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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  March 30, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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donald trump is flat-out dangerous! women's lives are not disposable. ohio governor john kasich, who opposes abortion, said this. >> i don't think that's an appropriate response and, um, it's difficult enough situation and to try to punish somebody. >> reporter: hillary clinton campaigning at new york's apollo theater continued hammering trump. >> just listen to donald trump. he plays coy with white supremacists. he says demeaning and degrading things about women. >> reporter: trump actually sent out two separate statements to clarify what he said. in addition to saying that it's the providers who should be punished, he said he was actually talking about illegal abortions when he spoke about women. his opponent ted cruz also issued a statement saying that this shows that trump didn't understand the issue and he will say anything to get attention. live at the white house tonight, weijia jang kpix 5. while abortion once again takes center stage in national politics, there is now talk of
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opening an abortion clinic on the uc-berkeley campus to make it easier for students to abort their babies. kpix 5's reporter da lin is at cal. da. >> reporter: yeah, ken. the student government wants to have an abortion clinic right here at the student health center on campus. they say it's all about access, better access, and helping students succeed academically. this young politician is learning fast you have to have thick skin to lead. student senator [ non-english language ] proposed to have an abortion clinic on campus. the student government unanimously approved it. now she is bombarded with hate messages. >> saying the bill is against god, it's against religion, the university should go to hell. >> reporter: cal provided abortion services on campus back in the '80s. the woman says it's important to make it accessible since women in college are in the age group that has the most abortions. >> we feel that student health is a priority that the
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administration has not been focusing on. student health is so important for students to do well on campus. >> reporter: while the university says it supports women access to abortion, administrators don't want to move forward with t the university declined an interview but said in a statement, there are plenty of medical professionals in the area who can provide that type of service. one student says having it on campus sends the wrong message. >> making it accessible to people is kind of like screaming, hey, you can go and do whatever you want and then just come here and we'll have you covered. >> reporter: other students disagree. >> i think that women on the campus should have the option to, like, have something really close to them so they can go to and have a safe place. >> reporter: planned parenthood has locations in el cerrito and west oakland. they are 20 to 30 minutes away from here. while cal administrators are hesitant to move forward with this idea, the student government plans to meet to try to push this idea along.
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ultimately if approved, tax dollars would pay for this clinic. live at uc-berkeley, i'm da lin, kpix 5. we have heard so much about el nino and about the drought and how el nino was supposed to help. there is more snow in the sierra than last year. kpix 5's emily turner was there for today's snow survey. what did you learn? >> reporter: it's good but it's not great. it's not what we needed. unfortunately, all those storms we had earlier this month just couldn't bring enough snow to compensate for a february with no snow or three years with not enough snow. springtime in the sierra may look like a winter wonder land. but this month's snowpack didn't live up to the hype or the hope water officials had for it. >> it's still below average. it's not clearly what we had hoped. it's better than we were, let's put it that way. 71. >> reporter: these measurements
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are 95% of normal. we really needed well over 100% to make up for years past. and possibly, years in the future. this snow would equal out to about 26 cubic inches of water. not enough they say to stop a drought or relieve water restrictions. >> this is going to improve conditions for both reservoir storage as well as stream flow. but there's still going to be some ongoing effects from the past -- well, this is going into the fourth year of below average or way below average snowpack. >> reporter: but while el nino storms haven't felt the water shortage, they certainly helped. and they have helped businesses in the sierra, as well. >> we had a few rough years there. but the snow is -- there's a direct correlation to the amount of snowfall that we get into the guests and the amount of people at the resort. >> reporter: so in the big grandiose california statewide picture not great. but it's not bad.
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95% out of 100 is good especially for businesses. coming up tonight at 6:00, i'll tell you how good it's been this year. back to you. >> so you're saying it's good about the now great. overall, what does this mean for the drought? are we still going to have water restrictions this summer? >> reporter: that's the big question. the short answer is yes, there will still be water restrictions. but what those are we won't know until may. because they have a lot of numbers to crunch, a lot of data to look at not just snowpack but also reservoirs. there's many factors that go into determining how bad off california is. so once they get all that figured out, they will make sure to announce that and again that's coming up in may. veronica? >> thank you, we'll see you at 6:00, emily. we appreciate it, thank you. kpix 5 reporter andria borba has been breaking detail after detail all week long on the case that you see here, you have seen the video. alameda county sheriff's deputies beating a car theft suspect after a chase across the bay bridge. they are in san francisco.
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it's an alley there. it happened last november. andria first reported that a selves deputy is being investigated for taking the suspect's expensive gold chain and then giving it to a homeless person. and then she revealed the deputy accused of taking the chain is sean osborne. deputy osborne is on leave right now. now andria has quite a bit of new information about the man who was beaten. >> reporter: ken, the man in that video is named stanislaus petrov. he has a long criminal history and we have learned of other run-ins with the law in just the last three weeks. on march 13, san francisco police officers pulled petrov over in the tenderloin for driving a newer bmw without a rear license plate. when officers walked up to the driver's side window, petrov accelerated and drove off. it was a rainy day so officers didn't chase him. then the next day he was pulled over near at&t park for speeding in the bmw. he was cited for speeding and driving on a suspended license and allowed to go.
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then on march 20th, a san francisco officer pulled him over on bayshore boulevard when they saw a gray chevy driving at night with no lights on. officers cited him for that and again driving on a suspended license. even though petrov has outstanding warrants, he was not taken into custody at any of the traffic stops. and he remains free. andria borba, kpix 5. we have some video that shows what people will do to get their hands on prescription drugs. police say this man jumped the counter at the walgreens on el camino in burlingame yesterday. pulled out a knife and ordered the pharmacist to the ground. he took off 200 xanax and hydrocodone pills. police tracked down the drugs to a room at the phoenix hotel. a man and woman inside confessed and were arrested. police believe one more robber is still on the loose. sex offenders are not happy about a new federal law that says their passports should include a special mark so
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immigration agents know about their criminal past. the international megan's law requires a unique identifier on passports of registrants convicted of sex offenses with a minor. it also allows u.s. officials to alert foreign governments when those individuals travel abroad. at a hearing in oakland today the group claimed the law violates their constitutional rights. it creates the cloud of punitive action against citizens after they have been through the probation, therapy and parole and they want to live their lives. they don't get to. >> president obama signed the law last month. the group's attorney wants to block it from being implemented. today they did not issue a ruling. teachers and faculty at cal state schools have been demanding a raise. and to make their point they marched on the capital today. faculty from all 23 csu campuses walked with signs and
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banged drums from sacramento to the capital steps. they are asking for a 5% raise. but administrators say they can only afford 2%. faculty will strike on april 15th. if you live in marin and plan to catch the giants home opener, listen up. direct ferry service from larkspur to at&t park is canceled north game. the ferry and the mendocino is in the -- named the mendocino is in the shop for repairs and there are no other boats to replace it. golden gate transportation service will refund anyone who bought ferry tickets for next thursday's homeowner. have trouble seeing while driving? tonight the feds say most headlights are not bright enough. we'll show you the difference between good and bad headlights. >> a major reversal. why apple is asking the fbi for help. >> and we're investigating a new system heading toward the bay area after we make one thing perfectly clear.
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the weather outside, a beautiful ending to a brisk day. changes ahead. >> caught on camera a bay area woman catches a mountain lion in her backyard. ,,,,,, ,,
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headlights are not doing an adequate job of helping you down dark roads. for the first time, governmt chances are your car's headlights are not doing an adequate job of helping you see down dark roads. >> for the first time researchers have tested the lighting for more than 30 midsized sedans. >> kpix 5's consumerwatch reporter julie watts tells us only one vehicle earned the top rating. you have to be kidding me! what car is that? >> reporter: only one. this is not it. this is a lexus is. this was among the 11 cars that got an acceptable rating. interesting thing here with this study the more expensive the car the fancier the lights, often times many cases they
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actually perform the worst. got a fancy new car with high intensity or curb adapted headlights? yours may be among the poorest performers according to the insurance institute for highway safety. >> our evaluation involves looking at both the high beams and low beams on different paths along the test track. >> reporter: and they found while the basic halogen lights on the honda accord received an acceptable rating, the adaptive lights on the kia optima and mercedes-benz c class performed poorly. the bmw 3 series with halogen lights scored the lowest of the 31 midsized cars tested while the prius v was the only one to earn a good rating, although only after it was upgraded to include l.e.d. lights and high beam assist. >> adding $7,000 to the cost of the prius over the base model to get the better headlights. >> reporter: you may not realize your headlights are supposed to work better. this side by side video shows a difference between the top performing toyota prius with its optimal l.e.d. headlights on the left on the
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bmw 3 series with the halogen headlights. at 50 feet, the driver of the prius can clearly see a person on the side of the road and the deer ahead. but the 3 series driver would only see this. one recent study found nearly half of all accidents happen at night even though traffic is 25% lower. and the national safety council says the number of traffic fee taxes is three times higher at night than during the day a contributing factor reduced visibility. >> helping drivers see the road better at night can help cut into the deaths and injuries. >> reporter: now, government regular lace deck today how much light comes out of the bulb but not necessarily where it goes or how useful it is to the driver. in response, nhtsa says it is committed to a higher standard of safely including with headlights. on the consumerwatch, julie watts. first the fbi wanted help from apple. now apple wants information from the feds. apple wants to know how the fbi unlocked the iphone of the san bernardino shooter. apple had refused to help so
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the feds used a third party to hack into the phone. apple says it might have exploited a security flaw that could put customer information at risk but for now the fbi doesn't seem interested in helping apple. so tonight, we're asking you what you think, should the fbi share this information with apple? go ahead and weigh in now vote on my twitter page, veronicadlcruz is the place. no surprise the people who live here a new list shows the bay area has some of the priciest zip code in the country. nine of the 25 most expensive zip codes are here. according to the website property shark, the median home sale price of $5.9 million that's the median, atherton's 94027 is second only to an area of the hamptons, new york, the part of palo alto including downtown came in number 5. other zip codes on the list were, in los altos, portola valley, san
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francisco's marina district, burlingame, and saratoga. only on "5" a woman in boulder creek got an unexpected visitor this week. check this out. a mountain lion sauntering around in her yard. kpix 5 reporter don ford has the video in a story you'll see only on "5". >> reporter: it's a startling image an adult mountain lion slowly walking around the yard in this boulder creek neighborhood. even more surprising the lion's casual attitude when she started recording with her cell phone. >> i wanted to make sure the car was between myself and him. and i wanted to make sure that he knew that he was there. i said hey, big boy. he looked at me. hey there, big boy. >> reporter: while the large lion wasn't aggressive, it also showed no fear. >> he walked up by the chicken coop over here and then walked up around this tree and was up by the trampoline. >> reporter: after a few moments, the mountain lion
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simply strolled away. nicole quickly alerted hers neighbors. the bolden counter has rattled nerves in the neighborhood especially pet owners. >> i was shocked. we're only a mile north of town. >> he is keeping a close eye on his patch. the mountain lion is much larger than his cat or dog . nicole saw the cat again last night in the street when driving home. >> he kind of stopped and looked at me and my boys were in the car and they were like that's a lion! [ laughter ] >> that's a mountain lion! >> reporter: folks living here in this quiet neighborhood say they are looking around a lot more than they used to. they are on alert in case the lion comes back. in boulder creek, don ford, kpix 5. all right. she had the car in between her and the lion. check this out. take a look at this video shot by a hiker in florida. she is walking along this path in the corkscrew swamp sanctuary in naples when a mountain lion -- [ censored ] >> -- needless to say, this
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woman was completely terrified. so was the cat obviously. and obviously more afraid of her since he didn't stick around. [ pause ] there we go. we're continuing to follow breaking news. a guilty verdict in the case of a stanford swimmer accused of rape. >> kpix 5 reporter devin fehely has been following this case from the beginning. he is at the courthouse in palo alto right now. devin. >> reporter: that verdict came in just before 5:00 today and there were tears and there were sobs of anguish and relief on both sides of the courtroom when that verdict finally was read. an anxious looking brock turner stood ataxias the jury returned guilty verdicts on all counts at attention with several charges. the alleged assault occurred after a night of drinking and partying at a stanford university campus party. the victim was drunk when she was groped and assaulted by
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turner who at the time was a standout on the stanford swim team. turner testified that it was a drunken but consensual college hook-up but the jury rejected that. he was not taken into custody today. the judge allowed him to remain on bond until he is sentenced on june 2. he could face a maximum of 10 years on all of the counts. in palo alto, devin fehely, kpix 5. we are going to switch from this to another story making headlines today the snow survey in the sierra which was at one place usually where we go but in order to get a broader idea of what happened we are going to look at the three station index for northern and central california for the snow. it's all telling pretty much the same story. it is way ahead of where it was a year ago when governor brown stood out there with dirt on the ground during the snow
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survey. today, we're close to average in the north, the central sierra nine-tenths of normal and in the south south not quite as good but mostly worried about the 97% in the north. we are down 3% in a week [ indiscernible ] no snow or rain but we're way up over last year. back in the bay area, as we look from the dublin cam, the numbers are mostly in the 60s with the sole exception being san francisco right now at 57 degrees. san jose 63. hi-def doppler not a thing. not yet. next system that's coming into the bay area on monday down south they picked up .10" of rain at bob hope airport in burbank but for us mostly sunny skies. that ridge is building way up to the north as low pressure spins over the california, arizona, nevada border. weird. that's what's triggering the showers down south. up here, more of the same only better. we get slightly warmer weather tomorrow. and a little bit of drizzle along the shoreline in the night and early-morning hours with the influx of fog and low clouds along the shoreline. things will be balmy overnight. all the way down to 46 degrees! well, it's not as cold as it usually is because we're not having clear skies tonight. so we get a little bit of an insulating blanket with the low
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clouds. daytime highs tomorrow after sun-up at 6:56 a.m. santa rosa hits 70. 67 for fremont. 68 in san jose. 68 for fairfield. tomorrow looks nice. it's a baby step toward readings in the low to mid-70s by the weekend. so tomorrow low 70s for thursday, friday, saturday, sunday. warming up a little bit more clouds coming in on sunday. and then we'll have a chance of showers on monday not a big rainmaker. in fact, we have pulled out the chance for tuesday. we'll go back to partly cloudy skies for tuesday and wednesday but a good weekend ahead. maybe some showers. we'll see. >> thank you. whoopi goldberg going green. how she is marketing marijuana specifically for california women. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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goldberg is launching a new medical marijuana business targeting california women. it's medical pot -- geared ving menstrual new at 5:00 actor whoopi goldberg launching a new medical marijuana business targeting california women. it's medical pot geared toward relieving menstrual cramps. the products including edibles,
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creams, even a thc infused bath soap will only be available in california. medical first out of baltimore. surgeons have just transplanted organs between an hiv-positive donor and hiv-positive recipient. in the past those organs would have been discarded because of the infection. doctors at johns hopkins say that this could dramatically increase the pool of potential organ donors. patients without hiv would not be offered the hiv-positive organs. well, this is one way to get a message across. take a look at this. these posters have been popping up all over los angeles. it says feel the burn. it's the unofficial slogan for the bernie sanders campaign. but take a closer look. they are actually talking about stds. the aids healthcare foundation is using the recognizable phrase to raise awareness about getting tested. tomorrow burger king will
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start selling a sequel to its spicy angry whopper. the angriest whopper as hot sauce baked right into the red bun, it comes with jalapenos and spicy sauce. it also delivers a whopping 830 calories. now for a look at what's ahead on the "cbs evening news." scott pelley is in new york. >> reporter: here's the "cbs evening news" for tonight. another controversy for donald trump. this time, the subject is abortion. and his assertion today that women who have illegal abortions should be punished. he is retreating from that but the controversy continues. major garrett is on the campaign trail and will have analysis from "face the nation" host john dickerson. >> also, we were there in brussels when one of the bombing victims was reunited with his family. we'll have those stories tonight on the "cbs evening news." ,, ,,,,
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bay area transit district is defending the balooning cos new at 6:00 tonight, $3 million for a bus stop? how a bay area transit district is defending the ballooning cost to taxpayers. and a showdown over sand. the laskos central sand mine in the kun -- last coastal sand mine in the country has been told it has to shut down. the battle to protect the beach. that and more at 6:00. the "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is next. >> remember the latest news and weather, always on see you back here at 6:00. captions by: caption colorado
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>> pelley: trump ignites a firestorm when he's asked about making abortion illegal. >> there has to be some form of punishment. >> for the woman? >> yeah. >> pelley: also tonight, danger ahead. research finds most headlights have a dim view of safety. a week after sebastian bellin narrowly escaped death in brussels, a joyful reunion. and, how scientist lucy jones became the queen of quakes through no "fault" of her own. >> i'm being stopped in the grocery store. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: this is our western edition. the moment he said it, the trump campaign realized it would need


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