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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  February 24, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PST

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transamerica pyramid. good morning, i'm michelle griego. >> looks like the beginning of a good day. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it's 4:30 on the nose and let's get a little traffic and weather and see what's going on. >> i was taking a look at the day, february 24th. i think i know somebody who has a birthday every day of this month. it's the world of aquarius. we just happen to live in it, right? what another day! what another february day here in the bay area where we'll top off with temperatures above average for this date. right now, 38 degrees in livermore. otherwise, it is 50 degrees in oakland. it's 43 to the north in santa rosa. we have a high surf advisory. temperatures onshore today into the 70s across the board. 76 mountain view. it's "hump day," never too early to start talking about the weekend. >> never too early. >> here's gianna. >> let's talk about
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construction. we have some this morning along 580. westbound between 35th of and grand avenue until 5:30. also various lanes blocked eastbound 580 to 980 ramp. 24 construction until 5:00. no accidents so far. a terrifying discovery in a bay area marshland. coroners were called to inspect a woman's dismembered body there. a fisherman found the torso monday night and now officers are carrying out a suspicious death investigation on part of the marshlands road. our crews caught sight of them combing the shore and the coroner arriving last night. locals say the area is a popular workout spot and they say they have never sensed trouble there before. >> it's been fine. yeah. every now and then a skunk or goose but no -- no bad people. >> for now, the police aren't sure how long that body was in
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the water. and just the day before those remains were discovered, police found another body in fremont off morrison canyon road 22- year-old stacey redman. the san jose woman was shot to death. police say now have a person of interest in custody. an uber driver attacked an employee at mineta international airport. witnesses say this uber driver attacked an airport employee who confronted him for speeding last thursday and then police say he picked up a passenger in his mercedes and drove off. officials at mineta say the employee is okay. in san jose, rideshare companies are not required to run drivers' fingerprints through law enforcement databases. the city randomly does that for 1% of the airport's drivers. in a statement, uber said, quote, we have a zero tolerance policy for violence of any kind while driving or riding with
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the uber platform. our safety team is currently looking into this incident. presidential candidate vying for the white house are turning their focus now to super tuesday following last night's republican caucus in nevada. donald trump pulling off yet another big victory. in the battle for second place ted cruz and marco rubio. danielle nottingham reports. >> reporter: after picking up a third victory in last night's nevada caucuses donald trump continues his winning streak with an eye on super tuesday states. >> we have had some great numbers coming out of texas! >> yeah! >> and amazing numbers coming out of tennessee and georgia! it's going to be an amazing two months. >> yeah!! >> we might not even need the two months, folks, to be honest, all right? [ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: the billionaire front-runner garnered much of his support in the state from voters who are dissatisfied with the government. >> political correctness is destroying us. >> i think he is here for the
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people. and, um, i think he wants to win. >> reporter: the win gives trump the majority of the delegates in the state bringing him closer to clinching the gop nomination. >> i think he is well positioned to really sweep across the board. >> reporter: as trump continues to gain momentum, the rest of the gop field is battling it out to become his alternative. entrance polls show a majority of caucus-goers who favored a candidate with more political experience backed marco rubio over ted cruz. the texas senator addressed supporters shortly after polls closed. >> one week from today will be the most important night of this campaign. >> reporter: they will face trump in their next debate tomorrow night in texas before voters pick their choice for commander-in-chief. danielle nottingham, cbs news las vegas, nevada. >> super tuesday is just one week away when voters head to the polls and more than a dozen states. our political analyst melissa caen said all this brings donald trump one step closer to becoming the gop nominee for
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president. >> it is official. unless anyone think that donald trump wasn't going to be the front-runner, he definitely is now. if donald trump were any other candidate, everyone would be planning the coronation at the convention in july. >> on the democratic side, it's on saturday's south carolina primary, then next week it's super tuesday when nearly 600 delegates are up for grabs. 4:35 right now. let's check weather with roberta. >> did you guys see the amazing sunset last night followed by the full moon? >> no. >> i saw the sunset, missed the moon. >> with the layers of clouds gathering to the west we had the most amazing sunset last night and then the biggest full moon and a lot of people have been sending me their full moon pictures to our facebook page. we welcome them. this morning, could still see the moon out there and stars. we have clear skies. current air temperature ranges anywhere from 38 degrees in livermore to 54 degrees in san francisco. it's in the mid-40s in concord back through clayton and
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through walnut creek. check that out. another high surf advisory in place today all the way into the evening hours as the swells go up to 15 feet along the coast temperatures today up to 70 degrees in half moon bay. low 70s in pacifica all the way through the sunset district. notice the low 70s all around the peninsula. these temperatures are averaging 10 to 15 degrees above normal. 73 today blackhawk danville and alamo and we are talking backupper 60s and low 70s around petaluma. the full forecast is coming up. we are talking about nice conditions on roads right now. as you work your way out and about out of oakland into san francisco, via the bay bridge, no problems at all. in fact, traffic is very light out of oakland as you work your way across the upper deck. your drive times off the eastshore freeway nice, too. san mateo bridge looks good only 12 minutes if you are traveling westbound between hayward and foster city connecting to 101 no problem this morning. and the golden gate bridge just one lonely car making their way southbound side.
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so far traffic is light out of marin. 580 westbound between 35th and grand avenue, roadwork there until 5:30. a bay area man is behind bars after taking a deadly test drive. reporter adrianna weingold on a car salesman who died in the crash. >> reporter: canles flowers and tears as dozens of people gathered to remember their coworker. >> it didn't matter what kind of day were you having at work, he was there for you, he would make you laugh. >> reporter: his lock-time friend and coworker lydia garrett says he work for carmax for the past five years. the only thing he loved more than his job was food, music and his friends. buddies are now in disbelief that he is gone. >> it was overwhelming. um, i wasn't expecting it. it was surreal. >> reporter: police say the 43- year-old was riding in the passenger seat of a red corvette.
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he was out on a test drive with a carmax customer when the car crashed into a tree. officials say 28-year-old alex dimitro from union city was behind the wheel. he was arrested and charged with vehicular manslaughter and felony driving urged the influence of drugs. witnesses told police the car was being driven extremely fast when the driver lost control. >> this test drive is something that we do. it's a normal thing. it's like -- so when i heard it, i had to come to pay my respects because had it been me, warren would just be right here on the scene. >> reporter: fellow carmax associates say they are heartbroken and will miss their friend dearly. >> he was amazing, an amazing, amazing person. he was like a father to all of us. so we're all here together. so -- you know, we're all family. >> reporter: a family that will surely need some time to heal after this tragedy. carmax said their hearts and prayers go out to the
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associate's family. in ontario, adrianna weingold, kpix 5. happening today, the bay area's natural beauty mr. no longer be tarnished by one big pile of dirt. the heat at berkeley's mclaughlin eastshore park is getting a makeover. kpix 5's christin ayers tells us some park regulars never saw the dirt as debris. >> it's been dubbed the dirt hotel. a 25-acre park piled high with dirt just off highway 80 in berkeley contractors using the spot to dump dirt from construction projects for at least a decade. now the mound is more than 50 feet high. it's about to get a million- dollar makeover. >> we want to clean up the debris get rid of the non- native plants and return it to a more natural state with native grasses and more plants you find or the shoreline. >> reporter: the east bay regional park district plans to make the changes over the next six months using state funds. they are also going to be moving the dirt a lot of it. the tractors are already set up
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here and by the time crews are done working here, that 53-foot rise there will be lowered by 15 feet. >> we don't want to see it change. >> but almost everyone we spoke to told us they would like to see the park remain the same. >> it's not going to be a good change because it is beautiful the way it is t. >> it's a cool spot as is. >> maybe do some plantings but why rip up what's already nice? >> reporter: the park district says it will be even nicer, new picnic tables and pathways, 300 cubic yards of contaminated soil carted away just one piece of a larger clean-up of eastshore park. >> it should be a nice addition to the east bay. >> reporter: in berkeley, christin ayers, kpix 5. >> crews will be working on that section of the park through the summer. it's scheduled to re-open in august. there were protests around the country to support apple in its fight with the fbi. in san francisco there was an unusual partnership in the world of big tech, this after the fbi told apple to create
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software to crack the phone of a san bernardino shooter syed farook. protestors say that goes against apple's constitutional rights. >> every authoritarian government around the world is waiting for the power to do what the fbi is seeking and what apple has never allowed anyone to do which is erode security protocols on its devices. >> a federal judge in riverside directed apple to help the fbi. the next step in the case is a trip to a u.s. district court judge. and likely all the way to the ninth circuit court of appeals in san francisco. 4:41. a shocking case of animal cruelty! bay area pets poisoned by deadly treats. where the treats were left and who be responsible. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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cookies... and left them whe animals would snack. it happened on a ranch near sebastopol. kpix five's juliette goodrich...on the that died... and the owner l in the north bay somebody left a batch of poisoned cookies where animals would snake in sebastopol.
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juliette goodrich on the pets that died. and the owner reeling from the loss. >> reporter: leslie says someone poisoned her horses and dogs with a deadly horse cookie mixture containing oleander. poisonous to animals. >> somebody had put oleander- laced cookies and took a lot of time and effort to make cookies, put them in three piles in my horse field to kill all three horses. >> reporter: leslie's horse of 18-year-old, cowboy, and her beloved dog rosie, had kidney failure and heart failure and had to be put down. >> my horse started choking and my dog started vomiting. >> how old was cowboy? >> he was 18 and acted like a 5-year-old. >> heartbreaking? >> yes. yeah. they're my kids. >> reporter: oscar consumed a small amount of the cookie mixture and has been monitored for weeks. the 9-month-old was in the pasture at the time. she doesn't like to eat sweets so she wasn't into eating the cookies or the oleander at the time. and she is going to be okay.
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>> how someone purposefully makes that and put it in there to kill them and a 9-month-old baby, i mean, who does that? >> reporter: oscar will be okay according to the veterinarians. there are no leads in the case. and authorities are hoping that anyone with information will come forward immediately. in sebastopol, juliette goodrich, kpix 5. >> peta is offering a reward to find the person hurting dogs in hercules. they want to stop whoever has been leaving tacks at ohlone dog park. the organization will pay $1,000 for information leading to an arrest and conviction. over 400 tacks were scattered around the park between late january and early february. some dogs were taken to vets after swallowing those tacks. a youtube prankster isn't joking around about how he was treated by screeners after the sfo. he says he was taken to a room and told to remove his turban. he said it wasn't a problem until he asked for a mirror to
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put it back on properly. then he claims he was told, quote, there are no mirrors and i can just walk down the terminal to the nearest restroom. >> why did you take me into a private screening room to undress me and then tell me in order to redress myself i have to go walk to a public bathroom without my turban on? >> singh said he walked to the restroom uncovered but was upset about the tsa's lack of sensitivity. tsa reps say agents followed standard security protocol. 4:46 on "hump day" and we can start talking about the weekend, right, permission granted? >> permissio grand. >> you were talking about it monday. >> it's right around the corner. >> its closer. >> we have some changes by the weekend in store for us. kick-starting today, however,
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we have spring-like conditions again today. visibility is unlimited at this time. 43 degrees in santa rosa but look how cool it is in livermore at 38. mild next to the bay at 54 in san francisco, high surf advisory in place. some of the swells up to 14 feet. i saw a swell up to 15 feet in pacifica. pollen report is going up with the dry air mass in place. here's what you need to know. we have a chance of rain in the forecast. it will come on friday night. but it's only a slight chance and in the far north bay primarily around sonoma county. here's the satellite and radar. less clouds across the area today. we have a vigorous area of low pressure that continues to bring much-needed precipitation into the pacific northwest and snow in the whistler area and all we're doing is getting sideswiped by the tail end tossing a few clouds into our forecast. but as we head to the weekend a slight chance of rain by friday. 68 state capital today.
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70 monterey bay. 50 in the high sierra. from the mountains to the beaches, 75 degrees that's my pick city today. and santa cruz, be mindful again, high surf advisory is in place. onshore numbers into the 70s. 76 degrees in mountain view. i'm going with an outside number today right around 77 degrees. that should be right around gilroy and san martin. 77 today, warmer thursday. cooler and cloudy in time for the weekend. here's your morning commute with gianna. if you have to commute early this morning you won't have any problems on the roads. right now let's go live to 580 os you work your way westbound towards the -- as you work your way westbound towards the westbound side as you make that connector no troubles eastbound and no roadwork on 580 at least through the altamont pass. of course, you're going to start to see some slightly slower speeds westbound just east of there away from tracy but again that's typical because your drive time is only
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14 minutes now from the altamont pass and 680. sfo, no delays right now. north 101 as you work your way out of san mateo all the way into burlingame and san bruno, traffic is really nice all the way as you head into san francisco. very light conditions this morning. in fact, here's a look at 101 near candlestick. a few cars on the road but traffic is cruising along. no delays 280. bay bridge looking good a few more cars making the westbound trek towards san francisco but overall traffic is clear at the toll plaza. no delays along the nimitz freeway both directions in oakland looks good. northbound as you head into downtown oakland, southbound you are free and clear all the way into hayward all the way in fact down to fremont and looking at the san mateo bridge, an easy ride between 880 and 101. mass transit is on time. that's your "kcbs traffic." back to you guys. public got to give their two cents about a plan to tear
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down a main artery in san francisco. the 280 extension, mark kelly tells us the project would reshape the south of market neighborhood. >> reporter: the rush hour commute on 280 is smooth sailing but critics worry this new project could change that. the plan is to put 280 on street level from here all the into the city. one concern is traffic will be bumper-to-bumper here along the embarcadero. >> we're going to look at the option of tearing down the last mile or mile and a quarter and conversing that into a surface boulevard much as we have done with octavia boulevard or the embarcadero freeway. >> reporter: city planners say knocking down 280 would open up more space for development. but this person says the city's focus on pleasing the wrong group. >> it's for big developers' benefit. >> use 280 as a vital link. >> reporter: john lewis says the southeast corner of the city with few transit options to begin with can't afford to
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lose 280, as well. >> i'm very concerned about a tear-down of 280 to the exclusion of the south part of the city from the rest of the city. >> we really need to look at san francisco holist cloudy the entire city. >> reporter: the goal is to make neighborhoods that transportation can be part of whether that means keeping 280 standing is still up in the air. >> that's not a foregone conclusion. >> reporter: in san francisco, mark kelly, kpix 5. time is 4:51. a well-known bay area landmark is badly burned and it's all blamed on a careless stunt. what went wrong coming up. >> and what's cool about your school? email your nomination to us at we may come and feature your school on the show. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning. 4:54. look at these numbers. we are going to be at least 9 degrees above where we should be for this time of the year in san francisco along the coast today bright sunshine into the 70s. a gentle breeze in morgan hill at 74 degrees. good morning, east bay. walnut creek, your high forecast today at 70. north of the golden gate spanning from 6 7 degrees in bodega bay to 72 degrees in napa, sonoma and glen ellen and hello, windsor, with 73 degrees. have a look at these numbers. we are clocking in nice speeds 65 miles per hour as you work your way westbound 4 out of antioch into pittsburg making a trek towards the eastshore freeway shouldn't be a problem no delays as you work your way through there. south 680 off to a good start through walnut creek. thanks, gianna. the gaming company behind "farmville" is selling its san
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francisco headquarters. zynga bought this building for $228 million four years ago and plans to sell the whole space and lease it back. a startup in san francisco is telling its employees the days of alcohol and sex at the office are over. the "wall street journal" obtained an email sent by the ceo of a health insurance brokerage company. the email refers to cigarettes, cups of beer and used condoms found in a stairwell. >> for a long time, these companies were trying to build an environment where could you sort of work and play at the same time and maybe in some cases it got out of hand. >> bloomberg tech writer alan hewitt says investors are putting increased pressure on startups who have workers to act professionally. san francisco unified school district has approved the distribution of condoms in its middle schools. yesterday's vote was unanimous part of the effort to stop transmission of st ds. they will be given out next month. the policy has been in place
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for high schools since the 1990s. oakland leaders hope to convince filmmaker george lucas to consider building his new museum in their city. at one point lucas planned to build it in san francisco. that didn't work out so he turned to chicago but no that plan is in trouble. a spokesman for mayor libby schaaf said, quote, if plans for a museum in chicago do not come to fruition, we would be thrilled to explore the possibility of this exciting project coming to life in oakland. a north bay landmark goes up in flames after a photography stunt goes wrong. the point reyes shipwreck is a popular spot for pictures but fire officials say it appears someone accidentally set the boat on fire while setting steel wool on fire behind it. the fire was posted on instagram. it's on the national park land. no word if it will be removed. 4:56. more on the local ties to a tragic accident in southern california. what we know about the union city man being held responsible for a deadly crash. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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i'm frank mallicoat. and i'm michelle griego. good morning, everybody. beautiful shot of the bay bridge on this wednesday. it's february 24. good to have you on board. i'm frank mallicoat. >> and i'm michelle griego. happening today, civil rights leaders in san jose are filing a court complaint about the rehiring of san jose police officer who sent threatening texts. officer phil white sent out these tweets in 2012. they read, threaten me or my family and i will use my god given and law appointed right and duty to kill you. hashtag cops lives matter and by the way, if anyone feels they can't breathe or their lives matter, i'll be at the movies tonight off duty carrying my gun. end quote. after white tweeted those words, the san jose police department fired him. but officer white appealed the decision through a closed-door
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arbitration hearing and was reinstated two weeks ago. now the local chapter of the naacp is filing paperwork challenging officer white's reinstatement on the grounds that it is contrary to public policy. the rally is set to begin at noon and goes to 1:00. a chilling find in a bay area marsh. coroners were called out to inspect a woman's dismembered body. a fisherman first discovered the remains sunday night in a fremont marsh near the dumbarton bridge. now officers are carrying out a suspicious death investigation on part of marshlands road there. search teams were on the scene and a coroner van last night. locals say it's a popular workout spot and never saw trouble before. former state senator leland yee is set to be sentenced today in connection with a widespread scandal. the san francisco politician agreed to a plea deal. he admitted to accepting thousands of dollars in bribes and discussing to help


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