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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  March 28, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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morning. i'm anne makovec in for michelle griego. >> kind of pretty, san francisco, isn't it? i'm frank mallicoat. 4:30 on the nose. a little traffic and weather and robota kicks it -- robert roberta kicks it off with the weather. >> winds are on the calm side. 47 degrees in livermore, 45 degrees in santa rosa, 52 around the bay. later today with a brisk northwest wind to 20 miles per hour. temperatures pretty much where they should be for this time of year but feel a little on the cool side. good morning to gianna. >> good morning. we jump to the san mateo bridge right now where traffic is moving along fine but chp still has a wind advisory in effect for the bridge so use caution as you work your way across the span. so far so good on the bay bridge, no delays, couple cars in those cash lanes but overall a quiet ride out of oakland into san francisco.
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>> good time to commute into work, don't you think? >> best time ever. >> 4:30. thank you for that. state lawmakers struck a tentative deal with labor unions that could raise the state's minimum wage. they hope to boost california's minimum wage from $10 to $15 an by 2022. others worry it might back fire, forcing businesses to hike prices or even lay off some of their employees. an official announcement from the governor could come later today. this afternoon the minds behind california's high-speed rail project are getting grilled by state lawmakers. the hearing will center on the new business plan that would change the train's route and delay the start of service by three years. the proposal has the rail's first 250-mile segment going from shafter to san jose instead of the original goal starting construction in southern california. for now, the project has a $64 billion price tag. a remarkable rescue in
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oakland where a teenaged boy got stuck when a house caved in. >> yeah, lucky boy. kpix5's joe vazquez on how the crew saved the teen by getting crushed by concrete on sunday. >> reporter: residents of the home on 20th street tell me contractors were fixing a water leak, working on the foundation. suddenly around 10:45 a.m. some heavy concrete slabs broke loose and fell on top of one of the workers, a 17-year-old boy. he was pinned to the ground. >> as you can see there's about a 6-foot ditch in front of the home. this is where the boy got trapped. >> the little concrete collapsed on him and like it was his legs and his stomach. >> reporter: cindy orozco lives in the building. she says the fire department told everyone to leave as they worked diligently to rescue the boy whose body was getting crushed by the weight. >> at first there were yells and then he was -- he kind of like -- he was saying it was a lot of pain, his stomach was hurting because there was a lot of pressure going on. >> reporter: first rescuers had
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to make sher the ditch didn't collapse any further so they broke the concrete into pieces, pulled dirt out, shored up the walls of the trench and stabilized the foundation. >> we were able to anchor off the corner of the house and slide the concrete slabs off the individual so we were able to extricate him. >> reporter: the teenager was rushed to highland hospital. his injuries were not life threatening but he was being treated for the possibility of crush syndrome, which in the most severe cases can lead to organ failure. it's not uncommon in earthquake victims who have been trapped for a while under debris. meanwhile, building inspectors have yellow tagged the home describing severe foundation damage, a much worse problem than when they started. in oakland, joe vazquez, kpix5. close call for more than a dozen people misplaced by a fire that tore through their santa rosa four-plex. on sunday afternoon smoke and gray smoke filling the sky. the fire broke out about 5:30. investigators say two people rushed to the hospital for smoke inhalation. damage to the building is
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extensive. >> damage is probably about six to $700,000 just due to the fact of two units have been destroyed and then two other units have moderate damage. >> no word yet on the cause of that fire but the fire department says there were reports of explosions before the flames broke out. police in concord are searching for a suspect who shot a child and then sped off. they believe this man, 32-year- old james girard shot an 8-year- old boy who was out playing with friends in a driveway. the boy was shot in the neck but is now in stable condition after a successful surgery. and the fight over how to regulate medical marijuana in san jose could come to a head. on tuesday that's when the city council set to discuss a plan. staffers venture forming for the past two years creating a division of medical marijuana control but council member ash calra wants the city to hold off until the state becomes more clear. san jose already has some of
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the toughest regulations in the state when it comes to where dispensaries are allowed to operate and they are only allowed to sell what they grow. >> i support many of the elements of council member calra, i think some of the details need to be hashed out. >> many of san jose's 70 plus dispensaries already gone out of business and many of the ones that remain are either large warehouse types or operating illegally. crab fishermen face a few more hurdles before their crabs can go to market this week. today processors will finish testing the weekend's batch of crabs for quality of meat and then they will set a price. that will determine how many fishermen feel it is worth it to set sail and gather crabs. the commercial grab season was delayed nearly five months because health officials felt domoic acid levels were too high for safe consumption. a lot of people have been jonesing for their fresh local crab. >> i bet there was a little bit on the easter plate yesterday,
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probably. >> i was grocery shopping in barstow over the weekend and san francisco fresh crab, yes, they were. >> there you go. >> hmmm. good morning, everybody. as you are getting ready to step out the door and get ready for a brand-new workweek, you will be encountering a bit of a breeze. right now calm winds around the bay but up to 22-mile-per-hour winds in other locations. livermore 47. when you couple up a wind with that, boy, does it feel raw sfo, two-mile-per-hour winds. increasing out of the northwest at 30 miles per hour today, an occasional gust up to 45 miles per hour. numbers pretty much where they should be for this time of the year but when you couple in the wind it feels on the brisk side, 67 degrees in los altos, mid-60s in san jose back into santa clara. walnut creek at 64 degrees. extremely windy in stenson beach and bodega bay, 63 in
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napa. your full forecast is coming up. right now let's say hello gianna. >> good morning, everyone. we are going to check our roadways right along the san mateo bridge where we have a high wind advisory in effect issued by chp. overall your drive times look pretty good, no delays 13 minutes between 880 and 101, elsewhere as you work your way out and about, good news here, normal service between san leandro and bay fair after weekend track maintenance there. and pittsburg/bay point to north concord still shuttle trains in service as you plan for that between those two stations. the rest of the bart system on time with 23 trains currently running in service. bay bridge no delays. you've got an easy ride out of oakland into san francisco. we will check the south bay coming up. bart service is going to be back to normal on the fremont line today so that's good news for commuters. over the weekend crews began much needed track repairs between the san leandro and bay
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fair stations. they started repairing 2000 feet of rail, more than 950 ties and other old parts of the track. several more weekends of work are scheduled. >> we are replacing a wide variety of things that are on the aerial structures here. >> ac transit operated free shuttle buses for riders between the two stations. and vta light rail service also back to normal in san jose after crews spent much of the weekend repairing a stretch of track. the civic center and saint james stations were closed while crews reported that work. the brussels attacks have sparked antiterrorism raids in multiple european countries. reporter kenneth craig on unrest in belgium's capital as the counter terror manhunt continues there. >> reporter: touch police arrested a french man in this rotterdam neighborhood for allegedly plotting an attack in france. belgium police carried out more than a dozen raids sunday linked to terrorism but authorities did not say whether they were connected to last
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week's bombings. at the memorial for the victims, police in riot gear used water cannons to push back angry demonstrators including hundreds of right winged so- called hooligans. this woman broke down in tears as the group trampled through the shrine. members say they were making a statement against isis. >> we have to unite and show we are against terrorism. that's all. >> reporter: mourners in the crowd were visibly shaken by their presence. >> they are not doing it the right way. >> reporter: a heavy police and military presence is still here in central brussels hours after those violent clashes. authorities also blocked off some of the industry streets. people have been coming here since last tuesday's attacks as a sign of solidarity and to pay their respects. >> i am not care. i am from brussels. i will never be scared. never. >> reporter: on sunday president obama called the parents of the american couple killed in the attacks to offer his condolences.
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kenneth craig, cbs news, brussels, belgium. pakistani province in mourning after nearly 70 people were killed in a suicide bombing while they were celebrating easter. it happened at a popular park known for its children's rides, a branch of pakistan's taliban claimed responsibility. the bombing saying specifically targeted christians. over 300 people were wounded. dozens of bodies were draped. more drama in the race for the white house, just ahead why republican frontrunner donald trump is threatening a lawsuit. a proposal to allow billboards on scenic interstate 280. we asked if the world's most beautiful freeway could become like its ugly cousin. >> leave a sign for 101. >> we took a bumpy ride along bayshore's stretch where potholes have cratered from recent storms. plus, this local teen invented an app that brings
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emojis to life. expect original reporting from kpix5 news. expect more.
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on the republican side... t are new alle democrats are looking toward a showdown next week in wisconsin. >> i guess. on the republican side there are new allegations of attempting to steal delegates. don champion has more. >> reporter: donald trump is crying foul again. this time threatening a lawsuit over ted cruz trying to grab delegates in louisiana. >> i won louisiana and now i
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hear he's trying to steal delegates. welcome to the republican party. what's going on in the republican party is a disgrace. >> reporter: even though he narrowly lost to trump in the state, cruz's campaign reportedly been trying to sway 10 more delegates his way, including some from former presidential candidate marco rubio. on the campaign trail cruz also faces more criticism for his proposal to patrol muslim neighborhoods in the wake of the brussels attacks, an idea he defended sunday. >> what that looks like is proactive law enforcement, what that looks like is addressing the problem and engaging the problem. >> reporter: rival john kasich called such a move a knee jerk reaction. >> i don't even know how you would do it and secondly we can't be out there aggravating the very people whose cooperation we need. >> reporter: on the democratic side, hillary clinton and bernie sanders have dismissed the proposal, this week sanders will try to build on caucus victories in washington, alaska and hawaii over the weekend. >> we are doing extraordinarily well with young people and we
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are -- we think we have a path toward victory. >> reporter: all of the candidates will campaign heavily in wisconsin this week, where voters will head to the polls next tuesday. don champion, cbs news. >> sears had a big weekend, picked up 128 delegates over the weekend but still trails hillary clinton in the delegate count by a wide margin. a big debate on tuesday. looking forward to that. >> yes. >> a republican debate. >> we have had a lot of those this year, seems like, one a week. >> she loves her debates. >> i do. >> she really does. >> it's like my sporting event. >> there's never been so much attention towards -- >> it's going to be interesting. >> it is interesting right now. the weather forecast is interesting. i was looking at some rain possibly returning to the bay area in the form of some april showers the beginning of next week. that's how far out i look and now we are beginning to see those chances diminish right now live weather camera looking
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out towards the bay bridge where we have clear skies, temperatures span from 45 degrees in santa rosa to right now 52 at san francisco and due east of the bay bridge and oakland, now 50 in concord, clayton and walnut creek. sustained winds at 14 in san francisco. across the bay, 11 in pleasanton, 13 in suisun bay, into vallejo, 17 in novato. a bit on the brisk side stepping out the door and these winds will further increase due to an area of low pressure. that's it right now. that breezed through our area yesterday making tracks toward southern california. high pressure tries to build in with the passage of this front we are getting that pressure gradient so therefore the northwest winds today 20 to 30 miles per hour, again, occasional gusts up to 45 miles per hour. we are just pretty much in place for one more day before it begins to expand over the state of california. 70 degrees your forecast high
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at the state capital today, low 70s from fresno, back in through merced, into modesto. a bit on the brisk side with the gusty winds in the high sierra and 63 at monterey bay back into carmelo -- carmel. the numbers are where they should be for the 28th day of march but when you factor in the wind it's on the brisk side. if you do suffer from allergies, a bit on the uncomfortable side today and you can blame it on the tree count. here's your dry weather pattern for the next several days, notice temperatures on the rise as the week progresses, temperatures into the mid-70s by the weekend. that is your monday back-to- work forecast. if you plan on taking the san mateo bridge, no delays. high wind advisory is in effect for the san mateo bridge. give yourself a few extra minutes, be careful as you work your way across the span there,
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but as far as delays go, nice, 13 minutes between 880 and 101. just a heads up, though, good news, normal service between san leandro and bay fair has resumed. 26 trains on time this morning for bart. shuttle train service between pittsburg/bay point and north concord. other than that, the mass transit system right on time, caltrain, muni metro, no delays to report. bay bridge, traffic light out of oakland into san francisco. drive time coming off the east shore freeway isn't doing too bad right now. a 19 minute ride as you work your way from the carquinez bridge to the maze and again you're going to see a bit of a backup there in some of the cash lanes as you head towards the bridge. traffic is clear along 101 both directions out of novato if you're headed through petaluma, traffic still quiet, southbound 101 from 580 over into san francisco. right now we are looking at a
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14 minute ride to make that trek this morning. altamont pass so far, so good, westbound 580, altamont pass to 680, not seeing any troubles. that's about a 14 minute ride right now. east of there, you plan to travel out of tracy, coming away from 205 mounthouse a few brake lights, things slow down a bit and then back up to speed as you pass greenville and head toward the dublin interchange. the south bay not showing any troubles along 280, guadalupe parkway or 101, tonight in downtown san jose you might see busy conditions so plan for that. drive times through the south bay, everything in the green, no delays, northbound 101, 280, 680 to 237, only 11 minutes. we will take a look at the peninsula coming up in a few minutes. back to you guys. >> thank you. 4:48 your time. drivers, big word here, a major auto recall affecting thousands of vehicles. general motors recalling thousands of its 2016 chevy
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malibus. covers more than 3000 malibus in the u.s. as well as 100 up north and canada. dealers need to replace the side impact air bags. the studs don't secure -- the studs that secure the air bags could come loose if you're in an accident. this busy stretch of the mission district blocked off after a driver crashed head on into another car on 18th and guererro. it happened around 5:30 last night. for now police believe a medical condition caused that driver to smashed into some other cars. he died at the scene. the other driver suffered only minor injuries. police in san leandro are trying to find the person who defaced a park with racist graffiti. officers found racial slurs on the amphitheater wall at san leandro marina park on saturday night. city crew was able to clean them off before families arrived on sunday and police believe the vandalism was gang related. san francisco police need help finding a man who speaks little english.
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miguel perez reyes was last seen thursday on steiner streak near turk. we are told he is 57 but as the mental capacity of a child. police say the woman tasked with watching him asked her boyfriend to look after him but when she returned later in the day, the two men were gone. time now foyer 50 -- 4:50. coming up how the so-called teeny homes may be playing a very important role right here in the bay area. and we want to know what's cool about your school. you can e-mail us your nomination to and we may feature your school on the program. we will be right back. ,,,,,,
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good morning, everyone, on this post easter celebration, 4:52 on this 28th day of the month, take a look at your tv screen.
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these are the temperatures you can expect in your neighborhood today and we are talking pretty spot on, pretty seasonal conditions, high 50s, 60s at the beaches. however, very gusty winds at the seashore. morning sun, 66 degrees through santa clara into downtown san jose. east of the bay numbers stacking up in the mid and high 60s, brentwood at 66 degrees, stenson beach a blustery day under partly cloudy skies into the 60s. good morning, san rafael, your forecast high also at 63 degrees and lake port at 65. good morning. we've got kind of an unusual backup at the bay bridge this morning in those cash lanes as you work your way off the 880 side, a possible shift change and so far traffic is slow there but fast track users are moving along okay, once you get on the upper deck clear all the way into san francisco. >> thanks, gianna, 4:53. police are trying to figure out who was responsible for a pipe bomb that prompted an evacuation in southern california. it happened in anaheim
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yesterday afternoon, the bomb went off in an alley outside a business. it was closed at the time. nobody was hurt but the explosion did cause some damage to a wall and a utility pole. people were evacuated from nearby homes for about an hour until a bomb squad determined the area was safe. >> 1:50 in the afternoon, this very loud explosion went off and it seemed right away it was ground based of some sort, thought maybe someone's water heater or gas line or something luke that but it shook everybody really well. some of the neighborhoods across the -- neighbors across the street had some of their windows shake. significant blast. >> two other pipe bombs went off in anaheim in november and december but not clear yet whether those latest -- the latest blast is related to those. public meeting happens today in san jose on unconventional housing to alleviate the homeless problem. >> proposal causes for creating modular homes in the willow glen neighborhood. the city says it would not be a tent city, hoping to calm fears of a repeat of this, the
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homeless encampment known as the jungle which san jose cleaned up last year. the meeting is scheduled for wednesday. and around the u.s. there is a move to construct these tiny homes to help get people off the streets. as kpix5's wilson walker reports, one bay area county plans to build an entire village of them. >> we have a 50-foot by 200- foot lot that's been looked at for a trial project to safely shelter the homeless. >> reporter: on this small piece of sonoma county government campus, michael sees a new answer to an old problem. >> water across the street here and the sewer was down about 350 feet. >> reporter: with homelessness challenging communities from santa rosa to guerneville, the county decided it's time to start something knew, 34 different proposals have been submitted for this site, all of them using the idea of the tiny home. >> to see the site with the south bay seeing exposure, i just came to life thinking of what a great place to use our
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solar powered mobile sustainable units. >> reporter: yes, his plan is to roll out a handful of solar powered expandable trailers, each able to house three people and easy to move if the county decides it needs to repurpose the land. >> comes in 8-foot wide, street legal and opens up to almost 22 feet wide. >> reporter: the tiny home idea has been pitched in cities like san francisco and oakland, often by artists and volunteers who see those small structures as an easy solution to shelter needs. but those efforts have often run into trouble because no matter how tiny, the house ultimately needs a home and that's where santa rosa has really taken a lead, offering up this piece of land and asking people to submit some tiny ideas. >> it's really progressive idea that time has come. >> you came over to see the site? >> i came over just to see the site and i was really impressed that they were -- sonoma county is one of the only counties that from a government level is trying to solve this problem.
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>> reporter: so this tiny lot will become a county sponsored laboratory for the tiny home theory and if it works, tiny neighborhoods can truly become the next big thing in emergency housing. >> because everyone wants to help the homeless but what does that look like in your town? >> reporter: in santa rosa, wilson walker, kpix5. 4:57 on your monday morning. the future of high-speed rail in the silicon valley -- and the silicon valley's role. coming up the important decisions that could be made soon. and california may become the first state in the country to raise its minimum wage to $15 an hour. it's almost a done deal but some are concerned for what the ripple effect may be. ng. it's monday,,,,,,,
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. good morning. it is 5:00 and here is a live look at the beautiful bay
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bridge this monday morning, march 28th. i'm anne makovec in for michelle. >> i can feel it's going to be a good day. hi, everybody, happy monday, i'm frank mallicoat, 5:00 your time. over the weekend california lawmakers were busy going over suggested overhaul of the state's minimum wage. tentative agreement has been made to raise the state minimum wage all the way up to $15 an hour. kpix5 reporter jackie ward live in the newsroom with more on the change and how workers are reacting. hi, jackie. >> good morning, frank. so just on saturday state lawmakers reached a deal with labor unions that would boost the minimum wage to $15 an hour by the year 2022. sounds like great news for those who work in the food and retail industry but some have their reservations about it. as of january 1st, minimum wage is $10 an hour in our state. some argue that with the cost of living in california where it stands, that is a pitiful salary to live on. that's why many people think this incremental increase would be a, quote, major victory. others are concerned it would force restaurant owners to drastically increase menu items which would en


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