a peak at that coming up as well. >> and there has been a market shift until the homeless population to make room for superbowl city. the mayor vowed they would be moved out before the big party. where do they go and what is next? talking about his plans to get rid of the growing city. >> that's right. he is not happy about that. place your bets on the future of online fantasy sports games in california. >> state assemblyman on the rush to legalize sites like draftking. he is live in our studio. he was the lowest know vote -- no vote in the assembly. lots coming up in the next hour. let's check in with julie watts with more. a lot of eyes on that as superbowl festivities begin. >> yes, and the good news is i think we are going to stay mostly dry at superbowl city. the bad news is we have a wind
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advisory. blustery conditions. grab that windbreaker. i don't you saw mark kelly in the kpis is -- kpix parka. we did see some showers pass through overnight mainly south of san jose. you can see a little dusting of snow on top of mount hamilton. right now, some light rainfall over the south pay, san jose. this should move on out of here early morning and then we start to dry out. here is what to expect. mopping showers south of the golden gate. really south of san jose. a cab of some isolated showers and a thunderstorm possible. not widespread rain, but can't rule out a chance of a pop-up shower anywhere. and then blustery this afternoon. the wind advisory is affected. could see gusts by late afternoon, early evening, upwards of 40 miles per hour and likely sustained in to 20 ever in the 20 to 30-mile an hour. expect the luxury afternoon, but plenty of sunshine. of course the gates open at 11:00 a.m.
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and stay open through 9:00 p.m. your high today is 55 degrees. >> we'll have more on the extended forecast in a few minutes. we are one day away from the iowa caucuses. all of the candidates, both democrat and republican are on the ground right now. >> join us live ask cbs correspondent marie hall. there is quite some excitement going on there right now. >> you that's right. and candidates have been very busy eccrises crossing iowa trying to drum up last-minute support ahead of the caucuses. it's the all important first contact for the 2016 race for president. >> how would you like to make the pundents look dumb on election night. >> senator bernie sanders urged a young crowd at the university of iowa to caucus on monday warning he'll lose if there is a low turn-out.
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hillary clinton attacked. >> i do not believer giving free college is in the best interest of all the hardworking americans who need help. >> among republicans, the des moines register poll shows donald trump has a five-point lead over ted cruise, and a 13-point lead over marco rubio. >> the only thing that matters is the poll that is going to be taking in on monday. > >> trump campaigned saturday night to attract evangelical christian voters. cruise says he looks forward to january 2017. >> donald trump will be back on television. >> ethanol is a hot topic in iowa. the renewable fuel is made from corn, the state's number one crop. >> farmer phillips says he'll only consider candidates who favor a government handdate to increase the amount of ethanol blended into fuel. >> it is my candidates will
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find our how accurate all those polls have been. will caucus saturday night. > >> back to superbowl city now. in san francisco, i bought up some huge crowds. you can see the countdown to gold. we are you seven days away. mark, the organizers have to be pretty happy about day one. >> you were down here. seemed to be a ton of fun. a huge success. we are in day two. doors open at 11:00. a little early just yet. we will expect to be backed -- packed later on today. yesterday's openinger is knownny -- ceremony got started with a message from
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first lady michelle obama. that's appropriate because superbowl city is jam packed with a number of different active football related games to keep kids and adults moving and because this is the bay area, many of these games are high-tech too. but if you want to just come here and unwind, that is not a problem either. there are plenty of food and drinks. >> it's only here once. we make the best of it, spend the night and enjoy the festivities. >> superbowl city now has an even moring beautiful backdrop. last night after a brief hiatus, those led lights on the bay bridge, they were turned back on, and this time, they are staying on for good. so day two of superbowl city, the gates open here at 11:00 this morning, expected to be a big crowd once again to, the security here is very tight. expect to arrive a little bit early. wait in line a little bit. there are several different entrances that you
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can take. a few -- and one right here where we are you standing at market and davis. kpix 5. and we will be checking back in ain a little bit. >> isaac brought down the house. the free concert is one of the big perks of the venue. and originally from stockton, but he called san francisco home. the superbowl festivities kicked off with a pyrotechnc show e. an amazing fireworks display over the sparkling lights of the bay bridge. last night's kick-off festivities ushered in a fun- filled week of football activities ahead. superbowl city reopens at 11:00. a little earlier today closing at 9:00 p.m., and it is all free of charge. stay with kpix 5 all week. we are your superbowl 50 headquarters. we're going to be airing special coverage
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beginning at 7:00 each night. measure local news now. the three inmates that escaped from the orange county jail last week are now back in custody. yesterday, two of the men responded in a hate neighborhood by an oner is vent citizen who recognized the stolen van they were driving. police nearby were able or the catch both men. the third escaped inmate turned himself in on friday. chaos in campbell. two suspects are on the run after stealing a police car and crashing into police. police say they confronted those suspects in a shopping center yesterday. that is when a female suspect jumped into a police cruiser and took off. police found the car, but the suspect were long gone. one suspect is in police custody. the denver broncos and panner ins are arriving today. superbowl security is going to ramp up further in south bay. >> the fbi leads with a high- tech command post set up nearly by stadium. the san jose police department will be on the ground preparing
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for the who's but keeping fans and players safe. >> there is a concern out there with events that have happened in san bernadino and paris. people are edgey. we understand that. we have to strike a delicate balance between being too overbearing and creating the appearance of a free state with being ready to respond and being vigilant. >> the fbi is bringing several hundred people to cover this event. many of them will be in the operation center, but even more will be out in the field, the stadium or events here in san francisco. and there certainly was a show of course when it comes to security. we have cops with long guns. i heard a lot of general people talking to some of the guys. you being here just makes me feel safe and they said that is the point. it made me wonder how much is for show. >> some of it for show for people attending. the security you see is also the security you don't see.
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there are police stations in some of the buildings around and the taller buildings around as well and throughout the city to keep an eye on things. security is what you see and what you don't see as well. the affordable care act. >> oakland is one of 20 cities that president obama is issuing a challenge to boost enrollment. our allen martin to discuss the difficulties. and is real in oakland now. and tech are moving not. and a roof over my head and food. how am i supposed to afford healthcare if it is through obamacare. >> and if you get sick. and if you get heaven forbid in a serious accident, the you want to have the financial security. signs up the most people. and this has been a talking
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foot of the campaign fail. and the different sides of the spectrum. and when it comes to the future of the affordable care act in california's vision of it, numbers count. and that is one of the reasons why the president is making such a push. more people had signed up. more people are investing in it. millions of people play it and it generates millions of dollars. and some lawmakers say the sports game are illegal gambling. and i want it to be regulated. coming up after the break. >> and we are starting off in the few showers mainly south of san jose. >> including that city forecast coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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sports, and millions play i and now lawmakers across the country are working to find say well, as we approach the biggest week of the year for a lot of sports fans, we turn our attention to fantasy sports. million of people play these games online and now lawmakers across the country working to find ways to regulate these games. they say it's nothing more than
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online game ever gambling. >> well, some say that. different states are handling this in a different way. mark levine with the latest on the push. this sales through the assembly 62 to 1. i can't recall the -- so there are billions of dollars on the line. they are advertising on tv, sponsoring inside arenas and sports stadiums. . >> if you return betting on professional athletes, that's gambling. gambling provide ace different set of regulations. >> different states have handled this differently. hawaii weighed in, and what do they say? >> so hawaii, even mississippi as recently as thursday or friday issued the determination that it is illegal gambling.
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vermont. the skill. >> we consider a game of skill because it takes a skillful person to win. you just don't -- >> bridge is a game of skill. poker is gambling and card rooms are gambling. it is something that is in the california constitution. >> but the draft kings and such maintain that fantasy sports isn't gambling. you are picking. it is a game of skill. >> so they have a game for the pro bowl. so if you can pick players that are playing in exhibition game, and say that it is a game of skill, then it's a level of gambling i am not aware of. it's gambling, there's a game of chance. >> you have asked the attorney general to talk about whether this is gambling or not. response? >> voters want their lawmakers to be able to state the obvious, and this is gambling. we're waiting on the attorney general to do her due diligence, to make sure she comes to the proper determination just as the attorney general in
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hawaii, mississippi, vermont, illinois, new york, have all that it is illegal gambling, and in time, aim sure that she will as well. >> let's go to a little inside baseball. you're the loan voice against this. the fantasy reacted by taking out radio ads hammering you. they pushed for people to contact the attorney general. 14,000 people sent an e-mail. >> they spent $30,000 on radio ads to discredit me. i received zero calms from any constituent in sanoma county. i wasn't the loan voice. fifteen members sustained which is saying they were not willing to vote which is the very best money can buy. >> chances are something is going to who get worked out. a $50 million ballot in casinos. they want to say. they want to get under the gun before somebody rules. >> they don't warrant to go to
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the ballot. this is good with california. and they are atrade of that argument. put in to some regulations. and even if it does pass the senate. and even if it earns the signature. it will likely be challenged in court. >> with 6 million people playing, i have a feeling it's got a pretty good backing. >> fantasy football is something i have been playing for a decade. there's a difference between that game and daily sports betting. >> that has yet to be determined. how did your team come out? >> my team came out on top. we were the champions of my fantasy football league. >> would you like to make a little money on the side? >> my friends, and cam newton was a fantastic quarterback. we're going to take a look at how he does right now. we want to take a look at the weather. a little bit of rain. most of the rain is south of the area that
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centered. to take a closer look, you'll see this. we do have a couple of showers in the south bay. i believe they are being overpained just a little bit. the darker area is where we are actually seeing rainfall. notice a little dusting of snow on mount hamilton. as we take a look over san jose. we have these showers and that is ground is wet. temperatures outside in the host areawide. a little bit cooler than what we are seeing lately. grab the jacket. it's going to be chillier than what we are used to. our rain focus has shifted south right now. most of the rain, south bay, more los angeles. notice this popcorn like cloud structure. this has cold air. we do have a little moisture associated with this. it's going to move on and sink south as the trough does, as it moves inland. we do have a chance of some of that unstable air popping up some stray
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storms today. a couple of stray showers in the north bay and east bay. ben, this morning, most of the rain south of our viewing area, and it moves on out of here, what's left by late moshing. now, into the afternoon, the second half of the day notice we start to see a couple of pop-up showers. we can't really predict where you are going to pop up but you should be prepared in the east bay or north bay for a stray storm or shower. most of us will stay dry, but the big weather story is going to be the wind. take a look at these wind speeds. i pause it later on this evening. we are topping out near 40-mile per hour gusts. sustained likely 20 to 30 miles per hour and gusting anywhere from 40 to 50 miles per hour possible. the highest winds along the coast. -- along the coast, coastal mountains and along the bay. gusts peaking this afternoon and into this evening although the wind advise are i in effect through 4:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. temperature-wise in the mid to upper 50s. the
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heaviest rain stays well to our north and well to our south. superbowl city, if you are heading out there today, expect a blustery afternoon. grab that windbreaker or parka. you will likely see sunshine. probably not going to stay try, but it still may feel a bit cool because of the wind especially the second half of the afternoon and into the evening hours. the seven-day forecast shows a chance of thunderstorms for some folks today. isolated showers. we're not talking widespread rain. mostly sunny tomorrow. the next chance of showers is tuesday. right now about a 30% cab. looks dry and mostly sunny on wednesday. another slight chance of showers on thursday, and then look at this heading into the superbowl weekend sunny and mild. we couldn't ask for more than that. we'll be back after a break. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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have been hitting the pavemt all weekend. and it begs the question... do voters ce more about personality or platform. i sat down with former san francisco mayor willie browd political expert melissa ceo discuss it. the and -- do voters care more about platform or policy. is it what you say or how you are saying it? that is what it boils down to. we sat down with the former mayor. and melissa cane to say okay, what is it people are really listening to? >> how much of this presidential season is personalty-driven verses party plattforms? >> party plattform? what is that? party plattform is something put together by a committee of people who are retired or otherwise have a lot of free time to sit around and debate such things. this is all about personalty.
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every effort, effort debate. the fact-checking comes in, and nobody cares. it's all about the beer acception -- perception of who is strong, who sounds like i want them to sound. >> but in the past, the question of whether or not a particular political party had put together a program on which candidates would run, certainly in the primary that does occur, but as we move towards the general election in the conventions that we hold, we do go party plattforms. and you are expected as the -- as the candidate to debate -- to defend or adhere to the party plattform. >> but nobody really ever does. it is about personalities, so which leads me to our next question. if we have these splits going on within the democratic party and the republican party, is there even anybodying there to broker some kind of plattform and a deal at a candidate. >> well, i think to some degree, it's not. the plattforms really aren't that important. the last time around e we had either side, the democrats taking aim at what is in the
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republican plattform and the republicans doing the same and both sides say iing hey, it's not that important. it's a piece of paper. we still govern by our own principals. >> but on key issues like abortion, same sex marriage, taxes, all of those things become part of the planks in the so- called plattform. and every candidate will have to address those issues because they will be constantly peppered by news people with questions about where they stand. >> so if hillary clinton winds up with a plattform that is dictated or largely incorporates the bernie sanders model and ideas, what does she do? >> she is going to defend only that component of it that she is comfortable with. the rest she's going to act like it doesn't exist. >> candidates can ignore any parts that they want. let's say the republican side, you have a libber tar yan group that wants to put in some sort of noninterventionist
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element. they just drop the subject all together. you just say you know what? we're going to stop the list at number eight. >> and i think ultimately it is trust. >> yes, it's humongous. >> it is interesting to see in the primaries that you see is them addressing these issues. very fervently, and then we'll see what happens as they move down and as they emerge is winner. no, it's about me winning more and more and less andless possibly flipflopping. >> it's called ma suring -- maturing, and adjusting. ,,
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this is kpix 5 news. >> the skies in san francisco. a stunning airline celebration as the bay area officially kicks off superbowl week. thanks for joining us this morning. i'm ann mackavick. the time is 8:00. and we're one week away from superbowl 50, and the bay area is in the national spotlight. >> and mark kelly is live ifer us this morning in superbowl city.
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mark? >> good morning, guys. we're going to tell you about all the fun things there are to do once you are inside superbowl city today. this is day two for the event. we're also going to talk about one group that is using all the nfl activities this week and the plattform they provide to get their message out. all that is coming up in allover report. >> yeah, the -- san francisco's homeless. many have been rowed from around the area near superbowl city. scott joining us live in studio to talk about what is next. >> and the numbers are pretty staggering. millions and millions of dollars are being reported to big events surrounding the superbowl. >> the ticket prices to the cost of hotels, the political insiders weigh in on what it is all worth. lots coming up within the next half hour, but julie watson is more on our weather forecast this morning. some showers out there. >> yeah, we started off with some showers in the south bay, and we do have the possibility of a stray thunderstorm or pop-up shower later today, but the big story today is going to be winds. in fact, this afternoon and evening, blustery conditions. the wind advisory in effect.
8:01 am
let's get out to high deaf doppler right now and take a look at what we are seeing in terms of rain. most of the showers to our south as we zoom into the south bay. notice a little dusting of snow on mount hamilton. a couple of stray showers lingering. overall, the big rain event for the rest of the day is going to be south of oslo angeles. here is awhat to expect for the rest of the day. morning showers south of the golden gate or south of the south bay, and then the afternoon chance of isolated showers mostly for folks in the north and east bay. a blustery afternoon with a wind advise are i in effect could see gusts upwards of 40 to 50 miles per hour. keep that in mind as you head out to superbowl city today. your high there is 55 degrees. likely going to see plenty of sunshine. a mix of sun and clouds there. but still could feel cocool for the second half of the afternoon and evening because of those winds. >> thanks, julie. we'll check back in with you for the extended forecast coming up in about 15 minutes. meantime, we are seven days away to check out our countdown from
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superbowl 50. and anticipation building, efforts to keep people safe. >> let's go to mark kelly in the superbowl city. mark, how is pit going out there this morning. >> and god morning, guys. kind o -- kind of quiet. >> and expected to be a big crowd again for day two of superbowl city, and as you mentioned, security here of course very important. this is a free public event, but you still have to go through one of several checkpoints in order to get in. and there are also men the i of armed officers around too. now, once you are inside the event, it all about fun, food and drinks for adults, high-tech interactive games for kids, and of course, the young at heart. >> hey, joe. what do you think about superbowl city. >> how did you know your name was joe? >> joe montgomery. >> hey, what can i say? it's a great event. >> so there is a lot of
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attention on z these activities. protesters saw an opportunity for a spotlight. 200 gathered yesterday at union square to protest the killing of mario wooleds marching down market street and right towards here at superbowl city. but they didn't quite make it to superbowl city. officers stopped them before they were just within a few blocks of it. but protesters warning this week that they'll be using superbowl city and a lot of these nfl-related activities to get their message out now that they have this national plattform. you live at superbowl city, mark kelly, kpik 5. >> marcus standing outside the main stance to superbowl city. after being there yesterday, that is not the place you want to go in. the security lines get really crazy at that main entrance, and it's a side entrance that people don't really know about so that is your secret for watching our morning show today. thanks for that. check the side entrances of superbowl city. rocking last night as chris isaac brought down the house.
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iraq is from unanimously northern california. the superbowl festivities kicked off with a big pyrotech nick. the sparkling lights of the bay bring. and ushered in a fun-filled week. and reopens as mark mentioned h. 11:00 this morning posted a little earlier. you can bring the kids down. it is family-friend will i and free. be sure to stay with kpix 5 all week. we are going to be airing special coverage each night beginning at 7:00. more local news, the three inu inmates that escaped from the orange county jail are back in custody after being found in san francisco yesterday. two of the men were spotted by an observant citizen who recognized
8:05 am
the stolen van. police nearby were able to catch both men, the third escaped inmate turned himself in on friday. some chaos in cam babble. police say they one suspect is in police custody. >> how do you like the sound of this. the las vegas raiders. >> it is crazy. the football team is one thing sin city does not have. al davis met with las vegas fan you owner. she wants you and -- you to build a new domed stadium and share it with the raders. the former nfl player is
8:06 am
hopeful. maybe the attitude change has shipped because you have an owner. >> similar talks to move other sports team tovgas have fallen there you. the university bought 32 acres. no comment in the raders but they are still working on a deal with the coliseum. >> move else where the the past couple of years. san antonio and the coliseum wants a little more money. it would be interesting. the raders would be a good fit for vegas in part because their fans then could come from all around the country and have a real rader weekend. >> for the fans here in the bay area, i feel like this is getting ugly. a slap in the
8:07 am
face. >> it's football. speaking of drama, san francisco mayor ed lee -- attorney george cast. and -- the bay view back in december. now, in a letter, the mayor and the police chief have been uncooperative asking for an investigation that he set up about the culture of the police department. and someone like this is going to be. >> and da cutting up has been engaging in stone wall taxics. >> and mayor ed lee, has proposed a number ovalis reforms and -- reforms and in an open leer he looks forward to looking with law enforcement agency including the district attorney's office to restore that trust. >> how big of a shake-up is this in san francisco city hall.
8:08 am
one time the district attorney indicted the police command staff virtually. >> and since the mayor at least been in office. >> and everybody in san francisco it's going to be interesting. the district attorney is unhappy. i am going to be there wednesday. and document after document after document. a lot of -- it is a viable issue, and we are going to be seeing more of it as it comes. >> all these games will be face-to-face. homeless advocates say the city's plans to relocate homeless people away from superbowl city is unethical. and we're going to talk to an san francisco supervisor about what he thinks should be done. >> we're tracking a few stray showers on doppler right now.
8:09 am
snow on mount hamilton. that is not the weather story today, folks. the weather headline that you're going to want to hear. ,,,,,,,,,,,, 's plan for the
8:10 am
homeless during super bowl .
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police have been trying to them out from the area arou a lot for the homeless during superbowl week. police are trying to move them out of the area of superbowl city to say the temporary housing facility. some say that facility looks more like a prison than housing. >> and joining us this morning is supervisor scott weiner. scott, this is a problem that predates the superbowl, and it's going to be after the superbowl. we're not just talking about superbowl city. you know there are parts of san francisco. people literally livering on tents. what is your favor? >> well, it comes to some of the tents and encampments we're seeing, this is not about the superbowl. there's been a lot of talk about the superbowl. this prickiested -- preexisted the superbowl. this is going to be here. this is about our neighborhood and the fact that we have a growing number of tent encampments in san francisco and it's not safe. thes not healthy. for the occupants or for the neighborhoods and we need to move people out of the tent
8:13 am
into shelter. into housing. >> we have heard mayor after mayor and supervisor after supervisor say the same thing you just cede. and we set up programs for people. they either opt in or decide not to and they say well y you can't keep sleeping on the streets with these tents set up and they still do. >> well, i think the situation we're seeing now is very different. i lived in san francisco almost 20 years. i have never seen this many tents and other people who have been here a long time. and so the question is what is the limit? my concern is that we're going to get so used to these tents that inertia will set in and we will defacto have a tents as housing policy. tent is not hughesing. it's not safe or healthy for the people in them. or the surrounding neighborhoods. we need to have more shelter and housing and whether there is
8:14 am
available sheller and housing. people need to move out. >> you and i have seen down at city hall and across there for years. the catch # 2 is there has never going to be enough. there are always going to be nor. we still need more. we still need more. even when they have the shelter available, there is not the -- you don't want to criminalize. nobody wants to criminalize the homeless or you don't send the police, who are you going to send in? what are you going to do? >> it's not about criminalizing or putting people in jail. it's about saying to people, if there is housing available. or else. >> exactly. >> if you are sitting there, and by the way, some of these tents are a couple hundred bucks and people are buying them for them and dropping them off. they set up that tent and say go into sheller and they say no, what are you going to do? >> and if there is a shelter available for someone, and they are in their tent, so you think we should be seizing the tents. >> the sents can't stay there if there is shelter available for people. it's illegal to put a tent up and block
8:15 am
public sidewalks. people need to move in the shelter. we need more shelter absolutely. we need more housing, but as we do that, we need to make sure people are transitioning. >> you are saying we need to take the tents. >> if they are shelter available and people won't go, yeah. >> that will be interesting. you know the minute the police and department of public works start grabbing those, it would be an upruer. demonstrators would be all over the chamber. >> we as a city are very compassionate. we want people to be safe and to have housing for the people who want to live in an unsafe and unhealthy circumstances, they can have their want people to transition into tent and housing. and there are a lot of support of that. >> and one for the tent is the
8:16 am
weather. >> and i can't predict exactly how much rain i en you nino. if you are living in a tent, -- it is definitely going to be windy. and high def dopp electionr. we saw showers mainly south of the south bay. most of the rain for monteret and southern california. if you take a closer look at doppler, a dusting of snow. and most of the showers in that linger and shower. and then the shower becomes wind. right now, we are going to see current temperatures. we are going to have a. current temperatures as 30s. now, the rain focus today shifted south and mostly between monteret and los angeles. and as this system continuing to move in behind it. and we did have a little cold and unstable air mass. notice it's popcorn and cloud
8:17 am
structure. that is going to be moving today. north bay and the east bay has the best chances today as being the pop-op -- pop-up showers. most of us staying dry. and again, showers primarily to the south of us. we start to see plenty of sunshine. a few clouds. notice how we start to see thunderstorms. and overall, we're staying dry. the big story comes the wind. the high winds moving inland. gusting upwards of 40 miles per hour. the highest winds this afternoon and this evening. if. >> the coast, the coastal mountains. and the bay. sustained winds. >> they will peak late afternoon, early evening. in terms of temperatures, we are pretty mild today.
8:18 am
highs are in t upper 50s areawide, and if you are heading into the city again, a blustery afternoon. you should see plenty of sun. high and 55 at superbowl city today. it will be windy for the second half of the day. the extended forecast shows we have a chance of some isolated showers and thunderstorms for folks inland today. wind will be the primary weather headline. tomorrow looks sunny and dry. tuesday, our next chance of showers. wednesday looking is sunny and dry. thursday, another slight chance of showers. we'll time out as we get closer. friday and saturday, plenty of sunshine. nice mild temperature. we'll be back after the break. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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dollars on this year's super bowl... between transportation... police... her various expend a news company spent $5 $5 million on this year's superbowl between transportation, police, and other various expenditures all to accommodate the 1 million people expected to spend the next seven days in and around the city.
8:21 am
what is our take with the city. willie brown and melissa cane about whether the superbowl bang is really worth the buck. >> mayor brown, how much are we going to soak these poor people for in the superbowl week? >> i don't like your question. we are not soaking anybody for anything. we are offering the whole committee. a whole collection of wonderful experiences you can have for superbowl experience for the most incredible sporting event in the world. we're going to provide you with it. >> you have seen the prices in the hotels and restaurants. >> there's some gouging. this isn't an emergency so it's probably legal. definitely some surge pricing. >> you don't believer in -- obviously. >> i am a soon francis can. >> you call it gowning. they are not gouging. they have a product and there are more people that want their product than the products available. so what do you do? so you have to somehow cut the herd and you cut the herd by the price. >> you cut the herd by the
8:22 am
price. you tripped the right -- triple the price. you have to commit to pay those employees. and the union is a little demanding. so you don't have any option. >> locals need to stay inside and shut the doors because restaurants and everything early is going to be expensive for a while. >> i disagree wholeheartedly. awe afterall, we have not been able to do that since 1984. sit a once in a lion time -- lifetime shot for many people won lives won't be around five years ago from now. you have a free ticket. it's a ticket that goes with my representative in the host committee and all of these activities and going to do it on a volunteer basis. >> you are a volunteer and
8:23 am
you're getting a ticket. >> i'm getting an admission. you're not going to see it on stubhub. >> he's getting the vip treatment. that is our -- >> i've got to tell you willie brown -- willie brown is one of the city's best salesman. that why they have that bridge named after him. that is why he is selling it right now at triple price. >> even if you are annoyed that the city is doing this, we're all being -- all the money being spent. let's just enjoy it. i mean it's here. i'm not a big football fan. superbowl city was fun yesterday, so let's just take it for what it is worth to enjoy the week. >> all right. well, he has been taking crisis calls for nearly half a century. ellen martin introduces us to a counsel or already who is this week's jefferson award winner. this is gordon. >> there is something you should know about gosh dan schaffer. >> i am a day person. i do not function at night. hello night ministry. >> which might seem odd
8:24 am
considering gordon volunteers answering san francisco's night ministry crisis line from 10:00 at night until 4:00 in the morning. >> to be available to people in the middle of the night when the cry says come, when the night closes in. when you feel like there is nobody who cares. your presence is really helpful. >> gordon heard that story in 1967 and he has been a night ministry crisis counselor for 48 of the nightline's 50 years. the night ministry says its mission is to be the presence of the church and the city at night. the phoneline is answered seven nights a week and when a caller says they need a minister, one is sent. >> so if someone calls us and says we would like to have a face-to- face conversation, our crisis line counselor can page the night minister, and we can arrange to meet someone. >> gordon says he's seen the city change over the decades from the late 60s. >> summer of love when people would
8:25 am
come into town and think well, i could just crash anywhere. night ministry, do you have a room for me? no, we don't. >> to the aids crisis. people were so desperate not knowing what was happening even though their friends were dying left and right. >> the night ministry has operated out of three different locations. it's pretty tough to find free rent in san francisco. why did gordon do it? it's an important part of his being a christian. >> there is a lot of loneliness in the city. >> but at 71 years old, how long will he keep answering the calms? >> i figure i am going to do this until i can't do it anymore because crisis doesn't go away. just being there. so for providing comfort and a listening here to san, ifransicans in crisis, this week's jefferson in the bay area goes to gordon shafer. >> and he's looking for help. the
8:26 am
night ministry is always looking for volunteers. find out more, go to we'll be right back. ,,,,,,
8:27 am
good morning, and we cool -- welcome back. we are taking a look at your seven-day forecast. one more look of what is to come. today the big weather story is going to be wind. a wind advisory in effect for most of us through late afternoon and early evening. winds gusting upwards of 40 to 50 mimes per hour possible. there is inland folks mainly north bay and east bay, a slight chance of an isolated showers. possible thundershower. monday, dry. tuesday, our next chance of showers. wednesday, dry. thursday, we have an outside chance of showers as well. sunny and mild in superbowl weekend. >> we are watching this. the big day. sunday is left off before. big gameday. >> it's a tease. you have to tune in tonight to find out. >> tonight is going to be live from superbowl city. join us for the special newscast. >> our crew will be there at
8:28 am
5:30 and 6:30. have a good one. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
8:29 am
8:30 am
iowa caucuses are here, tomorrow starts with just a day to go before th voters speak for the first time in campaign 26?, 2016, iowans are digging out from a last-minute blizzard of presidential craziness. >> it has reached hollywood heights. >> welcome with the next president of the united states, donald j trump! >> dickerson: and the pleas from the candidates have reached a wacky urgency. >> i want to ask everyone here to vote for me ten times. >> with some candidates promising to do just about anything for a vote. >> i can do whatever you want, but almost anything. i don't -- >> i don't dance and i don't sing. >> one company did sing. >> ♪ ♪ this


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