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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  April 6, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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be a scorcher. i think. it's going to be hot. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. i listened to roberta yesterday so i wore the short sleeves. >> there you go. >> i still have the boots on. [ laughter ] >> i walked out the door this morning and it was so mild and then i walked into my favorite gas station to get my hot chocolate and sergio, his allergies, his eyes were running and today we're going to have our allergy report coming up because things are just off the chart. everything is blossoming now with the heat wave and we'll see record-breaking high temperatures. right now we have clear skies. i want you to take a look at the temperatures. look how mild it is. a 20-degree difference from san jose to santa rosa, 20-degree difference between napa and san francisco where the north bay has cooled into the 40s this morning. otherwise we're in the 50s and 60s. here's a few records. i put this graphic together this morning so you can get a good idea of just how many records will be shattered
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today. last time we had 90s was back in october. we are not acclimated yet. expect 81 in pacifica to 95 inland. i'll have the full forecast coming up. roadwork between pacheco and san pablo avenue on westbound 4. alternating lanes until 5:00. 80 eastbound commute in the noncommute direction to the toll plaza. only one lane open until 5:00. a's are in town. opening week, they play the white sox tonight at 7:05. delays on 880 to be expected. a domino effect at uc- berkeley. one sexual harassment scandal comes to light and reveals an epidemic of sorts. now the "san francisco chronicle" reports that a current cal swimming coach made advances toward a male coworker. todd mulzet is accused of making suggestive comments about the man's appearance
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touching him appropriately and offering him $300 for oral sex. he reportedly denied the allegations and was quoted as saying his remarks were not meant sexually. the newspaper get public records that showed 11 more staff members have been disciplined or fired due to sexual harassment allegations in the last five years. so far, the swimming coach was only punishment with a pay cut. the "chronicle" reports one teacher offered a student a weekend of, quote, guilty pleasures and sin. the university has formed a task force focused solely on sexual harassment. a prison brawl has reignited the push to get cameras installed all throughout the troubled santa clara county jail. betty yu went to the santa clara county jail reporter: a fight broke out among 10 inmates in the medium security section of main jail south this morning. it happened here on the second floor where the inmates have bunk beds and shared space and where there is no camera to capture what happened. santa clara county officials say it's the 78th brawl this
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year. last year there were 225 reported inmate fights. last month, new security cameras caught this huge inmate fight in the maximum security section of the jail. it happened after a day the sheriff bought cameras at costco charging them to her personal credit card after she learned it would take two more years and $20 million before any more cameras made it inside the jail. betty yu, kpix 5. >> the sheriff's office says it is their hope more cameras will reduce those kinds of inmate fights. there are no cameras in the area where this fight happened because it is an older part of the jail. new ones will first be installed in the more modern areas of the jail. new this morning, a unanimous decision around midnight from oakland city leadership. they passed a 90-day moratorium on rent hikes and evictions in the city. more than 200 people signed up to speak and more turned out
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for the meeting that ended around 1 a.m. it also expands rent control to include more eligible units. many who spoke aid they are concerned about ending -- many who spoke said they are concerned about ending up on the street. >> people will be living on cars, under freeways. i know, gonna be even more so! people who work every, single day. and this is ridiculous. you gonna be concerned about other people in other countries and you can't take care of your people that's here now. >> 60% of us are renters. that's a crisis. there's nothing in this city you can rent if you make $30,000 a year. >> also among the crowd many property owners who say the proposal doesn't do anything to solve the housing crisis. those in favor of the proposal also want the city council to vote on april 19th to send increased rental protections to the ballot. if you have a friend with a pool, call them! it's going to be hot in a big way. 90s across the board. >> i was thinking lake del
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valle today. that's heaven on earth. it truly is. the water temperature is already in the mid-60s there. >> wow. >> which is amazing. still wet suits but not bad at all. good morning, we'll see record shattering temperatures right here in the bay area. right now we have a very dark scene as we look towards coit tower -- oh, it's lit out. but that's about it. pioneer park directly under it. 464 stairs leading up to coit tower, go for it today! get an early-morning workout before the heat of the day. 50s, 60s as you step out. high temperatures today we are anticipating several records. san rafael forecasting a high today there easily 93 degrees shattering the old record of 87 degrees. 90s in oakland, livermore and san jose. please be mindful, the last time we had 90s was way back in october so we're not quite acclimated. so be very careful with our seniors, pets and children. 70s and 80s common around the
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beaches today, 80s 9/11 around the peninsula. low 90s in morgan hill. some of my computer models were spitting out temperatures up to 98! i'm dialing back on that to the mid-90s toward brentwood. 95 discovery bay. 70s, 80s, 90s north of the golden gate bridge. the full forecast is coming up but let's go to gianna. 98 degrees, isn't that a band? >> yes. >> i think it was. >> not a very good one, though. >> not one we totally remember. jumping to the roads now we have a couple of things out there. good news, lots of good news to report. here's a live look at the bay bridge. so far, so good. you are clear out of oakland into san francisco. no major snags to report as you work your way through there. the rest of our bay area bridges off to a great start. live look at conditions across the san mateo bridge. you will see a few cars out of hayward heading towards foster city this morning. but not a lot of action in either direction. an easy ride across the span of the san mateo bridge. golden gate bridge not a lot of cars southbound 101 but if you plan to you're in luck 580 down into san francisco 14 minutes
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for your drive time. frank? >> thank you, gianna. i think you and roberta are in sync! [ laughter ] >> sorry. i know it's early. [ laughter ] if you thought bart trains were starting to look a bit haggard, well, you're not alone. the transit agency does, as well. so today it's unveil a new fleet of cars for your commute. the trains took a cross-country ride themselves from new york last month. there will 775 new cars. the unveiling is at 10 a.m. bart. california's primary could be more important for the candidates this year after clinton and trump were both beaten in wisconsin. on the gop side, ted cruz took the badger state scoring 48% of the vote. that's a 13% lead over trump and it gave cruz 33 delegates. trump's takeaway, 3. >> tonight is a turning point. it is a rallying cry. it is a call from the hard working men and women of wisconsin to the people of
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america. >> and an upset on the other side of the aisle. bernie sanders won wisconsin with an impressive 13% lead over hillary clinton. >> we have a path toward victory. >> yeah! >> a path toward the white house. >> as for california's primary, kpix 5's political analyst predicts the tighter the race gets, the more our votes will matter. >> reporter: a few things became likely. number one, there will be an open convention. and number two, the last bulwark to prevent an open convention is going to be california [ chuckling ] so either way for californians, very good news. >> but the next battle ground for presidential hopefuls, new york. voters cast their ballots there in two weeks. and as candidates plead their cases to new york voters, president obama heading here to the bay area. the white house says he is attending a few democratic fundraisers on friday and that he plans to stay the night in san francisco this time around. he will return to washington
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over the weekend on saturday. mr. obama's last bay area fundraising push was back in february. a historic shift in policy in san francisco. new parents can get six weeks of fully paid time off. the board of supervisors unanimously passed the legislation yesterday. it's the first of its kind in the nation. the mayor said he wi sign it. the state already pays 55% of a parent's salary for six weeks. now companies with more than 20 employees will be required to pay the other 45%. >> we need to stop forcing parents to make the terrible decision about whether to bond with a child or whether to put food on the table. >> while this may be good news for workers, small business owners tell us they are concerned the new policy could hurt their bottom line. some tough consequences could come from the state of mississippi and north carolina after they both have adopted controversial laws that some
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say discriminate against the lgbt community. we have more on how the laws work and consequences that could follow. [ yelling ] >> reporter: despite opposition, mississippi's governor signed house bill 1523 into law tuesday. governor bill bryant denies that the measure discriminates against lgbt people. >> it doesn't create a discriminatory act or power on anyone's part. it simply protects someone's religious views against the state's interference. >> reporter: under the new law, religious organizations can fire or refuse employment to lgbt people or refuse to sell or rent property to them and they can be denied medical service. employers and schools can also make rules about bathroom access and establish genter specific standards of dress. major employers like toyota, at&t and ibm have denounced it. this as north carolina copes with fallout from his religious freedom bill. paypal has canceled plans to open a global operation center in charlotte. other businesses are also
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threatening to leave the state. governor pat mccory insists the issue is privacy, not discrimination. >> the only reason we had that interaction with the state legislature was to ensure that that expectation of privacy would remain in our high schools and in our universities and in our community colleges. >> reporter: similar is letting hon in georgia was vetoed by the governor last week after threats from sports franchises, major corporations and movie studios to withdraw from the state. time now is 4:41. what do the national guard, a porn website and concerts have in common? next. ,,,,,,,,,,,
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brick building... serving aa porn studio. but kpix five's mark kelly shows us... one plan for the site...goes too far for loc a san francisco neighborhood had no qualms about a beautiful brick building serving as a porn studio but as kpix 5's mark kelly shows us one plan for the site goes a little too far for
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some of the locals. >> reporter: the armory in the mission has been home to many things, the national guard, even a porn website but when it came to making this massive space a concert venue, neighbors had something to say about it. >> on the night of the show that occurred at 7:30 it took me a very long time to get home when ordinarily it's smooth. >> three times my house has been tagged with graffiti the morning after a concert. >> reporter: the entertainment commission at times appeared reluctant to grant the armory a full-fledged permit for even more concerts especially after two shows in february the neighbors said were extraordinarily loud and did not have the proper permits. >> our windows were rattling. we couldn't go to sleep. >> those events were too loud and we made a mistake. there's no question that. i would go on record and apologize. >> reporter: the building owner came tonight armed with apologies and promises including soundproofing the doors and windows of the armory and controlling the music volume. >> i think the armory wants to
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be a good neighbor. >> reporter: the commission approved the permit. but with a few conditions including limited hours during the workweek and allowing neighbors to get a sound check of their own. >> it's going to be a great place for events. >> reporter: in the mission, mark kelly, kpix 5. >> the massive open space in the armorican fit about 4,000 people. for -- in the armory can fit about 4,000 people. for now they can have one concert a month. two men in jail this morning. police say these suspects broke into a make-a-wish office in san francisco over the weekend stealing electronics and charity items including a scooter signed by hunter pence. that scooter is recovered and police are still looking for a third suspect. in berkeley, two middle schoolers bolted when faced with a possible kidnapper. the encounter happened near colusa avenue and marin avenue when the students were walking home from the king middle school. the boys say a man offered them
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a ride home but they ran. the school sent out a letter monday warning parents. berkeley police responded by increasing their presence in those neighborhoods. there's a serious graffiti problem at san jose city hall. for weeks, taggers have been spray-painting the landmark government building. a homeless person said she tried to stop them and was attacked. the mayor says the city can't afford graffiti patrol but the staff is doing its best to keep the area clean. >> they have hit repeatedly. >> we are going to continue to get the graffiti off the walls as quickly as possible and we are going to make sure that we keep doing it and we are going to tire 'em out. >> the taggers involved in the attack are still on the loose. what started out as a way to save a few kittens has turned into the largest no cage cat sanctuary and adoption center in the u.s. this 4,000- sqre-foot home near fresno houses roughly 1,000 cats at
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any given time. the woman opened up the place to cats after discovering the high kill rate at shelters in the area. it used to be her personal home. she funneled all her retirement money to saving them and lives in a trailer on the property so the cats can have the house. how about that? volunteers estimate some 24,000 cats have been given homes through her efforts. thanks to the alameda county firefighters this little kitten is safe. he was rescued yesterday from inside a wall. crews had to use a thermal imaging camera to find him after he fell from an attack and got stuck in a wall in san leandro. firefighters were able to cut out the cat and get him to safety and he's cute! >> mischievous, though, huh? >> poor guy. >> curious. i can't imagine this woman rescuing 24,000 cats. i have rescued two dogs in my lifetime. >> would you move out of your house? >> i feel really great about
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it. i work with the tony la russa foundation in the east bay. they are wonderful. they have lots of cats and dogs. it's not going to be raining cats and dogs today. it's going to be the dog days of summer here in the area. stay hydrated. we haven't had these kinds of temperatures since october. right now clear skies over sfo. not anticipating any local airport delays from sfo through oakland into mineta international airport. 48 degrees now in santa rosa to 61 degrees apiece in oakland and san jose. yes! a big spread. in fact at 3 a.m., we were working 20-degree difference between napa and san jose. very mild out the door. the winds are slight. we'll have an offshore wind later today out of the northeast about 10 to 15 miles per hour. so the temperatures are jumping again today a good 10 degrees in comparison with yesterday. record heat today. the reason is high pressure right here. and you can see the it as it continues to build over the portland area all the way into northern california. today will be the hottest day
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but it's crazy because it's going to b short-lived, just one day. temperatures will spike today. san rafael record high 87 degrees. notice, it was a very hot year in 1989. and today those records are going to go by the wayside as our temperatures top off in the 90s. 80s throughout the central valley. 60 with skiing and boarding in the high sierra. temperatures 80s at the beaches, 80s, 90s around the rim of the bay to the mid-90s in mountain view. 92 to 96 degrees across the santa clara valley. east of the bay, 96 in discovery bay. 80s and 90s north of the golden gate bridge. there you have your pollen report. look at the sharp drop-off in temperatures with rain likely thursday night into friday. daily chances of rain over the weekend. gianna? good morning. let's take a look at mass transit. so far, so good. bart has 31 trains running on time this morning.
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so no delays to report either for ace train, caltrain or muni metro. train service is back up to normal between north concord and pittsburg-bay point stations so good news there. also some pretty decent news on the roads. we have some brake lights coming westbound 580 as you make that connector from 205 out of tracy over to 580. but that's pretty typical. eases up at greenville and then no troubles towards the dublin interchange where traffic is light, connecting over to 680 in both directions right now. your drive times from the altamont pass to 680 only 14 minutes this morning. taking a look at conditions along 880, the nimitz freeway, so far, so good. everything is clear in both directions no troubles to report through there. in fact, don't forget later on we have the a's taking on the white sox at the coliseum. so you're going to see extra busy conditions along 880 this evening. game time 7:05 first pitch. busy tonight. checking the roads, we don't have any accidents. that's good news. but we have reports of construction.
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westbound 4 between pacheco boulevard and san pablo avenue will be there until 5 a.m. they are alternating lanes in the area. eastbound 80 between cummings skyway and the carquinez bridge toll plaza, construction there. that's traffic. back to you guys. all right, gianna, thank you. >> you need some water. >> i do. couple of tea, table five here. glamour magazine has crossed a woman who has no problem grabbing a mic and speaking her own mind. comedian amy schumer said the publication made a big mistake considering her plus size. glamour's special edition with fuller figure ladies has a front cover blur of women who inspire us. amy schumer is on the list. she says glamour is wrong about her size. they didn't warn her about the write-up. >> no way. it's no way. she is the same size as me and i don't think i'm plus size. >> she is attractive and funny. and that makes her more attractive. >> she looks good.
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and, um, i would love to be featured in the plus size feature. [ laughter ] >> meanwhile, glamour maintains plus size starts at 12 and that it didn't specifically describe schumer with those words. time is 4:52. an x-ray is the key to locking up an accused criminal. the story of how the evidence ended up in the stomach of the suspect. when we come back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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"hump day," temperatures 15 to 25 degrees above average. 70s and 80s common at the beaches today. 80s and 90s around the peninsula where people won't have the luxuriry of ac. 92 in san jose.
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east bay numbers 96 brentwood. north bay 80s and 90s and far reaches 89 in lakeport. it's a great start to your bay bridge commute. we are seeing extra volume but delays are nonexistent as you work your way out of oakland into san francisco. metering lights are off. and you're clear across the upper deck as you make that road. a thief wound up in the hospital after he swallowed the evidence. walnut creek police say the suspect stole this wedding ring. officers chased him then say he swallowed the ring, crashed his car. the suspect was rushed to the hospital for x-rays after the crash. and this is what the x-ray revealed. that's the ring right in his esophagus. joel stefanson of martinez had to have the ring surgically removed. he is now behind bars. paypal says no thanks to north carolina. the san jose-based company is nixing plans to do business there because of a lgbt law. two weeks ago paypal announced
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plans to open a $3.6 million operation center in charlotte. 400 jobs would have been available with the new operation center. but the online payment service pulled out after north carolina passed a new law that prevents businesses from banning discrimination against gays and lesbians. paypal's ceo released this statement. the new law perpetuates discrimination and it violates the values and principles at the core of paypal's mission and culture. we all know how expensive it is to buy a home here in the bay area but a new billboard in san francisco is turning quite a few heads. check it out. it's advertising homes that start in the low one millions. so what does 7 figures get you? a 1500-square-foot townhome. >> oh, boy. >> enjoy. >> yeah. the high heat we're experience something attracting an unwelcomed guest. sonoma county reptile rescue is responding to more calls from homes finding rattlesnakes in their yards. they say the grass is tall and there are plenty of rodents giving the snakes more of a
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reason to slither near your home. >> everybody -- it's a good year for rattlesnakes. really good year. >> if you do see a snake in your yard or house, call animal control or the fire department to remove it. the front-runners for president hit speed bumps in wisconsin in their bids for the white house. i'm don champion in new york with the latest from the campaign trail coming up. >> and the oakland city council declares a housing emergency which means they have 90 days to write new regulations to help their renters. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning, everyone. it is 4:59 right now. it's wednesday, april 6. you're taking a look at levi's stadium, where it's going to be
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a scorcher everywhere. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it is 5:00 on this wednesday. the oakland city council meeting went into midnight hours last night literally. hundreds showed up to voice their opinions about what many are calling a rent crisis in their city. kpix 5 reporter jackie ward live in oakland with the latest on the decision they made in the very early hours this morning reporter: this happened just a few hours ago when the city council unanimously declared a housing emergency in their city. so this now means that the council has 90 days to write new policies and regulations that will hopefully help their renters out. one in four renters are in danger of being displaced. hundreds attended the meeting last night until is 1 a.m. the council heard stories from people who are on the brink of


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