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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  March 2, 2016 1:37am-2:13am PST

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history never tasted so good. >> this is kpix5 news. >> i'm going to be really good for women. >> tonight, they tighten the grip on the party's nominations. the race for the white mouse is a lot clearer right now. >> 12 states and one territory voting or caucuses. hillary clinton and donald trump wrapped up victory after victory. veronica de la cruz? >> reporter: donald trump didn't win all the state, but tonight, he is firmry in command of the gop race. all the states he won on the super tuesday are in red. vermont, massachusetts,
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virginia, georgia, alabama, tennessee and arkansas. they went to the biliary businessman. tonight, he is sounded a lot like a candidate running in the general election. >> we've done something that the almost nobody thought could be done. and i'm very proud of it. and i just want to leave you with this: i am an unispier. >> one of the big surprises of the night, massachusetts, trump not only one, but it wasn't even close. >> reporter: voters are wealthier and more independent that is voters in other states, so his appeal to those voters show that his appeal is really across a wide spectrum of classes and education levels, and he will definitely be talking a lot about that. ted cruz grabbed the biggest prize, winning his home state of
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texas, and oklahoma. he is trying to possession himself -- position himself as the alternative to trump. >> as long as the field is divided, donald trump's path to the nomination is more likely, and that would be a disaster for republicans. for conservatives, and for the nation. and after tonight, we have seen that our campaign is the only campaign that has beaten, that can beat, and that will beat donald trump. >> and tonight, marco rubio has his first win, minnesota, but over all, another disappointing night for the florida senator. he is well behind and is running out of time. hillary clinton won of state, am back, arkansas, georgia, tennessee, texas, and virginia,
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she appears focused on november. >> it's clear tonight that the stakes in this election have never been higher. and the rhetoric we're hearing on the other side has never been lower. >> bernie sanders, won four states, including his home turf of vermont. the senator also took colorado, minnesota, and oklahoma. here's the all important delegate count. hillary clinton now holds a lead of nearly 200 delegates over bernie sanders. on the republican side, donald trump has almost twice as many delegates as cruz marco rubio is a distant third. no candidate can clench the nomination tonight. 35 states still have to vote. veronica de la cruz, kpix5. >> a telling tweet from lindsay
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graham. we may be in a position to have to rally around ted cruz, to sop donald trump i can't be i would say yes, but yes. craig boswell says reality is starting to sink in for republicans. >> reporter: they have been at odds privately with donald trump for some time, now more publicly vocal about that the, donald trump having a good super tuesday, and has the momentum going forward. tonight, lindsay graham who has been an outspoken critic of senator cruz, has said he's in position to have to get behind ted cruz in order to stop donald trump. he said he was clear he was going to have to do that. graham, who had supported jeb bush, had been previously the harsh on both ted cruz and donald trump, the nomination, he said, the nomination from either means death for the party going
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forward. so it could be some fun times in the gop going forward. >> craig boswell, thank you. in a couple weeks, florida and ohio will head to the polls, those are the home states of john kasich and marco rubio. that night could be their last chance to make any noise in the republican race. one of the hot button issues on the trail, immigration, of course, and in a few minutes, we will tell you about a crack-down on potential immigration cheaters, what hundreds of bay area bound students were recently denied entry. the university of california tonight, a mystery outbreak has been making students sick. mark kelly is at cal with the search for the source. >> reporter: 29 cal students have gone to the health center here, complaining of newer row virus like symptom, and -- neuro virus like symptoms, and one group especially hit hard. an annual dance competition, and
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this year's performance, certainly, ended with a bang. >> i'm shivering, feeling really chilly, sweating, and just, i wasn't able to keep down water. >> reporter: the morning after uc davis student performed with his bollywood team, he he was throwing up. the likely culprit? norovirus, the infection that often comes from contaminated food. he said he wasn't the only hit hard. other performers got very sick. >> quickly caught on to the fact, that at least half of almost every team was throwing up, and like many times. >> reporter: university health officials put out a statement that no one residential area, eating establishment or event ties all the cases together.
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he says it could have been the pizza, or sandwiching many of the performers ate, but the expect cause is still a mystery. >> it's hard to find one common denominator between everyone. >> so the most recent confirmed case was just this past week. the health officials say if you believe you have neuro virus, to stay home, don't prepare your own food, and remember, to wash your hands. live in berkeley, mark kelly. bay area tech mogul known for having a thing for fast cars and women is facing new legal trouble tonight. his limo driver says he never paid, and the family was threatened with deportation. he told his story to andrea borba. >> he says in 2012, he's grade to become a driver for the
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former ceo, convicted of beating his girlfriend. the home in brisbane for the family was paid for, but that was it. >> like what happened to my family. >> reporter: had a bieb was forced to drive him around day and night. even finding girls for after-parties. he was on call 24 hours a day, always available through the pin-me app. >> this is way he play in 2014, january, and he told me that i will pay you this. >> reporter: then, without payment, the relationship soured, and he stapped pay the rent on the brisbane rental. >> reporter: he lost his belongings, and they moved to ohio until legal aid stepped in.
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>> this month, cal labor commissioner ruled he old -- he was expected to be -- >> reporter: he has until tomorrow to appeal the ruling, but in order to file that appeal in cord, he will have to pave the full $480,000. in the newsroom, andria, bore a truck driver says he lost control on a tight curve on winding way yesterday. he took out a power pole, fence, and a house. this is the third time a vehicle has crashed into that very same property. the owners had just finished remodeling from the last crash. fortunately, they weren't home at the time. the driver was treated at the hospital for some cuts, and then released. tonight, it looks like another person in the bay area has been swept out to sea.
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that's 9 story that seems to be happening all too often lately. mark on the search for the missing man on half moon bay. >> reporter: san mateo county sheriff deputies are looking for this man, michael dwyer. he was reported missing late last night after failing to return from a trip to the beach. earlier in the day, witnesses reported seeing a man wearing board shorts, swept out to sea at dunes beach, and while authorities cannot be sure, they say it's possible the victim was in fact dwyer. the car was found in a parking lot along the shore lion, just a half mile away. >> the sirens and helicopters were here. >> reporter: the currents are very strong right now. >> is it easy to get swept off the beach? >> sure. >> reporter: the coast guard launched a search of the coastline. rangers continued to search on
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land today, all to no avail. >> the currents are really strong, and waves are big. >> reporter: san mateo sheriff's officials are asking that anyone that knows anything about dwyer's disappearance to give them a call. airport baggage handler who had a side job as a drug smuggler hand was sentenced to nine years in prison. the man worked at oakland international. he snuck a duffel bag with 9 pounds of meth through a securities and exchange commission. they were put on a -- through a secure door. an east bay gun club with a target on its back has been ordered to shut down. it's about the environment. >> this is going to be the most difficult vote i will make. >> reporter: the vote came after-hours of public comment,
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mostly from gun end thus i didn't says. they urged the park district board of director to keep the gun club open. >> let the gun range continue. >> reporter: there were dissenting voices, neighbors who claim the club is too loud. >> the environment is like you're in a war zone. >> i think it's time to shut down. >> reporter: but in the end, it was not notion that the board said swayed the vote. >> for me, the overwhelming issue is -- an issue we can't get away from. i think it's a definite threat to the environment. >> reporter: the lead leaches, the shooting club offered to clean up the pollution to stay open, but the board argued that would be too costly, in the end. >> the vote is. >> 7-9.
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>> unanimous. >> reporter: an unanimous vote to give the club a year to wind it down. >> it's a sad day for gun owners. >> reporter: environmentalists celebrated, but some were dissatisfied with the amount of time the club was given to close. >> i'm a little disappointed. >> reporter: christin ayers, reporting. few moments ago, we learned the three deputies charged with running a fight club behind bars have surrendered. they were booked and are out on bond. here's what the san francisco da had to say earlier today. >> morally wrong, but subjecting inmates that -- to the inhumane treatment makes a mockery of the justice system. >> the deputies forced two inmates to fight each other at the county jail. scott knew and eugene jones face
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numerous felony counts, and clifford cheba faced three misdemeanors. tonight, the defendant's attorney is saying, while the streets of san francisco grow more dangerous and chi on the -- chaotic, he seeks to distract the citizenry with a diet of press conferences. soon, it will be easier to buy medical marijuana in san francisco, than cigarettes. starting june 1, you'll have to be at least 21 to buy cigarettes. the boards of supervisors voting unanimously to raise the age from 18, but, 18-year-olds can still buy pot with a card. >> a cult favorite. big changes are coming to in and out. what the burger chain is taking off the menu. >> reporter: you won't taste any difference in the burgers but in
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and out won't be serving beef treated with antibiotics. there are very few fast food chains that have a loyal following like in and out. >> reporter: they were treated after a warriors game. adele tweeted she would take comfort in a burger after a not so smooth grammy performance. in and out is giving fans one more reason to indulge. the company announced it is planning to switch to beef that isn't treated with antibiotics. they asked suppliers to speed up the progress to making antibiotic alternatives. >> i was happy to hear that they are making the effort to improve the safety and quality of the food that we eat. >> reporter: dietician and nutritionist sonia says the routine is a growing concern.
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>> a lot of practicing use anti boot outtakes to -- antibiotics to treat healthy animals to prevents them from getting sick, or help them grow faster while feeding them less food. >> reporter: the problem, she says, is the same anti by on the are used in humans. overuse in animals can lead to more human infections, from antibiotic resistant bacteria, or super bugs. >> i think that's fantastic, and i think it's important to eat quality food and things that are grown humanly. >> it's more healthy for the kids, and us, i think that's great. it's. >> reporter: in and out is following in the steps of panera
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bread, and chicago chipotle, they have not given a time line for the change. apple's top lawyer told chronic a thief could -- congress a thief could steal more information from an iphone than breaking in a house. >> it would hurt users that rely on companies like apple to protect them. >> we're asking apple to take the vicious dog away, and let us pick the lock. >> they are fighting the demanding to hack into the phone that one of the san bernardino terrorists used. it's no secret, a student visa can be a ticket to a job in the u.s., the recent terror attacks have prompted a crack-down on potential immigration cheaters. a couple universities are on the black list, in a story you'll
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only see on kpix5. >> reporter: welcome to northwestern polytechnic university. a popular school for students from india. thousands come here to study every year, but this semester, a hitch. >> we found out that a group of applicants, i guess, to the university had been denied entry into the united states because of fraudulent bank documentation, that got linked to us being, having problems at the university. >> reporter: in the government cross hairs, enrolling students who just wasn't to get into the u.s. to work with little intention of studying. shane denies that, saying they are approved to accept international students and they are fully accredited. >> there's no scrutiny, however you want to put it. >> reporter: silicon valley university goes hit harder. >> the students are upset.
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they know the university is legitimate. >> reporter: academic dean says it wasn't just a homeland security enforcement action. >> another group of 19 students, stopped at the airport. >> reporter: once air india heard that hundreds of students were getting denied entry into the u.s., the airline prevented hundreds more from even boarding. >> air india decided to screen the students themselves. >> are you black listed? >> there is no black listing, nothing on the u.s. side that says there's anything wrong. >> reporter: oscules toms says that in all 398 indian students that were denied at various the airports, many of those students were heading to npu or svu. the students have been speaking out, saying they feel humiliated by u.s. officials, even though they claim to have done nothing wrong, but student visa fraud has been a problem in the u.s.
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in the past. >> the schools that are set up expressly for the purpose of selling admission to the united states, these are the ones that people call visa mills. >> reporter: jessica vaughn says it's an ongoing problem. >> the concern is not just this is leading to i will degree immigration, but there might be -- illegal immigration, but there are terrorist organizations taking it's advantage. >> reporter: one of the 9/11 bombers was in on student voice s homeland security doesn't comment on school investigations until they're closed. but there is a sense the feds are watching closely. in fremont, kpix5. >> homeland security has raided several colleges colleges in caa in the past few years, alleging they were involved in paid to stay immigration schemes. several of the pass presidents are serving prison time. here we go!
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march rainfall, we average in the bay area, about 3-5-inches of rain. by the 10th of march, one-third of the way through the month, the forecast is calling for 4-8 inches of rainfall. a lot of rain, coming sergeant and it's going to last for a long time. as a matter of fact, with nothing on the radar, whatsoever, you may not see a picture like this until representative saint pat -- until saint patrick's day. representative oakland, 60 degrees with a beautiful sunset, looking good at half moon bay. lows tonight, partly cloudy, 48 in napa and vallejo, 54 tonight in san francisco, big-time change, i've circled a strong jetstream, it is poised and ready to go for the past five or six weeks, it's been ready tore for seattle, vancouver, now it's
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here. where is it going? the ridge is gone. we're talking about an active storm track into northern california, every six hours, we get new commuter data. it's more likely we will see an active weather pattern, lots of rain, even some wind coming up over the next couple of days, how much rain? a bull's eye in northern california, 8 inches of rain, half a foot for part. sierra, flooding will be a concern. but those are the biggest reservoirs, and for the bay area, that red, that's more than 3 inches of rain in the next seven days, and more rain after that. partly cloudy tonight with fog, along the coastline. the first round of rain gets here tomorrow night, that's light to moderate. the heavy rain begins friday evening, and will not let up for a while. fremont, 71 degrees, we're dry for the balance of the day, san rafael, 65, livermore, 69. so rain tomorrow night into thursday. we get a break, the heavier stuff arrives friday, we are wet
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saturday, sunday, monday, and tuesday, and i don't see a completely dry day for the next completely dry day for the next 7-10 days likely long,,,, in the battle of the burgers, jack made a "declaration of delicious"... he took a stand for hand-leafed lettuce and fresh-sliced tomatoes. he formed a perfect union between 100% beef, cheese, and mouth... ...with buttery bakery buns for all and america ate it up. true story.
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c what a long, strange trip it's been. >> at long voyage ended in kazakhstan, returning to earth, inside with him, the russian cosmonauts who shared in his unprecedented year aboard the international space station, the iss, in spite of bitter temperatures, a large welcome party greeted the men, helped them out of the cramped capsule, wrapped them in blankets. amazing! back on earth and thank goodness. >> you know who else is from kazakhstan? the warriors -- who?
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out to oakland, and you're m is about to come true, right?? "it's disappointing" curry sittin' out the game against atlanta with a bum ankle. on the ropes minus t
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>> can i give you the breaking news that steph curry isn't playing? >> he has a bum ankle. give the warriors a 5 point lead, over two minutes left. game over, right? the lead was gone, in 35 seconds. a score to tie the game, and another overtime game for golden state. atlanta, what's that? >> number 17. >> exactly. did you see that! k l.a. y buries it, but this is the one he were going craze on. draymond green, hits the 3, and the warriors win 109-105 without steph, without igoduala. saint marries will be -- grand
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canyon, non-conference game. they win 73-64. ucla men's volleyball, watch the save, jumping over the first row the seats, can keep the ball in play, but refs ruled the play dead. bruins still beat in straight sets. sets. volleyball, only ,,,,
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our next newscast is tomorr morning at 4-30.
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