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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  February 1, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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i'm michelle griego: how about this? this is our vantage point of super bowl city from the exclusive broadcast home overlooking the embarcadero. and there's the ferry building. and we'll bring you the excitement leading up to super bowl l. it's all fun and games for most people but a potential nightmare for commuters. >> how bart and ferry passengers could be affected. >> reporter: they will be effected. if you didn't have to deal with the big crowds once you got in san francisco, the fences behind me are another line you'll have to wait in. this puts you at super bowl city. and any time anyone walks through super bowl city. they have to go through a security bag check. this is after you go through the security check just to get on the ferry. but here's a little good news.
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there'll be extra staff on hand to help out. >> that's intense. i think that would be an inconvenience. but, yeah, it's only for a week so i guess you suck it up. [ laughter ] >> how do we leave? >> that's a pretty long week for commuters. if you're hoping to catch bart. the beale street entrance to the embarcadero station is it closed. you can catch the other entrance. the bart station is not closed. just the one entrance. and they'll reopen that entrance during morning commute hours between 6:45 and 9:00 45. and here's a little bit of a tip. if you work outside the blocks surrounding market and embarcadero you can walk down mission street. hopefully that helps you out. on the plus side, the super bowl is bringing fireworks, rock stars, and excited football fans to the bay area.
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kpix is in san jose with what's happening in silicon valley. >> reporter: we're live here. and san francisco has its fair share of events, but there's plenty in the south bay as well. now decked out in colors of super bowl l, the blue and gold out here. they are ready for the big night. and there's also very heavy security out here for what's called a super bowl opening night. this is where we get to meet and interview the players for first time. once upon a time it used to be called media day. there's a lot in and around the bay area and it's just getting started. >> reporter: this was the scene in santa clara with thousands of people coming up to see the fireworks at mission college. the old rock band hart took the stage. santa clara residents are basking in the attention that
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comes with the biggest sporting event in the world. >> it's fantastic. i live a mile from the stadium. and a lot of people are bothered by it. but for me, i think it gives people jobs. >> of course i'm excited. this is an opportunity for our bay area to be spotlighted. >> reporter: the broncos meet and greet begins at 5:15. and the panthers take the stage at 6:55 tonight. and tonight's event is quite a spectacle with all of the media from all over the world. >> you've got the national correspondents rubbing elbows with local reporters, foreign press, and also a healthy mix of celebrity journalist types with a microphone and a camera. and it's a freak show and i get the feeling the nfl likes it that way.
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>> and we do too. wearing gear with score you a discount. showing up in some niner or raider attire means a five buck discount. it shuts down at 10:00 at the moscone center. many fans had the same words in mind. >> it was awesome. i'm super excited. we're going to score a touchdown and spike that ball. >> this is awesome. [ laughter ] >> we're a big football family, obviously. >> fans from all over heard marching bands, played games, took a few selfies. security is tight just to keep everyone nice and safe. >> powerful winds uprooted trees around the bay area. a large tree in redwood city fell on a truck in a front yard. it made it impossible for the people who live there to get in
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and out without climbing a fence. >> my brother is handicapped and can't get inside and nobody is trying to get the tree out of here. >> i wanted to go inside. >> the man is now staying with relatives elsewhere while he waits for a cleanup. and a tree smashed on a sidewalk, causing it to buckle. and another tree hit two cars. and hail fell in multiple cities. it came down hard in vacaville. and the scene was less. in super bowl city, during the live show, stuff was blowing all over the place. so bring it on. >> i just want to say i shot that hail video. >> is that your trampoline. >> i go home and just jump and
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jump. let's take a look at the wind speeds. in san francisco, the winds are out of the northwest at 21 miles per hour. across the bay in kneemont it's 14. these are pretty much the same winds. vallejo at 17-mile-per-hour wind speeds. and we're seeing stronger gusts. in the concord area, up to 30. and napa, 22. right now we have air temperatures cooling off into the 40s. it's now 238 degrees. in livermore. we have increasing clouds and temperature-wise in the 50s and 60s. and we do have rain coming. and we'll talk about that coming up at 48 minutes after the hour. if you're heading to super bowl city today, sunny skies. dress in layers. cool in the mid-50s. once the sun goes down we cool off very rapidly. and these windy conditions causing problems as you work your way across the span. slower speeds and a wind
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advisory in effect. no metering lights and extra volume out of oakland to san francisco. a 12-minute ride of 92. that's the san mateo bridge between 880 and 101. very windy here so a wind advisory is in effect for the san mateo bridge. bart is right on time. no delays for mass transit. there's a 50-cent increase at bart for parking at the hayward, richmond, and west oakland locations. muni metro is on time. caltrain, golden gate they are running extra service this week. that will help you out. ace train is right on time as you work through there. and brake lights out of tracy on the westbound side. the u.s. justice department is launching a perspective review of the san francisco police department. it follows a request from mayor
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ed lee after a deadly police shooting sparked protests. right in the middle of super bowl week. jackie, good morning. >> reporter: all eyes on the city of san francisco this week which makes it the perfect setting for the people's voice of justice to be heard. and now there's an official federal investigation. 200 protesters marched towards super bowl city and were met by a police presence that cut them off a block away from festivities. they were calling tourists' attention to the death of mario woods. and now requests from the chief and the members of the board of supervisors, the department of justice is doing a comprehensive review of the police department all while the city hosts an estimated 1 million guests. >> even though it may be a world stage in regards to the
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super bowl, it has to be a world stage in justice. >> police say only one of the five officers who shot and killed mario woods is black. still racial tension in the city has grown over the past couple of months. an attorney for the woods family hope this investigation can be the first step in healing the division between minority communities and the police department. the stpd will cooperate with the doj in the investigation. an east bay animal shelter needs your help. they are looking for this dog and the man who grabbed her and took off. and a special arrival to the bay area. a look at the lombardi trophy and the history that delivered it. we're talking super bowl.
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we're forecasting -- sunny and 56 degrees at super bowl city. and we have the super bowl forecast coming up. and wind advisories on some of the bay area bridges and closures for super bowl city. details coming up. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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surgery. it says two- year-old "daisy mae" was taken yesterday mog
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one of its oakland the east bay spca is searching for a stolen dog that's due for surgery. the 2-year-old, daisy may, was taken from its owner. a man approached and sped away. the spca says daisy may needs a mass removed this week. today a global response to the explosive zika virus. the officials with the world health organization are holding an emergency meeting in geneva to combat the virus. it's been linked to birth defects in 25 cups and territories, mostly in south america. >> politics, the road to the white house kicks off in the hawk eye state for the iowa caucuses. finally, the latest bloomberg poll has donald trump leading the gop race. ted cruz is not far behind at
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23. and hillary clinton leads the democratic side with 45%. and bernie sanders has 42%. candidates making closing arguments to the voters over the weekend. >> here's a radical idea. together we'll create an economy that works for all of us. >> i will stand up and fight for the you every single day of this campaign. >> their voices are holding up -- barely. forecasts are calling for snow in parts of the state which could impact voter turnout. let's get a check on the roads. >> no problems as far as accidents go. what you need to look out for is the fact that it's pretty windy. wind advisories in effect for the bay area bridge. and the golden gate bridge. no meters lights yet. sluggish as you approach the toll plaza. and if you plan on taking 880,
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so far, so good in both directions. here's a live look near the coliseum. and traffic is moving pretty good. 16 minutes northbound 880 to the maze right now. no troubles as far as accidents on the san mateo bridge. 880 to 101 will take you 12 minutes to work your way across the span. over towards the peninsula, the drive times on 101 look pretty good. 19 minutes this morning. if you have a flight to catch at sfo you should will good. and eastbound 92 good. we do have brake lights westbound 580 out of tracy. and traffic is sluggish. typical this time of the morning. 17 once you get to the top of the altamont pass. on the westbound side making the connector there. black ice reported highway 130. use alternates. the rest of the south bay ask
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quiet and the drive times look pretty good. why don't we check in with weather watchers. they are people just like you that may have a weather station. let's see what they are reporting. wow. 30s and 40s. it's a chilly start to the brand new month of february. dave in napa is reporting 34 degrees. and let's take a look at this over here. michael is in oakland. let's see what he has to say. hey, everybody, the wind finally disappeared a couple of hours ago. sure was a rockin'. wind speeds are in excess of 21 miles per hour in san francisco. the gusts there are up to 25. west, northwest at -- >> in san jose. in livermore, it's beginning to subside. and 17-mile-per-hour in vallejo. you get the feel of it. it's a breezy start. crystal clear skies. 38degrees in livermore.
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45degrees in san jose. and this is what you need to know as we're kick starting a new month. the rain returns on tuesday and wednesday. let me show you what i'm talking about. the hail and the windy conditions. that system is making way for this brand new area of low pressure. it's the first storm of the month of february. here's your future cast. the clouds are going to increase during the afternoon hours and there is the frontal boundary slicing across the northern bay area this time tomorrow morning. and then it clears to partly cloudy conditions late day. here comes wednesday. more rain showers from the santa rosa area to san jose. we'll pick up a tent of an inch of rain to a half inch. we'll get wet on tuesday and on wednesday. there's the sunrise this morning. it's going to be beautiful. and by the time it sets tonight. temperatures plummet rapidly after realizing highs only in
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the 50s. low 60s from oakland to alameda and the piedmont area. and northwest breeze 10 to 20 miles per hour. here's the extended forecast. and it's going to be super dry and the chance of rain on tuesday and wednesday. and notice what happens by friday. it's a warming trend until we talk about this at levi's stadium. looks like the temperature will be unseasonably modest. i have to say -- host committee, the ceo keith bruce is going to be bringing me flowers and a box of candy. >> he should. >> two weeks ago i said i'm seeing 67, 68 degrees for the super bowl on sunday. i don't want to say it too loudly because everyone else is forecasting rain.
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>> can we just touch you. >> if we're off. let it be higher. >> i was afraid to put it out there. when super bowl l is over, the winning team gets to bring home an exclusive prize. they call it the vince lombardi trophy. >> boy, what an entrance. >> fresh out of a fedex truck wearing special white gloves. three time super bowl champ roger craig did the honors. the former 49er and raiders running-back escorted super bowl l's lombardi trophy into the nfl experience, the new home >> for the next week. the trophy was the guest star at a swanky party at the home of its maker, tiffany and company. ricky waters brought the trophy to the stage. >> oh, man.
5:20 am
this is incredible. i never thought i'd be able to tough and feel that vince lombardi trophy again. >> the first time he held one he felt an incredible surge of emotion. >> it was like electricity. >> you never get enough of looking at that beautiful sleek, shapey trophy. >> the trophy is returned to tiffanies where it will be engraved with the names of those who fought hard to win it. >> when it comes back to us, it's been loved, embraced. covered with champagne and kisses. so it's quite the job to get this sparkling as beautiful as it is right now. >> the winning team will get an 18-carat gold plated 50.
5:21 am
the gold plated 50 weighs 66 pounds. and you can get your picture taken with the trophy at the nfl experience at the moscone center. and the warriors almost blew it against philadelphia over the weekend. could they save it against the new york knicks at madison square garden? and both football teams touch down in san jose. the super bowl countdown continues coming up. ♪ bend me shape me, any way yont me ♪ ♪ as long as you love me, it's alright ♪ ♪ bend me shape me, any way you want me ♪ shape the best sleep of your life. sleep number beds with sleepia technology adjust any way you want it the bed that moves you.
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good morning, everybody. it's not an official super bowl until both teams arrive in town. and there they are. there's peyton manning. the broncos touched down 3:30 yesterday. and then the panthers. and look at cam newton's pants. those are versace pants. the fans greeted them at the hotel. second quarter of the pro bowl. playing for team jerry rice. jerry seinfeld checking out the warriors. golden state leading the knicks. clay thompson had 34 points.
5:25 am
chris mullen and john mcenrow. and he had a triple double for the 90 time this year. and the warriors are 44-4. that's novak djokovic beating andy murray for the 11th. tennis' first major. the super bowl countdown is officially underway. both teams are underway. and media night is tonight for the first time in front of a live viewing audience. have a great day. how about your play of the day? nhl all star game in nashville. >> with the music city pass. [ cheering ] >> ahead to malkin. and he scores! >> cory schneider -- malkin at the metropolitan division. it's wacky, and this year's all
5:26 am
star game formatted as a mini tournament. the sharks went on to win the title game one nothing. the play of the day on a monday. >> reporter: we're live in downtown san jose where the panthers and the broncos are in the house. we're getting ready for super bowl opening night. live in san francisco, we've been talking about it. super bowl l, all fun and games. how this will affect our bart and ferry riders. ,, (church bell)
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(bear growls) (burke) smash and grub. seen it. covered it. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two.
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. >> live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. it's now officially super bowl week and along with that
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comes excitement and concern. more on tonight's first ever super bowl opening night. and a review of the san francisco police department. what it means going forward. good morning, everybody. as you're stepping out the door. we have windy conditions. and some of the winds gusting up to 17 miles per hour. the full forecast is coming up. and checking the roadways, wind advisories in effect out there. also we've got reports of a new accident on 580. details coming up. good morning, everyone. february1st is finally here. i'm frank mallicoat. >> and i'm michelle griego. the slight display at the bay bridge is back on after the kickoff events for super bowl l. we'll get to all the excitement from the heart of san francisco to san jose in a couple of minutes. and strong winds caused damage to super bowl city in justin herman plaza.
5:31 am
several big banners were ripped down. and flags in front of the ferry building extended straight out. and a picture of hail bell lets bouncing on a trampoline. and in redwood city, a tree fell in a front yard and on a truck. and people had to climb a fence to get in and out of their house. >> we know you have a tramp lean in your backyard. >> i have to go home and bounce. that was fun to watch them bouncing off the trampoline. it was my trampoline. it was my girlfriends. i was bringing her groceries. it's a long story. winds up to 22 and gusts in excess of 30 miles per hour.
5:32 am
the winds will be decreasing later today. right now 21 miles per hour out of the northwest. and 13 in santa rosa. and winds out of the northwest 10 to 20 miles per hour during the afternoon and right now clear skies. 40s. it's 38 degrees in livermore, and 42 degrees in santa rosa. and later today, a cool day in the 50s. and if you're heading over to super bowl city in san francisco, sunny skies and the mid-50s. and the full forecast a little bit later in the program, guys. looking at the countdown clock, super bowl l in santa clara is a little more than six days away. with super bowl events in full swing, getting around will be challenging, especially for people commuting to and from san francisco. >> we have a live report where bart and ferry passengers will join drivers in enduring major delays. >> reporter: we have been warning people about the morning commute. and the fences behind me are
5:33 am
set up for ferry commuters. it's another line to wait in before they go to work. and that's because organizers say if you go through super bowl city you have to go through a security bag check. and that's on top of the security check you'll go through on the ferry. there'll be extra staff on hand to help. and there's a way around but it's going to take some time. >> if you don't work in the immediate area. it will take six minutes to walk around to mission street. >> it's just six minutes people. it will be okay. >> unless you're the one walking. >> it's okay. it's super bowl l. >> how do we leave? i just want to know. >> reporter: the beale street entrance to the embarcadero station is closed. we want to be clear, the bart station is not closed. just the one entrance. they will reopen during the morning commute hours between
5:34 am
6:45 and 9:45 a.m. now, if you do work along this area or if you work surrounding market street and the embarcadero. you can get around the security line by going through mission street. let's take a look at traffic. i have a feeling you'll be busy all week long. >> you'll have to have a lot of patience to get around the city because of the closures 96 southbound embarcadero is shut down for super bowl city. keep that in mind. it's near the ferry building. northbound embarcadero is open and you can travel through there. other closures in san francisco affect market street between beale. >> howard closed between third and fourth. we have a wind advisory through the altamont pass and an accident westbound 580 at el
5:35 am
char row. a view from chopper five showing the vip venue. it's just to the north of the entry gates. the venue will host exclusively events in the days leading up to the game and on super bowl sunday. and many diehard football fans waited in long lines to catch a glimpse of their heroes. and the push fans made this weekend to watch their teams arrive. kit-- we're live at the s.a.p. center where we're bracing ourselves for super bowl opening night. they have the big signs and the graphics. and heavy security out here with the k-9 bomb sniffing dogs and at lot of police officers. this is the spectacle that used to be called media day where the press gets an hour of press time. with the panthers checked in and the broncos 15 minutes away. there's a buzz in the air.
5:36 am
>> here we go broncos, here we go! >> reporter: the teams arrived in charters jets landing at a private terminal at mineta. if we wait and say go broncos, that will make our day. it was worth the wait. and panthers fans, not so lucky. security concerns, and the panthers players were taken through the back entrance of the hotel. the fans were disappointed. back here at sap center, the panthers on the floor at 6:55 for opening night for super bowl. in santa clara, thousands of people turned out for a little pre-super bowl party. [ cheering ] ♪ [ music ]
5:37 am
>> yeah, performances by heart and other bands pumping up a day long celebration yesterday at mission college. the big game is shining a global spotlight on santa clara as well. and locals say they're basking in all the attention. >> i think it's fantastic. i live like a mile from the stadium. and a lot of people are bothered by it. but for me it gives people jobs. >> this is just huge around here. a lot of parties going on. and it's a little out of my price range. i can't afford $4000 seats. but it's exciting. >> the fireworks show happened a mile from levi's stadium. and it was quite the show too. and here are the events at the start of super bowl week on this super monday. a news conference will be held at the moscone center. 3p.m, a series of flag football
5:38 am
contests begin involving youngsters ages nine to 14. and nfl players will act as guest coaches. and a restaurant opens to benefit charities. it's 301 mission street serving lunch and dinner through super sunday. and campaign 2016. first contest in the 2016 presidential election happens today in iowa. >> cbs reporter marlie hall is live for us in iowa this morning. marley-- good morning, frank and michelle. for the first time tonight. voters will have their say in the 2016 race for the presidency. and candidates will be campaigning until the last moment. >> hoping to dampen donald trump's momentum. ted crudes made a final pitch. >> if everyone here brings nine other people to the caucuses tomorrow night. we will win the caucuses tomorrow.
5:39 am
we will win the nomination. and we will win the general election in november 2016. >> during an event in sioux city, trump pushed back, labeling cruz deceptive. >> voter violation. and it's an official document being sent to people in iowa. that's really terrible. it's a fraud as far as i'm concerned. >> reporter: snow could have an impact on voter turnout. volunteers for bernie sanders and hillary clinton knocked on doors and made calls late into the night as the candidates made the closing arguments. >> here's a radical idea. together we're going to create an economy that works for all of us, not just the 1%. >> i will fight for the you every single day of this campaign. and then when we win, i will fight for the you in the white
5:40 am
house. >> political analysts say the former secretary of state is working on her likability. >> she's focused a lot on her relationships with people. she's focused on middle class issues. >> the fight for iowa could come down to the wire. candidates will continue scrambles for votes. marlie hall from iowa, thank you. the u.s. justice department will lay out details of how it will investigate san francisco police to look for evidence of racial bias. it follows the public outcry over the shooting of mario woods. and the latest protest happened in the city on saturday. 200 people marching towards super bowl city. and visitors from out of town expressed approval. >> they're celebrating all this
5:41 am
in the face of horrible things going on. and it's a great opportunity to get the word out. >> police shot and killed mario woods two months ago. mayor ed lee asked the feds to get involved and the justice department said they'll do a comprehensive review. three jail escapees are back in custody in orange county after the last two were arrested in san francisco. jonathan tieu managed to break free more than a week ago. another escapee. hossein nayeri, was right behind hill. police were tipped off about a van in a whole foods parking lot in san francisco. officers captured nayeri and tieu was found in the van. the third escapee has turned himself in the previous day. the big question for
5:42 am
voters, why does the iowa caucus matter. we'll have a breakdown when we come back. thanks to our . and they only take 15 minutes to make. ahh! birds eye voila so veggie good now becomes skinactive. new garnier skinactive introducing clearly brighter. a new active daily moisturizer to brighten dull skin. packed with antioxidant vitamin c, e and active lha. it does more than moisturize, it actively smoothes, boosts radiance and protects with spf 15. clinically proven. see brighter skin in just one week. new clearly brighter from garnier. skinactive. the active way to better skin.
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with more on what to expects kpix after months of speculation and a lot of chatter, the iowa caucuses are finally here. >> with more on what to expect is our political analyst melissa cane. >> and i'm skipping across. >> for people like me, this is very, very exciting. if i had to pick, if i was forced to pick sort of who was going to win tonight it would be ted cruz and hillary clinton. and anyone who tells you they know for sure is lying to you. remember the winner tonight is the candidate who gets the most votes in each party. you don't need a majority. just the most. so someone with 30% could be the winner. for us watching in the bay area. one thing to look for is
5:45 am
whether one of the republican candidates blows it out. wins by a mile. does donald trump do way better than anyone else. if he does or someone else does or wins big in other states, they can get all the delegates they need before we get to california. if it's a tight race and three candidates finish close together, one, two, three, like cruz, trump, rubio. it indicates that clump of candidates will be fighting it out in june. a runaway victory means california delegates might not matter. a three way close winner means the opposite. california might be in play to pick a republican candidate. >> wouldn't that be refreshing. first time in a long time.
5:46 am
>> i so don't envy republican or democratic caucussers. it's 7 p.m. in iowa and it will be dark. it's going to be cold. 30degrees with heavy snow. and in the western part of the state. there may be a blizzard. still, for registered republicans and democrats, they have to get to those separate caucus locations. and locations are usually a school or a library. and they could be just about anywhere. one republican caucus is taking place in a gun store. so we're not exactly -- i know, amazing -- we're not talking about four star accommodations. it's dark, cold, snowing, and it's late. and they have to get to a very unglamorous location by 7 p.m. doors close at 7:00 by the way. you cannot be late. and all of this to participate in a meeting that lasts about
5:47 am
three hours. that is a caucus. needless to say turnout is usually 20% of registered voters. and there are no absentee ballots. you have to show up unless you're in the military. so if you're an iowa voter who has to work tonight or doesn't have a babysitter or have transportation, you are out of luck. you got to get your folks to flog through all of that and show up. that sounds brutal. >> why are the results in iowa so important? especially for us in san francisco. not in a blizzard but you wouldn't know it for all the bundling i've been doing. >> iowa is small and doesn't have many delegates. but psychologically it's a big deal. voters like us in california, we're watching to see who is doing well in iowa. this is especially true because
5:48 am
there are so many candidates. early elections like iowa may not predict the winner, but we understand who is on the varsity team and who is not. and donors want to give money to a winning candidate. and candidates who lose early will find the money drying up. that's why the results are meaningful for us in california. >> results by 11:00. >> microsoft has created an app and we'll have almost realtime results. >> have fun today by the way. >> i will. how about a check of traffic on this super monday. >> let's jump over to 580. we're dealing with windy conditions. taking a live look at conditions westbound 580 at the dublin interchange. extra volume. and a lot of rid coming out of
5:49 am
tracy. give yourself a few extra minuting. an accident has been moved to the right shoulder. and we're seeing slower speeds and a bit of a backup southbound 680. and delays on the southbound side. at the dumbarton bridge. wind advisory for the country barten and the san mateo bridge. our drive times are doing okay. 13 minutes between 880 and 101. the golden gate bridge is light. no troubles in san francisco. closures begin today for super bowl sunday for events leading up to the starting february 1st. that's the date -- closures near levi's and san francisco. bart is right on time this morning. no delays -- the rest of mass transit looks pretty good.
5:50 am
that's a look at the morning drive. let's check the forecast with roberta. it's a brand new month. and we'll start with brand new storms headed this way. and breezy conditions as you step out at 5:50 in the morning. the winds will be decreasing as the day progresses. and some of the winds if they want to lock into place are blowing out of the north and northwest up to 17 miles per hour throughout the sfo area. 21 in san francisco. 15 in hayward and san jose. you're getting the feel for this. it's breezy. not as much as last night. a breezy day with the winds up to 20 in the afternoon hours. and a cool day after a cool start. it's 47 degrees in san francisco. here's what you need to know on this monday. the winds decreasing later. and still breezy. dry weather today and rain returns tuesday and wednesday. i have the super bowl sunday forecast. and satellite and radar indicates this is the area of low pressure sagging to the
5:51 am
south that brought us the hail and the wind yesterday. upstream we go. a brand new area of low pressure. and future cast illustrates we're sunny and clear. and we start to see increasing clouds tonight, attack, this time tomorrow we'll have the rain from the north to the south. and then look what happens for the midweek. for wednesday an area of low pressure wants to bang up the northern portion of the bay area and slide to the south. a tenth of an inch of rain to the east in the next 24 hours. a half inch in san rafael. and we'll be wet the next couple of days. 50s and 60s for came highs today. in super bowl city, 56 degrees. and it cools off rapidly once the sun sets at 5:33. bum up. partly cloudy thursday and friday and watch what happens. high pressure builds in just in time for super bowl sunday. we're talking unseasonably mild conditions. 67degrees.
5:52 am
frank and michelle, that's a touchdown. 5:51. heavy ice jams up the roads and snow causes a huge freeway pileup. a look at the treacherous driving conditions in the sierra next. ,,,, look at this sweet face. so sweet.
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so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. chain-reaction crash in sno ay afternoon. interstate 880 was the scene of a massive pileup near
5:55 am
truckee. 29 vehicles got tangled up in snowy conditions yesterday afternoon. several stretches of the interstate were closed for about three hours. fortunately, no major injuries. and people in soda springs have been allowed back in their homes after flooding forced them to evacuate yesterday. the ice got caught under a bridge and crews had to bring in heavy equipment to clear it. a main road was closed for nearly seven hours. a hoverboard caused a fire in san leandro. firefighters prevented the flames from reaching the second floor. and the hoverboard is now blackened and twisted. it was reportedly charging when the fire broke out. it's the latest in the hoverboard fires all around the country. a temporary homeless shelter will open in san francisco. the warehouse will be able to
5:56 am
house up to 150 people. planners hope it will clear out the tent city that's formed at the bottom of potrero hill. each person who decides to spent the night will get a mattress and a hygiene kit. whipping winds creates a mess around the bay area. we'll show you the damage and let you know when the winds will die down. as more super bowl l fans make their way to the bay area, the tougher it's going to get for the transit customers. we have a shortcut to get you to work faster. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. good morning, everyone. it's monday, february 1st. i'm michelle griego. >> and i'm frank mallicoat.
6:00 am
it's nearly 6:00. super bowl week is finally upon us and the bay area is buzzing with excitement. you're looking at super bowl city in san francisco and security is extremely tight. we'll find out how much that's slowing down the commute coming up in a few minutes. >> highly visible damage in justin herman plaza. several banners were ripped down. and flags in front of the ferry building are fully extended. and the wind uprooted trees around the bay area. in red exceed city one fell on a truck in a front yard. people trying to get in and out of their yard hot to climb a fence. and a tree hit the ground so harped the sidewalk buckled. another tree nearby came down between two cars. hail in pleasanton. and roberta captured t


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