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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  April 5, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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it's tuesday, il it's tuesday, april 5th, 2016. this is "cbs morning news." gives it to jenkins for the championship. >> a spectacular finish to the ncaa tournament. villanova wins its first championship in more than 30 years on a dramatic buzzer-beating three-pointer. the badger state has turned into a battleground. voters in wisconsin could change the face of the presidential candidates for both parties today. and spring freeze. millions of americans get a chill as temperatures fall far
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below normal and weather remains wintry, even stopping the boys of summer from taking the field. captioning funded by cbs good morning from the studio 57 newsroom at cbs headquarters here in new york. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. while it happened in april, it was a fitting end to march madness. villanova and north carolina playing a game for the ages to decide the winner of the national college basketball championship. it provided a season's worth of drama, north carolina trailing by three points when marcus page nearly loses the foul and hits an off-balance three-pointer. villanova uses a time-out and draws up a play that hoops fans won't soon forget. >> with arcidiacono with three seconds. gives it to jenkins for the championship. yes!
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villanova. phenomenal. the national champions with jenkins hitting the winner at the buzzer! >> jim, they're going to check it. i thought it went live, but how about those edges? >> kris jenkins' buzzer-beating three gives villanova its first national title since 1985 and head coach jay wright is a champion for the first time in his career. jenkins was asked about how he'll handle the win over his adopted brother north carolina's nate britt? >> how do you go home and handle nate? >> i'm not going to say to much tonight, but tomorrow i'll be right at him. >> the instant classic finish touched off a huge win for villanova spilling onto the streets of the suburban philadelphia campus. at least four arrests were made.
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meanwhile the fans of north carolina were left disappointed as their team was dealt a heartbreaking defeat. on to politics now. voters in wisconsin go to the polls today in a key primary for both republicans and democrats. at this point donald trump is the only republican with the chance to clinch the nomination, but a loss in wisconsin would clearly diminish his chances, and while hillary clinton has a win over bernie sanders,al win by bernie sanders could clearly make it more difficult. it's proven to be tough territory after a week of fending off controversies. donald trump tried rallying last-minute support in the state yesterday while hillary clinton seemed to be already focused a primary that's two weeks away. on the eve of the critical wisconsin primary, ted cruz reminded supporters what's at stake. >> a victory tomorrow will resonate across this country,
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will change the outcome in states to come all across this country. a cruz win today will increase the chances of a contests gop convention in july. the latest cbs poll shows him ahead of donald trump by six points in the state. monday trump's wife melania made a rare appearance on the campaign trail trying to rally support. >> no matter who you are, a man or a woman, he treats everyone equal. >> we have millions more votes than cruz. we've beat about him in most of the states. >> trump and cruz continue to take aim at john kasich, calling on him to drop out of the race. >> i'm glad they're both nervous about my taking delegates because the more that we can get a message out there, i think the better we do. >> on the democratic side hillary clinton all but conceded on monday. her fund-raising campaign sent out a rallying campaign saying,
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quote, we're down. we hope to give bernie sanders a fight. bernie sanders hopes today givens him a momentum. >> if we win here, we're going have a bounce going into new york state where i think we can win. >> clinton still leads over bernie sanders in delegates but lags far behind him in fund-raisers. also clinton and sanders agreed to a presidential debate a week ahead of the primary. the televised debate will be held in brooklyn next thursday. the latest cbs news poll showed clinton with a ten-point lead in the state. anne-marie? >> don champion here in new york. thank you, don. well, coming up on "cbs this morning," we'll have more on today's wisconsin's primaries. well, multiple investigations have been opened. the documents reveal links to 12 current and former heads of state including dictators accused of hiding their wealth,
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evading taxes, and stealing from their countries, and a former treasury officer says this kind of money laundering activity is commonly used by terrorist groups. >> every one of these devastating types of harms relies on financial support, infrastructure, and is often serviced by what you see in the panama papers. >> the law firm involved denies any wrongdoing. and all five people aboard a sightseeing helicopter were killed when it crashed in tennessee. it crashed near the great smoky mountains national park. it appears it came down on the side of a mountain and was destroyed. the national transportation safety board is investigating. well, a weather system bringing the potential for record-setting cold has settled over the northeast this morning. freeze warnings and watches are posted from illinois to new jersey, and it's not just the cold. there's snow. snowfall records were broken in rhode island and boston when nearly five inches fell, but other areas got almost ten
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inches. >> the snow's really awful. i should be out in shorts and a nice hot shirt. a nice cool shirt with a glass of iced tea. >> school districts canceled classes and there were dozens of weather-related travel accidents. and one person was killed when a commuter train hit a car at a suburban rail crossing. this happened yesterday morning in skokie, illinois. several people in the car were injured. tran transit officials believe the driver drove through the crossing signal before the collision. and we're learning more about the collision between an amtrak train and a backhoe in philadelphia. the engine's data recorder shows the train was traveling 106 miles per hour in a 110-mile-per-hour zone. the engineer pulled the emergency brake five seconds before the crash. two amtrak workers were killed. the young american couple killed in last month's terrorist attacks in brussels will be
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buried this week in kentucky. the bodies of stephanie and justin schultz were returned to lexington sunday night. 32 people were killed in the russels attack at the airport and metro station. states can count everyone, not just registered voters, when setting voting districts. the case was a challenge to the constitutional principle of one person, one vote. the ruling is expected fwolster democratic urban areas. the case was a challenge from texas voters where there is a large immigrant population and urban districts with many people who are ineligible to vote. well, today supreme court nominee merrick garland will meet with two more senators. garland is president obama's choice to fill scalia's seat. the gop leadership refuses to take up garland's nomination. the republicans want the next president to pick up scalia's
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successor. coming up on the "morning news" now, seafood in seattle. a tipped over semi sends boxes of frozen crab tumbling down. and later the hip-hop artist from house of pain takes a shot at donald trump for using the band's music. this is the "cbs morning news." breyers. the good vanilla. our milk and cream come from cows not treated with artificial growth hormones. this is so good! terry bradshaw? what a surprise! you know what else is a surprise? shingles. and how it can hit you out of nowhere. i know. i had it. c'mon let's sit down and talk about it. and did you know that one in three people will get shingles? (all) no. that's why i'm reminding people if you had chickenpox then the shingles virus is already inside you. (all) oooh. who's had chickenpox? scoot over. and look that nasty rash can pop up anywhere and the pain can be even worse than it looks. talk to your doctor or pharmacist. about a vaccine that can help prevent shingles.
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this is more than a lawn. this is a trugreen lawn. sorry! live life outside with trugreen, america's #1 lawn care company. spring is on. start your trugreen lawn plan today. bye now. trugreen. live life outside. this episode of "as the world turns" is no soap opera. it shows the earth's horizon from 250 miles up. british astronaut tim peake recorded it from the international space station. the camera captures the brilliant flashes of electrical storms set against the glow of manmade light worldwide. back on earth now, a seafood spill on a seattle roadway, and a flight attendant is in trouble for deploying an emergency slide. those are some of the headlines on the "morning news" stand. the "houston chronicle" reports the suspension of a flight attendant who left a plane in a hurry.
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just after a united jet landed yesterday at the airport, a woman opened the emergency chute, tossed out her bags, slid down, and walked away. the reason is not known. the "associated press" reports that at new north carolina law is under federal review. the law blocks legal protection for gays, lesbians, and transgender people. washington agencies are checking on how the law might affect federal aid to the state. "the kansas city star" reports the search for a former college football player. brandon bourbon's family says they haven't heard from him since saturday night. he was a running back for kansas before transferring to washburn last year. "the seattle times" is reporting how frozen crabs slowed traffic on a major road, well, to a crawl. a semi filled with frozen seafood tipped on an elevated highway. the spill caused a traffic jam nearly three miles long. it took six hours to clear the area.
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and new york's "daily news" reports one of the originals is finally leaving the treft. baseball star mike trout moved out of his parents' how in southern new jersey and bought a 300-acre spread nearby. the 24-year-old slugger earned about $24 million a year with the los angeles angels. still ahead, drone delivery becomes a reality. we will tell you the unlikely place where commercial drones will be delivering medical supplies. al supplies. introducing the fusion of exceptional taste with the benefits of our probiotic yogurt. new activia fruit fusion, with the exclusive probiotic bifidus regularis. delicious and good for you. new activia fruit fusion. see me. see me. don't stare at me. see me.
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here's look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. ♪ house of pain rapper everlast wants donald trump to pack it up, pack it in. the gop front-runner has been used the group's "jump around" as his walk up music at his recent rallies, but he got a not so polite request from the rapper saying "knock it off." in part stop using our song "jump around" at your rallies. cease and desist is coming. >> on the "moneywatch," the minimum wage goes up and the first country with a drone
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delivery network. jill wagner is at the new york city with that and more. good morning, jill. >> good morning, anne-marie. the dow lost 55 points, the s&p finished 22 points. the governors of both new york and california have signed legislation to put law into effect raising minimum wage to $15 an hour. it will hit in all of new york state by 2021 n california by 2022. business groups, though, warn that the higher wages will cost thousands of jobs. there is some succession turmoil at disney. thomas staggs stepped down. he plans to retire in june of 2018. alaska airlines is paying $2.6 billion to buy california-based virgin america. alaska outed by jetblue, would now become the fifth biggest
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airline business in the united states. analysts say the further consolidation of the airline business will mean even fewer bargain fares and limited travel options for passengers. the estimated $20 billion settlement over bp's massive gulf of mexico oil spill was given final approval by a federal judge. the explosion on the deepwater horizon killed workers and allowed millions to spill into the gulf. they call the largest settlement in u.s. history. rwanda, one of the world's poorest nations, is one of the first countries to have a commercial drone network. the california-based zip line plans to begin operating service in july. they'll cover half of the country ferrying pharmaceuticals and blood to remote locations in hours instead of weeks and months. anne-marie. >> it totally surprises me but
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makes sense getting it to areas where transportation routes may not always be available. it could be a game-changer. >> yeah. still ahead, ivy league material. we will tell you about a new york high school student who pulled off an amazing academic feat. c feat. there's only one egg that just tastes better. with 10 times more vitamin e. and twice the omega 3s. because why have ordinary when you can have the best. only eggland's best. better taste. better nutrition. better eggs. flea bites can mean misery for your cat. advantage® ii monthly topical kills fleas through contact. fleas do not have to bite your cat to die. advantage® ii. fight the misery of biting fleas.
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after ongoing electrical is shut down several east bay stations during the day. a look at t commute next. plus the b-b gun vandals who have been hitting cars are w targeting people. we spoke to a man who still has a b-b lodged in his head. and lawmakers are cracking on massage parlors in san je who are offering much more r-and-r. join us for kpix 5 news this morning... beginning at 4:3 ,,,,
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forecast in some cities around the country. a hot start to the baseball season for the san francisco giants. they became just the third team in major league history to record back-to-back-to-back home runs on opening day, and joe panik and buster posey go in deep in success as the giants beat milwaukee, 12-3.
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opening day was delayed for four mlb teams. snow in cleveland postponed the red sox' opener on monday. the temperature called for temperatures in the 30s with rain and chill with the windchill in the teens. the teams made the most of it getting in practice in the brutal weather. yankees and astros waiting to start their 2016 season later today. monday's game-time conditions at yankee stadium, 40 degrees and raining. today, 40 degrees again, but at least it's sunny. it's a star-studded roster for this year's inductees into the national basketball hall of fame. shaquille o'neal leads the league. allen iverson is also being inducted. he played 14 seasons, averaged nearly 27 points, and was named league mvp in 2000. also heading to the hall wnba cheryl swoops with three olympic gold medals, four wnba championships, and three mvp titles.
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olympic gold medalist diver greg louganis finally getting his wheaties box. general mills is finally including it. the company only agreed to put greg louganis, openly gay and hiv positive on the box after he gained 400,000 signatures. he gained attention when he slammed his head in toe olympics on a diving board prompting them to announce his hiv status to the world. a long island high school student has serious thinking to do after being accepted into eight ivy league schools. the valedictorian has a knack for science and was invited to the white house science fair. as for where she'll go to college, she says she has not made up her mind yet. coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," a game-changer in 3-d printing. i'm anne-marie green. this is the "cbs morning news."
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with arcidiacono. villanova, phenomenal. the national championships with jenkins hitting the winner at the buzzer. >> jim, they're going check it. i thought it was good live but how about those edges? >> it was kris jenkins' three-point buzzer beater that clinched the win for villanova over north carolina in the ncaa championship. well, last night featured an ultimate sibling rivalry. manuel bore cass reports.
4:26 am
>> reporter: nate britt and kris jenkins are brothers from other mothers literally. they met on the courts when they were 10, and quickly became friends. then in 2007 turmoil in kris's household forced his mother felicia to make a tough decision. she wanted to find a more stable home for him. the britts stepped in and adopted him. >> he's the only son in my house and my oldest, so it was hard at the time, but because i knew who i was sharing him with, i was able to sleep at night. >> you know, he fit. and it felt like not that there was a piece missing, but it only added more to our family and made our family that much better. >> reporter: the boys breathe basketball. they played on the same high school team in maryland. >> to basically grow up and go through everything with a brother that he's going through the same workouts that you are, you know, you're doing
4:27 am
everything together, it definitely makes it easier. >> reporter: and don't let this selfie fool you. they took it saturday night when they knew they were headed for the championship. >> so it's a win/win. villanova wins, we win. unc wins, we win. >> i can see the love here. >> you have no idea. three seconds at midcourt gives it to jenkins for the championship. >> reporter: national title stays in the family. manuel bojorquez, cbs news, houston. well, coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," more on the panama papers as investigators look into global money laundering and tax evasion. "60 minutes'" correspondent lesley stahl talks in her new book about being a grandmother. plus, john blackstone introduces us to a promise of 3-d taking it to a whole new level. a machine capable of making everything from cushioning for running shoes.
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>> this is going to be a new midsole for sneakers. >> reporter: to complex car parts. >> this moves but this was all printed together. >> that's right. and a military dog that lost a leg on duty in afghanistan is honored today. that's all ahead on "cbs this morning." and that is the "cbs morning news" for this tuesday. thanks for watching. i'm anne-marie green. have a great day. -- captions by vitac -- -- captions by vitac --
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i'm michelle griego. good morning. a beautiful shot, never get tired of this one, looking down at the bay bridge on what looks
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like a hot day coming up, i guess, and a hoarse voice for me. >> you need a little water. >> good morning, i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it's 4:30. yesterday was beautiful. >> i thought your voice was like because of the pollen. it's going to be off the charts for the next several days because of the try air -- because of the dry air mass and record temperatures. look at the numbers in the 40s and 50s and 60s. today temperatures up to 87 degrees. 72 degrees here in san francisco. mid-90s and when you should expect it details coming up. let's say hi to gianna. good morning, if you typically take mass transit, look at this. no delays. in fact, everything is up to


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