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tv   KPIX 5 News Sun Morn Edition  CBS  March 27, 2016 7:30am-8:31am PDT

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's a good morning, it is 7:30 am on this easter sunday, and thank you for joining us. we have developing news this weekend, tens of thousands of californians are about to get a big raise, $15 an hour deal struck this weekend in sacramento.>> it looks like the major going to the voters is going to be bypassed altogether. and we have bart crews working all weekend to fix problems on the lines of. >> as the workers get raises
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due to the record ridership, a necessary evil. many riders are about to share the trains was even more bart passengers. cuba is quickly becoming the hot tourist destination, and after the president visited this past week. we have barbara lee live to talk about this historic trip and what will come next. a lot coming up in the next hour, and we have a look at your easter sunday weather forecast a. >> grab a light jacket, and the boy should be okay, but it will be a blustery easter afternoon with some coastal clouds and blue skies for many of the folks, coastal clouds and will be moving on throughout the afternoon. temperatures in the 50s area- wide, 47 in santa rosa, 55 in san jose and 55 in oakland. easter in the upper 50s to
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upper 60s for the warmest locations. definitely noticeably cooler today, and partly cloudy but dry for most of your easter egg hunts. we will talk about what to expect, coming up. starting with this race for the white house, in three states, and bernie sanders one -- won all three, hawaii, washington state and alaska, but that barely puts a dent in the front runner hillary clinton lead. bernie sanders says he expects to close the gap as they moved to the liberal northeastern states, and more on what is next for the race for the white house, coming up. a couple from tennessee among those dead from the terror attacks in brussels, dropping off their mother at the airport when the bomb exploded last tuesday, justin and stephanie scholz attended vanderbilt university in
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nashville, tennessee. more anti-terror raids in brussels and other belgian cities, four people are being detained in the latest dragnet. the police are on the lookout for ahmed, still on the run, and last thursday another suspect was arrested, the mystery man seeing at this with the two airport bombers. and a vigil has been canceled today amid the security concerns. at the vatican, security was extra vigilant in the st. peter's square, and despite that pope francis still road through the square shaking hands with the faithful. islamic extremist have targeted the vatican as potential target. several san francisco firefighters are safe after a near disaster at sea, and
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investigation now underway following the capsizing of the vote off of ocean beach which was supposed to be a routine training. four of the seven people on board went to the hospital. the bart shutdown is underway as the crews work on two stretches of the tracks, no trains running between the san leandro and base stations, as they repair the equipment and tracks. a shuttle train continues to run between the north concord and the pittsburg station. a free bus bridge is being offered as they work on these much-needed repairs, and replacing 2000 feet of a rail, and other track components. it will still be five more weekend closures on schedule. >> those are scheduled closures, but they are also working through the weekend, and they are trying to figure out what is going on with these
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mysterious power surges. >> two weeks ago it not 50 cars out of service, and 80 cars were damaged is the sole job of this new panel to figure out why this happened. we talked with the chief engineer, and they have no clue what is going on, and they are slowing the process by going through the process of elimination, and living out in pittsburg, take it train, change and take another chain.>> if these power surges were happening as they were earlier, it would be a major crisis. but we have the increase in bart ridership which could mean an increase in pay for the bart employees. >> more than 3300 workers received a $1000 bonus because the bart ridership in the
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forecast for 20 -- 2013, and it could go over again, and they could qualify for another bonus this year. that does not add up for one lawmaker.>> they said they don't have money for the spare parts and security cameras, but yet they are giving thousand dollars bonuses to the employees, so now they appear to have all of the money in the world to get to the employees, the highest paid transit workers. and wanting to approve the three and wanting to approve the 3 billion dollar bond to help fix the infrastructure, and that is a catch 22 for the riders. we do need to expand the service and get more cars, but on the other hand, a lot of the riders are over this and don't want to give more money to bart as they are not happy.>> we
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will take a look at a new phenomenon going on at heart, and that is all of the housing going up at all of the stations around the bay area, one of the biggest changes, meaning more riders and stress on the system. and the state minimum wage could soon get a boost, after lawmakers have reached a tentative deal with that labor unions, raising the california minimum wage from $10-$15 an hour, and the rage -- wage hike what happened gradually, one dollar per year increase through 2022. the state legislature could approve the new minimum wage this week, and the office of governor brown is not yet commented on this report. we thought this would be on the ballot, and suddenly it looks like the lawmakers are striking the deals on their own. >> we've seen this in the bay area, this is labor groups, they go and say we are going to put this on the ballot, and it
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is more than the business community can stand, so than the legislators move in and cut the compromise deal that is an in between and then they cut the deal and it stays off the ballot. >> and we do not have a say apparently. but it does mean a good news for those getting the big raise. in the presidential race, cnn hosting the gop debate on tuesday.>> i'm looking forward to that, taking place in milwaukee, wisconsin, and the debate was canceled last week, and each candidate will field questions from the voters, and another critical primary this week in, ted cruz spending time in the state, telling the road -- the voters that he would end the affordable care act. >> it is the biggest job killer in america and we will pass some common sense healthcare reform that makes healthcare personable, affordable and
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keeps government from getting in.>> the primary will be april 5, and it will be interesting to see who will get the 42 delegates. we have heard all these tweets about people's lives.>> i like it when you go in depth on politics. >> i think this will be a conversation with the voters, and some back-and-forth about the whys and everything else. >> we will talk with our political insiders coming up in the next half-hour, and it is getting personal. the fight over how to legislate medical marijuana in san jose. >> the city council set to discuss this, to discuss the vision of marijuana control, but one councilmember says that the city should hold off until the state law becomes more clear, and san jose already has some the toughest regulation in state on where the dispensaries are allowed to operate, and they are only allowed to sell
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what they grow. >> some the details still need to be hashed out.>> many of these dispensaries have already gone out of business, and those still standing our warehouse type or operating illegally. it makes sense to see how the state goes on this so that each individual county does not have to reinvent the wheel. >> even if we get it legalized, it will still be subject to the local control, chances are. there are considerations about where the schools are, what neighborhoods want them, zoning, and ultimately that will rule in the bay area. >> we will continue to follow the ballot measure to legalize the recreational use, but it looks like it will be on the november ballot. bay area cities looking at this unconventional housing to help with the homeless, a controversial proposal in san jose.
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>> the idea is to create the modular homes for 170 homeless people in the will of land neighborhood, but they say this would not be eight tent city, and they are saying that because they hope to calm the fears regarding the jungle that was just cleaned out last year. in san francisco a move to declare a state of emergency for homeless this is one step closer to becoming law. there could be 60 shelters within the year, and possibly enough votes to override if that happens, and the mayor has unveiled his plan for a second navigation center to house more than 90 homeless for about three years. >> it is not omission, or shelter.>> the city of san francisco will cover the expenses and it will be operated by eight nonprofit community housing partnership. >> the homeless crisis appears to have lost some of its
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popularity as our political insiders breakdown the latest poll numbers. recommendation to say to be made next month for the santa clara board of supervisors addressing the flawed jail system and the south bay. >> this is the latest issue that the blue ribbon commission is addressing at the santa clara county jail, and they met yesterday and have 21 recommended changes. >> we will continue to speak up and speak the truth. back among the changes, federal oversight, new leadership and better training on mental health issues. >> and mark was at that meeting yesterday. >> this was the last blue ribbon commission, and 121 recommendations overall, and of course the big one in there is that they are looking for a change in leadership, including the sheriff. there's a lot of interest, and we will see what happens. >> it will be the voters that
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the side in the end.>> and sitting right there, and to in elected office and we will see what happens, about the recommendations.>> they did not go through this line by line, but it is a big thick packet.>> be careful what you asked for, you may just get it. and the embargo, and joined live in the studio next after spending one week accompanying the president on this historic trip to cuba. and mostly sunny and cooler this easter sunday, blustery conditions later today and we will have your details, coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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visit cuba in 88 years. time with making history in havana, president obama becoming the first u. s. president to visit cuba and 88 years, spending time with the cuban leader castro, and they both agreed on one thing, the 54 year economic embargo in cuba needs to end. so that the ties in the two
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nations can improve, and the obama visit is a key part for building a new a positive relationship with the united states. >> joining the president was our bay area congresswoman barbara lee, and she has been visiting cuba regularly. good morning, what was this like ? >> it was historic, and very exciting, and i visited many times since 1977, and for me, personally this was very humbling. i was proud of the president and his country to be there, at this historic moment, 88 years. >> i have listened as many people did when he was down there, and i was thinking about , a lot of people's perception of cuba and the united states goes back when we sponsored an invasion of that country, and it has been tense ever since.
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and now we have a new day where we have an african-american president addressing the president of cuba. noting that two republican presidential candidates are cuban immigrants. who would've thought that 50 years ago? >> anything is possible, and that is why i constantly tell my colleagues, and my constituents of been leading on this for so many years. we would have to keep our visions and dreams alive, and do the work. sometimes it takes a long time, and i saw this coming in 1977 and when i met with president castro several years ago when i chair the black caucus. i spoke with president castro bend that we would list this -- lift this embargo and travel ban and i told him bend to get ready.>> the travel ban and economic embargo would take congress, and we have two
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republicans are running for president, and they do not seem to be in any rush. what are the policies on this? >> the majority of the public wants this travel ban and embargo lifted, and we have legislation to do that. the president has gone as far as he can go. >> what does it need? >> vote, and we have members of congress that want to stay locked into this 50-year-old ailed policy. they live in the past, and they only are a few members, but they have a lot of clout. >> we have resumed our ties with poland, russia. >> they don't care, have a personal interest and have a lot of leverage, but there are only five or six members. if the bill gets to the floor, the bill to lift the embargo in travel ban, i'm sure they would pass. these members have personal issues. >> how much of it has to do with the property rights of the
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immigrants that fled and say they want their houses, homes and farms back?>> this would be on the table for negotiations. you cannot resolve these tough issues unless you talk and negotiate. these members of congress don't even want to do that, and that is what is so ridiculous about this. you have about six members, they have casted aside and we need to work around them. we don't see them as ever moving on this because quite frankly, this is a personal issue with them and we have to circled the wagon and figure out how the public and weigh in with the rest of congress. in a democracy, the people's voices should be heard. we need cosponsors to get these bills to the floor to get them to the senate, and the embargo would be lifted, and the travel
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ban would be lifted. americans have the right to travel, and people should be furious that they are denied the right to travel to cuba. >> i want to thank you for joining us this morning, and is there any truth to you being the ambassador? >> you started that rumor and you have cost me a lot of grief, you should not have done that.>> that is all we have time for an let's get to the weather before she really gets mad at me. no grief with the weather today, but it will be a little bit blustery. we still have these coastal clouds, and current temperature is out the door, in the 50s pretty much area-wide, 47 in santa rosa. the future cast shows coastal clouds, but mixing that with that northwest flow later today, a few more clouds rolling back in later tonight. any showers associated with this cold front passing through, most likely will stay to the north and to the east.
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we could see some sprinkles, a little bit of a drizzle along the coast and hills, but the most significant impact will be the increasing wind. we will see wind gusts around 4 pm at 20 22 mile an hour range, mostly along the coast and higher elevations picking up more so through the evening hours. blustery later today, and definitely want to get your easter egg hunt hunt in earliest possible. this area of low pressure to the north, high pressure moving out, and this thing south over the next couple of days, sticking with us through tuesday. we will have this cooler air sticking through tuesday, keeping temperatures much cooler than that have bin. the most notable impact will be the snow, see how this is filling in at the basin, most of us staying dry, but a few inches, and that will help the snowpack.
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we will take what to expect throughout the day, wind or cooler, cooling cloudy through the midweek with a high in the upper 60s, area-wide. cooler and the upper 60s staying there monday and tuesday, through wednesday, and the second half of the week warming up with more sunshine. the numbers are out in the san francisco mayor is not doing so hot, we break down the criticism next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a new mayor ed lee is definitely suffering from the second term blues, according to the new post, his approval rating is at 44%. the new website poll had his approval rating at 36%. >> it is tough times, and the former mayor brown is no stranger to the ups and downs of the poll numbers, and what is going on? >> this is not a popularity contest, but i want to be recorded at being effective at building in solving problems, and when you do that, yes the risk political capitol. you will have some losers, and so long as you're not in the loser group, you are okay. >> but the popularity of mayor lee, is that why people are turning negative toward him or
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is it because people feel he is not afffective? >> you don't really expect me to answer that question, do you?>> it is interesting because that is one criticism of mayor lee, the perception or idea that he is absent and not in command, and is that in the truth? >> ed lee is a different political type, and he never really wanted the job. some of us urged him to take the job because his skillset visit for performance and operational purposes, but it does not fit for the purpose of making speeches, going to lunch and doing the glamorous stuff at the opera, symphony or ballet. ed lee is none of those things. all of those things can contribute substantially to the perception of your effectiveness. if you do not have that perception out there, you will be measured by the potholes. you will be measured by the temperature. >> if you cannot dazzle people
7:57 am
with bs, they will question you? >> i can't say that, this is a family station.>> that seems to be what is happening when you look at the polls, people are worried about affordable housing and homelessness, and the mayor is proposing these incremental little things, but it does not appear he has his arms around this. i don't think people feel he can handle these problems.>> he has inherited everything that has started a long time ago with dianne feinstein, frank jordan, willie brown and with gavin newsom. all of this predecessors, none of us effectively dealt with homelessness. it's only gotten worse. if you are standing there and you are on the job, whatever happens at the time you are on the job, you get blamed for. >> he has been in office for six years, so at what point does is administration own the
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responsibility to deal with these issues? >> it will be his successor that has that responsibility.>> that is an interesting trend in american politics, everybody implements programs that go in effect two to three years down the line and somebody else has it. we will be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning, i'm phil mati. i' welcome back to kpix 5 news and good morning, and happy easter. with a lot to get to in the next 30 minutes. >> including the presidential race which is heating up, and important primary ahead, and some of these candidates are getting very nasty. >> we will talk to the political insiders to see if anything is off-limits. >> you have called this 1000 park race.>> meanwhile the law that is meant to help the disabled is drawing some critics. the changes that business owners want to see happen to the american disabilities act. >> lawsuits being filed throughout the state. >> outrage is growing among the
8:02 am
san francisco dog owners, and we will talk about the steps they want the city to take to protect their pets from coyote attacks. track and -- and fighting for the right to walk the pets in the bay area parks, and more on that. and will take a look at your easter forecast.>> we are seeing the calm before the storm in terms of wind. we will see windspeed increasing later today, outside right now in the 50s and relatively mild with coastal clouds. windy and blustery on the coast this afternoon, cooler, partly cloudy with the easter high in the upper 50s in upper 60s, and we'll talk more about that coming up. let's start with the race for the white house, democrats in three states caucusing for the republican -- presidential nominee, bernie sanders took hawaii, washington state in alaska, but that win barely puts a dent in the hillary clinton double digit lead, but
8:03 am
bernie sanders expects to close that gap in the liberal northeastern states, and our political insiders will have more on that race coming up. the manhunt continues for the man suspected of wounding an eight-year-old boy in a drive-by shooting, the concord police are looking for 32-year- old james jarrard and a $1.1 million warrant out for his arrest. the boy was in his driveway and playing with hi night when he was shot in the neck. the police said he had surgery and is expected to make a full recovery. the hero will be laid to rest in southern california, staff sergeant lois carden will be buried with his full military honors he was killed when this base was attacked by israeli members last week, and his body
8:04 am
was return and laid to rest in honor. honoring the first responders of the ace train derailment earlier this month in the miles canyon, and this is footage of that scene that left nine people injured, and the alameda county board will present the award to the personnel involved in the rescue, evacuation and cleanup. parking restrictions going into effect near the golden gate bridge from 11 am to 5 pm, no parking allowed on either end. the private cars will not be permitted in marin county or the welcome center in san francisco. happening in san jose, repairs expected to be finished on the light rail service there, currently no service between the civic center and the saint james station as they prepare a -- repair a cracked rail but the bus bridge is available. a deal that could lead to trains full of cold traveling
8:05 am
through the east bay's one signature closer to a reality. >> they have agreed to play -- the utah has agreed to pay a developer, and utah would send the cold on trains which would eventually be shipped overseas, the california has pledged $176 million for an export terminal in oakland, the city officials say that whether or not the cold will be allowed is up in the air. >> i know that the call has been on people's mind and is a great concern to the council and the city. we are currently reviewing the evidence that has been submitted by the public and others, concerning the health and safety aspect of the cold. that -- coal, and that is what the accountable focus on over the next few months. >> it looks like we have the cart leading the horse situation, and with this money going in before we know if it's
8:06 am
going to be allowed, and with that all happening, the developer is threatened to sue the city of oakland. >> if it is a health and safety issue, and they agree to sell off the trains, and if they have is still transfer so that coal dust is not in the air, the question is is there a health issue. the other situation is the use of the coal and they say that coal burning is bad and we must do everything we can to stop it.>> this is what a lot of people in the east bay believe. >> but whether that belief is enough to stop somebody from doing a business deal, that is where the questions are, and if it's coal today, what is it tomorrow? >> and meantime we have some new homes coming up in the east bay. within 1 mile of this 45 stations, and that could add thousands of new riders to that
8:07 am
already packed system. what would it be like with new riders if it's already packed? >> we are struggling with the aging and growing pains at the same time. this is going to be getting the region, bart and the federal government to invest in more cars, upgrading the system and more traction power. >> they passed a $1.6 billion budget promising more longer and frequent train rides, and two east bay lines will start in september, but the lines are already feeling the pressure, having breakdowns, and they were probably go to the voters and say they need $3.5 billion more for upgrades. >> and then the meanwhile, planners are saying we need more housing closer to bart so
8:08 am
that you can take the bart to work rather than cars, and in fact that is happening all of the bay area, hundreds of thousands of units are going up. since this report has shown that there's been a 50,000 increase in population in the bay area, most of it at the bart lines in oakland and hayward. >> that is good news for many people that drive to work, and we don't want them to get in the cars and pass the over the -- passover the bay bridge the same time we are. >> but it will mean more riders, and sardine packed cars because they can only take so long to get in and out of those stations, a typical for a problem that will continue to grow. >> speaking of pricing, the city of palo alto making a bold move in an effort to help the middle class small houses telling more than $1 million in palo alto, and they want a tear down so that new honors can build new homes of the lands,
8:09 am
and buying the linda vista mobile home park to preserve it for 400 low income families. >> they are trying to make room for everyone and we will see if this works. getting down to one of the biggest political fights we have seen in this bay area for as long as i can remember. dog owners. >> fighting for their right to walk their pets in the bay area parks. >> the golden gate national recreation area preparing to reduce the parks where people can walk the dogs on and off the lease, and owners are expressing outrage.>> this is read. that is how -- rigged and that is how a lot of people are feeling about this plan. >> a lot of people like to enjoy the park with their dogs.>> the park agency predicts this will take effect early next year. in san francisco the dog owners
8:10 am
of fired up because of the growing number of coyotes, multiple numbers of attacks, and they want the city to explain what can be done. this city is putting up signs a warning the dog owners.>> if you go up the hill or go around the lake, it's a concern. >> these animals are reproducing in the san francisco area. >> and animal control is working to develop an educational program to show owners how to scare them away and to keep them from coming back. in the meantime, wild turkey causing a commercial commotion, and not uncommon to see a flock of turkeys strutting down the streets, and the population is exploding. and the ecology is concerned they are inhibiting other wildlife like quayle and jaybird's. i have heard they are pretty mean.
8:11 am
>> yes, and they don't like to be pushed around. it's a little bit odd when you're in the bay area, driving down a residential street, and you see a heard of large birds come rolling across the road.>> everybody is fighting for the piece of pipe in the bay area. >> coyote writes, turkey rights, dog rights. speaking of writes, this able people and the growing lawsuits and some business owners could buy themselves a little bit of time, coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,
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8:15 am
change to make it more accessible is $400, but the legal fees cost much more. $16,000. and sponsoring a bill that would give them 30 days to correct a violation before lawsuit can proceed, and this bill encourages in compliance. >> this would encourage a wait- and-see approach. >> she says that the accessibility compliance is not a secret, and it's been around for 25 years, and nicky has filed for mac lawsuit, including the movie theater.>> the access was bad and i could not reach things.>> reporter: reporters of the bill -- supporters of the bill say that california allows a $4000 penalty for each violation, and more than half of the 88 compliance claims ada are filed
8:16 am
by a handful of attorneys, and among them is tom moore. >> i am determined to help anybody that has a legitimate claim. >> reporter: an interesting lee -- interesting long that the office of the attorney is not in compliance. >> reporter: where they go, disability advocates say that the current law is an effective and the businesses and rules need to change. >> they have had 20 years, they don't need more time. >> it is a 90% way to find a source for revenue, 10% to correct it. waiting up to some clouds is easter sunday, and we should see plenty of sunshine by midday with some blustery conditions in the afternoon. outside right now mix of sun
8:17 am
and clouds with temperatures in the 50s area-wide as we head out the door, and take the dog out for a walk. the satellite shows the area of low pressure to the north is slowly sinking to the south, dragging with it some cooler air out of canada, giving us cooler over the next few days, and also bringing us a chance of scattered showers, mostly to the east and the bigger impact will be the snow primarily over the base. this model is forecasting for south lake, and we could see some pretty good totals and most of us will stay dry. any showers to the north and east of us, and the major impact will be the wind increasing through the afternoon, upward of 20 mile an hour wind gusts by 5 pm, increasing even more so into the evening. blustery this afternoon and evening, and for the first part of day we will see some clearing , low clouds, and drizzle
8:18 am
possible along the coast and in the hills. just to mention that, but not a good chance. cooler and cloutier through the midweek, and warming up for the latter part of next week. topping out in the upper 60s, below the 70 degree mark, and as we head into monday and tuesday, this tropical will settle in, and high pressure building backend heading into the weekend, and temperatures again in the 70s. we will be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the white house.... the focus has shifted to person attacks involving the repubn in the race for the white house, the focus has shifted to personal attacks involving the republican candidates. some of these attacks include a tweet threatening to spill the beans on heidi and heidi crews with the caption, "the image is worth 1000 words." >> we have our political analyst here, is anything off-
8:21 am
limits? >> once donald trump announced last june all bets were off because he does not understand protocol, rules, running for office, the constitution, any form of mutual respect. zero. >> nothing should shock us when it comes to this campaign and how it has degenerated. and you see this and you think okay that's about right. >> what is next, "dancing with the stars." >> there really is no end when you get to the bare knuckles brawling over the delegates, things could get very historically crazy. >> donald trump needs all of this to occur in the primary, because keep in mind, what is occurring now has been his life for 69 years of his existence.
8:22 am
if we have to elevate this at the level that we normally do in political campaigns, donald trump would be nowhere. he started this to bring everybody into his mud pit, and he's got the men there, and they are all wallowing. on the other hand, hillary is restraining herself from coming anywhere near that mud pit. if she keeps doing that, the mothers will lose -- "mudders" will lose. >> the nonpartisan, republicans are not happy with the choice between ted cruz, john kasich and donald trump. democrats, sanders seems to be doing better than some people expected in california. >> he will forget in 2008 that californians went for hillary and not barack obama, so you would think she is popular this time round, but not as much.>>
8:23 am
you can roll back to 1988, california went for jesse jackson in 1988. anyone looking to california as the oddity, you are wrong. california is not awed by today's standards. >> and california will finally play a part in the race for the nomination, and i'm super excited about this. >> people are actually talking about the june primary, for once. >> after the hawaii caucus and alaskan caucus with bernie sanders catching up, yes. it could be a razor could be a circus, but it is coming to california. there is a group focus in san quentin, not on the men behind the bars, but on the victims, and the jefferson award winner is helping the victims and their families find a voice.>> reporter: jim miller has been helping the murder victim families for 22 years. and jim miller is one of those
8:24 am
families. >> i-50 life empowered myself by getting involved.>> reporter: and 1984, her daughter was murdered in her apartment in chico, and the case has never been solved. 10 years after the killings, jen has teamed up jane alexander to form "citizens against homicide." should the killer bee caught and convicted, the citizens against homicide helps the families right letters to the sentencing judge and to the parole board. jean and shelley had two family members killed in fresno. >> no one is ever prepared to have something like this happen.>> reporter: the group put up a billboard offering a big reward, and cannot believe that someone could come forward so quickly with evidence and proof on who committed the murders. >> it turned out to be the murderer himself. he murdered them for money, and
8:25 am
that $50,000 reward billboard was just eating him up. it was very hard for me when i lost chris.>> reporter: or in -- orin lost to sons. >> i missed dialed the number in it was there number. >> reporter: there are times that jen things she is had enough, but the end just like he did with orin, the phone rings. >> you are back talking to a person and you help that person feel better for that moment, that day. >> and when that happens i'm doing what i'm doing, to help these people get through this horrible and horrific time. >> reporter: for helping families that have lost loved ones to violent crimes, the jefferson award in the bay area goes to jen miller. ,,,,,,,,
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11 check on your weather before we leave today with so many people having outdoor plans on easter sunday. >> the bay area is mostly dry, and i have to say mostly because there is an off chance we could see some drizzle. mostly sunny skies for the most part. blustering this afternoon and cooler than the last couple of days with temperatures in the upper 50s along the coast, upper 60s inland. we are going to see some cooler conditions today, and the possibility, just to mention it, a sprinkle. >> you have covered the bases.>> cooler and clatter through midweek, temperatures dropping more toward the midweek, and building back up for next weekend. thank you for joining us this morning, face the nation is coming up next, and we will
8:28 am
be back here next weekend at 7:30 am. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> dickerson: today on "face the nation," european brace themselves for more terror attacks and belgians hoping to march for peace are told to stay home. investigation into the isis terror cell responsible for the belgium attacks, as arrests are made we'll have the latest on the hunt for those responsible. plus, we'll talk with secretary of state john kerry who says americans should not fear traveling abroad but should be on guard. how vulnerable the the united states to similar attacks? we'll ask new york deputy police commissioner john miller. and how homeland security chairman mike mccaul. and 2016 politics big night for bernie sanders. >> we just won the state of washington. >> dickerson: and republican


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