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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  April 21, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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was arrested tuesday night. police say that he burned rainbow flags that hung outside of a church. kpix 5's da lin is at that church now in clayton. da. >> reporter: yeah, allen. a new flag is now flying in front of the church but eight different times someone stole and vandalized that flag. the most recent being on tuesday. someone actually burned it and sent a chilling message to the church here. clayton valley presbyterian raised the rainbow flag six months ago to show unity and inclusion. instead it's been the target of hate. >> it's been taken three times within -- once on sunday and twice on tuesday. i mean, that's three times in a short period of time. before then, it was about once a month. >> reporter: the woman took photos she says of two men stealing the flag on sunday. a man actually climbed the cross to take it down. a church member replaces it every time it's stolen. but someone came back tuesday morning and afternoon. both times, burning the flag.
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the person also left a message that reads, all evil will be eradicated. >> the implication is that lgbt people are evil and they will be wiped out. i felt threatened by it if that's what you're asking or scared or nervous. >> reporter: with the help of witnesses clayton police arrested two people. prosecutors are charging 22- year-old john hearst of concord with hate crime, arson and vandalism. police released the other man. >> it's disturbing and it's been surprising to me how much anger and hate, um, this brings about. >> reporter: i went to the suspect's home and talked to his father. the father is aware of the arrest but says he is not sure why his son burned the flag. as for the church, the pastor is ready to forgive and would like to talk to the suspect. >> we are going to approach even those people who do this kind of thing with love compassion forgiveness and reconciliation. >> reporter: even with the
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arrest, she says it won't be the last time someone vandalizes the flag. they put grease on the cross to prevent people from climbing to get to the flag. live in clayton, i'm da lin, kpix 5. >> clayton valley presbyterian church has about 100 members. because it also operates a preschool, some of the members had suggested they remove the flag in order to keep the kids safe. but for now, the flag is in front of the church. new at 6:00 a bay area atheist and a national group that advocates separation of church and state are suing the city of santa clara over this. it is a 14-foot granite cross at a city-owned park. it is at the site where an 18th century catholic mission once stood. devin fehely is live for us at memorial cross park in santa clara. devin. >> reporter: this cross has been around since 1953 but it's only been in recent years that it has become a target of a group who says it has no business being here. the cross in question has stood on the small patch of city-
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owned land at the intersection of de la cruz boulevard and martin avenue for more than 60 years commemorating the spanish catholic mission that once graced the site. it's now in the crosshairs of the freedom from religion foundation which is suing saying it has no business being on government land. >> the freedom from religion foundation believes that there should not be religious symbols on government property as it stands now, that cross is sitting on a city park. >> reporter: the freedom from religion foundation is from madison, wisconsin. the lawsuit was filed on behalf of the santa clara resident who says he object to the cross being on public property. the organization wrote a letter to the city as far as as 2012 to have it removed and only filed a lawsuit after the negotiations had apparently stalled. >> we only get involved when local members contact us about something that's going on in their community. so it's not an outside group that's coming in to rile up the
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community. >> reporter: officially a spokesman for the city says they haven't been served with a lawsuit yet and therefore couldn't comment. but even if the group prevails, it's unlikely they will be successful in removing all references to religion from the city. santa clara is, after all, named after st. claire, a catholic saint. the group wants the city to move it someplace else but they are not seeking damages, monetary or otherwise, for the decades that the city paid to have this park maintained. in santa clara, devin fehely, kpix 5. in 1997, the u.s. court of appeals said the cross at mount davidson in san francisco violated the state constitution because it was on public land. the city sold it to a local armenian american group as a memorial for the victims of the armenian genocide. a sunrise service is held on the now private land every easter. murder charges have been filed against the concord man arrested in tuesday's deadly
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crash that ended on a golf course. police say the man was speeding through pittsburg minutes after officers abandoned the chase with him. he is accused of striking and killing 65-year-old linda cochran. officers say the suspect crashed his corvette through a fence landing on the delta view golf course. he fled and was later arrested. no food until san francisco's top cop least, activists promising a hunger strike outside the mission police station. but police chief greg suhr isn't the only leader under fire. kpix 5's cate caugiran live outside the mission police department and cate, one activist actually threatened mayor lee? >> reporter: yes, allen. he certainly made sure to let mayor lee know he is not welcome in his neighborhood. now, we have heard protestors call for chief suhr's resignation since mario woods was shot and killed by police officers in the bayview in december but this time it's a
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little bit different. protestors are not chanting in front of city hall. they are not marching down market street. instead, they are here in front of the mission police station standing still and starving. with chairs water bottles and poster boards, this group camps out in front of the mission police station vowing to eat nothing but san francisco police chief greg suhr's badge on a platter. >> those people who were shot and killed, their blood is on the hands of chief suhr and we're not saying that our blood is in the hands of chief suhr. >> reporter: earlier this month, officers shot and killed luis gongora a homeless man who came at them with a knife. the strikers say they will not eat until the chief goes. >> nothing changed in the police department. we keep seeing people getting killed. >> reporter: across the street from the hunger strikers, another group points blame at the city and its police force. >> they are on the front lines. they are on the streets every day. they are the ones interacting
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with homeless out there forcing them to move from spot to spot with nowhere for them to go. it's really cruel to just keep shuffling them around. >> reporter: san francisco homeless and supporters demanding an end to homeless sweeps and forced relocation with a specific message to mayor ed lee. >> you are an [ indiscernible ] bastard. you we know where you are. do not come to the east end. do not get on the bart train. >> reporter: mayor lee had this to say about the demonstration. >> if there are groups out there that feel we're not doing enough, i invite them to, you know, um, give us their opinions through the police commission, through letters or emails. we have been reading all of it. >> reporter: how far are you willing to take this? are you willing to die if chief suhr doesn't resign? >> well, i'm sure the ambulance will come before we die. but we're not going to eat.
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>> reporter: now, if the chief doesn't resign or isn't fired, the hunger strikers say they will call for mayor ed lee to resign. until any of those things happen they say they will continue to camp out in front of the mission police station. reporting live in san francisco, cate caugiran, kpix 5. >> we reached out to the san francisco police department. representatives say they are not commenting. decision delayed on changes to the route for california's bullet train. the new plan would shift the central valley starting point to merced and add a station near bakersfield. the first leg is still supposed to be from san jose's diridon station to the central valley. the high-speed rail board met in san jose today but pushed back the vote until next week in sacramento. the chairman told us about the biggest criticism he hears, lack of funding. >> we know the investors are there right now. the only things they need is to see -- because we don't have any experience with high-speed rail in the u.s., they need to see the first leg up and running. and they have told us that. that money is out there.
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its on the sidelines. there's probably $20 billion of combined potential investment for the high-speed rail system. >> officials are optimistic high-speed rail could come to the south bay by 2025. san jose city council is moving forward with plans to build a seven-field soccer park at guadalupe gardens. council members had a choice between this location or building a four-field soccer park on coleman avenue. but construction at guadalupe gardens comes with lots of red tape. the city has to buy the land from mineta international airport and get clearance from the faa because the new soccer park would be in the airport's flight path. music fans around the world mourning the loss of a legend. prince died at his minnesota home this morning at the age of 57. as kpix 5's mike sugerman found out, prince got his start recording right here in the bay area. mike? >> reporter: yeah, veronica. the bay area connection, he recorded his first album in
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sausalito and i'm at 99-7 now. playing anything for the album? >> mostly purple rain today. >> no soft and wet? >> no. >> the big hit from the first album. here's the story behind it. >> reporter: along the scenic coastline of sausalito, behind these doors, a 19-year-old from minnesota came to record his first album. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: for you. it launched him on an incredible career. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: it was 1977 and he wasn't the only one working within these walls. >> sly and the family stone had a space and rumors was produced here. and, um, i mean, bob marley and aretha franklin. >> reporter: it's not the record plant anymore. it's har moan yeah, a wellness and social club. yoga and music. . >> i'm honored every day to be in this space that's filled with such creative energy.
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we have done everything we can to restore and bring creative musical energy back into the space. >> reporter: during the recording session he rented a home overlooking the bay in corte madera from october through october through december of 1977. his first of many stays in the bay area. they plan a tribute here in the next couple of weeks. coming up at 6:30 we'll talk about his bay area routes including a trip to a warriors game a few weeks ago. in san francisco, mike sugerman, kpix 5. live look outside. we have a mix of sun, clouds going on today but tomorrow morning's commute expected to be a wet one. chief meteorologist paul deanno tracking rain. >> it will be raining tomorrow t rain showers already at the coastline to the north of the golden gate. some of you in sonoma county, mendocino county, already seeing a few sprinkles about five miles west of ukiah, north of cloverdale and healdsburg. the rain is heading in our direction. just after midnight it crosses into sonoma county and napa county. and hook what happens about 5
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a.m. just before that commute gets going, some steady rainfall. san francisco, vallejo, vacaville, fairfield, working its way south through the morning commute. it is going to be sloppy from top to bottom. so plan to get up a few minutes early to get to work on time. this is the first of two waves of rain that will move through tomorrow. we'll have the forecast coming up. a mother murdered her 2- year-old daughter missing and now a new clue how a piece of plywood could hold answers in a case that's baffled police. >> the unique tribute to the man in black who put a northern california prison on the map. >> and volkswagen ready to spend billions to make good on diesel-gate. the frustration for some customers who worry it's not enough. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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san francisco police need hp identifying where this plywd came from investigators hope a piece of plywood could help find a
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missing 2-year-old girl. police need help identifying where this plywood came from and who owned it. the wood has spray-painted markings on it. police say it was used to cover a shallow grave in mclaren park where the body of nicole fitts was found this month. her daughter arianna is missing. she is probably still alive and could be anywhere in the state. this 43-year-old is suspected of killing a woman from el sobrante found dead on tuesday. another suspect is held on $1.3 million bail. other bay area headlines right now. a smoky scene as two apartment buildings burned in san francisco's mission district. the fire started at 17th street near guerrero. investigators believe it started in between the buildings. firefighters climbed on the roof to put out hot spots. no one was injured.
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"420" cost $25,000 to clean up in san francisco. crews picked up 11 turbulence of garbage from the annual pot smoking -- 11 tons of garbage from the annual pot smoking event in golden gate park. police made some arrests for robbery assault and public drunkenness people who visit east bay regional parks will want to take note of new rules. no smoking and no drones. the nonprofit save the bay pushed for the smoking ban. they say billions of cigarette butts end up in the san francisco bay each year. park directors also agreed to add several single track bike trails. well, as fans mourn the loss of prince today another music legend is getting a northern california tribute. work is under way on a johnny cash nature trail in folsom. kpix 5's john ramos reports, it's right outside the prison that the singer helped make famous. >> reporter: if you ever heard of the town of folsom, california, or the state prison there, you probably have one
6:17 pm
man to thank for it. >> hello, i'm johnny cash. [ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: in 1968, singer johnny cash resurrected a stalled music career when he released a live album recorded in the folsom prison cafeteria and his iconic song folsom prison blues put the prison and the town on the map. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: and people in this area have loved the man in black ever since because even though his hit song didn't compliment the prison, it did make it famous. >> folsom california, folsom prison, johnny cash. >> reporter: so when the city began building a new hiking and bike trail on land winding past the prison property, it made sense to name it after a man who often sang about straying from the straight and narrow. >> he has had a significant impact on the city, folsom prison blues. you can't argue, you know, with the notoriety of that
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song. >> reporter: but folsom isn't stopping there. along with the pedestrian bridge that mirrors the look of the prison's granite walls, they are spending $8 million on public art along the trail to sell operate the life and career of their adopted prodigal son. and below the trail will be a three acre park in the design of his favorite guitar with a 50-foot-high statue of the singer looking, where else, but toward the prison. >> this is something to celebrate. we have this in common with johnny cash and his family so we intend to celebrate it. >> the town, the prison, even johnny's family have all joining to to help with the project and all because a man wrote a song about being loge. ♪[ music ] -- about being lonely. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: in folsom, john ramos, kpix 5. >> the johnny cash trail scheduled to be complete by summer of 2017. this year marks the centennial of the national park service. to help celebrate the u.s. postal service is rolling out
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16 new forever stamps. and one of them spotlights a bay area park. the new stamp shows the san francisco maritime national historical park. it is home to five landmark vessels. as part of the centennial celebration, free admission to all national parks is being offered through sunday. muir woods national monument, yosemite, sequoia kings canyon, lassen, pinnacles and death valley national parks will be free. >> hopefully the rain will clear up because nothing better than going to a national park. >> weekend looking nice. those are all california. tomorrow morning rain. dry on the weekend. we'll get rain tomorrow. we need it. we will not have rain over the weekend. my director wayne says this is an ominous looking picture. i think you would agree. it looks like it's going to pour now but not until after midnight beautiful shot of the
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san francisco skyline as viewed from the oakland airport. 75 san rafael, 68. san francisco 68 degrees. some rain along the sonoma county coastline and mendocino county. the main stuff is still offshore. it will get here tomorrow. so we are tacking about a cloudy night with showers moving in. now, often when you have a mild day then you get that blanket of cloud cover overnight. we are going to have warm temperatures tomorrow morning and we absolutely will. look at these overnight lows. some of you close to 60 degrees when you wake up tomorrow. oakland 58. san jose 56. concord 56. napa 55 degrees. sunrise 6:4. that said, tomorrow morning we are wet and potentially tomorrow afternoon we are going to be wet with a slight chance of a thunderstorm as the actual low pressure area passes over the bay area. so first we get the front of the that's five, six, seven, 8:00 the morning commute is going to be sloppy then you see scattered showers. it won't rain everywhere in the afternoon. they will be convective by
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nature. there may be hail, a thunderstorm but mainly a dry weekend and lots of outdoor activities. it is april. one of the beautiful activities in napa where the hall cabernet cookoff. great weather for anything in wine country this weekend after a wet day tomorrow. high temperatures tomorrow concord 64. san jose 67. santa rosa 66. sunnier on sunday. low 60s along the coast. mid-60s near the bay. low 70s inland. and next week, we have more rainfall next wednesday and next thursday for showers likely. so slight chance of a thunderstorm this time tomorrow. and we are going to see widespread rain tomorrow morning. slow morning commute. it's always slow. well, it will be slower. and it's friday. it's going to be slow. >> thank you. parents choosing between paying the bills and being part of the child's school. how the state could make it
6:22 pm
easier for families to juggle it all. >> not everyone can say they have a photo hanging in the vice president's home. the special honor for a budding bay area photographer. ,,,,,, your favorite the warm cookies you crave. now in one delicious treat.
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mayor ed lee signed it this morning.. as parents and ba san francisco's unprecedented parental leave bill is now law. mayor lee signed it this morning as parents and babies looked on. it gives new parents six weeks of fully paid time off. the state already pays 55% of the parents' salary for six weeks. companies with more than 20 employees will be required to pay the other 45%. it goes into effect gradually beginning on january 1. and some relief for parents with school aged children. a state assembly committee has voted to give parents three days paid time off for school activities. according to ed source less than 25% of parents making under $30,000 a year describe themselves as very involved. 66% say work prevents them from
6:25 pm
participating in school activities. the measure now heads to the appropriations committee. how about this. a young photographer from sunnyvale is having her work showcased at the home of vice president joe biden and his wife jill. the photograph by 14-year-old ellen hu was selected by the national geographic kids my shot program. the vice president's wife helped launch the program. ellen's winning entry is entitled orange waves. she says she got into photography after taking a class in sixth grade. in the next half-hour, fans pay tribute to the purple rain superstar. a look back at how prince left his mark on the bay area music scene. plus what it was like to be in the audience of his surprise show in oakland. >> cracking an iphone doesn't cop come cheech. the fbi tells what they paid to unlock the san bernardino terrorist phone. >> are teenagers mature enough to vote? one bay area city is talking about reducing the age to as
6:26 pm
young as 16. ,, (music plays from one way or another )♪♪ ♪ i'm gonna find y♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna win ya ♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna see ya ♪
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it's no wonder more than a million people fall asleep each night on a sleep train mattress! ♪ sleep train [train horn] torching a rainbow our top stories tonight. a bay area man has been charged with a hate crime suspected of torching a rainbow flag that
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was hanging outside a clayton church. witnesses helped police arrest two suspects on tuesday. in the last six months they have had to replace that flag eight times. this 14-foot granite cross is at the crux of a lawsuit against santa clara. an atheist says it shouldn't be on city-owned property. the cross commemorates the spanish catholic mission that once graced the site. the loss of a legend. prince has died at the age of 57. the music icon found dead at his minneapolis area home this morning. the cause of death is still unknown he was unresponsive in an elevator. he was hospitalized last week after his plane made an emergency landing en route to a concert in atlanta. he said it was the flu. one man tells us he deejayed for prince at a dance party outside the paisley park
6:30 pm
studios on saturday night. >> just told us give it a couple of days before you waste your prayers. we're all like, all right, he ison the comeback. >> fans left flowers outside the studios near minneapolis after hearing that he had died. kpix 5's mike sugerman tells us heartbreak is being felt here in the bay area and beyond. mike. >> reporter: veronica, here at 99.7 now, when is the next prince song coming up? >> in about 5 minutes. >> it doesn't matter how old you are or even what style of music is your favorite. chances are you still loved prince. >> remembering prince every hour today on live 105. >> reporter: alternative rock. >> share your thoughts and tributes on social media with us. >> reporter: adult contemporary. >> we will be wearing our purple for the prince.
6:31 pm
>> reporter: top 40. few artists if any bent radio formats like he did today. >> we love you prince. >> we are going to miss you. ♪[ music ] ♪ purple rain >> reporter: prince the artist formerly known as prince or the symbol made in the bay area just a few weeks ago a two-hour solo show. >> one man, one piano, and 100 hits. >> reporter: during his visit here, he visited oracle arena to take in a warriors game. the next night he played there and ended up with a surprise show afterwards at the great american music hall where he played until dawn. >> he was so vibrant and so vital and never faded. he seemed in perfect form. >> jane program director at alice radio says it was much more than just his musical talent which were immense. >> he was exciting and kind of dangerous and this is like he is 5'2" and -- and he is this monster on the pop culture scene. he is an icon in fashion, in music in -- in style, in every truest sense of the word.
6:32 pm
>> sex permeated everything that he did. >> reporter: fernando ventura is the morning host on now 99.7. half of the fernando and greg in the morning show. >> i bought the "dirty mind" album home and my father pitched a fit. and if he ever had any sort of like doubts about my sexuality, i mean, at 10 years old, he probably -- i mean, i should have figured it out. >> reporter: prince was married twice. and he was engaged for a time to oakland singer sheila who tweeted out today my heart is broken. there are no words. i love you. >> you know, it's sad times you dance to prince, happy times you dance it prince. he is part of so many people's lives and he has been there for so long. >> reporter: here's a story i heard today about why he ended up at oracle arena. he came out to the bay area for his friend vanity the singer's funeral. and he went to a warriors game. he looked around oracle and said, i would like to play here. so in the next day or two, they set up this big concert.
6:33 pm
tickets went like that. in san francisco, mike sugerman, kpix 5. our kpix 5 morning anchor michelle griego attended the show last month. she shared her memory with us today. >> it was march 4 when he announced a couple of days before the concert that he was going to be back in the bay area and it was going to be just prince and the piano. i was so excited to get the tickets. i spent a little more than i wanted to but to me it was worth it at the time and i'm so glad i did. it was an amazing concert. he plays just as well as he sings. and he plays the piano just as well as he plays the guitar, absolutely amazing performance. the best thing about his concert actually was at the very end, he left, and somebody sitting next to us said, wait around, wait around because he will come back for an encore. he did that three or four times. i think it was an extra hour he played and he kept running back up to the stage. he rode a bike off of the stage into the back about three times
6:34 pm
and he looked great. he looked like he was in really good health. he is just an amazing artist, amazing musician. um, and it's just a real loss to the music world. >> it is indeed. shortly after word got out about his death the golden state warriors paid homage to prince. during their morning shootaround in houston they stuck with an all prince sound track. tributes pouring in. warriors shooting guard klay thompson tweeted this. raspberry beret on repeat all day. rest in peace to the legend prince. rapper mc hammer who lives in oakland tweeted, i loved this man, too, soon. can't comprehend it. but it's unfortunately true. heaven is yours. and president obama tweeted a strong spirit transcends rules prince one said and nobody's spirit was stronger bolder or more creative and at the san francisco giants home game today the only music playing was the sound track of prince songs. sales of his music have soared
6:35 pm
since news broke of his death. four of his albums the very best of prince, purple rain, the hit b sides and 1999, jumped to first, second and third andth place on itunes' top album charts this afternoon. three of his songs purple rain, little red corvette and when doves cry cracked itunes' top ten charts. a bay area-based singer considered a prince protege did die at a fremont hospital back in february. vanity was also 57. prince produced her first hit song in 1982 called nasty girl. vanity had been living in union city. prince dead at the age of 57. tonight, we are asking you to share your thoughts your memories your favorite prince songs. you can tweet me right now at #veronicadlcruz. we are going to air your tributes tonight. come join me for bay area nightbeat; come join us at 10:00 on our sister station, kbcw 44/cable 12. san francisco's city officials have an idea to
6:36 pm
increase voter turnout. the board of supervisors meeting with the youth commission next month to discuss lowering the voting age to 16. registered voters would have to weigh in by ballot. if it's a go, a lower voting age would only apply to local elections. we are learning more about how much the federal government paid to hack into the iphone of a terrorist. the head of the fbi said today the agency paid more than $1 million for a third party to break into the iphone that belonged to unwith of the san bernardino shooters. -- that belonged to one of the san bernardino shooters. earlier this year the fbi tried and failed to get apple to hack into the phone spurring debates on privacy and security. payback to customers cheated by the volkswagen diesel scandal. consumerwatch breaks down the deal that's big on promise, but short on details. >> two pilots will soon land in the bay area and into the history books. their around the world journey powered by the sun.
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emissions scandal. that's where a federal judge anno a san francisco courtroom took center stage today in the vw emissions scandal. that's where a federal judge judge announced what the carmaker has agreed to do to compensate customers. consumerwatch reporter julie watts explains. >> reporter: we know relief is coming for about half million owners. what we don't know yet is how much relief and when it will actually arrive. steve abernathy is now a father of three so while he loved his jetta he needs a bigger car. the problem? >> the value of the car lost almost $8,000 overnight. >> reporter: abernathy says as soon as vw announced it had rigged cars like his to cheat on emissions tests, the blue book dropped so low it now is worthless than he owes. vw has agreed to repair, cancel
6:40 pm
leases or buy back the 480,000 affected vehicles with a two liter diesel engine. the bad news, no one knows what they will pay. >> what are they going to pay for? the blue book value after the recall or before the recall announcement? there's about an $8,000 difference. >> reporter: vw's legal team won't say in part due to a gag order. >> lots of hard work. >> reporter: but this golf owner who showed up outside federal court had plenty to say. >> it's disaappointing. >> reporter: today's announcement didn't say how or when the cars would be fixed and didn't include any details on the additional 90,000 affected vehicles with 3-liter engines like audi and porsche. still, attorney david boies who represents car owners say it's a start. >> i think it's a big step forward. >> reporter: that could help repair volkswagen's image, along with their cars, down the road. what could volkswagen do to make you whole? >> give me $8,000 over blue book value and let me put it
6:41 pm
down on a minivan. i'll even buy it from them. no dislike volkswagen. in fact i love my jetta. >> reporter: the final agreement is expected by june 2. for now, the judge imposed a gag order saying he is worried leaked details could be confusing or give false hope. vw says it's determined to win bab the public trust. it faces tens of billions of dollars in fines and lawsuits. on the consumerwatch, i'm julie watts. >> volkswagen says once the deal is complete, it will begin contacting car owners about their options. pilots on a mission to crisscross the globe but that's not an easy task when your plane is only powered by the sun. the bay area landing that's been months in the making. >> some sunshine today but now showers moving in on the radar. kpix 5 hi-def doppler so sensitive we can see a few isolated showers right over point arena, men mend coastline. we have an ominous looking sky over san francisco. it is going to pour for a few
6:42 pm
hours tomorrow. we'll talk about when and if it's going to impact your weekend outdoor plans. that's next. >> straight ahead, giants have diamondback bites all over. balls flying in daly city. which local baller said enough college, bring on the nba? serious game coming. right after weather.
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view. "the solar impulse 2" colles energy during the day... . right now a sunpower plane is over the pacific ocean on the way to mountain view. the solar impulse 2 collects energy during the day allowing it to fly all night. it took off this morning from hawaii after a 6 2-hour flight is expected to land at moffett field on saturday. the pilots trying to promote clean energy. this is the solar impulse's ninth leg in its quest to be the first solar-powered plane to fly around the world. it was delayed for 9 months in hawaii, so sorry for that layover. after a chain of events caused
6:46 pm
the batteries to overheat. [ laughter ] >> you can get the batteries here tomorrow? no, december! december is when we want the batteries. we'll hang out here for a couple of months. they are coming to a nice place here as well in the bay area. in the view rain tomorrow but dry for the weekend. this is the view from the top of the pyramid. it's eye beautiful evening, cingular's to low 70s 60s to 70s. still a few showers off the coastline in mendocino county and sonoma county. no rain tonight. the main event will be here tomorrow and will involve some snow in the sierra. this is wonderful news. an already decent snowpack will get up to 11" of fresh powder in the highest peaks. 2 to 4" along highway 50 and 80 above 6500 feet. we'll have snow in the sierra tomorrow. we'll have rain around here tomorrow morning. and that's going to lead to a
6:47 pm
mild night. lows only dropping to 57 for both vallejo and fremont and san francisco 58. santa rosa 54. san jose 56 degrees. one note. the giants are thankfully playing a different team tomorrow. the miami marlins. why do we care about that? it's barry bonds' return to san francisco. he is their hitting coach. there is a chance of showers. but i think the ran up will be winding down by: 5 tomorrow and we'll -- down by 7:15 and the game will be played. the actual low will trail behind the front giving us a seçicond opportunity for rainfall. first one is 5 a.m. a mess of the morning commute. that second wave gets here in the north bay as soon as 11:00. so you get a break. even perhaps some sunshine around 11 a.m. over the heart of the bay. then that second wave of rain moves through. it won't rain everywhere but where it does it has the potential to pour.
6:48 pm
we could see some small hail and hear thunder or see some lightning tomorrow afternoon. rain begins to wind down about this time tomorrow. spotty showers possible in the north bay mountains saturday morning but the main thing is a nice weekend to get out. clouds increasing now. showers begin after midnight. it will be wet and windy at times tomorrow. that chance of some afternoon thunder most of the widespread rain tomorrow morning but that chance of a few heavier showers tomorrow afternoon as well and temperatures well below average. san jose only 67 degrees. union city mid-60s. mid- to upper 60s for los altos. wet in walnut creek. 64 for you. dublin 63. antioch 66. san francisco rain in the morning, scattered showers in the afternoon. high of 60. novato 67. wine country 66. 55 and rain in lakeport tomorrow. weekend looking good. sunday is sunnier but the temperatures will be the same. we are looking at upper 60s to low 70s inland. mid-60s near the bay. we'll keep the sunshine around through tuesday.
6:49 pm
there is another chance of rain next wednesday and next thursday. wet drive to work and school tomorrow. vern is next in sports. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:50 pm
6:51 pm
johnny cueto was expected to stop the skid... ...arizonan the baseball up top. giants business. you don't hear this very often. o for the home stand so far.
6:52 pm
johnny cueto expected to stop the three-game skid. arizona in the way. in the fourth, swung on and gob. broke a two-all tie and it got quiet at third and king street. then the ninth. gene segerra. this would be a two-run triple to blow it open. it was 6-2. get those rally caps out. the giant pats did not respond. pagan into a double play. arizona swept the four-game series, 6-2 the final. the giants scored three runs over the last three games. a's looking for a sweep in the broncos. rich hill on the butch. aaron hicks -- oh, the catch! plenty of room. top 7 tied at 2. khris davis back away -- gone! washington loved it. first homer of the year for
6:53 pm
davis. next pitch, boom! coco crisp! back to the second deck in left. a's had four homers tonight. they lead the yankees currently 6-3 in the 8th. nhl play-offs. second time in the last three years, the sharks have the kings on the brink of elimination. >> coach, your team fought down 3-0 the same team from years ago. can you draw from the experience? >> we're not down 3-0. it's a different team. >> thank you, coach. all smiles by the sharks after winning game 4. but with a 3-1 series lead not done yet. and nobody on the san jose roster knows better how tough it is to close out the kings and goalie martin jones who spent the last two seasons with l.a. >> team like this life a team that won two championships in the last four years so going to make sure we come to play. >> we're comfortable on the road. we're very good on the road.
6:54 pm
so i don't think the venue is an issue. you know, the l.a. kings are an issue. they are going to be a tough out. we know that. but we don't need to change anything. >> hey, lake merced layout daly city round one of the lpga swinging skirts classic. bobble held number juli inkster held by the real one. paula creamer tested at the fifth for birdie. she finished with an even par 72 from the kitty litter. lexi thompson a holeout at the six for eagle. lydia ko shot a 68 and is 4 strokes back. jaylen brown is leaving after a year to go into the nba draft probably a top 10 pick. other news out of berkeley senior linebacker hardy nickerson is transferring to illinois where his dad is the
6:55 pm
team's new defensive coordinator. nba play-offs. oklahoma city's michael westbrook has this pre-game dance routine. it was interrupted. he got ripped for this. afterwards, well, villaneuva responded. >> if you want to go dancing, stuff like that, go to a nightclub. go to a club and dance. go to dancing with the stars. >> so here's russell westbrook a little dance routine. it ain't bragging if you can back it up. >> right. >> russell westbrook also has a teammate kevin durant you might have heard of him 3 4 points. thunder beat dallas 131102. exciting, huh? that's former spurs davis robertson. this might wake him up. san antonio beating the grizzlies the first two games
6:56 pm
by an average of 29 points. memphis forward matt barnes says boy they got to use everything in their arsenal now. >> you think there will be anything else in the silverware drawer when you come out at home? >> we gonna throw everything at them, man, forks, spoons, knives, the sharpening knife, can openers, bottle openers, whatever we got. >> and it's still not going to help 'em. >> no. >> all right vern. we'll play a little prince music. for news throughout the evening the latest is always on join us on kbcw 44/cable 12 at 10 a.m. ♪[ music ] [ little red corvette ] ♪[ music ] ♪ safe driver ♪ accident-free ♪ everybody put your flaps in the air for me ♪
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: how you doing, man? i appreciate y'all. thank you. thank y'all very much. [indistinct] ha ha ha! well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. boy, we got a good one for you today, folks. returning for their second day from seaside, california, it's the champs, it's the singh family. [cheering and applause] and from batavia, illinois, it's the walton family. [cheering and applause] everybody's here trying to win theyself a lot of cash and the possibility of driving out of here in a brand-new, state-of- the-art ford edge. [cheering and applause] let's go meet the walton family.
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man: how you doing, steve? how you doing? how you doing? what's going on? what's going on? steve: good-looking young dude right here. how old are you, john? john: i'm 21. steve: yeah, yeah. what do you do, john? john: i'm actually a senior at university of illinois and i also am on scholarship there, too. steve: so, what's your major? john: so, i'm a pre-med honors student, actually. steve: pre-med honors student. john: yes. [cheering and applause] steve, i'd like to be an orthopedic doctor. steve: orthopedic doctor. john: orthopedic doctor. i also play hockey at the university. man in audience: whoo! [cheering and applause] steve: yeah. john: uh, steve... steve: yeah. john: i, uh, also won citizen of the year real recently. [cheering and applause] the citizen of the year award. steve: you say one more damn thing... [laughter] and you gonna marry my daughter.


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