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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  February 4, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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panthers and broncos banners. >> united in orange. >> i had my eyes on that. >> are you okay with that? >> united in orange. that's their motto for the panthers. it's thursday, february 4. good morning. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it's a lot warmer today so we're loving that. and we're broadcasting live this morning sens restaurant overlooking super bowl city, which is a little quiet right now but it will start rocking again around 11:00. activists in san francisco hit the streets near super bowl city. 200 chanted and sign carrying homeless advocates marching close to the fan village last night. it drew a massive police presence here in the city. cate caugiran live on the embarcadero with more on what the demonstration was all about and how police responded. >> reporter: the main issue is super bowl city. homeless say the nfl took it over from them.
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yesterday on one side you had people celebrating at city and others protestors demanding change. [ yelling ] >> reporter: the protestors marched around super bowl city carrying symbolic tents and signs that said, no penalty for poverty and house keys for homeless. organizers are now asking mayor lee to invest $5 million in housing and to create new programs for shelters and health services. in addition to the hundreds of protestors was a veritable alphabet soup of law enforcement from sfpd to the coast guard. kpix 5 security analyst jeff harp says this beefed up security presence is likely the new norm for big events. >> back over the last couple super bowls, one of the big differences is we didn't have a shooting in san bernardino prior to it happening. we didn't have an attack in paris. we didn't have inside, you know, committing to the cause --isis, you know, committing to the cause as much as they are now. >> reporter: yesterday the new
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homeless shelter at pier 80 was supposed to open. it has been delayed until today or tomorrow. it's an alternate but crews are still putting it together. once finished it could hold up to 150 people. now we're hearing it could open today or tomorrow. live in san francisco, cate caugiran, kpix 5. we're seeing more security all over the bay area including bomb-sniffing dogs. they will be on bay area airports and bart, vta and muni. they are trained to detect over 19,000 types of explosives, firearms and ammunition. there's a new security measure in a place where you might not expect it. kpix 5 reporter jackie ward is near levi's stadium with all the details. jackie reporter: good morning. law enforcement is thinking of every possible way danger could come close to levi's stadium here in santa clara. even the peaceful southern tip of san francisco bay. they are doing that because
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that could actually lead close to the stadium. that's where san tomas aquino creek joins the bay. the coast guard set up a maritime exclusion zone to prevent anyone from getting in or out of the creek channel. >> it's maritime security and helicopter patrols by the coast guard on site intelligence support. >> national guard teams are already monitoring the perimeter and dozens of law enforcement agencies are involved in the overall security effort and here at levi's stadium, security is here around the clock. and you can't get near the stadium. this is about as close as we could get and we're by the convention center. from levi's stadium, jackie ward, kpix 5. super bowl traffic likely to be a mess especially around levi's stadium in santa clara. busy tasman drive in front of the stadium has been closed since last weekend and some people who live or work near the stadium are upset about all the street closures leading up
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to sunday's super bowl. neighbors say the blocked streets have forced drivers to detour around the area and move on to already congested side streets. many business owners say their customers are steering clear of the area even though they are still open for business. >> we're waiting on the super bowl and, like, you know, waiting for all the people and the crowds and it's kind of super dead so it's like the opposite of what we would have thought. >> vta light rail service is still running on tasman but they will also shut down friday night after the evening commute. on game day on sunday fans will be shuttled into the stadium right from that light rail station. it is 5:04. you know, it is a little warmer than it was yesterday at this time. but now i can feel the breeze picking up. >> the winds starting to come. >> i was waiting to see how fast i was going to be -- you can see the flags on the fly behind us on the ferry building. it's a gorgeous morning not as cold as yesterday but nonetheless when that wind kicks up there's a little chill
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in the air. good morning, everyone. you do need a jacket out the door but not the umbrella. this is our live hi-def doppler radar. when you see that little cluster on your tv screen, our radar is so sensitive it's able to detect the wind turbines in rio vista. you can see the moon clouds filtering in over there. we are mostly cloudy in san francisco at 51. today's high temperatures with the partial clear of the skies that means some clouds and some sunshine in the 50s, pushing 62 degrees in mountain view and in san jose. and we are live at super bowl city. we are sitting outside sens restaurant overlooking justin herman plaza. come by, say hi, expect 60 degrees and expect a very lovely gianna. >> thank you, roberta. we have reports of an accident into oakland this morning on the northbound side of 13 just past moraga avenue. chp is on scene. the right lane is down for the count as they deal with this.
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no word of injuries. we have some activity there so a little slowing on that southbound side according to our sensors. all right. elsewhere throughout the bay area so far, so good along 880 no delays to report as you work your way northbound or southbound near the coliseum. in fact, southbound you're clear into hayward right now. in fact south of there into fremont we are not seeing any trouble spots. don't forget though if you are headed into san francisco, southbound embarcadero remains closed. that's near the ferry building for super bowl city. you will latest find closures along market also howard street closures between 3rd and 5th at moscone center for the nfl experience. use mass transit. that's your best bet to get into san francisco. bart on time. students are expected to line up for vaccinations at santa clara university today in hopes of preventing a meningitis outbreak. kpix 5's kiet do joins us live from scu to explain why there are concerns. kiet reporter: good morning. the message from the university and health officials, get vaccinated! and there's really no excuse
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for students because this time, it's free! starting today santa clara university will be sponsoring a free vaccine clinic for students for meningitis and chances are the students have not got then particular vaccine because it's new and designed perfectly to fight the strain that is sickening two students on campus. now, this all began on sunday when a student got sick and went to the hospital. two days later another student got sick. tests confirmed it was the same bacterial strain of meningitis known as cerro group b. doctors say this is no ordinary strain. >> this cluster has been evolving over the last 72 hours. so it's very new and a dynamic situation. >> we are for exampling intensely -- we are focusing intensely for the next several day on ensuring the health and welfare of our students by encouraging them very strongly to get vaccinated. >> reporter: back here live on campus, there is going to be a
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huge super bowl-related event on saturday called the super community celebration. that will go on as scheduled. party on. we are live in santa clara, kiet do, kpix 5. time now 5:08. a man accused of stabbing a chp officer in san francisco this week set to be arraigned today for attempted murder. it happened tuesday near a busy on-ramp to the bay bridge eastbound. the suspect noel corpuz allegedly slashed the officer multiple times. the officer is in stable condition. 44-year-old man under arrest is believed to be homeless. and newly released autopsy results are giving us more information about a canadian backpacker who was shot and killed in golden gate park last year. the coroner's office says audrey kerry had drugs in her system and had head trauma before being shot. three drifters facing murder charges in her death, their next court date is may 9. new this morning, san jose investigators are trying to figure out if this three-alarm
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fire was arson. crews battled flames at four different residential buildings last night on the 1000 block of ellis avenue. it took nearly 2 hours to put the fires out. two of the buildings were occupied at the time. no reports of any injuries. an earthquake alert system is helpful in recent years but it's still not clear where the money will come from to improve, expand and maintain it. the federal government has kicked in millions of dollars but wants california, oregon and washington to put up money of their only. according to the "los angeles times," california's office of emergency services has not identified a source for financing. the largest lotto prize to go unclaimed better be snatched by 5 p.m. tonight or the money goes to california schools. the winning lotto ticket was purchased last august at this los angeles 7-eleven. one man is suing the california lottery over the prize. he says his ticket is the winner. the lotto says it's too damaged to be processed. >> so start digging if you have
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an old ticket. time now 5:09. back in familiar territory some players from the panthers and broncos grew up learning their skills right here in the bay area. we are going to head out to their old stomping grounds in this week's "cool school." >> the budweiser clydesdales, we take you to meet them in fairfield next. >> and currently we have the air temperature 49 degrees but the winds picked up to 10 to 15 miles an hour adding a capitol -- adding a capitol hill to the air. in super bowl city partly cloudy skies 62 degrees. >> in oakland this morning word of an accident south 880 near high street. i'll have details coming right up. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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and broncos are coming backo their old bay area stomping grounds for the super bowl. so this week we have two co schools with connections to player some pantherses and broncos are coming back to their old stomping grounds for the super bowl. so this week we have two cool schools with connections to players. de la salle in concord and mera mir ra month. >> reporter: the panthers quarterback coach ken dorsey.
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he coached the protective line when he was quarterback here in the '90s. >> he was a student of the game. he would know what was going to happen with the defense before it even happened. >> reporter: dorsey went on to play in the nfl. but it's coaching that gave him the most success. >> he really is passionate about coaching and we probably like to think that at mera month we give them the spark. >> tj was a little undersized as a junior and really blossomed between his junior and senior year. >> reporter: ward grew up in antioch where he was often seen playing basketball and throwing the football. >> tj as a hitter as a youngster he is a hitter now so it's going to be great to watch him play against carolina in the super bowl. >> reporter: miramonte and de la salle are proud of their
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former athletes and you can bet everyone there will be watching the super bowl and cheering them on. >> there's a long tradition in the school and i think anytime one of our own are out there playing they are -- >> to be able to circle around and be a coach and go to the super bowl, that's amazing. >> it's interesting the athletic director at miramonte still texting ken dorsey. >> i bet. >> once a week. and so he is really excited and at de la salle, three football players from there have gone on to the super bowl, all three won the super bowl so let's see if tj ward can come out. >> i'm proud of mr. dorsey. i'm a miramonte alum. and what's cool about your school? email your nomination to us at we may come and feature your school on the show. gianna, were you an athlete in school? >> no. [ laughter ] i was in the show choir so i did the whole
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singing and dancing. dancing is athletic. no, i did not play sports but more power to you if you did. [ laughter ] >> how are the roads? >> all right. well, roads are looking good this morning. in fact, we just have a couple of accidents brewing out there. but nothing you can't handle this morning as you work your way out and about. here's a live look at 880. both directions near the nimitz freeway, we have an accident not too far from here on the southbound side of 880 near high street. looks like a vehicle may have hit some debris in the road. they have everything over to the shoulder. heads up through there. northbound 13 past moraga right lane blocked for an accident. trying to get everything off to the right side, as well. all approaches to the bay bridge. the san mateo bridge you're in luck.
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13 minutes westbound out of hayward into foster city towards the peninsula so traffic very quiet there. it's a nice ride out of marin counties. southbound 101 to the golden gate bridge 14 minutes into san francisco right now. don't forget there are closures around san francisco. roberta i'm feeling chilly wind come my way here. >> i have a little bit of a super bowl factoid for you, gianna. it was back in, what, 1982, it was when the 49ers were playing the bengals that was the first time a super bowl was played in a cold city. they were playing inside the superdome which sounds good right now because the wind has been picking up here at the waterfront looking out toward the super bowl that's where
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levi's stadium is outside mineta international airport. super bowl will be played on sunday. san jose right now sporting 46 degrees. winds 10 to 15 miles per hour. there is a chill in the air of the livermore at 45. this time yesterday it was 37 degrees. all right. let's get down to business. this is what you need to know on this thursday. we'll have some partial afternoon clearing after, okay, it's a chilly start but not as cold as yesterday but it's that wind that adds a capitol hill to the air. area of low pressure is a frontal boundary. high surf advisory in effect until tomorrow morning with swells up to 15 feet. be mindful of the sneaker waves. your northern california forecast today yesterday 7 degrees in truckee right now 21
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going up to 40. alpine meadows lots of fresh powder and snow at sugar bowl lots of packed powder with lots of lifts available. here temperatures in the 50s and low 60s. it's that breeze however up to 15 miles per hour that makes it feel a little chilly as you head on out to super bowl city right here at the foot of market street at justin herman plaza. today's forecast 58 to 63 degrees. but look at the weekend. by super bowl sunday, span mid- 60s to low 70s near or record warmth through wednesday. super bowl iii:30 in the afternoon kickoff, 71 degrees, super bowl at 3:30 in the afternoon, kickoff 71 degrees. >> i have been flirting with 73 but i thought it would be modest. >> if you dial down the winds we'll love you even more. thank you. they are images as iconic as football itself. the budweiser clydesdales have arrived in the bay area in time for the game. visitors to the fairfield brewery got a chance to meet the gentle giants yesterday and
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have their picture taken. the horses' handlers say there's a reason they evoke strong emotions in the budweiser ad. >> you represent strength. once you see them going with the wagon it's awe inspiring. >> reporter: the first spot was 30 years ago in the super bowl. the tradition will continue this sunday. and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, joe montana and wife jennifer weigh in on head injuries and the one that led to joe's retirement. plus, steph curry might be looking for a presidential pardon after what he did to the wizards in d.c. straight ahead. (burke) smash and grub. seen it. covered it. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two.
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southbound 880 near high street. an accident cleared off the roadway. 880 not too bad in both directions as you work your way near the coliseum. we are getting first reports of an accident near 92. i'll have more on that coming up in just a few minutes. good morning, everyone. the warriors go to the white house today and it's a no- brainer what the president will be talking about. he was overshadowed by steph curry who was raining threes in the nation's capital. curry made 13 of his first 14 shots scored 36 in the first half. nailed 11 shots from downtown. one off tying the nba record shared by kobe and marshall an
5:24 am
ex-warriors. he finished with 51 points, three off his career high. the warriors win 134-121, their 8th straight. they are 45-4 on the season and draymond put the fire out with a cut of water. i had an opportunity to walk with joe montana through super bowl city last night. we chatted about the glory days, but he also reflected on his injury history and myself and his wife jennifer asked him about the movie "concussion." the growing problem on brain damage and the nfl's attempt to cover it up. >> i'm afraid to watch it because i don't want to be, you know, swayed one way or the other in thinking it could be true when it might not be. >> that was the main reason you retired. you thought about it the year before when you had that major concussion and you took four, five months making your decision whether you were going to come back for one more year. >> yeah. the last concussion hurt. it was like a lightning bolt went through my head.
5:25 am
>> now, the "concussion" movie was about cte, and surrounding the life of dr. bennett who interestingly will be speaking tonight in san francisco about that very topic. i'm dennis o'donnell. we'll see you here tonight. and we are here. play of the day we are going to hoop it up. we have miami at dallas. keep an eye on the heat asan whiteside. watch. >> looking for their first lead of the game. whiteside spinning in the game. welcome back big fella. >> nice little baseline dipscy do for him. miami beat the mavericks by three and grab this morning's play of the day. i'm cate caugiran live outside super bowl city. san francisco's homeless determined to get the city's attention. we'll update you on last night's protest and how it could change police presence at big events in the future. >> i'm kiet do live at santa clara university after two
5:26 am
students got sick with meningitis. the school is now paying to vaccinate the entire student body for free. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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♪ i got the discounts that you need ♪ ♪ safe driver ♪ accident-free ♪ everybody put your flaps in the air for me ♪ that broadcasts the game to millions. how they make it all happen. weather ad libs traffic ad libs good morning. it's thursday, february 4th.. i'm michelle griego. how the game is broadcast to millions. how they make it all happen. >> reporter: outside levi's stadium security is working around the clock even in some areas you may not think of. >> good morning, everybody. if you are heading to super bowl city at the foot of market street, right outside justin herman plaza, we're here! come by say hi!
5:30 am
expect partly cloudy skies and 60 degrees. >> the accidents are coming into the traffic center. the latest along 92. i'll have details coming up. good morning, everyone. it's thursday, february 4. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. just three days away from the big game now at 5:30. protests and massive police presence on the edge of super bowl city. kpix 5's cate caugiran is live along the embarcadero on what the demonstration was all about. cate, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it was a stark contrast yesterday afternoon between the celebrations going on here at super bowl city and the protestors across the street. [ yelling ] >> reporter: protestors marched around super bowl city chanting and carrying symbolic tents. organizers want the $5 million that the city put into super bowl city to be invested in hoisting for the homeless create -- housing for homeless and new services. protestors carried signs that
5:31 am
said no penalty for poverty and house keys for homeless. in addition to those protestors were 80 police officers in riot gear standing by. jeff harp says that beefed up security presence is likely the new norm for big events. >> back over the last couple super bowls, one of the big differences is we didn't have a shooting in san bernardino prior to it happening. we didn't have an attack in paris. we didn't have inside, you know, committing to the cause --isis, you know, committing to the cause as much as they are now. >> reporter: ironically the city's new homeless shelter at pier 80 bass supposed to open yesterday you -- was supposed to open yesterday but it's going to be open today or tomorrow. crews are still putting it together. that homeless shelter will have room for up to 150 people. but they say the shelter is just a way to keep them out of sight and out of super bowl city. reporting live in san francisco, cate caugiran, kpix
5:32 am
5. as the super bowl approaches, security is picking up all around the bay area. expect to see more bomb- sniffing dogs at all transit hubs, airports, train stations, bart, vta and muni. on does our dogs have been trained to sniff out shells and ammunition and other chemicals. >> special attention is being focused on a small waterway near the stadium. kpix 5 reporter jackie ward is live near levi's with plans to keep the entire area safe on sunday. >> reporter: good morning. that's a big area. they are making sure that every inch of this place including waterways is covered by security. so that includes the san tomas aquino creek where it can meet up eventually right next to the
5:33 am
stadium. the coast guard set up a maritime exclusion zone to block anyone from being in the creek channel. levels are low despite the rain we have had this winter. but the coast guard will be prepared for anything. >> at this time, we know of no specific credible threat directed at super bowl 50 or related events. >> reporter: national guard teams are already monitoring the perimeter and dozens of law enforcement agencies are involved in the overall security effort. in fact, at this early hour, 5:33 in the morning, you can see security guards out there. we are outside the convention center next to the stadium. this is as close as we can get. tasman is closed until tuesday. so with guards here around the clock, they are not taking any chances. they just want to make sure this area is secure leading up to the big game. from levi's stadium, jackie ward, kpix 5. you can't find a bigger television event in the united states than the super bowl. a tremendous amount of effort goes into those broadcasts. this year it is cbs' turn.
5:34 am
our turn. there will be 70 cameras in santa clara including more than 30 mounted around the stadium for a 360-degree view of all the action. you get a bird's-eye view from a camera mounted to a plane and from a tower cam at great america next door. >> we have all the bells and whistles known to mankind and sports broadcasting. >> cbs will hold an off air rehearsal that will happen tomorrow using the football team from mountain view's st. francis high school as standins for the broncos and panthers. and taking a look at that countdown clock, we are now just 3 days away from kickoff between the broncos and panthers and that's right here on kpix 5. and expect more fireworks for the game. this is just a sample of what's in store at the stadium. crews are busy yesterday testing pyrotechnics for the big event. and coldplay is in san francisco today talking to reporters about their super bowl halftime show.
5:35 am
they will be at moscone center around noon. beyonce is part of the halftime show. no word on whether she will appear with the band today at noon. and we'll be live from super bowl city right up until game day and on saturday, don't miss our special 3-hour show. it all starts at 7 a.m. about an hour ago, i was praising mother nature because it seems about 10 degrees warmer. right now i have an issue with her. [ laughter ] >> it's cold again, isn't it? >> it usually gets colder before sun-up. generally between about 6 and 7:00 in the morning that's your coldest part of the day. you have gone so long without any kind of sunlight, right? and also, the wind. that's a little bit of a factor this morning. the winds have been picking up 10 to 15 miles per hour and will continue to blow throughout your thursday. check out our live hi-def doppler radar. just a couple of clusters of returns from wind turbines outside rio vista. our radar is sensitive and
5:36 am
detects that. this is levi's stadium. 46 degrees. it's supposedly 50 in san francisco but when you factor in the wind, wind chill makes it feel like the low 40s. we have the frontal boundary sweeping through the bay area falling apart at the seams but see all those clouds? those will drift across the area today only partial clearing of the skies. high temperatures in the 50s and low 60s. and by the way if you want to come by sens restaurant embarcadero 4, we will be here today at super bowl city expect 60 degrees. have a great time. we are going to jump over to the bay bridge right now where the metering lights are on and we are starting to see a bit of a backup there business as usual. you're seeing some stop-and-go conditions beyond the first overpass there. that's the 880 overcrossing. eastbound 92 near [ non-english language ] , it looks like it may be blocking lanes so expect some delays as you work your way through there. also on the flip side east 92 connecting over to northbound 880 we are getting reports of
5:37 am
another accident here also. chp not on scene yet. we'll get more details coming up. but two cars reported over to the right shoulder. dumbarton westbound at the toll plaza worth of an accident, as well. but your drive times along the peninsula look good now. time now 5:37. santa clara university is offering free vaccinations to students today to prevent a meningitis outbreak. kiet do reports from scu explaining why the university is taking immediate tack -- why the university is taking immediate action. >> reporter: health officials don't know if a third student will turn up sick but they aren't taking any chances. they urge all students to come down and get vaccinated. starting today there will be a free clinic for all students for meningitis and chances are, the students have not gotten this particular vaccine because it's new and specifically designed to fight this strain that's sickened two students here on campus. now, this all began on sunday when a student got sick and
5:38 am
went to the hospital. then two days later another student got sick. tests confirm it was the same bikial strain of meningitis known as cerro group b. health officials are searching for anyone who may have had contact with these two students. >> we are focusing intensely for the next several days on ensuring the health and welfare of our students encouraging them to get vaccinated. >> at santa clara we are concerned about the welfare of our students, faculty and staff. >> reporter: coming up on saturday, there's going to be a huge super bowl-related event called the super community celebration. that will go on as scheduled. kiet do, kpix 5. here's an animated look at what caltrans is tackling. they are lowering the first 504- foot truss span and while the
5:39 am
movie makes it look easy the project will actually take two days to complete because the process is excruciatingly slow and precision is key. the price of a 30-second ad during the super bowl has hit $5 million. up 11% from last year. >> that's all good. cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger is here with more of her favorite super bowl numbers. jill, good morning from san francisco. >> reporter: good morning, from the host city itself. >> hey, very good. super bowl ads will generate some $400 million. but how will the city of san francisco fare? >> reporter: you know, a lot of folks in the bay area were really angry because they said you had to spend nearly $5 million in additional police, fire and transportation services. fear not. visitors are expected to spend $220 million and you will get a share in tax revenue. here's something mind-blowing. the state of california stands to collect millions of
5:40 am
something called, are you ready, the jock tax. this tax is anyone who earns income outside of the state in which he files taxes. it's calculated by the number of duty days that a play spends in any game function including practice, training, playing, even meetings. okay. so let's say you're an injured player you're traveling with the team. you still have to pay whether or not you practice. california's the highest jock tax rate in the nation. 13.3% levee on the teams. i think it will work out ak for you guys. >> i think it will be fine. >> which team is better for stocks? >> well, investors should be rooting for the panthers and here's why. when the super bowl winner comes from the national football conference like carolina, the dow jones industrial average rises 11.4% on average that year. but when the victor is from the
5:41 am
american football conference like the broncos, it goes up 3.6%. before you start making your trades on monday morning, just remember, there are always outliers. remember 2008? that's when the new york football giants of the nfc defeated the afcs new england patriots. and guess what! the dow went down by 34%. then 2013 the ravens won from the afc and the market was supposed to be not so great the dow was up 26%. what does this tell us? it's just a stupid stat and fun. [ laughter ] >> kind of like punxsutawney phil. he is never right but we go with it. >> i was going to say the broncos are worth more than that. >> we'll find out. if it goes up, we'll be happy. jill schlesinger, thank you, live from san francisco. presidential candidates play the blame game on the campaign trail. what they are all saying as time falls short to win over
5:42 am
voters ahead of the nation's first primary. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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ling for a few mor states of new hampshire ground zero right now in the presidential campaign. candidates scrambling for a few more votes before tuesday's first in the nation primary. kpix 5's anne makovec is in the newsroom with the very latest appearances by hillary clinton and bernie sanders reporter: there is another big showdown set for tonight. the fifth democratic debate. the first time the top two will be on stage together since martin o'malley dropped out. hillary clinton and bernie sanders made their case to voters during a town hall meeting last night answering questions from the audience. they appeared on stage one at a time and traded jabs over their progressive values. >> i do not know any progressive who has a super pac
5:45 am
and takes $15 million from wall street. >> i was somewhat amused today that senator sanders has set himself up to be a gatekeeper on who is a progressive. >> clinton beat sanders in an iowa caucus this week but just barely and she is trailing him right now in new hampshire. sanders is from neighboring vermont. he also is dominating the attention of younger voters. on the republican side, donald trump and ted cruz remain locked in a war of words over the results in iowa. trump went on a twitter rant wednesday accusing ted cruz of cheating to win the iowa caucus. cruz says trump is throwing what he describes as trumper tantrums. an iowa gop spokesman says no fraud was committed and caucus results are final. >> this guy ted cruz, ted cruz goes out, you talk about liars. >> donald's insults get more and more hysterical the more and more upset he gets. >> it's getting ugly. republicans rand paul and rick
5:46 am
santorum dropped out wednesday. santorum immediately endorsed marco rubio. now, as republicans drop out it's interesting to see who might be positioning himself for the vp spot. live in the newsroom, anne makevoc, kpix 5. from heartbreak to happiness for some bay area girl scouts who won a sleepover at levi's stadium. 1200 scouts were challenged to sell 600 boxes each. their reward a slumber party on the 50-yard line at levi's stadium in may. they fulfilled their end of the bargain but the 49ers canceled the event for a concert. >> we were just, like, all disappointed and felt bad. >> it made me sad. >> i was sad but now i'm really happy it's on again. >> the 49ers realized they had made a mistake so they made good on the sleepover offer and just moved it a week later than the original date. >> a good move. you don't want to upset the girl scouts with the biggest
5:47 am
game on the planet sunday. thanks for the cookies by the way. >> you're welcome. [ roberta reciting at top speed the girl scout pledge ] reports of a trouble spot actually in hayward. if you are commuting on the san mateo bridge this morning, it may affects your ride on the noncommute direction so that's the good part. here's a live look at the san mateo bridge itself. so far it looks good in both directions. the wreck is actually right around eastbound 92 connecting over to northbound 880. looks like chp is on scene. it is over to the right shoulder. south 880 bogs down just a little through hayward. eastbound highway 84 near the toll plaza, the dumbarton bridge, the noncommute direction, accident in the left lane. the bay bridge looks good so far traffic not too bad. we are seeing some extra busy conditions though coming off the eastshore freeway. so just keep that in mind also. westbound 580 altamont pass to 680, 21 minutes as you work
5:48 am
your way towards the dublin interchange. the dublin interchange itself not bad. sluggish westbound but overall connecting to 680 traffic is light at least through there right now. let's get a live look at conditions near embarcadero. we may have that -- there you are. these are closures near super bowl city southbound embarcadero shut down. so heads up as you come into san francisco. other closures you will find are right around howard for the moscone center nfl experience around third, fourth and fifth streets so howard is shut down there as well but southbound embarcadero. northbound is still open so you can get through there at least on the northbound side. it is chilly out here this morning. here's roberta. currently 47 degrees at super bowl city in san francisco. good morning, everyone. currently we are sporting 47 degrees. but behind me here we have been noticing the flag on the fly because the winds are whipping up to 10 to 15 miles per hour. if you are heading out here, we are at sens restaurant overlooking justin herman plaza herm. come by, say hi, expect 60 degrees and partly cloudy conditions. right now, we are looking out
5:49 am
towards levi's stadium in santa clara valley and currently 46 degrees there. otherwise pretty much in the mid-40s to 50 in san francisco. here's what you need to know on this thursday. first off, we do have some clouds. it's not as cold as yesterday but nonetheless there is a chill in the air. we'll have some partial afternoon clearing and then setting the stage for a warm weekend. we doe have our satellite and radar imagery. area of low pressure well stacked to the north of the bay area as high pressure continues to build in. meanwhile, with that area of low pressure in its proximity, we have a high surf advisory in place until 7:00 tomorrow morning. 15-foot swells and some pretty dangerous sneaker waves, as well. let's go ahead and share with you our northern california forecast. high temperatures for the day today 40 degrees in the greater lake tahoe area. we're talking spring-like conditions there. it is currently 21 degrees in truckee. official sun-up this morning is at 7:11 and gang, that's when we usually see the coldest temperatures of the day.
5:50 am
>> all right! >> sunset at 5:36. smack in between, partly cloudy conditions across the bay area. 50s pushing low 60s. winds up to 15. the extended forecast, partly sunny for your friday a tad warmer, then check out the weekend. we are going to be experiencing near or record warmth by monday. but meanwhile on sunday, 65 to 73 degrees. super bowl 50 will be played in sunshine and in the low 70s at kickoff at 3:30 at levi's stadium in the santa clara valley. wow! >> i know. looks good, roberta. thank you. another san francisco musician in the spotlight on the super bowl city stage. >> matt nathanson played to a packed crowd in the rain. ♪[ music ] >> the song come on get high is a song that helped launch matt's career as a musician. he says he was pumped to perform last night but admits he is not a big sports fan. >> i'm definitely not a very big football fan only because
5:51 am
i'm sort of sports illiterate. i grew up playing guitar in my basement and so sports were just not my -- it's my brother's thing and i was kind of the musician guy. >> matt lives in bernal heights and often sings about san francisco. in spite of the showers, well, he rocked the stage and, of course, the crowd. they loved t and one talented family taking the stage at tonight's free concert. you can catch the band perry a little bit of country at 7:30 at sue berman park tonight. tomorrow night one republic will take the mic on the city stage and on saturday on the eve of the big game it's alicia keys and it's all free. >> we have "countdown to gold" specials every night at 7:00 right here on kpix 5. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,
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just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at driver hijacked by three esd inmates is talking about his ordeal. the fugitives forced long m drive from los angeles to t bay area after they escaped january 22-nd. along the way stayed in cheap h a southern california taxi driver hijacked by three fugitives is taking. they escaped january 22. along the way they stayed in cheap hotels and he says the convicts even watched local news coverage and boasted about the escape. [ non-english language ] [ indiscernible ] inmate-- bac duong protected him.. and saved h
5:55 am
life. la >> he says at one point he thought he would be killed by one of the escapees. but another inmate, bac duong, protected him and saved his life. later the two of them drove to southern california separately where the convict turned himself in. a 63-year-old woman in critical condition after an attack at a bay area mall. police say the suspect beat, robbed her in the parking lot of the solano towne centre in fairfield. and now a 19-year-old suspect is under arrest. police released his mugshot late last night. they say william david king is also responsible for similar attack on tuesday. >> if you can't be safe at a public mall where there's security, where are you safe at? >> i plan on defending myself absolutely. >> king faces attempted murder and robbery charges. investigators have announced a breakthrough in a mendocino county cold case. the sheriff's department says two sets of bones found decades ago near willits have been identified as the remains of two teenaged girls from sonoma
5:56 am
county. one of those girls was francine trimble. the other, kerr graham. both were last seen alive in forestville in december 1978. an earring was found with the remains in a concrete vault. it wasn't until this past november that the links were confirmed through dna testing. it's still not clear how the girls died. we're at levi's stadium this morning where of course security is patrolling around the clock. but they are also keeping their eye on a waterway nearby. we'll tell you the details. ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
good morning. this is levi's stadium showing the banner there that shows the oakland raiders winning super bowl xi in 1976 against the vikings. >> at the rose bowl. they beat the vikings. >> yeah. >> big game.
6:00 am
>> and now the panthers and the broncos are trying to get one of those rings. >> they are. >> yeah. it is thursday, february 4. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. we're broadcasting live this morning from sens restaurant overlooking a quiet super bowl city. they will get that rocking in a couple of hours. meanwhile, last night hundreds of activists squared off with police right near super bowl city. the demonstrators took to the streets over san francisco's homeless policies but they ran into a number of officers in riot gear blocking their path. cate caugiran joins us live in the embarcadero with more on that face-off with the officers. cate, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the main issue for protestors is actually the land behind me where you guys are at, super bowl city. homeless and their supporters say the nfl took it over from them so yesterday on one side we had celebrating and across the street, we had protestors demanding change. [ yelling ] >> ain't no power like the power of


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