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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  May 27, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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in 1937, the golden gate bridge opened up. so happy birthday, golden gate bridge! where are the candles? >> too bad you can't see it out there. >> it's foggy. >> still happy birthday. >> i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. time now 4:30. roberta, it is friday. we're excited? how's the weekend weather looking? >> it is friday! [ applause ] >> we'll have a warmup through monday. right now this is what you can expect heading out. a little bit of stratus next to the golden gate bridge lining the san mateo coast. temperatures 40 in santa rosa to mid-50s in san jose. later today the abundance of sunshine back to the beaches. upper 50s there. and we're talking 90 in fairfield. the complete forecast is coming up. george? >> who is going to add his birthday greetings here to the golden gate bridge. an easy ride here in the southbound direction. did talk to the sergeant's office, no, they are not planning cake later and there won't be any candles, sadly.
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we are also tracking an incident on interstate 580 here westbound at airway boulevard. so some early slowing for your ride to the dublin interchange. the rest of the 580 ride is not bad coming into the altamont pass. i'm hoping for lighter traffic in anticipation of the holiday weekend. in santa barbara county, an suv pierced with bullets and the man behind the wheel killed in a gun battle with police. that suspect fernando castro accused of kidnapping a bay area teen off a highway overpass. that violent encounter happened wednesday morning in vallejo. a day later and hundreds of miles away in solvang, they caught up with castro. betty yu reports reporter: the search for a kidnapping suspect ending in gunfire more than 300 miles from where he was last seen in vallejo. >> there were two separate
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shootings that occurred in which the suspect fired at law enforcement officers. he was struck and killed. >> shots fired! >> reporter: these pictures showing the moments before fernando castro died in that shootout. you see him in the gold saturn leading officers on a chase in solvang. others scrambled away before bullets flew. >> a guy almost ran her over. when he got her, 20 shots were fired. >> reporter: castro was wanted for kidnapping 15-year-old pearl pinson. witnesses said he was yanking her as she screamed for help. >> pearl had some blood on her face and we also found some at the scene. >> reporter: investigators say pinson and castro knew each other and they found things that concerned them in the house. >> you don't know what's going on. >> we are asking our community,
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please provide any information and help us bring pearl back to her family. >> in vallejo, pearl pinson's friends hope for the best. as andria borba reports, they held a vigil last night reporter: punctuated with prayers and songs from peter pan, family and friends gathered on the pedestrian overpass in vallejo where pearl pinson was last seen. >> she is a fighter. >> she needs to know her family and friends are looking for her, that we're all praying for her. come home safe and sound. and this tragedy has rocked our entire community. and all we want is for her to be back home safe. >> reporter: hours after the balloons, flowers and candles, there was still a bit of hope as solano county investigators said the teen was still
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missing, not dead. there were also new clues as to where she might be. >> the saturn he was seen driving was spotted on cameras near the san rafael bridge at 9:30 this morning in marin county. we currently have deputies in that area searching looking for other clues, anything that would give us information as to her whereabouts. >> reporter: she was not seen on the cameras. andria borba, kpix 5. >> investigators are asking businesses near the san rafael bridge to share any surveillance video they have. in novato, two high schoolers are in custody linked to a shooting that left a classmate dead. investigators in marin county collected bags of evidence from this apartment where one of the teens was arrested yesterday. relatives told us he is 16 years old. police arrested another novato high school student for the same violent encounter which left a second victim with stab wounds. a neighbor says police used heavy duty equipment to find
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the suspects. >> i went on my porch and they had this big tactical -- like out of the movies! um, and eight cops went in the house. they had these big rifles and -- and tactical gear and -- but only one man came out -- they only arrested one man in the house! >> here's where the second suspect was arrested yesterday. they are still searching for a third suspect. hillary clinton is in the bay area. in just a few hours, she will meet with community leaders in oakland at the home of chicken an waffles. yesterday she went to campaign rallies including this one at the hibernia building in san francisco. she told a crowd there, she is the candidate who can unify the united states. and earlier in the day, she spoke to an end use that as stick crowd in downtown san jose -- an en use that as stick crowd in downtown san jose. she intends to pass reforms on immigration and rol. she also talked about donald trump. >> people say to me, well, you
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talk about trump a lot. and i do. and i'll tell you why. because what he is saying is dangerous and divisive! [ applause and cheers ] >> what is he saying is harmful to our future and our country! >> clinton needs less than 100 more delegates to clinch the democratic nomination. donald trump has now surpassed the number of delegates needed to clinch the republican nomination. he needed 1,237 delegates. he went above that number yesterday after some inbound delegates pledged their support. after he got the news, trump posted a photo on instagram on his private plane enjoying a meal from mcdonald's. all right! 4:36 right now. you were at the game last night. >> ha ha! >> exciting. kind of like you're on the edge of your seat. >> nobody left early last night. you looked around and nobody was leaving. nobody was leaving -- i don't know how they got so many people in that arena to be honest. it was three deep in standing room only and my hearing is a
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little off today. that's why we call it "roar- acle"! everybody brought their a game. as you are getting ready making your plans to step on out, we have a combination of some clouds stacked up next to the coast, a little thin overcast next to the bay. we have some clarity inland. 52 degrees in livermore, 54 currently in san jose where later today highs will top off in the mid-80s. so we are going to soar a good 10 degrees in inland locations, along the seashore into the 60s. 80s at the peninsula and santa clara valley. 87 in danville. 91 degrees in brentwood, tracy, oakley and discovery bay, byron, as well. we'll have a bit of a southwest wind 10 to 20 late day. stinson beach at 70 degrees. mid-80s in napa and sonoma. and cloverdale at 87. this is a big getaway friday so we have the full forecast coming up. always wonderful to see george rask. >> thank you! because it's the day before the
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holiday weekend, i think we are going to see a little lighter- than-usual traffic this morning. certainly hope for it. let's start with a look at your ride to the bay bridge. we update your ride from the "kcbs traffic center," a 19 minute trip time now with an easy ride from the carquinez bridge to the maze. too early for a backup here for westbound highway 92. that's a good trip. and again, happy birthday to the golden gate bridge celebrating its 79th birthday this morning. easy southbound ride. accident west 580 at airway, traffic only sluggish around it. thank you. bart plans to take advantage of this memorial day weekend to finish work on its train tracks in san leandro. a bus bridge will shuttle passengers between the san leandro and bay fair stations from midnight tonight until 4 a.m. tuesday. crews will be working on the elevated structures. if the project succeeds, passengers should have a safer
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and quiter ride. as for a sunny escape this weekend, one santa cruz beach made headlines in the worst of ways. it's the third year in a row that cowell beach in santa cruz has earned the top spot on "heal the bay's" beach bummer list. the scores reflect water quality. that water is so polluted, it's too bad to touch. but beaches closer to homemade the cut. sunnyvale cove at candlestick point and pillar point harbor in san mateo county also earned marks for pollution. at oracle arena, fans screamed and the warriors responded with a big win last night. christin ayers shows us the people who yelled as loudly as they could to sum up a game 5 win reporter: perhaps this is what the warriors were missing. [ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: after two road losses, the warriors came home to the kind of fanfare you can only find at "roar-acle." >> we the crowd have to bring
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it. we have to be, you know, saginaw dog type of draymond green as fans tonight. we need to bring it early on. >> reporter: that's exactly what fans delivered. >> i been coming here for 10 years, this is the loudest i have ever heard it at oracle. >> without the crowd, the energy will not be there for the golden state warriors. >> reporter: there was no shortage of energy in a charged highly physical roller coaster of a game that left fans cheering and jeering. >> i think the refs came from oklahoma. >> reporter: despite a string of controversial calls, at the end of the night a win that will keep the warriors in the series and a shot in the arm that fans hope will carry over into the next game. >> they are back! and we'll beat back on monday! hello! please believe it when i tell you, you know it's the truth! >> reporter: christin ayers, kpix 5. >> and because fans can't take bart to oklahoma city, the warriors are hosting a watch party tomorrow at "roar-acle." you do have to purchase a ticket.
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those go on sale at 1 p.m. today. time now 4:40. president obama in hiroshima for a historic visit. next, we talk to a woman who survived the atomic bomb 70 years ago. did
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gone before... hiroshima, japan. his visit comes 70 years after the u-s dropped an atomic bomb cted, new this morning, president obama went to japan for the first time in hiroshima. his visit is 70 years after the u.s. bombed them. as expected, president obama did not apologize for the incident. but he did join japan's prime minister for a visit to peace memorial park where they honored the 100,000 people murdered in the blast. obama stressed that we would all be better off in a world without nuclear weapons. >> we may not be able to eliminate man's capacity to do evil. but among those nations like my own that holds nuclear stockpiles we must have the courage to escape the logic of fear. >> earlier this week, at japan's g7 summit president
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obama acknowledged concerns about north korea's nuclear ambitions. president obama didn't apologize for the bombing. cate caugiran got reaction from the people affected by the event reporter: august 6, 1945, 8:00 in the morning, a then 23- year-old richard john gordon better known as cheek johnnie was on the uss san francisco in the philippines. >> we were getting ready to use a new ammunition. >> reporter: he fought in many battles, pearl harbor. >> two hit the arizona. i turned around to look at that, it had just went to smoke. >> reporter: iwo jima, okinawa, he was ready for this war to be over. >> america, begged, pleaded with japan official to surrender. >> reporter: meanwhile a then 3- year-old japanese girl with finishing her breakfast with her family in hiroshima. >> my cousin that to go to school and then my aunties
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outside and i think she was saying good-bye to them. that's all i remember. >> reporter: neither chief johnnie or seiko knew 15 minutes later a b-29 bomber the enola gay dropped a bomb. >> the best thing with all the options. >> reporter: 140,000 people died hiroshima left in ruins. seiko's home collapsed on her and her 2-year-old brother [ non-english language ] give me water, give me water. >> reporter: little seiko heard japanese children crying in makeshift hospitals they were taken to. chief johnny and the americans were celebrating as seiko was beginning new battles, cancer for her and her brother. the brother didn't make it past his fifth birthday. >> that was the last pictures. that was only picture that i have with my brother. >> reporter: painful memories of world war ii still fresh as
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president obama announced his visit to hiroshima. >> i didn't think this world i could hear i could see the united states president go over there. >> reporter: but the president's visit brings new life to a decades old question. do you think the united states should apologize for dropping the atomic bomb in hiroshima? >> are you insane? they have no need to apologize. >> reporter: and seiko says she agrees with the man once her enemy. >> no need to. it's wartime. and then no country [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: experts in washington say the president's visit is supposed to be symbolic. >> i think the fact that he is going, um, is because of his strong commitment to the nuclearization and it needs to
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be cast in that light. >> reporter: whatever the political aftermath they both say they hope this will help both sides move on. today seiko still carries the guilt, guilt of surviving [ low audio, difficult to understand ] >> there is my brother maybe other people should be had a chance to -- [ pause ] [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: white house officials say the president's objective is not to apologize but to showcase his nuclear disarmament agenda. it will be hotly be dated on both sides. >> the president did pay tribute to the 140,000 people killed by the first atomic bomb attack in the world. look at this amazing scene. we don't see lightning like this too much in california. this is in conroe, texas, overnight. they are dealing with
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tornadoes, downpours, and flooding right now. so a lot of severe weather going on in texas. time now 4:47. we are going to get another check of weather as we head into the weekend. roberta? >> yes. and it is going to be a warmer weekend, as well. it's going to feel very holiday-ish as far as the weather and barbecue plans and boating plans are concerned. going to be hard to get indoors to watch the game tomorrow afternoon when they have delightful conditions even at the beaches where the fog is scrubbing out early this morning. our live weather camera looks toward the bay bridge east. east of the bay clear. west of the bay bridge thin stratus at the coast. 48 santa rosa. temperature oakland in the low 70s. san francisco very mild in the 60s. winds breezy in san ramon, south-southwest at 12. calm in tri-valley and napa.
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area of low pressure has been hanging out over southern california. it continues to dig south going east. it's carving a path for high pressure to build in. as that happens, we are seeing a little bit of a pressure gradient there. the wind particle map indicates breezy winds up to 20 miles per hour. here's your futurecast. play along at home. notice by your lunchtime today, we have nothing but clear skies, yeah, the coast is clear all the way inland. that's as a result of the lack of clouds. we'll have ample sunshine and warmer conditions. we'll see sunrise and sunset. numbers will stack up from the high 50s and mid-60s at the beaches to 89 degrees in concord. 90 fairfield. 80s north of the golden gate bridge. here's your extended forecast including your summery weekend into memorial day. now looking at 94 degrees away
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from the bay. the ceos in the mid-50s. we'll see the return of the low clouds and fog there. yup, big-time music going on in the north bay. it's bottlerock 2016. expect 88 degrees. we know george is going to be there. >> you bet! i'll be rocking it out this weekend! let's take a look at the ride. remember, this being the holiday weekend, look for a little lighter traffic this morning. but an early backup for the going home compute today. we are still tracking with the chp this accident on 580 westbound at airway boulevard. and starting to get some slowing now leading toward it as you see speeds down to 45 miles per hour leading to the altamont pass but not backed up to 205 for the west 580 ride. highway 4 big changes here. you know, with the new lanes we don't see the backups that we used to as early as usual now. look at the speeds. 65 miles per hour for the west highway 4 ride. and tracking your commute to the bay bridge this morning,
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light and easy here. trip time down from the carquinez bridge not bad at 18 minutes. ride to the san mateo bridge looks good. as you can see the highway 92 trip here, the taillights are the commute direction. no problems there. public transit off to a good start no delays. once again, happy birthday to the golden gate bridge celebrating its 29th birthday today. >> big milestone, yeah. one incredibly bright bay area kid will head back to the bay today. that's after finishing in 6th place in fact scripps national spelling bee. [ spelling ] b-e-t-t-o-n-y. [ bell ] >> oh. >> it's spelled betony. >> thank you. >> thank you rutvik. >> we were rooting for him,
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too. rutvik gandhasri is just 12. a 7th grader at chaboya middle school in san jose. and all day he had been letter perfect until he misspelled betony. an 11-year-old and 13-year-old, two children with foreign names ] will take home the top prize of $45,000. that's why they are jumping up and down. one's brother won in 2014. >> when he won the spelling bee, it was such an inspiration for me to do it. and without -- if he never parities nature it, then i would never have been holding this trophy. >> i'm speechless. i can't say anything. i'm only in 5th grade. >> they will each get $45,000 in cash and prizes. the 11-year-old is the youngest winner ever. >> impressive. >> good for him. >> only in fifth grade but one of the best spellers in the
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world. >> yeah. >> congratulations. time now 4:52. google has a plan to get rid of your passwords. why they say it will actually increase security. >> and what's cool about your school? email your nomination to us at we may come and feature your school on the show.
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benefits before reaching full retirement age. americans ca a new poll finds four in ten americans plan to dip into their social security benefits before reaching full retirement age. americans can begin collecting as early as age 62 but their benefits will be reduced up to 30%. the data showed 44% of americans report social security will be their biggest
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source of income during retirement. big news in tech. google has won a major court battle with oracle. a jury decided not to award the software firm $9 billion in a suit with google. oracle sued google for using their apis in their android system without permission. that's used to connect different kinds of software. google argued that they were open source and available for anyone to use. google is closer to getting rid of the traditional password in favor of new password replacement technology. a program called trust api would use multiple sensors in your smartphone to determine whether it's you trying to log in. it would be even more advanced than the smart lock on the google android operating system. that uses sensors that can scan your face, your voice, and even how you walk. >> like that. facebook and microsoft are teaming up for an underwater project. the two companies want to bury a cable under the atlantic ocean that would stretch
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between virginia and spain! the move would decrease facebook and microsoft's reliance on telecom companies for bandwidth. construction of the line is expected to begin in august off the coast of virginia beach. it is 4:57. 48 firefighters worked to put out the flames of a house fire overnight. one firefighter was injured. >> the search for a 15-year-old girl spans about 300 miles here in california. coming up, we'll tell you how the suspect in her kidnapping case ended up dead and where the investigation now stands.
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let's get a look at weather an berta gonzal good morning. it's friday, may 27. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego.
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you can see it's already getting light. what time is it? it's only 4:59. >> yeah. >> pretty early. >> sunrise around 5:51 now. we are getting a good glimpse of it inland. it's clear there. but along the coast we have cloud and that will keep the temperatures lower than 60 today there. this is our live weather camera so we have clear skies inland. we have clouds and very dark at sfo. we are going to keep an eye on the airport today for the possibility of any kind of delays because this is the big getaway friday for the holiday. santa rosa dipped to 47 refreshing degrees. low 50s in the tri-valley. you can see by this particular image the clouds next to the coast we'll see some clearing later. mid-80s in san jose. the full forecast is at 18 minutes after the hour. let's say good


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