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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  May 1, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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blazers to take seco not much of a contest for the warriors. they cruise past the trailblazers to take the lead in the 2nd round of the playoffs. good evening i'm brian hackney. >> i'm juliette goodrich. today the warriors jumped out to an early advantage in game one against portland. they went on to win double digits before the home crowd at oracle arena. >> kpix devin fehely is outside oracle where fans were excited about the team's prospects even if they don't have steph curry. devin? >> reporter: yes, there is a panic over what might happen to the warriors without steph curry, but we have learned a couple of things in the past week. number one the team can't win without him and the fan's enthusiasm is unaffected. >> we are cheering.
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>> if oracle is the heart of the warriors nation, excitement over the team's class for the second championship radiates out from the arena in every direction. leaving virtually no corner of the bay area untouched. from families watching together at home. and to fans cheering on the restaurants and bars around the state. >> when you see your team, and that they are just exciting to watch. it is an exciting time. i'm ecstatic. >> reporter: even with the biggest star sidelined, warriors would surge to an early lead and never look back, leaving fans a lot to cheer about. >> it's not going to be easy, but if they stick to the game plan they'll be fine. >> we got this, curry is out, averaging 30 points every, it's good, no matter what. >> reporter: they got potentially good news today with curry predicting he could return ahead of schedule to be playing as early as saturday. >> people are excited, every
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game, people are excited. not just because of steph curry, but because of the warriors. go warriors. >> reporter: in the meantime the warriors took care of business, soundly defeating an overmatched portland team. when curry does come back, he could be as the super star and not as the savior. and so yes the warriors can win without steph curry, but there are still questions about whether or not they can win a championship without him. but most hope never to find out. at oracle arena devin fehely kpix 5. >> by the way the warriors are not the only bay area team playing tonight. dennis o'donnell will cover it all for us in a little bit later in sports. on to politics now in campaign 2016. the new poll in indiana showing donald trump with a 15-point lead in a state that is a must win for ted cruz. and the poll by nbc and the wall street journal, they show trump with 49% support. cruz has 34 point, and john kasich has 13. however, a different poll yesterday had cruz leading by
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16 points. indiana holds primaries on tuesday. trump's appearances in california last week provoked angry demonstrations including here in the bay area. as they report that he is using blunt language to describe the people who took part. thugs and criminals, that's what donald trump is calling some of the protesters at the recent california events. >> these were professional agitators. >> reporter: in burlingame on friday, anti-trump protesters stormed throughbarricades. trump's motorcade had to stop along 101 where trump and his entourage climbed out. and in costa mesa where protesters damaged police cars outside. >> you know these are wise guys that have stomped on policemen's cars and it's a terrible thing that people are allowed to get away with it. >> he really had four
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responses, either yells, screams, curses, or insults. >> reporter: that's trump's competition senator ted cruz. though if you ask trump. >> cruz cannot win, he's got no highway, he's got nothing. >> reporter: one cruz supporter came out swinging this morning. senator lindsey graham says trump as president would lead to another 9/11. >> i think that lucifer might be the only person that trump could win against. >> reporter: minutes after that aired via twitter, trump fired back at graham who wants presidential aspirations himself saying why doesn't he say i ran him out of the race like a little boy. he says that his sights are set on the general election and hillary clinton. >> i have a lot of experience dealing with men who sometimes get off the reservation in the way they behave and how they speak. >> of course that political match up isn't official until it is actually official. the republican national convention starts on july 18.
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in the newsroom, anne makovec cbs5. a win for him would contain flip superdelegates that are overwhelming -- flipping super delegates that are overwhelming leaning on hillary clinton. >> secretary clinton or myself have won a landslide victory. those super delegates are to seriously reflect on whether they should cast their super delegate vote and in line with the wishes of the people of their faiths. >> sanders says he needs to win 710 of the remaining 1,083 delegates. clinton is just 218 delegates away from the amount needed to clinch the party's nominations. well the guessing is over and the white house announced that malia obama is attending harvard university, but not until next year. now the president's oldest daughter graduates this year, but she is taking a year off
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before she buckles down at one of the most prestigious schools. she will start in the fall of 2017. you might remember the big news was the solar impulse flying atlanta. and now in less than 24 hours the sun powered solar impulse ii will be back in the bay area cruising once more over the bay area. that is pretty early to see it though. as you may have seen it, they landed at moffat field. it will take off from moffat tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m. if you're up early, you might get a glimpse. the next stop for the plan is phoenix. in honor of may day working people took to the streets today to demand better wages in living conditions. kpix 5 is live where one of the biggest bay area valleys just wrapped up with mark kelly. >> reporter: juliette, this wasn't just for better pay at work that they were touching on
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all different types of causes. >> and that is the one thing for today's sunshine, the frustration that they are feeling. historically may day also called international workers day with the fight for better conditions on the job. today's marchers went further, including the fight against deportation. >> the deportation, it does separate a lot of families that will cause a lot of harm to a lot of the communities. >> if a family is not making minimum wage and it is less than $15 and they are also having their family members with deported, then that is creating the crisis for their community. >> and from higher minimum wage to black lives matter to students. that the different concerns are in fact all connected. >> unity, unity and community. >> that's what today is all about? >> that is what today is all about. >> reporter: today oakland
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police, they watched this year's march from the distance, remembering full well that last may day turned rowdy when they went down. the vandals even lewding businesses along the road. and so far that may day 2016 has saved people. >> and that anger at police, they could come up again tomorrow. many of the protesters out today say they plan for tomorrow morning to be back outside protesting outside the alameda county sheriff's office demanding that the edge of what they would call police militarization. live in oakland mark kelly kpix5. prince's personal chef revealing insight into the singer's final days. what he's saying about the star's health problems. controversial practice coming to an end. what crowds we'll see for the last time this weekend. ,,
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by deadly terror attacks to big step toward returning to normal. the departur today the airport in belgium hit by deadly terror attacks took a big step returning to normal. about 400 passengers checked in for three afternoon flights and they had to get there three hours early for security checks. the airport is not expected to return to full capacity until june. we're learning more tonight about the final months of prince's life. the pop star's personal chef revealed to the associated press that prince suffered sore throats and frequent upset stomach. the chef who worked for prince for about three years says that towards the end prince just didn't seem like himself. less than two weeks ago as you know prince was found dead in his paisley park estates. investigators are looking into whether or not he died from an overdose. the iconic elephants will perform for the final time. ending a 145-year run.
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and the move comes after decades of protests from animal rights activists. the elephants will retire to ringling's 200-acre elephant conservation center in florida. hazmat crews responded to a freight train derailment when the car started to leak the chemicals in washington, d.c. and what happened just before 7:00 this had morning that 13 cars overturned. nobody was hurt. the chemical that leaked sodium hydroxide is similar to bleach. officials don't think that fumes are a big threat, but they are taking precautions. >> and with the exception of the sodium hydroxide car that, there were no other problems. and no time did we do an evacuation or shelter in place and that we have closed a lot of the roads down to make sure that everything is being taken care of. >> officials are not sure how long that clean up will take, but it will probably make tomorrow's commute messy. well, there is about to be a new millionaire in the bay area thanks to power ball. where $1.2 million ticket was
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sold this weekend. we are in luck if you didn't like nice weather, we've got more of it. then midweek changes as we look live towards the build ups over the park after the break.
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to become a millionaire. a powerball ticket purchased at a gas station in san jose matches five of six numbersn last night's drawing. it someone in the bay area is about to become a millionaire. they match five out of the six numbers in last night's drawing worth $1.3 million. sold on saratoga avenue. no one hit the full power ball jackpot, which means it will be worth nearly $350 million. well you know you often see them on the side of the highway and once considered a major lifeline that they may have reached the end of the road. they tell us that you can probably guess where the line is being cut. for anyone who has ever been stranded on the highway. and the familiar yellow call
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will seem like the old friend. >> they stayed in the car and asking for help. >> reporter: they still remember their dad using the box to call for a flat tire worth $40 -- worth 40 years ago. he's even less likely to in the future. they have been dismantling their network of call blocks in the bay area and for the last two years. the system will drop from the high of 3,300 boxes and 98,000 calls in 2001. >> it is only about 1,000 boxes now and about 6,000 calls a year. you can now drive for miles and miles on the bay area freeways and never see a single one. >> the proliferation of their personal cell phone use over the last 15 years. and that they have really reduced their demand for their call box and of course that you can now get the same service just by calling 511 and saying freeway assist. >> reporter: but some bay area drivers will continue to see those call boxes on the side of
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the road at least for their foreseeable future. only in areas that will be well traveled and that they have poor cell phone reception like here in the canyon. they say that they will also stay on skyline boulevard on highway 1 and major bridges and tunnels. but for some drivers that it is not enough. >> i know a lot of people have cell phones, that's true. but for the few that don't have it, they would need something to make the tow truck company to come and help them out with a car. >> reporter: they also point to the fact that the call boxes immediately pinpoint their location of the caller. they may not know where they are. duchess kate took the pictures last month, showing that there is no hard feeling between them after he poked fun of her at
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last night's white house correspondence dinner. >> it is a little bit like the relative that signed up for facebook, dear america did you get my poke? is it appearing on your wall? i'm not sure i'm using this right. clinton tweeted nice job last night. approved. >> they are not out of the controversial topic of weather where we would get some action out there. booming all over the mountains, that we would have a look at them. look at all the thunderstorms, the good lightning storm that will be underway there. how about you come back to the bay area that there won't be much. over the range and maybe a drop or two, but that's it.
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nothing in the the central bay area. they will roll overtime and look at them blossom today, some thunderstorms are popping as you would look into the distance that you can see the build ups we've got over the coast range that's about it. that right now it is still warm, 85 degrees. the weather time and 64 degrees depending on your tolerance i suppose. winds are not a factor now and mostly calm winds to about 12 to 15 miles an hour. through tomorrow afternoon here is what's happening with the high pressure that will be getting bumped that will come out of the gulf of alaska and that low pressure over their corners. the winds will ease up. but they are back. we will start the day for the first time in a while with the shorelines and the low clouds. so it will cool off.
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and then by midweek showers might develop. it is iffy in terms of the extent and the coverage. and it is not a lot. by next weekend we'll dry it out. even if we get wet to begin with. for tomorrow, continuing with the showers in the afternoon. the central valley it's nice. it is not as warm as it was tonight in the upper 40s to the lower 50s. for the high temperatures, san francisco's temperatures will be dropping down at 65 and still very pleasant. sunshine along the coast and the low clouds and then some sun. mid-70s. and the cool down as they will bring you up to 81. the winds are 77 degrees, the
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extended forecast and the midweek showers. unsettled weather that will continue on wednesday and thursday and cooler. as we get into next weekend that they will dry it out. and to tell you that it will be sports in the bay area and nothing delivered to. hey mr. o'donnell. >> it is hot outside the arena. can they stay hot inside the center? the team that will be flying -- flying on their radar will be on top of the golden state warriors, those stories are next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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and the warriors are in round two of the playoffs. right now, that they will lead their series one game to none looking to take a 2-0 series lead. no score right now, and against nashville as that game is in their first period. outscoring them on the floor, and that they will be still out as they hope to be back. once again they did not seem to
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miss them. igoudala leads. portland closes the gap in the second, but with a minute left in the second half, the corner three, leads back to 14 points. the second half, draymond green scores over lillard, they make it 74-55. green finishes with a triple double 23 points, 13 rebounds, and 11 assists. final seconds of the surge, it's thompson with the lay up pushing the lead back to 20 as was the free throw. clay lead all scores with 37 points. and they will lead one game to none. >> was anything said? and that it is not just today. that they are not here. >> and i did note hear it.
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>> we have so many play makers, that they will need to do it as it is a lot of making up to do. >> the play making ability, and that he is probably the best. >> is that a title that you're comfortable with and something that you believe in yourself? >> i'm comfortable with it, that i would never believe it and that i'm not too comfortable with it, but i think that there will be a lot of great all-around players in the game. and that you will never call myself that. but i'll take it. >> reporter: and meanwhile the win to advance in the second round, that they would have a game high of 27 points, 11 of 27 shootings. and they are wondering if they could have made a difference for charlotte. on the warriors right next
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door, how about the oakland a's into this season where they are just a game out of the american league west. the fans of the coliseum didn't pay attention to the do not feed bird sign. and 3-0 giants.
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guns down on the gold glove play. and that he struck out, the 18 scoreless innings. the base hit to come out lane. only keep them out a couple of days winning 6-1. once again inside the center, the sharks beginning their second round. >> all right, full plate ahead. thank you so much. >> thanks for joining us. that's it at 5:00. we'll see you back here at 6:00 for a full hour of news.
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remember news updates always on in 30 minutes. >> glor: all political eyes turn to indiana. a new poll shows a potential blowout in one race, and a possible upset in the other. also tonight, crisis in iraq. the system falls into further chaos after a weekend of violence. al's college decision day, malia obama makes her choice and how the new payback play book will ybfect millions of student loans. plus, america's most famous anrcus elephants take their final bow. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news." >> glor: good evening. i'm jeff glor. this is the western edition of the broadcast. campaign 2016 runs through indiana on tuesday. a new poll out today shows republican frontrunner donald trump 15 points ahead of ted cruz there.


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