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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  April 8, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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and i'm frank mallicoa good morning. it is friday, april 8. take a look at this shot. this is from our photographer joseph cousins from treasure island. a beautiful shot of the san francisco skyline. >> it's beautiful. what a view. good morning, i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. time now is 5:00 on your friday. and new this morning, after a long struggle for a comeback, yahoo may be up for grabs at last. some of the biggest names in tech are reportedly placing their bids, as well. kpix 5's kiet do is live outside yahoo's sunnyvale headquarters on who is ready to buy. get in line, i guess, right, kiet? >> reporter: topping the list of potential buyers is verizon. verizon has reportedly hired several banks which means they are serious about this. now, according to a report by
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recode, a leak shows the revenue forecast falling by 15% to $3.5 billion with earnings falling by 20% this year. now, verizon is said to value yahoo's core business at $8 billion. the financial situation at yahoo is dire. now, ceo marissa mayer's efforts to reboot the company into a content provider by launching a video web service portal fell flat and stock was down 20% this year. if the acquisition by verizon goes through, verizon would replace mayer with top executives from aol. and if mayer is ousted, she could end up with a severance package worth $110 million. google was reportedly also interested but only mainly as a way to gobble up the audience and block out any rivals. after all this reporting about yahoo's potential sale, the stock police fell by .49, dropping 1.34% and ending the day at 36.17. first round bids for yahoo ar
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due on monday. we'll learn how csa officials and unions reached a deal. they will announce the terms of the salary agreement. the pay increase they settled on will affect 26,000 professors, coaches and other staff across 23 different csu campuses. initially the union pushed for 5% increase the university willing to give 2%. book retailer barnes & noble will lay off nearly 100 workers as it hands off management of its nook electronic reader to a contractor that would allow barnes & noble to close a santa clara office where 80 people will now lose their jobs. the rest of the job cuts will be in taiwan. the company says it's still committed to the nook node despite falling sales. it's a fact that if you are going to live in san francisco, it's going to cost you. and many residents are racking in cash through temporary sites
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like airbnb. the city wants to regulate that. jackie ward is live in san francisco with more reporter: we're in pacific heights, a neighborhood that has a lot of airbnb rentals listed on the website. but we don't know obviously which properties are registered with the city after a report discussed by the board of supervisors last night, it may be safe to say that a lot of these properties may not be registered. so of course, if you want to rent any part of your home, people know that they have to let the city know. it's a law that's been in effect for two years now. but here's the problem. just last month, airbnb says it had over 7,000 unique hosts in san francisco. the city has received a little more than 1600 registration applications. the proposition would have required airbnb to crack down on unregistered rentals but it was rejected by san francisco voters in november after the company launched an $8 million ad campaign. >> we tried to deal with the
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proposition is give airbnb and other companies some skin in the game. we say to them, if you list a unit that isn't registered or that is illegal, you can be fined. >> reporter: supervisor david campos is vocal about finding a remedy. he said this report makes it clear that businesses like airbnb can't self-regulate and that the law needs to be amended. both the city and airbnb have agreed that they are really trying to help out the middle class renters. those who rent their properties about 48 days out of the year. in pacific heights, jackie ward, kpix 5. the beverage association and the california retailers association are taking on the city of san francisco. they are challenging the city's proposal to have warning labels on all the sugary drinks. the labels warning the sodas in sugary drinks increase risk of obesity, diabetes and tooth decay. the association and beverage companies say they are being unfairly singled out and that the labels are misleading. all right. let's get a check on weather
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and traffic right now. i know it's chilly outside and chill will the in the studio. >> it is a little chilly. >> one last day. [ laughter ] >> well, i can't do much about the weather outside although we might be able to do something about the studio temperature. but outside right now -- [ overlapping speakers ] [ laughter ] >> 60s again out the door. showers heading our way moving up from the south later on today most the showers in southern california and higher elevations. showers scattered for the first half of the day and then a little bit more organized by the time we hit our evening commute. we will see light rainfall. we are not talking a drenching but enough to make for an interesting evening commute. more rainfall moves in overnight tonight. this is tomorrow morning at 5 a.m. where you can see widespread light rain and scattered showers throughout the bay area. temperature-wise today we are dropping as we peak near 90 midweek. we are back here in normal.
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normal in san francisco would be 53. we're talking 64 today. we'll talk more about what to expect in the weekend coming up in a bit. first the roads. >> it's been a super nice start to our morning drive really no major issues. we have been on the air since 4:30. here's the golden gate. they are doing the lane changes now. so you just missed the lane change crews opening another lane in the southbound direction and delays are about the same as we saw maybe 15 minutes ago coming through the altamont pass and livermore valley. this is not a bad start here either all the way through the dublin grade. everything starts to turn green again. here's a live look once again in the dublin-pleasanton area and then you're still moving at the speed limit all the way through into san leandro. the president heads to town later on this afternoon arriving at sfo at 1:30 so you can see more traffic tie-ups on the peninsula and on city streets around san francisco. and mass transit right now everything is reporting no delays including for bart systemwide on time. that's traffic. back to you guys. in the north bay, new video shows a sheriff's deputy taking
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down a teenaged girl. here's what happened first. >> everybody calm down. [ yelling ] >> calm down right now! >> that was the deputy's response when he felt a family dispute was out of hand. the encounter happened last june on a petaluma road. the deputy's body cam shows he approaches the group after spotting their car in the middle of the road. when the teen with braids wouldn't follow his orders, he forces her to the ground for an arrest. [ yelling ] >> don't touch me! [ screaming ] >> you mother [ censored ] ! >> this is how gabrielle lemos 19 years old looked after the encounter and is now suing stating that deputy used excessive force. a 35 minute video of the entire officer exchange was released after it became public record. new this morning, it was supposed to be a once-in-a- lifetime proposal. but it turned into a near-death experience. a fresno man was rescued from a cliff on thursday morning.
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turns out he was facetimeing his girlfriend at the time proposing to her when he realized, oh-oh, i'm stuck. the helicopter lowered a rescue crew down to the climber's location and his girlfriend, by the way, said yup, i'm going to marry you, but stay off the rock. some play-off tickets for the golden state warriors will go on sale to the general public starting today. beginning at 2 p.m., single game tickets will be available for the first three home games of the opening round. the tickets will only be available online through the warriors' website. the warriors were winners in oakland last night in their big game against the san antonio spurs. >> yeah. they did a number on them. as kpix 5's christin ayers reports, fans are willing to pay a pretty penny to get inside that door reporter: $442, that was the median cost of a ticket. who pay that is much for tickets? super fans. that's who. >> it was a long flight. 13.5 hours nonstop from san
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francisco. >> reporter: byron and his family flew from australia for one man. >> steph curry. >> our tickets were hugely expensive. >> reporter: so expensive, byron had trouble telling me how much. >> i'm not going to say it. we paid, uhm, $1,000 a ticket. >> reporter: $1,000 per ticket. >> more than our plane fare. >> reporter: for fans it was worth it to watch the warriors take on the second best team in the nba. >> i was swimming off the shore of hawaii and i was attacked by a 12-foot shark. and he ripped off my leg. and, um, so i was in the hospital for about three months. >> reporter: part wave kept him going, his -- part wave kept him going, his favorite team it. the warriors reached out while he was in the hospital. >> steph signed a jersey for me and it was great. it lifted might have spirits. >> reporter: karen was one of the lucky ones. she won her tickets free and clear in a contest. >> oh, i know how lucky i am.
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>> that was christin ayers reporting. there was also a gathering of fans to watch a warriors game in newark last night. the game was shown on an imax screen at the amc new park 12. a former warriors star was on hand. this was reportedly the first live stream sporting event in the u.s. at an imax theater. so warriors fans are everywhere. >> they are. time now 5:10. police forced to stand between two sides of protestors set outside a place of worship. hear from the teen who says he was assaulted inside the temple. >> and golfers now have a chance to surf the greens instead of just cruising around them. we are going to show what you golf boards are all about. >> scattered showers in the south bay. light rain san jose, sunnyvale, palo alto this morning. what to expect throughout the day and into the weekend? details coming up. >> and if you are heading to the bay bridge the toll plaza, the delays are completely cleared out now. even in the cash lanes. so we'll have a check of the
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rest of the bay area bridges right after the break. ,,,,,, ,,,,
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a controversial speaker whos angering some members of the community. some in the congregation... even saying protests outside a sikh temple in california over a controversial speaker angering the community. some of the congregation saying
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they were assaulted. we have more on what happened. >> reporter: dozens came together to protest a speaker who they say spreads false teachings about their religion. >> he does so by expressing his views in such a divisive way that people get upset. [ chanting ] >> reporter: the speaker is controversial and has sparked outrage in the sikh community throughout the country including another similar incident just one night prior in fairfield. >> he has the right to say what he wants to say but when people went into the congregation even like the kids who you spoke to, there was some adults also who got beat up. >> reporter: some against his talks tried to go inside the congregation to listen but some were rejected, others who actually managed to get inside say things turned violent. >> the people who accompanied this guy seems like those guys were gangsters who then started assaulting the members inside the congregation. >> reporter: this 13-year-old tells me he was assaulted while holding a sign that read, you're a liar. >> a guy that's one of his supporters came and he socked me in the face and then punched me again and then he dragged me
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by the neck and threw me back and then i got up and i ran outside. >> reporter: roseville police stood in line behind the closed gates keeping the groups apart. >> they are keeping the rifle groups apart right now to keep things calm and they have been talking to them so we can have a peaceful resolution here. [ yelling ] >> reporter: now the community banding together wanting justice for those assaulted in this temple. [ chanting in foreign language ] >> the speaker was escorted out. police say while there were reports of assaults, no one needed medical attention. the sikh community is hoping to get some surveillance video from inside to see what happened. developing this morning, the search is intensifying in washington state for a man who was accused of torturing a woman to death. police say 28-year-old anthony garver escaped from a psych hospital wednesday night and is accused of torturing a woman to death. he was charged in 2013. garver escaped with 58-year-old
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mark adams but he has since been arrested. police say that garver is a loose cannon. >> he could be just trying to escape. but he has mental illness so we don't know what he is thinking. >> he was last seen near his mother's home near spokane. the state hospital has been decide for safety and security concerns repeatedly. you have to love liz wenger because she is perfecting the three-day work year! >> this is day three. so i hope you're not tired. >> i am! [ laughter ] >> thank you, guys. let's see. let's go out to the san francisco area. traffic is good. we have a number of things going on. we have the dodgers and giants at at&t park first pitch at 7:15. you could see more traffic into and out of san francisco if you are trying to leave the city today for your evening commute. out the door right now, like i
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mentioned, we have been quiet. i keep waiting for something to kind of pop up in the chp reports. overall, it's just smooth sailing. a little bit of delay right now as you can see eastbound in antioch on highway 4. there is some roadwork in the area but westbound is fine. no problems at all past "a" street into concord. bay bridge toll plaza no sign of any metering lights yet. a little earlier in the morning we saw delays in the cash lanes. cash lanes no longer seeing those. maybe some slight delays actually in a few of the lanes there to the right. but overall not much of a wait at all to get into san francisco. this is the time to go. and if you are heading across the san mateo bridge all clear so far on southbound 880, highway 92 westbound over the high-rise, it will take about 14 minutes from the east bay to get to the peninsula to the other side of the bridge. [ laughter ] >> and same story through livermore, altamont pass. we haven't seen one red sensor really pop up at all out of the tracy area so this is even
5:18 am
lighter than normal all the way through on 205 and 580. 15 minutes to take you to 680 and the dublin interchange where all those headlights right there, that is the commute direction, and it continues to move well true the dublin grade. that's your latest "kcbs drive to work." julie, rain in the forecast? yes. rain right now on the roads in the south bay so folks be mindful of that especially in the south bay. looking at hi-def doppler, you will notice that we do have some scattered showers as we zoom in. i can show you where in our neck of the woods ma every most of the rain is to our south just starting to see some light rainfall from san jose, santa clara, los altos, as we move over to the east you can see portola valley towards redwood city and palo alto, just light scattered showers at this hour. not going to see widespread heavy rain. we'll see some more consistent rainfall overnight tonight. in the meantime now out the door most of us are dry and temperatures areawide in the 50s and hovering near 60 for
5:19 am
the warmest locations. low pressure off the baja is spinning up showers from the south mainly over southern california and the central valley. we are starting to see just the northern edge of this reach the south bay right now. we'll see more of that later today. another area of low pressure this weekend will increase shower chance overnight, increase rainfall overnight. here we are around 7:00 tonight. your evening commute, that's when we see more of the rain moving through light showers not a downpour not a rainout. overnight tonight rain fills in throughout the bay, continues the first part of saturday and scattered showers unsettled saturday possibility of a couple of thunderstorms mainly south of the bay. unsettled over the weekend. we could see an inch in some areas combined day to day over the next seven days. so not all at once but good
5:20 am
news in terms of adding to the rain bucket. showers for the south bay this afternoon, more widespread overnight. scattered showers through the weekend. mild today in the upper 60s near 70 for the warmest locations. temperatures unsettled through the weekend. and then we are in the upper 60s for monday and tuesday and dry break. next chance of showers thursday into friday. >> frank has a question. >> i have a question. i have to do this with roberta. so -- [ laughter ] >> we can sneak in a word. so you come in on the rainy days? >> i come in -- >> is that the deal? >> i come in on the rainy days and when liz is here. >> so you work about three days a year, too? >> pretty much, yeah. [ laughter ] >> we're glad you're here. >> very good. the days of traditional golf carts may not be over but they have cool competition. golf boards are popular with
5:21 am
younger pro golfers. not during tournaments, of course. >> just something new, something interesting is fun makes it a little more fun to come out. other than just sitting in a cart. >> a little more exercise. >> a little more exercise. you feel it in your legs. >> at this week's masters tournament, pro will be walking walking. the last two rounds are this weekend. >> stay with us. we'll be right back. i want to show you some cutting edge technology. this is a vhs tape. push that tape in and hit play. this is a flip phone. have you seen these before? it's called a compact disc. oh. looks like we're getting a facsimile. what year is it to you? it's old. you'd rather use newer technology? definitely. well, i've got something to show you. this is the 2016 chevy volt. it uses extended range electric technology. the prius hybrid uses battery technology developed 15 years ago.
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chevy expects volt drivers to get over a thousand miles between fill ups. it's got every technology there is. the prius actually belongs on the table.
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good morning, everyone. the warriors were hoping to become just the second team in nba history to win 70 games in a single season. question is, did the spurs bring their a game? >> who's playing tonight. > warriors, spurs. [ laughter ] >> coach popovich did in fact play his full squad. 1st quarter, golden state off and running. barnes throws it down. he tied a season-high for him for 21 points. warriors up 11. 2nd quarter now, here's steph, three-pointer, 12 point game. and curry finished with 27. in the third spurs turn it over. andre iguodala finishes with a dunk. golden state wins 112-101, clinching the number one seed in the west and become the second team in nba history to win 70 games. willie mays pre-game festivities at at&t. giants and dodgers, down 4-0 in the fifth, it's 4-3 now in the
5:25 am
6th and pagan plates two runs. giants lead 5-4. here's the big one. hunter pence way back, way back, way back! tell it good-bye! grand slam! the giants win 12-6. and they go 3-1 now to start the young season. there may be two regular season games left, but joe thornton had his play-off beard ready. sharks and jets tied at 4. final seconds, winnipeg scores the game winner with 10 second left. and the jet win 5-4. the other bay area team that played yesterday the oakland athletics, they had a four-game set to start the season in oakland against the white sox. they lost three out of four yesterday was the season finale. i'm dennis o'donnell. get ready for the masters coming up and we'll have post- round shows on saturday and sunday. have a great weekend. it's a problem a lot of people in san francisco would say, i told you it was coming!
5:26 am
airbnb renters and other short term renters aren't registering with the city. we'll tell you details of a new report. >> yahoo in sunnyvale once an internet powerhouse now just a shell of its former self going up for sale on monday. ,,,,,, - hi, it's me. [imitates fanfare]
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♪ i got the discounts that you need ♪ ♪ safe driver ♪ accident-free ♪ everybody put your flaps in the air for me ♪ respond to a man with a kni. the witness who saw it all happen speaks out. a deadly turn of events for san francisco police when they respond to a man with a knife. the witness who saw it all happen speaks out. >> and a new poll shows just how the american public feels about the front-runner for president. >> scattered showers moving into the south bay this morning. we'll see more of that as we
5:30 am
head throughout the day into the weekend. >> details coming up. >> as we get close to 5:30, the traffic is quickly filling in over at the bay bridge toll plaza. we'll tell you as soon as those metering lights are turned on. it's all coming up. >> good morning. it is friday, april 8. good to have you with us. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. the fight over housing in san francisco continues. but this time, they are zeroing in on temporary housing sites like airbnb. kpix 5 reporter jackie ward is live in san francisco with more details about the proposed changes. jackie. >> reporter: well, there are a lot of problems being revealed this morning that supporters aren't surprised to hear about. the board of supervisors says a lot of airbnb renters are not being registered with the city like they are supposed to be. so people like supervisor david campos are now more than ever convinced industries like airbnb can't be self-regulated. the city has received a little more than 1600 registrations applications but airbnb says
5:31 am
more than 7,000 properties were listed as unique hosts as of last march. so this lack of regulation is exactly what prop f supporters wanted to correct. last fall before the election david chiu said the current short-term rental law was enough regulation. >> to allow this to go into effect, the measure that was in front of voters today prop f was frankly just too extreme. >> reporter: another problem this report says, since february 2015 just over a quarter of unhosted entire home listings appear to have been rented for more than 90 days. that's a violation of city law. so now, the board of supervisors will attempt to modify the current law in place but details on that are being kept quiet. in pacific heights, jackie ward, kpix 5. >> how does airbnb feel about this new report? >> reporter: actually, just last week, they have already come out and said that they too want to crack down on this sort of thing. they want to remove the people who have multiple listings and who are renting for longer than
5:32 am
they should be. back to you. >> all right, jackie ward in san francisco, thank you. a san francisco police shooting is now under investigation this morning. officers shot and killed a homeless man who had been living in a tent in the mission. when police tried to move him off the sidewalk he pulled a knife. arriving officers said they tried to subdue him with a beanbag gun. they said he charged and then they fired. it happened on shotwell street around 10:00 on thursday morning. a witness saw it happen outside her window. >> there were several shots fired and it just seemed like a disproportionate use of gunfire against a person who clearly was not trying to harm someone. >> she says she saw the homeless man on the ground the whole time and never appeared to threaten those officers. esteban nunez could be out of jail by the end of the day for the murder of a bay area college student. nunez was initially sentenced to 16 years for the 2008 killing of luis santos a san
5:33 am
diego state superintendent but political ties changed that. nunez's father is former assembly speaker fabian nunez a political ally of then governor arnold schwarzenegger. on his last day in office, governor schwarzenegger commuted nunez's sentence to seven years. a sacramento judge called schwarzenegger's act distasteful but not illegal. the department of corrections says nunez could be released between midnight and april 10. she is now a member of the sleepless nights club. she is here this morning. julie watts in for roberta. >> i love every minute of it! [ laughter ] >> we have some rain to talk about so that's super exciting. we went from 90 midweek to now showers and temperatures topping out below 70 degrees. yeah. what a difference a couple of days makes. outside now, i'll show you where it's raining now. most of the showers to our south but the south bay just starting to see the leading edge of this as the shower activity moves from the south to the north. so san jose willow glen evergreen some light showers
5:34 am
there including alum rock over to the santa clara area and agnew. as we head off to the west, sunnyvale seeing light rain, mountain view, some light rain los altos hills, palo alto, just a couple of scattered showers there. we'll see the light showers throughout the day today. futurecast shows no real heavy rain no major downpours until we get into the afternoon hours. and then the evening commute will start to see more widespread rain again mainly for the south heading through much of the south bay. most of the rain fills in into the evening hours. so all of us with chances of showers overnight into saturday morning and then tapering off. out the door this morning mild temperatures in the 50s near 60. and your headlines show, showers today mainly for the south bay. cooler temperatures continue and we are unsettled through the weekend. details on what's in store for this weekend coming up. first a check of your morning commute. it's still smooth sailing. thank you, julie.
5:35 am
out the door to the south bay. a lot of green across most of the major roads. guadalupe parkway, 101 is clear from morgan hill. some slight delays there closer to downtown san jose. past that, everything is fine. palo alto, menlo park. in fact, here's your south bay travel times. 101, 280 and highway 87 still all moving at the limit. if you are crossing the carquinez bridge, it should take but 18 minutes right now to head westbound from the carquinez bridge to the maze. i want to show what you it looks like right now over at the bay bridge at the toll plaza. things are filling in quickly right now. it looks like they may have just turned on the metering lights at the toll plaza within the last few minutes because it's starting to see a little bit of a traffic jam across all lanes. once you hop on the bridge itself, end to end it is fine right now between oakland and san francisco. eastbound traffic also looks great. and richmond/san rafael bridge, in fact, here's a live look at an empty richmond/san rafael bridge toll plaza.
5:36 am
no delays so far heading into marin county. that's "kcbs traffic." back to you guys. >> thank you. new this morning, yahoo struggles have made many headlines as you know. and now the fight may be over. some of the tech's biggest names are reportedly lining up ready to buy it. kiet do joins us live. he is at yahoo's sunnyvale headquarters with word of the possible sale. kiet. good morning reporter: good morning. you know, i can disstintsly remember standing on this very same exact street corner eight years ago reporting on microsoft's potential takeover bid to try to buy yahoo back in 2008 for $44 billion. my, how the mighty have fallen. according to a report by recode, a leaked slide deck from yahoo shows the revenue forecast for this year falling by 15% to $3.5 billion with earnings falling by 20%. verizon is now reportedly the top potential buyer for yahoo. and it's said to value the business at $8 billion. recode said, quote, the
5:37 am
financial situation at yahoo is becoming increasingly dire. ceo mayer's he was to reboot the company into a content provider by launching a web video portal fell flat and stocks dropped more than 20% this year. if the acquisition by verizon goes through verizon would replace mayer with top executives from aol. she could get severance of $110 million. google was reportedly interested but only mainly as a way to gobble up audience share and block out rivals. after all this reporting about yahoo's sales, the stock price was lower by .49 down 1.34% to end the day at $36.17. first round bids for the company come in on monday. live in sunnyvale, kiet do, kpix 5. president obama is in california this morning and will be back in the bay area for a pair of democratic fundraisers later today. currently he is in l.a. where he plans to attend a fundraiser for senate democrats. he will then head to san francisco where he will spend the night before returning to washington on saturday. turning to the campaign
5:38 am
now, the "associated press" gfk releasing a new poll with some shocking numbers about which candidates are the most unfavorable. 59% of people polled say they see senator ted cruz in an unfavorable light! hillary clinton clocked in at 55% of voters calling her unfavorable! the most unfavorable candidate in the race is donald trump with 70%. "associated press" says the poll is men and women from both parties in all 50 states. all these numbers have all the presidential candidates on the attack especially ahead of the big race in new york next tuesday. thursday, bernie sanders was unapologetic about saying rival hillary clinton is unfit to be president. clinton leads sanders by 10 points in the state. on the gop side john kasich said he is swaying support from trump and cruz. >> i'm going to pick up delegates here and in the northeast and maryland and we're going to go to a convention. >> wyoming will hold a
5:39 am
democratic caucus tomorrow. not nearly as many delegates are at stake there as the big race coming up in new york. in business, the senate has just made the tight squeeze we feel on plane rights worse. >> jill wagner of has word of that bill and much more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, frank and michelle. we'll see if stocks can finish this week strong. the dow fell 174 points yesterday. the nasdaq fell 72. it was history in the making for the first time ever, all four living fed chairs janet yellen, ben bernanke, alan greenspan and paul volker appeared on one stage last night in new york. they say there's not a huge risk of the u.s. slipping back into recession. they are concerned about the global economy. plans to stop airlines from stuffing even more passengers into coach has hit the brakes. the senate rejected an amendment to an faa bill that required that the agency set a minimum seat size for airlines
5:40 am
and a minimum distance between rows. unfortunately for us, frank and michelle. >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> i like leg room. i'm tall. all right. hey, we all like to eat on this shift and we hear there's a very special foodie's dream getaway. tell us about that. >> reporter: all right. say bon appetit. airbnb has a listing for one of julia child's vacation homes in france. you can cook up a storm in her old kitchen. but foodies, get ready to pay up. it costs $610 a night. frank and michelle. >> that's cheap. we live in san francisco. >> yeah. >> all right. jill wagner -- >> reporter: it's for the experience. >> -- on a big friday from, thank you, jill. "covered california" may be vulnerable to hackers. the "associated press" learned some computer issues found back in september still haven't been fixed on some health insurance websites like covered ca. federal investigators found significant weaknesses last year putting sensitive personal information about hundreds of thousands of people at risk. the states were informed of the
5:41 am
findings. it is 5:40 right now. burned paws and smokey coat. a baby bear in safe hands after escaping huge flames. we'll introduce you to smokey junior next. >> and we are going to take you outside take a look at highway 880 which looks busy for a friday a 5:41. liz wenger is in for traffic. julie watts in for roberta has rain coming down this weekend. it's all coming up next. stay right there. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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5:43 am
firefighters say the blaze now good morning. welcome back. time now 5:43. here's a beautiful look at the city from treasure island. this morning, we are seeing a couple of light showers from the south bay. more rain is on the way. details in just a bit. new details as crews work to crush the topock fire. firefighters say the blaze is now 60% contained.
5:44 am
it started wednesday on the western edge of arizona. strong winds forced it across the river and into california where two rv parks were evacuated. at its peak, the fire expanded to 2200 acres. thanks to overnight crews and calm weather, there was no visible smoke by 6 p.m. last night. more developments after an alleged sexual harassment scandal at cal. just last night the assistant basketball coach resigned. uc-berkeley says they did intend to fire yann hufnagel after an investigation determined he tried to lure a female reporter to his apartment for sex. the investigation also stated that hufnagel sent the reporter sexual texts for months. the make-a-wish foundation got a scooter back signed by hunter pence. the giants mascot was there as officers escorted the motorized vehicle into at&t park. the video shows thieves swiping the scooter from the charity's san francisco office over the weekend. it's the second time the scooter has been stolen. >> i was hearing a little bit about it and i got to catch up
5:45 am
and now that we got back, and, um, you know, it's the mona lisa of scooters. >> police say all three of the suspects are in custody. they all face felony and misdemeanor theft charges. it is 5:45 on a friday. we love friday, don't we, we do. our favorite day of the week. >> and liz is in for a little cameo. >> we're doing great in traffic. i don't know why things are looking so good. i think it's -- [ simultaneous speakers it's "friday light." >> i think it's spring break for some kids and people taking this day off? >> friday is like a holiday for everyone. >> maybe it's just "friday light." so here is a live look along the peninsula. you can see a lot of green out the door. we have the president coming into town this afternoon. so just a heads up. if you are anywhere near the airport and sfo on city streets in san francisco you could see some traffic delays because of that. and also later on this evening, we have the giants playing first pitch at 7:15 at at&t park. so just another reminder if you are heading home for the evening commute you may get caught in some of that ballpark
5:46 am
traffic if you are anywhere near king street or the embarcadero. here's the live look at our sensors coming from antioch. this is how now it is a really good day on the roads, because it's all clear right now past "a" street as you head on highway 4 westbound 65 miles per hour. we are starting to see a little delay now as you get closer to willow pass but again, just some minimal slowing there on our sensors yellow. no red either if you are coming through the altamont pass, livermore valley, drive times still in the green about 15 minutes and if you are hopping on the golden gate bridge, delay-free from sausalito into san francisco. lanes change crews did their job a while ago and so now all lanes are flowing smoothly. 14 minutes southbound 101 between 580 and the golden gate bridge toll plaza. east bay traffic at the dublin interchange, headlights, i know it looks really crowded but it's moving at the speed limit according to all our sensors right there. headlights are moving westbound. and it looks great as you head
5:47 am
into the dublin grade and approaching 238. mass transit also no problems to speak of. we have been checking in with bart and ace train number one and three and so far no delay there. caltrain and muni all on time. that's your latest kcbs drive and ride to work. let's check on the forecast. liz, i don't know if i would call it rainy as much as scattered showers. it's not a total rainout. hi-def doppler showing most of the rain well to our south. we have showers though making their way into the south bay this morning just light rain from time to time. alum rock, wayne, up near agnew, santa clara, willow glen light showers right now. palo alto light showers, sunnyvale, mountain view, redwood, light rain heading your way. we aren't talking major downpours. sprinkles on the road but enough to definitely add some problems on the morning commute. right now, temperature-wise in the 50s near 60 degrees for the warmest locations areawide.
5:48 am
satellite perspective shows where the rain is coming from this time from our south being spun up our way from this upper level low. now, we are going to see showers increase as this low continues to move north. and a second area of low pressure moves in tonight. so let me time it out for you and show you again, not a total rainout. some scattered showers throughout the first part of the day. more widespread showers throughout the bay heading farther north. spreading even farther north overnight saturday -- tonight into saturday morning. and continuing with some scattered showers for the first part of the day saturday. we could see a possibility of some thunderstorms slight chance mostly south of the bay on saturday. and the weather remains unsettled through sunday through the weekend we start to dry out monday through midweek. temperature-wise we are in the upper 60s topping out near 70 degrees today for the warmest locations, significantly cooler than midweek. extended forecast we see showers again today unsettled through the weekend saturday
5:49 am
and sunday, a dry period monday through midweek. and then showers return wednesday on into next weekend. back to you guys. firefighters in florida have given one tiny bear a very touching nickname. >> after the brown cub escaped some flames firefighters dubbed him smoky jr. and you can see sj here was a little restless after he was rushed out of the woods to avoid a brush fire. crews say the blaze started at 25 acres in florida's lake county moving quickly across some roads and at the very end of one of those roads crews heard little smoky jr. whining so they scooped him up. >> he has burns on his feet and lips but certainly survivable if cared for. [ bear whining ] smoky is now in the hands of wildlife officials. as for his family, crews say the cub's mother wasn't in sight when smoky wandered from
5:50 am
the woods. time now 5:49. our lakes haven't been full for years. one lake in california is now full of raw sewage. how crews are working quickly to fix it. ,,,, (scal): good day, m'lady! i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam! see what spam can! do... at
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so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. brotherly love today, to ne villanova university.
5:53 am
welcome back. these around the bay today, not nearly as high as what we saw a couple of days ago. south bay temperatures topping out near 70 for the warmest spots. upper 60s for most locations. already seeing some scattered showers in the south bay this morning. east bay similar temperature range. topping out near 70 degrees for the warmest spots. upper 60s the closer you get to the bay. 66 vallejo. 69 pleasant hill. 53 stinson beach. we'll see showers likery by this afternoon in the bay and then taking a little longer for folks way up north there. lakeport, clearlake temperatures topping out in the upper 60s near 70 degrees. your full forecast coming up in just a bit. we'll talk more about how much rain we'll see today and this weekend. we are trying to get more details on this accident just coming into the newsroom. fremont southbound 880 approaching decoto road. it sounds like at least one lane is blocked and we are
5:54 am
seeing delays as far back as highway 92. more "kcbs traffic" is coming up. philadelphia will show some brotherly love today to nearby villanova university. the city will hold a parade in honor of villanova's ncaa basketball championship. they defeated north carolina to earn their first title since 1985. villanova has canceled all classes today. >> good for them. in nevada county a park in a gated community is closed off after more than 1,000 gallons of sewage leaked into the lake there. investigators say the leak was caused by a pipeline rupture. crews are now removing some of the contaminated soil around lake wildwood. >> you look at the amount of gallons or effluent that went into the lakes it's about three 10th its minute. >> they will monitor the site to make sure residents are safe. >> uber is paying a heft eve sum to san francisco and l.a.
5:55 am
over some not so honest claims. the ridesharing company is giving the seats $10 million to settle a lawsuit involving driver background checks and airport fees. now uber is changing course and addressing advertising concerns and airport-related issues. if uber doesn't comply with the settlement. , it will have to pay an additional $15 million. bart is reportedly using ebay to find replacement parts for its aging fleet of trains. that's according to kcbs radio. the transit agency has used the san jose-based auction site to replace some parts of the train that have failed. the system has been plagued with breakdowns and electrical problems the last few months. new train cars are being tested and will replace that aging fleet. according to a new kpix 5/surveyusa poll 46% of bart passengers still rate the overall quality as excellent or good. as for the $3.5 billion bond issue that could be on the november ballot, 50% say they
5:56 am
would support it. but they would not be nearly enough to pass it as it requires a two-thirds majority. 7-eleven and the irs are joining forces to add more convenience to paying income taxes. about 7,000 stores will accept payments from taxpayers including many in california. only cash payments will be allowed and there's a service fee up 3.99. there's also a daily payment limit of $1,000. the board of supervisors releases a report that they say proves businesses like airbnb cannot be self regulated. we have the details for you coming up. >> the one-time mighty yahoo is now worth a fraction of what it used to be. the company goes on sale on monday. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
and i'm frank mallicoat
6:00 am
developing news in san jose. where police are investigata dr d good morning. it's friday, april 8. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it is 6:00 right now on this friday. we begin with developing news in san jose. police are investigating a drive-by shooting near a food truck about 11 p.m. last night near east william and east 10th street near san jose state university. investigators say a man in his 20s was taken to the hospital and is being treated for life- threatening injuries. new ammunition this morning for critics who say short-term rental sites like airbnb are making the housing crisis even worse. jackie ward is live in san francisco with a new study. >> reporter: good morning. we're in pacific heights, a neighborhood that has a lot of airbnb rentals listed on the website. but we don't know obviously which properties are registered with the city after a report discussed by the board of supervisors last night, it may be safe to say that a lot of these properties may not be registered. so of course, if you want to rent any part of your home,


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