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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  February 11, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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is back good evening, i'm veronica de la cruz. >> i'm ken bastida in for allen martin. we have breaking news. just minutes ago, the state announced crab season is back on! health officials lifting the warnings about dungeness crab. and our own paul deanno is along the coast now in half moon bay. paul, this will be welcome news to the hard hit fishing industry. >> reporter: this is great news. there are crab pots a mile down the road sit there is for three months. crab season should have begun in mid-november. today it's mid-february. three months late, but better late than never. the levels of what is called domoic acid, which is unsafe to eat, have now been deemed low enough or undetectable enough that in certain parts of the california coastline including much of the bay area here, crab season is back open as of right now. the acid test has dropped to what the state considers safe levels. lots of traps were backed up in ports from fisherman's wharf to
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monterey an economic disaster for crabbers and northern california's economy but tonight the state says fishermen can now set their traps for dungeness crab anywhere from point reyes, here's the key, it's from point reyes and south. all of this comes just hours after the state senate discussed the economic disaster of that delayed season and they also called on the federal government to declare a disaster. >> in modern history, we have never seen the crab harvest delayed like this. the joint committee requested the governor brown issue a disaster declaration. that happened. governor brown has now issued a request for a federal declaration. it's now on the federal side with the secretary of the interior. >> reporter: so it's not a one size fits all crab season is back on. the ban on dungeness fishing remains in effect north of point reyes so it's only from point reyes southward you can fish for crab safely. and this is all also important. the state says it is only safe
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to eat the fleshy white meet of the crab. the internal known as the butter, no, it can still have that higher concentration of the domoic acid compared to the meat and another bit of advice from the state, if you boil crab, if you are making crabs with pasta or any dish like that, throw away the water because if you are cooking the whole crab the insides are still in and that water or that broth may be unsafe to eat. so there are some specifics here that you still have to consider. it's not everything is done. but you can eat the fleshy white meat of the crab. crab season is back open south of point reyes. we have more on the health advisories on our website, fishermen say the crab you catch late in the season is not as good as november and december but it's too late for that. it's better late than never. for now crab season is back on south of point reyes. live from half moon bay, paul deanno. back to you. >> thank you. a decision to fire the man in charge of the california coastal commission is provoking anger from environmentalists.
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late last night the commission's board voted 7-5 to fire charles lester. as we first reported here, a big crowd turned out at the meeting in morro bay. some of lester's supporters were in tears. speakers warned that removing him would send a signal that commission staff should be more accommodating to developers. assembly speaker toni atkins was critical of the vote. the san diego democrat said let me apologize to the public. i truly thought my appointees would be better stewards of the coast. several commissioners have expressed frustration with lester's management and leadership skills. well, new at 6:00, the best surfers in the world are descending upon the bay area for the legendary mavericks surf contest. it is an all boys club. but kpix 5's emily turner tells us that could change. right, emily? >> reporter: and it could be changing as soon as next year. you know, the waves that these men are surfing are huge. but what's making waves also is
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the fact that they may be adding women into that line-up of 24. as if the big barrel waves of mavericks weren't daunting enough to conquer, getting to ride one in competition as a woman is even more difficult. so difficult, it's never been done before. that's all about to change. >> it's a huge door of opportunity for us. we're not trying to push our way into the "titans of mavericks" but it's an exciting opportunity for us to progress the conversation around developing a tour for women in big wave surfing. >> reporter: "titans of mavericks" competition is held in half moon bay on some of the biggest and most dangerous waves there are. but to keep the permit from the coastal commission next year mavericks has to create a plan to include a woman in the event. a woman has never been one of the 24 chosen to compete in all the 15 years of competition although they have been alternates. >> we are looking for the absolute best of the best performance in the water. >> reporter: so if a woman
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could do it they would be invited? >> absolutely! >> reporter: whether they can or not is decided by a committee of five. experts in big wave surfing and all men. but even women like this one say they are not as good yet. so organizers bristle at being told what to do by the coastal commission who is never involved in the competition until this year. so bianca says the women will take care of themselves. >> i think they are kind of outside their scope of jurisdiction at this point. i hope they get a good sponsor and they put on a great women's event. >> women have a place in the line-up just like men because the ocean doesn't see male or female. the wave is the wave. it doesn't matter if you're a man or woman. if you want to catch that wave and ride that mountain, you can do it. >> reporter: and it will certainly be interesting to see how this plays out. there will be a meeting between mavericks and the coastal commission later this year to determine whether or not their
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permit will be renewed. in the meantime, important information for those who want to see how everything plays out tomorrow at 8:30 when mavericks begins unlike years past you will not be able to watch from the cliff because all the el nino weather that's making these waves so big has also made those cliffs unsafe. so be sure to get here early to make sure you can find a seat. reporting live in half moon bay, emily turner, kpix 5. >> like emily said, the mavericks competition kicks off tomorrow morning at 6 a.m. in a ruling that could expose wrongdoing, a judge has ordered the state public utilities commission to come up with documents related to the troubled san onofre nuclear power plant. the cpuc has been fighting the public records request for a while now. in particular, notes related to a secret meeting and a polish hotel involving its former president michael peevey and an official with southern california edison. they agreed to shift billions
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in losses from that power plant to ratepayers. in his ruling the judge said not releasing the documents would do violence to the rights of citizens in a democracy to know the actions taken by their public officials. those documents could include communications with the governor's office regarding the deal. as for michael peevey, he is the subject of ongoing criminal investigations. landowners are challenging a promise that the bullet train can carry passengers from san francisco to los angeles in two hours and 40 minutes. a lawsuit claims there is no way the trains can go that fast. the fight comes down to whether the rail authority can legally use its own expert who says the travel time is possible. the $68 billion project has been plagued by legal and financial delays since voters approved funding in 2008. late this afternoon, we got our first look at the autopsy report for mario woods.
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he is the man shot and killed by san francisco police last december. in part, the findings confirmedded what the cell phone video shows that woods was shot 20 times in various parts of his body. police say that he refused to drop a knife, that beanbag rounds didn't subdue him and the toxicology report shows woods had methamphetamine, marijuana and two types of antidepressants in his system. this report comes as the u.s. justice department has launched an investigation into sfpd practices. also today a police honor guard stood in formation in the glen cove area of vallejo to salute a veteran officer as his body was removed from his home. police say he was killed in a family dispute. 58-year-old augustine "gus" vegas served in the richmond police department for more than a decade. he worked as a patrol officer and a homicide detective and was active in the foster care
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system in vallejo. kpix 5 reporter da lin on the man being remembered and the suspect accused of killing him. da. >> reporter: ken, the suspect at one point wanted to become a police officer. he graduated from a police academy. as for the victim, he was well respected in the community. a lot of friends and neighbors are extremely upset over this. >> they have a beautiful family. they're just beautiful people. >> reporter: friends are shock over the kill of 58-year-old augustine vegas, better known as gus. he was a cop for the richmond police department for 15 years. >> very nice family man. his relationship with his wife, his kids, you know, it was amazing. it's a big loss. >> reporter: investigators believe a domestic dispute over the victim's 6-year-old grandson led to the shooting inside his own hom . the suspect is 30-year-old robert vega, who was in a relationship with gus' daughter.
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investigators say during some sort of fight, robert killed gus in front of the family and possibly the family dog. robert then took his son and drove to fairfield. he was arrested there there. the 6-year-old was unharmed. both robert and gus graduated from the same police academy 21 years apart. >> gus was a very likeable -- always pleasant, always in a good mood, just really related to other people in a natural way. >> reporter: close friend renee mccreary says gus and his wife are extremely giving. they founded a foster home organization called, foster greatness. in fact, they adopted quite a few foster children as well including their biological children they have a total of 10 kids and 20 grandchildren. >> gus has always worked very hard to support his family. [ crying ] >> he is a detective and he took that position to get off the streets, you know, to be safe. and for this to happen in his
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own home, it's just horrific. >> reporter: we don't know if the dispute was over the custody of that 6-year-old boy. police are looking into that. as for the suspect, even though he graduated from a police academy, we don't know if he actually ever worked for a police department. live in vallejo, i'm da lin, kpix 5. an elderly driver who smashed through a livermore gym will not face criminal charges. in september 80-year-old [ non- english language ] plowed into the gym's storefront right into a workout class. livermore lab executive kathy baker was killed and several others injured. baker's husband has sued the driver and the gym. the driver likely mistook the gas pedal for the brake but prosecutors said there was not enough evidence to file charges. new data shows just how tight the housing market is in part of the bay area. in fact, the vacancy rate in san jose is the lowest in the country right now. new at 6:00, kpix 5's devin fehely is in san jose to run
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down the numbers and what's behind them. devin. >> reporter: yeah. real estate agents say it is and will likely continue to be a sellers market as housing and rent prices skyrocket. the numbers confirm what most of us already know or suspect, that the bay area's real estate market is one of the hottest in the country with no signs of cooling off anytime soon. >> this is a very good time to be a seller of real estate throughout the bay area. and it's not a bad time to be a landlord because you can take care of your vacancies very quickly. >> reporter: san jose has the lowest vacancy rate in the country just .2%. out of every 1,000 homes two might be vacant. compared to 75 out of 1,000 in an area like flint, michigan with a sputtering economy. >> over the past four years we have added almost 550,000 jobs but during that same time in the bay area, there have only
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been 82,000 new housing starts. that creates a significantly higher demand on an already impacted supply. >> reporter: but the bay area's resurgent economy is not only driving job creation. it's also driving some potential home buyers out of the market, which has in turn sent rent prices through the roof. >> for renters it means that it's going to be harder for them to find a property and they are probably going to pay more. >> reporter: soaring house prices, yet another reminder of how much the bay's booming economy continues to cost us. some real estate agents have raised the "spectre" of a potential housing bubble but most seem to believe that as long as the housing market is buoyed by strong job growth and good wages, that it's unlikely to collapse again. in san jose, devin fehely, kpix 5. raiders fans left in limbo! but tonight, they are finally getting some answers. what the team just decided about their future in oakland. >> and a california congressman turns heads with his cloud of
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smoke. why he says he took a puff for your rights. >> and creeks and streams flowing deep below the street. a bay area city's hidden waterscape and the problems bubbling up for local neighborhoods. ,, ,, four score and seven years ago, our fathers brought forth-- [train horn blares] ... to the continent... [claps] ... a new nation. announcer: why not celebrate presidents day with a better night's sleep? through presidents day at sleep train get up to four years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic, and save up to $300 on beautyrest and posturepedic,
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two more after that. it's official. raider nation you can root for your team for at least another year. possibly two more after that. kpix 5's mike sugerman tells us the big announcement comes a week before the team's current lease of the coliseum was set to expire. mike. >> reporter: kenny, you want to see the greatness of the raiders? as former owner al davis used to call them? you will be coming here to the oakland coliseum. raiders fans haven't known if they would be oakland raider fans for some time now. owner mark davis wouldn't commit to staying at the rundown coliseum. >> keeps everybody hanging. and i really don't like that. >> reporter: today some certainty. for a while at least. [ applause ] >> reporter: the oakland
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raiders will remain the oakland raiders for at least one more year. >> we have agreed in principle to one year lease extension to play our home games at the oakland coliseum for the 2016 season. >> reporter: davis agreed with the joint powers authority board to one year with two extra one year options. terms not announced although davis said they were similar to what they paid last year. for now at least, talk of las vegas, san antonio and los angeles have been quieted. you got raiders fans thinking, who am i going to root for? >> well, i don't think they ever think that. they always know they are going to be rooting for the raiders. once a raider, always a raider. it's where they are going to be rooting for them. this guys a little bit of certainty for them where we'll be for next season and hopefully for a long time like that. >> feeling like the person at the dance that nobody wants to dances with, you feel like
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you're picked after everyone else is rejected. >> fans will stick because of loyalty but you get frustrated with the uncertainty of how things are panning out. >> reporter: davis announced he hired larry mcneill the former cfo of the 9ers. he is the guy that got levi's stadium built. but they have no plan for a stadium in the east bay and they are still about $300 million short of what they need. in oakland, mike sugerman, kpix 5. a san diego area congressman was not afraid to literally blow a little smoke to prove his point at a hearing in washington today. >> so. this is called a vaporizer. >> reporter: republican congressman duncan hunter was upset with a transport committee's proposal to ban "vaping" on planes. congressman hunter says he and thousands of others have used vaporizers to quit smoking and calls "vaping" the future. but in the end the committee voted to approve the ban. a plane flying from san
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jose to phoenix made an emergency landing in los angeles today after smoke filled parts of the cabin. pilots on american airlines flight 564 called in a mechanical problem and diverted to l.a.x. around 11:00 this morning. several people were having trouble breathing. it is still unclear exactly what caused the problem. the airline was making arrangements to get everyone on to phoenix. a highly anticipated el nino winter is currently taking a bit of a siesta these days. rain could return sometime next week. but we found there's always water moving beneath the city of san francisco. rain or shine. why? well, kpix 5's wilson walker shows us the city's original landscape affects us to this very day. >> this guy here, he has [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: well over 100 years after san francisco paved over mission creek the city's buried marshland is still pumping out problems. >> this is like the lowest
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point in the city so all of the water collects here. >> reporter: but the low-lying mission isn't the only neighborhood swimming in the city's original waterscape. >> oh, yes. water is definitely still here in cole valley. >> reporter: the same cole valley that used to look like this. >> it was surrounded at the time by a cow field and lake at the corner of [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: for this restaurant owner the legacy of that water has been two decades of flooding and foundation damage. >> it was always under these two tables about six feet that would start collapsing. >> wood floors were much better but we had to close for three or four days every six months to replace that corner. >> reporter: ultimately she had to replace the hardwood floors with concrete. but for her neighbors, the problems continue to this day. >> this entire side of the street huge problems on the corner. >> we know that it's all still wet down there even though it's not as much water as it was back in the days before paving took over san francisco.
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>> reporter: a historian has spent years piecing together what san francisco spent generations covering up. >> this creek is down 18th street. >> reporter: with some real sharp sleuthing he discovered something else that still affects daily life in san francisco. >> this creek came down from the wiggle. >> reporter: that's the very same wiggle that allows you to pedal around the city's hills. >> i have also been able to find a photograph taken in 1862 that shows willows growing in a zigzag through that area that willows means freshwater flowing year round. >> reporter: so bicycles and water move much the same way. they are looking for the path of least resistance. right? the so when you zigzag through the wiggle, you're following the path of that old creek as it ran through what we now call the lower haight. >> you can see willows growing here in a zigzag leading to that point which is haight and pierce now. >> reporter: if you want to learn more, check out this
6:22 pm
installation here at davisadero and mcallister. that old legacy ground water is still down there sloshing around under the urban landscape. and occasionally it bubbles up and causes some problems. in san francisco, wilson walker, kpix 5. >> mission creek. san francisco is considering a $200 million rebuild of the mission sewer system to prevent the backups that we have seen over the past several years. and coming up at 11, one of these underground creeks is causing some big problems for a bart station. and that's led to millions of gallons of water getting dumped into the bay. tonight the plan to turn some of that wasted water into a valuable resource. time now to get a check of the weather. meteorologist paul deanno live in half moon bay looking ahead to tomorrow's mavericks competition. >> reporter: we are a-okay for the waves. we are add. okay for the weather for mavericks. it's a beautiful day. it's humid with a chill in the air after sunset after a high today of 70. it's fantastic to get outside. but you and i both know we are
6:23 pm
in a drought. we could use some rainfall and thankfully there is some rain coming up in the seven-day forecast. take a look at the highs from today. another mild one. many of you in the 70s including oakland. record high for you 74 degrees. hayward 73. san jose 72. san francisco 71. half moon bay 70 degrees in february. a high surf advisory is in effect. these aren't the mavericks waves. that's a half mile offshore at one specific point. all the wave energy is concentrated there. their waves will be in excess of 30 feet. along our coastline up to 13- foot seas with the high risk of rip currents. half moon bay pleasant weather tomorrow, partly sunny skies, 50s in the morning, 60s in the afternoon. competition starts at 8:30 tomorrow morning. pebble beach we have some of the best golfers in the world just to our south. mainly sunny skies around pebble beach tomorrow. high of 68. saturday mostly sunny and 66 degrees. so pleasant weather everywhere. rain will stay to the north as a ridge of high pressure
6:24 pm
remains anchored just to our south and east deflecting that rain to the pacific northwest. the ridge actually gets closer this weekend so if anything, we are going to trend sunnier and warmer as we head toward president's day and valentine's day. highs tomorrow upper 60s san francisco and livermore, 68 san rafael. santa rosa 71. the warmest weather will be sunday. monday and tuesday, mid-70s inland. low 70s near the bay well above average. and a chance of rain coming up wednesday. back out here live we are next to sam's chowder house. couple of years ago, voted the best -- one of the best sand riches in america. their lobster roll. it's good. come on down to the chowder house. big day tomorrow. talk about an "a" list after party. from beyonce to lady gaga, how a bay area bar is cashing in on some super bowl star power. >> and panthers quarterback cam newton got his share of criticism after the super bowl but wait until you see how an 8- year-old fan is trying to cheer
6:25 pm
him up. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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th san jose restaurant is getting a lot of attention after hosting a post super bowl party. that included celebrities like beyonce, coldplay and bruno mars. they were invited. why weren't we? >> we were. >> the after party. insta gram video pictures show the stars singing, spinning records at sp2 communal restaurant and bar even gaga made an appearance there. managers and owners signed a contract promising they would not talk about the event but hope the super bowl buzz brings in more business. >> i hope they realize that it's like a safe haven. we will develop that relationship and just let them know they are just like us normal people. >> sp2's hosted other celebrities at this restaurant including oprah who the manager says was sweet and humble. >> that was me dancing behind bruno mars. >> you weren't there.
6:28 pm
>> take a closer look at the video. [ laughter ] sometimes a letter can go a long way. carolina panthers quarterback cam newton went from winning the nfl's regular season mvp to losing the biggest game of the year. when 8-year-old steven graham saw the disheartened quarterback storm out of a post- game press conference, he decided to write him a letter. >> i just felt like it would make him a little happier. >> it's spelled with a ph. >> i just figured it out. >> oh. the young boy even included a paper trophy for the star quarterback. >> that's the best. >> that's why the nfl's so successful. coming up in the next half- hour, hillary clinton tries to bounce back after a sanders sweep. tonight they go head to head in milwaukee. the latest fireworks from the democratic debate. >> it's a cherished national park where thousands of cattle
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roam but tonight there is a push to kick the cows out. the claim, they are doing serious damage to the coast. >> and what's cooler than getting a perfect score on an ap test? doing it in a language that you're not even studying. , ♪
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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. breaking story as we came on the air tonight at 6:00. state health officials announcing crab season is open once again. typically crabbing starts in november. but you know, the state put a hold on the season because of the high toxic acid levels in the water. now acid tests have dropped to what the state considers to be safe. the lifting of the ban applies to crab fishing from point reyes south. i'm mike sugerman at the oakland coliseum. you want to see the raiders play next year? you will be coming here. owner mark davis announced today he has signed a one-year lease for the raiders to play at the oakland coliseum with a possible extension for two years after that. but still, no plans for a permanent stadium anywhere in the east bay. a new legal battle between
6:33 pm
bay area environmentalists and ranchers heads to court. it involves land where ranchers have been grazing their cattle for moa -- for more than a century. the area of contention a scenic stretch of point reyes national seashore along the coast in the north bay. kpix 5's john ramos takes us there. >> reporter: >> reporter: the point reyes national seashore was established in the '70s but the cattle ranches that grace its hillsides have been around a lot longer than that. >> six generations on this property. >> reporter: rich grassy grazes beef cattle here and says when ranchers sold land to the government to create the park they were promised that they would be allowed to continue to do so. but that was then and now environmentalists are questioning whether a national park should be operating as a commercial cattle ranch. do you think you're harming the environment at all? >> only hurting ourselves if we do that.
6:34 pm
we harm it, we're cutting our own throats. >> reporter: but at the resource renewal institute environmentalists in mill valley they point to photographs at parkland that says the ranches are too big and the national park service is allowing ranchers to operate without a required environmental impact study and they filed a federal lawsuit to stop it. >> so we are coming after them and intend to win and to make an example here that will be carried out if necessary other places in the nation. >> reporter: the park service acknowledges there are problems and is currently working on a management plan for cattle ranching that along with new regulations would offer a 20- year lease to ranchers. the lawsuit would put a halt to that requiring a comprehensive master plan be developed with a full environmental review. but another environmentalist says the legal action is misguided. >> these are not things to sue
6:35 pm
about. they are things to work with the ranchers and park on and solve the problems. >> reporter: to some this is a cattle ranch. to others a public space. now it become a legal battleground and a judge will have to decide what future holds for a place firmly rooted in the past. john ramos, kpix 5. >> the park service declined to comment today saying they cannot speak because of the pending lawsuit. now to campaign 2016. another fiery clash between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. the democratic candidates facing off again as the stakes continue to rise. elizabeth cook joins us now with highlights from round 2. these two went at it? >> this is the second time the democratic presidential candidates have duked it out one-on-one. clinton's has a lot of catching up to do after sanders won the primary in new hampshire. their first question tonight? about how large a government should be.
6:36 pm
>> of course there will be a limit but when today you have massive levels of income and wealth inequality when the middle class is disappearing, you have the highest rate of childhood poverty of almost any major country on earth, yes, in my view, the government of a democratic society has a moral responsibility to play a vital role in making sure that all of our people have a decent standard of living. >> every progressive economist who has analyzed that says that the numbers don't add up. and that's a promise that cannot be kept. and it's really important now that we are getting into the rest of the country that both of us are held to account for explaining what we are proposing because especially with healthcare? this is not about math. this is about people's lives. and we should level with the american people about what we can do to make sure they get quality affordable healthcare. >> reporter: while the price tag for their individual plans are similar, things got especially heated when the
6:37 pm
candidates talked about how they would finance those plans. >> my price tag is about $100 billion a year. and again, paid for and what i have said is, i will not throw us further into debt. i believe i can get the money that i need by taxing the wealthy, by closing loopholes, the things that we are way overdue for doing and i think once i'm in the white house, we'll have enough political capital to be able to do that. >> secretary clinton you're not in the white house yet. i will do away with the outrageous loopholes that allow profitable multinational corporations to stash billions of dollars in the caymen islands and bermuda and at a given year pay zero, zero, in federal income taxes. yeah, i'm going to do away with that. we'll use those proceeds, $100 billion a year. >> minority voters will pay a much larger role in the next two contests in nevada and south carolina. latest polls show clinton
6:38 pm
leading in those two states. and just in time today she picked up a key endorsement from the congressional black caucus. >> there are only two of them really. viable candidates at this point. and you're getting specifics that we might not be getting from, say, republican challengers right now who have been specific in some respects but not as specific as this. they are telling you exactly where they are going to get this money and how they are going to move it around. >> a really interesting debate going on right now. they are going after each other. >> things are definitely heated. that last exchanges you just played. [ laughter ] >> thank you, liz. she got a perfect score on an ap spanish test while studying french. meet the california student with some serious language skills. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:39 pm
6:40 pm
she earned a her a-p spanish one southern california student has some bragging rights tonight. she earned a perfect score on her ap spanish test. michelle gile on what makes that even more special. >> i didn't walk in thinking i
6:41 pm
was going to get a specify score. >> reporter: perfection is just what santa ana high school honor student [ non-english language ] achieved on her ap spanish language test. >> i had smart students but never to achieve a perfect score on the exam. >> reporter: she is only one of 55 teenagers in the world to receive such a score earning every possible point. and consider this. french is the language she has been studying although she speaks spanish at home. an edge perhaps but a perfect score on any ap test is remarkable. >> what do i think of myself? well, i don't hold myself in that much regard but i'm confident and capable of doing anything for myself. but i see myself as a driven individual. >> reporter: the girl with a 4.6 gpa is ranked first in the senior class. she applied to several colleges including ucla, berkeley, harvard and pomona college. [ speaking spanish ]
6:42 pm
>> reporter: for the first time the 17-year-old is taking spanish at santa ana high another ap court. she shares one word that needs no translation. >> perfecto. >> reporter: she will be taking another ap spanish exam literature and culture this coming may. her teacher has never seen a perfect score and she is hoping that this girl will be the one n santa ana, michelle gile, kpix 5. it's a tiny piece of technology with a price tag to match but its potential is huge. the bay area startup working to bring computers to the world for nine bucks a pop. i'll have details on that story and a whole lot more tonight on bay area nightbeat; come join us at 10:00 on our sister station, kbcw 44/cable 12. and i'm dennis o'donnell. we have the shot of the day cup from the at&t pro-am.
6:43 pm
>> wait until you see what justin timberlake did on the 16th tee. >> did you think there's any possibility of you sharing the levi's stadium. >> mark davis' reaction to that question coming up. ,,,, we need to be ready for whatever weather may come our way. ,,,, my name's scott strenfel and i'm a meteorologist at pg&e. we make sure that our crews as well as our customers are prepared to how weather may impact their energy. so every single day we're monitoring the weather, and when storm events arise our forecast get crews out ahead of the storm to minimize any outages. during storm season we want our customers to be ready and stay safe.
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tional einstein predicted it a century ago and today scientists finally confirmed it. they detected gravitational waves or ripples in the fabric of space time. einstein said when objects like black holes or neutron stars collide, their gravity sends waves across the universe! since 1988, an observatory called ligo has been using the most sophisticated optics and lasers to find them and now finally success. >> what they have done is the first time the universe has spoken to us throug gravitational waves. we have been deaf up to now but now we hear them. >> they say it opens the door to a new way of observing the cosmos. they are one of the last remaining pieces of einstein's theory of relativity. >> amazing. the best surfers in the
6:47 pm
world are headed to half moon bay. speaking of waves. for tomorrow's mavericks competition. paul deanno is there live for a preview. >> reporter: think about this. it's been a really, really good week for half moon bay. at the beginning of the week crab season was off at the beginning of this week mavericks hadn't been called. now we are here on thursday night and crab season is on and tomorrow morning at 8:30 two dozen of the best surfers in the world will descend on mavericks a mile and a half out there to some 34 to 38-foot waves. conditions are perfect. there's a big storm offshore sending a long period westerly swell everything adding up for mavericks to be an excellent competent existing with great weather. tonight from oakland toward the city, mid-60s oakland 65. livermore 65. concord 65. san francisco currently 60. san jose 63. santa rosa 64. another cool-ish night tonight. it's not that chilly for february. but the kids may need a light jack tomorrow morning on the way to school.
6:48 pm
concord 48. san jose 50. lower 40s for north of santa rosa. santa rosa will check in at 46 in the north bay. some of the valleys could be foggy come tomorrow morning. the satellite and radar review shows a ridge of high pressure to our south and east, an low pressure to our north and west. we are getting cloud cover. the rain will stay well to the north places like crescent city perhaps a little bit of snowfall for mount shasta. that's as close as it gets. we'll have sunny warm conditions on valentine's day which is sunday, guys and also president's day the long holiday season will be a mild one. great weather to get outside for the holiday weekend. thumbs up for that. rain chances, we are in a drought we could use some rain and mountain snowfall. we won't see any. our next rain chance is not until next wednesday. highs tomorrow let's take a tour. we'll start in union city with a high of 68. morgan hill 78. sunnyvale upper 60s.
6:49 pm
we're warming up towards sunday and monday. watch out for rip currents at the beach but mild 60s through the weekend with that rain moving in on wednesday. pillar point, mavericks is off in the distance with fog rolling in. you can see reduced visibility there but nothing like july or august. it's a thumbs-up. it's a go for mavericks tomorrow! that's your forecast. we'll have sports next.
6:50 pm
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great, the greens were fastd in typical opening round fan at the clambake, a journeyms in the leader of the at&t p am.. the weather was great, the greens were fast and in typical opening round fashion at the clambake a journeyman is the leader at the at&t pro-am. this is one way to avoid traffic downtown carmel in monterey. bubba watson and mark wahlberg with matching shirts. par putt at the tenth at spyglass. jordan spieth playing spyglass. missed a short par putt. he finishes with a 71. former u.s. open champ justin
6:53 pm
rose turned in one of the shots of the day at spyglass holing out from the bunker for a birdie. rose is only 2 shots back. but it was his partner, justin timberlake, who grabbed the spectators guitar and stole the show at the 16th tee at spyglass. ♪[ music ] [ singing ] >> whoo! >> that was great. wasn't it? >> very nice. >> that was timberlake's country singles drink you away. great. 34-year-old reevey the leader. that's the really the easiest
6:54 pm
of the three courses. phil mickelson a 68. the raiders staying in oakland for one more year. so what are their options beyond that? i have asked raiders owner mark davis. do you think there's any possibility of you sharing the levi's stadium? >> i don't believe so. >> have you had conversations? >> we were going to play this one game this year but the broncos took our place. >> reporter: davis has a simple reason why it's not an option for the raiders. can you tell me why you don't think so? >> i can. there's three things that are important to me in a stadium. location. it's called ingress, egress and parking. and if you go to a raiders game on sunday and look at our parking lot before the game, it's the largest nondenomination gathering of people you can find anywhere. that's the raider game day experience. tailgating and everybody bonding and everything else like that.
6:55 pm
and that environment isn't available at levi's stadium. >> reporter: amy trout suggested a possible solution might be without the upper tier a smaller more intimate venue. >> the idea i pitched was something in the 45,000 range. >> reporter: is that an option. >> let her build a stadium somewhere is what i would say. i'm not saying anything is not an option but that's her thing. she worked on trying to get us a stadium for i don't know 25 years? and we're still trying to get a stadium. >> reporter: as for the chances of the raiders moving to san antonio? >> don't mess with texas! >> reporter: good luck getting cowboy jerry jones allowing another team in the lone star state. >> we have the same percentage of fans in san antonio that we have in downtown. 97% are dallas cowboys fans. we are not going to lose them. they will be there. we won't lose them.
6:56 pm
nate allen is staying in oakland next year. the raiders re-signed the veteran safety to two days after releasing him from his previous contract to save five million dollars. he played five games last season. the raiders lost another safety called charles woodson. but, you know, i thought davis' interview was telling in a couple of aspects. first, clearly there was a -- an issue with amy trask, right? they didn't have a good relationship judging from hi soundbyte. he does not think levi's stadium is an option, although it's logically it seems the most suitable solution for the raiders. >> i think short term yeah but i think raider fans would love to have a new stadium after -- [ simultaneous speakers you got to come up with $300 million. >> get my checkbook. captions by: caption colorado kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever.
6:57 pm
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