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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  January 31, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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live from our exclusive home in super bowl city, this is kpix kpix5 news. >> they're here! tonight the super bowl teams are in town. they touchdown in the bay area in just the past couple hours. a big crowd on day two of super bowl city. we welcome you inside our broadcast position at sins restaurant overlooking the action in super bowl city. >> this will be our exclusive home for super bowl week. the greatest spot to bring you the news for the super bowl. >> now a week from kickoff at super bowl 50, and this is the perfect place for it. our backdrop, the ferry building now known as super bowl city for the week!
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so let's take another live picture of all the action going on right now as the bay area welcomes the world. this historic event. and brian, i don't know about you, but i'm smelling all kinds of culinary inventions drifting our way. the breeze must be carrying it out way! >> it's a great night! i wish we were tasting it, too, on this chilly night. millions of -- thousands of fans will come down on this city. we're less than a week away from kickoff of the game between the broncos and panthers. the largest television audience of the year will be watching it here on kpix 5, and obviously, we'll be talking much more about that. but first, wild weather to talk about tonight. check this out. hail coming down in vacaville this afternoon. a viewer sent us this video in just the past hour. some parts of pleasanton also got some hail this afternoon.
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the pea-sized hail was bouncing off this backyard trampoline. and also, strong winds around the bay area today. take a look. a tree came crashing down between two cars in san francisco. a close call. our dublin cam caught the storm front moving through a short time ago. we sped up this video to show the dark clouds. there was even a rainbow there, brian. >> and the latest on the doppler is showing a number of showers unwinding over the spine of the diablo range at this hour. shower activity that will continue into the evening hours. you'll see that north to south motion and some of the thunderstorms now moving out of the area. it's also been, as you can see, snow mixed in with the showers. we had a dusting of snow on bay area peaks. we'll show you that in a minute. it's also been windy. wind gusts with the wind advisory. 54 mile-per-hour gusts. sfo, 46.
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livermore, 50 mile-per-hour wind gusts. there are wind advisories posted. and what do you know, snow! bay area. peaks got a dusting before sunrise including mount hamilton high atop downtown san jose. look at that. snow coronadoed mount monoman. this picture was snapped after he trekked to the peak to fix the radar that's been busted since thursday night. back to the super bowl. less than a week away from kickoff between the panthers and the broncos. a week from this moment, television's largest audience of the year will be watching that game right here on kpix5. let's look at levi's stadium where they'll battle for the lombardi's trophy. and teams arrived in the bay area. the broncos touched down first just before 3:00.
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their united charter flight sported team logos and team colors. the mayor on hand to welcome peyton manning and all the players. and then about an hour ago, the carolina panthers arrived after their cross country flight. there will be little down time for either team leading up to next sunday's game. >> there's a super bowl kickoff party taking place at this hour in santa clara. this is a live look at the festivities at west valley mission college. chopper 5 was over the venue a little earlier this afternoon. at the event, several concerts, the headliner, heart. they have a fireworks show coming up later tonight as well. >> it just brings a community together. and i -- i think it's such an amazing thing. i'm very excited to have this happen in our town. >> the fireworks show starts in about 30 minutes. and back here in super bowl
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city, organizers dealing with something of a balancing act. >> yeah. [ chuckle ] >> the issue, how to welcome an estimated 1 million visitors and keep them safe. mark kelly spent the day in super bowl city. and how were the lines? >> reporter: well, juliette goodrich, looked like a bigger crowd today than yesterday on this day two of super bowl city. so how did security keep everyone in line and safe? let's take a look. >> reporter: in the air, on the ground, even underground, hard to miss the tight security. we even saw one guy tip the cops off to potential trouble. a homeless man with a knife. >> i just can't let stuff like that by. you have to do something about it. >> reporter: these checkpoints are the first line of defense to keep super bowl city safe. >> reporter: we've been at this security entrance here at mark and davis road about 30 minutes. the line, sometimes long, sometimes shorter. we'll go through it now and check it out ourselves. you can see all the different security checkpoints. there's a handful of them thousand.
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they have a fast track lane and priority lane to move things along. through the security checkpoint here. not that bad. made it through in about 15, 20 minutes. looks like everyone is moving fast. time to go in and have fun. [ drums ] >> i saw this group. and it's just wonderful, beautiful! >> reporter: did you ever expect to see something like that here? >> no, i did not! i did not! i thought it was just football. >> reporter: super bowl city is way more than football. it's high-tech races. >> reporter: what did you win? >> it's a gift card through macy's. >> reporter: and some of the best bay area cuisine. but even for a city built with a lot of fun, with 2016 comes a lot more security. >> the police presence on the street, pretty significant, i think. >> reporter: so to check out the security checkpoints today, we went through two different ones to help you at home to see which one was faster. market street at davis. and right here on the embarcadero. and this one certainly wins.
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if you're headed out here later this week, keep that in mind. mark kelly, kpix5. >> reporter: thank you, mark. and for all things super bowl 50, head over to coming up, million dollar bay area homes sliding off their foundations. only on 5 tonight, we find out exactly what's causing the whole mess. >> and need to get cash from the atm? tonight, how you can withdraw money with nothing but your phone. >> and we're broadcasting live from super bowl city here. here's the view high up. and we'll be right back. ,,
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problem that's caused sever homes to slide off their foundations in san francisc in t only on 5, tonight we believe we've pinpointed the problem that's led to several homes sliding off their foundations in san francisco. in this pool of water is a broken water main that's caused the ground to shift and homes to crack. city crews came in earlier today and patched up the 8-inch pipe. now, this is the neighborhood where homeowners are on edge. it is in the area of known as
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sherwood forest. crews still busy today levels one home that started to go down the hillside. the city determined that the dirt moving had to be something more than all of the rain from el nino. the man who lost his home is hoping to solve his neighbor's problem. >> hopefully, you know, if that's the root cause, first and foremost, the rest of the homes on the hillside here, hopefully are safe by turning that water off and the ground can dry out. now they need to determine if, in fact, that's the root cause. >> reporter: ronald mar tell told us -- martel told us their neighbors have had water in their garages the last month. while it's not been confirmed, they think it's from the broken water main. two inmates that escaped from san francisco are back in california tonight. jonathan tieu is in the jail he just broke out of last week. behind him, his alleged accomplice, hossein nayeri. after eight days on the run, san francisco police arrested
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them. yesterday a man recognized their stolen van in this whole foods parking lot on stanyan street and alerted police. well, still ahead, debit cards? they're so old school. but tonight, how you can withdraw money from the atm with nothing but your phone. >> and it is a cold and windy night, believe us, in san francisco tonight! [ laughter ] >> don't we know it! the forecast, including the weather for super bowl sunday live from super bowl city. we'll be back in a moment. ♪ [ music ] ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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voters will pick who they wt
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to be their commander in chief. ja jiang joins . campaign 2016. it's crunch time for the presidential candidates. tomorrow, iowa voters will pick who they want to be their commander in chief. cbs reporter january january joins us live -- jang joins us tonight. >> reporter: it's all about location, location, location. for the caucuses, it's turnout, turnout, turnout. that's because if you don't physically show up and are in line by a certain time, your vote doesn't count. so campaigners are using every moment to make it count. >> it starts here tomorrow night. >> reporter: every presidential candidate has the same message. >> i want to ask one more time for your vote. i want to ask you to caucus for me. >> reporter: the first votes in the 2016 election will offer more than delegate. they will set the tone of the race and determine which campaigns can turn support into turnout. marvin miller showed up to
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donald trump's headquarters in des moines to help out. he's a registered democrat but plans to jump ship to vote for the republican frontrunner. >> i just like the man himself, you know, and what he's done. and where everybody else -- and everybody else, not so much. >> reporter: in the latest poll, trump holds a 5-point lead to ted cruz. hillary clinton and bernie sanders are neck to neck with marginal error. >> reporter: they say it's to make sure already committed voters actually show up on caucus night. >> it's not like you can absentee vote. you have to physically show up. >> thank you for your help. >> reporter: she's one of 15,000 supporters here spreading the word on behalf of sanders. he has als and says volunteering makes him feel alive again. >> it's brick by brick one call at a time, one door knocking at a time. >> reporter: and each campaign is fighting for one vote at a time.
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>> reporter: and many candidates are looking forward to new hampshire where a new poll shows that trump and sanders are soring there. 30% compared to ted cruz. so may not be as tight of a race as we expect to see here tomorrow night. juliette goodrich? >> weija jang in des moines. thank you. if you wanted to, your cellphone could replace your wallet. some are letting you use your phone instead of your card to withdraw cash. bank of america and wells fargo plan on upgrading their atm's this year. they'll have the technology used in apple pay and android pay. san francisco's new temporary homeless shelter opens its doors this week. but getting people to use it could be challenging.
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>> reporter: this 10,000 square foot warehouse is just about ready to become a temporary home for 150 people, people who are now living in tents like this. >> it's not safe. it's not healthy for the occupants or for the neighborhood. >> reporter: san francisco supervisor scott weaner spoke on kpix5 sunday morning about his plans to get rid of tent city, like this one that's been growing. >> it's the most explosive camp city homeless encampment i've ever seen. >> reporter: this neighbor thinks the homeless ended up here because the city moved them away from super bowl city. remember what the mayor said last summer? >> you're going to have to leave. and we'll give you an alternative. and we'll always be supportive. but you're going to have to leave the streets. >> reporter: the alternative is this warehouse on pier 80 set up with hygiene kits and wednesday. but it isn't opening until this wednesday. >> my concern is we're going to get so used to these tents that
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inertia will set in. >> reporter: and since the shelter is an isolated industrial area of the city, many told us they won't go. >> it's too far out. i don't think so. but these people from here will not go there. >> reporter: setting up a potential showdown between the tent dwellers and city leaders. >> reporter: another supervisor, maleah cohen is calling this an energy crisis and is calling for a federal response. anne makovec, kpix 5. time to look what's been happening weather-wise tonight as we come live from super bowl city. chilly one, too. it's been a wild day for weather, especially in places in napa. hail was reported there, as you can see. and in the beast east bay at pleasant hill and pleasanton all because of unstable air over the bay area tonight. and here's the latest. a chilly sunday night underway in the area.
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you can see hi-def doppler. purple and white is snow where we already picked up snow earlier today. and 7 trees off 101, it's raining and pretty good. much the area unscathed by all this as we look at levi stadium. livermore plunged. 10 degrees in one hour when the cold front and showers came through. 44 degrees in livermore right now. 52 in santa rosa and 52 degrees in san jose. wind advisories are posted coast bay and coastal mountains. winds are up 30 miles per hour in most places in the west. gusts at 50 miles per hour combined with saturated ground. we could have downed trees as a result all of it because this low pressure has been sinking south of santa barbara tonight. picked up some good showers around san diego. we're looking to clear out. futurecast shows few clouds
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tonight give way to sun just in time for super bowl week. a few high clouds come in and maybe a few showers on tuesday. that wicks out of the way and leaves us with a -- whisks out of the way. tomorrow looks dry, though. summing it up, chance of showers tonight. mainly in the south bay. mainly sunny and cool for tomorrow. rain chances return for tuesday. not a big deal, though. will be quick. high temperatures tomorrow, mostly in the mid-50s. plenty of sunshine. for monday to kick things off here. and for monday, sunny and cool. 56 degrees. extended forecast is calling for sunshine tomorrow. few showers on tuesday. wednesday, maybe a lingering shower. thursday and friday and saturday and sunday, it is nothing but sunny side up as we're looking for super bowl sunday. we're all worried about the combination of el nino plus super bowl could have been bad. it's looking awfully good at this point. looks sunny and mild for the game a week from today. >> yeah, that's a good welcome for the two teams that arrived today to the bay area. welcome! >> yeah, inteed!
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and apparently judging from the weathercast, they're going to have nice, good sod that's been able to take road over the last couple of weeks. so good news! el nino's giving us a break! we'll come back. touchdown for both teams. we have the finals out there on the australian open. >> and who does joe montana think will win super bowl 50? that's straight ahead. ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,
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countdown until the teams arrive..and both the denver broncos and carolina panthe touched down in san jose la this afternoon...
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denver was the first team to arrive in the bay area landg in san jose around 3:30 this afternoon. inch carolina panthers touched down in san jose this afternoon. panthers were the first to arrive in the bay area landing around 3:30 this afternoon. broncos quarterback peyton manning at 39 years old will try in his second super bowl with denver. about an hour after denver landed, the panthers and cam newton -- those are versace pants, my sources tell me. versace prints. [ laughter ] >> earlier i asked joe montana his prediction on the game and who he thinks will win. >> if this is peyton's last game, yeah, it would be nice to see him win going out. but i think carolina's on one of those rolls right now i think it'll be tough. >> i think you hit it on the money. the best thing about this, joe, new england not being here is i don't have to partake in the debate, joe montana versus tom brady, right! >> you're not going to compare me to cam?
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i can't believe that! [ laughter ] >> cam has zero. you have four. [ laughter ] >> it's good. i mean, i can -- [ laughter ] >> joe would've never got an way on that on the field with coach walsh. two different fortunes down under. you have novak djokovic going for his sixth title. and then andy murray 0-4 in title matches. and today playing with his wife kim on his mind due to have his first child any day now. played the net perfectly in the second set and won the second 7- 5. tie break in the third set. and djokovic closes murray out with an ace. it's his 11th grand slam. he's still yet to win a french open! murray is now 0-5 in australian open final. >> i would also like to wish you and kim very happy and
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healthy delivery of your baby. and i hope that -- [cheers and applause] >> -- you will experience a feeling like no other before because that's what happened to me and my wife. so i wish you all the best. [cheers and applause] and the teams divided by divisions into a four-team tournament at the nhl's. and he lights the lamp giving the pacifica 2-1 lead. they beat the central 9-6. all defense in that game. they went on to beat the eastern conference atlantic division 1-nothing. martin and cal trying to figure out their road blows in colorado. early 2nd half, buffaloes leading 50-36. dominique collier misses the layup. colorado up 16. under 5 minutes left, bucs down to 5. down low to push the lead up.
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cu went on to win the game 70- 62. the bears dropped a 4-5 in the pac-12. final round of the pga tour. it's not always 75 and sunny in san diego! weather did not affect him. the chip shot on 17 set him up for a captain par. he was 3 under today. tied for 2nd. best round of the day. jimmy walker on the par 3-8. hadn't settled with a birdie. walker leads with one shot. he completed 10 holes before the wind and rain returned. final round will resume tomorrow morning. and tonight on "game day," he made the greatest super bowl play in 49ers history, yet he remains in jerry richer's shadow. >> always forget about me. when you forget about me, i'll hurt you. >> reporter: i interviewed with john taylor, the man who caught the winning touchdown in super bowl 23. and i was in the end zone! >> ahh!
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>> for that game! >> that is it. thank you, dennis. thanks for watching! ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> glor: 24 hours before the first in the nation iowa caucuses. the final poll show trump and clinton slightly ahead. cruz and sanders are predicting upsets. will a blizzard impact voter turnouts? the teams arrive for super bowl 50, along with hundreds of law enforcement officers for what could be the biggest national security event of the year. a virginia tech athlete charged with murdering a 13-year-old girl. did they meet on social media? students allege racial intolerance at an elite boston high school. and, the sled dog race this side of alaska is under way keeping a mushing marathon tradition alive. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news."


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