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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  April 12, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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. live from the cbs bay area studios. this is kpix5 news. now at noon, a new push to bring justice for victims of abuse suspended bill was proposed today that will lend eliminate the statute of limitations for rape and crime. that hearing at the state
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capitol just wrapped up, it will be able to help over a dozen women who say bill cosby assaulted him. jacket award is in the newsroom of the details. the issue was raised after the bill cosby scandal. some of the alleged crimes will go on prosecuted because the statute had expired. they wanted to change that to end -- and road built -- 80- year-old helen hayes of's -- is the coldest of more than -- oldest of more than 50 women who accuse cosby of some form of sexual assault, she was 38 when she met cosby and went because of the statute of limitation for sexual assault is a decade in california, she cannot file charges against him. a victim is only allowed additional time to come forward if dna evidence is found. if i were 19 i would've said oh, build your so silly, but at 38, i said what the
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everything -- do you think you're doing. >> it's carry i think, i think he left and said have a nice dinner, lady and i never saw him again to this day. the statute of limitation exists to protect defendant. that's why some argue today the need to keep the along the way it -- law the way it is. if approved the bill will not take effect until 2017 and will only apply to crimes committed after january 1st of 2017. the build will also apply to those whose current statute of limitation have not already expired. and embattled jail under a microscope today, on the recommendations being here today to improve the santa clara county see -- sea -- jail. today this book the board of supervisors will be hearing the finding of a six month-long investigation. there's a laundry list of what
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recommended changes, 120 items. everything from and -- installing an independent auditor to overhaul -- overhauling the system to improve the attitude of the guards. they convene the panel of experts. following the death of michael terry -- tyree last year. as regards had been arrested and charged with homicide and awaiting trial. smith sought to replace the camera system, she found out it will take three years -- 800 camera system she paid for with her own credit card. she was accused of staging a fight the next day. our willingness to bring in an outside agency i hope demonstrates the transparency that we have been committed to provide and to prove -- to make sure the public has a high degree of trust. old 19 members of the blue ribbon panel voted -- voted anonymously to recommend voting
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in those reforms. they will likely debate taking control of the jail away from the sheriff. however, that's not likely to happen. that is being heard right now at a meeting that started at 9:00 a.m. right now one urgent search continues for a missing two- year-old girl, they are looking for arianna says, they considered the girl at risk because she's so young and because the mother 32-year-old nicole fitts was found murder, her body was found in that -- parked in the -- the -- part in the excelsior district. this due back in court on monday, -- federal weapons and drug charges, he has been in custody since april 1st, he previously made headlines when video of this and related beating circulated online that incident happened back in november after a police chase from san leandro to san francisco.
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the marin county board of supervisors is considering a plan to change the name of the road and respond to a high- profile homicide. gunshot around his near the scene where -- was shot and killed last october. the proposal would rename the street sunrise fire -- remain the street sunrise fire road. a lesson an hour from now the california highway patrol both present medals of dollars to 15 state employees. they will be honored for accident debris and here -- heroism for saving lives of -- the lives of others. chp officer brett peters, he saved a life of a suicidal man on the verge of jumping off a bridge and oakland and -- at last month. the middle of valor is the highest honor that, california, bestows on its public servant. when -- one day after bartz and -- the after bart and its union announced a tentative labor deal, senator is bound to keep the agency in check. phil glaeser of on linda had been critical spending.
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he joins officials in commanding the agency and its unions for coming together. even what we know today, the proposed agreement takes a positive step forward and delivering those requirements. if approved the union and the bart board, we can be confident they will be there will be -- be continuous training operations for the next five years. he also outlined ways that bart can we build public trust with concrete fiscally responsible actions, making sure managers base based on merit, this november they are asked to voters a multimillion dollar on. the oakland interchange of interstate 880 and 1980 is open again after a truck blocked the lion -- domains and cause backup much of this morning. it happened at 8:00 a.m., all lanes were cleared an hour ago and there could be some slow- moving traffic in the area. the high cost of
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strengthening the embarcadero be for the next major earthquake, the port commissions meet this afternoon. a recent analysis shows it could cost $2 billion to strengthen the 100-year-old structure that extends from fisherman's wharf commission -- to mission creek. the port is seeking $10 million in the next round of budgeting to continue technical studies and start environmental work. happening today at the state capitol, a committee will look over plans to prevent calls shipment that a -- colds shipment data plan for oakland. the proposed facility would be near the port of oakland. opponents are concerned that the -- dust from the cold may pose a risk to people and environment. new line hancock will present her plan before the transportation committee. the race for the white house they are campaigning in new york today ahead of the next week's premiere, poll shows hillary -- potions hillary clinton with double- digit lead you on the republican side, donald trump leads in his home state cbs he not been -- nine-day no-shows
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-- not been no shows us that needed inch ribose rivals to look ahead to california and a possibly contested -- possibly contested convention. tv rights and hillary clinton argued for pay quality in an event in manhattan. >> pay gap. the cause women and families and our economy so much money every single year. pull show her with double-digit lead in her adopted home state over new name -- native been ernie sanders. if there's a large for the -- turnout a week from today, in new york state, we're going to win here as well. the new poll shows most americans are not excited about any of the candidates in either party. the ap poll shows a majority of americans believe in none of the candidates represent their opinion. but in new york, donald trump as -- is still way ahead of him -- republican voters. he continues to bless the process. >> it's a rid, disgusting,
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dirty system. ted cruz captured all 34 in colorado over the weekend. donald, 65,000 people voted in the state of colorado, it -- they just didn't vote for you. and keep trump from filling up the nomination before the convention, ohio governor john kasich pull cbs this morning the contested convention is good for the party. >> it allows to pick old to determine who it is that can unite the country. kasich had only one primary, his home state of ohio. new york's primary is next tuesday on april 19. paul brian is expected to rule out a possible presidential bid and remarks to be delivered at the headquarters in washington. he plans to say he won't be been jailed the nominee under any circumstance. today% obama marks national
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equal pay day. congress needs to pass the paycheck fairness act to put sensible rules in place. [ applause ] to make sure that employees discuss their salaries don't face retaliation by their employers. also today the bay area employment website last store will host an -- store will host an online discussion on equal pay featuring hillary clinton and other experts about an ongoing issue in the bay area, traffic one committee taking step today to help prevent you from sitting on the freeway during your daily commute. they look to break -- too great an nba record to win, one golden state warriors stars making sure -- is a -- go to tomorrow night's game the step he's taking to give back. we have a fairly overcast skies, or some later today and tomorrow and then the next chance of rain this we look
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like toward the -- forecast coming up when we come back. ,,,, ,,,,,,,,
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have been detained for questioning in brussels.. in connection to the paris attk prosecutors say three people had been detained for questioning in brussels in connection to the paris attacks to get the free are -- get the free are in custody after a morning search and an upscale
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district of the belgian capitol. a judge will decide tomorrow whether they should remain in custody. authorities announced today two men had been charged with crimes related to last months brussels bombing. they are looking at new surveillance video set they try to determine what led to the shooting death of former pro football player will smith. the former saint was killed late saturday night new orleans. some surveillance footage shows a confrontation involving a mercedes and a hummer. the shooting happened a few minutes later out of camera range. what matters is what happened during the few seconds before the gun -- gunshots went off and a few -- the other things that happen a few minutes ago is not admissible and i don't think it's relevant. police plan to add a new charge against haiti's in connection with a -- hayes in connection with a gun shy gunshot went to the white. -- to the wife.
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the play does like up quality -- crucial reynolds and is a year -- i see a young are charged with the glory, hit-and- run -- glory, hit-and-run and recklessly -- police. the west town contra costa advisory committee is hosting the first meeting today the goal is to address gridlock on interstate 80, the study spearheaded by zachary malay is evaluating high-capacity transit investment along high i in the and along cost of -- contra costa county. it's the most congested travel in the region and has minimal transit investment compared to other quarters. the meeting starts at 6:30 p.m. at san pablo city hall. organizers will talk about super bowl 50 an impact on the bay area, they will focus on the events fund designed to support groups that help low income communities and they will talk about future
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opportunities for collaboration with other major athletic events. the reception is set to begin at 530 at the presidio observation post in san francisco. march madness will remain on cbs and turner networks for at least 16 years, they announced the deal in the past hour, an eight year eight .8 alien dollar extension of the existing contract. they will continue the partnership through the year 2032. tomorrow night the golden warriors have the chance to win the 73rd game season setting a new nba record, he wants to share the experience he posted on twitter called going to buy a free tickets and find an underprivileged kid in oakland and allow them to witness history one day, let's get it, tell us. on the thing out -- a big honor for the man wrapping up an incredible broadcast career in los angeles the road leading to dodger stadium is now vince
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scully avenue of the in honor of the announcer who broadcasted his final homeowner today, since 1950 when the team was in brooklyn, new york. the 88-year-old announced he will retire at the end of the season. get the forecast and here's brian for that. he's fantastic, he was -- as a kid with his t-shirt hanging out for some reason -- here we are 66 years later he's finally retiring. here's how it looks, plenty of clouds over the bay area sunsetting tonight 7:42 p.m. sunrise tomorrow at 6:37 a.m. and here's how it looks like looking over san jose, plenty of clouds over the bay area tonight some increasing sunshine. conquer 62 degrees, oakland 59 san francisco 56, san jose 59 and santa rosa 61.
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low pressure moving into the pacific northwest and the lowest moving into the desert southwest, partly cloudy mild conditions. we have some popping out in some clearing skies tonight -- and some clearing skies tonight and 2:00 a.m. a mix of clouds and fog tomorrow looks like more sun and then we had today, wednesday at noon. more sun tomorrow than today. let's roll ahead. this is thursday morning a week cold front will pushing into the west coast -- light showers late wednesday night early hours of thursday morning, sacramento looks nice sunshine 71. coast range in the great valley sunshine. in the bay area, some today, 62 oakland 66. close to seasonal average. mid 60s in the -- mid-sixties in the south bay, and with the east bay. some high and low clouds and
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temperatures mid-sixties, no space cooler by the shoreline 60 degrees. ukiah, partly cloudy skies and 67. extended forecast, the cloudy today, clouds increase wednesday night light showers move early thursday morning and the weekend is totally different, plenty of some coming in temperatures mid 70s for the weekend, a hot -- hot spell coming in this weekend and early next week. it looks good. >> that's one of your goals. you can join the millions of others doing it. your goal question. >> the 60 time you do it is like. >> thank you. helping story tomorrow 40,000 workers can walk off the job, the -- they up there to strike if they do -- did not reach a new labor agreement with the telecom giant. the workers per mail servers a company's -- service accompanies tradition phone phone business, without a
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contract since august, they have thousands of nonunion workers trained to cover new assignments in the event of a strike. taking a look at the financial markets the -- the dow up 179 points this afternoon, one hour before closing bell is -- at 40 minutes. battling to keep customers, this jetblue is adding onto -- on to its continental service in california and why they are hoping they will draw. -- silicon valley entrepreneur. what is cool about your school, email your nomination twice at cool schools at and we may come to feature your school on the show. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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to buy jetblue's battling for high playing paying flyers. the company lost the -- a bid to buy virgin -- the bid to buy virgin america you jetblue is trying to expand a popular consonantal service -- popular consonantal service called meant a -- large west coast destination for you to include san francisco, los angeles, san diego in -- and seattle. they are popular with the norse, celebrities and others big spender. it turns out it's tough for workers with rideshare companies like list and -- the number. why question what they are technically classified -- mark they are technically classified as independent contractors they
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have to file 1099 forms that could be more complicated than your comment tax forms. they have to keep track of detail like gas mileage and now more and more tax professionals are tailoring their efforts for workers in the gig economy. time to shop. he has a tip of the day. today's tip of the day is -- red, yellow and orange peppers, i have a tip on green peppers. stepping them on the grill, you can beat it. they are super food, and they hold up -- the holdup so well. when you buy them make sure they are green all the way around. the stem is attached, nice and green and no decaying. they have to feel nice and fresh, like this nice and firm. when you bring them home, into
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the refrigerator right away. you can keep them for seven days, but enjoyed them to war three days after the buy them. great for us, sautied with other colors or by themselves, fabulous. it fresh and stay healthy. a reminder to you, if you have consumer problem or question, email are hotline. or call the hotline 8885 -- . ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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this afternoon on kpix 5 net five. for the k-p-i-x millions use facebook messenger app been seeing robots will, too. we will explain this afternoon at news at five. that's it for kpix5 news at noon. hope you have a great afternoon and hope to see a right back here tomorrow -- you right back here tomorrow. have a great one.
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>> steffy: how could you think quinn was your wife?! >> liam: i didn't know who she was, steffy. i had no memory. i just -- i thought -- i thought she was taking care of me. >> steffy: she locked you away all this time. she took advantage of you. >> liam: well, she didn't get away with it. she's gonna be arrested, and she's going to jail. >> bill: what happened to the doors? >> wyatt: i did that. >> bill: closet? >> wyatt: up there. i got to find the keys. >> bill: what do you mean you have to find the keys? >> wyatt: i got find the keys! >> bill: that's great. wyatt. empty closet. >> wyatt: no! >> bill: yeah. >> wyattmo


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